01x07 - He Deserved to Die

Previously on "How to get away with Murder"...

Reporter: The search continues for Lila Stangard.

What happened?

They found her in one of those water tanks.

Frank: Afraid you'll kiss me again if we get too close?

"Never happening again."

That guy, he was just s*x.

Oliver. I said leave!

You get Rebecca back.

Are you in love with her?

I need you to do something else for me.

Whatever you need.

Man: Surveillance coverage of O'Reilly for the last 48 hours.

Go tell Rebecca it's safe to come home.

I don't think you should go to jail for something you didn't do.

No one's ever believed in me like this before.

Come in.

Wes: You're safe now.

You're safe.

[ Crowd cheering ]

Michaela: [ Crying ] He's dead. He's dead.

Connor: We have to go.

[ Heart beating ]


Good enough until we get you out of here.

Connor: Wes! Hurry the hell up!

Come on.


Thank you.

It's gonna be fine.

Griffin called me around midnight, asked if I had anything I could sell him.

So I went to the Frat House and sold him some coke and molly.

He invited me to hang out, so we started drinking, doing some lines.

Griffin said he had some pot, so we went up to his room to smoke a bowl.

Next thing I know, we're kissing.


We had just started, when Lila came in.

Apparently, I texted her, which I have no memory of.

I just remember Lila yelling, hitting me.

Griffin pulled her off.

I tried to find her to explain what happened and apologize, but I couldn't, until I got to the roof.

Then I strangled her and stuffed her in a water tank.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, my gosh. You guys are so gullible.

Rebecca, take this prep seriously or go to jail.

Isn't it kind of your job to make sure that doesn't happen?

You slut, white-trash killer.

You made Griffin strangle that girl on the roof.

You liked watching her die because that's the piece of garbage you are!

That's what everyone in the world is gonna say about you.

You don't care, neither do I.

I'm not the one that's gonna be beaten, raped, and violated in jail.

That's on you.

So, what happened the night of Friday, August the 29th?

Start from the beginning.

Maybe... maybe we should take a break.

Five minutes, and then we'll start again.

And Romeo saves Juliet again.

It's kind of sweet.

[ Scoffs ] It's inappropriate and unprofessional and crazy.

They got to be doing the nasty by now, right?

Although, I-I can't picture the puppy that way.

Michaela: Why would you want to?

I picture everyone having s*x.

Oh, how's it going with Aiden, by the way?

You two break up yet?


Look at me like that again, and I'll file a sexual-harassment suit.

Turn on the news.

What is it?

s*x is out of the bag.

Reporter: A witness has revealed new evidence that Rebecca Sutter and Griffin O'Reilly had sexual intercourse the night that Lila Stangard was murdered.

There have been rumors of a relationship between the two codefendants before, but now an anonymous source is claiming it was miss Sutter who initiated the physical relationship, as Mr. O'Reilly had taken a vow of virginity.

Call the judge and get a hearing for a gag order.

Proof of a sexual relationship between the two codefendants certainly gives more weight to the prosecution's theory that it was miss Sutter who manipulated Mr. O'Reilly into killing his girlfriend.

You still feel like making jokes now?

...like the story of a young love triangle gone tragically awry.

The prosecution has leaked gossip to the press in order to slut-shame my client and poison the jury pool.

That is an offensive accusation.

I move for an immediate gag order. Ms. Keating is speculating, Your Honor.

She can make all the wild allegations she wants.

Slutter cleans up pretty nice.

My office had nothing to do with this leak.


"O'Reilly and Sutter had sexual intercourse while high on cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines," And that's a direct quote from the detective's statement in discovery.

Which doesn't prove that my office was behind it.

It could have just as easily been Mr. O'Reilly and his counsel.

Right, because releasing information that paints my client... a devout, born-again Christian...

As a drug-taking, sex-crazed jock serves our case how?

It doesn't matter who leaked it.

Everyone knows that it's the woman who gets vilified in these scenarios.

I mean, look at these articles.

It's my client's face smeared across the front page, not Mr. O'Reilly's.

Parks: And that is my fault how?

I don't have editorial control over the papers.

Judge: Enough grandstanding.

However this information got out...

And this court will be investigating just that...

The public's appetite for this case could result in undue bias for the codefendants.

Therefore, I'm granting the gag order.

And from here on out, none of you or your clients speak to the press.

Keegan: Thank you, Your Honor.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Next case, Bailiff.

Actually, Your Honor, there is one other motion I'd like to submit.

It's time-sensitive.

This is a hearing for a gag order, Your Honor.

We're all here already.

Go ahead, Mr. Keegan.

My team's forensic expert reviewed the autopsy photos and discovered Lilaseveral overlooked red marks on the side of miss Stangard's neck.

He'll testify that these marks are fingernail puncture wounds left by the murderer.

Since my client is a quarterback and keeps his nails clipped short, he did not leave those marks.

What is the motion, Your Honor?

Or is Mr. Keegan here to just testify?

We move to exhume miss Stangard's body.

We believe a second autopsy will point to Rebecca Sutter as the sole murderer.

Your Honor, hasn't the victim's family Mr. Keegan is making outlandish remarks suffered enough already?

In order to fuel vitriol about my client!

The two of you will have plenty of time to righteously object at the hearing tomorrow morning.

We are adjourned.

[ Gavel bangs ]

So, they just dig up her body?

Won't she have turned to jelly by now?

They embalm corpses. The formaldehyde slows bacterial decay.

I find it sexy/creepy you know stuff like that.

Hey. Connor.


You don't remember my name.

No, I totally do. Uh...

Wow. And I thought I was a slut.

Really? You've gotten naked with so many boys since hacker broke your heart, you can't even remember their names?

The important thing is, they remember mine.

Play on, player.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, no.

Griffin: Hey, you planted that phone in my car.

Okay, like I'd know how to do that.

You guys, this is not... You can't even believe what you're saying.

I'm laughing at how dumb you are.

You already confessed to killing her.

How dumb are you to think that you're gonna get away with this?

No! Whoa, whoa.

That's the trailer trash I remember.

Is our... is our codefendant harassing you?

Because I would hate to have to file assault charges against miss Sutter, too.

He instigated it.

Well, that's not the way the law works, young man.

I teach my students the law, Mr. Keegan... no one else.

And from where I was standing, my client was defending herself against Mr. O'Reilly, and I have witnesses here who could testify to that.

Well, let's save the fun for the courtroom, shall we?

Stay civilized, young lady.

Rebecca, let's go.

She's a terrorist.

Honestly. It...

[ Sighs ]

It makes me grateful for the miscarriages.


I'm serious.

Imagine having a child like that.

Asking for that second autopsy was a brilliant move, and I'd have done it myself if I didn't think that they'd find evidence against my client, which... let's face it... They probably will.



Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

You are working so hard.

Let somebody do something for you.

I said stop.

I need more time.

[ Sniffles ]

You get all the time you want.

I'll be here.

Frank: It's our job to keep that body in the ground.

First, that means tearing Griffin's forensic expert, Dr. Erik Turner, a new one.

These are the thousands of autopsies he's done.

Go through them. Find anything to discredit him.

Also, come up with alternative theories for the marks on Lila's neck.

Insect bites, abrasion from the water tank... - Postmortem decay.

Anything that's not Rebecca's fingernails.

Is it okay if I take a couple hours off on Wednesday?

I just got a call to come in and interview at Sterling & White.

You're meeting at sterling?

Isn't it a little early for summer associate interviews?

I guess they start at the top of the class and work their way down.

Just be quick about it. It's all hands on deck here.

Exactly. Shouldn't we all be working full time on this?

Relax, Romeo. I'll be back in time to help out your girlfriend.

She's not my g...

Yeah. Whatever you say.

What an adorable setup.

[ Door closes ]

Speak of the devil, and she shall appear.

No need for pleasantries.

We both know why I'm here.

We do?

The city's medical examiner performed a standard autopsy the first time around.

You don't want this motion going through any more than I do.

The surprise of the unknown.

The specter of new evidence undermining the prosecutor's well-laid-out case.

You read my mind.

What's that?

A sealed file... Commonwealth v. Holden.

It'll help you destroy Keegan's expert.

Why not use it yourself?

It'll also discredit about a dozen other convictions the DA's office won in the past five years...

None of which happened under my watch, of course.

Of course.

You'll use it?

I guess you'll see in court.

[ Chuckles ]

Expert witnesses are the dirty little secret of our justice system.

What most of the public doesn't know is that it's legal to pay experts for their testimony.

You shell out enough cash, and you can get them to say just about anything.

Turner: So, the size, shape, and curvature of the perforations and the postmortem color tint all support my conclusion that these are fingernail puncture wounds.

And you believe that the bruising pattern here points to hand size.

Exactly... Someone with small hands.

Thank you, Dr. Turner. Nothing further.

How do you combat this corruption within the expert community?

You impeach the expert's credibility, preferably by pointing out any sketchy evidence they presented in the past.

Throw shade at them, basically.

Dr. Turner, let's talk about Commonwealth vs. Holden, a murder trial that you provided expert testimony at last year that helped convict the defendant.

Actually, I think the fact that Mr. Holden was guilty of murder helped convict him.

[ Laughter ] I have an internal report from the DA's office that questions the methods and conclusions of your work in the Holden case.

Objection! Lack of foundation, Your Honor.

I object, as well.

I haven't seen this report, but even if it checks out, it's hearsay.

It falls squarely within the business-records exception.

So, let's ask Dr. Turner if he was made aware of the report...

Perhaps when the DA's office banned you as an expert witness because of your negligent work?

Assuming facts not in evidence, Your Honor.

Counsel is testifying, your honor.

Dr. Turner, were you aware such a report exists?

Yes, Your Honor, but...

Nothing further.

[ Spectators murmur ]

Annalise: Next, counterattack.

Find an expert to out-expert your opponent's.

Isn't it possible they could be insect bites?

There's a species called...

Redheads, like miss Stangard, have hundreds of freckles, blemishes.

Sometimes, a mark is just a mark.

Now, if you'll excuse me...

They're trying to pin this murder on an innocent girl.

So, please... Look at the book.

When you performed the original autopsy, what did you think the red marks on Lila's neck were?


Upon further research, I now think they're postmortem bites from insects of the culicidae family.

Is that possible, given that Lila Stangard's body was in a water tank for several days?

That makes it even more likely.

The culex species thrives in water-based environments.

Nothing further.

[ Gavel bangs ]

Annalise: There's one more way to block the motion...

Convince Lila's parents to make a statement against the exhumation.

You figure that out, and you'll get a reward better than the trophy.

Kan: No, you listen to me, ma'am.

T-there are rats crapping all over her apartment, spreading God knows what diseases, so maybe he should be the one getting evicted.


Tanya's eviction case?

The court isn't letting the Landlord's previous grievances into evidence.

I thought Daniel was gonna write up a motion about...

Well, Dan got a job with the public defender's office.

Tess got a boyfriend, so she stopped showing up.

I have to hire people to replace them, but I don't have any time because my client and her four kids are going to be living on my couch if I don't win this case.


You wouldn't even give them your bed?




You know who I could hire without having to give an interview?

I thought you didn't hire first-years.

We don't.

'Cause they're never as smart as you.


I know. I know... You would never leave Keating.

I wouldn't?

I'm a desperate man here. Don't get my hopes up.

Let me... Let me think about it.

Of course, yeah.

You know, just so you know, they, uh...

They finally fixed the lock on my office door, so...

So, you know, maybe...


Dessert could be... [Laughing] Something.

[ Laughs ]

Here's a case where the court ruled against exhumation on religious grounds.

If the stangards were religious, then...

Rebecca: They're not.

That's why they were so weirded out when she made that virginity pact with Griffin.

[ Sighs ]

Hey, what about measuring my nails to see if they match?

If they don't, we can do that whole "If the glove don't fit, you must acquit" thing.

O.J. Trial.

Yeah. It's... It's just that... Well...

Okay. It's a stupid idea. Never mind. I'll shut up.

No, it's not a stupid idea.

Don't patronize me.

And yes, I know what "patronize" means, fancy Ivy league boy.

You think that I've spent my whole time hanging around places like Middleton?

How would I know? You're, like, the most privatest person ever.

I went to a community college, then got a degree from a night school in Willowick.

Where the hell's that?


I'm just saying, you can do something after this that's not dealing drugs.

Like, go to college, law school, even.


And then after that, I'll run for office.

Be the country's first ex-juvie drug-dealer bartender president.

I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

I know. I'll stop, okay?

Stop trying to change you or whatever the hell it is you think I'm trying to do.

I'll just stop trying to help.

No. Don't.

You should keep trying.

I got to go.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Wes: Don't do anything until I'm back.

Even if someone knocks, don't answer unless you know it's me.

I'll let you know what to do as soon as we make a plan.


He wanted to kill me.

I had no other choice.


I had to kill him, or he was gonna kill me.

I saw the trophy sitting there.


I hit him in the head. He deserved to die.

Why are you saying this?

And I'm glad he's dead.

Stop it.

Stop it!


Look, my trial's in a couple days.

I'm already going to jail.

And now you might, too, because of me, and I will kill myself if that happens.

So, please... please just let me help you for once.

The only thing you can do to help right now is stay in this room and not leave.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

[ Breathing shakily ]

Thank you for coming in, miss Pratt.

You're at, uh, Middleton, right?


I was also accepted at Yale and Columbia, but I felt that Middleton was a better fit for the kind of hands-on education I wanted.


I've admired sterling & white's work for quite a while now.

The visa antitrust litigation was a master class on innovative trial techniques.

No one told you why you're here, did they?

You mean who referred me?

I hate when this happens.

This is why you're here, miss Pratt.

We represent Robert and Mary Walker.

You're marrying their son Aiden. Is that right?

This is a prenup.

It's for your protection, as well.

Asher: How'd the big interview go?

It was a really great first meeting.

I want to meet with other firms, though, before I make a commitment.

They didn't hire you in the room?

That's a bad sign.

Laurel: At least she got in the room.

Maybe if you stopped stalking your ex online all day, you'd actually have some interviews of your own.

You people are so boring. I'm hungry. Food?

I'm okay.

Hey, Mr. Darcy.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

So, the terrorist just hangs out at our house in her free time now?

We need to keep a close eye on her until her trial...

Keep her from sabotaging her own case.

I might... Know of a way to help you convince the Stangards to object to the second autopsy.

[ Sighs ]

Something Lila told you?

Her parents didn't trust Griffin.

He was religious and pressuring Lila to be, too.

They worried he was trying to control her, that he had ulterior motives.

So, Annalise is the one who suggested I come with you?

She thought we needed a woman's touch.

Don't think I didn't try to take Michaela instead.

If we're gonna keep working with each other, it cannot be this weird.

You told me to back off, and now you want to be friends?

This isn't high school.

If you don't like me, then I don't like you.

That's how this works.

Freakin' millennials and your damn entitlement.

[ Chuckles ]

Here she comes.

Stay calm, do what I said.

Ooh! Hi!

[ Gasps ]

Oh, what a cute puppy!

What's his name?

Mr. Chips.

He's Mr. Chips! So cute.

I've always wanted one like him.

You work for that lawyer.

I've seen you in court.

Mrs. Stangard...

Get away from me.

Please. Just...

There's an ulterior motive to doing a second autopsy on Lila... One that helps Griffin.

His lawyer's done this before in three of his other cases. He exhumed his victims' bodies, and each time, his client went free. And if you let that happen again, the pain you and your family will endure as your daughter is pulled out of the ground, that will all be for nothing, because this only helps Griffin.

The idea of Lila on that table... I-I didn't want to think of what they did to her. But then we got to put her to rest... finally. And now this man... He pretends he wants to find the truth, which is a lie. He wants to confuse the evidence, to ensure that no jury will ever convict Griffin or her, these two monsters, of killing our daughter... [ Sobs ] [ Voice breaking ] ...Like animals. [ Crying ] They murdered my baby girl.

[ Sighs ] So...[ Sniffles ] I'm begging the court... Please... My little girl has been through enough. Just let her rest in peace.

I know that was tough, but she said what we needed to block the exhumation.

It's okay.

[ Sniffles ]

She was my friend, okay?

[ Sighs shakily ]

I don't care what that woman said.

She was my friend, and... [ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] Whatever.

Michaela: Looks like there's trouble in Paradise.

Some guys can only get it up for crazy.

Mystery man's coming.

You forgot his name, and he's still into you? What do you have, some sort of voodoo pen1s?

See you back at the house.

I'm so freakin' mad I wasn't born gay.


You remembered.

Here's what I think.

There's a bar across the street.

Let me buy you a drink, and if I prove worthy of your time, we move into dinner.

A date.

Yeah. [ Chuckles ] A date.

So, you also forgot that I have a boyfriend.

Well, this couldn't get any more embarrassing.

[ Chuckles ]

Relax. We met on humpr.

I barely remember, too.

How about I make you remember?

Ah, okay.

Now I definitely remember.

[ Groans ]

Thought you could use a drink.

Vodka Martini, twist of lemon.

You're not having one?

I'll have one with dinner.

You hungry? I can make something.


I have to draft this motion in limine.

I'll be here when you're done.


Mrs. Stangard made a statement against the exhumation, so...

Thank you.

Bailiff: Please be seated.

Ms. Parks, I understand you have a request.

Yes, Your Honor.

Given the conflicting testimony presented so far, I felt compelled to hire our own expert, who came to the same conclusion that the red marks on the victim's neck are consistent with fingernail puncture marks caused by a woman.

What the hell are you doing?

I would like to submit these signed affidavits into testimony.

Your Honor, I find it very suspicious that Ms. Parks has suddenly changed her point of view on this motion.

I had to, Your Honor.

It would have been unethical not to report these new findings.

Let's review the new evidence and adjourn until tomorrow.

Next case, Bailiff.

What... W-why did she flip?

I don't know.

We'll find out.

[ Car door opens ]

Thank you for meeting me.

What do you need?

Wendy Parks turned on me today in court.

You want me to help you figure out why?

It's not helping me. It's helping my client.

You mean your husband.

I know you're angry, and I understand that, but...

He didn't do it.

You don't believe that.

You planted Lila's phone in Griffin's car.


You surprised someone's onto your tricks?

You should go.

[ Car door closes ]

I tried to give you an out.

Don't forget that when this all goes to hell.

Wes: Don't do anything until I'm back.

[ Woman talking indistinctly ]

[ Baby crying ]

[ Footsteps ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Voices overlapping ]

[ TV shuts off ] [ Sighs ]

[ Ringing ]

Dispatcher: 911. What's your emergency?


911. What's your emergency?

Are you okay?

I'm sorry. This... this is a prank call.

[ Sighs ]

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Ringing continues ]


Wes: It's me.

Don't worry. It's a new phone.

What are you doing? You shouldn't be calling.

I know.

But I just wanted to tell you we're taking care of it.

They didn't want to at first, but I got them to come around.

We're gonna protect you.

Bonnie: The fastest way to uncover someone's secrets...

Get their assistant to talk.

The county employee directory lists Wendy Parks' assistant as Ally Burnham.

Ooh! Bo-o-o-ing!

Ally and the rest of the girls who work at the DA's office hang out at the Thirsty Whale.

Go down there, flirt, find out why she changed her mind on the motion.

All right. So we find ally and we... pump her, so to speak.

On it.

Connor and Wes, you go, too.

What do I need them for?

This works on women as well as men.

He's right.

Hey, can I go, too? I'm really good at flirting with girls.

I'm sure. You stay here with us.

Girls' night. Whoo-hoo.

Laurel: It's a big decision.

I just... I... need a little bit more time.

Okay. I'll call you when I'm leaving.

Yeah, sure. We'll talk about it then.

You think we're gonna lose my case?

That's why you're thinking of taking another job, right?

So you don't go down with the ship.

No, that's not...

How did you know that...

That was Kan, and he wants to know if you're gonna take the job at legal aid.

And you haven't decided because either you actually like this weirdo office or you just need to put a little distance between you and the hot ass in the three-piece...

Don't... tell anyone.

I'm serious. I haven't decided yet.

Decided what?


She wants to leave and take a job with her boyfriend.


Michaela: You idiot.

There are a million and one legal aid clinics and only one Annalise.

I know that! Okay? Just don't tell anyone.

And what if I do?

She'll tell everyone your fiancé wants you to sign a prenup.

[ Gasps ]

It was sticking out of your bag.

Aiden gave you a prenup?

His mother did.

And we are not talking about this.

Fine. As long as you don't talk about the Kan thing.

You, too.


If both of you stop talking about me and Wes.

We're not screwing.

I know that's what you all think, but we're not, so...


Okay. Great.

[ Slurring ] I actually just got out of a relationship myself.

Oh. What was her name?


What happened? She break your heart?

It's worse.

I, um, I actually cheated on her, and she found out, so...

So, uh, ally, you were saying you work at the DA's office.

What's that like?

Hey, rude guy, we are actually in the middle of a conversation.


So, I know that I should apologize, but I... I mean, is there anything that I can actually say that... that... that'll fix it?

I mean, I-I screwed up big-time, and he... S-she... She hates me.

She hates me.

I mean, I get it... I'm the bad guy.

Told you he wouldn't know what to do with the ladies.

Wes: He's supposed to be getting information, but instead, he's talking about his boyfriend.

So get in there and shut him up.

Hells no. Annalise finally lets us loose.

I'm getting some tonight.

Time to release the Kraken!

I'm talking about my dingus.


The old disco stick. The Millstone meatsicle.


Oh, yeah.

I see you, nerdy girl who probably still looks hot naked.

I mean... I don't know. You could give her flowers.

Girls get amnesia the minute you do that.

We'll forgive you the world.

Hey. Uh, I seem to have a problem with my phone.

Your number's not in it.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Slurring ] Her name's Natasha.

Maybe... it's Brenda.

Why am I thinking "Jamie"?

Are you drunk?

No. [ Scoffs ]

Wait... Did you say "dru..."

Yeah. [ Scoffs ]


Anyway, she temps at the DA's office and said Wendy Parks and Keegan worked out a plea deal, but only if parks supported the exhumation.

So, Griffin gets off if he testifies against Rebecca, and the d.A. Gets a conviction.

You two can go.

Wait... Don't we get a prize?

She said "leave."

We could go to the judge, tell her there's been collusion between parks and Keegan, they're suborning perjury... Something.


Maybe there's another way.

She can let him walk free, just like that? How is that legal?

The DA is allowed to offer whatever plea deal she wants to you or Griffin.

The only way to stop that deal is to get her to rescind it.

Why would she do that?

She wouldn't.

Unless we leak to the press something so deplorable about Griffin that it would make it politically impossible for her to move forward with the deal.

We can't leak anything to the press.

There's a gag order.


What if I leak it?

The judge will hold you in contempt.

I can just say I don't know what a gag order is.

But you do.

Let my client speak for herself, Mr. Gibbins.

So, tell me again about the night you and Griffin slept together.

Parks: They violated their own gag order, Your Honor.

Keegan: And slandered my client in the process.

My client is 21 years old.

She had no idea she was disobeying the law Oh, come on!

When the journalist approached her.

Had I known...

It's a flagrant violation of the gag order and a deliberate attempt to subvert the plea agreement the d.A. Offered my client.

You made a plea deal?

You know, you're full of crap, Ms. Keating.

Judge: Settle down, Mr. Keegan.

Ms. Parks, was there a deal?

Due to miss Sutter's convenient accusation that Mr. O'Reilly raped her, we have ceased conversation about a plea.

Because she was afraid of public pressure.

My client is entitled to that deal.

Just like he was entitled to physically violate my client's body?

Strike from the record!

There's no jury here, Mr. Keegan.

Ms. Keating, I'm sanctioning you for the gag-order violation.

If I find you instructed your client to break the order, I'll ensure the state bar launches a disciplinary hearing.

We'll cooperate fully.

Now, regarding exhumation.

Given the numerous allegations of errors being made about the original autopsy, I'm granting the motion and ordering miss stangard's body be exhumed immediately.

[ Spectators murmuring ]

A new medical examiner of my choosing will be conducting a full external and internal second autopsy.

No more arguments about missed evidence.

Afterwards, sealed reports will be delivered to all parties.

I got to hand it to you. The rape was a nice touch.

That's what happens when you try and take the easy road.

Excuse me?

You don't care who killed Lila.

You just thought it would be easier to convict the townie slut rather than the virgin quarterback.

Or I just know your client did it.

I'd say a prayer those aren't her nails on that poor girl's neck.

Prayers are for the weak.

I'll stick to beating your ass in court.



You didn't wait for me at the courthouse.

I have to study. Exams are coming up.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Seriously? You're that mad at me?

[ Door closes ]

Wow. Really? The silent treatment?


You are such a guy right now, I'm actually kind of impressed.


You think I'm messed up? That's you.

You're the one with no life.

Otherwise, why get so obsessed with mine?

Who made you this way? W-was it your mom?

Was she an alcoholic and you miss the drama?

Did your dad hit her? What?

I mean, who made you feel like you're not an actual person unless you are fixing someone else's mess?

I'm not trying to fix you. I'm trying to help you.

But if you don't want that, I'll stop.

You can lie on the stand, call people rapists...

Whatever you want.

Just don't say I'm messed up because I wanted to help you.

We shouldn't do this.

You're right.

[ Fujiya & Miyagi's "Vagaries of fashion" plays ]

♪ They keep picking the scabs 'round the edges ♪
♪ till it bleeds crimson red ♪
♪ the cracks concrete gray ♪
♪ cracks concrete gray ♪
♪ she ignored the vagaries of fashion ♪
♪ which can't have escaped even your attention ♪
♪ your attention ♪

You were born in Ohio.

Willowick's in Ohio.

I looked it up.

You don't seem very Ohio.

Except for the dopey smile you have on your face all the time.

[ Chuckles ]

I wasn't born in Ohio. I was born in Haiti.

My mom moved us here when I was 1.

I was the only black kid in our town.

Everyone wanted me to be good at basketball, but I sucked.

[ Laughs ]

I'm allergic to peanuts.

I have a really bad sense of direction.

My mom killed herself when I was 12.

I hate superhero movies 'cause I...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.


She was sweet...


Messed up, too.

It sucked.

My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

I've never been to Europe.

I'm afraid of heights.

Someday, I want a dog, but not from a breeder...

The pound.

[ Sighs ]



[ Door opens ]



Sorry. I-I-I used to... Know a guy that lived here.


He's in the shower.

Those for him?


I'll go. [ Chuckles ]

Connor, right?

Hey, I don't want to cause any trouble...

I'm sure.

Look, if you care about the guy at all, don't ever come back here.

[ Door closes ]

Frank: Hey.

It's your last day. You're not even gonna say goodbye?

Rebecca told me about you going to work at legal aid.

Oh, my God. I hate her.

I'm considering going to legal aid.

I haven't decided yet.

Is this about me being a jerk?

'Cause I'll stop.

Don't throw away a great opportunity 'cause of me.

It was one stupid kiss.

That's it.

There's nothing else between us.


You mean that?

There's nothing?

Of course I don't mean it.

I think about you all the time. It's freakin' annoying.

But I'll get over it.

So don't quit 'cause of me.

I'll be normal again soon.

I promise.

What if I don't want you to get over it?

[ Avid Dancer's "All the other girls" plays ]

♪ All she ever wanted ♪

What kind of convenience store doesn't have mint chocolate chip?

That is messed up.

We don't know each other.

I used to work for Philly P.D Name's Nate.

My boyfriend's in the car.

I know you didn't kill Lila Stangard. And we both know who did. Help me catch him.

[ Sighs ]

The trial's soon.

Mnh-mnh. You're not gonna solve anything tonight.

Turn it off.

Let's go to sleep.

♪ All she ever wanted ♪
♪ was another friend ♪
♪ all I ever wanted ♪

[ knock on door ]

It's Bonnie. Sorry to bother you.

♪ All she ever wanted ♪
♪ was another friend ♪

I just got a call from my contact at the medical examiner's office. The marks on Lila's neck weren't fingernails. They're ant bites.

Well, that's good news.

What else?

Say it.

They missed something in the first autopsy. Lila was six weeks pregnant.

♪ I think she's prettier than ♪
♪ all the other girls ♪
♪ all the other girls ♪