01x03 - Inside Track

[Horns honking]

[The Constellations' Perfect Day]

♪ ♪
♪ it's a perfect day ♪
♪ to go and tie one on ♪

The 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport, offered only to our most exclusive members.

You know your vehicles.

I promise to have her back before she turns into a Pontiac.

Hey, Harvey.


How would you feel about taking something other than the Tesla tonight?

It goes against my policy.

What policy?

My "I want the Tesla" policy.


Tell you what.

You know more about the car than I do, it's yours.


Really? That's where we're starting?

Well, if it's so simple, just answer it. 288. Top speed. 125 miles an hour. 0 to 60--

3.7 seconds.

Yeah. You know your cars.

I'm an enthusiast.

And I've been waiting for the Tesla for months.



Knock yourself out.

So why'd you let him have it?

Because it never hurts to have a man who runs a $2 billion hedge fund owe you one.

But if you're just gonna give it to him, why bother to compete first?

Because if I didn't beat him, he wouldn't feel he owed me one.

I'm suddenly feeling old school.

Why don't you surprise me, huh?

♪ ♪

[Engine revs]

♪ It's a perfect day to waste away ♪
♪ your perfect plot to play ♪
♪ just another perfect day ♪
♪ but before you know it's gone ♪

Glad you showed up.

Oh, hey. I'm sorry. I was just--

Shut up. Listen.

You see these cars?

Yeah. They're awesome.

They suck.

They're nothing compared to this.


The engine in this car is made by McKernon Motors, the industry standard in formula one.

In fact, they've won more championships than any other engine on the planet.

How do you know all this?

Avery McKernon was the first client I ever brought into the firm.


He died three months ago.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry--

Not the point.

McKernon's engines and his company have something in common... They win, like me.

And because I win, I've been promoted to senior partner, which means you'll be handling all their paperwork.

Oh, so you brought me here to give me an appreciation for the product.

No, I brought you here to meet Robert Stensland, the new CEO.

He'll want to put your name with a face.

How do you know?

Because Robert's a tightwad, and we don't bill you out for nothing.

Wait a minute.

Is this conversation right now billable?

You bet your ass it is.

Yes. Up top. Come on.

What? We're making all this money.

We can't celebrate it?

Not in poor taste.

Dominic. Mike, I'd like you to meet Dominic Barone, the man responsible for the design and production of this engine.

This is my new associate, Mike Ross.

He's just a kid.

Are you trying to steal his soul before he hits puberty?

Okay, obviously...

You're still upset about our labor negotiations.

My-- My workers took a big hit.

And McKernon took a bigger one.

Both of which poised the company to be strong for years.

I was always straight with you about that.

Sophisticated words for a guy who screwed us.

Look, I'm sorry you feel that way, but you have to admit, I did have the courtesy to do it from the front.

Wow. Yeah, he really appreciates what you've done for the company.

Robert Stensland, I'd like you to meet your new associate, Mike Ross.

We're not paying him what we pay you.

Nor should you, but I assure you he's highly effective.

Well, I'll believe it when I see it.

I had him read your corporate lease last week.

Ask him anything.

That's a 300-page document.

Okay, what are the terms?

Okay, I have no idea what you're talking about.

The named lessee was the parent company, Glendon Enterprises. 35,000 square feet at 19 west 57th.

$80 a foot.

Expires in six months with an option to extend.

Exercisable in 30 days.

Who signed the lease?

You did.

What's my middle name?

The letter "L."

What happens in the event the company no longer exists?

That wasn't in the lease.

How can you be sure?

Because the lease I read wasn't 300 pages.

It was 364.

And I can tell you what's on any one of those pages, but I can't tell you that.

That's how I can be sure.


You can get him started on the new deal right away.

New deal?


I have found a buyer willing to spend $200 million for the ground underneath the flagship factory.

Where are you moving manufacturing?

Well, that's the beauty of it.

The real asset of McKernon Motors is the name.

We move overseas, we save ourselves a bundle.

Up front payout while retaining the name and maintaining cash flow over time.

That's genius. Exactly.

All right, we'll take care of everything.


All right.



Jesus. I knew he was cheap.

I didn't realize he was an idiot.

What are you talking about?

The asset's not the name. It's the quality.

He moves overseas, it's gonna kill the goose that laid the goddamn golden engine.

Wait a minute.

I thought you didn't get emotionally attached to the client.

I'm emotionally attached to me.

Look, I made a bet that this company would grow and my billables would grow with it.

We're holding a pair of aces, and this asshole's trying to fold.

So? What are you gonna do?

I'm not gonna do anything.

You're gonna go through those bylaws, and you're gonna find me a way to get rid of Robert Stensland.

No, no, no, no. I have to go see my grandmother.


Is she dying?


Cancel on her.

[Rock music]

[Cell phone rings]







Did you find anything that'll help me get rid of Stensland?

Uh, yeah, I think so.

Well, if you're not here when I need it, what good does that do me?

What? It's 7:15...


[Door opens, closes]

Did you get it?

Picked it up yesterday.

Did you sleep with it under your pillow?

How I sleep is none of your concern.

Yeah, neither is the Yankees' batting order, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about it.

Harvey. Promise me you won't be cocky.

I understand what's at stake here.

I'll be perfectly humble.

Great. You ready?

You kidding? I was born for this. 7:45. Nice of you to show up.

Uh, yeah, I was up till 5:00 in the morning.

I'm kidding. But Louis Litt wants to see you, and I don't kid about that.

What does he want?

I don't know.

Louis doesn't let me in on his game plan, but I kind of prefer it that way.

Okay, um, can you tell him that I have to see Harvey first?

Your call.

But, uh, if you're gonna be sleeping in your suits, you may want to keep a fresh one in the office.

Is it that bad?

It's worse.

[Exhales] Come on.

I'd just like to say this is an honor, I take it seriously, and I intend to make you all proud.

Except you, Fred.

I gave up on making you proud in '99.

Okay. There is one more order of business.

He's not here.


Where is he?

He's at his senior partner initiation.

Oh. That's great. But let me ask you something.

What's the difference between a senior partner and...Other partners?

Isn't that something you should have been studying when you were pretending to go to Harvard?

Okay. Senior partners, they buy into the firm.

They share in the profits, but they also have to put up equity.

So how much does it cost to buy in?

$1/2 million... Right now?

Harvey, you knew what the buy-in was.

You knew today was initiation.

How could you not have the money?

I didn't think it was due today.

It's not due today, is it?

No. It's not.


Every man in this room fell for exactly the same thing.

Does that include you?

No. No, it doesn't.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Peanuts, gluten, strawberries.

What is this? A shopping list?

No, it's just a list of foods that I'm allergic to, so when you select the venue, these foods are not to be on the menu.

A venue for what?

No one told you?

No one told me.

Oh, drats.

Well, a long-standing Pearson Hardman tradition is the rookie dinner, which means you, the...

Rookie. Yes.

That's right.

Are to host a dinner for your fellow associates.

Well, come on. Don't look so blue.

Oh, it's okay. It's really easy.

All you have to do is just find a unique location and then coordinate with 50 other associates.

It's really simple. No pressure.

And you're allergic to chicken?

No, I just don't like it.

Oh, by the way, what was so important that you had to see Harvey before you came to see me?

Louis, Harvey doesn't really--

Can we-- Can we-- Can we... Can we just-- Shut up.


Let me just get something straight, okay?

When I ask you a question, I just expect an answer.


McKernon Motors.

I was working on the due diligence.

And why would that require you to look at the bylaws?

State law requires a summary be prepared in the event of a sale.

Privately held corporations are exempted.

Not if the sale exceeds 150 million.

According to who?


[Computer beeps]

The state's website.

I like to be thorough.

Well, put it there, buddy.

Are you fricking serious?


I understand Stensland is throwing a large amount of legal work our way with the McKernon Motors factory sale.

How'd you know that?

I hear things.

You taking care of him?

I am.

By the way, for when it is due.

What's this?

It's a cashier's check for $500,000.


You had this the whole time.

I've had the money since I set my sights on senior partner.

Nice of you to finally make it.

Why does everybody keep saying that?

Because you're supposed to be here when you're supposed to be here.

Doesn't seem to apply to you.

I'm not the topic of this conversation.

Now what'd you find me on McKernon Motors?

The board can't vote for at least 24 hours after the CEO presents a deal involving the sale of company land.

But Stensland already presented it to the board.

Right, but Stensland isn't CEO.

I wrote those bylaws myself. He's CEO.

Hmm. Page 238, clause 137

states if the CEO dies, an interim CEO will be appointed until the board convenes an election vote, which can't be called till the next fiscal quarter, in this case next Thursday.

So they can't vote him in until Thursday?



Well, prepare the due diligence for me to take to Stensland, but I don't want anything ready to sign.

Where are you going?


I have until Thursday to find a new CEO.



Oh, nothing. Uh, you know, just six hours, 1,500 pages, and I, uh, I found your mistake.

Yeah, you found the one mistake I made while drafting those bylaws a dozen years ago when I was two years younger than you.

A mistake, by the way, that's gonna help me get rid of Stensland.


Excuse me, Mr. Specter?

I was wondering if you might need a hand sometime with one of your matters.

Uh, any one.

Well, Allen--

It's Aaron.

I think that says it all, don't you?

What are you doing?

Uh, I'm looking for a restaurant.

Where did you go for your rookie dinner?

I came into the league a sophomore.

You better not be prioritizing that over McKernon Motors.

I still need something to stall Stensland.

It's right here.

What are you so irritated about?

I spent a day with a top headhunter I know who couldn't produce one legitimate CEO candidate by Thursday.

What about that Dominic Barone guy who runs production?

You said he was responsible for the engines, and he clearly cares about the workers.

No, he's not the guy.

Oh, you're scared you can't convince him because he hates you. I get it.

Nice try.

You know you can't host your dinner there.

That's a Wachtell, Lipton, Klein restaurant.

Okay. Fine.

What about this place?

Yeah, that'd be great if it was 2004.

[Sighs] Oh, my God.

Why does any of this matter? God.

You see that guy over there by the fax?

Take a good look.

He's never gonna make partner.

Okay. Let me guess.

Because he threw a lousy rookie dinner?

No, because he doesn't get it.

Get what?

He doesn't get that doing good work isn't the whole job.

Part of getting it is that things like the dinner actually matter, even when you don't think they do.

Look, you were giving me sh1t this morning because I come and go when I want to.

You know why I can do that?

Because when I got here, I dominated.

They thought I worked 100 hours a day.

Now, no matter what time I get in, nobody questions my ability to get the job done.

Get it through your head.

First impressions last.

You start behind the eight ball, you'll never get in front.

Hey, you busy?

It's 7:00.

I'm not here 'cause I like the view.

And don't misunderstand me.

When I say "the view," I'm referring to your face.

That's funny, because I'm hideous.

What's up?

You're a foodie, right?

Why do you say that?

Because you're the only person I've ever seen order a shrimp, red pepper, and goat cheese pizza.

Well, right, but without the pepper, what connects the goat cheese and the shrimp?

I'm a foodie.

Okay, so I need your help finding a restaurant for the rookie dinner.

Well, that's unfortunate, but I'm swamped, and I don't have time to teach you about cuisine.

Well, no, don't make me remind you that you owe me one. How's that?

You told Louis I was working on Harvey's case before his.

Because you told me to.

Well, now I'm telling you to help me with my dinner.


You-- Okay.

Good luck with that.

Not gonna help me with my dinner.

Now I'm talking to myself.

Yeah, grammy.

[Knock at door]

No, I told you I was coming.

I'm-- I'm on my way, okay? Yeah.

Um, 15 minutes.

Okay. Bye. Hey, what are you--

Okay, what was that for?

If you cared about me, you would have told me what Trevor was up to a long time ago.

I was trying to protect you.

How is hiding the fact that my boyfriend is selling weed protecting me?

You want to know the truth?

Your boyfriend also happens to be my best friend, all right?

I didn't feel like ratting him out.

If you were really his friend, you wouldn't just stand by and let him throw his life away.

Let him? Let--

I've never let Trevor do anything. Have you met him?

Trevor listens to you, and he needs you right now.

Oh, my God.

He is throwing his life away, and you ditched us.


Like we didn't mean anything to you.

I'm...I'm late.

Louis. What are you doing here?

Hi. Uh, Stensland called.

And apparently the diligence wasn't proceeding apace.

He called you?

Yeah, he called me, I called him, what's the difference?

The paperwork was taking too long, and I got it done.

I suggest you stay the hell away from my client.

Harvey. Glad you could make it.

We were about to sign the papers.

I got word back at the office.

I just came to see how Louis was getting around the bylaws.

I...Don't know.


I'm at somewhat of a loss.

Robert, I'm sorry.

This is what was holding up your due diligence.

Technically, you're still interim CEO until the board votes you in on Thursday.

If protocol isn't followed, it leaves you with huge litigation exposure.

That's right.

Well, I imagine we should hold off, then.

Please don't blame Louis. It's my fault.

We usually have senior partners oversee transactions like this because junior partners, they tend to miss things.

See you Thursday?

One second.

Uh, just so you know, you were a junior partner until recently.

There's a reason I'm not anymore.

Okay. Take it easy.

So what if you took a trip to Russia with another man?

I mean, that was before you met grandpa Jimmy, right?

He didn't care it was before I met him.

Never shut up about it.

So what was this other guy's name?

Gregory mind your own business.


So, Michael, this has been fun.

Now why don't you stop beating around the bush and tell me what's going on.


It's Trevor. It's always Trevor.

He's gotten himself into some really bad...

Stuff, and I think he needs my help to get out of it, but I've been under so much pressure, and I know you've always told me to be there for people...

No, no, listen to me.

Screw Trevor. What?

You're moving forward, and he'll do whatever he can to keep you where you are.

Yeah, but...

But no buts.

That kid is an anchor.

You need to cut him loose.


You owe me 50 bucks.

What's going on with Robert Stensland?

What did Louis tell you?

You're not dealing with Louis. You're dealing with me.

What are you hiding?

Nothing. I looked through the bylaws and precluded potential litigation.

You looked at the bylaws for a tactical reason, and I want to know what it is.

I want him out.

That is not your call. You are an attorney.

This is the internal business of McKernon Motors.

Look, McKernon had a plan, and I didn't spend a decade shaping it to let this fool throw it away.

McKernon is dead.

So what? Doesn't mean the plan's no good.

You fail, we'll get fired.

He moves overseas, our billables ll be gone in five years, anyway.

Better five years than nothing.

You know what? That's Stensland's attitude, and it's a losing one.

Harvey, I don't think you have any business telling that man how to run his company, but I know you don't have any business telling me how to run mine.

You are a senior partner.

You are not a gunslinger anymore.

Back off Stensland and close the deal.

I need you to prepare the draft CEO candidate speech for Thursday.

Well, I thought you were supposed to back off.

Yeah, I'm supposed to do a lot of things.

I'll call you with the plan on my way back.

From where?

From convincing the man who hates me to do what I say. Oh, right.

You mean the guy I suggested you go to in the first place.

Do you remember that whole getting it thing I was talking to you about?

What, I can't even gloat?

Gloating's fine. You just have to not suck at it.

Okay. Thank you. So much.

That hurt.

Hey, Ross.

You left your search for the rookie dinner on your computer.

Why don't you just save time and take us to Friday's?

Ooh, ooh, somebody's mad.

Devon, looking at my computer is a violation of exactly seven hostile workplace environment statutes.

What are you gonna do? Sue me?

No. No, no, no.

I'm just gonna use it as legal cover if I decide to kick your ass.


Harvey, what are you doing here?

Our contract's good for two more years.

I need a word. In private.

Excuse me, bill.

Make it fast, 'cause this is a place where people actually work for a living.

Well, keep in mind people are watching.

Just try to keep your expression neutral.

You know, they don't teach deceptive tactics where I come from.

Then you're gonna learn under fire.

Stensland's shutting you down.

What? Why?

For money.

He's got a buyer for the land under the factory.

Why are you coming to me?

Because the only way to stop him is for you to challenge him as CEO.

What? Are you crazy?

You've got a management title.

That I choose not to identify with.

You run the factory.

Which I never left, 'cause I have no taste for boardroom politics.

You've been here since day one.

You know the product inside out.

These workers, they respect you.

Pew, that's a lot of smoke.

How many people did you go to before me?



I never said you were my prom queen.

Look, I want to win, okay?

I went to those other people because they were better suited to get past the board, not better suited for the job.

Those are the facts whether you like it or not.

And why should I trust you?

Because if you don't, there aren't any jobs left to negotiate over.

You and the factory, you're finished.

[Cell phone chimes]

What are you working on?

Um, nothing. Just some stuff for Harvey. Why?

Wrap it up. Louis Litt wants to see you.

This time he doesn't want to wait.

Furthermore, I feel that with the proper strategic and synergistic alliances moving forward--

I have to actually believe what you're saying.

They're just platitudes that don't mean anything.

Yes, they do. Synergistic alliances mean you form relationships to get the cost down and your product out.

It's never gonna work.

Well, it better goddamn work.

My ass is on the line. What about my ass?

If it wasn't attached to your thick head, maybe we wouldn't be having this problem.

I'm sorry I'm not as well practiced at corporate double speak as you'd like, but I've been busting my ass on this for two hours.

So if you're not happy with my progress, then why don't you get the hell out?

He doesn't leave without getting it.

[Door closes]

Son of a bitch.

You're not gonna pick it up?

Why should I? Never gonna get it.

You're right.

Hey, can I ask you something?

What's your engine design philosophy?

Perfectly balanced power and durability.

Okay. Why don't you favor power like Bronson does?

Because drivers are limited to eight engines a season, and Bronson's don't last.

Well, so you would stack your engines up against Bronson's, then?

Uh, I have stacked my engines up against Bronson and everyone else's in the world, and mine win. Why?

Because I make sure they're designed better than anyone else's in the world from the day that they're conceived to the day they're born.

And that's why people buy them.

Goddamn right.

And that's the speech you're gonna give.

[Clears throat]

Good lawyer, bad lawyer, baby.

Worked like a charm.

Come on. You know you want it.

There it is. Told you.

Someone doesn't like you, you use it against them.

Or, in this case, for them.

I didn't do this for Dominic.

I did it to get rid of Stensland.

Wow. Have you ever considered writing for hallmark?

Many times. Yeah.


Looking good.


I said don't be late.

Late? I'm not late.

When you host your dinner here, not being late means getting here a half hour early.

Aha. So what made you change your mind?

The food items are samples to help you select your menu, so since I could never really afford to eat here myself...



Okay, start there.

Try that?


It looks kind of funny.

So does an egg roll.

I don't accept that premise.

You want my help or not?

Ugh. What is that?


I-- I think it's still moving.

That's what I'm talking about.


I don't get it.

How do you have no appreciation for fine food?

Mm. We didn't have a lot of money growing up.

I don't know.

I guess I'm just comfortable with what I'm comfortable with.

That is the exact opposite of me.

I've-- I've always loved new experiences.

And your parents?

They're loaded.

Mm. So then what do you need a free meal for?

I want to live on what I make.




I was just thinking about Dominic for a second.

And then I realized this is the first time in weeks that I haven't been thinking about work.

That's what new experiences do for you.

Being a foodie doesn't mean only liking fancy food.

Means having the courage to try it.

And then you get to serve what you like.

Except strawberries, peanuts, gluten, and chicken.

Okay, why not those things?

Because Louis is an asshole.

If you can't serve things just 'cause Louis is an asshole, you're not gonna have that many choices.

Good point.

[Cell phone ringing]

So what really made you change your mind?


I'll take it.


Driver, taketh me to Williamsburg.

[Beep] It's Jenny.

Trevor told me you talked to him, and he's gonna stop.

Thanks, Mike.

Hold on.

Change of destination.


What are you doing here?

Can we talk for a minute?


I know you lied to Jenny about us talking.

You never should have told her I was dealing in the first place.

I never should have had to hide it in the first place.


Look, Trevor, you don't need to be dealing for a living, man.

You could make something of yourself.

Is that what you came here to tell me?

You've got real software clients, man.

Stick to them.

Jeez. You believe that crap?

I don't have any software clients.

Jesus. You're as naive as Jenny.


If you need some kind of transition money or something--

What? How?

Does it matter?

Look, what matters is that you don't help me out, okay?

I help you out.

And I'm not interested in transitioning into anything.


But the least you could do is be honest with Jenny.

That's what this is all about.


You always liked her.

I think she deserves to know the truth.

You always thought you were better than me.


Maybe that's because I am.

[Both grunting]

Come on now. All right?


We're done.

Don't let the door hit you--


Call Dominic?

He's waiting for us outside.

He's got the speech down?

Yeah, he's got it down.

Better. I'm taking a big risk on him.

You're taking a risk on him?

Look at him.

He's scared out of his mind.

He's leaving his comfort zone because you convinced him to. So?

So maybe some words of encouragement.

The best way to help Dominic is not to let him second guess himself.

The most important asset an attorney has is his ability to always be self-assured.

Okay. Here's what's gonna happen.

It's standard for me to prep the board on any voting procedure.

When do I speak?

When I tell you to. Let's go.

I suggested to Stensland you be there to convince the board the production won't be hurt by an overseas move.

It helps your credibility that he brought you here, and it'll hurt his when you challenge him for CEO.

[Clears throat]

Look, it's natural to be nervous, okay?

Just remember, you know your stuff.

The board's never loved Stensland, and I'm here to back you up.




You know, I have to admit, I almost didn't see it coming.

Excuse me?

It was the delay in the due diligence.

It just didn't smell right.

So the only thing it could be was that you were going after my CEO appointment.

So since I'm still within my rights to move a board meeting, I did.

I was voted in today at noon.

And tomorrow the board will ratify the sale of the factory.

And now I'm firing your firm.

And I'm firing you.

Try the croissant, gentlemen.

Marmalade's fantastic.

What are we gonna do?

You're gonna go through those bylaws again, and see if there isn't another way we can stop this sale.

I'm talking about Dominic.

He just lost his job.

He's a grown man. He made a decision.


Because you convinced him to.

Based on your idea, which I recall you pushed on me at the time.

Because I thought it would work at the time.

Well, it didn't. What do you want me to do about it?

Help him.

He's not dying. He lost his job.

He has to look for another one.

Which, if he hadn't chosen to fight for his company in the first place, would have happened anyway.

Now, show me that you get it, go back through those bylaws again, and see if you missed anything. Okay?

So this is what happens when you promote the wrong guy to senior partner.

If you hadn't gone to Stensland behind my back, this wouldn't have happened. You don't know that.

And I'm a member of this firm just as much of you.

Oh, I think we both agree that you're a member.

For your information, I didn't even--

Louis. Harvey, eye on the ball.

The issue here is you tried to torpedo a client--

The client is McKernon Motors, not Stensland.

You didn't let me finish.

Without my consent.

That trumps the "who's the client" part.

Louis, go to Stensland, repair the relationship.

Say what you have to. Call it a misunderstanding.

Promise Harvey is no longer involved.

Consider it done.

Wait a second.

Louis didn't go to Stensland behind my back.

You send him there to hedge your bets.

Either stensland's out and we double our billings, or you have plausible deniability, and he stays with the firm.

Wow. Am I smart enough to do that?

If I win, I look great.

If Louis wins, he looks great.

Either way... You look great.

You mean the firm looks great.

Harvey, what I've been trying to get into your head is that you bought in.

You are the firm.

That's it.

Mike, follow me.

I need you to go talk to Dominic.

What? Why? Stensland's already CEO.

That won't matter if we just buy the damn company.


Why are you still working?

It's one of my creations.

I'm not leaving it unfinished.

What the hell do you want?

I'd be happy to tell you if you put that wrench down.

Yeah, you're quick with the jokes.

I'm the guy who just got fired.


You're right. I'm sorry.

What would you say if I told you we could get your job back and stick it to Stensland.

I'm done with Harvey and his plans, yeah?

You were there. We got fired too.

You and Harvey still have jobs?

He doesn't care about anybody but himself, including you, Mike.

Yeah. You're probably right.

But he did stick his neck out to keep your company here, and he does have an idea that requires your help, so you can stay here and call him an asshole, or you can come with me and we can help him.

Give me my goddamn shirt.

You know, it goes from 0 to 60--

In the blink of an eye.

Did you bring me down here to tell me I can drive this?


For $250 million, you can own it.

McKernon Motors is for sale?

If we act fast.

I'll need to see the financials.

You put together a letter of intent, they'll get you the financials.

You know, their real asset is engine quality.

I don't want to just buy the name.

Speak of the devil.

Laurence, I'd like you to meet the man responsible for every McKernon Motors engine ever built.

Wow. Dominic Barone. Very nice to meet you.

Good to meet you.

I'd like to show you something if you have a minute.


So how do we get an offer to the board before they vote to ratify the deal tomorrow?

You're gonna go through those bylaws, and you're gonna figure something out.

I don't have to look through them to figure it out, because I just did.

Well, what took you so long?

You trying to look like me?

Each of you have 24 hours to review the documents in front of you, so at this time...

Uh, excuse me. Excuse me.

What is he doing here?

I'm sorry. I'm gonna take care of this.

No, no, I will.

You gentlemen have no right to attend this meeting.

Actually, we do.

The bylaw states that any original employee has the right to petition the board any time they meet.

Dominic Barone has assigned that right to me.

He was fired.

He no longer has that right.

Per section 17-5, point "C,"

Dominic wasn't given three days' notice, so technically he wasn't fired.

Which is why I do have the right to urge the board to accept the offer for the purchase of McKernon Motors.

Now, I can tell you that this offer will keep manufacturing here and save jobs while retaining the flagship engine that put this company on the map, but I don't have to, because it happens to be for way more goddamn money than the one in front of you right now.

Hey, Bob. How are ya?

It's funny how you held out on me on that proper notice exception.

I didn't hold out.

I made that up on the spot.

Really? On the spot?

Remember that getting it stuff--

I know, right? I'm getting it.

Well, I was gonna say that, but now you ruined it.

That's one thing you definitely get.

How to ruin it.

How to ruin it?

I heard that.

[Clears throat]

I have to admit, you don't suck.

I wish I could say the same for you.

Time to pay the Piper.

Just so you know, I took the liberty of ordering some really expensive wines.

Hope that's okay.

[Nervous laugh]

Sorry, sir, but the check's been paid for in full by a Harvey Specter.

There, uh, might have been some gluten in the ravioli.

I hear McKernon Motors is getting a new owner.

We're not only handling the sale, but with the expansion plan they're putting in place, our billables should double.

Nicely done.

I did it for the firm.

[Phone beeps]

[The Constellations' Perfect Day]

♪ ♪
♪ it's a perfect day to turn away and run ♪

What are you doing here?

You were right.

I should never have kept it from you that Trevor was dealing all that time.

Well, I mean, it's, uh...

It's all in the past, right?


What are you talking about?

He's lying to you.

He's still dealing.

And I'm done with him.

Son of a bitch.

Well, thank you, uh, for telling me.

No, don't. Stop.

We're even.

And that is the last time I am ever ratting on anyone.

So if you fall for it again...

It's on you.

Are you angry with me?

You told me he would listen to me.

I thought he would.

Well, he didn't.


I'm sorry.

I'm s-- I'm sorry.

No, I can't.

I can't.


No, I-- I fought with him.

Oh, God.

This is too much.

Oh, my God.

[Cell phone ringing]