02x09 - Asterisk



You know, in all the years that we worked together, you've been over to my place exactly twice, the God-awful dinner party and... the other time.

I have been gone three weeks, and you've been here that many times. What?

I had a good time at that dinner party.

Oh, my God, it is just like you to make a joke.

And ignore the other time.

I brought you your bonus.

Really? You thought that would make it all better, handing me a check?

Look, I know that you're pissed.

Oh, what gave it away?


You just had to jump in there at the trial, didn't you?

You just had to fight my battles for me.

Yeah, I did that because, the last time I saw you, you were pissed that I didn't fight for you.

Well, congratulations, Harvey. All you managed to do was make it look like I love you.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, my God, you think I do.


I have actually never met such a self-important--

Donna, about that time, you once told me--

I don't care what I once told you!

That wasn't what Louis was asking.

He was asking if I love you.

And you wouldn't answer.

Because he was forcing a yes or no answer to a complicated question.

I am not in love with you, Harvey.

I love you like a brother or a cousin, somebody that you really, really look forward to seeing at Christmas, and then you're really, really glad to see leave.

And as far as you and I are concerned, Christmas is over.

I didn't just come here to give you a check.

I heard that little sh1t redid my entire filing system.

Cameron's fine. Look, I need you.



Well, what about Jessica?

Already signed off.

How did you get her to do that?

Because I told her I can't be me without you.

No, you didn't.

Well, I thought it.

And she knows it.

Okay, I will come back on two conditions.

One is you replace that check with a bigger one.

And the other?


Is that p0rn? No.

Well, yes, but that's not what I'm using it for.

Okay, I'm about 150% sure that I'm gonna regret this, but...

What are you using it for?

I'm looking at tattoos.

I told you, it's what I'm getting with my first--

Bonus time, boys and girls.

Too much.

Way too much.

Oof, multiply this by zero, and it's still way too much.

O'Neil, Racine, Sabbatini... no Ross.

Very funny, Louis.

I'm not kidding.

It looks like you came up empty.

You have the file for the Solis motion to dismiss?

Yep, all set. Main citations are tabbed.

Good. Go. I'm busy.

[Stammering, exhales]

Okay, I was just, um... you know, before, um...you--

Are you having a stroke?

What? My bonus.

Louis didn't have it.

Well, at least, he said that he didn't have it, so I thought that maybe you, uh...

Maybe Jessica thinks you don't deserve one.

You know, because... you're not a lawyer.

Right, right. No, that's true, so I guess these won't be doing you any good.

Jessica thinks you're not a lawyer.

I don't think that.

[Stunned laugh]


Your Monica Eton performance worked.

You switched Carson, Gallo, and Fogerty.

Wait, is that why you're giving me so much?

Yes. We're up one.

You might want to hold onto it for a bit.



Took a job at the Justice Department.

Our lead is gone. Now we're even.


Well, the vote's in four days.

The tie goes to the incumbent. So we're good.



Uh, you do realize that "hold onto it for a bit" thing, that's just a figure of speech.

Yeah, okay, I'm just...

[Knock at door]

You wanted to see me?

Saw you handing out bonuses to the associates earlier.

They must all be feeling grateful.

The firm was quite generous.

It's not just the associates who should be rewarded.

Well, for me personally, it's the satisfaction of the work that drives me.

Although the money does help keep score.

You misunderstand me.

I don't have a check for you, Louis.

I was hoping you had one for me.

I'm sorry, I'm confused.

Jessica is the one who handles the bonuses for the partners.

I'm not talking about a bonus check.

I'm talking about a buy-in check for a senior partnership.

As founding partner, I'm entitled to name one new senior partner a year.

I'm naming you.

You're making... you're... you're making me...


I can't wait to tell everybody.

My mother, my father, Rabbi Shimkoff...



Oh, my God, the look on Harvey's face!


It's official as of this moment.

But I think we should make the actual announcement at the next senior partners meeting.

Sure, the meeting where the managing partner will be voted on.

I believe that is on the agenda.

Best to do these things face to face, don't you agree?

It's our secret.

Tomorrow's just like any other Tuesday.


Hey, congratulations.

♪ See the money, wanna stay for your meal ♪
♪ get another piece of pie for your wife ♪
♪ everybody wanna know how it feel ♪
♪ everybody wanna see what it's like ♪
♪ living in a beehive of your mind ♪
♪ me and missus so busy, busy making money ♪
♪ all right

♪ all that time imagine this ♪
♪ the greenback boogie ♪
♪ Suits 2x09 ♪


Original Air Date on August 16, 2012

[Elevator dings]

Get out.

And take your color-coded filing system with you.

It's a system. How do I--

I'm trying to give the moment some dramatic flair.

Jeez, now he ruined that too.



That's it?

That was worth making a whole condition?

I've never fired anyone before.

You know he's a floating temp, right?

I mean, he'll be on somebody else's desk by the end of lunch.

Does everyone have to rain on my parade?


[Running fingers over keyboard]

First of all, you just have to look at the statistics.

I mean, this guy Solis could barely crack 20 homers a season a few years ago.

And now he's banging out over 40 a year?

What's that supposed to be, the wisdom of age?

And you don't even have to look at what he's doing on the field to wonder if this guy is juicing.

Just take a look at him.

Now, look, I might not be a scientist, but I do have common sense, and it says this guy is doping.

But hey, that's just one man's opinion.

Your Honor, if being an asshole was a criminal offense, I'd say lock Mr. Zielinski up.

In fact, if they want to call him that, be my guest.

But they better use the word "opinion," like he did, because unless I woke up this morning in Nazi Germany, that's my client's right.

Nazi Germany?

Making a point.

[German accent]

Ja, gut one.

Your Honor, his client blatantly declares his rants are merely his opinions for the sole purpose of skirting libel law.

I drive 65

for the sole purpose of avoiding a speeding ticket.

Doesn't make me a criminal.

But Mr. Specter doesn't have malice against other drivers.

What does he have?

I don't know.

Your Honor, we have a little recording of Mr. Zielinski of our own.

This is what Mr. Zielinski sounds like when he doesn't know the cameras are rolling.

Solis? The guy is a goddamn fraud.

He's juicing, I know it.

I don't care what evidence he or the league claim to have.

When I say things, people listen, and I'm gonna run his ass out of the game.

Your Honor--

Save it, Mr. Specter.

Case goes to trial.

You really only drive 65?

In a school zone.

Solis doesn't need the money. What do you want?

Three years' worth of random tests by the league plus independent tests we had run to quash the rumors.

As you can see, my client is clean.

Zielinski doesn't have these.

Oh, he does, and I know it because we sent them to him.

But he chooses not to reveal them on his show.

What if I get him to air these results plus your side of the story?

Too late for that.

We want an apology from your client.

In person?


Nice try.

We want an on-air complete retraction, and that's non-negotiable.


Hi, Donna.

I heard you were back. I am.

Yeah, see that.

Look, you know, I, um...

I never... I never wanted to--


I never wanted to do what I did.

And I-I just don't have the words...

Find them.

I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

Then let us never speak of it again.

Mm... you're kidding, right?

Did you mean what you just said?

Pfft, and more.

Then it's done.

No, it isn't.

Did you hear what I just--

Season pass, Lincoln Center, front row every show.



Do I have to go with you?

Hell no.

Thank you, Louis.

You are welcome.

God, could this day get any better? "Any better"?

What was so good about it before?

Huh, what happened?


Nothing, no, can't I just be glad you're back?

You look like you have 80 teeth.

What kind of suit is that? Brioni. Why?

Oh, sh1t.

Welcome back, Donna.

Thank you, but there's something I need to tell you.

No need to apologize.

Uh, that's not what it is.

You're not getting a raise.

Daniel just made Louis senior partner.

How do you know?

Four years ago, Norma told me that Louis had a suit picked out for the day he made senior partner.

He is wearing it. Son of a bitch.

Hardman bought another vote.

What are you gonna do about it?

Get it back.

Donna... Yes?

How'd the suit look?

[Exhales thoughtfully]


Thank you.

Can't believe that asshole put us in this pickle.

I'd think you'd admire him.

He's cleaning up the game you love.

He's been throwing accusations around with no proof, and I've had about enough of that lately.

Well, proof or no proof, anybody can see that Solis is juicing.

That's not what those tests say.

People can find ways to pass tests, trust me.



Grammy? Rachel. Oh, no.

Um, Harvey...

This is your famous grandmother?

Oh, you were right. He is sharp.

[Forced laugh]

What are you doing here?

Mr. Specter, pleasure to meet you.

Your grandson says nice things about you.

Oh, he tells me you're quite the hardass.

Can be a hardass. "Hardass" isn't really the word he uses.

Okay, grammy, I see lip runs in the family.

It's nice meeting you.


Yeah, um... what are you doing here?

And--and--and why are you in Rachel's office?

Oh, we bumped into each other downstairs in the lobby.

I thought we could eat.

Might as well have brought it to me in Star Wars lunchbox.

Don't give me lip, Michael. It's been two months.

I thought maybe you'd want to see I'm still alive.

She's got a point,Michael.

Plus I wanted to meet the people you work with.

Like Rachel.

She's even more lovely than you said. "Lovely"?

Okay, we're done here.


Bye, dear.

I hope to see you again soon. Me too.

It was lovely to meet you.


Okay, did you really have to tell Rachel that I said she was hot?

Oh, fine, just let me meet that Harold clown, and I'll go.

You planned this whole thing from the beginning, didn't you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You got Hanson that job at justice.

It was a loss for us, but a gain for justice, don't you think?

And making Louis Litt a senior partner behind my back.

Is that all part of the new Daniel Hardman era of transparency?

It's within my rights according to the bylaws you wrote.

Ah, yes, and how much did buying his vote cost you?

Cost me?

It was earned years ago.

And your failure to promote him is a perfect example of how your judgment has harmed this firm.

My judgment and my discretion are the only reasons your ass didn't end up in jail five years ago.

It wasn't discretion, it was self-interest.

You ousted me and got the firm.

I saved you and got the firm.

You did.

But you didn't steal the ball from me five years ago.

I dropped it.

My lieutenant was all you were ever meant to be.

I'm going to offer you a deal.

Take Porter, Feldman, Gallagher...

I'll let you walk away, set up shop wherever you like.

I'll waive the non-compete.

You don't have the votes.

I put you out once.

When I beat you this time, they're gonna have to peel you off the wall.

It's nice to see you doing your own dirty work for a change.

Unfortunately, this time, you can't have Harvey threaten to tell my dying wife or my teenage daughter about my indiscretions.

You didn't even know about Sarah, did you?

He did what I told him to do.

No. You can't even control your own attack dog.

Well, get this.

I wasn't even planning on coming back after Alicia died.

Then you sent him, and I had no choice.


You do what you want to do.

You always have, and you always will.

Well, water under the bridge.

We are where we are.

And I like where I am.

And we'll see who peels whom off the wall.

Let me get this straight.

You realized that Daniel was pulling a move, and you confronted him?

How many times have you told me not to poke the bear?

I didn't just poke.

I made him an offer. Which he refused.

And now he knows we're on to Louis.

If I lose this thing because of Louis Litt--

You're not losing.

You have a card to play that Hardman doesn't have.

No, no.


Partner bonuses haven't gone out yet.

I'm not using the bonuses to buy people off.

You might be ethically against playing politics with our firm's money, but he isn't.

This isn't about ethics.

If I give Louis an extra $100,000, how's that gonna play with Gallo, Klyman, Reeger?

Then do what Daniel did. Make another senior partner.

We get one each per year. I named you.

Read the bylaws just once.

You've got to be kidding me.

Louis is going to be the deciding vote.

And he better vote for me.

No, no!


Harvey, this is your chance to prove you learned something from that mess you made with Paul Porter. I have nothing to offer him.

Harvey, you've treated that man like sh1t at every turn.

You are the thorn in his side.

It is time that you pull that thorn out.

Here are your interrogatories.

Thank you.

Oh, and remember, Michael, you have to finish your homework before you can watch TV.

Oh, right, because my grandmother brought me lunch, that makes me... A little boy.

And this is really fun for you.

It really kind of is.

Are you thinking about moving?

Uh, no, actually I was looking into getting a place in Manhattan for my lunch lady.

You'd really do that for her?

I am doing it.

It doesn't even come close to paying her back for everything she's done for me.

That's, um... that's really amazing, Mike.

You wanna know what's amazing?


This place.

Right here, check it out.

It's pretty sweet, right? Off 10th Avenue.


Does it come with a bulletproof vest?


There, how about this one?

A six floor walk-up.

Great views.

Move over.


Wait a minute. Yeah?

You set all this up, so I'd help, didn't you?

Oh, I may be a little boy, but I'm not a stupid little boy.

You're a sneaky little boy.

Show me another.

Partner, senior partner... it all sounds the same to me.

No, Mom, how many times do I have to tell you?

Senior partner is the inner circle.

It just makes you sound like an old man.

Stop it.

And what would you know about it, Dad?

Well, you are losing your hair.

It's the cut.

It is not the cut.

It's the cut!

And by the way, Dad, if you're not going to bother to figure out where the camera is, maybe you should put some freaking pants on.

I know where the camera is. I'm not ashamed of my body.

If you felt the same way, maybe there'd be a Mrs. Litt.

Louie, I don't want to die before I see my grandchildren.

Mom, you have two grandchildren.

Esther's children are not Litts!

Is that your mom and dad on there?

Get out, Harvey, I'm Skyping.

Is that Harvey Specter? Let me speak to him.

It is about time I met your best friend...

Was that your mom and dad?

What's up? No.

What's this?

The address of my tailor. Donna said you asked for it.

And what would really happen to me if I show up at that address?

You get a nice suit, one that you could wear tonight when I take you out to dinner.



What's the fun of being senior partner if you have to keep it a secret?

And why exactly should I dine with you?

Because you've been waiting a long time for this, and I want to congratulate you.

You want to congratulate me on becoming your peer.


Say it.

I'm your peer. You're my peer.

We're exactly the same.

We're exactly the same.

If two girls saw us walking down the street, they'd say, "hey, those guys are twins.

Identical." Okay, I'm cancelling.

Okay, no, I'm in. I'm in.

I'm in. What time? 7:30.

Are you gonna be there at 7:30?

Okay, 8:00.

Donna tells the woman, "I don't care who you are, you're not getting my grapefruit."

Then what did you do?

What could I do?

I gave her my grapefruit.


Thank you. This is great, Harvey.

We're like two fingers on the same hand.

As long as I'm the index.

I'm serious, this is nice, you know?

Colleagues. Equals.


Well, as a friend, I want you to see something.

What do you got?

Five years ago, I asked you for help to look into another firm's books.

Well, they were our books.

I helped you prove Hardman was embezzling.

He also tried to set up a fall guy.

Me. "A schmuck," I believe, was the term you used at the time.

This was five years ago, and you're just getting around to telling me now?

I wonder why that is.

I didn't see the need for you to be hurt.

Right, 'cause I'm your friend.

A friend tells you the truth, and the truth is, Hardman used you to hide his embezzling, and he's using you again.

And how exactly is that different from what you're doing right now?

You can't trust him.

But I can trust you?

Yes, you can.

Oh, please.

Did I tell Jessica about your little dictaphone maneuver?

No, you know what you did? You lorded it over my head, said that I'd owe you, and now you've come to collect.

Well, you know what? Go ahead.

Run to mommy. Tattle.

I mean, this was about my vote?

If I do vote for Daniel, what is Jessica gonna do about it?

I found this one that faces away from Lex, so she won't get all the street noise, and I checked into the doormen.

Raul's been here 14 years, and Jimbo 17.


People open up to me.

So what do you think?

I think...

Grammy's gonna love it when I tell her she has a new place to live tonight.

Come on, you haven't even seen the bedroom yet.

Holy sh1t.

I know.

It's perfect, right?

All you need are some new curtains right here.

No, the first thing I would do is put down a nice rug.

You wanna cover the hardwood?

Not all of it.

So you mean an area rug.

No, I mean, cover an area of the hardwood with a rug.

I can live with that. Like an 8x10 Sisal.

A whatsal?

The beige, scratchy kind.

A scratchy rug defeats it wasn't my idea in the first place.

Fair enough, but the bed--


The bed goes here.

Oh, my God, you're such a guy.

If the bed doesn't go here, then what's the point of even having the window?

Yeah, but your curtains cover up the light anyway.

No, that would be shades, which this room will never, ever have.

Look, just come right here.

See what I mean?



I should go meet Harvey. It's really hot in here.


Nice of you to make it.

Sorry, I had this thing with Rachel.

Oh, a date. Isn't that special?

Not as special as your date last night.

So how is Louis? What did he wear?

Did you get any? Shut me down.


This is serious. What are we gonna do?

I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing--

I'm not taking no for an answer.

No way! You want me to apologize on the air?

Why don't I just drop my pants and paint a clown on my ass? Save that for sweeps.

I have a reputation, Mr. Specter.

And by the way, I don't appreciate you bashing it in court.

Look, I went to court to win the case, not protect your reputation.

Yeah, well, turns out you didn't do either one.

Here's a suggestion.

Next time, make sure you're actually off the air before shooting your mouth off.

I stand by what I said.

Solis is doping.

Roger Maris got an asterisk next to his name.

This guy deserves an asterisk next to his name, and I want him out of the league.

You're not the commissioner of baseball.

Yeah, well, the commissioner could never get my ratings.

Mr. Zielinski--

See, finally, someone who treats me with respect.

We can't claim that you're just offering up opinions anymore.

If you don't apologize, we have to show that you have a factual basis for accusing Solis of doping.

Of course I did.

Then give us your source.

What kind of career do you think I'd have if I give that up?

I'll tell you what... nonexistent.

Exactly like your source.

Harvey, please, could--

That's it.

Instead of bugging me to give up my guy after I already told you no, why don't you do your damn job and win this case?

Well, looks like good cop, bad cop didn't work.

Actually it did...on me.

What are you talking about?

If he's full of sh1t and has no source, he knows this eventually goes against him in court.

I think Solis is doping. Welcome to the party.

And Zielinski may have some integrity.

I thought you said he was a dick.

If he's actually protecting his source, he's a dick with a code.

His code is our problem.

If we can't find that source, we can't fix it.

Forget the source.

We need to figure out how Solis passed those tests.

How are we supposed to do that?

Not us, you.

I'm like Zielinski, you're like Solis.

An all-star.

A cheater.

You're not gonna tell the bar association that I deserve an asterisk, are you?

You just gave me a good idea.

I hope it doesn't involve you telling the bar association that I deserve an asterisk.

Oh, a bat.

What, are you gonna hit me if I don't vote for Jessica?

No, I just wanted you to hear a story before you decided.


More dirt on Hardman.

The story's about Roger Maris.

Yeah, what, did he work for Hardman?

He used to play for the Yankees.

He beat Babe Ruth's home run record with this bat. You brought a prop.

That's really cute.

Maris did it in a longer season, so no one really gave him credit for it, and it went down in people's minds with an asterisk.

I see, so it's a parable. How literary of you.

Becoming senior partner is your life's work, Louis.

You really want to buy it with your vote?

Daniel did not condition my partnership on anything.

Maybe, but it'll always have an asterisk.

You know what? It's like you just can't fathom that I actually earned it.

Whether you earned it or not, that's not the point.

It's everything.

All I am saying is, you vote for Hardman, everyone will see this as quid pro quo.

Yeah, because you're gonna tell them.

No, I won't tell them.

They'll wonder about it all on their own, just like you will.

Do me a favor right now..

Take your bat and go.


Louis... you were right at dinner.

I was using you, and I was wrong.

But this decision, it isn't about me.

You came up under Hardman. You hated him.

You always hated him.

Don't let him do this to you.

What's my alternative, Harvey?

Jessica didn't even have the courtesy to court my vote herself.

So she sends you. Well, guess what.

You failed.

So go back right now. You tell her, Harvey Specter, the great closer, couldn't close me.

Aren't you supposed to be off accepting the award for world's best grandson?

Uh, I had to cancel.

Weren't you taking her to dinner to tell her about the apartment you bought for her to make up for the fact that you don't have time to take her to dinner anymore?

For your information, she was happy when I called to reschedule.

Happy to be stood up.

Happy that I have a job that fully engages me.

There was a time she was worried that wouldn't happen.

Despite Harvard Law School?

No, I mean, when I was younger.

She's right that you're really lucky you get to do something that challenges you.

I hope I have that someday.

Rachel, I told you, whenever you want help with... holy sh1t, you took the LSAT... you took the LSATs?

I did.


How did you do?

Um... I don't know.

Rachel, you already did the hard part.

You took the test. Opening the envelope is easy.

No, every other time I've had to open the envelope--

This isn't every other time.


Do you want me to open it?


Yes, you do.

Okay, um, if I score below 160, then I just want you to throw it away.

And don't tell me. I don't want to know, okay?



Um...Rachel, I'm...



172. 172?

You got a 172.

Oh, my--I did?


That's--oh, oh, my God!


Oh, my God, don't you ever do that to me again.

Rachel, you're gonna be a lawyer.


Look, look at it. Oh, my God.


Bam. Oh, my God.

I'm gonna be out of a job.

Harvey, I think I found something.

And by "something," I assume you mean how Solis was cheating. Um, maybe, but I definitely figured out who Zielinski's source is.

Well, that counts as something.

They used a hot mic, I used a hot mic.

What are you talking about?

I found some footage from a segment that Zielinski taped at spring training.

Uh, the crew is setting up, he's in the background, having a very intense conversation with Ruben Hernandez.

Mediocre catcher. So? Zielinski's a sportscaster.

Talking to athletes is what he does all day.

This conversation took place in Winter Park.

Hernandez should have been practicing with his team in...

St. Pete.

He never should have been there.

Then I remembered the roster of every single team Solis ever played on.

They never played together.

Wrong, they did.

Ten games, three years ago, Hernandez's rookie year.

So he got Hernandez to take the test for him.

Or at least approached him because Zielinski's accusations began one week after that tape that I watched.

Enough time for Zielinski to look into whatever Hernandez told him.

And call him six times from a company-issued cell phone.


[Imitating applause]

Look at you! Hot mic, using their tricks against them.

Yeah, it's what we do, no big deal.

Remind me to stop teaching you my tricks.

Well, you're gonna need one of your tricks because what good does Zielinski's source do us if he's not going to let us go public?

Who says we have to go public?

Here's what I need you to do.

I couldn't close him.

Are you trying to tell me you couldn't be nice to Louis even for this?

No, I'm not.

You said I'm a thorn in his side.

I tried to take it out, but you're the one who's had what he's wanted all these years and didn't give it to him. Senior partnership.

You need to tell him he deserves it.

That's what I sent you to do.

He needs to hear it from you.

You know, I send you to do this one thing and you can't--


Fine, I'll talk to him.

Wait a minute.

You know him. You knew this.

This is where it always ended up.

You got me.

Why send me first?

Because if Louis didn't have to work to get me there, he wouldn't believe me when I went.

You're playing chess while everybody else is playing checkers.

Are you just getting that, Mr. I'm-the-best-closer-


Hey, you're the one who always calls me that.

Well, maybe I shouldn't.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to tell Louis he deserves to be senior partner.

You know what, I am the best closer this city's ever seen, and I didn't even make a dent. Do you have a point?

He needs more than just words.

I told you, I'm not bribing him.

That's not what I meant.

His anger is deep.

He wants us to feel pain. How?

Give him my office.

You're willing to do that?

Remember when you questioned if I could put your needs above mine?

Here's your answer.

Mr. Solis, big fan.

Can I get an autograph? Sure, buddy.

Can you just sign it "Roberto Solis, steroid user"?


I represent Tony Zielinski.

You can't talk to me without my lawyer.

Ah, you're right, I can't.

You go ahead and turn me in. When you do, I'll tell them all about Zielinski's source inside your clubhouse. Bullshit.

Baseball is a brotherhood.

Nobody on my team would go public against me.

But Ruben Hernandez isn't on your team anymore.

If Ruben tries ratting out a former teammate, no ball club in this league will forgive him.

He might not have a choice when we subpoena him.

No, no way.

If Zielinski's giving up Ruben, he'd have done it already.

He might not, but I will.

You're in a rundown, Roberto.

Drop the suit and announce your retirement from baseball.

Are you out of your mind?

You do it, Zielinski will never mention your name on air again.

You don't, Hernandez outs you, and the whole world knows who you are.

Louis, got a minute?

I'm a little busy, but sure.

I deserve that.

A little payback among senior partners is fair play.

I'm listening.

I'm not going to insult you by beating around the bush, so let's talk about the elephant in the room.

What's it gonna take?

My dedication to this firm knows no limits.

And what I ask in return... all I ask in return... is to be valued, for someone to make me believe that they think that I'm great at what I do.

Then we're all set because I've always felt that way.

That's not the way you made it seem to everyone at Harvey's trial.

Louis, we were at trial.

I was trying to make my case, same as you.

Well, you did a good job.

Because that, Jessica, I got no trouble believing.

But the Jessica that kept stringing me along, telling me, one day, my time would come... her, I've come to doubt.

I've always been straight with you, Louis.

My message has never wavered.

Does that include the message that you sent to me through Harvey?

Harvey came to you first because I wanted you to know that you are valuable to both of us.

No, there's only an "us" when you want something from me.

The rest of the time, it's me on the outside, looking in.

Well, you're a senior partner now.

You're as on the inside as it gets.

That's right, thanks to Hardman.

You think he's valuing you.

He's buying you... with this one thing at this convenient time.

You don't get it. Hardman actually sees me.

With you, I'll always be this mushroom in the shadow of Harvey's tree.

What are you saying, Louis?

I'm saying it's time you put Harvey in my shadow.

And how exactly would you like me to do that?

You know, I don't know. You figure it out.

Otherwise, maybe one of these days, you'll see what it's like to be in someone's shadow for a while.

You know what, Louis?

Harvey told me that I should give you his office, and I came in here prepared to do just that.

But I don't respond to threats, and I'm not going to buy your vote because that's not who I am.

But know this:

I will win.

And tomorrow, after the vote, if you are on the wrong side, there'll be no coming back.

When you stole from this firm, did you do anything to cover your tracks?

I should have known they had this in their pocket.

So you don't deny it.

I wouldn't insult your intelligence.

I'm sure they came to you armed with proof, and you followed the numbers better than I ever could.


The best I can offer you is that it wasn't personal.

It was just that, given your financial expertise, I thought you would seem plausible. "Plausible."

Obviously my plan was that nobody would notice the money was missing in the first place.

So I was plan "B."

I suppose so, Louis.

I'm sorry. You're sor-


Do you realize you could have destroyed my entire career?

Maybe even sent me to prison.

And you know what?

I didn't care.

That's the truth.

And you want me to vote for you?

Did you like me back then?

I didn't.

The man I was five years ago shouldn't be managing partner.

He shouldn't even work here.

But I'm not that man.

If you think otherwise, don't vote for me.


And if I don't support you, what happens to my senior partnership?

Do you think my making you senior partner is conditioned on my having your vote?

Wasn't it?

Louis, I'm disappointed.

I'm disappointed you think so little of yourself.

I saw the way you dominated Jessica at Harvey's trial and lost because of some trick.

You thought I dominated?

I offered you what I thought you deserved, no more, no less.

I ask for nothing in return but that you vote your conscience.

Louis... don't doubt yourself.

I've got good news.

Solis has not only agreed to drop the suit, but to retire from the game as well.

Well, maybe you're not the asshole I thought you were.

I'm not done yet.

In return... you're never gonna talk about him again on the air.

So he walks away with his reputation intact?

That's the deal.

No, no, no, no.

You know I'm right, and you want me to step off the gas right when I got him? Screw that.

You want to know how I know you're right?


I believe you know Ruben Hernandez.

You promised you wouldn't tell anyone I was your source.

I didn't tell them. I didn't.


Mike, get him out of here.

I promise we'll fix this. Come on.

You son of a bitch, you're supposed to be on my side.

This is me being on your side.

You make me win this in court, I'll have to do it by making Ruben testify.

So the cost of ruining Solis' reputation will be that kid's career.

And by the way, everyone will think the same as he does.

You gave him up to save your own ass.

That's a lie.

Doesn't matter.

They'll think it anyway.

But hey, that's just one man's opinion.

You want to protect your source?

Take the deal.


He took the deal.

We're done with that asshole. "Asshole"?

Come on, he's just protecting the church of baseball.

You going Bull Durham on me?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm Tim Robbins, the hotshot pitcher who's destined for the Majors, and you're that old man who never really made it there.

You know Robbins wore women's underwear in that movie, right?

Yeah, after he slept with Susan Sarandon.

Good one.

But if you ever call Kevin Costner an old man again, you won't get another bonus. Okay.

Whoa, my God, bonus.

Harvey, I'm sorry, I've got to go see my grandmother.

Fine, go, I wouldn't want her to think I was a hardass.

Did you get rid of that libel case?

Score one for free press.

Good to see you back in stride.

When was I ever off?

Jessica, do you have a moment?

Of course, Louis. Harvey, will you give us a sec?

Oh, please, what, are you kidding?

Not like there's any secrets between you two.

Well, we're listening.

I'm presenting my partnership buy-in check to you in your current capacity as managing partner. "Current."

Oh, is that your cryptic way of asking about my vote?

You kept me waiting five years.

You can wait another 24 hours.

[Knock at door]


Rachel...hey, what are you doing here?

Come in.

Mike, someone kept calling the office for you.

It was the nursing home and...

I guess--I guess that's the emergency number they had.


It's your grandma.

She passed away.

No. No, she's--

I am so sorry.

But... she didn't even get to s--to see--


I know.


I'm so sorry.

[Heavy exhale]



I'm so sorry.