05x09 - Lost & Found

In the land of forensic science technology, the mass spectrometer is king.

It uses the basic magnetic force of a charged particle to measure the mass and relative concentration of atoms and molecules.

Pretty cool, huh?

Are those tattoos real?

Yes. Any other questions?

How many do you have?

A lot.

That's all I'm gonna say about that.

A lot? I only counted five.

The rest of 'em are...


Hidden where?


Hi, guys.


What'd I miss?

Nothing yet.

Abby was just about to show us her...

AFIS... program.




So, if the mass spectrometer is the king of the land, this little darling is definitely the queen.

In the last four years, we've made over 200 arrests

thanks to AFIS fingerprint matches.


It's a team effort.

So this is an L SCAN.

All you do... is put your index finger on the glass and...

voilĂ , you're in the system.

- I want to try it.


As we speak, the program is filtering through

a database filled with millions of prints.

The majority of them were recorded after somebody's arrest.

So, assuming that you haven't served any hard time, I doubt we're gonna get a...

NCIS Season 5 Episode 9 Lost and found

Where is Gibbs?

It's been like 20 minutes.

Abby, it's been like four minutes.

In little kid time, that's like 20.

Gibbs will be here any second.

Look at him.

He looks so scared.

Seems fine.

If you're gonna be heartless, that's on you, McGee.

I'm going in.

To say what?

Exactly. Like I said, we need to wait for Gibbs.

Who's Gibbs?

Agent Gibbs, he's our boss.

Am I in trouble?

No, no, no, Carson. Not at all.

What about the AMIS thing?



You know what? I'm... I'm just gonna go back to work.

Where are the other kids?

The tour ended early.

How am I gonna get home?

We're gonna figure that out.

The computer said I was abducted.

That's like kidnapped, right?

Kidnapped, as in... stolen?

I'm sure there's some sort of explanation.

There is.

You guys messed up.

Wouldn't be the first time.


Special Agent Gibbs.

The boss.

To some people.

Thought you might be thirsty.

I'm not supposed to drink soda after 3:00.

Given the situation, I think my mom would understand.

Moms usually do.

So... you guys figure this thing out yet?

Working on it.

It's been a long day.

I know you're looking to get out of here.

You're right. Who's driving?

Hold on.

We're gonna talk first.

Knew that'd be too easy.

Before we start, can I ask you guys a question?

Yeah. Shoot.

Do I look like a missing kid?

I mean, come on. I'm a Youth Ranger.

He's got a good point.

And I'm from Franklin, which means I can't be missing,

'cause nothing cool ever happens there.

That bad, huh?


We only live there 'cause it's close to the woods.

My dad goes most weekends.

Hunting or camping?


He shows people how to live without phones, lights, that kind of stuff.

He's super tough like...

Russell Crowe in "Gladiator".

Sounds like a cool dad.


He's taught me pretty much everything he knows.

That explains all the badges.

Eighteen. Second most in my troop.

Took me close to three years.

I bet your dad's real proud of you.


My mom, too.

Is it okay if I ask one more question?

When can I go home?

This is exactly like "The Deep End of the Ocean".

Michelle Pfeiffer movie. Infant son...

Kidnapped. Reunited with the mother ten years later.

It's very "Lifetime".


The cable Network.

Geared towards women.

You'd hate it.

Seriously Probie, I don't make enough fun of you?

Knock it off, DiNozzo.

All roads lead to the father, boss.

Brian Matthews, native of DC, married his high school sweetheart, Lisa, at 19.

Two months later, Carson was born.

Good old shotgun wedding.

Six weeks after giving birth, Lisa Drowned.

Death was ruled accidental.

Brian Matthews took it bad, lost his job, started hanging with the wrong crowd.

The dead wife's mother sued him for full custody of Carson and won.

Explains why he took Carson and ran.

Somebody just earned their detective badge.

You talk to the grandmother?

No. Died a year ago.

Heart attack.

Brian Matthews became Brian Taylor, ended up living in Franklin.

He and Carson started a new life.



Lieutenant Elaine Taylor.

Works anti-fraud for Naval Procurement.

Think she knows?

Well, there's only one way to find out.


Lose the uni.

Where's the kid?

Abby's got him.

Our Abby?

Alone with a minor?

He'll be fine.

Can I help you?


Oh, my God, Carson? Wha-What happened?

Carson's fine.

He's still in DC.

I don't understand. What's this about?

Your husband.

He's wanted for kidnapping.

Be better if we came inside, Lieutenant.

This is all a big misunderstanding.

I'd rather hear that from Brian.

You will, on Tuesday, when he gets back.

Gets back?

He's away, teaching a class.


Black Ridge Woods.

Survival class.

Carson mentioned it.

Of course he did.

He's very proud of his father.

Is there any way to contact your husband?

First rule of survivalism: no phones, no radios, so if you want to talk to Brian before Tuesday, you're gonna have to go find him.

Processed Taylor's office, his files, computer, maps of Black Ridge, What?

Look around, Tony.

Tell me what you see.

I... see...

"Zero-Hour". It's a great flick.

Swimsuit editions.

Bet his dad's been looking for these.

Wait a second.

No. Ho, oh, oh!


You know what this is? This is a red Ferrari G. T.

Just like Magnum!


Just like Magnum.

I can't...

Even the rims are the same.

You're missing the point.

Which is?

The room, Tony.

Does it remind you of someone?

No. Not really.

You think this comes in a king?

How much do you know about Brian's past?

I know that he had it rough.

He didn't know his dad and his mom died when he was 16.

Carson's mother?

You're looking at her.


She drowned. That's all I know.

Never been curious?

Brian is a very private person.

He's your husband.

And I'm his wife, not his therapist, Agent McGee.

How'd you two meet?

I took his class... and hated it.

I thought some time in the woods would do me good sleeping under the stars, relieve some stress.

Didn't work, huh?

I got poison ivy. Everywhere.

Brian rushed me home and a couple of months later, I moved in with him and Carson.

I want my son.


You never legally adopted him.


So, legally, we can't release him to you.

This is completely ridiculous. You can't do this.

What have you done with him? Where is he?

He's at NCIS, for now.

Legal or not, he's my child.

You can't possibly expect for me to let him stay with some stranger.

That or Social Services.

Your choice, Lieutenant.

I need to see him.



You have kids, Agent Gibbs?

No. I don't.

I didn't think so.

24-hours surveillance on the house.

If she makes a phone call, McGee, I want to know about it.

What about Carson?

Hands are tied, Ziva.

Untie them. You can't just keep him from his mother.

Not his mother.

She raised him.

You want a family reunion, Ziva?

Prove she wasn't involved.

This 2001 animated film starred Mike Myers and spawned two sequels.

What is... "Shrek"?

Also starring Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy.

Correct. Okay.


Best Animated Feature.

Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, but lost to a Beautiful Mind.



What's amazing?

I'm playing Box Office Trivia with Carson, and he's got mad skills.

1, 500 points!

New high score.

DiNozzo's reign is over.

What are you? Some kind of little savant?

Whenever my dad leaves, my mom and I stay up late and watch movies.

Tony's record stood for over two years.

My dad leaves a lot.

Is that my dad's computer?


We had to borrow it for a little bit.

How come?

I just have to look through his stuff.

You know, to try to help sort this out.

And while she is doing that, you and I are gonna hang.

How does that sound, man? We'll get some pizza, play some video games, maybe a movie.

Your mom packed that for you.

It looked to me like she put some pretty nice stuff in there.

That is a very nice DVD player.

My mom wouldn't let me bring it on the bus when I left.

We got in a huge fight.

I left without kissing her good-bye.

You know the great thing about moms is that whatever you do or say, they always forgive you.



Come on.

All right, so, what kind of pizza are we going to get?

I need a signature.


Carson Taylor. Turning him over to Social Services.

What about his stepmother?

No, not his legal guardian, and way too many unanswered questions.


No, I...

I'm just surprised that you're not trying to talk me into letting him stay with someone from here.

Not an option. We're not babysitters.

So you're turning him over to Child Welfare?

No. You are.

You are.

Soon as you sign it.

It's late on Friday night.

I mean, who's still hanging around in Social Services?

Have you got a better idea?

He can stay with me.

Are you sure?


But given my options, it's the decision I'm making.

Okay, you should meet your new houseguest.

Guarantee he's better than the last.

Jethro... this is a case report.

Not a custody transfer.

Must've grabbed the wrong folder.

Go figure.

Looks like we missed the party.

At his age, the party never ends.

Could be a long night.

Not just for you, Director.

I lifted Brian Taylor's prints off his computer and his files.

AFIS got another hit.

They were all over a Beretta used in an unsolved shooting in May of '98.

The same month Brian and Carson disappeared.

He's not running because he kidnapped Carson.

He's running because he's wanted for murder.

Black Ridge Woods are closed off.

DC Metro's cold case files are already en route.

En route?

Offered to hand deliver.

And you agreed?

That's one of the oldest tricks in the book, the hand delivery, Ziva.

It's Metro's way of making sure they stay involved in the case.

You think?

Why else would they personally deliver the files?

To see your pretty face, DiNozzo.

It's been a long time.

Not long enough, Collins.

Old friends?

Detective Collins is on Metro's cold case squad.

He and I worked a couple homicides back when I was on Baltimore P. D.

And, unfortunately, we're 0-for-2.

Third time's a charm.

Catch a break we'll have this case closed by Monday.


Danielle Hamilton.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Hey, DiNozzo, think you could rustle up some coffee?

Sure thing.

This is not my fault.

Tell that to Gibbs.

Here's the other one.

Maybe you could turn it off now!


I said maybe you could turn off the siren now!

You need to turn off the damn siren!

You think that's funny?


Where to next?

Let's see.

You've seen autopsy, and you've seen my lab...

You've seen everything.

Not... everything.

Forget about the tattoos, okay?

It is not happening.

Come on, not even a little peek?

Hey, big man.

What's that?

Come to take me home, Agent Gibbs?

I'm not going home, am I?

Not tonight.

I want my mom.

I mean... she must be worried.

She misses you.

It's Friday night.

Fright Night.

We make double-fudge S'Mores and watch scary movies.

It sounds nice.


You want to call her? Make sure she's doing okay.

She'd like that.

Hi, Mom.

It's me.

Hello. How are you doing?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay, but I miss you.

You know I love you, don't you?

Miss you. I love you, too.

Hey, have you started the S'Mores yet?

No, not yet.

Make sure to save some for me.

Of course I will.

May second of '98, two assailants enter the Stop 'N Go Mart, our witnesses describe them both as Caucasian, about six foot, a buck-seventy.

Description matches Brian Taylor.

Matches a lot of people.

Including you, Collins.

Give or take five pounds, maybe ten.

Clerk hands over the cash without any argument or struggle.

But that wasn't enough.

Dead before he hit the floor.


Thrill, Officer David.

We believe we're dealing with two cold-blooded killers.

We've been over this case a thousand times, it's textbook.

You haven't solved it.

Some cases take time.

Nine years?

We've been looking for a lead.

And now we've found it.

We found it.

We have boxes of DNA evidence from the scene.

We'll find a match.

All we need is Brian Taylor.

Good luck finding him, he's teaching a class in Black Ridge.

Okay, so we send out a search party.

If he hears us coming, his students become hostages.

So we just wait?

Yeah, you never were very good at that, were you, Collins?

You still have the highest arrest rate in your precinct?


Still bucking for that Captain's job.

One day.

Found something.

Filtered through Brian Taylor's electronic maps.

He keeps a log of all his locations: training exercises, rest areas, and most importantly...

His base camp.

Seven miles from Highway 9.

If we leave now, we can be there by morning.

Take Ziva.

We'll follow.

No, I don't think so, Detective.

Here to help, Agent Gibbs.

Good. Let's go over all that evidence you have.

And then?

And then... you can help... when I ask.

Yeah, Gibbs.

Sorry to call so late, Agent Gibbs.

Hey, Carson, you okay?

I just remembered a couple things I thought you should know.

About my dad.

I'll be right there.

Well, looks like it's just you and me, David.

Nothing more relaxing than a long road trip.

I'm driving.

I'm dead.

Surprised it took you so long.

To check up on me.

Except that's not why you're here, is it?

Which explains where my cell phone went.



His favorite.

Ziva was right.


You get lost, Agent Gibbs?

I called almost an hour ago.

Well, I'm here now.

You want to tell me why?

You get mad easily?

Depends on who you ask.

I lied... about my dad.

I just wanted you to come over.


To talk.


Want me to start?

You're the one with the questions.

Good point.

Why can't I go home?

Because we need time to do our job.

You mean to find my dad?

You think he did something wrong?

Not sure yet.

My dad never breaks the rules.


This is all my fault.

Me and my stupid field trip...

Carson... this is not your fault.

It was my fingerprint.

What are you going to do when you find him?


He'll tell you the truth, Agent Gibbs.

He says telling the truth is his number one rule.

Well, he sounds like my kind of guy.

Mine, too.

Time for Letterman.

Time for bed.

But I'm not even tired.

Can I finish my hot chocolate first?


I forgot.


How good you are with kids.

You think he knows more than he's letting on?

Think he's worried about his dad, that's why he doesn't want to go to sleep.

Guess he's not worried anymore.

He'll be fine.

It's been a long time.


Together outside of the office.


If you don't count hospitals and car chases.

I don't.

Yeah, once upon a time, I would have asked you to stay.

And I wouldn't have taken no for an answer.


What happened, Jethro?

You made a choice.

I had to do what was best for me.

I still do.

This is gonna suck.

Stop complaining.

Sorry. No sleep tends to do that to me.

I drove, Tony. You could have slept all night if you wanted.

I tried, but the orchestra of blaring car horns kept me awake.

We made good time.

Going 95 miles an hour on a dirt road I couldn't even see.

Then it's a good thing I was driving.

I am a trained navigator, Tony.

Yeah? Well, I got an A in Geography.

Plus, I'm Senior Field Agent. I'm pulling rank.

I'm also a trained assassin.

We'll shoot for it.

Best two out of three.

Snip, snip.

I'll take that.

Okay. All right.

All right. Topographic.

It speaks my language.

Follow me. I got it.


The trail...

It's this way.

Would you ever share your personal computer with someone?

No, McGee. That's worse than sharing your toothbrush.


I found a user account for Lieutenant Taylor on Brian Taylor's hard drive.

At least you found something.

I have been looking for the same hair sample for, like, 20 minutes.

You know what my biggest pet peeve is, McGee?

People saying they're vegetarians but eat chicken.

Okay, yes. Then what's my second biggest pet peeve?

Mishandled evidence.

Yes, again.

I mean, there's absolutely...

No excuse for it.


Nine years ago,

Metro's so-called forensic scientist...

Carolyn Watson... She just goes through the motions, assuming that one day, somebody like me...

Will clean up her mess.

It's so...

Why do I feel we've had this conversation before?

Because we have. Just about every time you get assigned a cold case.

I am not the only one that complains around here, McGee.

You should see yourself when you're filtering through a perp's computer.

"Who formatted this thing?"

"And they used clusters instead of physical sectors for allocations, " and then your face does this whole weird annoyed/confused deal, like...

That's it! You're doing it right now.

She lied.

Who lied?

Elaine Taylor. She lied.

Lied about what?

Lied about what, McGee?

Agent Gibbs.

Where's Carson?

Is he okay?

Yeah, he's fine.

You're not.

Look familiar, Lieutenant?

It's a background check you ran on your husband two years ago.

These are e-mails you sent to a private investigator asking him

to look into your husband's past.

Said you trusted him.

I was trying to protect him.

From what?

From whatever Brian did that made him run nine years ago.

How long have you known?

Since before we were married.

I always asked questions about... his parents, Carson's mother, and he never gave a straight answer.

Started researching.

I found hundreds of Brian Taylors from the DC area.

But you never found your husband?

No, I found him.

In a picture of his high school tennis team.

That one?

I saw the caption said that his surname was Matthews, but...

I never had any doubt. I knew it was him.

And when you confronted him?

She didn't.

I was afraid of losing him.

My husband ran for a reason, and I'm sure it was a damn good one.

It was.


Killed a store clerk.

No, Brian could never hurt anyone.

Brian Taylor or Brian Matthews?

They're the same person.

People change, Lieutenant.

My husband is a good man, and an even better father.

He coaches Little League, he's in the PTA, and no matter where he is or what he's doing, he always calls his son to say good night.


It's going to be all blues in the ice bucket.


Ready and go.

Hey, where's your cell phone?

Excuse me?

Give me your cell phone.

- What's he doing?

Not sure.

Satellite phone number. Called last night, 11:30.

Can you locate it?

If the phone's still on, I can triangulate it.

Do it.

Want to share, Agent Gibbs?

Your phone bill just got bigger.


- A couple more minutes.

Come on, survivor man, if I wasn't freezing to death...

Federal Agent!

Do not move!

Where is Taylor?

I don't know.

Is this part of the training?


Hey, give me some good news.

We're at the base camp.

Taylor's not.

He got tipped off.

Yeah. By who?

Does this mean I'm going to jail?

When did you realize Taylor was gone?

This morning, around 5:00 a.m.

And we've been out here alone ever since.


You stop that!

Did you see which way he went?

I heard a noise.

Middle of the night.

Behind us.

A noise?

Like... Like running.

I took a look to check it out.

It was just a deer.

A deer?

A big one.

Big, big deer.

Whatever you think is best, Director.

City slickers saw something.

A deer. It was a big one.

Director Shepard wants us to hold our position while McGee attempts to locate Taylor's signal.

If he doesn't?

A search team is on its way to assist us.

What about our courageous frontiersmen?

They will be escorted out when the search team arrives.

Lucky them.

I've got to tell you, Agent Gibbs, you're full of surprises.

That right?

Ice cream as a punishment?

There's no way I saw that coming.

What makes you think you're being punished?

I messed up.

You did?

I called my dad.

Told him you guys were looking for him.

You just told the truth.

Yeah, but...

No buts.

You were trying to protect your dad.

He said he's gonna be gone for a while.

I told him all about you.

Said he'd like to meet you one day.

I told him you were on our side.

Everyone's been really great to me here.

Agent Gibbs, between you and me...

I'm ready for this to be over.

Study those photographs, Mr. Palmer.

Tell me what you see.

Brian Taylor and his son... fishing.

Yeah, and that one?

Father and son hiking.

What about those?

Father and son...

They're all the same, Doctor. Carson and his dad hanging out.


Abby printed over a hundred photographs from Brian Taylor's computer.

And all of them are similar in nature to these.

I see.

Actually, I don't think I see as clearly as I think you see.

Mr. Palmer, when conducting a psychological analysis, the first thing you have to do is establish patterns.

Because patterns are the most efficient gateway into the mind.

You read your study material.

I'm impressed.

But it seems like the only patterns we see here are that Brian Taylor enjoyed spending time with his son.


In pursuits devoid of typical human contact.

And that's bad, because...

Your job is not to judge, but to understand.

The father's pursuit of solitude is indicative of a far deeper problem.

Which would be...?


Lack of it.

The evidence is all here, Jethro.

Separate bank accounts from his wife.

A date book that shows very little social interaction.

And, of course...

His job.

Survivalist training.

It's a field which typically lures a very specific type of personality.


And that leads us to his diary.

It shows that he has very few social engagements other than with his son.

He had led a troubled life that is full of pain.

And Mr. Palmer, someone who's experienced this much pain often finds release in the form of rage.

Or murder.

And to think, they never gave him study material.

God, these are new boots.

This is not the time for sightseeing, Tony.

The only sight I see is your big, black...

Hey! backpack walking faster.

Are you injured or something?


I did stop for a water break.

Humans do that sometimes.

Taylor's phone was just activated, Tony.

We're tracking it now.

Yeah, welcome to the club.

I wish I could say it's a fun one.

You sound tired, DiNozzo.

Following Ziva.

Even the dogs are tired.

Tony, Taylor's heading right towards you. Keep your course.

How far?

A hundred yards, give or take.

Looks like he's passing through some sort of clearing.

Maybe a... - Dirt road?

Yeah. How'd you...?

Well, we're staring at it, McGee.

Talk to me, DiNozzo.

Got a visual.

Stop! Federal Agents!

Problem, sweetheart?

Do not move.

Cab is clear.

Looks like this is gonna be a long night.

A casino?

A hotel?

Spring break?

A mansion?

I got it, I got it.

"The Playboy Mansion".


It's a school, Carson.

Sure you don't know Anthony DiNozzo?


Are you okay, Abby?

I'm with child.

The director asked me to watch Carson this morning, so I enlisted Palmer's help. Turns out... he's a pretty good babysitter.

Why exactly are you standing by the elevator?

For privacy.

I don't want You-Know-Who to hear. Come on.

So, I hacked the Globalstar database, and I accessed the call log from Brian Taylor's sat-phone.


Was not easy.

First, I exploited a weakness I found in the network's packet filter...


Sorry. Right. Anyway, so, Taylor... made one phone call.

Ronald Keenan.

That's good work.

Palmer, no gestures.

I repeat, this is 911.

Please state your emergency.

Officers have been dispatched to your location...

This young man never stood a fighting chance,

because, unfortunately, for him...

He didn't fight.

Sorry, Doctor.

No, you're right.

Note the lack of defensive wounds on his forearms and hands.

He knew his attacker.

But judging by that hunting knife in his chest, I think we can presume that their relationship had soured somewhat.

Boss, I spoke with 911 dispatch. Keenan didn't say a word.

Yes, well, given the circumstances,

even dialing the phone was quite a feat.

It's amazing what a person can do when their life depends on it.

We found a Taurus on Maple, Agent Gibbs.

Stolen from Black Ridge parking lot early this morning.

Maple Street.

Any sign of Taylor?

Zip. Been combing the area for over an hour.

My gut says he found another ride.

That's not all.

Blood on the door handle and the steering wheel.

Maple Street, three blocks away.

Ronald Keenan born and raised in the DC area.

Also happened to be one of Brian Taylor's high school buddies.

Metro interviewed him nine years ago.

Said he didn't know why Taylor ran.

Maybe he didn't.

There's a reason he's dead.


He's five-ten, 180 pounds.

He matches our witnesses' description.

I think we just found Taylor's accomplice.

NCIS. Agent McGee.

Taylor knows we have the murder weapon.

Last thing he need was his accomplice getting nervous and flipping.

Agent Gibbs... Sure, I'll just get him for you now.

Boss, Brian Taylor asking for you by name.

Starting the trace.


Special Agent Gibbs.

How's my son, Agent Gibbs?

Scared. Confused.

That makes two of us.

You want sympathy?

I want my life back.

Which life, Brian Matthews' or Brian Taylor's?

I ran because I didn't wanna lose my son.

I was naive.

I was a 20-year-old who made a lot of mistakes.


I never killed anyone.

Tell that to Keenan.

Keenan was my friend.

I'd hate to see your enemies.

Carson says you're good.

He says you're on our side.

Yeah, well, he's a smart kid.

Are you?

You on our side, Agent Gibbs?

Come in.

Tell me what happened.

I do that, my life's over.

Not if you're innocent.

It's not that simple.

You've got this all wrong.

Pay phone, north end of Rock Creek Park.

Call DiNozzo.

Pair up, spread out.

We'll take east of the creek, the rest is yours.

On it.

The north or the south?

The south.

Yeah, Gibbs.

Big news, Gibbs.

The bloody fingerprints we found

on Keenan's phone, they didn't belong to Keenan.

They were Brian Taylor's.

Means Taylor called 911.

And that's not all.

I've been looking at the evidence from the Stop 'N Go, really sloppy police work.

What have you got, Abby?

A strand of hair that has titanium dioxide.

English, Abby.

It's a synthetic gel, but it didn't hit stores until 2002, which is strange because...

The murder happened in '98.

Someone tampered with the evidence.

According to the chain of evidence, there were only two officers that had access.

You go that way.

Got it.

He wants us here.


Pay phone number.

Hey, you were framed.

I guess Carson was right, you are on our side.

Stay where you are. I'll come to you.

Not a chance. I'm coming to you, and only you.

What are you doing, boss?

My job.

Don't move, Taylor!

You armed?

Hold on to it.

Less for me to explain.

You killed Keenan. - Should have done it years ago.

He was going to tell.

From killer to cop.

Funny how life works out.

Why did you set me up?

I didn't. Spur of the moment.

Just needed a gun, that's all. Keenan said he knew a guy who had one.

Now I've got my own.


So is mine.

Put it down.

He's got a knife, Agent Gibbs. I was just protecting myself.

So was I.

I should have done it years ago.

He was going to tell.

You set me up?

Kind of ironic!

Looks like we're one for three, Collins.

One more answer correct, and...

I win my title back.

From a ten-year-old.

Who has just been through hell.

You mess with the bull... you get the horns.

No exceptions.

All right.

"In the 1985 film Back to the Future,

this device makes time travel possible."

Come on, baby, I'm back.

What is the flux capaciter?

Wait, what happened?

You spelled "capacitor" wrong.

Tough break.

I bow to the champion.

Handshake will do.

- There he is.

My God, Carson!

So glad you're okay.

I'm really gonna miss him.

There's something about that kid.

I missed you so much.

I missed you, too.