05x11 - Tribes

Allah, in his wisdom and greatness, has given us each a gift.

A gift that we must share with others.

Even if they do not wish to accept it.

It is our obligation to share Islam with non-believers.

So that we may save them

from themselves.

NCIS Season 5 Episode 11 Tribes

My husband. You were anxious to talk to him, weren't you?

That's a movie.

I'm starting to get over the idea...

Not just any movie. That's "Double Identity".

Your power of observation is unearthly. Now, leave me alone.

This is the best part.

I not gonna get between a chick and a flick.

How do you know it's the best part?

Because it is the third time I have seen it.

You don't even watch movies.

This is not a movie.

It's a classic film.

Yeah, I know that. You don't know that.

Film studies?


I really appreciate that, Ziva. Really, I do.

I am taking it because it is the best way to pick up American colloquialism, like "bug off."

You should watch "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

I saw it last week. Sean Penn is a genius.

Phoebe Cates is a babe.

Now, do you mind?

I can get you a list...

I have a list!


Morning, Probie Pan.

Where'd you pick that up? Neverland?

No, Pottery Den.

50% off. Got six of them for ten dollars.

That's pretty big, don't you think?

Well, I don't like getting refills ten times a day.

Well, but I mean, that's a little...

A little what?


Leave. I'm enjoying my moment.

Am I the only normal one here?


Morning, Boss.

Marine killed. Let's go.


Anacostia and 18th, not the battlefield he thought he'd die on.

Baghdad's safer than this neighborhood.


What do we got?

Ring, watch, and wallet are missing.

Government issue.

Could be the murder weapon.

A Marine killed with his own gun?

Nearly 30% of all gun-related deaths

are the results of the owner's own weapon.

Your first impressions, Mr. Palmer?

Well, there should be much more blood loss evident.

Based upon?

Based on the position of the body, even with the heart slightly elevated.

Precisely even with a gunshot that high in the thoracic cavity, one would expect more blood loss.


Meaning I'm not going to say anything else until I've examined the body more closely.

The gurney, please, Mr. Palmer.

Right away, Doctor.

Good lad.

Good Marine.


How do you know that?

If he were a Shiite,

he'd have a turba with him.

Like Hadji on "Johnny Quest".

No, I believe that's a turban, Tony.

A turba is a small stone tablet that the Shiites set their forehead on while praying.

The devout develop a callus.


Checking for local Sunni mosques.


Checking all security cameras. Got it.

There's a Sunni mosque two blocks east.

Show me.

She cannot come in here.

Women are not allowed.

I will wait outside.

Federal agents.

She's with me.

She is welcome here. As you are.

I'm sure you understand traditions.

We do not wish to offend anyone.

I am Jewish.

I do understand tradition.

You... wish to ask me questions?


Then, you wish to speak to every man who worships here under the age of 30.


Then what?

We think this man may have attended your mosque.

And what has he done?

Nothing. He is dead, killed two blocks from here.

Do you know him?


This is my son.

Your son have any enemies?

Yes. Ignorance, intolerance, and hatred.

Any with a first name?

We would like your permission to look at Abdul's things.

I'll need to tell the family what has happened.

We will have someone drive you.

Thank you.

You wait here.


Come on.

Guy was with his son right before he died. Suspect.


Abdul Mohammed Bakr, age 23, Lance Corporal.

Served in First FAST Company.

Bronze Star and Purple Heart for service in Iraq.

Three tours, boss. He kept going back.

If he stayed, he might still be alive.

Hypothetically, Boss.

What else?

Had some run-ins with the law.


Assault and battery, twice.

Here in DC, both cases were dismissed.

Maybe they gave him favorable treatment because he was serving in Iraq.

Find out.

Tracking down his personnel officer, Boss.



I tapped into Metro traffic cameras and a few parking lot surveillance networks, stitched together Abdul's route from the alley back to the mosque.

There's no sign of anything until...

... here.

Can't get a reading on the man's face, but he did go into the alley.

Back it up.


Tighter his hands.

He was carrying a phone.



Must have dumped it.


Already ran the phone records, Boss.

His cell didn't send or receive any calls that day.

Find it.

On it.

Probie, you start the search near the crime scene.

We'll meet you there later.

David, with me.

Captain's right down here.

I'm sorry, the correct answer is "Full Metal Jacket".

That was not the best Marine movie.

"A Few Good Men" was.

Based on the fact that I'm right, I'm overruling you.

If you're here to volunteer, we'll take you.

I already have a job, Captain Mills.


We're here about a Marine. Abdul Bakr.

You were his personnel officer.

Yeah, First FAST Company. He's in Iraq.

No, he's in our morgue.

He was murdered earlier today.


He's such a good kid.

Well, we know he had some troubles.

A few fights, he never started 'em.

We would like to see his personnel records.

Sure, I'll...

I'll get you everything I got.

You coach?

Yeah, I'm a parole officer in civilian life.

We have an after-school league.

Civilian life?

I'm a reservist, recalled for active duty last year.

Manpower issues.



So, a parole officer and a personnel officer, that's kind of the same thing, isn't it?

Yeah, the Marine Corps likes to place reservists in similar lines of work.

Makes things run more efficiently.

So in your professional opinion, you think Lance Corporal Bakr's run-ins could have led to his murder?

Maybe someone he had a fight with came back?

Nobody stayed mad at him. He was a good kid and a great Marine.

And a Muslim.


That's what the fights were about.

He stuck up for his people.

Hard to be a Muslim and a Marine.

Was he ever sympathetic to un-American activities?

No way.

Not this kid.


Just a moment, Jethro. Is the needle in his femoral artery, Mr. Palmer?

Yes, Doctor.


Never seen a gunshot victim with so much blood left in his body.

Rare but not unheard of.

And if the bullet pierced his heart, it would have stopped pumping instantly.

And of course the pressure of the boards on his back may have prevented gravitational loss.

Right, that should do it.

Take those up to Abby. Get her to run the usual tox screen.

Right away.

Neatly done, Mr. Palmer.

Thank you, Doctor.

That young man will make a first class medical examiner one of these days.


Yeah, well, until I open him up, I can't say for sure.

But all indications are that he was killed by the gunshot wound.

There are no defensive wounds, no lacerations, no abrasions, no contusions.

And unless I find intradermal bruising, no signs of a struggle.

A Marine with combat experience let someone take his weapon away from him without a fight?

Well, I only tell you what the body tells me.

Ask different questions, Duck.

I will, Jethro. I assure you.

Yes, well, the first question is, what damage did that

bullet exactly do?

Ducky, wait...

Need to talk to you.

Mr. Bakr has something to say.

Dr. Mallard, please don't cut into him.

I beg you to respect our religion.

So my son can find peace in heaven.

With all due respect, we have to.

I beg of you, please don't do this.

Sorry, there's no choice.

There is a choice, Jethro. Mine.

I can't do this autopsy.

So what are you saying exactly?

That we have an obligation to honor faith as well as science, and in this case, the wishes of the family.

We cannot waive an autopsy in the middle of a murder investigation.

Why not?

Because the laws are very specific.

We can try to accommodate some aspect of tradition or religious ceremony, but we can't forfeit the most critical aspect of the investigation.

Abdul Bakr was a Marine who died as a hero.

That young man risked his life for this country.

The least we can do is to respect him in death.

He didn't die in Iraq, Ducky.

Well, but that's not the point!

What is the point, Duck?

This country was founded on freedom, religious freedom.

That family came here to practice it, and I can't ignore a basic tenet of their beliefs: that if I cut open the body, that will prevent their son from finding peace in heaven.

There is no greater sin.

What about murder?

We need to find a cause of death.

We need to find evidence.

You need to do the autopsy.

That's it.

All right, I'll do it.

Under protest.

I have another body to examine.

So this will have to wait.


I already told you why.


This case brings back memories of a mass grave.

I was a volunteer medical examiner for a UN task force in Bosnia in '93.

I did 44 autopsies in five days, most of them children under 12, all Muslims.

The village was targeted because of who they were or who they weren't.

Nothing more.

Selected for their ethnicity.

The parents begged me not to autopsy their children.

Begged me on their knees.

But I had no choice.

I suppose I still don't.

I'll give you my report when I'm done.

His phone's got to be around here somewhere.


"Juicy Fruit".

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next".

Close enough.

"Hell, the fall will probably kill you."

"Butch Cassidy and the Sunrise Kid".

Great scene. Jumping off the cliff.

Did you try calling the cell?

Yeah. It's on silent mode, or else I would have heard it.

Found it.

You scared the hell out of me.


You lose something?

No, just escaped.



Does a baby change its own diapers?


Does it burp and feed itself?

I don't think so.

It takes a lot of TLC to keep my children happy and... and fully functioning in the lab of Abby, or

"Labby, " as I like to call it.

You're my favorite.


You want results, you got 'em.

Yeah, I want 'em.

First. Fingerprints.

There were a bajillion of them, all on Lance Corporal's Koran, his clothes, but none on his misbaha.

His what?


Muslim prayer beads.

It's kind of like a rosary, but different.


I ran all the fingerprints through AFIS, Interpol, the FBI.

Several worshiped at the same mosque, but there's nothing to connect any of them to this crime.

Right. Go on.

Abdul's prayer rug and his boots tested positive for phosphorus, saltpeter, Semtex and C-4.


Yeah, which could mean one of two things.

Give 'em both to me.

He was serving in Iraq with FAST company a couple of weeks ago.

So if he was defusing and handling IED's, that would account for the traces of explosives.


Or... he was handling them once he got back.

That would not be good.


I cloned and mirrored Bakr's hard drive from his laptop.

He recently visited three Jihadist websites.

It's training videos.

Suicide bomber's last statements.

Anti-American everything.

These sites are known hubs for al Qaeda communication.

Lance Corporal Bakr visited these?

Well, either him or someone that had access to his computer.

His father?

Good work.

Back to your babies.


Thought you checked phone records?

I did.

Technically, Abdul never placed a call or sent a text.

He did, however, press 11 keys, before tossing his phone up on the roof.

He wanted us to find it.


Well, basic Marine letter substitution.

Crude but very effective.


Well, he may have named his killer, Boss.

Hans Staiger.

Suspected ties to al Qaeda in Germany.

Known as the "Recruiter".

Attempted to buy off several customs officials in France last year.

Got away.


There's no record of Staiger coming into this country or anywhere else.

He could be here with false papers.

Find him.

We looked.

If he's here, he's way underground.

Dig deeper.



Bug it. That's where this all started.

Getting a warrant.

Would be easier if Bakr just sent us a text message.

Not if he thought someone was monitoring or intercepting his cell transmissions.

Someone was following him, Tony.

"Three Days of the Condor"?

Based on the novel "Six Days of the Condor" by James Grady.

Hey, I got one for you two. Find out who killed my Marine.

Nobody likes a know-it-all.

Gibbs does.

Warrant just came through.

Anyone else have a problem with this?

Bugging a place of worship?

Check. One, two, three, four.

If this were a Catholic church or a doctor's office, we'd still be judge-hunting.

I agree. It should not be so easy bugging a mosque.

Give it to me. I'm going in.

You're a woman. It'd be easier for me to blend in.

Yes, you would blend right in.

All right, then we'll flip for it.

If I flip you, you will get hurt.

You can take her, Probie.

Do it.


Tony will do it.

I don't want to do it.

That's impossible.

We haven't even planted a bug yet.

There's a transmission coming from inside the mosque.

It's already being bugged?

We tracked the signal back to the FBI frequency, Mr. Langer.

I checked and no warrant was issued to the FBI.

I can't confirm or deny if the mosque is under FBI observation.

This is a murder investigation.

Some interagency cooperation would be nice.

Anything we should know?

Not that I can tell you.

That's crap.

We both know that you can say anything you want to.

Did I come at a bad time?


How are you?

How'd they let you in here, newbie?

Man, it's been a long time.

You two know each other. How nice.

Taught him everything he's forgotten.

I thought you retired.

I tried.

You look good, old man.

Hey, listen, sorry about our inconvenient convergence here.

Our what?

Gibbs used to fine me for every three-dollar word I used.

How much?

Three dollars a word.

You owe me six.



No, actually, I started here.

Gibbs took me under his wing and then proceed to crush me.

Nothing you didn't deserve.

Left me no choice but to crawl over to the FBI.

Yeah, and they actually hired you.

Yeah, can you believe that?

Well, now maybe the NCIS and the FBI can cooperate on this investigation?

We may be observing the mosque.

Well, that's a little vague.

I can't tell you any more than that, Jethro. You know that.


Well, I hope we don't get in each other's way.

Well, now if you guys find anything out then...

You'll be the last to know.

Hey, come on.

Excuse me, Director.

Jethro, I think I have it.

Have what?

A way to find the cause of Lance Corporal Bakr's death.

You're going to do that autopsy?

No. Well, yes. Well, in, in a manner of speaking.

But a lot of people are going to have to look the other way.

Starting with you, Director.


Actually, I was looking for Agent Gibbs. He was just...

just... upstairs a minute ago.

Can I help you?

Yeah. You...

Maybe you could give him my card and ask him to call me.

I'm Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. I'm in charge here.

Well, hey, I'm Special Agent Brent Langer FBI. You know that's weird.

I could've sworn that Agent Gibbs said he was in charge.

He is.

Well, yeah, he's in charge when he's here, but when he's not here, I'm in charge.

I'm in charge.

Well, I'll just call him later.

But thanks anyway.

What an ass.

Yes, indeed.

You're Langer-leering. You're leering at Langer.

What if I am, Tony?

He's cute.

"Cute". He's not cute. He's like...

Don't speak.

"Bullets Over Broadway".

Woody Allen.

Very good.

You'd get a "B" in my class.

I could teach your class.

Yeah, right.

Officer David.

I'm going to need you to come down to the evidence garage, and I need you to bring someone with you.

The key here, Jethro, is discretion.

We're not going through official channels, Mr. Palmer.

Official channels take time. That's the one thing we don't have.

Muslims desire their dead to be buried within 24 hours.

That leaves us 13.



You have 20 minutes.

A minute longer, you'll get found out and I'll get fired. Clear?

How do I repay you?

I just repaid you.

We're even now.

Something wrong, Mr. Palmer?

If this weren't a Muslim family, we wouldn't be here.

That is correct.

I don't think anyone should get special treatment.

We're risking our careers by doing this.

You can always leave.

Doctor, I wasn't with you in Bosnia.


And I certainly wasn't on the Crusades.

But 9/11.

The Intifada. Hamas.

You have a problem with Muslims, Mr. Palmer?

No. No, I do not.

But it seems like they have a problem with us.

Religions have been the basis of conflict for generations.

So we just live with this?

Until we learn to respect one another.

All right, Mr. Palmer, let's follow the path of the bullet.

The resolution's astonishing.

Yes, and magnification...

You can actually almost see as well as a traditional autopsy.

Angle of the trajectory indicates

the bullet traveled through the first intercostal space avoiding the heart and bronchial branch of the lungs.

Missed all vital organs.

Went to the third intercostal space and exited the back.

Hold your horses.

There seems to be a bullet fragment chipped off the eighth rib and then disappeared.

There's no other exit wounds.

Is the fragment still in his body?

Density's becoming an issue.

We're seeing too much bone and not enough soft tissue.


Excellent idea.


You shouldn't have, but thank you.

Well, if you change your mind.

You're an Israeli Jew, no?


I used to take my family to Haifa.

I spent my summers in Haifa.

No, just push it to one side.

You make it Arab style?


I like strong.

You like Muslims?


May I ask why?

I mean, I don't wish to offend you.

I'm just curious.

When you grow up in Israel, most of your neighbors are Muslim.

My best friend was Muslim Arab.

He was a young boy.

We were very close.

Are you still close?


He was killed when I was 12.

By an Israeli missile strike on a hotel.

There has been too much death.

I agree.

Come on now.

Show us this bullet fragment.

What is it, Mr. Palmer?

It's moving.

His neck.

Is that a bullet fragment?

No, bullets are lead.

They're non-magnetic.

Turn off the power.

What is it?

This, my dear Officer David, is what you call an unexpected turn of events.


Yay! It worked.


My Gibbs early warning alarm system.

The Arabs used to put dried brush outside their tents to alert them in case there was an intruder.

So I just updated it to bubble wrap.

You called me.

I know. It was a test.

You want to know what I found.


I like it.

I was able to extract an undiluted sample from inside the needle shaft.

And voilĂ , I give you the blue-ringed octopus.

A what?

It produces a toxin that's a hundred times more deadly than cobra venom.

It's the most deadly natural neurotoxin on the planet, and it's impossible to trace in the bloodstream.

You did.

Well, because it wasn't in the bloodstream.

It was still inside the needle shaft Ducky found, perfectly preserved and pure.

He walked a long way.

Because the needle snapped off during insertion.

It was a result of oxidation and age, so that resulted in metal fatigue.

Lance Corporal Bakr, he only got a partial dose.

That's why he could walk for two blocks.

Yeah, but it killed him.

Yeah... or the bullet.

I mean, it's hard to say.

I'm running the toxicology now.

Aren't you gonna ask me?


Why the needle was affected by magnetic force.

I mean, they make these out of 440 carbon.

It's a non-magnetic steel.


Because... the needle was really old.

It was, like, from the '70s.

Not that that's...

That's not old.

I mean, well, it's old for a needle, sure, but it's certainly not old for, you know, a man.


There's two companies in the United States that handle the toxin.

They use it for research on antivenoms.

They're both in the DC area.


Morgan Industries and Bio-Tonics.

Have an e-mail sent...

I already e-mailed it to McGee and Tony.

You're my favorite.


Lose the bubble wrap.

Go, McGoo.

Morgan Industries is clean.

Got it. Probie's over at Morgan Industries.

They show no missing venom.

Can I help you?

Yes, we need to check your records.

You see? Every drop accounted for.

There's none missing from inventory.

Check again.

I've checked four times. I'm telling you, we watch this stuff.

Here you go.



Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman?

That's right.

Ben plays the bad guy, does dirty work for this company and then they erase his memory.

Beats the bad guys by mailing clues to himself.

We are going to need all your shipping manifests.


Everything that's been sent out of here in the last six months.

McGee can go back and do the same at Morgan Industries.

That's a lot of inventory to check.

We got time.



Where are you going, Jackrabbit?

I'm going to paradise.

Where are you going?

To the parking lot.

Put your butt in the back of our car.


Hacked into Bio-Tonics worldwide tracking software.

We followed a shipment of the neurotoxin from Bio-Tonics to Stanford University, except the university never received the shipment.

But as you can see, Bio-Tonics tracking shows that the venom was ordered and delivered.

Who signed for it?

Nobody. It never got there.

It turns out that the university never even ordered the neurotoxin, so there was nothing missing from the warehouse.

Enabling them to walk out the front door with it.


Ryan Sikes, shipping clerk.

Thinks he's a jackrabbit.

And an ex-con.

Did time for armed robbery, computer crimes, other assorted tidbits.

In prison, he converted to Islam.

Get him.

Got him.


There is only one God and He is great.

That's good to know.

Why'd you kill Corporal Bakr?

Why has this country killed a hundred thousand Iraqi civilians and 30, 000 sick children after they invaded the first time?

Corporal Bakr was a Muslim.

You're a Muslim.

Killing him, that's a sin.

How many civilians have the Marines killed on Muslim soil?

I'm talking about a Marine on American soil.


Ryan is my slave name.

My real name is Akbur Mohammed.

Your slave name?


You want a statement?

Death to America.

You want a confession?

I did it.

I killed that turncoat b*st*rd.

He turned against his own people...

Hey, what are you...?!

He didn't even look.

Gibbs doesn't need to.

Get in here!

Were you gonna tell me about this?

The ankle bracelet was a condition of his parole.

We have requested the tracking records from the parole office.

Be able to put him in the alley at exactly the time Abdul was killed.

I already confessed.

Now, I killed him.


Bad news.

Just got the tracking records back.

GPS records show that Sikes was 20 miles away from the crime scene at the time of the murder.

He's got an airtight alibi, the US government.

Waiting on you, newbie.

Are you still working on this damn boat?

Finished it twice.

This is number three.

And still drinking the same beer.

So, yes, we think the mosque is a recruitment center for al Qaeda.

The cell in DC?


Al Qaeda's changed their business model.

We think they're paying people now, cash, to Muslims and non-Muslims, US citizens.

Capitalist jihad.


More like dangerous.

We're pretty good at monitoring radicalized citizens, but, now, anyone with a need or greed might be playing on their team, who knows.

You think our murder is connected?


The dead Marine's father, he's on our watch list.


Everything we've got is on this, and it's not much.

To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not even sure why we're investigating. Homeland is working on something, but it's so compartmentalized, no one's sharing.

MP3 files.

Last six months of recordings from inside the mosque.


Don't thank me. I was never here.

You ever consider using power tools?

You are still a pain in the ass.

I learned from the best.

Catch you later, Boss.

Khalid is asking for some money to be made as a donation to the mosque.

This other man is speaking Arabic, but it is not his first language.

Think he could be German.

What's he saying?

Khalid is accepting cash paid through an offshore account.

Running the voices through Interpol, FBI and databases.

Start with Hans Staiger.

Positive ID, boss, it's Staiger.

Suspected al Qaeda recruiter. Wanted in four countries.

No face, no prints, just calls intercepted over the last year.

We don't know who he is, just that he is.

And that he's talking to Khalid.

You're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

The funeral home is sending a car.

Thank you, again.

Thank you.

Your son was a great credit to his country and his culture.

Jethro, he family has requested his personal effects to be returned.

Anything you want to tell me?



Why do you hate us?

I don't.

Your people do.

All we ask for, is to live in peace and observe our beliefs.

I think you are.

Islam came to your country with hostility in 2001, and that was wrong.

But you came to our land 500 years ago and you've never left.

All we wish for, is to be left alone to practice our ways, and yet you cannot leave us alone.


Why did the recruiter kill your son, because he said "no" or because he said "yes"?

There is a man.

A German.

Hans Staiger.

He recruits for al Qaeda.

This recruiter approached my son.

Abdul was gathering information for the authorities.

A spy for his government.

I called the FBI.

I called them to investigate my own mosque.

I killed my own son.

No, you didn't.

But until we find who did, we need to keep his body a little longer.

Find this recruiter and allow me to have my vengeance.


He's mine.

The body stays, Duck.

I already released the body.

Well, un-release it.

I determined a cause of death.

The poison may have weakened his system, but it was the gunshot that killed him.

The body stays.

Until we find our killer.

I have killed for less.

You cheated.

Did not.

Yes, you did.

That is a book of movies.

I bet you never saw all those movies, you just read the book.

I like books.

I like movies.

Don't quote books, I will not quote movies.

What if it's a book that's been made into a movie?


George C. Scott, 1970, won seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, boss.


Patterns, not "Patton".


If this is al Qaeda, that means activity.

Activity means patterns.

Dead Marines who are Muslims.


That's all we've got, two of them.

A Shiite Muslim stationed at Camp David.

Died of unknown causes two weeks ago.

Sergeant Major out of Norfolk, Sunni, died last week.

Both were stationed in Iraq, both had run-ins with the law.

Both died of natural causes.

They have something else in common.


They're both dead.

No. Something else.



Same personnel officer.

Look, I'm a patriot.

I'm a volunteer reservist.

With money problems.

You're divorcing your wife, claimed you were broke in court, you oversee a lot of drug addicts, access to needles, access to Brian Sikes.

Which gave you access to the toxins used to kill three Marines.

We found $270, 000 in your shed.

I guess your money problems are over.

What exactly are you charging me with?

A German named Hans Staiger was paying you to help recruit troubled Muslim Marines to serve for the other side.

Two of them obviously refused and are now dead.

I'm a parole officer, I know how the system works. Lawyer... right now.

You killed a Marine yesterday.

Shot him with his own gun.

Why would I do that?

To make sure he was dead.

"Natural causes" didn't work as well for him as it did for the other two, so you followed him and you shot him.


Boss. Sorry.

Ducky needs you. Now.



I was wrong.

About what?

The gunshot.

Abby's toxicology report.

Abdul was dead before he was shot.

Some of the poison did get into his system.

If your personnel officer did shoot him, he didn't kill him.

The most you could legally prove is that he desecrated a body.

If we don't have him for murder, he'll never give up the recruiter.

We just matched the slug from Abdul's body to your gun, not his.

That's impossible.


And a good lawyer could prove that, but you're not getting a lawyer.

You're getting a transfer

to a Naval base in Cuba.

It's called Gitmo.

Ever heard of it?

Case closed.

I can give you Staiger.

He's the one who injected Corporal Bakr, and the other two Marines when they wouldn't cooperate.

He said it'd be quick. The needle broke, so he followed him from the mosque, he shot him.

You just happened to be there?

I was the go-between.

You want more?

I want a civilian case, filed with the DA's Office, with the guarantee that I won't be prosecuted for terrorism.



Bedford Hotel.

Room 126.

These belong to Abdul.

They were returned to his father.

Are you sure?

Gibbs, I...

No, nothing like them.

I didn't think so.