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05x12 - Stakeout
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Wash your window?

Go on, man, keep moving.

Almost done.

Go on.

Pusher's back.

I'm starving like Lee Marvin, McGee.

What's taking you so long?

He's making another deal.

We're here to find out who stole navy radar and stashed it across the street.

He's not our problem, unless he's pushing steak and cheese hoagies.

I'm a sworn federal agent, Tony.

I'm not gonna stand by and watch a felony go down.

That's a good idea. Blow our stakeout over a $50 crack sale?

If Gibbs doesn't slap you silly, I will.

You're gonna slap me?

If that's what you want, honey.

Go for it, McFreaky.

Goldilocks is just your type.

Bite me.

That'll be extra.


Hey! Monitor number two was flickering there.

Fixed it.

I think I've seen that Beemer before.

Yeah, we've seen it all before, McGee.

Feels like we've been stuck here for months doing nothing.

Come on!

I said scrambled.

You haven't gotten a single order right in four days.

They're eggs, eat 'em.

Well, I don't like sunny-side up. Sunny-side up oozes.

They look like eyes. They're looking at ya.

I bet your burrito's just the way you like it.

You want your eggs scrambled?

They're scrambled.

NCIS Season 5 Episode 12 " Stakeout "

Do you think prostitutes get bored?

I mean, the same work, day in, day out. Day in, day out...


The storage facility?

I'm sorry, Gibbs, I just get bored.

I hate stakeouts.




Hey, Gibbs, I was just, stacking specimen jars.

Haven't heard from you. - I know. I miss you, too.

It's so quiet around here. I had to go get my own Caf-POW.

Did you know they raised the price 25 cents?

Did you come up with anything?

I guess that depends on what you mean by "anything".

Anything. Abby, anything.

Anything that can tell us who rented this storage locker.

Gibbs, van.

McGee found a chewing gum wrapper in the storage locker.

I ran fingerprints, DNA, ultraviolet. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

Watch the hallway. - What I did get isn't much.

I got two prints off the rental agreement.

One matched the office manager.

And the other, it's a three-point partial, that could our fictitious rentee of locker 23.


AFIS gave me 3, 251 possible matches,

just in the DC metropolitan area.

So many men, so little time.

They are in our hallway.



23. Locker 23 to the left.


... three.


Keep an eye on 'em.

They are late.

I'm going to call DiNozzo.

They may have killed each other.


Where are you? - I just left my place.

Are you kidding me? How long will it take you to get here?

- With luck, an hour. I don't know.

Your goose is fried.


And, no, it's not.

Only a minute late.


Where's Gibbs?

What did I miss?

Goldilocks hooked up with Papa Bear and they found a bed that is

"just right".

Personally, I think she could have done better.


That Jack she is with is... gross.

You mean John.

You know him?

Oh, my God.

If you care, DiNozzo, nobody came to the storage locker.

Hey, boss.

Where's McGee?

I wanted to talk to you about that. We finally agreed on something.

We're going to commute separately, 'cause he's always whining.

It's all he does. You know, the air-conditioning, and this and that.

Is there any way can shuffle the deck? You know, sort of do this differently?

I don't know, mix it up a little...

Or not. You know, we'll figure it out.

We'll work it out.

Sorry, boss, there was a... an accident on the Mason Bridge.

The e-mail.

Still working on it.

It's definitely a free account opened under a fictitious name.

Knew that two days ago.

Trying to track the e-mail's path, but there's several servers.

Whoever tipped us of about the missing radar being in this storage locker is going to great lengths to remain anonymous.

Pusher's back. So is the suit in the Beemer.

Guy's dealing drugs up the street.

Yeah. Noticed.

Same buyer was here yesterday, too. Love to bust 'em.

Record it.

Turn it over to Metro when we're done.

Have a nice day, McGee.

Alone at last.

You watch.

I'll do this, you do that.

You're a dead man, McGee.

Don't look at me, raccoon boy.

It was Ziva.


I did everything you wanted. What do you want from me?

Something's going on.

Come on.

Somebody help!

Call 911, man!

Call 911! Call the police!

Come on!

Hey, is he dead?

Is he dead? What's going on?

Driver's license and car registration ID him as Scott Matthew Rowe.

44. Home address in the Adams Morgan district.

It doesn't look like a robbery.

We got video of him going into the alley with a suspect.



early 30s.

Lucky break.

So NCIS just happened to be in the neighborhood with a camera?

I'll have someone e-mail the video to you.

Excuse me. Excuse me. This is a restricted crime scene.


He's one of yours?


Special Agent DiNozzo. Anthony. Tony.

Detective Sparr.

Detective Sparr, what does it look like?

Classic, rich guy wants to get high, trolls known area to buy recreational drug.

Deal goes bad.

You think so?

You think otherwise?

Guy rolling around in a $90, 000 car, buying drugs in neighborhood like this, I wouldn't turn the engine off, let alone get out of the car.

Thanks for your help, Special Agent Gibbs. Appreciate the video.

I worked narcotics, Baltimore PD, two years.

Three, before I transferred to homicide.

Okay, what do we have?

That the murder weapon?

When did a pipe become a drug dealer's weapon of choice?


What are you doing?

I'm trying to change my spatial orientation and help myself get a new perspective.

How is it working?

I think I'm going to be sick. You wanted to see me?

You didn't have to make a special trip.

But when you regain your equilibrium, I have a John Doe.

I need a CBC with platelets

and a complete chem screen and CK.

Ducky, this, John Doe doesn't have a case number on it.

Yet to be determined. I'll give it to you later.

My company spent the last ten years developing that radar system.

You need to release it back to us now.

Stakeout's our best chance to catch who was behind the theft.

It's been two weeks.

Since the radar was stolen.

It's only been four days since we got the e-mail tipping us off to its location.

Haven't you got something to say, Captain?

Have you found out who sent the e-mail?

Working on it.

Okay, I thought this nightmare was over when the radar was found.

I should have never agreed to let you and the navy use it as bait.

Why do you have to leave it there?

You can still arrest whoever comes to collect it.

Covert surveillance. Got in, planted the cameras, got out.

Your point?

It takes time to move the radar.

We might not be the only ones watching the locker.

Know what this is, Agent Gibbs?

Zumwalt class destroyer.

Stealth destroyer Agent Gibbs, without its radar, it's useless.

I was supposed to be at that shipyard today installing that radar.

Instead, I have to stand by and watch you play policeman.

I'd like to help you here, Gibbs, but that ship is due to start sea trials next month.

It gets delayed, SECNAV will have my ass.

They'll want a much higher price than that.

Anthony, you scared me.

Is the stakeout over?

I wish.

It's worse than watching a five-day cricket match.

Careful, young man.

It's late, you've been working 12-hour shifts.

I would think you'd rather be anywhere but here on your time off.

You must want something.

Well... how well do you know the city ME?

Tom Hubbard? I play bridge with him every Tuesday night.

Excellent medical examiner.

Dreadful bridge player.

There was a murder this morning, down the street from the stakeout, and I'd love to get a look at the autopsy report.

Can't you get one through normal channels?

I had a little difference of opinion with the homicide detective, she and I didn't see eye to eye.


Does Gibbs know you're doing this?

Tony's going to try to get even.

I know he has booby-trapped something.

Boss, hey, got your message. What's wrong?

I'm getting a low battery signal from the camera in the locker.

That's odd, I used fresh batteries.

Should be good for at least another week.

Okay, I'll go see what's going on.

McGee, hallway's empty.

McGee, we haven't got all day.

Boss, what do you see on the monitor?

I see a radar system on a shipping pallet.

You sure?

We're staring right at it, McGee.

Do you see me?

"Do you see me?" No!

Boss, we got a problem.

Camera's working fine, boss. I don't know why...

I would start a sentence with "I don't know."

Figure it out, McGee.



Would not want to be Gibbs right now.

I would not want to be McGee anytime.

We are a team.

We need to support each other.

No more practical jokes.

Yeah. Yeah, sure.




This is crazy. I'm taking pictures of an empty room.

How did $90 million worth of high-tech electronics just... vanish?

I saw David Blaine make an elephant disappear once in front of hundreds of people.

It's an illusion, Tony.

He's an illusionist. I can assure you the elephant never left the building.

We have to open and check every locker.

We need a warrant.

Warrants. One for each locker.

Or not.

I'll go lean on the manager.

Sorry, Special Agent Gibbs.

I was told the captain was coming on 15 minutes ago.

I'm being punished, Sandi.

Sorry, Gibbs.

SECNAV wouldn't let me go.

Wants to know whose bright idea it was to use top secret radar as bait.

That'd be Gibbs, two "B"s.

Yeah, he knows.

Look, he's trying to track down your director.

Her office says she's out of the country.

She is.

DNI is concerned the technology maybe in the wrong hands and Chow's hysterical. I guess I don't need to tell you that.

He says it'll take nine months to remanufacture.

Have the sea trials been delayed?

Not officially, but you've read the press releases.

The Zumwalt class multimission destroyer is being touted as the future of the blue-water navy.

SECNAV is not ready to go public, especially if the technology has been compromised.

I wish I could help you, Gibbs.

You got it.

At great personal expense, I fear.

I agreed to be Tom Hubbard's bridge partner at a tournament next month.

A weekend in hell.

You want the high lights?

Yes, please.

Cause of death, blunt force trauma. He was not a healthy man.

Mr. Rowe had quadruple bypass surgery before his 40th birthday.

Was he an addict?

Most definitely.

He appears to have been addicted to fatty red meats, fried foods and eggs.

His cholesterol was 388.


No, not even an aspirin.

Which he should have been taking on a daily regimen for his condition.

Thanks, Ducky, I owe you.

And one day, dear boy, I shall collect.

Cover for me. I've got to run an errand.

Tony's playing with fire.

Yeah, that's what I told him.

Time for me to exit stage left.

We checked the storage facility from bottom to top.

The radar's not in the building.

Where's DiNozzo?

He's... running an errand.

Never cover for me, David.

Boss, finally managed to trace the e-mail.

It was transmitted from a cell phone using a Wi-Fi network in the Dupont Circle area.


I don't have a name yet, but I do have the electronic serial number of the device.

Cell provider's going to get back to me with the name of the registered owner.

Bring him in.

This is the guy we've been looking for, have you seen him?

Let's see...


All right.

Well, you call me if you remember anything?

Sure. I'll call you.

Any good tips... on the case?

You're here because I didn't return your call.

That would've been nice, yeah.

When in the middle of an investigation, I don't return social calls.

What makes you think it was social?

The way you stared at my ass the other day.

How do you know my interest in your ass wasn't purely professional?

I have dealt with your type all my life.

Really? What is my type?

Not my type.

Rules don't apply to you, can't imagine a woman wouldn't hang on your every word.

Have you always lacked self-esteem?

I've got a murder to solve.

Haven't you got a drunk sailor to find?

Try me again in a couple of months.

Well, you do have a nice ass, but it wasn't a social call, it was business.

Scott Rowe wasn't murdered in a drug deal.

He wasn't a user, there were no drugs in his system.

How do you know that?

Autopsy report.

I haven't seen it.

You went around me.

Well, if you'd let me help, I wouldn't have to do that.


I have a gut feeling about this case.


Why do I have a gut feeling?

Why do you want to help?

Because I feel responsible.

I could have stopped it. I saw what was going down, and I thought it was just a drug deal, just like you. And it wasn't, trust me.

My instincts are usually right.

You don't do anything without telling me.


Any leads?

No prints on the murder weapon.

We enhanced your video, got a decent image of the drug dealer's face.

ID'd him as Dennis Moran.

Multiple arrests, most drug-related, convicted twice. We're looking for him.

What about Scott Rowe?

He's a hard guy to figure.

Was a stockbroker, lost his license, couple of civil lawsuits against him. Shady deals.

Rowe's had a history of financial ups and downs, currently down.

Excuse me.

Yeah? Yeah. Well, did you tell him that I...


Well, try it.

I thought you said you found the anonymous tipster.

I did.

Name's Jordyn Wright. The e-mail was sent from her cell phone.

Mom, how much longer do we need to wait here?

I don't know, honey.

She couldn't get a sitter?

Jordyn's the girl, not the mother.

Special Agent Gibbs.

Can you please tell me what this is about?

Told him I didn't send you any e-mail.

NCIS received a message from this phone.

Not from me. Now, can I have it back, please?

Did you let somebody borrow it?

Not allowed to.

Where were you last Thursday night, Jordyn, about 7:30?

It was a school night. She was home.

You were in the Dupont Circle area, weren't you?


Okay, so I was in Rock'N Java.



Like you and Dad even noticed.

Who were you with?

You weren't with that Ramone boy, were you?

Nicky, Mom. Nicky Ramone, and he's not a boy, he's 17.

That's exactly why you can't see him.

You can't choose my friends.

Mrs. Wright, deal with this later.

You let someone borrow it?

Some guy at the next table couldn't get a signal.

He gave me ten bucks to use mine.

Would you recognize him?

I guess.

You are supposed to be working on our case, Tony.

Our murder victim was a loser and a fraud.

Not our murder victim, Tony.

Declared bankruptcy twice.

Beemer leased for $1, 200 a month. He was three months behind on payments.

Does Metro Homicide know what you are doing?

Detective Sparr and I have an understanding.

I'll bet you do.

Detective Sparr must be hot.


But no. For the moment, it's all business.



Her name Abby. You're gonna love her.

She's gonna do a computer sketch of this guy, okay?

Is this some kind of test?

You already know who borrowed my cell phone.

Who, Jordyn?


Are you sure, Jordyn?

He gave me ten bucks. I'm sure.

Are we missing something?

Yeah, our anonymous tipster was Scott Rowe, our dead guy.


Did you lose something?

Tony still has not gotten me back for the binoculars.

I thought you two shook on it... no more practical jokes.

Do you trust DiNozzo?

Point well taken. Where is he?

The homicide detective from Metro is here.

He's escorting her up.

Say one for me while you're down there, McGee.

Working on a theory, boss.

How someone could've stolen the radar without us seeing.

Yeah? Tell.

Well, I would rather show it to you, so I'm going to set up a demonstration out in the evidence garage.

So our cases have crossed.

Means you can tell me why NCIS was staking out the neighborhood.

Classified navy equipment was hijacked.

Got an anonymous tip it was in a storage building next to the alley where Rowe was killed.

Just learned Rowe was the tipster.

Still conducting the stakeout?


No. The equipment was stolen... again.


Ziva David.

You dragged me up here to pull the national security, need-to-know card?

That Rowe's murder is no longer a Metro case?

No. We investigate the murder together.

The theft stays classified.

Do I have a choice?


Yeah. Don't ask.

Sorry. Sorry.

What did you say your name was again?


Four people in my department have come down with the flu.

You're in my department now.

Yes, sir.

What do you got?

It's just a little tickle at the back of my throat, but it's...

I did not pick up any chatter on the stolen dual-band radar.

Talked with contacts at the NSA and CIA.

They're alerted.

Where are we going?

Interview. Don't talk. Just listen.

Do you know him?

Scott Rowe.

Means nothing.

Who is he?

He's the man who tipped us off to the radar.

Well, is he cooperating?

No, he's dead.


Okay, this just gets worse.

You people have lost cutting-edge, dual-band technology.

In hands of a foreign government, it would be the biggest threat to national security since the Cold War.

If they figure out how this thing works, they can jam it.

You're the analyst.

Has Intel picked up anything?

Well, if we get a lead, we'll let you know.

My company's ruined.

We worked day and night to meet that original delivery schedule.

By the time we could remanufacture... we'd lose the contract.

Hey, McGee.


What are you doing?

It's a model.

That is really cool.

Demonstration for Gibbs.

You know how hard it is to explain technical stuff to him.

Yeah, good thinking. It's like every time I try to explain something sciency, and his eyes glaze over, and he gives me that will you shut up and get to the point look?

He's behind me, isn't he?


Want to see a dress rehearsal?

Can I be Gibbs?


Okay, boss. Boss.

This is the hallway.

This is a locker.

These are our surveillance cameras.

Now if I could direct your attention to these monitors here.

These are the feed from the surveillance cameras.

I'm working under the assumption that whoever stole the radar knew that we were watching.


Using a scanner, they found our video frequencies.

Had to be nearby, McGee?

That is an excellent question, boss. Yes.

With our mini-transmitters, they would have to be within 500 feet.

Then they could steal and record the video signals, which I have already done,

and play them back with these much more powerful transmitters.

They would have overridden our signals.

Now, they would need a pallet jack to get the radar out.

McGee, I don't see the guy.

That is because you are watching the loop I made of the empty hallway, just as we were doing during the stakeout.

When they were gone, they turned off the loop in the hallway and continued transmitting the second loop

showing the radar still in the storage locker.

McGee, this is... this is so great!

Even Gibbs could understand this.

He does.

Not off the hook until the radar is found, McGee.

Mr. Palmer, I thought you'd gone for the night.

I made it halfway home before I realized I left my cell phone here.

What are you working on, Dr. Mallard? Anything I can help you with?

No, no, no. It's an old case just popped into mind.

I thought I'd check a few things.

I'll take that to the file room for you.

I'll take care of it.

I've worked all the usual channels. Nothing.

And you thought it was important to come up here and tell me that?

Well, that's the point.

If top-secret electronics were out there for sale or in the hands of a foreign operative,

we would have picked up something by now.

I think the silence speaks volumes.

What's it's saying?

It suggests a domestic operation.

If it's not out there for sale...

A competitor of Jonathan Chow's company.

Yeah. Gibbs.

Mind if I ask what that is?

According to McGee, he's the guy who stole the radar.

I don't know if I should say anything or not, but I saw Tony putting something under your car.



What. I don't know.

When this morning.

I told you, I told you he could not be trusted.

Was Tony really messing with her car?


Tony just told me to tell Ziva that when I saw her.

Scott Rowe's prints were lifted postmortem by the ME.

This is the unidentified partial from the storage rental agreement.

It matches Scott Rowe's left index finger.

Detective Sparr.

Rowe rented the locker?

Probably hijacked the radar.


Then tipped us off where to find it?

Doesn't make any sense.

Our missing pusher, Dennis Moran, he's been spotted downtown.

Hey, thanks for the call.

Where is he?

Went into the hotel acting real hinky.

There's a reward, right?

Yes. You get him.

I remember you.

The biter.

You stay here. You come with me.

McGee, take the perimeter.

NCIS! Freeze!

Hey! Hold it!

All right, just get away.

Get away, okay?

Federal agents. We just want to talk, Dennis.


I'm not going back to prison.

We just want to talk.

No, no.

You. No, you think I kill... I killed that guy.

I didn't, okay?

I didn't.

Then why did you run?

I'm on probation.

I get convicted again, and it's over.

It's not gonna happen.

It's not gonna happen.

Dennis, you don't want to do this.

Don't make us do this Dennis.

Put the gun down!

God, stop it!

I didn't kill anybody.

I swear I didn't.

I didn't kill anybody, I swear.

I swear I didn't do it.

What were you doing with Rowe?


Dead guy in the alley.

I told you I didn't kill him You want me to start believing you, you better start remembering things.

I'm. I'm. I'm trying.

Gibbs always throw softballs?

I've seen him make a 300 pound drill instructor cry.

How long did you know him?

I didn't.

The guy showed up a couple days ago.

Paid me two bills to watch a building.

Storage facility.


He told me, he gave me a number to call him when the feds came.

They came for what?

I don't know.

He was... he was crazy.

Said the place was going to get raided. I never saw nothing.

Who hit him with the pipe?

I don't know, I don't know who killed... who hit him.

You were there.

I was loaded, man.

The BMW dude was hassling me... for not calling. We went into the alley.

That other guy was there.

He saw him...

Went crazy. Picked up the pipe and started hitting him.

You know, I got the hell out.

Can you describe the other guy?

I was so whacked, man.

He couldn't pick his own mother out of a line up.

You believe this junkie?

He had a gun. Why use a pipe?

Escort him back down to sick bay lock up.

I have a better idea.

I take him downtown.

Civilian vic, civilian suspect on a Metro street.

Not yet.


National Security?

Works for me.

Great. Lunch.

I'm starving!

Nikki, there's an extra burger in there if you want one.

No, thanks.

I don't eat food prepared by others.

Of course you don't.

Did you come up with anything?


No connection.

By the way, who do I owe?

Where is he?


Does he think I'm that stupid?

Come on.

Would Tony really do something to your food?


We went through Scott Rowe's bank statements and brokerage accounts.

He sold 50, 000 shares of IRT, Jonathan Chow's company, short.

He was betting the stock would fall.


Don't know.

Settlement date's this Friday.

Hard to make a killing on the market when you're dead.

Insider information.

We're checking for a connection between Rowe, Chow or anyone at IRT.

SECNAV wants a briefing.

You stay on it.

It could have been anyone who knew about the theft.

Including Captain Pullman.

You ready, Dr. Mallard?

As ready as I ever will be.

We have put this bloody business off long enough.

They don't prepare you for all this in medical school.

Yeah, well, let's get it over with.

Where shall we start?

Latex gloves?

Good Lord. Do we really get through that many?

Requisition forms.

I did mine last week.

Don't gloat.

Okay. All business.

I got the blood work you wanted on the John Doe.

The white blood cell count was normal, but there was a high level of the enzyme creatine kinase.

I didn't realize how late it was.

Let's put all that off until tomorrow, Mr. Palmer, when we're both fresh.

I guess one more day won't matter.

Yes, well, thank you, Abigail.

I'll see you in the morning.

What's going on?

I don't know.

He asked me to run blood tests on a John Doe.

We don't have any John Does.


Sleep through your alarm?

I wish. Morning, Boss.

Morning, McProbious.

Well, we got the dirt on Rowe.

Whoever killed him might have done him a favor.

He was going to file for bankruptcy. We met with his attorney.

Also interviewed the broker who placed the short sale of IRT stock.

Says he tried to talk Rowe out of it.

Pretty sure the broker's clean.

We caught him off guard, jogging at Rock Creek Park.

At 6:15 this morning.

It was good old-fashioned legwork, Ziva, it usually solves crimes.

Well, sometimes computers do help, Tony.

I wrote a program to cross-check credit card charges, ran Scott Rowe's against corporate cards issued to IRT execs, limited my search parameters to the last six months under the assumption...

Sorry, boss.

Just got a hit.

Five weeks ago, Scott Rowe's and Jonathan Chow's credit cards were swiped at the same Georgetown bar within minutes of each other.

Both were also waited on by the same server.

Suggests they sat next to each other.

Maybe that's how they met.

It's like the Hitchcock classic, Strangers on a Train.

Two men, don't know each other, meet by chance to hatch a nefarious crime.

Chow's a Caltech graduate. It would have been a piece of cake for him to block and override our signal.

Chow denied knowing Rowe.

Rowe's dead. He can't talk.

The fact that two guys had a drink at a bar at the same time doesn't really prove anything.

Get Moran in here.

He couldn't ID anybody.

And even if he did, he's not a reliable witness.


You the guy that called me?

Sit down.

You were kind of cryptic on the phone.

Sit down.

I don't think you want me talking too loud.

I think you're mistaking me for someone else.

I know exactly who you are.

I saw you hit Rowe with a pipe.

What are you talking about?

Told me he... met you here five weeks ago.

What do you want?

How much is the question.

Sit down.

I know about your arrangement.

How much do you want?

50 thou.

How do I know you're not going to double-cross me like Rowe did?

Is that why you killed him?

It's going to... it's going to take me a little while to come up with the money.

Got till tomorrow.

You got a lot of explaining to do.

Too bad you couldn't block this transmission.

He's all yours.

You're under arrest for the murder of Scott Rowe.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

You think this will help me out with the judge?

I think you did great.

Jonathan Chow had his own radar system stolen?


It didn't work.

There was a fatal glitch in the software that controlled the radar.

As a result, the programming for all the integrated,

multifunction peripheral components had to be rewritten.

It would have taken mon... months.

Where's the radar now?

Back of a truck.

Chow left it in long-term parking at Reagan National.

Well, I guess it's not going to do the navy much good if it doesn't work.


Rowe would have made a fortune on the stock market when the navy discovered the radar didn't work.

A whole lot more than Chow paid him to steal it in the first place.

Rowe tips us off, Chow freaks, steals the radar back, kills Rowe.

Not our finest moment.

If I never go on stakeout again it will be too soon.

Should I prep now?

No time like the present.

I'll get changed.

A new arrival.

Two-pack-a-day gunny.

Died of a suspected heart attack last night.

They're not all murders.

Hey, Palmer.

Abby's looking for you.

I just left her.

I will go see her again.

Is something wrong?

Well, you tell me.

I thought we didn't keep secrets from each other.

You're referring to the blood tests I asked Abby to run on the nonexistent John Doe.

And so I shouldn't be surprised.

She goes to you with everything.

She cares about you and she's worried.

About me?

You were running the tests on yourself.

No, I am not self-diagnosing.

You know, Abby allows her emotions to cloud her judgment.

She jumps to a conclusion.

No, I'm in excellent health for a man of my age.

And if she'd bothered to check further, she'd have realized it's not my blood type.


You're putting me in a very difficult position, Jethro.

I can't think of anybody you'd stick your neck out like that for.


Director Shepard.


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