06x01 - Last Man Standing

Previously on NCIS...

The funeral was held this morning for NCIS Director, Jenny Shepard.

Assistant Director Leon Vance has been named to succeed her.

Officer David, the liaison position with NCIS is being terminated.

McGee... I'm moving you across to the cyber crimes unit.

DiNozzo... you've been reassigned.

Agent afloat, USS Ronald Reagan.

Pack your bags-- you fly out tomorrow.

Agent Gibbs... meet your new team.



* Rusted brandy in a diamond glass *

* Everything is made from dreams *

* Time is made from honey, slow and sweet *

* Only the fools know what it means *

* Temptation *

* Temptation *

* Temptation *

I can't resist

NCIS Season06 Episode01 Last Man Standing

You want to get that?


No, Special Agent DiNozzo's been reassigned.

Special Agent Langer.

Maybe I can, uh...

Uh, I don't know, several months ago.

Well, I'm not authorized to say, but you could try the personnel department and...


Four months, I've been sitting here fielding calls for DiNozzo.

And I swear, they're all women.

And that surprises you?

Have you seen my Oman threat assessment?

Oh, is that what this is?

And I thought it was copy for a travel brochure.

Come see sunny Oman.

Give me the file, Langer.

Give her the file, Langer.

Give her the file, Langer.

Good morning, sir.

Morning, sir.

Morning, sir.

So glad we all agree on something.

Agent Lee, Oman threat assessment.

Right here, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Told you about calling me sir.


Oh, a call came in for you.

I took the message, sir... uh, Gibbs.

Yes, I can see right here in the "message taken by" box: Keating.

Uh, he said it was...


Special Agent Gibbs for Detective Reynolds.

It'll get better.

Yeah... when he retires.

All right.

Grab your gear.


Oh, my God, my fault, sir.


Gibbs, I was pressing the wrong thing.

She was.

Sorry... didn't mean to ruin your shot.

It's okay.

That's why they get the cheap rates, you see.

It's far away from everything.

Didn't worry him.

Paid cash up front, 18 weeks.

Not curious you didn't see him all that time?

Life in the park bleeds the curiosity out of you.

Live and let live.

I only came to see him 'cause his rent was due.

Body's been in that trailer at least four and a half months.

Explains why no one complained about the smell.

Agent Lee?

Found his stash.

Must be at least $5, 000 here.

He's lucky it wasn't stolen.

Keating, he's not lucky, he's dead.

I'll tag and bag it.


Deceased is Petty Officer Steven Nicholas Vargo.

Failed to report for duty back in May, four and a half months ago.


Navy yard.

Lived in auxiliary housing-- left work, didn't return to his room.

I guess he found this little piece of paradise more appealing.

What sort of job?

Strategic planning, building right next door to ours.

Security clearance?

As high as they go.

Okay. Get a statement.

Mr. Palmer, tell Agent Gibbs he can send in the B team.

That implies there's an A team, Duck.

Isn't there?

They're all A teams.

Perhaps some even A-plus.


Well, there are other reasons why men take their clothes off to go to bed, Jethro.

Any evidence of that?

Well, he did come to a sticky end.

I'll go get the gurney.

Single gunshot wound to the upper temporal area, probably while asleep-- the pillow was held against his head to muffle the shot.

Nothing to suggest a struggle.

You know, the stench in here must have been unbearable.

Isn't anybody curious anymore?

Bled out.

Like him.



I need a hearing test. I'm going deaf. Am I talking loud?

'Cause sometimes people that don't hear very well, they talk too loud, except sometimes, when I get water in my ears, I talk so softly that people tell me to speak up,

'cause I have that weird, you know, gurgling, swishing sound in my head.

Has that ever happened to you?

Why didn't I hear the elevator?

The stairs.

You don't take the stairs.

You are taking the stairs because you associate the elevator with people you're trying to forget.

Abby, I'm not trying to forget anybody.

What do you got?

Nine-millimeter casing and a 147-grain LE hollow-point slug.

We use LE hollow points, and so do the FBI, Secret Service, Navy SEALS and a bunch of other law enforcement, but it's not the kind of slug that Joe Public can get his mitts on.

What else?

A number.

One, two, six?

One hundred and twenty-six.

That is the number of days that Tony, McGee and Ziva have been gone.

I really didn't think you'd let it get into triple digits, Gibbs, but now it's way more.

It's like a third of a whole year.

I miss them.

Abby, you had lunch with McGee yesterday.

It's not the same.

I miss them collectively... as a group.

My three musketeers.

Tim is the only one I've seen.

No Tony, no Ziva. I get postcards from Tony.

I want them back, Gibbs. Please get them back.

You have ten days.

Okay, I don't want to pressure you, so 12... but no more than two weeks.

And stop taking the stairs.

Agent Gibbs, I think I have something--

I have a connection between our murder victim, Petty Officer Vargo, and former Navy Petty Officer Brian Roberts.

He and the victim served together.

Put it up.

On the plasma, Keating.

That's Roberts on the left, and our murder victim, Vargo, is on the right.

Roberts got out six months ago, but here's the kicker:

Roberts was killed by a bomb blast at a bar in Morocco overnight.

Terrorist attack?

Trying to get more now.

Got a link to the raw feed out of ZNN.

Unlucky coincidence.

Must be.

Oh, that's a hell of a bomb blast.


Four killed, including Roberts. 13 injured.

Oh, my God.

Isn't that...


This number you are calling is not available.


Trying to reach an Israeli contact.

He's got connections in the intelligence community.


Mossad wants us to put it through channels.

They're not being very helpful.

Leave it.

Roberts and Vargo-- I want everything.

Phone records, bank accounts, e-mails, last time they saw each other, lastime they spoke with each other.

Got it?

Got it.

You find her, now.

I'll do my best... Gibbs.

Hey, boss? Boss?


The logarithm of the quotient is the excess of the logarithm of the dividend over that of the divisor.

High school math, Pringle. What's your point?

I put the wrong divisor.

Recalculate. Dallas.


Still need that encryption key.

Still working on it, boss.



I'm not really their boss.

They just, uh, call me that because I'm a field agent, you know, I carry the handgun.

It's good to see you, boss.

You heard from Ziva?

Uh, yeah.

An e-mail every week, until about three weeks ago.

I thought maybe she went on vacation.

No. Try undercover, McGee.

Undercover would make sense, her being Mossad and all.

Know how to contact her?

Cell phone?

No longer connected.

Yeah. Gibbs.

I found her.

Had to call in a favor from a friend at Pine Gap-- you know, the big communications base we've got down in...

Put her on.

Done. You're connected.



You okay?

You heard.

Yeah, raw feed out of ZNN.

You might want to call them.

Thanks for the tip.

What can you tell me?

Not much. I was undercover.

Trying to win the trust of a man showing an unhealthy interest in a Chechnyan terrorist group.

Brian Roberts?

Perhaps you should tell me what you know.

Old Navy friend of Roberts was found murdered this morning.

Steve Vargo.

Worked strategic planning; top secret clearance.

Who was the target?

Roberts was meeting a Chechnyan terrorist by the name of Milaana Shishani.

By sheer luck, she escaped the blast.

But Mossad does not believe she was the target.

Roberts was.


We can only speculate.

But from what you've told me, it appears that someone wanted them both dead.

Cleaning house?


Who tipped you off about Roberts?

Director Vance.


We miss you, Ziva.

I miss you, too. All of you.

Even, uh, Tony.

Gotta go.

Um, take care, Gibbs.

Yeah, you take care, too.


Go home, rest.

A kiss for your father.

Good night, Papa.

Steve Vargo.

What do you know about him?

Boss, I'm not sure I can exactly tell you what I know.


Yeah, him.

You okay, boss?

Get back to work.

Yes, boss.

Okay, boss.

People say this is one of the greatest sports photos ever taken.

Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston.

May 25, 1965.

First round, first minute.

Ali hit him, Sonny went down, stayed down.

Then all hell broke loose.

Lot of people thought it was fixed, thought Sonny took a dive.

That what you think?

I think it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusions without all the facts.

Swing away.

You didn't break up my team because of Jenny's death.


Five months ago, I got a series of anonymous calls from a Navy petty officer.

Eventually, he identified himself as Steve Vargo.

Said he had gambling debts and that he was being blackmailed into supplying highly classified data to someone.

What sort of data?

He wouldn't tell me.

But Vargo was a specialist in the Middle East.

He said he'd downloaded a critical file, but he hadn't passed it on.

Change of heart.

I believed him.

On the director's orders, I flew to DC; I arranged to meet him.

He was gonna give me the name of that contact, but he didn't turn up.

Next day, he didn't report for duty.

Now I know why.

You didn't answer the question, Leon.

The reason I broke up your team, Gibbs, was because whoever was blackmailing Vargo was an NCIS agent.

Not one of mine.


From what Vargo told me, I narrowed it down to three agents.

Only reason I broke up your team was so I could form a new one.

So you can help me find out which one of these three... is betraying their country.

You were gonna get around to telling me...

Had no evidence.

I figured I put you with them, your radar would go off, and one day you'd come to me and say you had a doubt about one of them.

A doubt? A doubt, Leon?

I got a doubt about every one of them.

Got a former FBI guy who doesn't listen.

Got a boy genius who doesn't drive.

Got a lawyer who doesn't shoot.


Made the jump to NCIS eight months ago from the FBI.

He got no special treatment.

But you did recommend him.

He called me.

And you endorsed him.

Now you're having second thoughts.

Not the agent you thought you were getting.

Why don't you just say it?

He used you to get inside the agency.

Doesn't make him guilty.

Just clever.

Pentagon knows there's a security breach.

They don't know how bad.

I seized all of Vargo's computers and his hard drives.

We've been working on them.


That's why I moved him down there.

Seven levels of encryption, so far.

Every level harder to crack than the last.

I wasn't the only one who Vargo contacted.

Confided in his old Navy buddy Brian Roberts.

Then a week ago, Roberts turned up in Tel Aviv.

Vargo was a specialist in Israel.

And that's why you sent Ziva back.

Mossad mounted an operation.

They were gonna pick up Roberts last night in Morocco, but they weren't quick enough.

Someone is tying up a loose end.

I think Vargo told Roberts the name of the NCIS agent.

And I'm guessing Roberts was trying to sell that name to anybody who was willing to pay.

So, what?

Four months, you got nothing.

We got nothing.

Vargo's computers have been seized.

Standard operating procedure.

It's in the agents' manual, section 35, sub-section two, clause E: Seizure of evidence.

You're making that up.

And this matters why?

They were seized four months ago.

After he failed to report to duty. Makes perfect sense.

Who seized them?

Us. This agency. NCIS.

Then it would've been logged.

Wasn't logged.

Legally, that could cause a chain of evidence problem.

Got to be in the building somewhere.

Evidence locker maybe?

Down with the geeks.


Okay. Talk to me.

Update. Anyone?

Sorry. Go, you go. Sir.


Vargo closed out two bank accounts the day before he disappeared, withdrawing a total of $11, 350.

No credit card transactions since.

Agent Lee.

Vargo's commanding officer is refusing to see us without legal representation.

Covering his butt.

I'm having trouble finding a JAG officer with the appropriate security clearance.

You got anything, Special Agent?

We seized Vargo's computers the day after he disappeared, but they were never logged into evidence.

Probably down in the basement with the rest of the...

I'll handle it.

Witness statements.

Yes, sir.

This is Agent Lee, NCIS. Is Major Clay available?

I'll hold.

Night, boss.

See you tomorrow, boss.

Bye, boss.

Night, boss.



Good night, boss.

You call him?

Director's on his way down.

You like working down here, McGee?

Boss, I'm sorry.

He made it very clear to me that I-I couldn't talk to anyone except for him.

Wouldn't have stopped you in the past.

Well, it's not the same.

We were a team.

I would give this up in a heartbeat to be back working with you and Ziva again.

And DiNozzo?

Yeah, him, too.

You can tell him, McGee.

We cracked the eighth level of encryption.

Which is not actually accurate because they're not really levels of encryption so much as packets of information all encrypted with a new layer of protection that... that you really don't need to know about.

Now, this next series of packets contained system archives, logging information, time-stamped data transfer reports...

I really have been down here too long, haven't I?

Okay. The day before he disappeared, Vargo connected a thumb drive about this size to a classified computer and downloaded a 2. 75 gigabyte file.

What sort of data?

Don't know. Haven't cracked that level of encryption.

Something he could easily hide.

Probably took it with him.

Or put it someplace safe.


Thank you, McGee.

Keep Agent Gibbs in the loop.

Will do.

Good night, Director.

Good night, boss.


Solve this first, then we'll talk.

Ziva, too.

Good morning, Dr. Gibbs.

Hey, Duck, what's this shadow here?

This area right here.

It's a clearly marked fracture of the ramus mandibulae.

Broken jaw.

Caused by a blunt instrument.

Possibly the butt of the gun.

No signs of a fight at the scene.

Already in the bed, possibly asleep.

Something disturbs him, a noise.

Before he can get up, the assailant strikes.


Or dazed, certainly.

Allowing the assailant time to pick up a pillow to silence the fatal gunshot.

No surprises, Jethro.

No telltale marks or bruises to help you with your investigation.

Just a rather unrevealing death, I'm sorry to say.

Did I miss something?

The pillow.

The pillow?

Yeah. The pillow.

The pillow.

Abs!!I really really miss you.LOVE TONY

Abs, the pillow.

Good morning, Gibbs.



You're welcome. The pillow.

The one with the bullet hole, or the one with the blood and the bullet hole?

The one the killer fired through.

Powder burns?



There's just not as much as I would have expected, and if you jam a gun into a pillow to suppress the noise of a gunshot, there would be more powder burns.

They would leave a distinct pattern in the creases of the pillow.


It's barely even scrunched up at all.

As a means of silencing a gunshot, this wouldn't be very effective.

Wasn't trying to silence the gunshot.

Just wanted to cover the victim's face.

Squeamish shooter.

Sounds like something I would do.

I mean, if I were to do it.

Not that I would ever do it, but if I were to do it...

Yeah. Gibbs.

Boss, I got something here.

Be right down. but if I did, I would shut my eyes.

Or... Or use a pillow.


Got something here, boss.

Want to call Vance? no, he can wait.

We did an extensive search through Vargo's phone records.

Home, office, cell.

No unusual flagged numbers.

McGee, you did not get me down here to tell me something you didn't find.

The trailer park has a pay phone; searched through the phone records.

The day after Vargo moved in, there were three calls placed from that pay phone to NCIS.


Main switchboard.

But by crosschecking the phone log on the main server against all incoming calls at the time reference... the legal department.

Special Agent Lee.

Uh, is this something I should be seeking advice on?

You're the lawyer, Agent Lee.

You feel you need counsel, by all means, call someone.

I never knowingly had any contact with Petty Officer Steve Vargo.

He called you three times from a pay phone at the trailer park just before he was murdered.

Oh, my God. That was him.

You remember talking to him?

The timing's right.

And, four months ago, I received three calls from a man who refused to identify himself.

It was from a pay phone, and I could hear him feeding the coins.

He wanted legal advice.

About what?

He said he'd been stealing from the Pentagon.

He wouldn't say what.

I figured it was siphoning off money from a Pentagon account.

He refused to say, and then he just stopped calling.

And you didn't tell anyone?

I filed a report and I put it in the system.

It was very thin. Nothing to go on.

Nobody ever asked me about it.

If you check my report filings for that week, you'll find them.

Shouldn't be a problem then.

Thank you, Agent Lee.

Would you ask McGee to step in on your way out, please?

Yes, sir.


Sounds credible.

That's what Vargo said to me.


McGee, Check Lee's files on the days that Vargo called and see if she logged in a report.

Full background checks on all of them-- Lee, Keating, Langer.

Phone records, bank cards, credit cards.

Got it.

Any update with the hard drive?

Well, we're still trying to crack the encryption, but there may be another way.

See, I think that we can find out what classified material Vargo was downloading.

Go on.

The only information we have is the file's hash number.

Every file has one.

And no two are the same.

So, if we can access the Pentagon's system, we can scan for that hash number, and it should lead us to the file Vargo downloaded.

Course, we would have to go through some channels.

That the fastest way?

I was worried you might ask me that.

We didn't have this conversation.

McGoo, it's true.

TV really does add ten pounds.

You been hitting the jelly donuts again? How do I look?

Well, I never thought I'd say it and truly mean it, but it's good to see you, Tony.

I miss you, too, probie.

First the USS Ronald Reagan, now the Seahawk. How's life afloat?

Ah, life on the ocean blue, me hearties.

The scurvy don't get you, then the pox will.

And tell me this, me little McShipmate-- how is that scurrilous, black-hearted pirate king of ours, Captain One-Shot Gibbs?

I'm just fine, DiNozzo.

There you go, boss. Welcome aboard.

Got work to do.

I'm on it, boss. What am I on, McGee?

Are you alone?

Oh, yeah.

Just me and 5, 000 of my closest friends.

I am never alone.

I really need to come home, boss.

I'm working on it.

The only way that we're gonna access this information is from a secure naval communications room, so you are it.

Now here it is: I'm gonna give you a code.

You're gonna enter it into the keyboard; when you do, it's going to ask you for a password and an authorization key.


This is why I don't want Tim driving my car.

You know, I told Tim that that's my car, and I... it's not a family car, it's my car.

I don't like the cut of your jib, McGee.

This sounds suspiciously like illegal activity, and, well, a man of my delicate disposition is not suited to that kind of thing.

Don't be such a girl, all right?


Seven, Delta, X-ray, four, niner, eight, three, three, zero, six, Zulu.

Password is bluemoon-- one word.

Authorization key is Foxtrot, Oscar, Charlie, Bravo.

Bravo. All right. Opened a search page.

Is this hacking, McGee? Are we hacking?

We are not hacking, Tony.

But it is illegal, right? Don't answer that. I know it's illegal.

I'm having fun.

In the search parameters, enter the hash symbol, then two-seven-five, three-one-nine, forward slash, Delta, X-ray.

Click on file.


It's my point exactly, Dad.

It's just not fair.

All right, it's searching.

Waiting. More waiting.

What do you see?

A short life, McGee. Yours, if I get caught.

Great. Next stop, Gitmo. I got a hit.

Download the summary file and e-mail it to me.

Well, it's been great talking with you, Pa.

Thanks, Tim.

You know I love you guys.

It's just that Tim always messes my stuff up.

He doesn't know how to shift gears, he doesn't change the oil.

Make sure you feed the chickens.

Say hi to Mom.

He's insane.

Oh, yeah.

Thank you, Tony.

Look after yourself. Don't fall overboard, okay?

More likely to jump.



You take care of yourself.

Miss you, too, Dad.

All right, got the e-mail.

Oh, boy.

Now we know what Vargo downloaded.

It's the Joint Chiefs' battle plans in the event of an attack on Israel.

I'm going to have to brief SECNAV.


Our ability to respond to any threat or attack in the Middle East has been compromised.

If this gets in the wrong hands, every ship in the Gulf will be in danger.

Found something.

Agent Lee logged into the strategic planning office at the same time every Friday, for a six-month period prior to Vargo disappearing.

Logged in at the same time, logged out 30 minutes later.

Like clockwork.

She was meeting someone.

I wasn't meeting Vargo.

You logged in through the service area.

You never stayed more than 30 minutes.

I never even met Vargo.

The first time I saw him was his dead body at the trailer park.

Then who were you meeting in that building?

Not Vargo.

So you were meeting someone, Agent Lee. Who?


Agent Gibbs. You startled me.

Director Vance.

Mr. Palmer.

You been seeing Agent Lee, Jimmy?


Yes. I-I mean... I mean, no. I mean...

I mean, yes, I was seeing her, and no, I'm not seeing her anymore.

Where and when? here... and there.

Here and there. Mostly here.

Until Dr. Mallard almost caught us, and then, uh, we had to change our... where we did it.


Building next door.


Every Friday morning.

She'd log in, and then... she would open the, uh, service door on the parking garage, and we used the paint locker in the basement.

Paint locker.

Think she got off on the fumes.

You still seeing her?

No, sir. Ended a few months ago.

She end it?

No, I ended it.

Sir. Felt I was... being used.

Am I gonna be fired?

No. And it will not happen again.

No, sir. It will not happen. With anyone. Anywhere.

I... I... I mean, it will happen again... it-it... but not with anyone here on the, uh... Thank you. Sir.

I got it, thanks.

It was McGee.

He found the report that Lee filed on the anonymous calls she received from Vargo while she was in the legal department.

Just like she said.

She's in the clear.

One down, two to go.

Langer or Keating.

Someone want to tell me what's going on?


Isn't it your turn to get the coffee?

Someone's been running a check on my bank records.


Internal. Cyber unit.

How do you know?

Little security program I wrote to guard against identity theft.

It just alerted me.

They can't do that.

It's illegal without a warrant.

You might want to write a letter to your congressman about that one.

So should you.

They've been through your records, too.

How do you know that?

Because I checked.

They've been through your records as well.

Yeah, I guessed that already.

So someone in Cyber Unit is checking for irregularities in agents' banking records?

Not every agent.

Just ours.

"We few, we happy few. We band of brothers.""

Am I under investigation?

Should you be?

I'd like a straight yes or no, sir.



Interrogation Room, now.

You stay on base.

What the hell's going on?

They think one of us is a spy.

Somebody want to tell me...

I have rights.

What was that?

I said that I have rights.

Agent Gibbs, does he have rights?

Yeah, he's got the right to remain silent.

Might make us think he's got something to hide, though.

These are impressive computer skills, Daniel.

MIT grad. Programming. Encryption.

I bet there's not much you don't know about computers.

No. Sir.

So tell me, you ever hacked into the Pentagon's database?

You might want to take a moment before you answer that one.

Computer stuff, right?

Gotta be Keating.

Brett, don't.

Just looking.




This is a military access card.

Keating's a civilian like us.

It's for the computer archives in Building Three.


This was evidence.

He must have taken it from the crime scene.

And this looks like a password.

We should tell Gibbs.

Let's take a look first.

No, Gibbs said not to leave the building.

No. He said the "base, " not the building.

You go then.

I don't have access to Building Three.

But you do.

No one home.

No one ever is. It's computer controlled.

We shouldn't be here.

If we get caught, they'll think it's one of us.


It's a simple question, Agent Keating.

You've either met him or you haven't.

Excuse me, Director Vance. You need to hear this.

We set up an alert system for all of Vargo's electronic information: credit cards, toll cards, I.D.-- everything.

If anyone tries to use them, the system sends us an alert.

It just did.

Someone is using Vargo's access card to get into the computer archive section in Building Three next door.

Gibbs! Gibbs! Gibbs!


Oh, hell, it's Langer.

You watch him.

Agent Lee?


I got it.

It's okay.


It was him. All the time.

It was him.

He's got Vargo's access card.

Shalom alaikum, Eli.

Leon Vance.

Ah, Leon, shalom.

It is good to hear your voice again, my friend.

How is your family?

Complaining they don't see enough of me.

Ah, the work of intrigue, yes?

It keeps us all away from our loved ones, huh?

Leon, thank you.

Thank you for sending my daughter home to me.

Though I think you perhaps had other motives?

Ziva's greatly missed here.

She has many friends.

Yes, and many talents.

You have a daughter?

Yes. Yeah. Kayla.

You know, Leon, sometimes those who know ask me directly.

The brave among them.

But most of the time, the others, I can feel them looking at me and silently wondering how can a father possibly raise his daughter to be a professional killer.

A question that I've never asked you, because I know the answer.

Every day is a fight to survive.

It is my dream that my daughter will not have to make that decision with her sons and her daughters.

I would like my grandchildren to be doctors and architects, to live a happy life.

To grow fat... and old.

You want her back, don't you?

Yes, Eli, I want her back.

Tell me, Leon, are we winning?

I don't know, Eli.

I like to think we are. And then... there's something else: a bomb, a kidnapping, an atrocity.

Use her well, Leon.

Ziva is the sharp end of the spear.

Thank you, Eli.

Shalom, my friend.

Shalom to you.



Look... I know you never thought much of me as a field agent.

You probably never thought much of me as a lawyer.

Oh, that's more the profession than the person.

But if you ever need... I mean...

If the chance ever comes up again...

Might be important.

It can wait.

I got it.

Thank you.

Do we know why he did it?

Money... probably.

Well, thanks. Be seeing you.

Yay! Oh, my God, I'm so excited.

McGee, I can't believe it. Pinch me.

Thank you.


There she is! Ziva!

Welcome back.

It's good to be back.

You're back! You're back! Yay!

Hey, Ziva!

Hi, McGee.

Do they suspect?