06x02 - Agent Afloat

Agent Afloat, report to the fantail.

Agent Afloat, to the fantail on the double.

Coming through.

Make a hole.

Look out.

Anyone see him jump?



Nice morning.

Beautiful morning.

How's, uh, how's your tea?

Fine. Your coffee?

It's good. Good coffee.

Quiet day, huh?

Yeah. Quiet week.

Got a call from DiNozzo.



Navy lieutenant did a half gainer off the USS Seahawk.

Talk to his wife.

Does she know?

She will.

Shouldn't the Navy send a chaplain?

Chaplains don't investigate, McGee.

Right. Going to need a... address.

It's going to be tough.

You think it's hard for us?

Imagine what it feels like to be him.

Who him?


We're all here, and he's still stuck on that ship.

Not Tony, I meant...

Completely alone, away from all those who care about him.

Wait, you weren't talking about Tony?

No, I meant it's going to be tough telling Lyndi Evans her husband's missing.

Truck's here.

So is she.

NCIS Season06 Episode02 Agent Afloat

It's freezing in here.

After four months in the subbasement, this is cozy.

It's like March of The Penguins down there.

It's a nice place.

Well, I mean, considering...


Sorry, Ducky, it's, uh, been a while.

Yes, it has.

Nasopharyngeal mucosal secretion.

Snot? In her hair?

Yes, well, perhaps it's a souvenir left behind by her killer.

Looks like we found the murder weapon.

Toy guitar?

That is not a toy guitar.

That is a guitar controller used to play Lords of Rock video game.

That particular model is called an ax.

So our killer is an ax murderer?


This young woman's demise was caused by blunt force trauma.

For Abby, please.

Thermostat was set to 40.

Yes, and the chilled air slowed decomposition.

I'd estimate this young lady's been dead for at least five days.

Husband deployed five days ago.

Battle on the home front before going off to war?

Room's a mess.

Looks like a violent fight to the death.

What tells you that, McGee?

Broken stuff everywhere and a badly beaten corpse, boss.

No broken furniture, no broken glass underneath the body.

She died where she fell, then the room was methodically trashed around her.

Crime scene was staged to make it look like a violent fight.

Air conditioning was set on low to slow decomposition in an attempt to disguise the time of death.

I'm sure I would have figured that out.


You spent way too much time in the cyber unit.

Your crime scene skills are getting a bit... dusty.


Here, McGee, see if you can find something useful on that.

That's odd.

With the exception of the severe trauma to the nose, the swellings on the facial wounds are uncharacteristically low for this type of violent beating, suggesting that the blows were delivered...



You need something, Abs?

Nope, I'm just prepping Tony's desk for his big return.

Do you know something we don't?

I just know he's coming back.

I don't know how and I don't know when, but Tony... is coming back.

Hey, get ahold of DiNozzo.

Tell him I want to see the records of the guy who jumped overboard.

Pull his service file.

Got it, boss.

Don't worry, Abs.

Tony's deployment will be over soon.

Maybe they'll transfer him back.

Not maybe, McGee.


Husband overboard, wife murdered.

That's a big coincidence.

Not why you called me up here.

You're a man down.


And you want DiNozzo back.

Agent DiNozzo has three more months on the Seahawk.

After that, we'll look for the right fit.

Fits right here.

Two San Diego agents.

Both good men.

I'm sure they are.

You decide.

Or if you like, I will.

Zilch. Not even a toothbrush.

You looking for something specific, sir?

Yeah. The reason Lieutenant Evans didn't bother to unpack.

Guess he wasn't planning on sticking around.

Yet he flew all the way from D. C. to Cartagena to join the ship.

That make sense to you, Lieutenant?

The guy was a head case.

Thought you never met him.

I didn't.

Like I said, we stood different watches.

But anybody who throws himself off a ship has got to be crazy.

What about your other bunk mate?


Think he's got a touch of OCD, but other than that...

Did he ever meet Lieutenant Evans?

I never asked.

His watch is over.

Where is he?

Oh, baby!

Vaya con Dios, fellas.

I'm out.

Okay, call. What do you got?

Three seconds until the Agent Afloat sees you're playing for stakes.

Very subtle, Almeida.

Agent DiNozzo. You want to sit in?

Who's Lieutenant Kaplan?

There he is, the guy whose straight just got flushed...

I need to chat with you about your bunk mate.

The mama's boy or Louganis?

Tell me...

Tell me about Lieutenant Evans.

Only met him once.

Logged into the COM Room during my watch.

You talk to him?

Didn't get a chance to. Left an hour later.

Notice anything odd?

Yeah. Evans. Guy was a nut job.

Had that thousand-yard stare.

Look, the guy called it quits, took a header.

What is there to investigate?

Message for you, DiNozzo, from D.C.

Need that D5W, Henley.

On its way.

Dr. Feelgood, how goes it?

What now, DiNozzo?

Found another sailor you think's faking their chronic pain?

At ease, Nguyen. I've suspended the investigation... for now.

Yeah, well, because of you, I have to fill out a report every time I dispense an aspirin.

That must be quite a headache.

I can open up a line, Doctor.

I've got it, Henley.

Well, I'd love to sit and chat with you about your highly questionable prescription-writing practices, but I am here for Lieutenant Evans' medical records.

Guy who went overboard?

Yeah, that'd be him, genius.

You've already seen his records.

And that's the wacky nature of these cases.

They're sort of like cheap luggage-- you think they're closed, and then bam, you hit a curb, lose a wheel, and they open up all over again.

Maybe you'll get lucky, Doc, and your little dope-dispensing caper will stay locked up tight like a Samsonite.

Have a good day, gentlemen.


Trying, Boss.

Just pull up his service record.

Keating changed all my macros. My keyboard short...

All right, I'm pulling it up on the plasma.

ZIVA: Should we have Keating sent up from the cyber unit?

Lieutenant Chad Evans.

Information Systems Officer.

Completed security systems training at Fort Mead, Maryland.

Maybe if I reset the native resolution...

Just forget about it, all right?

Received a Navy commendation joint service achievement medal.

Good officer.

Bad saver.

Five-star vacations, brand-new truck, custom furniture.

All charged by his wife.

Pushed his plastic to the limit.

Which may have lead to marital problems.

Or murder. Gonna talk to DiNozzo on the Seahawk.

Tony? When? Now? Can I talk to him?

Please, Gibbs, I just want to tell him that Sister Rosita, she bowled a 260 last month.

And I finally saw...

Abby, it's not a social call.


Want me to join you?

Yes! Boss?

I got it. I got it, boss. I got...

Yes, sir.

Hey, boss, you talk to Vance?

No, I'm talking to you.

Well, come on, you got to get me off this ship.

You have any idea what it's like to be the only cop aboard a city of 5, 000?

Well, of course, you do, but just in case you forgot, it sucks.

Tell me about Lieutenant Evans, DiNozzo.

It's all in the preliminary report I filed.

You just have to open up your e-mail. I sent it...

But you'd like me to-to tell you.

Evans boarded in Cartagena five days ago at 0630.

We were underway by 0800.

He reported for duty at 1900 that night but left an hour later, claiming he was sick.

Found his khakis and his I.D.on the fantail the next morning.

No body recovered?

Not for lack of trying.

There was an extensive search.


Medical records?

Nothing that screams, "I'm gonna kill my wifeand then throw myself overboard, but, uh, " it's pretty obvious what happened, right?

Evans kills hiwife before he leaves.

Then he joins the ship.

Feels that he can't live with what he's done.

And then, he jumps overboard, which is what I'm gonna do if I don't get off this ship soon.



Hey, Tony.

Uh, Abby wanted me to tell you, Sister Rosita bowled a two...


We ran a check of Lieutenant Evans' credit card charges.

His card was used at a bar in Cartagena, Colombia.

That's where he boarded the ship?

Yeah, only the card was used three days after the Seahawk departed.

I can hop a cod, be in Cartagena in two hours, boss.

Two good men.

Two of my best.

I put in a call to the Colombian National Police in Cartagena.

They're looking into Lieutenant Evans' credit card charges.

He could have lost the card.

Could have had it stolen before he boarded.

Or Lieutenant Evans is still alive.

Well, that's hard to imagine. They were 100 miles off shore when he went overboard.

DiNozzo spent two weeks in Cartagena doing threat assessments.

He knows the city.

One day.

Then he flies back to the carrier.

You didn't read these files, did you?

Like I said, two good men.

Your choice?


You sent Ziva to Israel to follow up on a lead.

You sent McGee to the basement to crack a code.

There is no reason to assign DiNozzo to a carrier.

Seven years as an agent.

I figured it was about time.

You think he screwed the pooch in I.A.? That it?

You sent him to sea to punish him, Leon?

Your choice is noted.

Hey, Hector!


So, how's the Juan Valdez of sugar cane?

Better when I see a ship with USS come to port.

It's good to have you back.

Well, it's just a quickie.

Lorena-- she's not singing today.

You ever see this guy?

Used his credit card here late last week.

You know how many sailors come into port last week?

Yes, my friend, and half-- they come here.

Lieutenant Evans, Hector?

You could put his picture on the big billboard, it makes no difference.

$100 tip on a $50 tab-- I think that would be kind of memorable.

I could always tell the policia you were an accomplice to credit card fraud.

Now, what they gonna do?

I saw Romancing the Stone.

Throw you in an alligator pit.

Work with me.

He was no sailor.

Some mat_n paid me to use his credit card.

Mat_n have a name?

I hate to see the Banana Moon put on the Navy no-go list.

Come on, Tony.

I mean, a few hundred less cervezas a night-- that's really gonna cut into your bottom line.

Think about it.

Are we good?

We're good.

Where'd you steal the credit card?

Tarjeta de credito, mat_n.

I find it.


Over there.

Come on, man.

Look, man, I-I just took the card.

He was already dead.



Found Lieutenant Evans.

He didn't fall overboard. He couldn't have.

Judging by the smell, he was dead before the Seahawk even sailed.

Killer impersonated a Navy officer to get on board a United States aircraft carrier.

Yeah. We got a major security breach, boss.

Lieutenant Evans was killed in Cartagena, Captain.

Then who the hell boarded my ship?

His killer.

That's impossible.

He used Lieutenant Evans' I.D.to get on the Seahawk.

Then he faked Evans' suicide once he was onboard.

Which means, he's still on the ship.

Captain, someone went to a lot of trouble to become Lieutenant Evans.


What were his assigned duties, Captain?

As an IT, Lieutenant Evans' area of responsibility was to perform routine tests on the ship's security.

But there has been no reported breaches.

Not yet.

I'll increase security on our weapons systems and the reactor, and if the son of a bitch is still on the ship, we'll find him.

This will not be a manhunt, Captain.

Last thing you want to do is to panic him.

Agent DiNozzo will conduct his investigation when he returns to the ship.

In the meantime, you might want to start verifying your personnel... discreetly.

Consider it done.

Pack your bags, Agent Gibbs.

Your boy's going to need some help.

Good morning, Agent Keating.


Agent Gibbs' desk.


Tony. Back on dry land?

Yeah. It's a tropical paradise, really.

Just like The Blue Lagoon, except no white sand beaches, magical waterfalls, and definitely no Brooke Shields.

I've got some good news for you.

You're coming to relieve me?

No, but Vance sent...


'Cause I'm going to need at least a case to get through the next three months here.

Is that DiNozzo?


Everyone hates me. You know what?

You better make it two cases.

With Director Vance running things, I'm going to be Agent Afloating into my sixties.

How's it going with him, anyway?

Oh, couldn't be better, DiNozzo.

Ah, Director Vance. I was just, uh... just telling McGee how much I missed everyone.


Federales turned Lieutenant Evans' body over to the Cartagena morgue.

I just paid a visit to the coroner.

He's insisting on doing the autopsy himself.

We need that report.

Well, that's easier said than done.

This guy doesn't care much for Americans.

Unless it's just me.

We'll find out soon enough.

Gibbs and Ziva flew out last night.

To Cartagena?

Yeah, Tony. That's what I was trying to tell you before.

Well, when do they get here?

Already have.

Nice tan.

Denied. Again.

Didn't they teach you anything down there in Cyberville?

No cyber jokes. Got it.

Extended firewalls, two mirrored hard drives.

Whatever Lieutenant Evans was into he worked hard to cover up.

Mirrored hard drives?

Hope you didn't make plans tonight.

Well, Ducky was right.

It's snot.

It's not what?

It's snot.

It's not?

Yeah. It is.

It's what?


The substance found in Lyndi Evans' hair!

It's snot.

Well, why didn't you just say that?

Ooh, that's odd.

Major Mass Spec has found a rare spore buried in the killer's mucus.

All I need to do now is find its origin.

Yes! I am in.


All I had to do was tear down the firewalls and align the virtual images with their true counterparts.

Timmy got new skillz.

It was a long four months.

It still is, McGee.

So, let me guess. You guys caught a bad case of DiNozzoitis, had Vance to send you down south.

DiNozzoitis? Sounds venereal.

Okay, don't admit it.

I know you missed me. I missed you, boss.

Yeah, I know, DiNozzo.

Yeah, Gibbs.

At work now. I understand...


You seem, uh... different.

Taller? Hotter?


Well, it's been over four months.

You still beating yourself up over Jenny?

Not as much as I used to.


Not as much as I used to.

You could have called.

COD's on the way from the Seahawk. You got an hour, DiNozzo.

Okay. Listen, I was thinking maybe we should let Ziva handle the coroner.

I got a hunch.

No, no, no, senorita, no puede irse sin ver Cartagena.

Hay muchas partes que son muy bonitas.

Casi casi tan bonita como usted.

Ojala pueda volver a Cartagena, cuando tenga mas tiempo para conocer.

Got a hunch, huh?

The powers of observation.

This kid took a hell of a hit.

Trauma embotado de fuerza.

Blunt force trauma resulting in the nasal bone penetrating the brain.

According to Ducky, Lyndi Evans was killed exactly the same way.

The same killer.

The guy gets around.

First he kills Evans' wife, in Washington, D.C. then Evans in Cartagena a day later?

Yeah, Gibbs.

We got big news, boss.

Huge news. Ginormous news.

Like, like, maybe you should be sitting down.


Sorry. Speak, McGee.

We ran through Lieutenant Evans' e-mail account, found an ongoing correspondence with someone in Singapore.


Well, we're working on it, Gibbs.

The e-mails' full of code words and jumbled ciphers, the whole shebang.

And they haven't stopped.

Someone posing as Lieutenant Evans sent another e-mail a couple hours ago.

And it contained references to both the USS Seahawk and ciprofloxacin, the antibiotic used to combat...


Welcome to the Bird Farm.

It's great to be back.

Completed the verification of your crew, Captain?

Matching FSRs against 5, 000 souls is not an easy task, Agent Gibbs.

We're doing it discreetly.

Damn near impossible.

You get used to it.

No, you don't.

Status on security systems?

A handpicked team of ETs is filtering through any possible breaches in the ship's electronic data and control areas.

Are there other vulnerable areas?

Water, supply, ventilation.

We believe Lieutenant Evans' killer may be carrying ciprofloxacin.

To protect himself from anthrax.

Are you telling me this guy might be planning a biological attack on my carrier?

That's what we're here to find out.

This is the Captain. Get me the XO.

This is where you have been the last month?

Yeah, it's just like the squad room, only I'm the squad and there's no room.

Captain, we need to talk to the officer of the deck who let Lieutenant Evans' killer on board.

Whatever you need.

Officer of the deck cannot be the only sailor who has had contact.

She's not.

Lieutenant Jonah Kaplan works in the communications room where Bizarro Evans clocked in for an hour.

Talk to him.

I already did, boss.

I'll talk to him again.

Keep this as quiet as possible.

What are those doing on your wall?

How did those get there?

Safety is our primary concern.

I've ordered guards posted at the vulnerable areas you're concerned about.

I know you want to play this down, Gibbs, but my first priority is the safety of the ship.

You've got 12 hours, then this becomes my investigation.

McGee was specifically told to destroy those photos.

I guess he forgot.

Then perhaps I should remind him.

Go easy on the lad. He's had a rough summer.

Well, we all have.

Well, I think it was especially difficult for McGeek.

He doesn't handle change well. Never has.

Well, he seems fine.

Please. Cooped up in that techno basement for four months?

You know how much he loves pounding the pavement, working leads, interrogating.


Yeah, not to mention Gibbs, Duckster, you and me, Abs.

I mean, everyone knows how close those two are.

McGee was in the sub-basement, Tony. They had lunch every week.

It's not the same. You get used to seeing someone every day, talking to them, relying on them, and suddenly they're not there.

It's all part of the job.

Excuse me.

Doesn't make it any easier for McGee.

As officer of the deck, I check in thousands of sailors, sir.

I don't recall encountering Lieutenant Evans.

You didn't. The man you let on the carrier wasn't Evans.

Then who was it?

You tell me.

Lieutenant Evans never left Cartagena, but you signed him in.

I check every sailor's orders, every Navy I.D.

Whoever I let on had the necessary credentials.

Hmm, they were stolen.

I match every face to every photo.

And one squid looks just like every other squid.

I've been an officer of the deck for two years now, sir.

I know how sailors talk, walk, smell.

I know exactly how they carry their damn bags.

There is no way in hell I let a civilian on this ship.

Agent DiNozzo.

Almeida, this is Officer David.


Where's Lieutenant Kaplan?

Late for his watch.

He should have relieved me at 1200 hours.

You did not see the man who logged in as Lieutenant Evans?

Well, Kaplan was on duty, not me.

So you do not know what station Lieutenant Evans worked at?

Uh, 3-F.

The class-three I.T.s have a higher security clearance than anyone else in the unit.

You can't touch that without a key card and pass code.

Who are you calling?

I'm having the card shark paged.

USS Seahawk, cyclone 127 scat-hotel-fox-five-niner.

2-7, USS Seahawk...

What can I do for you, McGee?

Well, actually... it's more what I can do for you.

The Seahawk's online security system has a mirror on the NMCI server.

I'm pretty sure that I could get into it.

Security specialists on the Seahawk are already looking for a breach.

Why should I risk catching heat from SecNav if you get caught?

For one, I can do it better and faster.

Two: someone on that team of Navy security specialists could be colluding with the killer.

And the third?

How'd you know there was a third?

There's always a third.

I won't get caught.

Director, in the past four months, I haven't worked any crime scenes, pursued any leads or followed the trail of a single piece of physical evidence.

Are you trying to talk me into or out of this, McGee?

What I have done is crack some of the toughest encryption this side of the browser wars.

You know that I can do this.

Okay, understood.

Yeah, as soon as I know more.

Ship's crew has been verified.

Everybody that's supposed to be here is here.

Looking for a ghost.

Kaplan skipped his watch, not answering pages.

He was in D. C.before he joined the ship Conveniently. He's the only one who's seen Lieutenant Evans' killer.

Claims to have seen him.

You think Kaplan may be conspiring with the killer?

Or Kaplan is the killer.

Kaplan could have checked on twice, first as himself then slipped away, checked on again as Lieutenant Evans.

Evans had a higher-level security clearance than Kaplan.

Which Kaplan would have needed to gain access to secure areas of the ship.

Find him.

Already on it.

Agent DiNozzo here with an urgent request.

This is Lieutenant Jonah Kaplan.

If you have seen him or have any information as to his whereabouts, please notify me immediately...

On a loop.

You got a B plan, DiNozzo?

B... B plan?

This is Plan B. Be prepared.

B? Of course, I got a plan B.

What kind of agent afloat would I be if I didn't have a plan B?

You gotta, you gotta have a plan B.

I'm all about the plan B.

Agent DiNozzo.

Plan A; they found him.

Lieutenant Kaplan?


Dr. Huang is examining him now.

Couple of his bunkmates found him collapsed, rushed him in.

His vital signs were weak, but we've been able to stabilize him.

You can't...

Criminal investigation.

What's wrong?

We had to induce a coma.

He had brain swelling. Lungs were collapsing.

Caused by?

It's too soon to say. Could be a drug reaction. Severe bacterial infection.

Could that be caused by anthrax?

He would have to have been exposed to anthrax, which is highly improbable.

Well, let's say he was.

How would you treat it?

I'd... I'd administer Cipro.

Should I be administering Cipro, Agent Gibbs?

And then what?

And then I'd send my advisories and my instructions along with his chart.

He's going to be medevaced off the ship.

Well, if he ever wakes up, it'll be in Leavenworth.

I don't think so.

According to his file, Kaplan left D.C. two days before Lyndi Evans was killed.

Kaplan did not do it.


I hate it when you don't know what we're looking for, but it might kill you if you find it.


Kaplan's the only one who can identify Lieutenant Evans' killer.

And he overdoses.

Hell of a cowinkidink.

What's a cowinkidink?


You believe this is a dowinkyquink?

Sarcasm, Ziva. You're back in America. Flip the switch.

Technically, we are not...

American ship-- American soil.

Oh, American soil.

Enough already.

You have three more months. What's the big deal?

Easy for you to say.

What's that supposed to mean?

You're back in D.C. which is what you wanted.

Isn't it?

You get orders, Tony.

You may not like them, but you follow them.

That's why they're called orders.

That's not what I asked.

Something happened in Israel, didn't it?

You'll say you don't want to talk about it, but your eyes won't shut up.

Something you left behind maybe?

Or someone?

You're right.

I don't want to talk about it.

Doc tested Lieutenant Kaplan. No anthrax. Just...


He was drugged.

Killer's tying up loose ends.

Nowhere to run.

Yeah. Go.

Gibbs! Okay, after a whiny little temper tantrum, Major Mass Spec finally got his act together.

Scored an I.D.on the spore from the mucus found in Lyndi Evans' 'do.


It's Samoan.

A what?


Our little spore is actually a strain of influenza.

Killer had the flu.

Yeah. But not just any flu, Gibbs.

This strain is particular to the American Somoan region of the South Pacific.

Abby, that's good work.

I don't want to hear it.

Need to access the ship's sick bay records.

Uh, McGee isn't here.


Come on.

So much for better and faster.

McGee, what the hell is going on?

I heard Vance sent you back to the subbasement.

No. I sent myself to the subbasement.

So what's next?

Sending Ziva back to Israel?

I can't breach the firewalls to the Seahawk's maintenance network.

Why would you do this?

It's preposterous, deplorable, absolutely illogical.

Are you listening to me, McGee?

Yes. It is illogical.

No, no, no, no.

It's logical.

It's a logic bomb!

Yes, Abby. It's a logic bomb.

You can use a logic bomb to infiltrate the server.

Abs, that is fantastic.

You're not the only one with skills, McGee.

Almost there, boss.

That's what you said ten minutes ago, DiNozzo.

What is the problem, Tony?

There is no problem, Ziva.

I've seen McGee do this a million times.

And a million times faster.

McGee who?

In the last week, 49 sailors reported to sick bay with the flu.

None of them joined the ship in Cartagena.

Perhaps the killer did not report his illness.

American Samoa.

All sailors deployed in the past month.

Okay. Personnel Deployments.

Where the hell are they?

Should I call McGee?

Only if you want to be bored to death by him explaining what I have just done!

There. Right there.

I'm trying. Just waiting for my insult now.

Takes McGee only seconds.

A lot of things take McGee seconds. Got it!

Six sailors joined the ship from American Samoa.

Only three boarded in Cartagena.

But only one via D.C.

Sick bay.


Boss, just found a breach on the Seahawk's Requisitions and Accounting system.

There was an order placed for 100 cases of ciprofloxacin.

It's worth, like, half a million bucks.

But only half the order ever made it to the Seahawk.

The rest is en route to Pulau Tekong.


Most likely a black-market distributor, boss.

Not terrorism.


Agent Gibbs?

Where's Henley?

He called in sick with the flu.

Made sure he gave it to me first though.

Ziva, Officer of the Deck. Alert the captain. Tony, security alert.

It is just the flu, isn't it?

Kaplan. Where's Kaplan?

He was transferred to the flight deck 20 minutes ago.

Like I said, he's being medevaced to D.C.

It's Kaplan.

Crash cart!

Right away!

He's alive.

Four milligrams Alasone stat!


It's leaving right now.

Hold that launch.

We have to hold the medevac launch.

Medevac flight 3569, change of status. You are now holding.

Copy that. Copy that. Medevac 3569 standing by.

I said hurry up!

We need to launch now!

I can't.

Drop your weapon, Corpsman!

Get off the plane or, I swear, I will put a bullet in his head!

No, you won't.

He's your ride out of here.

I said get off this damn plane!

Hurry the hell up!

Lieutenant Evans was buried in debt.

You were his way out.

He bought the drugs, you forged the documents, until the wife found out.

She should have stayed out of it!

You killed her after he deployed.

You got to him before he boarded, you tried to talk him around it.

That didn't work out well, did it?

I didn't need him anyway.

Just needed his I.D.

You are not stopping this plane from taking off!

You want to fly?

Do you want to fly?

Let's fly.

Not cleared, sir!

Tell them Special Agent Gibbs said, "Launch."

Medevac to Flight Control.

Captain, the medevac pilot's requesting clearance on Agent Gibbs' orders.

Launch the plane.

I've got an armed man aboard that aircraft.

So have I, and he said launch it.

Flight 3569, you are now cleared for launch.

What the hell are you waiting for?

3569, acknowledge.


Copy that. Going to positive thrust. Clear forward.


Nice flight?

Seems like old times.

Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn, 1980, actually.

I meant you, me and Gibbs.

I know what you meant.

Keep your head straight. Don't move.

COD's launching in ten, boss.

Well, then, grab your gear.

My gear?

Yeah. Your collar. You ride him home.


Home, DiNozzo.


Make a hole! Coming through! Make a hole!

Owens wants to know if he's getting his Agent Afloat back.

Request hit my desk today.

The team needs him, Leon.

I've already made my decision, Gibbs.

And, in answer to your question... it was never a punishment.

So this nutjob is running through the mess hall, and he's completely naked, which is weird.

Hey, boss. Talk to Vance?

Yeah. Yeah. He was...

Tony! You're back!

In the flesh.

For reals? Like, total reals? Like...

"pinky promise" permanent reals?

Reassigned to D.C.effective immediately.

Director just told me.

Never thought I'd say this, Tony, but it is nice to have you back.

Nice? It's, like, spectacular.

I kept every one of your postcards, and I have a whole DiNozzo wall in my lab.

It was a long four months. I've got to say it's great to be home.

Not that I didn't think I wouldn't be coming back because...

So, anyway, Sister Rosita, she bowled a 260 last month.

And I watched Titanic finally. It sinks at the end. Very weird.