06x03 - Capitol Offense

Can't keep up?

Ten bucks says I beat you to the car.

Make it 20.

Guess you owe me 20 bucks.

Oh, my God! David!

NCIS Season05 Episode03 Capitol Offense

Looks scrumptious!

They call it Chocoholic's Choice.

Claim it is the ultimate cupcake.

Oh, that smells great.

Don't you dare!

Isn't this the week you're going gluten-free?

Thank you, Ziva. You shouldn't have.

I owe you for letting me sleep at your place.

Slumber party.

You two spent the night together?

What's going on here, McGee?

Don't know, don't care.

None of my business, DiNosey.

You are such a control geek.


Yes. That, too.

Why do you always need to know everything that everybody does, Tony?

What he needs to know is that a lieutenant commander's body was found in Rock Creek Park. identified as a female United States Navy Lieutenant Commander.

Gear up.

Her name is being withheld, pending notification of her next of kin.

Lieutenant Commander Carrie McLellan, 35. Stationed at the Pentagon.

She worked as a congressional liaison officer for the Navy Office of Legislative Affairs.

Lives alone in the Cleveland Park area.

Help, DiNizzo.

Single, small-caliber gunshot to the back.

No exit wound.

However, her death took place elsewhere.

This bloodstain to her back indicates she bled out on a solid surface.

Time of death?

Well, movement of the body and immersion in water complicates matters, but at least 12 hours, no more than 24.

I'll be able to be more accurate when I get her back on the table.

They were predicting precipitation.

Just what we need.

Got a partial shoeprint here, boss.

Uh, boss?

Work fast. It rains, we lose evidence.

Yeah. Gibbs.

Stayed at Abby's last night, huh?

You guys, uh, sleep in the same room?

It is a one-bedroom apartment.

One bedroom, one bed. One coffin.

You want the truth?

Yeah. I think I can handle the truth.

My building was being fumigated, and Abby was kind enough to let me stay over.

On the couch. In my pajamas.

Come on, work with me.


Couldn't you lie just a little bit?

After you're through here, the victim's apartment.


We're fighting the weather, and he wants us to hurry up, and then he leaves.

What is this all about?



Hello, Patrick.

Thanks for coming, Jethro.

Yeah, sure.

Why here?

Well, it's best we not be seen together right now.

I saw on the news, a lieutenant commander was found shot in Rock Creek Park.

NCIS involved?

I just left there.

Was it Carrie McLellan?

Did you know her?

Did you know her?

We were having an affair.

Why'd you think it was Carrie McClellan?

News report said the victim was a female lieutenant commander.

Carrie lived near the park.

We were supposed to meet last night.

She didn't show, didn't call.

Try to reach her?

Carrie always made the contact.

Nothing unusual about a congressional liaison calling a senator's office.

Her parents been told?

Not yet.

They'll be devastated. She was an only child.

I'm an idiot, Gunny.

I've thrown my career away.

Lynn and the kids don't deserve this.

Once the affair is made public, everyone is gonna think I killed her.

Pat, I can't cover this up.

Don't expect you to, Jethro.

Tell me about the lieutenant commander.

She was an incredible young woman.

Smart. Well-liked.


Not that she mentioned.


She had a run-in with her commanding officer.

Yeah? She say what it was about?

Not really.

He took exception to a report she wrote.

Media's gonna have a field day with this.

Couldn't have happened at a worse time.

My energy bill is up for vote next week.

It shouldn't be defeated because of my indiscretions.

Legislation is far too important.

The economy is a mess, and fuel costs are leading the way.

This bill is a way of turning things around.

Could you please keep my name out of this until after the vote?

I'll see what I can do.

Oh, it is sad.

It was her birthday last week.

Her grandmother sent her this card.

Am I the only one that's starving?

Haven't eaten since lunch.

Well, there's half a veggie pizza in the fridge.

Tony? What are you doing?

I'm building a profile of the victim.

Not exactly Navy issue.

She was not just a Navy officer.

She was also a woman.

Officer and a gentlewoman.

Richard Gere. Debra Winger.

It's a rare commodity. Military chick flick.

It appears she had a lover.

"To the woman I love. You mean everything to me."

And it is signed, "You know who."

Why would he not sign his name?

Well, maybe it's not a he. Maybe it's a she.

We are dealing with the military. Don't ask, don't tell.

Looks like a man's handwriting.

Definitely a man.

How do you know?

Medicine cabinet. Low-estrogen birth control pills.

She's on the ninth day of her cycle.

You just love snooping around into other people's lives, don't you?

Yeah. That's why I became a cop.

Hey, boss. Everything all right?


No signs of a struggle.

Didn't find any traces of blood.

The commander wasn't shot here.

The neighbors describe the victim as a loner.

No one knew her particularly well.

Still looking her personal effects.

Keys, wallet, cell phone.

Her car's parked in her space downstairs.

She's got a lover who won't sign his name.

There's no pictures or evidence of him in the apartment.

Boss, my gut tells me she was having an affair with a married man.

Lieutenant Commander McLellan spent more time on the Hill than she did at the Pentagon, but that goes with her job.

When's the last time you saw her?

Monday's staff meeting.

She had Top Secret clearance.

Do I have a security problem here?

Oh, I don't know.

What were her responsibilities?

Developing and coordinating relationships between representatives of the D.O.N. and members of Congress.

She made a lot of powerful friends.

Carrie was on the fast track.

Ever meet her boyfriend?

Didn't know she had one.

Don't really know anything about her personal life.

Understand you took exception to a report Lieutenant Commander McLellan filed.

Technical specs were supposedly leaked to a defense contractor a couple days before their official release.

It was no big deal. Never traced to my command.

McLellan wrote it up. I told her not to.

She could be stubborn.

That it?

Yeah, for now.

Gonna need to take a look at her office.

Had it secured. I'll make arrangements for you to get in.

That's odd.


I'm looking at Commander McLellan's cell phone calls for the past month.

Restaurants, family, nothing unusual.

But there is one number she called 36 times.

Trace it.

I don't have to. It's the Capitol switchboard.

Well, that makes sense.

I am sure she has to call senators' and representatives' offices all the time.

It's part of her job.

That's exactly my point. Wouldn't she have their direct dial numbers?

How'd it go?

Admiral made an impression on DiNozzo.

I'm gonna check him out.

He was more interested in covering his ass than the victim.

You got anything, McGee?

I ran a locator search on McLellan's cell.

Either her phone is turned off or the battery's died, so I pulled her phone records.

She made numerous calls to the Capitol, but always to the switchboard.

She didn't want her calls traced.

Accessed her ESR.

She was fourth in her class at the academy.

Been nothing but uphill since then.

Awards and rapid promotions.

The family has not returned my call yet.

Got a minute?

So, what's up with el jefe?

Yesterday, he leaves the crime scene with no explanation.

Today, he knew the admiral had a problem with the victim.

Where'd he get that?

Maybe he's bluffing.

It was on the nose.

Whose nose?

On the money. Bull's-eye. Right as rain.

You were doing better before you went back to Israel.

You've reverted.

I found this message on my private line.

You have one saved message.

The gun that killed Lieutenant Commander McLellan can be found in the drainage ditch, alongside the two-mile marker, near the Grant Road entrance to Rock Creek Park.

It's so filthy. I can't see anything.

It is filthy.

Must be some kind of sewage thing or something.

It's not here. Someone's messing with us.


I see something.

Over here. Look. Look, look, look.

There. See that? Looks like a sort of shadowy thing.

Here. Your turn.

I am the Jedi Master. You are the Padawan learner.

No, it's... farther. Farther out!

I can't go farther.

Farther out!

I can't.

All right, here. I gotcha. I gotcha.

You got me?

I'm holding you.

Farther out. Here, hold on. A little further.

What's that? What do you got there?

See, I told you I saw something.

I had nothing to do with that one.

It's a Smith & Wesson 32 kit.

Just like the gat Bogie was packing in Maltese Falcon.

It's the stuff dreams are made of.

Out of my way.

Any prints on the weapon?

Gibbs, it was underwater and covered in mud.

McGee found it with his butt.

The serial number remained intact.

I gave it to Ziva. She's running it down.

So, the test-fired slug is on the left.

And the one that Ducky removed from our victim is on the right.

You've got your murder weapon, Gibbs.


Handed to us on a silver platter. near the Grant Road entrance to Rock Creek Park.

Secure line, restricted number.

Find out who made the call.

Director Vance, I'll need the password toour voice mail account.

For your eyes only.

Yes, sir.

And the messages from my wife, not for your ears.

I understand.


Go home. Change.

You think this is a catch-me-if-you-can?

The killer's taunting us?


The lieutenant commander had Top Secret clearance.

Worked on the Hill. Had a lot of high-profile contacts.

I'm going to need to be kept in the loop on this.

I've been on the case less than 24 hours.

When I get something concrete, I will let you know.

Abby... what're you doing?

A boundary's been crossed, Gibbs. I've been violated.

Nothing is sacred anymore.

Yeah. Tell me.

Someone stole my cupcake.



And it wasn't just any cupcake.

It was a Chocoholic's Choice cupcake.

There is a thief amongst us.

I'm gonna find out who, and they're going to be sorry.

Do you think you could pull yourself away from this long enough to focus on the murder?

I've been working, Gibbs.

Commander McLellan... she buys a lot of clothes online.

She downloads classical music, and she reads her horoscope every day, as do I.

Today it said I was gonna have a positive encounter with a coworker.

Not gonna happen.

That all you got?


Um, I also found fibers on the victim's clothing.

They're consistent with automobile carpet.

So, I'm running the fibers through the FBI fiber database to try to find out the make and... model.



Is that a cupcake crumb?


We'll see.

Thanks, Jer. You are indeed the man.

If Carrie McLellan had a married lover, I've got a pretty good candidate.

Her C.O., Admiral Graves.

What'd you find out?

He and the wife separated a year ago.

Now they're back together, trying to make it work.

But my source at the Pentagon says he's still a player.

Who's your source?

Jerry the barber.

A barber?

Yeah, works in the Pentagon Athletic Center.

Overhears more gossip than anyone else in the building.

Barbers, manicurists, shoe-shine guys-- they're invisible.

People talk in front of them like they're not even there.

Graves is involved.

You accusing an admiral, DiNozzo?

Following my instincts.

Boss, the anonymous call made to Director Vance came from a burn phone.

Was purchased in cash from a convenience store in Arlington.


More than a year ago.

Surveillance video is only kept for a month.

Call originated from a cell tower near Lafayette Park, across from the White House.

Oh, and I, I identified the voice.


Not exactly a "who."

The sly brown fox quickly jumped over the lazy dog.

It's a text reader from WriteDraft 2007.

The most sophisticated voice-generating software around.

Are we gonna catch a break on this one?

I got lucky with the gun.

Serial number indicates it was manufactured in 1949.

Was never registered.

But the firing pin looked new, so I checked around.

Turns out ten years ago, it was taken to a master gunsmith for restoration and cleaning.

The owner's name was...

Otis Tripp.

He died in 1999.

No one leaves here till I get back.

Okay. Now I'm officially curious.

We found the murder weapon.

That's a good thing, right?


Owned by a Marine who's been dead nine years-- Otis Tripp, your father-in-law.

Smith & Wesson, 32 kit. Have you ever see it?

Yeah. Otis left it to me.

I don't understand.

It was in my den, locked in the gun cabinet with the rest of my collection.

Where did you find it?

All right, I see where this is going.

I did not kill that woman.

Jethro, I could never get anything by you.

You could always see right through my bull.

I'm telling you the truth.

I did not kill Carrie McLellan.

Somebody's framing me.

It sure looks that way.

Did Carrie get killed because of me?

Yeah, Gibbs.

I need you back at my office now.


I gotta go. I-I love you, too.


When'd the call come in?

About an hour ago.

You have reached the voice mail of...

What's taking so long? I led you to the gun.

When is an arrest going to be made?

Is Special Agent Gibbs covering up for an old friend?

If there's something you've been holding back, now would be a very good time for you to tell me.

Where the hell are you going?

Director Vance.

Senator Patrick Kiley.

I met Carrie about a year and a half ago.

She was helping me with two high school students from my state who I was sponsoring for admission to the academy.

I became fascinated.

Her intelligence, wit, beauty.

I kept finding excuses to see her.

Obviously, that was a mistake.

And when you heard she was dead, you called Special Agent Gibbs.

I knew the investigation would lead to me.

In Jethro's defense, the first thing he said was he wouldn't cover anything up.

Senator's being framed.

By whom?

Any enemies?

Oh, I'm a politician, Director Vance. Enemies come with the territory.

Anyone in particular?

Yeah. Big oil money.

I hate to accuse anyone. We're talking about murder.

No, Pat.

No, we're talking about you.

We're talking about your life, murder of a naval officer who might have been killed because of her association with you.

My energy bill is going to pass.

If I'm a suspect of a murder, the legislation is dead.

There's a lobbyist...

Reed Talbot, who's been trying to dig up dirt on me.

Would he have killed somebody over a bill not passing?

It could cost the oil companies tens of billions of dollars.

And the vote's next week.


Your status as a senator aside, this investigation will take us where it takes us.

But it's the agency's policy never to divulge details of an ongoing case.

Thank you.

Hey, guys.

I identified the fibers I found on the lieutenant commander's clothing.

Charcoal gray from the cargo compartment of a 2003 to 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Must be hundreds of those in the metro area.

What? Why?

I need a DNA swab.

What's this about?

Someone stole her cupcake.

No. It's an invasion of privacy.

McGee, I will get your DNA one way or the another.

Do what the woman says. She sleeps in a coin.

Thanks. You're next.

Can I do that myself? I don't like people putting things in my mouth.


Abby, you're making too much of this.

I'll buy you another cupcake.

Feeling guilty, Ziva?

I got you the cupcake.

No one is above suspicion.

Is that, uh...

Yes, it is.

Ziva, background on Reed Talbot.

Lobbyist for oil interes.

McGee, Director got another anonymous phone call.

On it, boss.

Come on, DiNozzo. You're with me.

Need your DNA, Gibbs.

I'll show you to the study.


Is everything all right, sir?

You haven't been answering your cell phone.

I turned if off, Cole. Everything's fine.

Um, you know you missed the Press Club Dinner.

I know.

Special Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo, this is Cole Erickson, my chief of staff.



We're here investigating a stolen weapon.

I'll explain it later, Cole.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

I thought I heard a familiar voice.

I was going to give Patrick grief for disappearing tonight, but since he was with you, I'll forgive him.

Hello, Lynn.

I'm Lynn.

Anthony DiNozzo.

Lynn, I wish it were, but this isn't a social visit.

Honey, we have to talk.

What's wrong?

Cole, would you take Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo into the study?

They're here to look at my gun cabinet.

Mm, yes, sir.

Right this way.


Let's go in here.

Look at that. Armed to the teeth.

Desert Storm?

Yeah, our base camp in Doha.

You're that gunnery sergeant the senator always talks about.

We served together.

Well, the way he tells it, you made a young, raw lieutenant look good.

It's locked.

Know where the key is?

I believe the senator keeps it in his top drawer.

I got it.

Thanks very much. We'll let you know if we need anything.

Well, some things never change.

Door's unlocked, and you're down here working on that damn boat.

How you doing, Lynn?

I've had better days.

It is a six to five game, top of the seventh inning.

And the series is tied at two games apiece.

Is the bar open?


Oh, and a strike on the inside corner...

Thank God the boys are away at school.

I had to get out of the house.

Been driving around for hours.

Realized I needed someone to talk to.

'Cause I promised the b*st*rd I wouldn't tell anyone about his sleazy affair with the dead girl, but since you already know.

Go. Talk. You were there for me.

If you can get through Shannon and Kelly's deaths, I can get through this.

Gonna be tough.

A circus when the media gets ahold of it.

I'll tell you one thing, Jethro.

I am not going to be the dutiful wife, standing by his side at the press conference.

He got himself into this. He can deal with it.

You knew about the affair?

Not at first.

I mean, you suspect, but you don't want to believe it.

I didn't even know who the woman was.

I knew where they were meeting.

At his chief of staff's apartment.

Cole Erickson?

I didn't like that weasel from day one.

Seems very loyal.

Loyal? He'd do anything Patrick asked.

I think he's in love with my husband.

I've never seen him with a woman.

Patrick. It's the fifth time he's called.

You can't keep avoiding him.

Well, I'm not feeling very forgiving at the moment.

That'll come.

You need to go home.

Thanks for listening, Jethro.

You know, as much as I hate Patrick at this moment, you and I both know he's a Marine to the core, and he would never shoot anyone, let alone a woman, in the back.

Okay, talk to me, Abs.


Um, okay, I analyzed all the prints from the gun cabinet, and I matched them all to the elimination prints that Tony took from Senator Kiley, his wife and the chief of staff, Cole Erickson.

There's was one right index finger that didn't belong to anybody.

I ran it through AFIS. Nothing.

Did the senator have a-a housekeeper?

Well, you'd think so.

What's that? That the shoeprint McGee lifted from the crime scene? no. Uh, the print that he lifted was from a metro policeman.

Well, then, what's that?

I'm so close to a bust, Gibbs.

You cannot have my cupcake and eat it, too.

You're not serious.


Thurman Atteberry? The night janitor?

Seems like he's... recently put on a little weight.

Reed Talbot.

Look at the crooked grin on his face.

Well, he's a lobbyist.

Arm-twisting sleazebag.

To quote a Congressional aide I interviewed this morning,

"Reed Talbot will do anything in his power to defeat Senator Kiley's energy bill."

I have a feeling about this guy.

Yeah, I had a feeling about Admiral Graves.

Even I can be wrong.

Abby's got a fingerprint she can't match.

Talbot's on file?

No. Checked.

He has never been in the military or arrested.

Hey, are Cole Erickson's prints on the gun cabinet?


He's moving up my list. He drives a 2006 Jeep Cherokee.

Don't know what color the interior is, but I'm gonna find out.

That second anonymous call to the director was made from the same burn phone.

The same location?


I need this.

What for?

The call lasted 26 seconds.

Started on this cell tower.

Halfway through, transferred to this one.

The caller was in a vehicle, traveling westbound on Independence.

Probably used a laptop to generate the voice.

Excuse me, sir. Do you have a minute?


I am collecting signatures for a national referendum.

What's it about?

There is a movement trying to reintroduce the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit to reduce fuel consumption.

We are against it.

Do you know who I am?

A very handsome man who looks like he keeps himself in shape.

Where do I sign?

Phone number and e-mail?

That's optional...


Well, I'll be happy to give them... uh, to you.

Thank you very much.

My pleasure.

Here's the number of Erickson's PDA. Trace it.

I'm in the middle of something.


Cole Erickson's Jeep has a charcoal gray interior.

Matches the fiber Abby found on the victim.

Get a look at the vehicle.

Can't find Erickson. Not answering his phones.

Called the Senator's office, Erickson never showed for work this morning-- they're looking for him, too.

PDA's on.

Where is it?

Watergate Complex.

Erickson has an apartment there.

Yeah, we're here. Is it still on?



McGee says the PDA's still on at this location.

Give me a key.

Keep the hallway clear.

Mr. Erickson, NCIS!


Boss? It's a suicide note.

The suicide note was written and printed on this computer.

Erickson's Grand Cherokee is still in his parking space.

Having it towed to the evidence garage.


Looks like you were wrong about Reed Talbot.

He's still a crumb bag.

Hey, you got something?

Yes, this area of the carpet was recently cleaned.

I will get the ALS.

DUCKY: I can give you a preliminary cause of death.


Yes, well, it is rather obvious, isn't it?

Would you care to venture the time of death?

Little after 10:00 this morning.

I'm not feeling very needed.

On what do you base your reasoning?

Suicide note was written at 10:02.

Boss. Found this in the desk.

It's the burn phone Erickson used to make the anonymous calls to the director.

The laptop has WriteDraft Text Reader.

Listen to this.

What's taking so long? I led you to the gun.

Gibbs? Visitor.

Cole's body is still in there?

Can I see him?

It's a secure crime scene, Pat.

I just can't believe Cole would do this.

When did he learn about your affair?

He knew from the beginning.

He let us use his apartment.

What was his relationship with her?

Didn't really have one that I know of.

He met her a few times.

I had my own key, so he was usually gone before we got here.

If what you're asking is, did Cole disapprove?


He left a note.

Full confession. Admitted making the calls to NCIS.

Addressed to you.



Asphyxia confirmed.

And I found a large quantity of diazepam in his stomach and bloodstream.

A depressant?

Well, it's not unusual.

Suicides often take drugs to relax so they won't change their mind, and in his case, pull the bag off his head.

You got an opinion?

It doesn't feel right.

We were handed the gun and a suicide confession-- it's too easy.

Senator Kiley is holding a press conference in two hours.

I've been asked to attend.

I would like to be able to confirm that this case is solved, but I'm getting the feeling that you don't think so.

Hell, you can get a lot done in two hours, Leon.

You looking for me, Tony?

No. I am.

Do you think I'm an idiot?


What, you thought I wouldn't figure it out?

What is she talking about?

The cupcake.

You stole it from my refrigerator!

I have forensic evidence. Your big fat fingerprint.

Oh, come on, you think I'm that stupid?

Look, if I was going to steal your precious cupcake, I would not leave a fingerprint on your refrigerator.

You didn't. You used latex gloves.

Brand-new box, McGee.

Only prints... mine and yours.

You said you were going gluten-free.

Where is it, McGee?

I was saving you from yourself, Abby.

Where did you "save it", McGee?

Okay, I ate it. Look, it was late. I hadn't eaten since lunch.

Th-Th-The machine in the break room was empty, and it looked so good.

What were you thinking, McGee?

She's a world-class forensic scientist.

Thank you, Tony.

I bought the cupcake for Abby.

So... how was it?

It was life-changing.

Book him, Danno.

Ah, break it up, we've got work to do.

Gibbs, we have a confession.

The blood on the carpet was Carrie McLellan's.

She was killed at Erickson's apartment.

And more of her blood was in the back of his truck.

That's how he moved the body to the park.

McGee, pull Erickson's phone company records for his PDA.

Find out if his device was used during these dates and times.

Got you, boss.

Your two hours are up.


Appreciate your showing up.

It's good to have the support of an old friend.

I'm not here to support you.


I'm here to arrest you, Pat.

This a joke?

I don't think so.

Cole Erickson's confession didn't pan out.

He wasn't the anonymous caller.

At the time you got the second tip from the burn phone, Erickson... he was 50 miles away talking to his mother on his PDA.

You placed those calls, Pat.

When you were coming to meet me at the Tidal Basin.

Jethro, I...

No, no, you traded on our friendship.

You did know that the investigation of Commander McLellan's murder would lead to you.

So you came to me, and you volunteered the information.

I should have known I'd never get it by you.

I shot Carrie.

No, you didn't.

You said that I'd always know when you were lying.

Well, you're lying right now.

No, I... Why would I...

Don't say any more, Patrick.

Your mistake, Lynn: coming to me, saying to me that Pat would never shoot anybody in the back.

That detail was never released.

You never should have gone to him.

What the hell happened to you two?

I didn't go to Cole's apartment to kill her.

I took my father's gun to scare her off.

She got defensive and said terrible things.

I lost it.

I don't even remember pulling the trigger.

I got there right after it happened.

I wasn't going to let Lynn go to prison for something that was ultimately my fault, so when Cole got home, I persuaded him to help me dispose of the body.

Jethro... it was an accident.

Maybe... but the murder of Cole Erickson was cold and was premeditated.

Framed him.

Made it look like suicide to save yourselves.

You murdered him.

Do we need to leave with handcuffs?

You are all out of favors, Pat.

Earlier today, NCIS agents arrested Senator Patrick Kiley and his wife, Lynn Tripp Kiley, for the murders of Lieutenant Commander Carrie McLellan and Cole Erickson, the senator's chief of staff.

Welcome to Washington.

Would have appreciated a heads-up before the arrest.

You covered good.



They're important.

Guess you know all about that after today.

How do you think we're gonna do in that department?