06x04 - Heartland

Oh.come on, man.

Get out!

Let's go, buddy. Time to go, buddy.

That's no way to treat a Marine.

Ease up, Sergeant. Let's go home.

Where is my...

I left my credit card in the bar. Come on.

Sarge. Get it tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow, LaCombe.

I'm going around front.

Know what? I think the sergeant is a little drunk.

But you're fine, right, sailor?

Attention, Corporal Taylor.




Ethan. Hang on, man. Hang on.

Help! Help!

NCIS Season06 Episode04 Heartland

None of the bar staff heard anything.

Apparently, they like their music real loud.

Discourages talking.

Encourages drinking and other mouth-related activities.

The camera's been disabled. Looks like the dumpster's been moved, too.

Yeah. Hiding place. Already thought about it.

Mozart and mayhem.

A little early for formal attire?

Oh, really?

I'd say late. Looks like Ducky got lucky.

You've never heard of a night at the opera?

Sure. Groucho as Otis P. Driftwood.

Marx Brothers at their most hilarious.

Love the part where they rip up the contract.

That's no good-a for you. It's no good-a for me.

Single blunt-force trauma to the sternum.

At least one broken rib.

Ziva, I'm gonna need you to bag some wood chips for me.

It could be a baseball bat.

Major league ass-kicking.

EMTs declared Taylor dead at the scene a little after 3:00 a.m.

How's the other fella?

Corporal Ethan LaCombe, rushed to the hospital.

Multiple fractures, internal bleeding.

They're prepping him for brain surgery right now.

How ironic.

LaCombe managed to survive a vicious attack, while you have the bad luck to die from what appears to be a single blow.

Three of you were together?

I ran inside to get my card.

I left him.

There's no way you could've known, Sergeant.

I should have.

I'm supposed to know everything about them.

What about Corporal LaCombe?

Oh, Ethan. Funny as all hell.

Throws a baseball that'll sting your hand for a week.

But other than that, Ethan's a mystery.


Never wanted to talk about it.

Wears a class ring on his right hand.

His eyes would glaze over, and he'd just start twisting that thing.

Sand would get under it, rub his finger raw.

He never took that thing off.

I didn't press him, you know?

But he's hiding something back there.

Why don't you go get yourself to a hospital, Marine.

Yes, sir.

Camera on the alleyway, boss.

Been KO'd. Time stamp puts it about a half hour before the fight.

This wasn't a bar brawl, McGee. This was an ambush.

That was pristine.

Would you like us to put them on the floor?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

That's what it's for: swabbing the deck, clearing the runway, ready for takeoff.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Tidy on the outside makes tidy on the inside.

Feng shui the gray matter.

And now, to make sense of the chaos.

Cigarette butts, food wrapper...

What is that, cheese?

Recovered from the alleyway where the attack took place.

Other one's personal effects-- what the corporals had on them.

Might want to start with LaCombe.

Least he's still alive.

There's blood on his ring; it's bent.

It's from impact.

Got a few punches in.

Might give us DNA.

Might give us more than that.

Stillwater High School.

That supposed to mean something to us?

Stillwater High School.

In all that time that you two spend staring at computer screens, you never once peeked in the man's file? Come on!

Whose file?

Stillwater is a small town in Pennsylvania coal country.

Primarily known for the mine, but only slightly less well known as the birthplace of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

This guy is from Gibbs' hometown.

Corporal LaCombe's medical report.

Surgeon performed a craniotomy on his frontal lobe to relieve the pressure.

He'll survive?

Well, they're cautiously optimistic.

Right now, he's in a drug-induced coma until the swelling subsides.

This is more than you can say for his friend here.

Corporal Taylor. Cause of death?

It's a bit of an oddity.

Single blunt-force trauma, but he had a prior injury, a fractured vertebrosternal rib.

It was re-fractured by the blow.

The point of the rib went through his pericardium and penetrated his left ventricle, causing him to bleed to death.

A result of the beating.

Yes. But his wasn't nearly as severe as that taken by LaCombe.

In addition to his skull fracture, LaCombe had thoracic spine fractures from multiple blunt-force traumas, left-side pneumothorax-- that's collapsed lung-- and a ruptured spleen.

I mean, without encroaching on your territory, Jethro, might I suggest...

That the dead guy was a dead end.

LaCombe was the target.


Any idea why?

I just started looking, Duck.

I've heard whispers that your search might take you to Stillwater, Pennsylvania.

Ah, it may.

Digging into a man's past, no telling what it might unearth.

So many questions.

My mind is spinning with questions.

I mean, have you ever thought about it?

He actually came from somewhere. He didn't just appear, you know.

He didn't just start Gibbs. He was a boy.

And then he grew.

I thought he was molded from clay, had life breathed into him by a group of mystics.

That's funny, I thought he fell to Earth in a capsule after his home planet exploded.

No, he burst forth full-grown from the mind of Zeus.


He is the avatar of Vishnu.

He was sent to be the left hand of Yahweh.

He was grown in a cabbage patch.

I'm trying to pose a serious metaphysical question here.

You want to be clever? I can be clever.

Just a matter of time, DiNozzo.

Tracing the moves of LaCombe and Taylor's squad, boss.

They returned from Iraq three weeks ago, arrived at Lejeune.

No outgoing e-mails, no telephone calls, no visitors.


Just, uh, one aunt on the mother's side: Janet LaCombe.

Lives in Stillwater, Pennsylvania.

So I've heard.

Abby lifted traces of anthracite off one of the splinters we recovered.

It's like coal dust, like you find in a coal mine.

Road trip.


On your six, boss.

Follow up with the Taylor family.

But I...

On it.

Hate you. Take lots of pictures.

Printed out directions, boss.

Yeah, I know how to get there, McGee.

So when was the last time you went home?

I make it a point to go home every night.

Well, I mean, when was the last time you went to Stillwater?

I'd just joined the Corps.

Summer '76.

What was it like when you left?

Whole lot of fanfare.

Fireworks, parades...

Might have been the bicentennial.

Well, that didn't take long.

You know, if you had a little tennis ball buzz cut instead of that salt and pepper, you'd remind me of this skinny little wise-ass I used to know.

Why didn't you tell me you was coming?

Not sure it's worth your trouble.

Heard you was a Fed now.

Never imagined we'd end up on the same side, huh?

No. No, never.

How you been, Ed?

After 30 years?

Well, let's see, um...

Remember Debbie Leonard? Knocked her up. Married, kids.

My kid had a kid, calls me Pappy.

You know how it goes.

Anything I can help you with?

Far as the police work goes.

I'll let you know.

You do that, Leroy.

Old friend?

Check with DiNozzo. Find out how LaCombe's doing.

Boss, there a reason you didn't call ahead?

Of course there is.

If someone around here had a grudge to settle with Ethan LaCombe, why let them know we're coming?

Janet LaCombe?


We need to talk to you about your nephew.

About Ethan? He's dead.

Uh, no, Miss LaCombe. We didn't mean to give you that impression.

Ethan is still alive.

He was badly injured in an attack.

He's in a hospital in Virginia currently.

Ethan's in a hospital?

Oh, my Lord. I can't believe it.

I thought he died four years ago.

Ethan's alive!

Afraid you're not going to have much luck.

Occasionally, when the wind is right, you can get a signal.

Thank you.

Is there a public phone around here I could use?

There's one in my store. My name's Jackson.



Well, Ziva, it looks like you dropped something.

Kind of tells a story, doesn't it?

A $20 bill in your wallet is just a piece of paper.

You put it on the ground and, suddenly, it's full of wonder.

Context can change a thing.

That it can.

For instance, I'll bet, back in, uh...

Israel, you were considered a pretty girl.

You step one foot in my country and, instantly, you're an exotic beauty.

When did we start talking about people?

Well, if the "I" in NCIS is to be believed, you're observant enough to realize that all this is a pretext for engaging a young woman in conversation.

Miss LaCombe, we need to ask you a few more questions before you head to the hospital.

I'm sorry. I'm just... Ethan.

His mom-- my sister-- she was a wild child.

We knew she'd die young.

Where was his father?

Who was his father?

Not exactly easy to narrow it down, if youet my drift.

Boy took after his mother regardless.

Got into all sorts of trouble.

What kind of trouble?

Got in some fights, stole a car.

Did some time for that.

Blew out of here not too long after he got out.

He have any enemies?

From around here? Don't you get it?

The whole town thought he was dead.

Boss, you think maybe we've taken something of a wrong turn?

Everyone in town thought he was dead already.

Maybe he wanted it that way.

Word travels fast.

That it does.

When people actually open their mouths and speak with one another.

You don't call. You don't write.

Were you going to come by and say hi?



Ziva, McGee.

Jackson Gibbs. My father.

This is a pretty nice setup you got here, Mr. Gibbs.


You got to stay up with technology, Tim.

Otherwise, you concede to time inch by inch.

Not that it's worth the while.

Is this Nepal?


It was my 60th birthday, and I climbed 13, 000 feet.

I thought I'd give myself a victory cigar, forgetting how thin the air was, and I passed out.

Next thing I know, a sherpa was giving me mouth-to-mouth.

But I always make it a point to return home after every adventure, unlike some people I know.

Does he ever talk about me-- my boy?

I think I heard him refer to you once as dead.

Uh, you probably misheard him, McGee.

Think she's right. Uh, I think he probably said "Dad."


Hey, what... what's the story on that picture there? That looks interesting.

It's the grand opening of the store.

Me and LJ opened it after too many close calls in the mines.


LJ-- Leroy Jethro.

I-Is that the, uh, gun you learned to shoot with?

No one was ever allowed to touch that Winchester.

Yeah, let that be a lesson in parenting.

Tell a kid he can't have a rifle and he grows up to be a sniper.

Can I get you something to eat, Leroy?

Can't. Case.

Well, least I can help you with that.

I had a few beers with Ethan LaCombe.

Gee, I'm shocked.

Leroy could never see the benefit of keeping a six-pack on ice.

He'd spend all his time out in the garage working on some project.

We didn't even have electricity out there.

I can see it.

One day, he blew all his money on some wreck that he picked up at a junkyard.

He was going to rebuild it from the spark plugs up.

Never did get it running.

And where do you keep her?

I can't hang on to every piece of junk.

No, just your junk.

What were we talking about?


Ethan, yeah, yeah. Good kid. Little reckless.

Most people liked him.

Except Winslow up there.

Chuck Winslow?

Yeah, your old buddy.

Owns the Winslow Mining Company?

That's the one.

Ethan had a kind of a thing for his daughter Emily.

She married Nick Kingston.

That was before Ethan took off for greener pastures.

Now, where are you going?

You're not going to walk up there and start accusing people, are you?

I thought I'd drive.

Leroy. Leroy.

Now, don't go doing anything stupid.

If you're dead set on going another round with Chuck Winslow, this is the least you can do.

You'd be amazed what you can get done with a kind word.

I'll show you.

Uh, boss, we'll, uh, we'll wait here.

I'll call Tony.

I'll call Abby.

What do you got, Abs?

I found three distinct blood samples on LaCombe's ring.

One sample belongs to LaCombe, but he definitely got some punches in.

If we're really lucky, our bad guys have some marks on them.

You heard anything?

From Hazzard County? No, not yet.

Look, Bo. There's our good ol' boy.

I got 'em.

Hey, Luke. How's Uncle Jesse?

Gibbs has a father.

Tell me everything.

His name is Jackson. He's a good talker. He may have winked at me.

Gibbs is very different around him.

Different how? Different bad, different good?

He's like a teenager, sort of.

Okay, I'm coming. I'm going. I'm leaving.

Me, too.

No, you can't, not unless you've found a way the people in town might have thought Ethan LaCombe was alive.

They thought he was dead?

Wait, I have that. I wrote that down.

Hang on, I, I found it. Here.

See, look, that's a video link.

Type that in and, and, uh...

Yeah, there. There it is.You see him?

This is from Iraq?

Yeah, that's him.

LaCombe was tagged in the video's content.

Just posted before his squad came home.

I'm impressed with your Internet savvy, Tony. How'd you find that?

I used Google.

Not so impressive; Gibbs probably could have done that.


Where is Gibbs?

Haven't you forgotten something?

How you doing, Nick?

Hey, Jack.

This is my son Leroy, an old friend of your father-in-law's.

No, come on in, Leroy.

Did I hear someone say Leroy?

Stop the presses. Got a new headline.

Local boy makes good.

Not as good as you, Chuck.

Oh, that's kind of you to say.

Just hard work and sweat... mostly other peoples'.

Sit. Let's crack this bottle.

Emily, let me help you with that.

Oh, that's woman's work, Jack.

Take a load off.

Bring us some glasses, would you, sweetheart?

Sure, Daddy.

Home is the sailor, home from the sea.

So the poem goes.

Here you go.

No offense. I know you're a Marine through to the bone.

What brings you back?

Another Marine-- Ethan LaCombe.

Must be a night for raising the dead.

Haven't heard that boy's name in years.

He's not dead.

Really? Well, rumor was, uh, he drowned in, in Alaska.

What was it, hon?


He had that mean streak in him. What do you call it?

Uh, thrill-seeker, death wish?

Just shows to go you can't always get what you want.

Leroy is just doing some background research, all very standard.

NCIS insists you, you beat all the bushes.

Particularly with murder.

Murder? You said the boy was alive.

Yeah, he is. His friend isn't. We're still looking for a motive.

Well, we, we haven't seen Ethan since he lit out of here, uh...

What was it then? Six years ago?

You know, he tried to run off with my girl, but she came to her senses.

No, Ethan was the wrong boy for my daughter.

She chose the right man.

So what kind of clues you following, Sherlock?


Attackers left traces on his ring.

His ring?

Yeah. Class ring. Just like that.

That's odd; Ethan never graduated high school.

This isn't exactly the kind of after-dinner conversation I expected, Chuck.

No, no, no, no. I'm interested.

Tell me about the blood.

Well, it can be used to convict a suspect.

Or rule somebody out, of course.

And you got a reason to believe there's a suspect around here?

Not yet.

Daddy, Daddy.

Oh, hey, there, buddy. This is my son Chris.

Chris, you're getting awful big. How old are you now?

He's, uh, he's five.

Five and three-quarters.

That's right, big guy.

Thanks for the drink.

Come here, sweetie.


Everybody's always lying to you all the time.

Can't you ever take things as you see 'em?

I see people lying to me.

You were such a happy child.

Boss, I talked to Tony and Abby.


You make them call you that?

He's not a...

Are you a boss, Leroy?

Blood traces from LaCombe's ring will help us ID two of his attackers.

As far as how they found him, LaCombe's squad in Iraq made a video and put it on the Net.

It was posted a month ago, and already has almost half million hits.

It's a lot of data to sift through, but I can tell who's seen it.

You can do that?

You can tell everything I've been looking at?

What have you been looking at?

None of your business.

See, using, uh, service-provider accounts, I can cross-reference the static IPs...

McGee... I'm tired.

I can conclusively say that this video has been viewed from the Winslows' home account.

Someone in that house knew Ethan LaCombe was still alive.

Well, you see, anybody could have found that.

I mean, anybody could have known how to find him.

It could have been anyone.

But they lied to me about it.

Yeah. It's good coffee.

Yeah, I know.

Morning, Gibbs.


Corporal LaCombe briefly regained consciousness, but, uh, he has no memory of the attack.

Tony's trying to secure a court order for the Winslow family.

To take blood samples, financial records.

Who is this Tony?

He will be driving up this afternoon.

So, how's it go?

You line up people you don't like and make 'em give you blood?

It's not personal.

Sure, it is.

One of those guys put that kid in the hospital killed his friend.

Yeah, and you know this how?

I can feel it.

Feelings. That sounds very personal to me.

I do this for a living.

Some living.

Just to let you feel superior to everybody else.

What do you want me to do?

Why do you say you think they're responsible?

How about getting some more evidence first?

How about that? How about DNA?

I thought everything was DNA now.

It's a shame. I was really starting to like him.

Me, too.

And Gibbs sure is bending over backwards to accommodate him.

He needs to be himself.

Can I help you folks?

Sure you want to make that offer?

Depends on what you're looking for.

Anything that may carry traces of DNA.

This dumpster is on a public access road, so we are able...

And willing.

To go through it.

Looking for treasures like this.

Does that bother you?

Yeah, it's a... It's a little off-putting.

Here. Let me help.

I appreciate you making an effort not to tear the town apart.

You give people a chance, they might surprise you.

That's what worries me.

Tell me about this investigator thing of yours.

We haven't talked since you started it.

It's $1.75 In fact, we haven't talked since the funeral.

I adored that wife of yours.

And I adored that child, too.

Always figured it was Shannon that sent me the Christmas cards.

Well, it's like what you do.

What, selling groceries?

No. You like to tell a story.

Well, I've been known to spin a yarn or two.

Yeah, most of mine start with a dead body.

You look into how they got that way, they come back to life.

Two and a quarter.

Meet the people they knew.

You see what they try to show you.

You read what they try to hide.

People come in here all the time.

Tell me their life stories at the drop of a hat.

What are they trying to hide?


Need assurance their life means something.

Leroy... what did I do at the funeral?

You mean, other than showing up with a date?

I always thought that your mom and I had a love story for the ages.

I never regretted giving up the skies, working underground every day in the mines.

I wanted to give you that white, picket-fence dream.

And you did.

But you see... things did not work out between your mom and me.

When she died, I know how mad that made you.

I know how you hated me for getting on with my life.

I saw the look in your face.

How you wanted vengeance.

And that look went away when you met Shannon, but it came back quick after they died.

I knew what that meant.

You were gonna find someone to take it out on.

Didn't matter what I said.

It never did.

What do you see now?

Oh, Chuck. Ed.

I've got some complaints to register on behalf of my employees.

You've been sifting through their trash.

I told you to come to me if you needed anything.

You did. I will.

Be civilized, Leroy.

You ask me, I think this is about a grudge.

I got Ethan LaCombe's juvenile record unsealed.

That car he stole belonged to you.

The arrest report was written by Ed here.

You made sure he did time.

We are law-abiding citizens.

I can't tolerate that kind of behavior.

You just couldn't get rid of him.

You want to settle the score?

Why don't we handle it like men?

I know how you two handle things.

Get off him!

Get off of me!

Hold him, Ed.

That's enough!

Next time, when your daddy's not around, I'm gonna kill you.

Next time, when your buddy's not around, Chuck, I'm gonna kill you.

Sure you want to pick this fight?

Wasn't my choice.

You feel that?

What? Week-old bananas?

No. We are being watched.

How do you do that?

Hi. You must be Emily.

You're with Agent Gibbs.

Here about... Ethan.

You know him?

We were very... close... before he left.

Those feelings do not go away overnight.

No. They don't.

I found him on the Internet.

The video of his squad?

You never believed he was dead?

I didn't want to.

But I was starting to...

I just wanted to talk to him again.

I made some calls.

He was my best friend.

Is that all?


Emily, who knew?

You want to get off my property?

Are we finished here, McGee?



Well, boss, we got a load of garbage in the car.

I'm sure Abby will have a field day sifting through it for... DNA.

And we found out who saw the video. It was Emily.

There a reason you're not on the road, McGee?

Listen, boss, I-I understand that you're treating this case differently.

Some might say with kid gloves.

But not me. I wouldn't say that.

Boss, you're gonna start busting in doors at some point, right?

Dragging people out in handcuffs.

Tossing 'em in a room, lean on 'em till they break.

Personally, I think it works for you.

Yesterday you thought I'd made a wrong turn.

Well, that was yesterday.

Today I'm not moving fast enough.

I didn't mean to...

Want to frontload complaints for tomorrow, McGee, or do I have to wait until the sun comes up?

What was that?

Jethro? Jethro?

Everybody okay?

Yeah, fine.

All of our evidence was in there.

What now?

All right, let's do it your way.

Hi, guys.

Pass a lot of Volkswagen Beetles on your way up?

Abby cheats at punch-buggy. - I know.

What does it look like?

Like someone stuffed a rag in a gas tank and lit the fuse.

And toasted our DNA.

Where's Gibbs?

Waiting for you inside.

I'll get my gear.

What about Senior?

All right.


Hi, I'm...

DiNozzo, court order.

Winslow Residence, Winslow Mine, including employees.

Nick Kingston...

Emily Kingston...

Chris Kingston.

You got a court order for a five-year-old?

Five-and-three-quarter. Have Abby set up here. We'll bring her evidence.

Take Ziva and McGee to the mine. I got the residence.

Oh, we got a problem. Uh, only one car.

I got a car.

426 Hemi.

R/T suspension package, just the way you wanted it.

Right down to the color.

Are we gonna stand here staring, or are we gonna get going?

That's right. I said "we."

Well, hey, there. You Nick Kingston?

Now what are you looking for?

I got a court order here to take your blood.

Your employees, too.

You're gonna make us?

Well, yeah, Nick, that's what the little piece of paper's for.

I hope I'm not interrupting dinner.

Now, that's the man I remember.

Just bust in before you know what's going on.

I know.

What do you know?

Daddy? You okay?

It's nothing, sweetheart. Go back upstairs.

Well, you really didn't want Ethan around your daughter.

You give him the same threat you gave me?

Well, the boy was smart enough to stay gone.

Not forever. Emily found him.

So I went after him?

No, no, no, that's not the way you work.

You'd get somebody else to do it.

Hello, Ed.


Got a report of a disturbance up here.

A lot of that going on tonight.

Too much.

Why don't we sit this one out?

Come back for blood.

That's got some poetry to it, Leroy.

Yeah. What's it gonna tell me, Chuck?

Well, I'm glad that went smooth.

Can't even remember where I keep the shells for this thing.

Boss, according to the time cards from the Winslow offices, these two were working in the mines on Friday.

Notice the signatures?

But according to their blood...

What do you got, Abbs?

I'm just double-checking my results.

It's a wonder.

Well, it's more accurate to match DNA from a blood sample at a crime scene to a source than it is to create an entire profile, but in a pinch.

I narrowed it down by type; then I centrifuged the samples to separate serum for electrophoresis.

It's not that complicated, Jack.

Well, I mean, it's a wonder that Leroy gets any work done surrounded by such beautiful women.

Are you always this awkward around girls?

So, these two are the samples taken from the crime scene and the ring.

These guys attacked LaCombe and Taylor.

Now, the other sample is LaCombe's.

Here's where it gets interesting.

See these dark markers here and here?


What does that mean?

Well, it's a genetically inherited blood anomaly.

They also appear in this sample.

The owner of this sample is related to LaCombe.

Father and son?


I guess you were right about people hiding things.

Ed's locking up those two boys from the mine.

For killing Taylor.

Trying to kill Ethan.

He'll live.

I thought you'd want to know.

Since he's family.

What do you mean?

Blood relative.

I knew it.


Chris is his son. I always knew it.


I was already pregnant when he got out of prison.

It broke his heart, but he didn't want to tear apart our family.

You won.

You gave him your ring.

But I never slept with him.

I swear.

I don't believe you.

Well, you should.

Chris is your son.

And Ethan is yours.


I couldn't let the two of you... brother and sister.

Now you know.

Why didn't you ever say so?

It would have meant acknowledging an heir to your fortune.

You sent them after Ethan?

I've done a lot of things in my life, but...

Even you wouldn't try to kill your own son.

You signed the time cards for those two miners.

They weren't there, but you knew where they really were.

Get up.

Why couldn't you ever just believe me?



Called it first.

Called it first.


Jack, I just, uh... I mean, I... I don't want to be intrusive.

It was so nice to meet you.

She is a hugger.


Uh, Jack, I... I just... I gotta know some things. I got a t of questions.

You can have two, DiNozzo.

Where do I start?

You got one left.

Well, that doesn't count, 'cause that...

Okay... the rules.

Did he learn them from you?

I mean, did you teach him all the rules?

I'm sorry, son. I didn't teach him much of anything.

He taught me to drive.

Oh, no, boss, not backseat, middle hump. I... I got that... that thing we talked about.

Take them.

It's just cluttering up the garage.

You're a great man, Jackson Gibbs.

Thanks for the sweater.

I know you hate it when I use a hundred words when a couple will do.

But give us a call sometime.

It's the least I could do.

Good-bye, son.

Bye, Dad.

What were you and those guys fighting about?

I don't even remember.

You should stop.

Are you waiting for the train, too?

We could sit together.

I don't know. It's a long ride.

But I guess you're not a lumberjack.


Well, I have a rule. It's either rule #1 or #3.

Never date a lumberjack.

You got a rule for everything?

Working on it.

Everyone needs a code they can live by.

What's your name?

Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

I'm just gonna call you Gibbs.

You can call me anything you want.

I'm Shannon.