06x05 - Nine Lives

Oh, crap.

Rob? It's Liz from next door.

Hello? Rob?

NCIS Season06 Episode05 Nine Lives

I don't speak Hebrew, but I'm pretty sure you just swore.

What happened? Your Men of Mossad calendar get lost in the mail?

Women of Mossad calendar get lost in the mail?

If you must know, it was an airline reservation that got lost.

So going to Israel, huh?

Not if I cannot get a seat on the flight I want.


Is it a what... or a who?

Now you're speaking in a language that I do not understand.

Weren't you just in Israel?


What is it that is bothering you so much, Tony?

Do I look troubled?

As a matter of fact...

Are you getting so hot and bothersome because, um, you think I may be having a little fun?

Yeah. Gibbs.

As you know, people go on vacations all the time.

Normal people.

I am normal people.

You're normal people like the people from Ordinary People are normal people.

Grab your gear. Dead Marine.

Well, DiNozzo, she got the bothersome part right.

Oh, my.

She's not evidence, Tony.

Just capturing the scene of the crime, probie.

Poor girl does seem very upset.

Catch or cut?

Go ahead. Cut it.

Glad the poor girl's not my neighbor.

Just walking in, helping herself.

That's because you're a woman, who's on her way to Tel Aviv. If you were a man...

Well, let's just say I can understand why the Lance Corporal was so generous with his... tools.

Background, DiNozzo?

Liz Adler. 28 years old, recently divorced...

The victim.

Sorry. Uh, that's Lance Corporal Rob Brewer. I thought you meant...

Stationed at Quantico, scheduled to go to Iraq in a few days, has already served two tours there.

Lived alone. According to Liz, the...

Next-door neighbor, uh, said that the house belonged to his parents, and Brewer moved in a year ago.

Nothing apparently missing from the house.

No evidence of a break-in.

Safe to say he died of exsanguination.

Bled to death.

Four to six hours ago.

Somebody wanted to make this poor fellow suffer.

Or talk.

Never seen anything like it before.


Not the rope. It's what's on the rope.

The mold, Gibbs. The mold is fascinating.

Did you know there's over 100, 000 species of mold, which is why it's not very surprising that I haven't matched it yet.

See these little conidiophores?

That means that the mold is in the sexual phase of reproduction.

In a few days, these little appendages will sprout out from the center, and then... well, then we all know what happens next.

Are you enjoying yourself, Abs?


But you're not. Sorry.

I did better with the fingerprints.

Most of them were Brewer's.

The bloody ones were from the next-door neighbor that found the body.

But on the toolbox, mother lode.

Fingerprints belonging to Brewer's old squad leader, retired Marine Sergeant Jack Kale.

Guess how long he's been retired? That's right three weeks.

Guess why he retired. Not in a guessing mood.

Okay. When he got back from his last tour of duty, Sergeant Kale was diagnosed with hypereosinophilic syndrome, or HES.

It's a blood disease, Gibbs.

That's why he retired from the Marine Corps.

He had a bad reaction to the medication, and he got psychotic and aggressive.

I sent the info to McGee.

Thanks, Abs.

You can go back to your mold now.

Ah, Gibbs. You say the sweetest things.


Yep. It's spelled like it sounds.

Can you check your other store?

Spoke with Kale's company commander.

Says Kale had a reputation as volatile, tough on his men.

Probably even tougher on his meds.

Where is he?

That's a good question, boss.

He booked himself into the Freemont Inn near the base three weeks ago, right after he was discharged. He stayed there six days, and then he was gone.

Credit cards?

Hasn't used them since. No forwarding address, no calls from his cell.

Got something, boss. Kale's illness.

Well, I don't have Kale's illness, but Kale does, and he is taking a trial medication to get rid of it; it's called mepolizumab.

It's classified as an orphan drug, which is an FDA distinction.

It's basically created to encourage the development...

Point is it's new. There's only three people in the DC area taking part in the trial.


Manufacturer ships it directly to the users each week.

Just sent me a patient list.

And look at that, here it is. Jack Kale. 2388 Montague.

DiNozzo, you're with me.

On your six, boss.

No car.

Probably out on his daily torture run.

Two men, one armed.

NCIS! Freeze!

Easy, easy.


What the hell are you doing?

There you go.

There's gonna be payback.

Sure. You lost a fight with a door.

I wouldn't try to get back at Gibbs. Don't forget to ice that.

Because... he's a key witness, the key witness in a murder trial starts tomorrow.

Still got to talk to him.


Marine from his unit was murdered.

Kale a suspect?

I'll know after I talk to him.

When'd it happen?

Early this morning.

Well, you got the wrong guy.

Kale's been locked up with us for two weeks; couldn't have done it.

Then it won't hurt to ask why his prints were at the crime scene.

Defense lawyers find out Kale's being investigated, he'll be discredited.

Marine was tortured, Tobias.

Kale might be able to help us find out who did it.

Nothing official.

No tapes, no notes. And it happens right here, right now, in front of me.

Tough on a Marine, huh? Being cooped up like this.

Yes, sir.

I've already told Agent Fornell everything.

What do you want to know?

How your fingerprints got on Lance Corporal Brewer's toolbox.

My toolbox.

He's my friend. I let him borrow it.

Why? What's going on?

Brewer's dead, murdered.

No. Can't be.

Those tools, your tools, used to torture him.


You tell me.

I have... I have no idea.

All right, Agent Gibbs. Interview's over.

What interview, Tobias?

Hey, good luck with your investigation.

Who are you prosecuting anyway? You never said.

No. No, I didn't.

We get back, want you to find out about the case Fornell's working on.

Think he's hiding something?

I think they both are.

FBI sure has their finger in a lot of pies.

Terrorism, drugs, organized crime...

Uh, Alec, what are crimes that land people in jail?

No, the question is What are cases in court tomorrow involving an FBI agent by the name of Tobs Fornell?

Uh, what is...

US vs.Captain Melville's Fish and Tackle?

You are right. The FBI does have many fingers in many pies.

Captain Melville. Wait a second. Moby Dick.

Sounds fishy; it's got to be a pseudonym.

Pseudonym. Explain.

Well, sometimes the FBI will use a phony name on a case if they're trying to hide the identities of people they're prosecuting.

And Fornell gave us nothing?

Well, wasn't in a giving mood.

Though he was generous enough to give Kale an alibi.

You think Fornell would lie to Gibbs?

If he felt he must.

Says the woman who's being "evasive" to her friends about her "vacation" to Israel.

I am intrigued by how intrigued you are by this, Tony.

And I am curious that you are curious that I am intrigued. What's his name?

I do not believe I said I was actually seeing anyone.

Although it would be very difficult to go to Israel and not see anyone at all.

It is quite populated, you know.

Oh, that's cute. I don't see why you're having trouble admitting this.

You know, you were in Israel for four months. Plenty of time to hook up with someone.

In that amount of time, Tony would've hooked up with several someones.

What is it you really want to know, Tony?

Depends, Ziva.


On what it is you don't want me to know.

Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I just got into the FBI's true name file.

And look who is listed with Captain Melville's Fish & Tackle.

None other than Rick Azari.

Fornell's big fish.

No wonder he's keeping his cards so close to his breasts.

Torture as a device to bring about a confession has been around since, well, before the Middle Ages.

Back then it was considered a necessary part of the judicial process.

Maybe that's how lawyers started to get a bad reputation.


But it's a nasty business, especially for the lower classes.

A commoner for example, was considered constitutionally incapable of honesty in court unless he or she were tortured.

Doesn't seem like a very reliable method for getting at the truth.

Quite right, but, as you can see, the process persists to this day.

I had a very funny brush with torture once in Edinburgh.

I performed an autopsy on a fellow whose torturer had taken his entrails, mixed them with oatmeal, and made himself a haggis.

You done?

Uh, yeah, well, I, uh...

I now know how Lance Corporal Brewer spent his last hour.

Ragged cuts to his hands and forearms.

Probably using this half-inch chisel.

Defensive wounds.

He fought hard to get away.

Notice, however, the pattern of these cuts.

Precise. Methodical.

The slashing designed to inflict the maximum pain, but not death.

At first, I thought it was the X-Acto knife.

I now know it was the trusty box cutter.

Poor lad passed out at some point.

I swabbed his nasal passages.

Abby confirmed the presence of ammonium carbonate.

Smelling salts.

They revived him and then the torture continued.

Yeah. This is the fatal blow.

A single deep puncture wound.

It breached the femoral artery.

They put the poor lad out of his misery with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Torturer got what he needed.

Boss. Found out who Fornell is going after.

Rick Azari. 53 years old. Born in New York City.

One of the most notorious criminals on the East Coast.

He was a onetime prot\g\ to Colombian-American crime boss Alonzo Torres.

After Torres was sent to prison by the FBI, Azari took over.

He was 25 years old.

Lot of funerals the year Azari took over.

And he ruled that way ever since.

Tried for murder twice, walked both times.

Now the FBI has another shot.

Azari's being charged for the murder of a drug dealer by the name of Randall Carlson.

Kale was the only witness.

No wonder Fornell's protecting him.

Azari goes down for murder if Kale testifies.

If not...

Azari walks. Again.

Boss, you're not gonna like this.

Just got an e-mail from a friend at the US Marshal's office.

The FBI has signed a deal with Kale.

What kind of deal?

Immediately after the trial, Kale is going to be put into the Witness Protection Program.

So even if he did murder Brewer, we'll never know.

Will be like he never existed.

Just like Fornell wants it.

Can't believe Fornell lied to Gibbs again.

Well, technically, he did not lie.

He just simply withheld information.

But why would one friend withhold information from another?

Maybe that friend felt it was the best thing for everyone.

Best for everyone? Or best for herself?


Or him.

What are you doing, McProbie?

You writing Fornell's eulogy?

I'm checking Kale's cell records.


Because Gibbs is extremely pissed, and I think that he would want me to.

What are you doing?

Whatever Gibbs would want me to get started on doing.

Agent Fornell.


Upstairs. Conference room.


For a guy that's about to be handed his head...

He seems to have it firmly on his shoulders.

Calm before the storm.

Gibbs versus Fornell. It's like Frazier-Ali or Rocky versus... everyone.

Haven't seen that look since I proposed to your ex-wife.

You got something to tell me?

Spare me the drama, Jethro.

You know damn well I couldn't tell you about Kale's immunity, not without risking my witness.

Your witness may be a murderer.

Kale was in our safe house at the time that Brewer was killed.

I-I'm pretty sure we've already gone over this.

Who was babysitting him? You?

My men. Come on, Jethro.

Prints on an old toolbox?

We both know you don't have a leg to stand on.

And what's that?

A leg.

Couple Marines in Kale's former unit saw Kale and Brewer arguing outside a bar last month.

Two drunk Marines bumping chests... that's your case?

The argument was about a third Marine-- a PFC Michael Strauss. Also in Kale's unit.

You talk to him?

Working on it.

He's on a four-day leave.

Oh, well.

You got a medicated Marine with an anger-management problem and his prints at the murder scene.

What is it you're hoping to find, Jethro?

The truth.

What are you McDoing, McGee?

Working on Kale's phone records.

Thought you already McDid that.

I did, but as it turns out, all activity on Kale's cell phone suddenly stopped three weeks ago.

Well, that makes sense. That is when he was placed into protective custody.

FBI probably gave him a clean phone. We would have.

Which is why I've been trying to breach the FBI's clean phone list.

So far, I have had no luck.

You ever heard of a good old-fashioned paper trail, McGoo?

'Cause that's what's on top of your head right now.

I got Kale's phone records of the last four years.

See that prefix right in front of your face?

That is Boynton Beach, Florida, my friend.

Boynton Beach. You know what they got there? Sun, sand, old people.

What is your point?

Kale called the same number every Sunday morning for the past four years.

What do you think that means?

His parents.

That's right. Mother. According to his file, his only living relative.

You're right.

I will run her phone records and see if there's been a new number calling.

I like to get to the bottom of things.

It's my specialty.

I, um, I did a little research on Azari.

School paper?

I found out you two go all the way back to your probie days.

25 years.

26. I knew Azari when he was only a kid, no more than a lackey.

He was a wheel man for Alonzo Torres.

Until you brought Torres down.

That bust gave me a career.

Meanwhile, Azari quietly took over the reins.

Killed at least five his first year.

Probably a dozen more since.

It's nature of the job. You cut one head off, another grows back.

I could have had him.

When I took down Torres, I could have easily made a deal to get Azari, but I-I underestimated him.

I thought he was a harmless little punk.

You made a mistake.


Marrying your second wife was a mistake. This...

Azari's long overdue, Jethro. I want this son of a bitch.

Yeah. Even if it means giving your key witness a free pass?

Do me a favor, Jethro.

Stop digging.

I give my word Kale was not involved in Brewer's death.

Is that what you know, Tobias?

Or is that what you want to believe?

I got it!

A new cell number's been calling Mama Kale the last three weeks.

Okay, call the number back, trace it, and...

Done and done. It's registered to the FBI.

You have his call list?

Oh, I got something better. I got his location.

According to the GPS in Kale's cell, he's not at the FBI safe house. He's in Arlington.

The hell he is.

Put it up, McGee.

Kale is where I put him. In our safe house. Safe. He is not in Arlington.

That safe house on wheels, Tobias?

What the hell is going on? Where's Kale?

In the bathroom.

No, he's not.

I am watching him!Check him.

He went out the window.

Damn it!


It stopped. 109 Kent Road.

PFC Strauss' apartment, Gibbs.

Let me know if he moves.

It's probably best if we hang back.

Same thing I was thinking.

Couldn't agree more.


Signal's still there.

Okay, got it. Signal hasn't moved. Kale's still here.

Don't even say it.

What, through the bathroom window?

You never lost a witness?

Don't answer that.



Kale, what the hell are you doing?

Don't move.

I'm getting too old for this crap.

I didn't do it.

You didn't do what?

In the bedroom.

Nothing like a good manicure, probie.


This was nothing like a good manicure.

Looks like he's pointing at something.

Yeah, same thing everything else in this room is pointing at.

That his good buddy, Kale, tortured and murdered him.

Why is Kale so intent on killing his friends?

Maybe the meds he was taking sent him into a psychotic rage.

Or maybe his friends lied to him about a romantic attachment.

Hmm, torture appears to be the order of the day.

Looking for these, Doctor?

Traumatic removal of the fingernails from the first, second and third digits of the left hand and the second and third of the right.

Oh, that is just wrong.

Yes. Well, in some countries, fingernail pulling is a routine interrogation technique.

Perhaps someone brought the technique home with them.

Yes, well, it's not what killed him.

He has a fractured cervical vertebra.

Snapped his neck.

Which no doubt interrupted his central nervous system.

Try to close his mouth.

Yeah, too much resistance.

First stages of rigor.

Smallest muscles first. Hands, feet, jaw.

Yes, it appears this Marine is trying to tell us something. But what?

Are you still sure this guy was in your custody the night of Brewer's murder?

I stand by the word of my men.

Maybe you should stand by the open bathroom window.

Azari's trial begins tomorrow.

That's a r-letter day.

The whole case hinges on Kale's teimony.

You can't have him, Tobias.

You want Azari to walk?

What's the prosecution's closing argument?

It takes one murderer to know another?

Kale's not a murderer, boss. At least, he didn't kill Strauss. He couldn't have.

Strauss died at least four hours ago.

That's one hour before Kale arrived at the apartment.

I'm taking Kale.

You can have him.

After I interrogate him.

Got that look, boss.

Take him in.

Got it.

And don't let him out of your sight.

Told you to ice that baby.

Here you go.

What's that?

My locksmith. He's really good with bathroom windows.

Move. Now.

It's okay, Stefano. He's a Fed. Harmless.

So, you one of Fornell's boys?

Boys? NCIS.

You won't have protection like this in prison.

So, what brings you down here, Mr. NCIS?

Two dead Marines.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Yeah, you will be.

Must be frustrating, huh?

I mean, a whole army of suits like you can't take down one guy like me.

Back up.

Am I intimidating you?

No, only one guy's ever intimidated me.

He's been in prison for 26 years.

Well, you're gonna see him soon.

What, this case? There is no case.

I don't care what those witnesses saw. You got nothing.

Yeah, boss. The preliminary police report. I'm on it.

Right, okay.

You lose something there, Tony?

Just my ability to snoop around Ziva's desk without anyone noticing anything.

Did she say anything specific to you about taking a trip to Tel Aviv?


She did?

So, what did she say?

That she's taking a trip to Tel Aviv.

Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

By the way, boss wants you to take a look at the preliminary police report of Azari's murder case.

The slaying of that drug dealer, Randall Carlson?

Why can't we ask Fornell?

Because the case didn't originate... with the FBI.

Local LEOs handled the preliminary investigation.

Gibbs asked you to get that file, didn't he?

Fine, McGee.

I was trying to delegate, but if you're gonna be too lazy to take this responsibility, I guess I will do it myself, as soon as I finish doing what you're no longer seeing me do.


But you know Ziva will kill you if she finds out you're doing what I am no longer seeing you do.

Then it's a good thing you're not seeing me do it.

Oh, hey, Abby-Normal.

You got to see this.

Um, I would love to, but listen, I'm kind of busy, and I...



Oh, it's not just any rope.

It's moldy rope. And it's not just any moldy rope.

This moldy rope that was used to tie up Strauss is the same moldy rope that was used to tie up Brewer.

I'm sure of it.

Major Mass Spec is still chewing on it, but I know he's gonna agree with me.

I just have to identify the strain of mold.

That's pretty interesting, Abby. Listen, I just have...

I'm pretty sure that it's a relative of stachybotrys chartarum.

I mean, relatively sure it's a relative, but you know how relatives can be.

I mean, I still can't believe that my adorable little niece is related in any way to my stinky little brother.

You need to put the mold on hold, give the rope a little slack.

Boss wants us to take a look at the original crime involving Azari.

The one Kale witnessed?

The one Fornell is desperate to reel in.

What are we looking for?

I don't know.

Phosphor? That's weird.

Why would the dead drug dealer have phosphor on the soles of his shoes?

Why did you sneak away from the safe house to visit Strauss?

Could have just called.

I did. Didn't get an answer.

Neither have we. Why did you go see him?

I was worried.


News of Brewer's death would have hit him pretty hard.

They were tight?

Like brothers.

But you and Brewer were a different story.

A couple of Marines overheard a violent argument between you two.

It was nothing. Just a disagreement.

About what?

Money? Girls? Iraqi war policy?


Buying or selling?


Strauss had a problem.


Then why fight with Brewer?

I tried to keep the lid on Strauss when I was his squad leader.

When I was retired, that job fell to Brewer.

You thought he was dropping the ball.

It's not easy walking away from your unit, is it, Sergeant?

No, sir.

You're still looking out for your men.

Tell me what you saw the night Randall Carlson was murdered.

Don't answer that. Excuse me.

This is an official interrogation.

I'm aware of that, Tobias.

Asking him about the Azari case is off-limits.

If this guy's testimony doesn't match up word for word...

Well, then, he better get it right.

What did you see the night of the murder, Sergeant?

I was walking out of the Red Arrow Diner, walking west on High Street.

Where Randall Carlson, scum-sucking drug dealer, is parked down the street.

Probie, sit. Under that street lamp.

Why do I have to be the lowlife, scum-sucking drug dealer?

If the shoe containing phosphor fits...

Then a car containing Azari and an associate pulled onto Atchison.

Whoa, my ninja. I'm Azari.

Why you?

Azari's got swagger, flair, panache.

But I'm the assassin.

Style over substance.

Thank you. That's very understanding.

The Beemer pulled up to a late-model Caddy.

Azari got out. The other guy got out of his car.



Azari approaches him.

Says a couple of words, makes a couple of gestures.

A moment later, Azari pulls out a gun.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Azari unloads his pistol into Carlson.

Then Kale saw it all from here.

No, back, far corner.

Good view.

What else did you see?

I saw that lowlife take another life without even batting an eye. Isn't that enough?

You feel so strongly about it, why did you wait until morning to report it?

I was scared.

Decorated Marine. Three tours in Iraq.

Battled Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan before that, and you were scared?

You're 30 feet away. Assuming a two-to-one scale...

Then Kale positively identified Azari from 60 feet away.

Assuming he had 20/20 vision, it's possible.

Not possible. It is anything but possible.

It is impossible, which is what not possible means.


Kale would have had to have had more than 20/20 vision to identify Azari.

He would have needed night vision.

The phosphor on Carlson's shoes was from a broken streetlight.

You could have just turned it off, Abby.

Yeah. Sorry.

A punk like Azari shows you a handgun, and all of a sudden, you turn into a coward?

Yeah, you weren't scared. You were protecting someone. Who were you protecting, Sergeant?

Are you sure the streetlight was busted?

I confirmed it with the City Street and Sanitation Department.

There is no way Kale could have seen anything.

Unless he was much closer.

Much, much closer.

Damn you, Kale.

Tell him what you saw.

The truth, Marine.

Started with Strauss.

He went to score some coke.

Brewer went with him, but it was just to stop him.

All these guys wanted to do was deploy to Iraq.

To back up their buddies.

They would've been court-martialed if they were linked to a coke deal.

They lived to be Marines! You know what that's like!

You weren't there.

If they said they saw it, then they saw it.

You lied. You weren't there.

I was protecting my men!


That's some protection, Sergeant!

Your men are both dead, and you just set their killer free!

I understand. Yes, sir.

Get him back to the safe house, Rivers.

Yes, sir.

He's promoting me to head monkey.


Come on, Kale. Let's go.

Director wants him on ice.

Case isn't about him. It's about Azari.

What case?

Are you quitting?

Sometimes it's good to know when you're beaten.

What do you want me to say, Tobias?

You made a mistake. It's not the first. It certainly won't be the last.

Forget about it. What's next?

Okay, McGee, what do you see?

Crunch Berries cereal.

Okay, now what do you see?

French vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.

Interesting. All right, how about now?

Come on, McGee, say it. We're grownups.

s*x. Say it.


Mold s*x.

I mean, it's practically mold p0rn.

Why are you showing me mold p0rn?

Because this stachybotrys chartarum was on... the rope.

The same rope that was used to kill two Marines in the past two days.

Particularly when you consider just how rare this mold is.

It's okay, McGee. It's deadly, but it's sealed.

Now all I have to do is match it.


Give the guys a little privacy.

Azari has three witnesses that put him in the park playing horseshoes at the time of Strauss' murder.

I got four at a bar playing darts with Azari at the time Brewer was ceiling surfing.

Seven witnesses.

All bought and paid for.

He doesn't need to buy anybody. Gets what he wants through intimidation.

They found Kale's FBI guard unconscious in the garage.

His gun and his car are missing.

You got to be kidding me!


Contacting Base Security. Putting the yard on full lockdown.


Security breach at gate six.

FBI car just rammed through the barrier.

How the hell did he get off a military base?

Ask Rivers when he wakes up.

Base Security's designed to keep people out, not in.

You mean like a bathroom window, DiNozzo?

Putting a BOLO out on the car, boss.

Don't need a BOLO.

We don't need a BOLO.

Get units over to the courthouse.

He has eluded prosecution from two previous murder cases.

No sign yet of the high-priced defense team, but we are still awaiting the arrival of Rick Azari.

There are more whispers of mistrial from sources close to the proceedings...

I don't see Kale. which could mean this is Azari's lucky day.

Or his last.

While Azari is actually most known for his alleged participation in the expanding cocaine trade on the East Coast, this trial is about murder.

Yeah. Gibbs.

Gibbs, you're not gonna believe this.

Azari filed a lawsuit against the contractor who built his house in Virginia Beach.

Guess why. -Mold problem.

An independent lab ran tests for the lawsuit.

The rare mold found in Azari's basement-- it matches the moldy rope used in both murders.

This trial for the murder of Randall Carlson has been pending for weeks.

He was a Virginia resident with two...

Gibbs, there's Azari. for the sale and distribution of narcotics.

He was killed in a late-night... Quick! George!

Better get out of here by 500. Got reservations at The Palm.


You killed my men.

He has a gun!

Hurry up, man.

Don't bother, Stefano.

If he had the balls to pull the trigger, I'd already be dead.

Kale! No!

Put your weapon down, Jack.

Listen to him.

Son of a bitch killed my men.

We know that. We got evidence to prove it.

He'll pay. Not like this.

Come on. Don't get the kid's hopes up, Toby.

You and I both know how this is gonna end.

He's right. He's gonna walk.

Trust us, Sergeant.

Yeah, trust them, Sarge. They got a great track record.

Yeah, keep going, and get yourself killed.

By who? Him?

He came here to honor his men, right?

Then have you talk him down.

Put your hands behind your back.

I did it for Brewer and Strauss, sir.

Yeah, I know why you did it.

It was here in front of the US District Courthouse that Rick Azari, the alleged crime boss, was shot and killed yesterday.

It was just moments before his murder trial was about to...

Picked a hell of a time to leave.

I will make it up to you.

Almost forgot. It's a long flight to Tel Aviv.

If you want, you can borrow this thing. You know... Helps you sleep on the plane.

I am flying first class.

Never mind.

Nesi'a tova.

See you next week.


Retired Marine Sergeant Jack Kale shot Mr. Azari in broad daylight and in front of our cameras.

Azari and his defense team had just arrived at the courthouse when Kale approached, gun in hand.

A gun we understand...

You didn't take the shot.

Was too quick for me.

Director want to see you, too?

Yeah. I invited myself.

Ah, you'd do the same.

She said you'd be here.


Our ex-wife.

What are you going to tell him?

Whatever he needs to hear.

Agent Fornell, the director will see you now.


I should have seen it. Kale.

Too much detail about the wrong things.

Too much left out about the right things.

Maybe I just didn't want to know.

You gonna tell your boss that?

I got a kid looking at a life sentence.

The director's gonna want to know why.

Yeah, Kale made his decision, Tobias.

Now he's got to live with it.

We all will.

A power struggle is already underway among those eager to fill Azari's shoes.

Two of Azari's lieutenants were gunned down in Southeast DC late last night.

Underworld sources believe that Azari's former bodyguard, 28-year-old Stefano DelMar, has already emerged as Azari's heir apparent.