06x06 - Murder 2.0



Oh, Alice, it's just me.

That's the third time you've done that to me this year.

You know I don't like surprises.

Yeah, well... Surprise.

It's our one-month anniversary.

I knew there was a reason I married you.

I'll be right back.

Be right here.

Okay. All right. Little Barry.


Alice, what's wrong?

NCIS Season06 Episode06 'Murder 2.0'

Run for your life, probie, run.

What are you doing?

Just trying to save your life.

What did you do?

Why do you assume it's me?That's a good point, but in this case, actually...


Too late.

Why is she sitting at my...

You're on your own, probie.

McGee, get in here!

Plead temporary insanity. It's your best bet.

What did I tell you, McGee?

About what?

I told you to destroy those... twice.

I did. I did. No. I... I-I didn't, um...

Tony. Tony. Tony must have...

What, when you went to get coffee?

You did not erase those photos, did you?

Admit it, and I will spare you one of your eyes.

I did not erase those photos.

I think I know what happened. Um, I-I-I-I...

I just deleted my old screensaver, and theoretically, the operating system could have defaulted to the photo directory, but, you know, the odds...

Today's not your lucky day.

It is Halloween later this week.

And I did see a black cat this morning.

Well, it was... it was dark brown.

Give me your hand.

Better than losing an eye, McGee.

Let's go.

What do we got, boss?

What do we got?

We got a...

It's a good question, DiNozzo.

My-My mother isn't quite herself today.


You certainly have your moments.

The movie, Ziva.

Norman Bates. Shower scene.

Looks like their night was ruined.

I am going to ruin McGee's whole year.

Don't you think you're being a little uptight about this photo thing?

No, really. What do you think he's doing with it?

I would rather shave my eyeballs than contemplate that.

Blood is human, boss. Not pure, but, uh, enough to make Janet Leigh scream.

We thought it prudent to notify Ducky, given the amount.


McGee's still looking for it.

Mother! Blood! Blood!


He has his moments.

I spoke to the colonel in charge of base operations.

These outlying homes receive their water from local aquifers.

Water's drawn into holding tanks and distributed to these smaller nodes.

Pumped to the houses as needed.

It's a technology as old as the hills.

At Skara Brae in Scotland, as I recall, a Neolithic stone village was uncovered, complete with plumbing.

Dr. Mallard?

Sorry. I'll go get the wrap.

You can drain it.

Yes, sir.

Some bloating, to be expected with the submersion.

However, that man has not been in that tank more than 24 hours.

That your time of death?


As to the cause, these lacerations were made postmortem.

Note the styrofoam-ish aspect to the wounds.

Oh, blunt-force trauma to the head, but I doubt that's a fatal blow.

I can also rule out drowning.

Yes, were that the case, even with the immersion, there would be conspicuous amounts of froth on his nose and mouth.

Hello, hello, hello. What have we here?

Mr. Palmer, get his chin.

Open wide.

Ah, the plot thickens.

What does that say? A Web site?

Primitus-victor. com is just a placeholder.

The link redirects to a CyberVid video.

Cyber... vid?

Anyone can upload anything, and anyone can watch it.

You know, boss, like, uh, LonelyGirl15?

Evolution of Dance?

Numa Numa Guy.


How cute.

You got to see this. There he goes.

I love this guy.

Sorry. Back to... Back to our video.

We're the first viewers.

What is this?

That's our dead guy.

Oh, don't get in the van, man.

What was that?


No hits on the victim's prints yet.

I'm still running the DNA.

The CyberVid account and redirect links were opened at an Internet cafe in Richmond anonymously a month ago.

Someone might remember something.


David, DiNozzo.

Talk to security at Quantico.

See who didn't show up for work.

Um, Gibbs?

Primitus victor-- it's Latin. It means first victim.

Yeah. I know, Abs.

This never gets old.

Ah, nice timing, Jethro.

I thought you'd like to see what we've found in our scans.

Or rather, what we didn't find.

His brain... is missing!

There's no need to get so excited, Mr. Palmer.

Where did it go?

Well, it appears to have been removed trans-nasally in a manner similar to that used by the ancient Egyptians prior to mummification, most likely using a tool similar to this.

A missing brain, and so close to Halloween.

That's enough to make you want to... go clean some pipettes.


Well, judging by the intracranial hemorrhaging, I believe the entire cerebrum was removed when he was still alive.

Unconscious, of course, but alive, until of course, he wasn't.

Thanks, Duck.

At which point, he was frozen.


Abby's tissue analysis shows massive cellular ruptures that indicate the body was frozen.

So, time of death?

Oh, not something that I can determine with any degree of accuracy.

Perhaps that was the intent.

Perhaps not.

There are many parts to this puzzle, Jethro.

It's not a puzzle, Duck.

A game?

Oh, it's one that this poor fellow lost.

Victim's name is Billy Cole.

26, native of Virginia.


Yeah. Cole worked at a local car wash.

Abby got a hit off his DNA.

Two years ago, he donated his sperm.

Ah, the things people will do for money.

You donated your sperm.

Didn't do that for the money. Just to enrich the world.

So, boss, I spoke to security at Quantico.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt?

Let's see who the boss likes better.


Security at Quantico insists no one could have gotten past their checkpoints with a body.

Might have used one of the rivers, but how do you drag a dead guy two miles through the water unless...

It was frozen.

No. I was gonna say, unless you had one of those James Bond submersible sleds from Thunderball, but frozen's good. Float him right in.

What else you got?


You know, actually, I don't have anything else.

Cole had no criminal record, and, uh, no one reported him missing.

Any connection to the couple on base?

As far as I can tell, they were the first ones to turn on their water.

Well, the killer did leave a message for whoever found the body.

Click the click.

A cryptic message.

Could be anything.

But we'll figure it out. We can do better.

McGee, Billy Cole's address.


On your six, Boss.

Hey, you haven't forgot about that screensaver, have you, Ziva?

Actually, I had.

Thanks for reminding me.

What are friends for?

Nice place. Glad I'm up on my tetanus shots.

Everything okay, boss? You seem kind of quiet... er than usual.

You're worried this is just the first?

Eh, worried it's not.

Federal agents!

We closed the garage door!

Billy disappeared, I don't know, about a week ago.

Owed me a couple months' rent.

Figured he was just skipping out on us.

I can't believe he's dead.

Were you and he...

No. My God, never.

No, just every other guy in the zip code.

We were just roommates.

That's actually the name of our band, Just Roommates.

Billy was our lead guitarist until I found a new one.

The guy just didn't get it.


If you have to ask, you obviously don't get it, either.

Need to see his room.

This is his room, Agent...



That's an interesting name.

So now that he's dead, Agent Interesting Name, if he has any money anywhere, you know with the rent he owes us, that would be really... okay.

What happened? Was it a robbery?

Well, that's what we're... trying to figure, ma'am.

Should we make you a list? You know, people he knew, phone numbers and stuff?

I watch a lot of TV.

Whatever you got.

Who was the last one to see him?

I did. He said he was going out for a beer. Never came back.

He does that sometimes.

The guy's got no focus, and I told him when I let him in the band I needed a lead that I could count on.

You know, "no amateurs need apply."

Boss. Check this out.

You know where this was taken?

Yeah. Why?

I hate serial killers.

Though, at least this one was kind enough to give us the location of the murder.

And the murder weapon.

You know, these things always come in threes, boss.

He gave us the location, the murder weapon, and the time of death.

He's daring us to find him.

Someone wasn't hugged enough as a child.

I guess Latin for "second victim."

What's that?

Hello, Agent Gibbs...

Anything, anything you want whatever you want. Please, let me go. Please.

Please let me go... Where are you?

No, no-no, no, no, no... No, please...

Between Mother Theresa and Hitler, I guess there's all kinds.

How does he know who was assigned to the case?

Working on it.


Well, we should've seen that coming.

Another murder has been posted on the popular...

Do I need to tell you SecNav is already breathing down my neck?

If it'll make you feel better.

SecNav is already breathing down my neck. Now you know.

I'll handle him, you handle this. park in rural Virginia.

Just watch your back, Gibbs.

If the killer's following the same pattern, then each of these clues refers to the time, location and cause of death of the next victim.

Wes Craven he's not.

Nightmare on Elm Street. Scream. Swamp Thing.

Plenty scary to me. I had nightmares all night.

That's 'cause you're a lily-livered, little chicken pants who sleeps on plastic sheets.

If you are done, I suggest we start with cause of death.

Radiation poisoning.


Killer nun.

Maybe we should try location.

Uh, some kind of, uh, bombing range?

Anchor... age, Alaska?


Is that where they keep the killer nuns?

Look, all I'm saying is some of the nuns I knew could get extremely agitated.

Tell me you got something better than agitated nuns.

Well, we got an ID off dead guy number two's prints, boss.

Bob Simms. 51, former Navy chief.

Current address is Central Union Shelter in DC.

He was homeless.

Connection to the first victim?

None we could find, unless you count yanking his brain out through his nostrils.

Video was uploaded to another anonymous CyberVid account.

That's McGee-speak for "we weren't able to trace that one, either."

I might be able to help with that.

Those videos are all over the news.

As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to come in.

I think I know who made them.

It's Tommy's band, but Billy was really the one that made things happen.

I can't believe he's dead.

Were you and he, um...

Just friends.

I usually like guys that are a little more mature.


The video?

Right, um, a while ago, Billy decided we should start promoting ourselves a little more.

Answered an ad for this guy who makes music videos.

This is ours.

I'm not really a professional singer.

Well, you have a very, um, interesting way of holding the microphone.


No, it's okay.

Haven't really figured out what I am yet.

Wait, this is it.


Director's info's on the disc.

Sam Loomis, Loominosity Pictures.

It's in Arlington.

Take DiNozzo.

She's pretty.

She's a good agent.

You guys hiring?

I wouldn't mind hanging out.

I feel safe here.

I can assign an agent to you.



I'll be okay, I guess.

You got a problem, give me a call.

Only if you have a problem.

That obvious?

And I was trying to hide it.

Another thing I'm not good at.

Take care you of yourself, Rose.

I'm working on it.

Nice girl.

Wasn't my type, though.


She was breathing.

Well, I have standards, Ziva.

Otherwise, I'd be dating you.


What do you want?


Like to ask you a few questions.

Sorry. Been robbed once already this month.

We're looking for Sam Loomis.

You're looking at him.

The music video director?

Yeah, and, uh... weddings and I did one bris.

Come on in.

Well, it's like you died and went to probie heaven.

Sorry this place is such a mess.

Used to be a lot neater. I was an accountant.

Didn't even have e-mail when I retired, and now look at me.

What can I do for you?

Do you know...

Hang on a sec. I, uh...

I hit some tail at the assisted living center across the street, and, uh, now she won't leave me alone.

Sorry, uh... yes. I know him. He was my first.


Music video.

I went down to the Apple Store to get an iPod for my grandson, and stayed for the free classes.

And now I pull in five C-notes a month shooting freelance video.

Billy Cole is dead.

Yeah, I know. I saw it on the net.

What does it have to do with me?

Your video is very similar to the one the killer left behind.

So that makes me a suspect?

It makes a coincidence and I'm not a big fan of them.

Well, actually, it makes about 300, 000 coincidences.

That first video, I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

Luckily, I had some help.

Been working or surfing the Internet?

Both. Sam Loomis used a Web site to make the Just Roommates video, boss.

The link is to a viral ad campaign.

The site lets you upload your own footage and randomly cuts in images it grabs from your photo file.

Right. The instant music video killer must've used it for his video.

How many, uh...


Uh, this site doesn't log IP addresses, so we're going to have to go through them by hand.

It still doesn't let Loomis off the hook.

We're running his alibi right now for the night of the murders. Should we bring him in? let you know.

Aren't you going to say hello, Agent Gibbs?


You won't be able to trace this call. Not where I am.

Yeah? Where's that?

I'm sure you'd like to know, but I'm not going to make it easy.

Not for someone like you.

A decorated Marine, Six-time recipient of the Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

Yeah, well, I'll tell you what, after I bring you in, it might just be seven.

I know you'll do your best to find me.

I've been looking for you a long time, Agent Gibbs.

I expect no less.

How's the trace coming?

It's a voice-over IP, boss.

He's bouncing it all over the world.

So determined, so capable...

You know, you and I are a lot alike.

Yeah? How's that?

We're both going to hell.

Well, I think you should speak for yourself.

A man like you is not easy to find.

And so I have something very special planned for you, Agent Gibbs.

I think you're really going to like it.

Sorry, boss.

Yeah, Abs, what do you got?

It's another video, Gibbs. It just popped up. I'm sending the URL now.

Abs, you're sure this is the killer's?

These links usually come with bodies.


I was monitoring the killer's original CyberVid account and I caught this uploading.

Oh, my God. That poster is right outside my lab. He was here.

He walked right by my lab.

Abby, this isn't a flash code. It's H-dot-two-six-four.

Hey, McGee?

Boss, this isn't a video. It's streaming live.

He's outside Abby's lab.

I can see him, Gibbs.

He's right outside my door.

Abby, we're coming, Abs.

Lock down the entire building.

Almost there.

Meet us on level one! Intruder may be armed.

Just hurry.


Ah, hell, Harry.

I'm just here to mop up.

Camera's in the cart. I'll check on Abby.

Abby! It's okay. You're...

Again with the Krazy Glue.

Consider yourself lucky.

It was either that or hydrochloric acid.

Did you catch him?

Well, we caught somebody.

Jani-cam. That's a new one.

Do you really believe Harry's involved?

Gibbs will know soon enough.

I've never been so scared in my whole life.

Except when my stalker-ex tried to kill me.

And when my insane assistant, Chip, had me at knifepoint.

And when McGee's crazy fan put a gun to my head...

We-we got it, Abs.

How's Harry?

He's innocent.

He's got an alibi for both murders.

Does he have any idea how the camera got in his lunch box?

He was moonlighting last month.

The killer could have planted the camera while Harry was off base.

If he planted the camera a month ago, he couldn't have known Gibbs was assigned to the case.

He was targeting Gibbs from the beginning.

You must have really pissed somebody off.

It's not a short list.

Of people that-that you've angered just because you have rock-solid principles and so it's easy for people to misunderstand that, and misconstrue. You know, people...

Why don't you quit while you're behind, DiNozzo.

I'm trying.

It's not about me.

Whatever it was about, we've had a serious breach in security, not to mention a serial killer still out there.

I've got a press conference in five. How close are we?

The phone call rules out our only suspect.

Sam Loomis was with us when the killer called.

Keep me updated.

Somebody get McGee a new pair of shoes.

Can you trace the signal, Abs?

I don't even know how it was broadcast.

But I'll find out.

Just I have two questions.

This video, it's different than the others. Why?

Okay, what's the other question?

Can I stay with you tonight?

That's why I have something very special planned for you, Agent Gibbs.

What do you have planned?

Well, I was hoping you could tell me, Duck.

This is a fascinating individual, Jethro.

I can think of another word for him.

Yeah, crazy.

Well, the precise term is narcissistic personality disorder.

Oh, yeah, well, I'm familiar with that, too.

Yes, but where Agent DiNozzo has an excessive need for admiration, he has empathy as well-- something our killer lacks.

It's all a game to him.

Yes, and one he has chosen to play with you.

I noticed.


Like all narcissists, he believes himself to be the hero of his own story.

And all heroes need a villain.

Apparently, for that role he has cast you.

Doesn't care who he kills.

Well, he wants his 15 minutes.

He wants to be famous.

And, sadly, the more he kills.

More famous he becomes.


I shudder to think what he has planned for a grand finale.

Perhaps some sort of doom...

Yes, I knew I'd seen that before.


The killer's last clues were quite literal.

I suspect the same here.

That countdown likely refers to the time of the next murder.

Need something more specific than that.

Yeah, well, this is the doomsday clock; it's a symbol of how close the human race is to nuclear annihilation.

The clock time changes with the geopolitical situation.

It's currently set to five minutes to midnight.

Less than three hours from now.

If Ducky's right, we're already out of time.

If Ducky's right, then the murder location is in one of the other two clues.


I will send alerts to all churches in the area.


Uh, shipyards, harbors, and Navy.


Yeah, boss?

Hey, Lou, it's DiNozzo.

Oh, um, well, I don't know. Tony and Ziva got the easy ones.

Phone call, McGee.

Right. Still working on back-tracing the killer's call.

Something wrong, boss?

He's playing with us.

He's been playing with us.

Got us doing exactly what he wants us to do.

What choice do we have?

You want to evacuate the Navy Yard?

He's coming here.

How do you know?

That could mean anything.

It means his next victim is going to be in the Navy Yard.

Gibbs, I don't know if you've noticed, but we run the Navy out of the Navy Yard, and you just want to abandon ship based on a hunch?

The camera in Harry's cart-- video wasn't for us. It's for him.

You think that was recon.

Killer was scouting the base?

NCIS I get, but why evacuate the whole Yard?

You can't kill anybody, Leon, if there's no one here to kill.

All right, I'll give you points for the unexpected.

We were going to run a security lockdown drill next week.

Move it up.

Not sure if I hope you're right or wrong.

Yeah, McGee.

Boss, I was running the killer's call through a spectrum analyzer and I noticed that...


The call-- the killer wasn't actually on the line. It was a recording.

Recording? What do you mean a recording?

Sounded like a conversation.

He must have prerecorded segments.

Used your voice to trigger generalized responses.

Could have been anywhere. Anybody.

Not anybody.

Abby's been working on the jani-cam.

She was able to get a print off the lens.

Explains the timing of the kilr's call to you.

Loomis had it prerecorded in case we got too close.

What better way to look innocent than have the killer call while he was in our presence?

Alibi doesn't check out.


Five minutes to spare.

Boy, you guys must really not have any other suspects.

Oh, we got enough.

Where'd you get that?

Look familiar?

Yeah, I used to shoot time-lapse shots with it.

It got stolen from my place about a month ago.

Did you report it?

No. I fired my cleaning lady.

What? It's hot in here.

Feels fine to me.

Man's got an uncanny ability.

Should run his own sweat lodge.

Tell me about Billy Cole.

Look, talk to Sally Hardesty at Sunshine Retirement.

I was with her at the time of the murders.

She said she doesn't remember.

She's old. You know, she never remembers my name. Just, uh... you ask her about Magic Fingers.

Oh, boy. It's all you, probie.

I hear you're good on a computer.

What, is that a crime now?

Well, depends on what you're doing.

This how you reinvented yourself, Sam?

You-you got no right to do this to me!

Sit down.

I pay my taxes. I could have... my whole life I've done what I've been told.

I'm a good person!

Something's wrong.

Sit down!

I will not sit down!

I didn't do anything wrong!

Help me.

Call Base medical.

EMS is on the way.


The Virgin Mary he's not, Jethro.

He was poisoned.

Abby found traces of fludrocortisone in a patch he wore on his skin for arthritis.

It made his blood pressure skyrocket, which in turn...

Heart attack.

Well, that's putting it mildly.

His eyes?

That's a result of the increase in vascular pressure.

No doubt done for dramatic effect.

Our killer is nothing, if not a showman.

Nice timing.

Yeah, well, the advantage of a transdermal delivery system is that it's remarkably precise.

Jethro, it's not every day that you suffer a setback in a case.


This man died in your custody.

Was murdered in my custody.

Exactly, right under your nose.

I can imagine how you must feel.

What's your point?

My concern is that the killer knows how you feel.

He's pushing you for some reason.

You're the arch enemy in this narrative that he's constructed.

One cannot help but wonder: towards what is he pushing you?

Yeah, Gibbs.

More bad news, boss.

I'll be right up.

Oh, no.

Fourth video just appeared, boss.

He's using a proxy server in China.

I'm running a snooper now, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Let's see it.

I guess you really must not have any other suspects.

That's the camera in our interrogation room.

It's hot in here.

You got no right to do this to me.

Sit down.

No, I will not sit down. I did nothing wrong.

Help me.

Is this supposed to mean you're next, boss?

The killer's never shown the victim's face before.

We will not let anything happen to you, Gibbs... if you want, I can...

What I want is to know how he got that footage.

He has it because we sent it to him.

And by "we", I mean me.

I was trying to figure out how the killer was broadcasting a live stream through Harry's jani-cam, and I uploaded the firmware to try to track it, and I got herpes.

She means a computer virus, boss.

Um, yeah, and the camera then uploaded a Trojan horse to the mainframe that hijacked our internal security system.

It's been cyber-casting our interrogation room cameras for over 24 hours.

Disable it.

Oh, I did. I'm just... I'm so sorry, Gibbs.

Not your fault, Abby.

It's your face on there, Gibbs. You're the next victim.

I'm not anyone's victim.

You could be dying of poison right now.

The killer could have put a bomb in your cell phone, Gibbs.

Okay. No bomb, but still... we don't know what this video means.

We know that someone's gonna die in less than an hour.

Trojan horse-- can you trace it?

I tried, Gibbs. I couldn't even trace the jani-cam.

I mean, the killer is bouncing signals.

Did you try both together?

You are a god amongst men.

The jani-cam and the Trojan horse are outgoing sources.

Now we have two.

If we turn them both on...

We can triangulate back to the killer.

Or you could just stand there looking at me.

Releasing the Trojan horse.

Re-initializing the camera.

Carrier signals are broadcasting.

Trying to hide behind the Great Firewall of China, but...

We got 'em.

Video is being rerouted to a DSL account registered to...

Rose Woodhouse.

Local LEOs are at Rose's place.

Neighbors say she just left.

Hasn't seen the roommate in two days, and boss... there's blood all over his room.

No recent credit card activity, but I did find this.

Rose registered this trademark two weeks ago.

CyberVid Killer.

Smart-- imagine how much money Manson would have made if he owned the name, Helter Skelter.

Gets better: her father was an Egyptologist.

Oh, well, that explains the savvy with the nose-pick from hell.

Killer's last video.

Whatever it means, we've got less than 30 minutes to figure it out.

If it means Gibbs is the victim, then we should just stay right here.

And if I'm not?

Someone else dies.

Where is that?

Sears Tower. Chicago.



Death by jet lag?

The clue is not the city.

Clue is the snow.

Boss, I am not a god among men, you are.

I've got it. Now, my CPU is too small.

I'm gonna let that slide.

I'm gonna need a little more time to figure it out.

Well, it is the CyberVid Killer.

If McGee wasn't meant to do the heavy lifting, who was?

This is the only video that's contained flash frames.

That is radiographic static, commonly referred to as...


But it just looks like snow. It's actually encrypted data.

There's another link embedded in the snow.

It's a live video link.

There's the roommate. At least he's still alive.

For now.

Got our next murder weapon. Shotgun.

And location: that was Loomis's place.

We will go.

If you are the intended victim, this may just be a way to lure you out.

It's working.

Less than two minutes.

McGee, Ziva.

Really wish you'd stayed in the car, boss.

DiNozzo, will you shut up or I'm gonna shoot you.


Drop your weapon, Rose.

I wish I could. I'm sorry.

We wilshoot you.

Shoot her! She's freaking crazy!

Drop it.

Please just leave.

Somebody shoot her! Please, I don't want to die.

You have three seconds, or we will shoot.

Uh, boss?

What the hell are you doing?

Put the gun down, Rose.

He said he'd kill me.

Are you crazy? Shoot her. Come on!

Only one I'm gonna shoot is you.

It's a dead man's switch.

I've got her wired with C-4.

So you shoot me, and we all die.

Come on, Gibbs, do you really want to die?

Do you?

No, you want to be famous. You don't want to die.

Get this the hell off me!

All right, just hold still.


I knew I should have gone with the FBI.

It's clich\, but, look what you get for trying something different.


He said if I didn't just stand there, he'd kill me.

You said we were shooting another music video!

I hope you fry!

Come on, Rose. Come on, let's go.

He set her up. How did you know?

The video camera?

Yes, they had one of those at every murder.

On the victim.

Eye was the murder weapon.

Total clich\, you know.

You ripped that off from Se7en.


At the end of Se7en, the cops killed the serial killer, not another victim.

It's totally different!

Doesn't matter. I still win.


You may be the famous Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

But you're...

You're nothing but a set piece.

Who caught Gacy, huh? Manson?

I don't know. But Tommy Doyle?

Oh, he's gonna be a household name by the 10:00 news.

Authorities say the CyberVid Killer is in custody.

However, citing possible links to terrorism, officials are not releasing his identity, and details of how they arrested him are being kept under wraps...

Thank you and congratulations.

Way to go, Marie.

Our sources believe we may never know his real name.

Yeah, that's got to hurt.

All that for a question mark.

It's very revealing the lengths that some men will go to thrust themselves into the limelight, while others are content to live quietly ...

...in solitude.

The next award to be presented is the Meritorious Civilian Service Award for demonstrating unusual initiative and a pattern of excellence.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Agent Gibbs.