06x07 - Collateral Damage

So I tell this guy there are three rules for married men.

Just three?


One: pretend to listen, even when you're not.

Two: pretend to care, even when you don't.

And three: pretend to be generous with the things that you don't care about.

I tell this guy, "Do you want to have a happy marriage?

You stick to those rules, no matter what."

How is your ex-wife, Eddie?

She's pretending to hate my guts.

Come on! Tommy, hold on.

Tommy, careful! Not so fast.

Oh, I'm so sorry. I... I said, be careful.

Sorry, Mister.

It's okay, kid.

I'm sorry.


Tommy, I told you to slow down. I need you to be more careful.

I'm sorry.

* Beautiful dreamer Wake on to me *

I said, stay down! Don't move!

NCIS Season06 Episode07 'Collateral Damage'

I am very impressed. Gymnastics?

Yeah. For years.


In Japan, Germany, all across the country.



I've traveled extensively, too.

Tony's still hitting on the new recruits, huh?

Ignorant, hopeful and eager to please.

Yeah. What recruit isn't?

I was not talking about the recruit.

Sounds great.

Gymnastics. What?

You know, there are rules about harassment, Tony.

Well, then, maybe I should keep the number that she just gave me in case I want to file a claim?

You are fortunate recruits are not allowed to carry guns, Tony.

I don't know if you've noticed, Ziva, but she and they don't exactly want to shoot me.

Give 'em time.

Look, one more week, they're out of our hair and off to FLETC for three months.

Why don't you let them focus on learning how to be an NCIS agent?

Well, you see, since Team Gibbs was not assigned a recruit, I am just doing my best to teach and inspire where I can, when I can, McKilljoy.

It is curious we were not assigned any recruit.

It's the one-probie rule, and we've got ours.

Well, I, for one, feel that we dodged a bullet.

We don't want to let some newbie get in our way, you know?

I heard rumors that Gibbs refuses to take one.

Wrong. They won't give him one. Think about it.

You take a date back to your family's house, you want to make a good impression, you want them to like you.

You don't introduce them to your weird Uncle Jethro until, like, the fifth date.

Since when you an expert on fifth dates, DiNozzo?

You're very right about that, boss.

Bank guard shot dead in Quantico.


Yeah, you heard right, McGee. Let's go.

Bye, Tony.

There you go.

Appreciate it, Tommy.

Thank you, Agent Gibbs.

Ray Vittorio, bank guard.

Weapon is still holstered.

Never gave him a chance.

To shoot?


It's no mystery what killed him.

You know, when I was younger, I used to take solace when the victim was elderly.

I thought, well, at least he's had a full life, but now that I am older, I don't get the same solace.

Apparently, no one actually saw the guard get shot.

They all had their faces buried in the carpet.

Bank manager saw him walk into the bathroom before the robbery.

Steps back out, and, bam, falls here.

How much they take?

This branch just received a money delivery.

Paul Harris, corporate security.

They took $27, 000.

Could have been worse.

Not for him.

Sorry. Of course. I didn't mean that.

This bank ever been hit before?

No, no. Never. This is Quantico.

I mean, come on. It's a freaking Marine base that houses the FBI Academy.

Security cameras?

I'll get the footage to your office right away.

Ziva, DiNozzo, witness statements.

On it, boss.

I thought they were going to kill us all.

I mean, they train us for this, but...

Two guys.

Ski masks, automatic weapons.

Maybe Glocks, sir.

They were barking orders.

All business.

Definitely three of them.

Big guys.


Big guns.

I only saw one.

There could have been more.

Car? dark sedan?

I think it was a pickup.

It was a red pickup.

Or orange, maybe.

It was a white SUV.

I got a good look at it.

You ever shoot anybody, Mister?

Thanks, Jethro.

Best guess-- two bad guys in the bank, a third one driving, boss.

Possibly a white SUV.

I put out a BOLO.

There's two gates leading in and out of Quantico.

Both of them were closed down within minutes of the robbery.

Not enough time to make it out.

What kind of idiots rob a bank with thousands of Marines and half the FBI around?

Yeah. Gibbs.

White Chevy Suburban.


Main gate.

White Chevy Suburban, east of the main gate, perimeter road.

You two, go.

The suspects may be on the move.

Getaway car didn't leave the base.

Not idiots.


I do not understand.

If witnesses do not get a good look at something, why do they talk out of their ass?

Talking out of one's ass.

That would be your area of expertise, Tony.

I'm gonna let you answer that query.

Well, the general public is about as observant as your average probie or new recruit.

I'm a trained eye.

I know every inch of my environment.

Is that a fact?

That's a fact.


What do we know?

Bank robbery occurred moments after an armored car delivery.

What does that suggest?

Perfect timing.

A little too perfect.

Denzel Washington, Clive Owen.

Inside man did an inside job.

Director Vance, I was just...

Explaining your theory of theft in the workplace, which is certainly an epidemic.

And very wrong.

This is Agent Dwayne Wilson, one of the new recruits.

He was assigned to the fraud unit for his two-week visit, but he's a former Marine stationed at Quantico.

Thought he might be helpful.

So I've temporarily reassigned him to your team.

That's great. Welcome aboard.


Thank you.

So, Dwayne, have you been briefed on this case?

Director Vance gave me some of the particulars.

And you heard Tony's inside-job theory.

The problem with Tony's theory is they only got $27, 000.

It seems like a lot of effort for such a little reward.

Maybe that's as much as the bank holds in cash.

Did you think to ask?

Did you?

Did you?


If they waited three days, it would have made a big difference.

Holiday weekend for the base.

Lot of Marines withdraw cash for a weekend getaway.

We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Well, you'd think an insider would've known that.

Dwayne, crime scene photos. Abby's lab. Go. Now!

Yes, sir.

Where is Abby's lab?

Oh, boss, got the security footage of the bank robbery.

Put it up.

You're looking at it.

What? That's it?

Digital artifacts.

I've tried to reconstruct the image, but it's too far gone. Watch.

Starts here. Ends here.

They were extremely fast.

Knew how to disable the cameras, were in and out of the bank in 93 seconds.

Fix it, McGee.

I can't. It's gone.

What... What do you mean, it's gone?

The bank uses cameras that transmit their signals through a computer network to a central security company.

I searched through access logs. I searched through keystroke logs.

No one accessed the security system at the time it went down.

Owner of the getaway car was a 64-year-old secretary by the name of Patsy Kipp.

She reported the SUV stolen five days ago.

Long time to hang on to a stolen car.

I'm thinking this isnot an inside job, boss.

If these guys had waited another three days, they would've gotten away with the big weekend cash delivery-- over 600 grand.

Oh, gee, where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah, Dwayne.

Come on, Tony. Grabbing credit from a recruit?

I followed up and checked with the branch manager.

That's what an experienced special agent does.


Agent Dwayne Wilson.

The new recruit the director assigned to us, to you.

You didn't know?

You didn't know.


I just found out I've been assigned a rookie.

Only for a few days.

I don't need him.

You need all the help you can get.

A bank robbery in Quantico is highly embarrassing.

If we can't protect our own house, how can we protect the nation?

FBI wants to take over.

I asserted that Quantico is first and foremost a Marine base and, as such, falls under our jurisdiction.

SECNAV backed me.

That argument is holding for now, but I'm going to need a quick resolution.

I prefer to choose my own team.

Just like you chose Special Agent Langer?

That didn't work out very well, did it?

Want to hear me say I made a mistake about Langer?

Lot of people made a mistake about him.

It's history.

Is it, Leon?

Let me know what you think about the rookie.

So Major Mass Spec, or Big Daddy, like he sometimes likes to be called, analyzes solids, liquids, vapors, and solutions, and then an ionizer converts these substances into a gaseous state.

Then the ions-- they're sorted according to their m/z ratio.

Hey, no touching.


This is from the getaway car.

Are you following all this, Dwayne?

We give you evidence and you tell us what it is.

Yeah, I guess that's basically it.

Hey, Gibbs. I was just giving Agent Wilson a tour of Abbyville.

You're Dwayne.

Yes, sir.

You two haven't met?


What have you got, Abs? lots of burned out ash from the SUV.

Ah, no touching. What is it with you two?

Sorry. I also found traces of an accelerant.

Somebody really wanted this baby to burn.

Destroying evidence.

Not just any evidence, Gibbs.

Wait till you see what Big Daddy found.

Traces of magnetic ink and a blend.

A blend?

25% cotton and 75% linen.

You know what makes that blend so special?

Only the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is allowed to use it.


Technically they call it rag paper.

It's hard to burn.

Exactly, which explains the accelerant.

How much did they barbecue?

Based on the amount of trace rag paper and magnetic ink, I would say all $27, 000.

This was a sophisticated operation that took time and money to plan.

And after all that, they burn the proceeds.

Time, money, futility. Sounds like one of McGee's date nights.

It was not futility, Tony. It was by design.

Where have I heard that before?

All right, give me some theories, Ziva.

Maybe they could not get off the base because of the lockdown, so they destroyed all the evidence.

Uh, they could have stolen a second car to get out.


Maybe they wanted to embarrass the FBI.

Already did that.

We could be looking for a recently paroled felon with an ax to grind.


Yeah. Why'd you call on me last, boss? I was going to say what they said, honest.

I have a theory, but it's not flushed out. Never mind.

Agent Wilson.

I don't have a theory, sir, Agent Gibbs, but if we had access to FBI files, I'd search other unsolved robberies that knocked out security cameras.

Ziva, McGee...

Follow up on our theories.

And bank security footage-- know it. - On it.


Got it.

Got it, boss.

DiNozzo, since you do not have a theory, how about you help Agent Wilson with his?


Got it.

Where do we start?


Let's go, smarty-pants.

Agent Langer.

One of them is betraying their country.

Langer made the jump to NCIS eight months ago from the FBI.

He got no special treatment.

But you did recommend him.

Am I under investigation?

Should you be?

I'd like a straight yes or no, sir.



It's Langer.

Betraying their country.

It's Langer.

You did recommend him.

Sign this, please.

Could you have suggested something that would require morepaperwork?

I thought the FBI had this kind of stuff on computer.

They do.

Here's your copy.

They want to take the case.

They're trying to paper us into submission.

Five years of unsolved cases.

Interagency transfer.

Means legal's going to be involved, which means you've been here one day and you've already broken Gibbs' rule #13.

Rule #13?

Yeah, rule #13: Never, ever involve lawyers.

Things are bound to turn nasty.

I'll rember that.

You should.

Gibbs has be divorced three times.

He has seven rules that involve lawyers, none of them pretty.

You don't need to know 'em all, just #13.

It's the umbrella one.


How's Gibbs to work for?

What have you heard?

That bad guys would rather confess than be interrogated by him?

That his steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees?

That he can only be killed by a silver bullet, like a werewolf?

They're all true, except for the silver bullet part.

Might give him indigestion or heartburn, but...

I don't think it'd kill him.

Any other questions?

Just one.

What's Gibbs got against me?

You? Nothing.

Don't exactly get a welcome feeling from him.

Well, he's not exactly the Mr. Rogers type.

I just got a gut feeling he doesn't like me.

Oh, you have a gut feeling?

Like he's got something against me, maybe against all outsiders.

Am I right?

Long story to that one.

What's the short version?

Last outsider he let in turned out to be a bad apple.

How bad?

That bad.

Here we go.

The start of a very bad day for Mr. Vittorio.

The start of his last day, you mean.

Kid running with ice cream.

Never ends well.

Mom apologizes.

And Vittorio heads to the bathroom.

That's it. Cameras go down.

Check the security footage the last three days.


Because they're pros, and pros plan.

They would have watched the bank before they hit it.

Come in.

Agent Lee, I need a legal opinion.

Of course.

It's rather sensitive.

How hard is it to terminate agents?


Specifically new agents.

This pile I'm sold on, this pile not so much.

And you want to terminate those in the "not so much" pile?

I just want to know my legal options.

All these agents were signed on under the old administration.

Now, I'm not saying that there are not some fine people here.

But you'd prefer to be able to choose.

Like I said, options.

I understand.

Well, new agents are probationary.

I know. Do I need cause to terminate them?

No. If you can articulate a substantive reason to terminate, that's all you need.

Even before they go to FLETC?


That's all I need to know. Thank you.

You're welcome, sir.

Agent Gibbs, I'm so sorry, I...


I can be such a klutz sometimes.

That's okay.

Now you're all settled back into Legal?

Yeah, kind of.

You know, I was a little shaken up for a while after what happened with Langer, but...

I'm okay now.

Missing the fieldwork.

You know.

I should get back.

Yeah. Gibbs.

I'm trying to weed out the good from the bad.

I need you to do a written evaluation on Agent Wilson.


He's borderline.

Why stick him with me then?

He had to go somewhere.

I'm going to need that evaluation.

Won't be with me long enough.

Bachelor's degree from an online school only recently accredited.

GPA mediocre at best.

Doesn't speak a foreign language.

Computer skills barely existent.

Putting your stamp on this agency, are you, Leon?

Our agents should look more like McGee than they do DiNozzo.

More like you than like me.

What have we got, Duck?

Not much.

Our old friend here, Ray Vittorio, was shot at close range.

Under three feet.

I extracted this from what was left of the back of his head.

Hollow point.

This crew had no qualms about what they might have to do, and they came armed to do it.

You're dealing with cold-blooded people, Jethro. Oh, yeah.

And to rob a bank on a Marine secure facility, these individuals must be extremely desperate or supremely arrogant.

Or both.

Dwayne Wilson.

He's a baby agent.

And I am looking at his personnel report because?

It's your thing.

My thing?

I take it that Agent Wilson is alive?

Oh, yeah.

So, you don't want me to do an autopsy, which leaves my other thing.

Psychological profile?

Aptitude tests, psychological reports, academic studies.

Yes, I can work up something.

Uh, may I ask why you need it?

What kind of man is he, Duck?

Oh, surely you, of all people, don't need me to tell you that.

I appreciate it.

No. You went back too far.

I got it.

No, you went back too far.

That's why I'm going fast forward now.

All right, just let me do it. Let me do it, please, okay?

You handle this like you handle your car.

And if you want to handle anything ever again, remove your hand from my mouse.

Boss, got something.

On the bank security cameras.

Put it up.

I am almost... there.

There it is. You passed it.

These controls are too sensitive.




All right.

Three days prior to the bank robbery.

Here it comes.

Watch outside the bank.

It's a '99 white Suburban.

Then, four minutes, 23 seconds later.

Same Suburban.

Definitely casing the bank.

Question is, why did they wait another three days before they hit it?

And the other question is, why did they burn the money afterwards?

Stop it right there.

That's a different bank guard.

That's why they burned the money.

Because they were not after the money.

No, they were after Vittorio.

This was a hit.

The bank manager says Ray Vittorio was out sick three days prior to the bank robbery.

Confirms your theory, boss.

I do not understand.

If you want someone dead, you knock on their door.

They answer, you shoot them. Easy.

For some.

Ziva's right, though. Why rob a bank just to kill someone?

Collateral damage.

So, they wanted Vittorio's death to look like collateral damage.

Murder investigation's different than a bank robbery.

And we've been investigating a bank robbery.

Not anymore. Ziva.

I will do a full background check on Ray Vittorio.


And I'm just checking to see if he has a criminal record.

Oh, look at that. Bingo.

1978 felony conviction for handling stolen property.

And he was allowed to carry a gun?

Non-violent offender.

Granted a restoration of rights certificate 'cause he served only two years.

30 years ago. Been clean ever since.

Or he hasn't been caught.

So why an NCIS agent?

To protect and serve my country.

Come on.

Dwayne, I'm trained in the art of extracting the truth. You can't snow me.

I can't?

No. You can't.

For the travel?


The babes?


Carry a gun?


Retirement plan?



To make a difference?

That was a placebo question.

Whatever you say.

Are you serious?

I mean, make a profound difference in a man's life, like...

Like what?

My dad was an enlisted Marine in Vietnam.

Accused of murdering an officer.

Said everyone made him for the murder, except one NIS agent.

That agent kept investigating, even after his boss told him to stop.

Ended up exonerating my dad.

If not for that agent, Dad never would've married Mom, never would've had me.

Dad never forgot.

Told us to always include him in our prayers.

I wanted to be NCIS... to make that kind of a difference.

Okay, I buy that.

Why did you become an NCIS agent?

For the guns and the babes.

You're kidding, right?

I got something.

Klaasson's Diamond Boutique in Maryland six months ago.

It's a regular day, right?

And then... Wait for it.

There. 97 seconds later.

Four million dollars in diamonds out the door.

None of which have turned up since the robbery.

Witnesses claimed they saw two men in ski masks.

Getaway driver.

Makes three.

These are our guys.

They're good.

And they know it.

That's their weakness.

Are we back to robbery as a motive?

That's the robbery.

Vittorio's the murder.

Money, commonalities, employees, relatives.

You chase everything. Now!

Yeah, Duck.

I have the Wilson assessment.

On my way.

Robbery-Homicide, please. I'll hold.

Can I help?

Certainly can.

Long night.



You know, Jethro, the more time I spend with someone, the more accurate I can make my evaluation.

Working from other people's assessments and reports is far from satisfactory.

But I'll give it a shot.

This agent is more street-smart than book-smart.

He possesses great inner strength.

He's very focused.

He has a strong sense of justice that drives him.

He is unrelenting to the point of obsession.

We're not talking about a good agent here.

We're talking about an exceptional investigator.

But such dedication comes at a cost.


Married four times, divorced three.

That's a nice try, Duck.

I'm not finished, Jethro.

We're talking about a man who acts on his gut instinct.

Who relies on his ability to judge people, and he's rarely wrong.

As a result, he's a man who never suffers from self-doubt.

Until now?

You don't have all the answers.

You recommended that Agent Langer be brought into the agency.

Now, as a result of his actions, you're having difficulty trusting your judgment about this young man.

You're simply feeling vulnerable, Jethro.

Appreciate the assessment.

What's that?

It is a test program to check the bank's wireless Internet connection.


Because I have already checked the security system.

Process of elimination.

That. And it's always nice to look busy when the boss walks in.

Hit pay dirt, boss.

The security company that was protecting Klaasson's Diamond Boutique is the same security company the bank uses in Quantico.

Which is owned by Paul Harris.

His company is maxed-out on its credit line, and is two months in arrears on its rent.

Had a bad feeling about that guy.

His teeth sparkled.


Meaning no one has teeth that white unless they have something to hide.

Maybe the bank cameras were not jammed.

Maybe they were switched off from Harris' office.

Wasn't the cameras. It was the Internet connection.

Take a look, boss.

I was checking the bank's broadband.

For the 93 seconds those cameras went down, bank's network was overloaded with three million simultaneous hits, all from a single source.

It slowed down the system so much, it couldn't transmit the security footage.

There are system protocols that should've prevented this kind of thing.

Who better to beat the system than the guy who installed it?

I know a little about suits, and that one's pretty expensive, huh?

You brought me here to compliment me on my suit?

How do you get those teeth so white?

You, uh, cap 'em?

You like to use those whitening strips?

How about the mouth guard with the gunky gel in it?

You use one of those? How do you do it?

Tony has his own style.

Sort of Dirty Harry meets Keystone Cop.

You got a serious question for me, Agent DiNozzo?


How's business, Paul?

It's fine.

That was a big one.

Lies make my ears itch.

You should know that.

So let me ask again.

How's business, Paul?

I've been going through a rough patch, actually.

Yeah, that sounds like the truth.

And yet, you've got the expensive clothes and the nice bright white teeth, expensive boat, super-expensive house.

How do you reconcile all those things?

Maybe by robbing a bank and a diamond dealer?

I'm sorry. What?

Klaasson's Diamond Boutique-- same MO, same security company: yours.

Klaasson's was, um... some time ago.

Did you run out of money, Paul?

I wasn't involved with that.

Your security cameras, Paul.

I don't know... how they did it. Okay?


You're gonna push me a little bit, aren't you?

We have a McGnome in our office. He never gets out.

He smells like an overheated computer chip.

But, boy, man alive, does he know computers, inside and out.

And he explained to me that there was this network, right, and it got bombarded with all these hits, and it slowed it way down, and disabled the camera.

It's kind of crazy.

And he also said, protocol should have prevented it, protocols that you could've gotten around.

Okay. It was a flaw in the system. All right?

A flaw?

I learned about it after the diamond robbery.

That's convenient.

Look, I'll show you my records. I-I've been... fixing it on site.

And I didn't get around to Quantico because... come on, who robs Quantico?

Without a cash influx, you're gonna be out of business in two months.

I told you, I'll show you my records.

You'll see, I've been fixing the problem.

I'm gonna track down every move you've made in the last six months, and I'm gonna have a little chat with every person you know.

Don't do that, okay?


'Cause you'll ruin it.


My wedding plans.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.

Her name's Stella Rawlings.


And she's heir to one of the largest wine distributorships on the East Coast.

See, I don't need to rob a bank.

I'm about to marry one.

Oh, that is gonna leave a mark.

Look at that.

I scratched myself in the line of duty, boss.

I'll live.

Ray Vittorio was a widower with a 28-year-old son.


And that son has a record, too: handling stolen property.

Daddy passed the baton.

Except his son has dealt in higher-end items: paintings, artifacts.

Where is he?

Last known address was in Maryland.

But his former landlord said he disappeared six months ago.

I cannot track him anywhere.

The diamond robbery was six months ago.

It's not a coincidence. Keep looking.

Wait. Go back.


This guy, right here, with his back to us.

Zoom in on his right arm.


Where have I seen that tattoo before?

What are you doing?

Shh! I'm arranging my thoughts.

Pull up the bank robbery footage.


Just do it... McGee.


I saw this earlier.

I wondered why someone would be covering up such a nice piece of artwork on a warm day.

Very strange.Watch.

When we interviewed him outside the bank, tattoo man said his name was Curtis Ranier; had a driver's license to prove it.

Which was fake.

His real name is James Meyers.

He's an ex con; did time for electronic theft.

That's four bank robbers.

Two men in ski masks, one getaway driver, and... him.

Known associates, McGee. Find them.

On it.

There's more.

Guess who his cellmate was.

Joey Vittorio, the dead guard's son.

Before the diamond heist, Vittorio served four years in the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown.

Meyers served seven.


Yes, sir.

Has Ray Vittorio's body been collected?

Joey Vittorio is missing.

Meyers and his crew killed his dad as part of the bank robbery.


Collateral damage.

Zeva, find out when he's being buried.

Because money wasn't the object.

They wanted to lure Joey out of hiding.

He must've been their fence.

He kept the diamonds for himself, which is why they never turned up.

He must've gone underground with them.

But he'll go to his dad's funeral...

If he thinks it has something to do with the stolen diamonds.

Known associates, boss.

They've all done time.

Gibbs, the funeral is happening now.

Let's go. reception at the Parrish Hall.

Thank you for your attendance.

Ray Vittorio was a popular man.

Italian, what do you expect?

The service is ending.

Let's move.


I'm an agent.

Without a weapon. Guard the car.

Spread out. Look for Meyers and his crew.

Anybody, anything?

That's a negative, boss.



Maybe they're not here.

They're here.

Let go! We can talk. We can work this out!

On the road, black SUV, eastern side. Move it.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Get in the car, Joey.

Come on... Get off me.

Get us out of here.

He's got us blocked in.

Hey, Nana. Time to go.

Hey, buddy, move your car.

Sure, no problem. Just have to get my grandma here.

Nana, are you ready to go?


Come on.


Get down.

Federal agents!

NCIS! Drop your weapons!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Get out of the car! Put your hands on the ground.

All right. We're coming out!

On the ground!

Please, don't shoot.

Get down on the ground.


You're not my grandson.

For a job well done.

It might mean more if you paid for it.

We're government employees. Get used to disappointment.

Good luck at FLETC.

Yes, and a word of advice.

The ATF girls are smokin' hot.

They're a little crazy, but they're really hot.

I'm married, Tony.

Then only talk to the Bureau of Prisons girls.

That'll keep you celibate, unless you're like McGee.

Just don't mouth off to the instructors...

Or the Bureau of Prisons Girls. and you'll be fine.

Your assessment of Agent Wilson?

You didn't write anything.

"Recommended. " Write that.



Good luck.

Bourbon, neat.

On your own tonight?