06x08 - Cloak (1)


One of them is betraying their country.

Can I help you?

Had a heck of a time finding this place.

You know you guys don't have any numbers out here?

We don't get deliveries.

Well, today you do.

You guys, uh, mind giving me a hand with this?

Did this go through secure Naval channels?

Has it been scanned?

What's inside?

Only one way to find out.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

It's clean for hazardous materials.

It's not ordnance. Go ahead and crack it.

Sir... all right.

Great, if I can just have you sign right here...

Who sent this?

I don't know. Why?

NCIS Season06 Episode08 Cloak

Come on. Come on, ring.

You know what they say about a watched pot, Tony.

Calls the kettle black?

Never boils.

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

Just want to make sure it's working.

This... is serious, McGee.

This is game time. This is the moment before the gun. Focus.

Guess everyone handles the pressure in their own way.

You could use a little tension-breaker, Tony. Relax.

Relax? You're telling me to relax?

Would Red Auerbach tell Bill Russell to relax?

I don't know.

William Felton Russell.

Five-time MVP. Greatest basketball champion ever.

Used to get so nervous, so pumped, he had to throw up before every game.

You have chosen to model your behavior after a man who vomited on a regular basis?

Nine titles in 11 seasons.

Hall of Fame.

One night, the Celtics take the court.

It's a big game. Huge.

Red's watching them warm up from the sidelines, but something's not right.

He can tell.

They're not clicking.

He clears the floor, takes them all back down to the locker room.

Why? Because Russell didn't throw up.

You know what Red says next?

Get in there and puke. We got a game to win.


Just got the call.

You ride with McGee.

These boots are new.

Dead sailor in a box.

Delivery manifest had no origin.

We got to ask you this: did you order a dead body?

No, we did not.

Can you get him out of here now?

This is a breach of security protocol.

What is this place?

That's classified.


What do you got in there, aliens?

Bigfoot? Ark of the Covenant?

That only leaves one thing.


What is your clearance?

About six-foot-one and half.

Why, you got low ceilings?

Just get him out of here now, would you?

Can't. Protocol.

Got to wait for the medical examiner to release him.

And there he is.

How many trucks you guys got?

Well, you've already met Widow Woman and Spider Mike here.

Rubber Ducky makes it a great big convoy.

Park it right there, Love Machine.

We're gonna be rocking through the night here, Smokey.

DiNozzo, would rather not.

Eastbound and down, Snowman.

Bandit out.

You see what I did there? It was pretty good.

Seamless transition from Convoy to...

Yep, Smokey and the Bandit. I got it.

You are a comic genius.


You got some structural damage there...


That's from Blade Runner.

Dry ice.

It's a very effective coolant.

It was initially observed by a French chemist in the first half of the 19th century.

Meanwhile, half a world away, the Chicago meat packer, Gustavus Swift, was trying to perfect a way of shipping edible flesh in his refrigerated railroad cars.

It was almost a century before the two notions were put togeth...

We do take the conveniences of the modern era for granted, don't...


Something familiar, Duck?

Reminds me of Gibraltar.

Yeah, that... was the case.

What happened in Gibraltar?

That's a story for another time, Mr. Palmer.

Put the lid back on. Let's get him in the van.

There's nothing more for us to do here.

Ready to go.

We up?

Just about.

Okay, I'm in their video feed.

Recording live signal for the feedback loop.

Now we wait.

You read me, Snowman?

Sit tight, Bandit.

Okay, electronic passcode: seven, five, three, zero, nine.

Copy: seven, five, three, zero, nine.

Starting the loop now.

Mirroring the cameras... the guards will be watching a re-feed.

I'm sick of chasing after crazy women.

It's like this girl's a robot.

Guards have entered secondary hallway.

Interior hallway clear.

Green light.

They're in.

All right, there's a patrol coming through; take the first door on your right.

15-second window. Go.

Stop breathing.

You are clear. is that a fire alarm?

What did you do?

What do you mean, me? You.

Run. Run!

Security alarm.

Three Days Earlier

Mr. Palmer, what did you do with...

The cause of death paperwork.

Sign here by the sticky flag.

And the body release...

The body release form. Initial here.

What time are the...

The transportation to the mortician is set up for tomorrow morning.

As you're so adept at reading my mind, what do I want now?


Spend enough time with someone, and they begin to notice your patterns.

Yeah, well, Palmer's got your number, Duck.

And I have yours.

The successful conclusion of a case usually marks the appearance of a... a sense of satisfaction on your countenance.

Presently, I can't help but notice a lack of contentment.

I didn't come down here to get my head shrunk.

What did you come for?

Just killing time.

Would you like me to perform an autopsy on your watch?

Yeah, Gibbs. On my way.

There's obviously something on his mind.

However, rest assured, whatever it may be, it does not involve you.

These are pretty standard indemnity waivers. Should cover whatever...

Gibbs. Pleasantries?

Skip them.

Got a mission for your team. Something out of the ordinary.

Secretary of the Navy sees the need to upgrade our protection of strategic files.

No wonder, after what happened with Agent Langer trying to steal those... confidential military plans.

SECNAV considers us lucky they didn't get into the open.

Thanks to Agent Lee.

Thanks, Agent Lee.

Doesn't want to press his luck anymore.

You're looking at a new secure facility.

Just how secure...

To be determined.

By us.

You get to be the bad guy for a change.


Just a second.

I'm, uh... I'm in the shower.

I hit my face on your door.

Why'd you do that?

I don't know, 'cause the door's locked. That door is never locked.

The door's rarely been closed.

There was a, uh... a draft.

This room is sealed.


Sealed like an evidence box.

Petty Officer Dent's personal effects.

That's what you're here for.

What are you working on?

I'm not working on anything.

Why would you think I was working on something?

I don't know. Uh, the Dent case is closed.

This is usually the time you catch your breath and you seem decidedly out of it.

Plus you've got something on the monitor there.

It has nothing to do with your case.

It's another case.

Whose case is it?

It's my case. Okay? So get off it.


What's with the door?

Don't ask.

Gibbs wants us.

What's that all about?

Bye, guys. Nice to see you.

This looks like a lecture.

It's giving me college flashbacks.

Doesn't this remind you of college?

Not in the slightest.

Hey, boss.

McGee thinks we're going to get a lecture.

You just might if you don't pay attention.

Code name: Domino.


Domino is the top secret military contingency plan, which specifically details, Specifically details...

Think the freshman's having a senior moment, boss.

How the US would respond to a terrorist attack on a target of interest in Israel or the Middle East.

What Langer hacked from our system.

Gold star. McGee, study up.

I'm up. I'm up, boss. I just froze for a second.

Electronic files like Domino need to be accessible by multiple sources--

President, Joint Chiefs-- yet, they need to be secure.

SECNAV wants to prevent another breach.

Well, the only way to assure that would be off-network.

Stand-alone system hardwired directly to the White House and the Pentagon.

Like this one here.

A labyrinth of security measures surrounds the Central Access Hub...

Housing Domino.

Can't be hacked because it's closed circuit.

Which makes the file unstealable.

Well, we're going to steal it.

It's a test.

Breach the facility.

Enter the central hub.

Retrieve Domino. Extract without leaving a trace.

Boss, it's an impossible mission.

I suddenly see myself dangling from wires.

Our leak. Our responsibility.

Use any resource.

Don't let out specifics. I want to hear a plan.

Shall we play a game?

Matthew Broderick in WarGames.

Don't say the word "wargame."

No one else knows?

The guards manning this facility, they don't even know there's a test coming.

Okay, first thing we need... pizza.

I say we go with a fire drill.

Please stop pitching the fire drill.

Oh, I think I got it.

We are not digging a tunnel.

Or building a catapult.

Or setting up a series of pneumatic tubes.

Although I am partial to the concept.

No, I haven't figured out a way in.

I figured out we're thinking wrong.

We need to think less like us.

And more like them.

Who are "them"?

The guys we catch.

The break-in specialists, the burglars, the robbers.

Remember that stakeout?

The guy fooled you with the mirror on the video surveillance.

We put the cameras on a loop. We can use that.

Can use that.


Getting into an inaccessible building.

How many bad guys have broken in here?

The Trojan horseman hid inside a hollowed-out seat of a taxicab to access the evidence garage.

Nah, a taxi can't get into the front gate of a high-security facility.

Any other bad guys get in?

Agent Lee.

Is this up for grabs?

If you can answer the question.

Well, it was before my time, but I'm guessing Ziva's brother?

Half-brother. Ari.

He infiltrated NCIS in a body bag.

Ooh, we get a body in there.

Gets the guards off guard, but does it get us in the door?

Follow-up question. Hypothetical.

For the cheese.

Say that a dead body was discovered at a top secret facility.

Okay, what kind of top secret facility?


Well, that's not our jurisdiction.

The Navy equivalent.

Yeah. Off the books. Hush-hush, but Navy-operated.

Can you be more specific?

Say, a dead sailor.

About the facility, not the body.

That's all we got. Would they call us?

Yeah, I can't see why they wouldn't.

Help yourself.

Thank you.

Small piece.


Okay. Let's talk extraction.

We need to be like a dentist.

We got to kill the nerve, take the tooth.



The plumbing system.

One-way valve joins up with the main trunk under the street outside.

They can't get in that way, but they can get out.

Thanks for volunteering us for frogman duties.

It's a slam dunk, boss.

I'm sensing some reservations.


Yeah, we need to ask him if we can borrow a body.


It is the only way.

Don't ask. Just take it.

He'll say no.

One other idea. Okay, this is a good one.

The emergency doors on corridor two are tied to the fire alarm.

Fire alarm goes off. Those doors open automatically. for firefighter access.

Practically open field to the hub.

No. Too blatant.

Navy is only concerned about a covert breach.

Get a body.

Put it in motion.

Oh, last thing.

The other side's using live fire.

Do not engage. Do not resist if caught.

Get in. Get the intel. Get out.

Nobody gets hurt.

Present Time

They spotted us.

Something's wrong.

Well, yeah. I can hear that, McGee.

That's a fire alarm.

Security alarm, too, which shouldn't be going off.

Our feed's been killed. We're blind.

Game over.

They haven't made us!

On the ground.


Oh, no! No-no-no!

Get down! Now!


Stand down.

Stand down!

Hold her!

Young lady?

Can you speak?


Apologies for the shackles.

We were concerned about your state of mind.

You were right to be.

Where is Tony?

Remain calm.

I promise you and Agent DiNozzo will soon be reunited.


Prohibited in the States.

I trust you won't tell anyone.

Director Vance has arrived, sir.

She's awake.


What is going on?

I am not entirely sure.

Deckard's bullets may not have been real, but his gun butt sure was.

If the bullets were not real, then...

They knew we were coming.

They were in on it, too?

Oh, yeah, they were in on it.

I don't know about "too."

Apparently... we didn't get the full picture.

Who was that man?

You don't recognize him?


Well, there's this little drinking game sailors taught me during my time as an agent afloat.

Someone calls for a coin.

You pull out one of these.

Whoever has the highest officer's coin, whoever's rubbed elbows with the biggest brass, everyone else has to buy him drinks.

That's who that man was.

The downside here is, someone's lying to us.

The upside is, we'll never have to pay for a drink again.

Mr. Secretary.

Do you know where I was tonight, Leon?

The Kennedy Center, sir.

I checked with your scheduling assistant.

A visiting production of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, a well-deserved distraction.

Ignorance may have been your best defense.

A man of sound judgment might have opted to schedule this affair for a less cluttered evening.

I am sorry to pull you out of it, sir; it was unavoidable.

Oh, I love the Russians.

Their cold, calculating approach to this business of living makes me feel positively sentimental by comparison.

Do you have a light?

Gibbs, isn't it?

For all intents and purposes, sir, it should appear to anyone watching that we were conducting a test.

Security went off effectively.

In a typical exercise of this nature, you would've been called in to assess the situation.

We had to delay our own response time to correspond...

Obviously, you've scripted this little play, Leon.

Just tell me where to go and how much time I need to spend here.

There's still the off chance I might rejoin the Ambassador and our respective wives for a nightcap.

Yes, sir.

Have you determined whether this elaborate ruse was worth the effort?

We have confirmation.

There's still a security breach in NCIS.

My team did not set off the alarm.

Someone got into the central hub.



Hey, your door's locked.

I change one little thing, and you all lose your minds.

Is this because of the body snatchers?

Are you accusing me of being a pod person?

No, I was talking about the theft.

Abby, you haven't heard?

Try beginning at the beginning, Jimmy, instead of the middle.

Okay, the sailor's body, Dent, I had him all packed up and ready to go.

I signed him over to Transpo for delivery to the mortuary.

And then... he got redirected.

You lost a body?

I didn't lose him, no.

He was... stolen.

And that's not even the weirdest part.

We showed up at the crime scene, and there he was.

I think Gibbs had something to do with it.

And Dr. Mallard looks like he wants to kill someone.

I just don't want it to be me.

So I am going...

You cannot hide here.



Hey, Abs.

You alone?


Gibbs sent me back.

I thought you didn't have any work to do. What are you doing here so late?

What are you doing here so late?

I guess I'm allowed to talk about it now.

We had a mission.

It was a wargame.

Oh, I understand.

Yeah. We failed.

Wait. Why do you understand?

What do you mean? I'm understanding.

I understand that you're understanding, but... what are you understanding?

How often do we go off on secret wargame missions?


Yet you were not surprised to hear that we were on one?

Stop interrogating me, McGee.

Stop acting weird.

I am weird.

Did you know where we were?

I don't know anything.

You know something.

Well, now I guess I know everything, but I didn't know anything then.



You're lying.

I'm leaving.

I'm staying.

We're going to be let in on the real mission now, assuming you know?

It was a trap.

There's a mole in NCIS.

Another one?

You mean Langer was not alone?

Domino was the bait.

This was an opportunity.

To see if they would take it?

Did they?

Yeah, well, used our break-in as a smokescreen.

Interior cameras were disabled.

Security was focused on us.

We did half the work for 'em.

The mole triggered the fire alarm, used that access point?

Mm-hmm, and the alarm in your sector...

You were a diversion.

So they could get to the central hub undetected.

They could not have gotten in and out in that amount of time unless, of course, someone let them in.

What exactly are we looking for, Director Vance?

I was under the impression that if all went according to your plan, the intruder would enter this room, use this station to access Domino, and still be here.

I don't recall the part about vanishing into thin air.

The plan was never to apprehend the intruder here, sir.


Pardon my confusion.

You do intend to catch this perpetrator?

Of course, sir, but...

Escort me out, Leon.

Unless there are other nothings you would like to show me.

Don't touch the console.

Doesn't seem like the kind of thing that can wait. Where did McGee go anyway?

Leave it.


It's bogus, DiNozzo.

Whole installation is bogus.

Nothing is real?

Just the threat.

Do you know who it is?

Do we know who it is?

Someone close to us.

In my experience, when a trap is properly sprung, usually one's quarry is found locked inside.

It's not sufficient to identify the leak, sir.

We need to determine the extent of the damage, where it leads, where it's gone already.

What we have now, sir, is just an ant, but the ant takes the poison to the colony and the whole hill dies.

What you have is not an ant, but a rat.

Rats carry diseases; diseases you cannot cure.

What you can do is catch the rat.

The threat could be more extensive than that.

No one is above suspicion.

When the vacancy was created at the top of your agency, you induced me to give you this post.

The deal was quite simple.

Get your house in order.

I do not care for vermin.

Follow me.

Okay, but only because I was already going this way.

What is with the...

It's called discretion.

What do you know?

About what?

You know Director Vance reassigned the three of us because he believed there was a mole in NCIS.

He'd narrowed it down to three agents: Langer, Keating, and Lee.

Langer was in possession of Domino when Lee killed him.

Thereby eliminating the mole problem.

As far as Vance was concerned, we were free to come home again.

Right, so what's the problem?

The problem is it's a load of crap.

You're upset about losing the wargame.

It wasn't a wargame.

It was a mole hunt, and it's not over yet.

Langer was only part of it?

Maybe... or maybe he was not part of it at all.

He was a patsy?

Mole could have planted the info on him.

Knew Vance was closing in, killed Langer to get the heat off.

How would he arrange for Lee to shoot Langer?

Easiest way.

The mole... is...benign, which is fantastic 'cause I was a little worried, and so the dermatologist says,

"That's not a carcinoma, all right. It's a beauty mark."

Hey, how are you, Michelle?

Hey, I'm sorry. I overheard. I'm, I'm glad it's good news.

Oh, yeah, beauty mark.

So, um, how did that other situation work out?

You know, the hypothetical one. good, good. Thank you for your help.

Oh, don't mention it.

Not that you guys mentioned much. You were... secretive.

We were, um, conducting an exercise.

It's a wargame.

Oh, cool. Who won? the other side.

How's your team taking it-- being left in the dark?

Like pros.

They know the danger if she suspects we're onto her.

Well, it's best for them to lick their wounds and act beaten.

Long as you know it's just an act.

It won't last much longer.

No, but in the meantime, they have to stay bottled up.

Lee gets spooked, this whole thing's blown.

And we'll never know if she's working with someone.

I've burned a lot of satellite hours monitoring her movements.

She hasn't made a contact yet.

Stone face, not much consolation.

She's a trained agent, Leon.

You can't put a tail on her every time she leaves the building.

I'm tempted to bust her right now before anything goes wrong.

Little powwow with SECNAV bring on a change of heart, Leon?

Change of mind perhaps.

Stick with the plan.

You looking to sit in this chair, Gibbs?

Well, that would be a little awkward. Chair's occupied.

Means, unfortunately, I don't take my orders from you.

Might be easier... but then I wouldn't have all this.

Oof, that one hurt.

No, it didn't.

Didn't we get our fill of secret agendas and lying and manipulation during the previous administration?

Look, I, too, had hoped things would be different by now.

I'd like to go and give Vance a piece of my mind.

The way you're losing it, I don't thin you have enough to spare.

I'd like to take that toothpick of his and shove it up the SECNAV's cigar.

You have had enough of this job, then.

I like the job.

I don't like the politics.

I wasn't kidding about that part earlier.

If you had ever had some military training, then maybe you would have learned to follow orders.

What, like you?

We were given a direct order not to engage.

I recall that you were the first one to throw a punch.

It was a reflex.

Hmm, really? Then what happened after?

Last thing I remember before the lights went out was you kimbo-slicing through a room full of guards.

Was that a reflex?

Yes, it was.

Gunshot went off. I saw you...

I'm tired of pretending.

So am I.

It's dinner theater for an audience of one.

When's the curtain go down?

Violated is the least of what I'm feeling.

I-If ever there was a time for you to break your moratorium on apologies, then this would be it.

I am not unfamiliar with the discourtesies of the spy game, but there are certain liberties you do not take, and if you do, you have to tell the other person as soon as you can.

I'm sorry, Ducky.

Thank you for that apology, Anthony.

I'm sorry I didn't let you in on what we were doing.

I knew it'd piss you off, but, uh...

I guess I didn't trust you enough. Sorry.

Thank you, Anthony. That will do.

And I'm sorry for making you look like an idiot in front of the Secretary of the Navy.

I'm sorry for being a cowardly, devious son of a...


Are you done?

Excuse me.

I'm not comfortable with the hand up my backside.

You let the Toothpick use us as puppets.

No, I didn't.

You didn't?


It was my plan.

Your plan?

Every bit of it.

That's much worse.

It wasn't that I don't trust you.

I didn't let you in because I didn't have to.

I don't make the right play, she could kill again.

So it is Lee.

I'm not worried about her.

She's caught, but she doesn't know it yet.

Well, then, why don't we just grab her?

What are you worried about?

Who else is connected.

In this building?


Well, how are you gonna find out?

All the cameras in the Grand Wazoo room went down.

The keyboard in the central hub is coated with an invisible dye.


What, are you going to continue to muzzle me?

It contains a radioactive isotope whose unique signature can be picked up by a Geiger counter.

Well, whoever accessed the console probably wore gloves, so...

No, it would penetrate.

Stays on your hands for days.

If Lee has an accomplice, we'll know.

And if she doesn't? What if you come up empty?

Pray we do.

I used both of you because I knew you could handle it.

What do you need from us now?


Abby, will you open up?

I'm not interested. Thank you.

Abby, I need to tell you something.

I don't really care for your tone.

I need to tell you something.

No, I still don't really care for it.

Abby, what has gotten into you? Come on. Open up.

Yes, Director.

Get me Security.

Anyone in particular?

All of them.

Geez, McGee. Are you trying to break it down?

Everyone stay together. Bring in the next group.

No one speak.

If there's any confusion why you're in here, it will soon become clear.

Several of you were involved in a covert operation last night.

The rest of you, whether you were aware or not, were in close enough proximity to have knowledge of some, if not all, of the details.

The operation was designed to identify a security leak in our department.

One of you accessed a console onsite.

This will tell me who.

Until this matter is resolved, nobody is to leave the building.

There's a traitor in this room.

Show me your hands.

Show me your hands.

Take Ms. Sciuto into custody.

Yes, sir.

All right, I've only got a minute.

Gibbs is up with the director right now trying to figure out which one of them is going to interrogate you.

Abby, you have got to tell me. What is going on?

Is that some kind of trick?

What do you mean?

Bad cop, dumb cop routine.

See who can get me to talk.

I'm not talking.

You are talking.


Okay, I'm not talking starting now.

Abby, this is absurd. You are not a traitor.

Why would you be? You love this country.

You love NCIS.

You love your lab.

You would never risk losing your lab.

Abby, you would never betray Gibbs.

Special Agent McGee.

What are you doing with my suspect?

Nothing, Director.

She's not talking anyway.

I want a lawyer.

Sit tight, Ms. Sciuto.

Agent Lee, I've been looking for you.

Director Vance.

Uh, what do you need, sir?

Sciuto is entitled to legal representation.

Now this is sensitive.

Of course, sir. I'll see that someone is assigned immediately.

What specifically are the charges?

Conspiracy to murder, treason, sedition.

We're talking about the kind of crimes that federal agencies are brought down by.

I don't want her name equated with this agency like Hanssen is with the FBI.

Do you read me?

Yes, sir. No headlines.

Find me a criminal defense lawyer who understands that.



That's the type of conversation I'd have to have person-to-person.

Not over the phone.

I'd have to leave the building.

And we're still on lockdown.

Fine. I'll alert Security.

And Lee?

Yes, sir?

Do it now.

Okay, here's what I know.

You've been working on something.

It's not related to an official case.

You've been secretive, sneaky.

You've been locking your doors, hiding from people.

Now, that all looks bad, but, Abby, I know that you're a good person.

You're occasionally eccentric, but you're always reliable.

You're trustworthy.

I know you don't want to talk...

Of course I want to talk, McGee.

I'm dying here.

I've been in on this since the beginning!

Not-Not the traitor part.

The catching of the traitor part.

Gibbs came to me days ago.

I formulated the marking dye.

I couldn't let anyone into the lab because no one could see what I was doing.

And plus, I spilled some.

On your hands?

And on the floor.

I mean, the hands part-- that was part of the plan.

Wait. So, this is all part of it?

Gibbs and Vance know that you're innocent?

As a puppy.

I mean, the kind of puppy that you would send into the bushes to make all the birds fly out so you could shoot them.

You're so sweet to worry, Timmy, but I'm not in the crosshairs.


Who is that for?

It was a signal.

We turned the heat on, opened the door.

If it was just you, you would run.

You do this, means it's a conspiracy.

X leads us to your handler.

We're used to the idea of people working as a team.

Act naturally.

Gibbs! I can explain.

Sit down.

This is a formality.

You are alone here.

You did it to yourself.


What about Langer?


He wasn't part of it.


No one I know of.


Because I had no choice.

Believe me, I had no choice in this.

Not true.

If I don't do what they want, you...


Oh, God.

Who are they?

I don't know!

But they know me!

And they knew how to get to me.

They knew things about me you don't know.


This is Amanda.

She's my daughter.

If I don't deliver what they want, they will kill her.

If I tell anybody, they will kill her.

If I do anything that they don't like, they...

If they knew I was in here right now, she's dead.

What am I supposed to do?

Daughter kidnapped and held hostage.

Almost seems designed to engender sympathy specifically from you.

It doesn't mean it's not true.

Are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Daughter doesn't exist in the personnel file.

We have record of a much younger sister.

She claims Amanda's her daughter.

Had her when she was in high school.

Parents raised her as a sibling.

Lee was focused.

College, law school.

She is ambitious.

We formally charge her, your little girl's gone forever.

Or the story's a lie, and Lee's still playing us.

She's had everybody fooled from the beginning.

Almost everybody.

What do you want to do?

Guys, I have kind of a confession.

Michelle and I sort of had a-a clandestine...

We kind of dated for a while.

We know.

You do?

Jimmy, I'm sorry your girlfriend turned out to be a Cylon.

She has a kid. I mean, I didn't know that. Did you know that?

I didn't know that.

Wonder what they're doing up there.

Does the Navy still hang people?


Well, it is treason, Abby.


What else can they do?

There's no way she walks out of here.

No way.

Good night, everyone.

Looks like we're working together.