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07x17 - Double Identity
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* Someday the rains will fall *
* When you expect it least *
* Someday the rains will fall *
* Someday the rains will fall *
* When you expect it least *
* Someday the rains will fall. *

This is Fresh FM 94. 7 in Washington.

Speaking of rain, the weatherman tells us the rains are going to continue to fall for the rest of the week.

What, dear?

You need to apologize to Mom.

No, I will not apologize to your mother.

She's going to leave.

Well, good. Let her go home.

Will?! What was that?! What...?!

Can't talk.

What the hell?

Hold it right there!

Jethro working you so hard you have to do your laundry at the office?

Stepped in a puddle.

He did not watch where he was walking.

He was texting.

Me. Tony thinks

"probationary agent" means that I'm his personal assistant.

He wanted me to pick up his latte.

I was running late.

That is your problem.

I hate rain.

I love it. I mean, rain is so invigorating, cleansing.

It make the air fresh and the city sparkle.

Where is Jethro?

I have no idea.

Um, I think he's in the building somewhere.

Well, it can wait.

Does anyone have any talc?

This hurts.

Hey. Would you just take your foot to the locker room, please?


Any of you notice something different about Ducky?

Yeah, he has seemed awfully chipper as of late.

Ducky does seem plucky.

No one loves rain in DC.

No. His ties.

He's been wearing tie ties, not his bow ties.

Oh, that's very observant.

Boss, hey, uh, Ducky was looking for you.

What's he want?

Uh, don't know, but he left something for you on your desk.

Let's go. Marine, shot.

Rock Creek Park.

Ooh. Oh, thanks, boss.

Are these clean? Of course they are.

We searched the area.

Found a nine-millimeter.

Oh. Yeah, looky there.

The FBI ERT, they removed a slug from the vehicle.

Well, good luck finding any more.

Yeah, a lot of muddy footprints.

Nothing that could be lifted. Well, get all the evidence.

Collect it back to our lab, will you?

Hey, that's between you and the FBI.

We're not getting in the middle of that.

When did the Bureau get involved?

Well, we called them in to assist with the ballistics.

You find anything on the victim?

Just what looked like a house key.

It was tied to his shoelaces.

Really? Then how did you ID Lieutenant Mayne?

Mobile fingerprint scanner.


Don't you guys use them?

Well, I mean, they... they're coming.

They just haven't quite been issued yet.

Can I give it a go?


All right. Just put your thumb on the screen.

Oh, hey, boss.

How's he doing?

Still in surgery.

Park police, FBI can clean up here. Let's get to the hospital.

Timothy-- no middle name-- McGee.

You broke into a Metro PD impound yard?

What's the matter with you?

Boss, that was supposed to be expunged.

Run Mayne's service record. Notify next of kin.

If you need me.

Leah Mayne, lives in Woodley Park.

Oh, that's strange.

What now, McGee?

There must be something wrong with your fingerprint scanner.

According to his service record, Lieutenant Mayne is MIA.

Went missing in Afghanistan six years ago.

Dr. Bailey, Post-Op.

Dr. Bailey, Post-Op.

Page me if there's any change.

Yes, Doctor.

When can we talk with him?

I don't know.

One bullet grazed his forehead.

The other went deep into his lower left abdomen.

He's lost a lot of blood. The slug is imbedded close to his spine. It, uh, would be far too dangerous to remove at this time.

Ruth, will you keep his IV at 75cc's per hour?

Yes, Doctor.

Thank you.

I'll let you know if there's any changes, Agent Gibbs.

This is surreal.

I mean...

After all these years, not even a word.

I just assumed that my husband was dead and...

...and now you're telling me that he's alive and that he's living in Washington, DC, but he's been shot.

I mean, are you sure that it was John?

We have a fingerprint match, but we'd like you to make a visual identification.

You okay with that?



Dr. Ollie, to Nuclear Medicine.

Dr. Ollie, Nuclear Medicine.

Um, it looks like him.

The last time I saw John, he was... clean-shaven and he had a Marine buzz cut.

Oh, he had a birthmark on his...

Hold on. Hang on.

Oh, sorry.

Nurse, please.

Oh. Sure.

Brownish, circular?

It's John.

Where has he been the last six years?

I don't know, but we're going to find out.

You need a minute?

Thank you.


Stay here.

If he regains consciousness, call me, and see if you can get any more out of her.

You subscribing to the DiNozzo Theory-- always suspect the wife?

I'm at the hospital...


Do you know of any of his friends...?

Okay. What do we got?

Six years ago, Lieutenant Mayne was part of a three-man deep cover recon mission in Afghanistan.

He went missing.

All right. Thanks very much.

The other two team members were Captain Gordon Holcomb and Sergeant Matthew Gontz.

Holcomb's still in the military.

He's a major now, stationed in Quantico.

He's coming in tomorrow morning.

Gontz was honorably discharged five years ago. Still haven't found him, though we do know that he went through a divorce and a series of jobs.

I think he's having a little trouble adjusting to civilian life.

Well, I am going to try and track him down through Social Security Administration.

Oh, you're a thirsty little boy.

Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Yeah, we're gonna get you some water and some food and love.

Abbs. What's the dog doing here?

Gibbs, this is Mortimer.


What's he doing here?

I am an SVPR.

A substitute volunteer puppy raiser.

Mortimer here is going to be a Seeing Eye dog one day and you're going to be the smartest boy in your whole class. Yes, you are.

Yes, you are.

Okay, putting dog down now.

Okay, so, uh... The gun.

It is... unregistered, and has only Lieutenant Mayne's prints on it.

As you can see, it is a nine-millimeter.

There were two shots fired, and 13 remain in the magazine.

The slug that FBI ERT pulled from the vehicle?

It's too mangled to match, but it's definitely bigger than a nine.

Ducky talked to the doctor.

Mayne's wounds weren't self-inflicted.

Looks like a shoot-out.

Hey, what's going on with Ducky?

He's acting very un-Ducky-like.

Like-like every day, he leaves during lunch.

He's never done that before.

I mean, the Duck Man is a creature of habit.

He brings in his lunch. He eats at his desk.

Where is he going?

I'm sure he's fine.

Uh, Abby, don't let that dog out of your sight.

Mortimer! Ah.

That's not your bone.

Excuse me, uh, Matthew Gontz?

Matthew Gontz?


NCIS. May we speak with you?

What's this about?

I've been out of the Marine Corps for years.

Yeah, we know.

You've been hard to track down.

Uh, we need to ask about a reconnaissance mission.

The one where Lieutenant Mayne went missing.

You know I've told that story a hundred times?

Well, we need to hear it for ourselves.

It was just the three of us.

Me, Captain Holcomb, Lieutenant Mayne.

We were inserted into a hostile environment.

It was a keyhole mission. Defensive weapons only.

Am I cleared to tell you guys this stuff?

This was classified.

We've been read into the program.

Our mission was to place and recover remote target sensors in Mazar-e.

Everything went according to plan until we made for the exit rendezvous.

That's when Lieutenant Mayne broke his leg.

How did it happen?

We were coming over a wall in a small village just outside of town.

He snagged his KA-BAR sheath on some barbed wire, and he fell.

It wasn't his day.

Did you leave him behind?

No. Captain Holcomb and myself stashed him in the basement of an abandoned building while we went to commandeer a vehicle.

When we came back, he wasn't there. We assumed he was captured.

So you and Captain Holcomb went to the exit rendezvous?

We had to. We followed mission protocol.

Look, I've never forgiven myself for leaving a team member behind.

Must be tough.

The Marine Corps tore the country upside down looking for Mayne.

Look, are we done?

I gotta clock in.

For now.


Um... why's all this coming up again?

John Mayne is no longer MIA.

He showed up yesterday morning.

He was shot.

I don't believe it.

Where'd it happen?

Right here in DC.

You have any indication he was alive over the past six years?

Last time I saw him was in Mazar-e.

His KA-BAR sheath got snagged on some barbwire.

He broke his leg.

Just wasn't his day.

Yeah, Gibbs.

Boss, Lieutenant Mayne's awake.

Be right there.

Did you have any contact with Sergeant Gontz since Afghanistan?

No. The mission really shook him badly.

I lost track with him after he got discharged.

Has he been told Mayne's alive?

Yes, he has.

Two milligrams of plurazepam.

Call me if there's any changes, okay?

Just keep me posted. Thank you.

You're welcome.

He's conscious, which is a good sign, but he's incoherent.

Worst thing for him right now is to be bombarded with questions.

I'm gonna keep him sedated.

For how long?

It's too early to tell.

Special Agent Gibbs...

My name's Rachel Wells.

I was told by police to see you.

About what?

My husband.

He went jogging yesterday morning, never returned home.

When I reported him missing and showed his picture to police, they directed me here.

You're married to John Mayne?

No, his name's Christian Wells.

No, his name is John, and he's my husband.

I met Christian two years ago Thanks. on a track at Georgetown. Thanks.


We're both runners.

We, um, smiled and nodded for about a month, and then went for coffee, then started dating.

How long you been married?

Just over a year.

Last Christmas in Hawaii, we eloped.

You met his family?

He doesn't have any family.

Christian's an only child and both his parents are dead.

But you're probably gonna tell me that that's not true either.

His name's John Mayne.

He went MIA in Afghanistan six years ago.

Your husband have a job?

He day-trades, manages his portfolio.

Christian inherited a lot of money, so...

I mean, that's not why I married him.

You're a runner, right?


How come the two of you didn't go running yesterday morning together?

I've been nursing a hamstring.


You know, I should probably get back upstairs to my husband.

You know he was meeting someone in the park yesterday?


Do you know he owned a gun?

He had it with him.

The district does not take fingerprints when issuing a driver's license.

That is why Christian Wells' name does not come up on the scan.

The records reflect his arrival in the Virginia-Maryland area five years ago.

Nothing prior.

Lieutenant Mayne has obviously constructed a new life.

I found a whole lot of bank and brokerage accounts in Christian Wells' name.

Look at that, boss.

This one mutual account alone, he has over $5 million in.

With what I found so far, his net worth is over $12 million.

Where'd the money come from?

Uh, don't know yet, but we are not the only ones checking him out.

The last two weeks, someone ran multiple credit checks on Wells.

You got a name?

I do.

Peter Iger of Iger Investigations.

He's a PI I got the voice mail, left a message.

Good. Keep working the source of the money.

Ziva, track down Iger.

Yeah. Keep the IV as is.

Call me with an update in an hour.

Can I talk to him now? Absolutely not.

He seems coherent.


Just a couple of questions, Doc.

I'm sorry. He's not out of the woods yet.

I don't want him upset.

Have you informed the wife of his condition?

Which one?

It's quite a dilemma, isn't it?

Dr. Tallridge, I've waited long enough.

I'd like to see my husband now.

Ma'am, I was just telling Agent DiNozzo that your... husband is still in critical condition.

If I let you into his room...

No, no, no.

If you let that bimbo into my husband's room, I will sue this hospital and you personally for everything that you've got.

You ever been married, Doc?

Twice, but never at the same time.

Dark SUV.

Got it.

I'll be here...

I'll be there as soon as I can.

Thank you.

Iger the PI?


Nice tie.

Ah, thank you.

I found it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art store in New York.

Its design is based on the Golden Hoard of Bactria, unearthed from the tombs of Tillya-tepe in northern Afghanistan.

Well, I like the flowers... or whatever they are.

Gotta go.


Oh, hey-ho.

You looking for this?

Ah, you did sign it. Thank you.

Yeah. Where you going?

I just need some personal time.

A long weekend will suffice.

If anything comes up, Mr. Palmer can deal with it.

If you need me, I'm reachable on my cell phone.

Duck, everything okay?

Yeah, never better.

Why do you ask?

Half my team's worried about you.

Let me guess. Which half?

Abby and Ziva.

ICU tech, please report to the east wing nurses' station.

ICU tech, please report to the east wing nurses' station.

Rise and shine, sleepyhead.

How you feeling?

I've felt better.


Who are you?

That's a good question.

I can see you're thinking clearly.

I'm Anthony DiNozzo, special agent with NCIS.

Like to ask you a couple of questions, Lieutenant Mayne.

Bet you haven't heard that name in, what, six years?

Listen, I don't want to make you uncomfortable.

Is it better if call you "Christian Wells"?

Ooh, that got a response.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm just a little confused.

I wouldn't be the only one.

Got two women out in the waiting room.

Both of them claim to be your wife.

Where did you go after Afghanistan?

What are you doing in here?!

You're not supposed to be in here!

I was trying to fluff his pillow.

He looked uncomfortable.

You know what? Out!


Out, out!

Listen, I didn't do anything.

You should know better.

Everything's fine. She just, you know, I went by...

There's not a problem.

I just wanted to check on him, ask him a few questions.

What do you mean where am I?

Yeah, well, I'm not happy about it either.

Well, what do you want me to do, work miracles?

I'm still parked in front of her place.

Yeah, yeah.

No, he still hasn't shown.

Hold on a second.

Agent David?


Look, I'll call you the second I see him.

Then e-mail it to me, Joey. I'll take a look.

Thanks for meeting me here.

I haven't left this spot in three days.

Hmm, stakeouts are brutal.

So, uh, what do you need?

Why were you investigating Christian Wells?

Come on. We know you ran credit checks on him.



Client hired me.

Sorry. Not him.

So who hired you to find out about Wells?

Guy had a Internet photo of a marathon runner crossing the finish line, thought it was somebody he knew.

I ran his registration number through the marathon's database.

Runner's name was Christian Wells.

He's not the person the client was looking for.

I tried to do a little more; check out his finances, didn't get anywhere.

Took ten minutes. The easiest 500 bucks I ever made.

You should have dug deeper.


I need the name of your client.

Come on. It's privileged.

Privileged? Are you a lawyer?

'Cause we're investigating a shooting here.

It will be no trouble for me to get a subpoena.

Who got shot?

Can't talk right now.

What happened?

Give me a name.

The guy who hired me was Gordon Holcomb.

Major Gordon Holcomb?


Think he was a marine.

Doctor, he's coding.

He's in V-fib.

I'm going to start compressions.

Susan, bag him.

Can I get the pads?

Charge it up to 200.

200. Get those lines open.

Okay, everybody, clear.



No response.

Continue CPR. I'm going to page Dr. Tallridge.

Give epi one milligram, IV push.

One milligram.

Dr. Tallridge, please report to ICU, stat.

Wait, wait, wait. What happened with my husband?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Mayne, but you need to stay here.


Everybody, clear. Clear. Clear. Clear.

He's not responding, Doctor.

We got asystole on the monitor.

No change.

We've lost him.

Last month, Major Holcomb hires a PI to track down a guy he thought might be Lieutenant Mayne, but yesterday, he acts completely shocked when you tell him that Mayne is alive and here in DC.

As much as I was thinking one of the wives did it, this guy's looking awfully guilty.

And now that Mayne's died, guilty of murder.

See, Mayne went MIA in Afghanistan, he was broke.

He was, in '02, making $3, 300 a month.

Six years later, he's Wells, and he's worth over $12 million.

So, where did it all come from?

Well, unfortunately, I can only trace the money back five years.

It was transferred from an offshore account in Neevis.


Freeze all his accounts.

You got it, boss.

It's dealer's choice. Some people say Nay-vis.

Nee-vis. Ne-vis. It's not really important.

What's your gut tell you on this?

That there's a connection with what went down in Afghanistan six years ago.

You said Holcomb and Gontz said the exact same words to describe what happened?

Oh, like they were reading from a script.

Check with our agents in Kabul. See what they can dig up.

Got it, boss.


Security desk. We have a Major Holcomb for you.

Uh, yeah. Be right down.

Major Holcomb is in the lobby.

Thank you for coming in.

No problem.

Gave up on the stakeout.

The client wouldn't pay for any more time.


Hope I helped.

I didn't really tell you anything new.

You guys are really devious.

Iger Investigations.

So, why'd you hire the PI?

I was surfing the Internet.

Came across a marathon.

Thought the runner in that picture looked like John Mayne.

So I wondered, could he be alive?

You spent $500 of your own money to hire a private investigator.

You didn't mention that yesterday.

The investigator told me it wasn't him.

So, when you saw the photo, why didn't you call the police?

Why didn't you call us?

Look, I never came to terms with what happened on that op in Afghanistan.

One of my men was left behind.

I knew the chances of that runner in the photograph being Mayne was slim, so I did not want to dredge everything up with the Marine Corps again.

Trust me.

If that private eye told me Mayne was alive, I'd have come to you in a second.

Okay, yes.

Something is amiss.

You are even more of a mystery than before, Lieutenant Mayne.


So, this is the little rascal I've heard so much about.


Mortimer, meet Dr. Mallard.

Hey, how about we set a playdate with your mom's corgis? I mean, he needs to be socialized with other dogs.

We'll see.

Did you match the slug from the lieutenant's body?

No. It was a 45.

The gun they found at the crime scene was a nine-mil.

But there was definitely a second weapon, like Gibbs suspected.

Well, I have an anomaly, too.

Gibbs told me that I should have found that one of his legs had been previously broken.

But that's definitely not the case.

What are you looking at?

Your tie.

My neckwear seems to be a source of fascination.

Do you like it?


But you're Ducky, and Ducky wears bow ties.

Change, Abby, change.

The species must evolve and adapt.

Tell me, Mortimer.

They say that it makes me look younger.

You look adorable.

Hey, I'm gonna take Mortimer to lunch 'cause he needs to be exposed to restaurants.

I heard about this new vegan place. You want to join us?

Uh, sorry. I-I can't.

How about tomorrow?

Uh, I have something planned.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call Gibbs and tell him about the lack of a broken leg.

He's up to something, Mortimer.

First, my husband's missing. Then I learn he's been shot.

You and the hospital won't let me see him.

Now he's dead.

And you keep insisting he's someone he's not.

I know that this is hard for you to accept, but the man you married is really Lieutenant John Mayne.

You say that.

I refuse to believe it.

Before, we had a fingerprint ID.

Now, we have a positive DNA match.

Oh, don't tell me they're releasing Christian's body to that woman.

Ma'am, at this point, we're not planning to release his remains to anyone.

You know, this has become a total nightmare.

I tried to get cash out of the ATM this morning, and was denied. I mean, the bank says they've frozen all of our accounts.

The man you married was leading a fraudulent life.

Lieutenant Mayne's parents are still alive.

There was no inheritance.

How am I supposed to live?

Do I have to get my lawyer involved?

I don't know. You know what?

You do whatever it is you need to do, okay?

Special Agent Sanchez, please escort Miss Wells back down to the lobby.

This way, ma'am.

I'm not going away, Agent Gibbs.

What'd you find out?


About the time Mayne went MIA, an Afghan drug lord claimed some Americans stole millions from him.

Maybe that's how poor Mayne became rich Wells.

His teammates were lying about him breaking his leg.

Okay. Let's get them both back in.

Hang on. Let's go to the cabdriver first.

He's the weak link.

He is the weakest link.

And I am on it, boss.


They told me John Mayne died.


Um, why was he killed?

We think it had to do with his money.

He had money?

Mm-hmm. Millions.

Any idea how he got it?


Well... we think that it was stolen from...

This Afghan drug lord.

Guy's been a guest at Gitmo for the past six years.

Claims that he was robbed... by Americans.

Come on, man.

What happened on that op?

You help me, I'll help you.

Our mission was to plant sensors.

We did.

On the way out of the village, we took fire from his guards.

They thought we were after their money.

We took them down.

And then we found it.

Oil drums.

Five of them.

Full of cash, U. S. bills.

Me and Captain Holcomb left Mayne to guard the money while we went in search of a vehicle.

When we came back, he was gone.

So, when you were debriefed was when you made up the story about the broken leg?

We couldn't tell anyone about the money.

All these years, I have felt so guilty.

The lieutenant got captured because we wanted that money.

And he's alive.

* Some day the rains will fall *

* When you expect it least *

* Some day the rains will fall *

* You hurry down the alley *

* with another man's woman *

* You don't care nothing about the ring on her hand *

* You think surely you can get away *

* And sometimes maybe you can *

* Some day the rains will fall. *

So how long have you been involved with Major Holcomb?


After Gordon returned from Afghanistan, he came by the house to console me about John being MIA.

He would just check in on me every few months.

And then, three or four years ago, his marriage started to fall apart and things, they changed between us, so...

When you came to the hospital to identify your husband, you made a phone call.

Major Holcomb?

Yes, Leah Mayne called me from the hospital.

Yes, she told me John Mayne was alive before you brought me in.

You didn't tell us you hired a private investigator.

When are you going to stop lying?!

I was just trying to protect my career and marriage.

Now they're both over.

Gordon stayed with his wife for his children's sake.

And you kept collecting your husband's Marine Corps pay and allowances?


You had no idea your husband was alive.

No. No. Not until you people called me to the hospital.

Where were you that morning?

With Gordon.

I told my wife I had to spend the night in Quantico.

Leah and I were in a hotel in Falls Church.

I know you don't have any reason to believe me, but we had no idea John Mayne was alive until you called her to the hospital.

Their alibis are solid, boss.

This was filmed just minutes before John Mayne was shot in the park.

The major paid in cash.

Of course he did. He's married.

And cell phone records confirm that they were both in Falls Church.

You were so quick to suspect the wife.

Still do. He's got two of them and two lives.

Which life got him killed?

I'm thinking it's the little hottie.

Knew about her husband's former life and stolen money. Don't you think?

I mean, she said she wasn't going running

'cause she had a bum hammy, but she was strutting around pretty good last time I saw her.

Let's find out where she was.

What about Gontz, the cabdriver?

He was the third man in Afghanistan.

Maybe he found out Wells was Mayne and killed him for double-crossing them.

Oh, no.

No. No more rain.

Weatherman said it'd miss us.

What do you care about? A little rain's not going to hurt you.

It's going to hurt my wallet.

I just had my car washed.

That is why I never wash my car in the winter.

That's a big mistake.

You got to wash off the deicing salt.

Otherwise, it'll eat through the undercarriage.

McGee. Can you track the cell phone number on this car and tell me where it was the morning Mayne was shot?

Peter Iger. Iger Investigations. Sure.


What's the matter with you?

He lied to me.

Iger said he had not left the stakeout for three days.

But his car was spotless on the outside.

I could see my reflection.

Well, sorry, Ziva. Can't help you.

Iger's phone was turned off that morning.

I do not believe it. He is always on it.

The man practically has a wire growing out of his ear.

He would never turn it off, Gibbs.

Unless he didn't want to leave an electronic trail.

Hang on a second. His phone on now?

Uh, yes, it is.


Not far from here. 1200 block of M Street Northwest.

He's not here.

He's got to be around here somewhere.

I'm gonna call Ziva.

What did Iger say?

Uh, Iger's not here. Listen, could you go to my desk?

There's a cell tracker with Iger's phone on it.

Just, uh, tell me where he is.

There is a laptop in the, uh, passenger seat there.

I'd love to get a look.

Well, his phone is now north of M Street on Ridge.

Address indicates it is a restaurant.

All right. He's, uh, a block up, around the corner. He's eating.

Perfect. I'll get the Slim Jim.

No. Hey, hey. What?

We don't have a warrant.

And I have a record, and besides, a Slim Jim is very... It's very old school.

You got a better idea?

Matter of fact, I do. Ziva?

I'm gonna put you on hold for one second.

Uh, stay on the line, though.

I built an application for my phone.

Why is that important to what we're doing here?

With a vehicle's VIN number, you can access all the vehicle's pertinent information, including key and remote code.

I hack into a database, download all the codes, and there it is.

Wow. Well, I'm glad that MIT education paid off for something, McGee.

It is pretty super, isn't it?

I don't believe you.

Yeah, I'm not gonna unlock the door for you, Tony.

Well, I don't think you could unlock the door.

'Cause if you could, you'd prove it to me by doing it.

Uh, no, it does.




No, uh, Tony.

You should patent that.

Ziva, where is he now?

He has not moved.

What are they up to?

How do I get into his files?

Tony, you can't.

You know what? You're right.

You could get in here in ten seconds.

And then we'd be out of here.

Come on. I'll hold the phone.

All right.

All right, files are listed by clients' names.

Major Gordon Holcomb.

All right. Done. Give me this.

I want no more part of this.

Thank you very much.

Ah, it's exactly what you asked for.

They called me last night to tell me it was here.

You should be very pleased.

I missed you at the opera last night, Mother.

Madame Butterfly. All those melodies.

One after the other. It never ceases to amaze me.


When did she die?

Ah, Ducky, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, this is interesting.

It's an e-mail from a private lab in Philadelphia.

Listen to this. "As you suspected,

"we have matched the left thumb and index finger

"on the water bottle you sent us

"to First Lieutenant John Mayne, USMC"

So, the PI knew Wells was Mayne.

Ziva, uh...

check with the ATF database.

See if Iger has a registered 45.

Are you going to tell me what's going on, McGee, or is this, like, a guy thing?

Yeah. Later, later.

Hey. Why would Iger withhold that information from his client?

Because if he tells his client, he only gets the fee, which is a couple hundred bucks.

But if he withholds the information, uses it to blackmail Mayne, who is worth millions?



Iger owns a Smith & Wesson 45.

Great. Okay. Uh, thanks, Ziva. Don't go away.

You know, it's too bad we won't be able to use any of this information,

'cause you broke into the car, and then obtained it illegally from his computer. Criminal.


McGee, Iger's coming your way.

You better get out of there.

Well, what can I tell you?

I charge $100 an hour plus expenses.


You got my number, pal.


NCIS, right?


You guys making any headway?

Well, as a matter of fact, we wanted to ask you a few questions.

Sure. Whatever I can do.

Well, according to, uh, ATF records, you have a permit to carry a 45.

Can we see your weapon?

I... I haven't carried it in years.

I, uh, I sold it at a gun show.

Oh, well. That's good.

How about you put the bag down...

Where do you think you're going?

All right, all right.

Come on. You don't have to do this.

All right.

So, did you try to shake Wells down?

Meeting in the park went bad, didn't it?

It was self-defense.

He had a gun. He shot first.

The guy stole millions. I only asked for 100 grand.

When were you going to tell me, Doc?


I thought about having a service, but all of Mother's friends predeceased her.

I was all she had.

Okay. So, why keep it to yourself?

I- I didn't want to impose.

I'm surrounded by death, Jethro.

I wanted to deal with the personal loss by myself.

Did you know that she was almost 100?

And she had an active, full life, but this last year, she has not been herself.

It was her time.

The natural progression of age.

You going to stay in the house?

The sale is pending.

We should close next week.

Ooh, those wretched little dogs?

I found a good home for them with a corgi lover in Virginia.

What are you going to do?

I've put down an offer on a brownstone in Georgetown.

It's on the Historic Registry.

I've been working with a charming real estate agent.

Her name is Sophie.

She's... quite a bit younger than myself.

So, I take it, Sophie's the one that doesn't like the bow ties?


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