07x20 - Moonlighting

Help! Help me!

I'm gonna die! Help! Please!

Oh, God!

Help me!

I'm coming! Hang on!

Please! Help! I'm coming!

I thought you said 27, 000 kills.

28, 000 kills.

But, yesterday, you said 27, 000 kills.

That was yesterday.

You killed a thousand people in a day?

I was hot. I was super hot.

I was cappin' fools.

It's not a cause for pride, McGee, it's a cause for concern.

Speaking of causes for concern.

Autopsy gremlin.

What are you doing in here?

You know what happens if the direct sunlight hits your skin.

I was just showing Ziva pictures of me and Breena.

Things are getting pretty serious with the girlfriend, huh?

Ooh! I don't know...

Matching tattoos.

Well, it's just henna. I... it's just... it's just henna.

It's gonna be gone in a few days. Let me just see.

You got commitment issues, Palmer?

I get a little nervous about... permanent things.

Actually, I can't even put a bumper sticker on my car.

Where is this?

It looks like the Baltimore street scene.

McGee, didn't you say you wanted to go to that?

I decided not to.

Did you really make that decision, McGee, or was it made for you by your addiction to killing?

McGee killed a thousand people yesterday.

Eh? That is not the record.

On his video game.

Oh. Is that a record?

That's pretty good.

Thank you, Palmer.

We're not encouraging this kind of behavior.

You spent, like, six hours online last night.

You need to unplug, talk to real people.

Uh, these are real people, Tony.

Living, breathing people with lungs and skin, you can touch and interact with... we got to find you one of those.

Yeah, well, I got one of the other kind.

Petty officer washed up on a Maryland beach.

Grab your stuff.

Oh, all right!

That is not an appropriate reaction, is it?

I know, boss, I'm as shocked as you are, but Ziva invited the gremlin up here.

Don't get him wet.

Mind your step, Mr. Palmer.

Minding my step, sir.

It's slippery.

Where's the burrito wrap?

Got it right here, doctor.

Ah. And here is the body bag.

Let's lay it out here.

It's gnarly, dude.


Yeah! For real!


Use 'em. Helpful words.

We were sleeping in a van, yo, right?

And we heard bam! Bam! Boom! Boom! Crack! Crack!

Gunshots, dude. That's what I said, I was, like, "dude, gunshots, " right?

So you're saying there were six gunshots?

No, two gunshots.

But there was, like, a echo.

And he was, like, "dude, don't look, " and I was, like,

"dude, we're looking" yeah, and then we, like, peeked through the windows, and we saw two dudes drive off in a black Lincoln.

Two? You sure it was two? It wasn't an echo?

Yeah, two dudes.

Two dudes.

Right there.


All right, well, fingerprint scan matches his Navy I.D.

Petty officer Scott Roebuck.

Lived within walking distance from here.

Actually, within jogging distance, I'd say.

Does your new magical machine tell you how he died, Timothy?

Well, it's not much of a noodle-scratcher there, Duck, but I'm gonna say GSW to the head.

McGee would know... head shots are his specialty.


Referring to a video game he's been playing way too much.

That's a surprising bit of editorializing coming from the once and future king of Dorkland.

Hey, I now have a girlfriend.

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

Hey! What do you got?

Hey, boss.

We, uh, found petty officer Roebuck's mp3 down at the end of the dock.

Must have fallen off before he went in the water.

With his shoes on?

Well, either he was shot first and thrown in, or he went in after something important.

Or someone.

How about the tides?


At this latitude, high tide was at 11:00 p.m.

So we're still going down.

Special Agent Gibbs... found something!

Wow, this is terrible.

All right, Tony, let's hook him.

I believe it's called a gaff.

What is?

Uh, the hook.

Well, you don't seem to be gaffing very well, so try hooking.

You know, I used to like spending time with you.

Got him?

I'll get another body bag.

He's been beaten about the face.

His hands and legs are bound.

The chains must have snagged when the tides went down.

McGee, put the scanner on.

Yes, boss.

There we go.


No, no names coming up on AFIS.

No, wait a second, boss, we got a red flag here.

It says contact the FBI.

I think I recognize this guy... isn't it...

Stefano Delmar.


Organized crime.


Our petty officer stumbled onto a hit.

You sure it's Delmar?

Can't be sure.

The file just said contact the FBI.

Saves me a trip to the rooftop to flash the Gibbs signal.

You, uh... still investigating those mob hits?

Hence the undercover beard.

I'm worried.

It gets a little bigger...

People are gonna start thinking you're Kenny Rogers.

The hits... I'm gonna start calling you the gambler.

Not the beard.

Yeah, what is this?

That is just a small portion of Stefano Delmar's sworn testimony to the grand jury.

He turned state's evidence.

He was trying to consolidate power, till we caught him cold on a murder charge and he decided to give everyone else up instead.

He's done a whole lot of talking.

He was supposed to be on his way into witness protection.

Hmm, but now he's dead.


And he's not the first.

Someone is not doing a very good job of protecting witnesses.

There is cortisone cream in the far cabinet, Mr. Palmer, for your itching.

I think it's in my head, doctor.

Yeah, but you're scratching your back.

No, sometimes when I get around sand, I just start itching.

Well, if you care to explore the origins of this psychological affliction, I can offer my professional services.

What's the first thing that springs to mind?

Well, I really liked to play in the sand when I was a kid.

I used to bury my toys, play amateur archaeologist.

Our neighbors, I remember, did some remodeling once, and they had a big pile of sand out front.

To mix with cement.

Yeah, yeah, but it wasn't sand-sand, like the good sand... it was bad sand. Very bad sand.

Made me break out in red welts.

Oh, it wasn't the sand, Mr. Palmer, but the sand mite.

The sand might what?

The sand mite bit you.

Sand bites?

Sand mites might bite.

I'm grammatically lost.

But medically found.

The tiny crustacean known as the mite.


I believe a simple allergy is the solution to this problem.

That's your conclusion, doctor?

Delmar was allergic to seawater?

Well, to breathing it, perhaps.

His lungs were full.

Cause of death was, in fact, drowning.

He was thrown in alive.

Petty Officer was trying to be a good Samaritan.

No good deed goes unpunished.


That's Delmar, all right.

It's the first body that's actually turned up.

Confirms the word on the street.

What about the other two hits?


Presumably with extreme prejudice.

FBI recently lost a few witnesses.


Well, we advise against it, but it's not uncommon for witnesses to reject the protection program.

Try to return to their own lives.

But Delmar never even got to his new home.

You got a leak?


The Bureau's hands-on until the testimony's complete.

Then the marshals take over.

We varied protocols, just in case.

Whoever killed him took the job personally.

I mean, he was not only beaten around the face, but the torso, as well, before being drowned.

Like a rat.

Yeah, well, I did find one unexplained wound.

Here... there's also an infection.

I suspect tetanus.

What, those little scabs?

Yeah, they're some sort of punctures.

About a week old, maybe two.

He was in FBI custody last week?

And the week before that.

Oh, yeah, Tobias, you've got a leak.

All right, let's get moving.

Okay, "FBI witness profile and sequestering schedule."

Reminds me of middle school, when you get the smart kids to check the dumb kids' homework.

Yeah, which one were you?

And that's because I anointed you king of Dorkland?

Fair enough.

Let's start with the safe houses.

I got a motel six.

Freemont Inn.

Got a Hyatt.

Wow, must be nice to have a budget for hotels.

Moving on.

Special Agent in charge... hey!

Look, there's my old buddy, Rick Sacks.

Kind of hope he's the leak.


Van Horn.

Moving on.

Appointment with a company called

"Cooper's Hawk security."

Me, too.

Yeah, me, three.

All right, Cooper's, you go to the top of the "maybe" pile.

Cooper's Hawk security?

Outside contractor... background checks, securities.

They specialize in polygraph investigations.

Lie detectors are inadmissible.

We occasionally use them to verify statements before we get to court.

Really? You can't just take what career criminals say at face value?

Even after agreeing to full disclosure, some witnesses try to hold back, but with a skilled technician, the polygraph will catch them.

Son of a bitch.

That's what happened to Delmar's foot.

The old tack in the shoe routine.

Pain messes up the baseline reading when you tell the truth.

It makes it difficult to get an accurate read on a lie.

If the wounds are self-inflicted, the leak might be outside the Bureau.

Link could be in that company, Tobias.

Common link to all three witnesses.

We should put someone in there, see how they operate.

Enough undercover work.

Let's do this the easy way.

We get the judge off the last trial to issue a court order for their internals.

Find the name of anyone who interacted with all three.

All right, we'll do it your way.

Let's go.

There are two kinds of people in the world:

The kind that actually believes there's only two kinds of people, and the kind that ain't total idiots.

Your Honor, if you'd review my request, you'd see that I'm not asking to violate client confidentiality.

Not in those words, Agent Fornell, but that would be the effect.

If I granted the court order.

So much for the easy way.

How is that?

Ignore him, Your Honor.

"Evelyn" is fine when I'm not in the robe.

Why can't we just have them all, judge?

Cooper's handles sensitive information, Agent Gibbs.

They're a reputable firm with a very large private clientèle base, not to mention the federal government.

A two-man hit team took down Stefano Delmar.

And you think his people knew he was talking because someone at Cooper's let it slip?

Tobias, that was one of the worst-kept secrets in town.

The same team that killed Petty Officer Roebuck just for being there.

I share your frustration with the occasional inequities of the legal system, but I cannot sign off on blanket violations of privacy.

In the hopes of serving justice, however, I could release Delmar's full testimony to you.

Least you could find out what names he named.

Would help narrow down our search for the killers.

Thank you... Evelyn.

And I could buy you both a coffee.

Pick your poison.

You had a cup this morning, didn't you?

Yeah. Every morning.

And Judge Wallace bought you one.

What is that, your fifth?

It's not even 4:00 o'clock yet.

Hey, boss, I might have found a way into, uh, Cooper's Hawk security.



I didn't know you were looking.

Well, it's not illegal.

I'm not hacking or anything.


Did you start looking after we saw the judge?

Or before?



Thanks for doing it my way.

Yeah, don't mention it.

I was being facetious.

Yeah, me, too.

Cooper's personnel files.

Susan Grady?

That's the polygraph lady.

You know her?

Says she's one of their specialists.

Yeah, she's one of our specialists, too.

More precisely... one of McGee's specialists, meaning she specializes in McGee.

And polygraphs.

Employment histories overlapped.

Looks like she was moonlighting.

I'm an 080 security specialist, not a full-time agent.

I got clearance from the director before I started freelancing.

Wait. Director Vance knows?

No, this was Director Shepard.

This was, I think, February of '08.

Susan, you're not in trouble.

I know I'm not in trouble.

I haven't broken any regulations.

Then stop acting defensive.

I'm not acting.

I'm genuinely feeling on the defensive.

You have a very off-putting way of putting people...

You know, off.

I'm not the first one to say it.

It's not my fault you feel guilty.

Sure, I guess I could have reminded director Vance when he took the desk, and I could have told him "no" when they offered me a more regular job.

Or you could have told them that you already have a job. It's still part-time.

Two days a week, usually, unless they have a... unusually heavy caseload or...

Stay down! Stay down! All right.

Oh, my God!

All noncombustible items on the left.

If it's fried, on the right.

And mark a big "o" on anything organic.

Abby, do you really need that thing?

Need, McGee?

Reason not the need, McGee.

Don't be so limited.

If it smells, bring it directly to my lab, pronto. Noncombustible.

McGee, we got a cause yet?

Uh, well, I called the fire marshal.

He is, uh, still not ready to sign off on the cause of the explosion, but he is willing to admit that it probably was not an accident.

You think?

Where's DiNozzo and David?

Still out canvassing. How is Susan?

In the conference room... go find out.

What, you want me to go question her?

She's in shock, Tim.

We're going to need a gentle touch, and based on your past relationship...

Whoa, whoa... relationship?

There... there was no relationship.

That's not how I remember it.

Boss, she practically sexually harassed me.

I get chills just thinking about the EKG that she was sticking up...

Conference room.


You okay?

Well, maybe I can...

Thank you. I was so scared!

You have a surveillance camera in the conference room now?

Hope you don't have one in the elevator.

We don't.

Not yet, at least, Agent Fornell.

How can I help you?

Need to borrow your TV.

And my copy of Emily post.

Door was closed.

I thought you were in MTAC.

Well, we all make mistakes.

That's why God invented knocking.

McGee is interviewing Susan Grady?

You sure you don't have a camera in the elevator?

When I do, you'll be the first to know, Agent Fornell.

TV's all yours.


Let go. Let go.

Thank you. Thank you.

Now, I know it's hard, okay?

But I'm going to need you to focus.

Can you do that for me?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

All right, so I'm going to have to ask you a few questions.

That's funny.

I'm usually the one who asks the questions.

Yeah, I remember.

You know, we never really got a chance to talk about the, um...

You know, the, remember...?

The time that you had me retake my polygraph test, because you wanted to see if I had a girlfriend or not?

I know it was wrong and I'm sorry...

I took care of that.

I think you're really cute and I...

Don't worry about it, Susan.

It's okay, all right?

Just water under the bridge.

Let's just forget it ever happened.

All right, now, you've been working at Cooper's Hawk security about two years?

And you help them run their background checks?

No, I just administer polygraphs.

So, same as here.

No, not the same.

Here, everyone treats me like a leper.

I walk into a room, they walk out.

Like, like everyone's afraid I'm going to find out their deepest, darkest secrets.

But, um, Cooper's specializes in giving polygraphs.

There, I was just... one of the guys, which was nice.

I can't believe they're all dead.

This man...

You ever given him a polygraph?


You aware of any threats against Cooper's Hawk?


Anything unusual in the office this morning?

No, the Internet was down for a bit, but nothing unusual about that.

The, uh, the techs came and it was working about an hour later.

All right.

Think I've got enough for now.

Um, how'd I do?

Uh, just fine. Just fine.

I'll admit, the, the q-and-a is a little nerve-racking.

I see what everyone's talking about.


But I'm glad it was you.

It's, it's almost like... fate brought us together again.

Maybe I ought to have a little talk with her.

I don't think she knows anything.

If she can be trusted.

You're sure the leak came from Cooper's Hawk?

The explosion wasn't an accident.

There was something to find there.

Somebody didn't want you to find it.

And she's the only one that made it out alive.

Either she's extraordinarily lucky...

Or she's involved.

Until we know which is which, let's not let her out of our sight.

I need help, doctor.

I can't tell whether this is a metacarpal or a metatarsal bone.

Neither. No, it's the lower extremity of a lepus cuniculus.

A rabbit's foot?

Yeah. Look at the markings here on the end.

It's where the metal keychain cap was attached.

Hmm, someone must've been carrying this for good luck.

Wonder if they can get their money back.

I am so sorry.

Uh, that was just a joke.

It was not a good joke.

I realize that now.

DNA! I need more.

I finished I.D'ing the first four victims.

Ugh! And, uh, I'm ready for a new batch.

Mr. Palmer, if you've finished your multispecies insensitivity...

Uh, here are two more.

It's going slow.

We've been having trouble separating out the unique DNA strands.

I have faith.

If anyone can dig through burnt-out remains and find uncooked cellular material, it's you two.

Remind me not to let you give a speech at my wedding.

Ducky, Gibbs would like to know, uh, what the update is with the bodies that we discovered.

Well, there are still some spare parts, but we've been able to reconstruct enough of the remains to get a firm count.

There are ten victims, not counting the rabbit.

Are you sure?

You were expecting something different?

I don't know what the rabbit is about, but according to the personnel records, there should've been 11 people in the building when it blew up.

Well, I can assure you our count is accurate... ten.

Susan Grady was not the only person who made it out alive.

So who's lucky 11?

Well, wouldn't Susan know?

She was there, right?

Are you guys sure that we can trust her?

Because I am not.

And why, may I ask, is that?

Come on, Ducky.

Everybody know Susan's taken a little shine to McGee.

That has nothing to do with it.

I mean, McGee... he's a capable investigator, but when it comes to matters of the heart, he can be a bit naive.

Are you talking from experience?

That's classified.

Just think about his last girlfriend.

She tried to kill him.

I get it.

You're trying to cover McGee, like a protective hen.

Or an over-protective panther.

Okay, if Susan can't tell you who lucky number 11 is, I can.

Just keep her out of my hair.

Should we tell her?

No way.

Tell her what?

Keep pumping.

How firm do you like it?

A little harder.

All right.

Don't want to get a stiff back.

Hm! You're pretty good at this.

Top of the line.

Any more, I'd think it's gonna pop.

Wow... McGee.

And in my lab.


Oh, no, no, no.

No. Listen, Abby, I... I volunteered your lab for Susan to crash in.

I mean, if it's that big of a problem, I can... have her stay at my place, I guess.


No problem.

No problem, and there's pillows in the ballistics room.

Oh, um, already got them.

Thank you.


Well, if you need anything, I'll be closing in on the killer in the next room.

I don't think she likes me.

Well, I wouldn't read too much into it.

Abby sometimes...

One second.

Need to check something.

I just wouldn't read too much into it.

Are you guys really closing in on the killer?

Well, unfortunately, all of Cooper's internal records were destroyed in the explosion.

It was likely the point.

What? Something wrong?

Well... what if I told you not all of the records were destroyed?

Well, then, I'd ask you to explain.

Um, you know, I... I took copies of polygraph interviews and background data home.

I know it was a serious breach of protocol.

Then why'd you do it?

I was studying the data, hoping to improve my people-reading skills.

I'm really goo at what I do, Tim.

I can read anyone like a book with my machines.

When it comes to doing it blind, I'm, you know, blind.

It's probably why I've had such bad luck with men. I was actually voted

"least likely to take a hint" in high school.

Really? I can't imagine.

Listen... the data that you have at your house... it's important evidence.

We need to go get it now.

Oh, we don't have to.

Actually, it's on my desktop computer.

We can tunnel in from here. All we need...

An open port through our firewall and an external IP address.

I'm already locked and loaded.

I just need your log-in information.

So, um, the interviews are digitized by date, but, um... whoa! What's going on?

Abby, you're not mirroring this in the other room, are you?

This is not me.

Someone else is accessing my files.

Do you have a webcam?


All right.

Remote-activating it.

Oh, my God!

Someone's in my house.

Try and block access here.

He's taking the computer, McGee.

Abby's working on enhancing the image, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Whoever was after Susan... they disappeared before we got there.

The door was forced, and the place was ransacked.

You said you were still able to download some of the data?

Managed to capture a portion of Cooper's client directory, but was unable to get any actual polygraph files.

We're reconstructing what we have, but it's not much.


Well, the neighbor did report seeing someone lurking, uh, but couldn't give a useful description.

Said the suspect seemed to be waiting for Susan.

Eventually got tired of waiting.

Susan have any idea who?


Come on. She's the sole survivor.

She must know something.

Well, if she does, she doesn't know what it is.

Trust me. I spent half the night up with her.

Well, we know one thing.

Whatever she knows...

It was worth killing for.

Yeah, Abbs. What do you got?

The missing employee was Gus Templeton, the janitor.

Nice work.

Abby's got an I.D. on the missing employee.

Gus Templeton. The janitor?

Why was he not at work during the explosion?

I don't know. Find out.

I've got to update all the interested parties.

Boss, can I go with Tony instead of Ziva?

I'm sorry, it's just, I've been here all night.

I got... I'm fighting the cabin fever.

Go on, get out of here.


Can I give you some lady advice?

I'd rather get a lap dance from a nun, Tony.


Listen, when Jimmy Palmer's out-girling you, trust me, you need my advice.

I think you should give the girl a chance.

You never have. Maybe you should.

She's a nice girl.

That's very adult of you.

Hmm. It's not me. It's her.

Something about her.

I can't put my finger on it, but I think she's got a really nice butt underneath those long blouses.

That is more like it.


NCIS. We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Mind if, uh, we come inside?

Oh, boy.

Actually, we... we can do this out here.

That's fine.

Uh, where... where were you last night?

In my bathroom... throwing up.

Bad Sushi.


Been there the last two days.

You hear about the fire at Cooper's?

I'm the janitor.

If someone wanted to torch the place, how would I know anything about it?

Well, the thing is, we told the media to report the fire as an accident.

Never mentioned arson.

That's the janitor, but I don't remember him looking quite so green.

I told... told your agents I don't know nothin'.

I know that.

I got an issue with it.

What's that?

You're lying.

That's it?

I must have missed something.

There are many subtle tells to indicate a person is lying.

Eye contact, body positioning, micro-expressions.

But with Gibbs, it is all "gut, " as you say.

Is he ever wrong?

Not that I remember.

I don't have much of a gut.

I never have.

I actually thought Tim really liked me, and he was just playing hard to get.

Perhaps he is... and just doesn't know it.

You definitely provoke a strong response in him.

Yeah. The response to run.

Why would I lie?

I got ten reasons right here.

Look at 'em.

'Cause somebody's going down for this.


You know what my problem is?

My only suspect makes 30 grand a year, and he just spent $40, 000 on a damn new fishing boat.

They'll kill me.

They already killed everyone at Cooper's.

No, you killed 'em.

And that's exactly what the jury's gonna see. Look at 'em!

I had some gambling debts.

These guys... they show up at my place and...

They agree to wipe it all out.

What it cost you?

My access card.

Said they were gonna pose as computer technicians, and my I.D. would give them access to every room.

I don't know what they wanted.

And they didn't say nothing about killing anyone.

I would never have helped them otherwise.

I want names.

Lifted prints from the janitor's place.

This is Peter and Arnold Rafferty.

Started with petty theft as teens.

Moved on to boosting cars.

Graduated to muscle for organized crime.


Those are the guys who came in to fix the computers.

Probably the ones that disabled it.

Well, their names were mentioned 127 times in Stefano Delmar's testimony.

I'm guessing they found out where he was hiding and went and got some payback.

Then broke into my house to destroy my files.

You have to catch them.

Now. Like, right now.

We're working on it.

We have hit a shamu.

Does she mean snafu?

Roll with it.

We were able to track the Rafferty brother" movements prior to them destroying Cooper's Hawk security.

Right, then what?


Fornell and his beard are running contacts, but it looks like they've gone underground.

Must've knew an indictment was coming soon.


But I don't think that's why they disappeared.

Monsieur Gibbs, s'il vous plait.

There's foulness afoot.

First things first, Gibbs:

The Rafferty brothers definitely killed Delmar and the petty officer that stumbled on them.

I found their DNA on both victims.

Second, the fire marshal finally issued his report.

I think he's some sort of frustrated novelist or something, but it's a pretty good read.


Yes, Gibbs?


Yes, Gibbs.

The murder scene is not the only place that I found the Raffertys' DNA.

They never made it out of Cooper's alive.

You said all the bodies were accounted for.

And... they were.

The fire marshal scraped this at the source of the explosion.

It's ash, Gibbs.

It's human ash.

The Rafferty brothers left no bodies, because they were literally incinerated by the explosion.

So who broke into Susan's house?

Oh, it gets better.

The fire marshal traced the source of the explosion to Cooper's computer room in the basement.

And the explosive was very small.

Didn't look small.

But it was.

The explosive was designed to fry the servers that were holding computer records, not to kill anyone.

But the explosion penetrated the gas main of the building, and kaboom.

Only the records are targeted?

And I know what you're thinking.

Delmar's testimony ratting out the Rafferty brothers is already on the record, so...?

So, what were they trying to hide?

They went to a lot of trouble to destroy.

Cooper's records. Why?

Not to cover their connection to Delmar.

His testimony's already on record.

What else was in those computers?

Just spoke with the company that handles Cooper's I.T.

The server that they specifically downloaded houses Cooper's polygraph files.


What was in those files?

Um, well, um...

Audio recordings of the polygraph examinees.

Um, their physiological data, post-test analysis...

Questions, answers.

Wavy lines next to them.

Questions, you know, involving each case, yeah, and the standard ones we start with.

You've pretty much heard them already.

They're almost identical to the ones we do here.

Agent Gibbs has never taken a polygraph exam.


This won't hurt a bit.

Wouldn't miss this for the world, huh?

He's been dodging this for years.

Um, if you could just make some room.

Where are you thinking of clipping that thing?

It's for the sphincter sensor.

Oh, gee...

I, uh, usually set this up beforehand.

All you need now is a buzzer.

Oh, no, nothing like that.

That'd make the testee too nervous.

All right, let's begin.

Is your name Leroy Jethro Gibbs?


Were you born in Stillwater, Pennsylvania?


Have you ever stolen more than a hundred dollars in cash or property from an employer?


That one gets me every time.

Have you ever committed espionage for a foreign country?


Have you ever divulged classified information?


Have you ever committed a felony?

Agent Gibbs?

Could you answer the question please?

That's enough.

Something wrong, Agent Gibbs?

What happens if you fail?

At NCIS, you lose your security clearance.

Usually your job. Same at FBI.

The CEO of Cooper's Hawk was pushing for its use in more areas of federal employment.

He even convinced several congressional committees to give them a test run.

I finally decoded the data fragment that McGee pulled from the computer.

It's a list of the past year's clients.

It's a veritable who's who of senate confirmation appointees.

Well, how about that?

Thanks, Curt.


I didn't realize we were making this a regular thing.

You were a Cooper's client.

Skipping the small talk?

We need an explanation, Your Honor.

Wow, this is the big leagues.


Two years ago, I sat on a circuit court bench in a small town in Illinois when I was hand-picked for a federal spot.

Do you know how much combing and sifting takes place during judicial confirmation hearings?

I wanted to make sure nothing embarrassing would surface before I accepted the nomination.

Personally embarrassing?


You want someone digging up your skeletons?

So, that's why you went to them?

As a dry run.

Take a dry run at that polygraph machine?

Learn how to beat it?

To get accustomed to it.

I had never taken one before.

The committee was just experimenting with polygraphs as part of the vetting.

And my nervousness could have derailed the confirmation.

Not nervous around the machine anymore?



Then you won't mind taking another one.

What exactly do you think she knows?

With her clearance level?


Can't just accuse a sitting judge of being part of a criminal conspiracy, Gibbs.

I'm just going to ask her a few questions, Leon.

As a judge in Skokie County, Illinois, did you preside over the case of people v. Perkins?

Yes. The outcome was Perkins' conviction on three counts of murder?

Yes, you have the file.

After the trial, primary witness against Perkins went missing.

You know what happened to him?


Oh, yeah.

Sorry about that. I forgot to mention I had one of my agents, uh, rig up all the bells and whistles.


FBI never found the witness.

Similar to the missing witnesses in the recent string of Rico cases.

Hmm, last one ended up in your court.

Stefano Delmar was granted immunity after confessing to multiple murders.

You know what happened to him?


Can you tolerate watching bad guys walk, because their testimony convicts even worse guys?

Is that what you call the "occasional inequities of the system"?

Did you leak identities of protected witnesses to people who had grudges against them?

Did you use Cooper to become a better liar in order to mete out vigilante justice from a higher bench?

You accuse me of what?

Of targeting rats who bail out of a sinking ship?

Without a shred of admissible evidence...

I'll have your badges.

She is right.

Was murder by proxy.

Oh, yeah.

The Rafferty brothers did her dirty work.

Their little mistake took out more than she intended, but it also means that everyone connected with those murders is dead.


No evidence she was involved in any crime.


Just the break-in.

Oh, right.

That was the first actual boots-on-the-ground crime that you committed yourself.

Did the Raffertys alert you that those files were copied?

Or did you just lift that from my own update?

Very few people had that information.

You really think you're such a natural that you didn't leave behind a single red hair?

You never faced your victims, but you still murdered them.

You know, it doesn't matter that you think they had it coming.

You were appointed judge.

Not jury and executioner.

We did find a hair at your place.

There might have been a red one.

So was he bluffing or not? I just couldn't tell.

Hey, Susan, start in the shallow end.

Reading Gibbs' mind is... well, it's like re...

Dear God... someone fed him after midnight.

Jimmy, what happened to you?

Oh... turns out I am really allergic to henna.

But, uh...

I can't reach back there, so, so do you think you guys could...?

I'm late for a squash game.

Oh, sorry, I gotta get the hell out of here.

Please, guys, it really itches!

That's what girlfriends are for. Hi.

Okay, I can get the top part...

Stay, stay, stay! Stay!

No, please, do not...

It maybe be actually very contagious.

I need help.

I may have to hurt you massively.

She'll do it.

I may have to hurt you.

I would do it for you.

No, you wouldn't!

Yes, I would!

Susan, you want to get some dinner?

You're asking me to dinner?


Yeah, seeing you in action, you know, you doing what you do, it's, um...

It's interesting to me. I'd like to know more.

You would?

Yes, I would.

Yeah, but, um, I don't think you really would.

But it's, it's sweet of you to say.

Uh, no, I... I, I actually would.

I really would.


I would!