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07x23 - Patriot Down
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What's an NCIS agent doing so far from home?

I'm teaching a class on the forensics of cold cases.

We're using the murder of a man named Pedro Hernandez as a case study.

He was killed by a sniper hiding on a ridge almost a thousand meters from here.

How do you know that?

Because the killer left behind a message on that ridge.

I need you to exhume the body of Pedro Hernandez.

The body of a drug dealer from 20 years ago?

I don't think anyone would mind.

I think I have it.

Ha-ha. I matched the bullet in Pedro Hernandez's head to your sniper rifle.

I didn't find this out by accident.

Rule 40.

If it seems like someone's out to get you, they are.

Welcome to Mexico, Agent Gibbs.

Don't even think about it.

Following this year's inspirational commencement speech, the 2010 U.S. Naval Academy graduating class began their weeklong celebration. Good times.

And, never to be outdone, the city of Annapolis hopes to make it a graduation to remember.

Ah, graduation.

For many, an alcohol-induced purple haze.

Easy there, Hendrix, it'll pass.

Back when I was on Baltimore P.D., every graduation, you'd go down to the drunk tank and there'd be a hundred seniors throwing up on themselves.

Good times.

Need I remind you that I, too, will become a graduate soon?

With a degree in what?

English as a tenth language.

My naturalization interview is this week, both the written and oral exams.

It is how an alien becomes a citizen.

Oh, I know what it means, E.T.

You ready?

I think so.

Ask me anything.

Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Due process.

No person shall be held to answer for any capital crime, unless indicted by a grand jury.

Ha. Nice.

Not bad, David, not bad at all.

DiNozzo, eighth letter of the alphabet.

"G." No, "H" for homicide.

Got one on the beach in Annapolis.

Could be academy- related; let's go.

One minute, Gibbs.

Every TV station in D.C.'ll be covering the Annapolis graduation this week, so until we know something, let's keep this on the down-low.

Keep what on the down-low, Director?


Hell of a way to go.

It smells like mesquite.

Who are you-- Bobby Flay?

I'm just saying, certain woods burn differently than others.

There's still green out here.

That's why it's smoldering.

Hmm, it is perfect for s'mores.

Never liked s'mores.

What are you talking about?

What's not to like?

You got your chocolate, graham crackers, gooey marshmallows.

What kind of Boy Scout are you?

I'm a Webelos, actually.

Well, zip up, Webelos.

Your inner geek is showing.

Are you sure you didn't see something last night, Ensign Bosch?

No, sir.

The fire was ready to go when we got here.

I set it up the night before so we could just drop a match and party.

And you think someone came during the night and deliberately hid the body underneath?

Had to have, ma'am.

You feeling all right?

Tired, sir.

I've been up all night, celebrating.

Go get some sleep. We'll be in touch.

Whenever a good nor'wester blows, Christopher is certain to have sand between the toes.

And who exactly is Christopher?

He's a creation of A.A. Milne, who, reputedly, also liked a good romp on the beach.

Well, well, well, well...

This one put up quite a fight.

Fingernails are broken at the cuticle.

Heat has cooked off most of the flesh, but not all.

Killers often assume that a good fire will act like a crematorium.

They are unaware that it is impossible to generate the necessary temperature.

See that? Wood wasn't hot enough.

Well, thank you, Wee Willy Webelos.

Do you have your portable fingerprint scanner with you, Timothy? Uh, yeah, I believe I do.

Thank you.

By rehydrating the heat-dried digit with saline, the swirls and ridges regain definition, possibly allowing us to get an identification.

It's like watering a mummy.



Words, McGee.

Boss, this is Special Agent Lara Macy.

According to Special Agent Macy's personnel file, she left the I.A. office last year under special circumstances.

Was transferred to the Force Protection Detachment in Marseille.

You're supposed to feel safer on American soil.

That could have happened anywhere.

To any of us.

That is the risk we take.

The agency's on alert.

The director has ordered a threat assessment.

So now what?

We assess.

Figure out who killed another female federal agent.

And uphold justice to the full extent of the law.

Or whatever it takes.

Okay, she's a marine, an agent, a daughter.

All right, daughter first.

Macy's mom lives on a farm in Cumberland, Maryland.

Call her. Tell her we're coming.

On it.


Right away.

Gibbs, a member of Special Agent Macy's team from Marseille is calling into MTAC.

Threat assessment's been put out.

Think they know?

Special Agent Macy left four days ago, sir.

A flight from De Gaulle to Dulles, aboard a C-130 transport.

Do you know why she left?

Said she needed some personal time.

Special Agent Macy is dead.

We found her here in Annapolis early this morning.


How...? What happened?

She was murdered.

On my watch, Agent Mineoux.

So if you think this is case-related, I'm gonna need every document, every file that you can get your hands on.

Of course. We'll send everything.

But it doesn't make sense.

Who would want her dead?

You check her apartment.

You check her phone records and her mail.

Any idea where she was staying while she was here?

She said I could reach her at a hotel in Norfolk-- um, the Freemont Inn.

This is a great loss for us, Director.

The whole agency.

You have no idea.

It's just us. So tell me-- who did this wretched thing to you?

Did it merely coincide with your line of work, or was it caused by it?

Your silence speaks volumes.

It's amazing how someone so demure can say so much with so little.

You're talking to yourself again, Duck.

On the contrary. Agent Macy is enlightening me.

Take a look at this.

There's a bone chip on the anterior side of the C-4 vertebra.

I believe a serrated knife was pulled violently up and across her neck, practically severing it from the spinal column.

Macy could hold her own.

Professional hit?

Well, certainly looks like it.

If someone wanted her dead, why wait until she got home?

And why set her remains ablaze in NCIS jurisdiction?

Hey, Abbs, what do you got?

Questions. For you.

Case first.

Okay, um, people only travel for two reasons, business or pleasure.

If Agent Macy was traveling for pleasure then why didn't she stay at her mom's house in Maryland?

Instead, she checked into an impersonal motel and everything we collected from her room is work-related, so...

Work-related items, work-related visit.

That's her NCIS laptop.

And that's her work cell phone.

Last call?

It was incoming, from early last evening.

From a store-bought disposable.

I'm trying to track it now.

What's really interesting are the five calls that Agent Macy made in the last three days.

All to a Petty Officer Kaylen Burrows.

Pull the file.

I already did.

Burrows is currently stationed

on the USS Majestic.

It's been docked outside Marseille until a few weeks ago, and then made port in Norfolk at the same time that Agent Macy did.

Agent Macy followed Burrows back to the States.


Not pleasure.

Gibbs, speaking of business, we need to talk.


Stuff... and things.

Not now, Abbs.



Oh! Hello, Mr. Gibbs.

Miss Hart, still not used to you wandering around.

Oh. I got a pass now, remember?

Limited access.

Your client--

Colonel Bell-- he'll be disappointed.

Well, this isn't about the colonel.

Actually, I'm on my way to see Ms. Sciuto.

The Mexican government wants their body back.

It's just a drug dealer.

Maybe, but if you had an unsolved case, you'd want your evidence back, too.

You better get to work.

Do you want to grab some dinner later?

Uh... no, I can't.


No. Can't do that, either.

If I didn't know any better, Mr. Gibbs, I'd think you were avoiding me.

Something smells good.

Oh, yeah.

You like mashed potatoes?

We are not here to eat, Tony.

Well, I mourn, I eat.

I'm Italian.

Jews and Italians are similar that way.

That's her.

Petty Officer Burrows?


NCIS. This is Agent David, I'm Agent DiNozzo.

Can we talk?

I'm running a little late.

I have a quarterdeck watch to start.

How's the flan?

The what?

Custard-like dessert on your plate there.

It's tough to master the flan.

Texture needs to be smooth.

Just the right ratio of milk to vanilla to caramel.

Can we stop talking about the flan?

What are you, anti-flan?

Will you tell us what happened between you and Special Agent Macy in Marseille?

I don't know who that is.

Sure, you do.

You guys spoke this week... five times.

Uh, Petty Officer, we need to go. We're gonna be late for muster.

That's kind of cute how you guys all look out for each other.

And you ate all your flan.

Well done, big boy.

This is a private conversation.

Well, this is a U.S. Naval vessel, ma'am, and we have responsibilities.

And so do we.

She'll meet you up on deck.



I did it!

Did what?

I busted through the back door of Agent Macy's encrypted laptop.

Okay. Agent Macy had started a case file, but she never turned it in because it was incomplete.

Why? The victim in the crime refused to testify.

As a matter of fact, the victim refused to cooperate at all.

And who was the victim, exactly?

Petty Officer Second Class Kaylen Burrows.

And what was the crime?


Tell us what happened in France, Kaylen.

Nothing you say will leave this room.

You can't promise that, ma'am.

No disrespect, but I've been in this Navy too long.

I know better.

According to the ship's log, you had a 24-hour liberty in Marseille.

It's a fun town.

I guess.

A little Bordeaux, little cognac.

Things went too far?

I met someone, we partied.

I'm as responsible as anyone.

Can anybody verify that?

It seems your shipmates, Capetanos and Wachter, were on liberty, as well.

Why did they not want you to talk to us?

What I did is my business.


You were attacked.

I'm not pressing any charges.

Yeah, I told Agent Macy the same thing.

I just... want to go back to the Majestic now.


No can do.


Because you're also a witness in a murder investigation.

That's im... That's impossible.


Special Agent Lara Macy.

I've already approved the return of Pedro Hernandez's body back to Mexico.

Your liaison, Ms. Hart, has agreed to make the transportation arrangements.

The evidence should be on its way in a few days, Mr. Rivera.

My government and I very much appreciate your assistance, Director Vance, especially loaning us Ms. Sciuto.

Her visit was illuminating, to say the least.

Well, I think Ms. Sciuto enjoyed her time in your country, too, for the most part.

Let me videoconference her in.

Ms. Sciuto?

Buenas noches, everyone.

Abby, I am still amazed that you've managed to make progress in such an old case.

I am very much looking forward to reading your report.

So am I.

Well, see, that-that's what I wanted to mention.

'Cause I-I really need a little more time with it.

You know, just to make sure I-I did a thorough job.

I mean, it's-it's...

I-I need to double-check and triple-check everything.

Señor Rivera, you'll have that report as soon as possible.

We did just lose an agent, Director, and that does take priority.

It's certainly a priority of mine.

I'm sorry, Director Vance.

I know what it's like to lose people fighting for a cause.

We face it every day. Thank you.

Alejandro, I swear I'll get it to you as soon as I can.

Oh, of course, Abby.

I hate to see so much on that brilliant mind of yours.

The case has been dormant for 20 years.

A few more days cannot hurt.

Thank you, Ms. Sciuto.

Did you know my daughter well?

Well, unfortunately, I only got to meet her one time.

She was an outstanding agent.

Good person.

Um, it's excellent tea, ma'am.

It was her favorite.

Lara and I used to sit with a pot and talk for hours.

Funny how a cup of tea can mean so much.

We're gonna need to go through her belongings.

Well, everything in Lara's room's exactly as she left it.

Clothes in the closet date all the way back to high school.

But I already showed your people everything.

Not our people, ma'am.

Yes. There was a... a man here earlier.

He couldn't have been nicer.

Can you describe him?

Handsome. Military.

After he went through her room, I showed him the-the mud room off the kitchen.

That's where she kept her papers and...


Oh, dear, he left quite a mess.

All of this is Lara's?

Most of it.

Amazing what we collect over the years.

I really need to get in here and go through these things.

So many memories.

Wow. Agent Macy's personal notes.

There's years of them here.

All dating back to when she was an M.P. at Pendleton.

Box it. All of it, McGee. Check the dates.

See if anything's missing.

Try to figure out what this guy's looking for.

Anything in particular?

Just check it.

Get a sketch artist out there. Let's I.D. this guy.

I already made the call, but I can make it again... DiNozzo.

Making it again, boss.

Come on, chew.

What do you got from overseas?

Agents spoke to the owner of the bar that Burrows was in the night of the rape. Swallow.

Remembers an American civilian hanging with her.

Young guy, big mouth, big drinker.

Does he got a name?

Uh, yes.

I used a credit card to, uh, run his bank statements, and came up with a Tyler Hammond, 22, out of Chevy Chase.

His dad... Randall, is a big muckety-muck builder in D.C.

He founded Derby Winner Construction.

They've got sites all over the city.

Junior finished Georgetown last year.

Kicked around for a little bit, and then Mommy and Daddy got tired of his face; sent him to Europe for three months.

He still in Europe? Negatory.

Flew back a week ago.

Tyler's home now.

Maybe Agent Macy went to see him.

Maybe she got too close.

Take Ziva. Bring him in.

This community relies on its police department, and this is the kind of support we get?

I know you're chief of police, but I pay a lot of taxes to keep this neighborhood safe.

Now, I want you to find those men. Do you hear me?!

Yes, sir. What is going on here?

It's a nice fountain. It's very Caesars Palace.

Hey, guys. You Tyler Hammond?

Who the hell are you?


Damn Navy. Where were you a few minutes ago?

Can you tell us what's going on?

A couple of guys in ski masks pulled up and beat the daylights out of my son.

Well, that's not good.

Can you describe these guys, Tyler?


I never saw them coming.

So you did not see their faces?

Didn't need to.

They took off in an SUV with Navy base permits on the glass.

Couple of respectable military guys beating up an innocent kid.

You know, I have friends at the Pentagon.

I'm going to call my lawyer.

And I'm going to sue you people.

Okay. All right.

Why don't you call Gibbs, give him a heads-up?

Tell him our attacker's been attacked.

Special Agent Gibbs.

How you feeling, Tyler?

We've been waiting for you for over an hour.

It's nice of you to finally show.

Busy day, Mr. Hammond.

Maybe you need to get your priorities straight, Special Agent Gibbs.

Look what they did to my son.

Who, exactly?

Navy guys.

Your Navy.

I was walking to my car. They grabbed me and...

You don't need to say any more, Tyler.

That's sound advice. Who are you?

Marshall Tomko, Mr. Hammond's attorney.

Well, you're right, Mr. Tomko.

Tyler, you don't have to say anything else.

It makes you look guilty.

My son didn't do anything wrong.

That's not what Petty Officer Burrows says.

I know all about her, her little story.

She's lying.

Mr. Hammond, if your son's so clean, why'd two Navy sailors drive all the way out here to kick his ass?

Because Tyler Hammond witnessed them rape one of their own that evening in Marseille.

He tried to stop it, but couldn't.

That's not the petty officer's story.

She's afraid, intimidated.

They're on that ship together, 24/7.

They know that Tyler can I.D. them.

They're scared he'll talk, and they're desperate.

It's a theory.

How about you, Tyler? You got an opinion?

My son just wanted to help.

And this is the thanks he gets.

What if her lawyer's right?

What if her shipmates did do it?

Then I understand why Petty Officer Burrows has kept her mouth shut.

I don't.

Why would you let someone get away with rape?


Burrows is in the military. If a woman

cries rape, no man on that ship would ever totally trust her again.

Well, you're a woman. What would you do?

I'm different.

After torturing them until they cried like babies, I would castrate them.

Give them what they deserve.

Hmm. Spoken like a true almost-American.

Background check. I'm listening.

Wachter and Capetanos both show some teenage offenses.

Both were on 24-hour liberty from the Majestic the night Macy was killed. And Seaman Wachter did sign out a motor pool van earlier today.

It's possible Burrows is being strong-armed.

And when Macy started snooping, they killed her, too?

Agent Macy's investigation shows a hospital rape kit was administered the morning after Burrows was attacked.

Swabs, blood work, everything.

Were the results determined?

You can't tell from here.

When Burrows backed off the case, the results were never posted.

Have Abby check with the infirmary on the Majestic.

See if that rape kit's still there.

You talk to those enlisted guys.

Already did it, boss.

Do it again!

Doing it again, boss.


Everybody out except you two-- Wachter, Capetanos.

George, is this your conn locker?

You don't mind?

Well, we have a witness that puts you and, uh, Big Karl at Tyler Hammond's house.

You guys make a habit of beating up civilians?

What are you looking for, sir?


Of what?

The assault on Petty Officer Burrows.

That's crazy.

Is it?

'Cause every time I look at her, you guys are...

All over her.

You afraid she's gonna say something?

You got it wrong.

What about the murder of Special Agent Lara Macy?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is outta hand. Shut up!

We don't know anything about...

Shut up! You shut up!

Look, we jumped that rich punk, Hammond.

We were at the bar that night in Marseille.

We saw them leave together.

He raped Petty Officer Burrows.

She's one of us.

And we take care of our own.

So you're confessing to the fistfight, but not the rape or the murder.

And why should we believe you?

Because it's the truth.



I'm trying, sir.

Try harder, and don't call me sir.

Not forcing you to do anything here.

I know.

I get the kind of pressure, the kind of scrutiny you're under, Kaylen.

Don't let whoever did this get away with it.

It's not just about you.

It's about the truth.

It's about a dead NCIS agent.

It's about somebody getting away with murder...

Until now.

Special Agent Lara Macy.

She died trying to arrest whoever did this to you.

That was her job.

Now this is my job.

So, who did it?

Those two sailors on the Majestic?


It was the college kid...

Tyler Hammond.

But he wasn't alone.

It's contaminated, Gibbs.

Burrows' rape kit?

Also known as a Vitullo kit. Yeah.

When Petty Officer Burrows refused to allow its use, the hospital filed it away in some storage closet.

I mean, legally, they have to run the test anyway, but by the time they processed it, something happened.

Abbs, you can't pull anything from it?

I'm really sorry, Gibbs, but scientifically, you're no closer to knowing who did this than you were when you started.

Give me the results, anyway.

I just told you they're useless.

I know that.

Well, I know that you know, but I... I'm confused.

Oh! I know.

You're doing your Gibbs thing, to get a confession.

Hey, DiNozzo.

Yeah, boss.

Get Tyler Hammond back in here.

I'm on it. Gibbs?


Look, I know that Special Agent Macy's murder is super important, and I know that you guys have a long history together going back to when you were a marine.

And not a lot of people know that, but Gibbs, we really need to talk about Mexico...

Mexico... Mexico... Mexico...

Daddy... Daddy...

What'd you just say?

I said we need to talk about Mexico...

Probie... Probie... Probie...

Ah, boss, Agent Macy's notebooks-- chronologically, I have figured out what we're missing.

January '91 through February '92.

Those are all dates when Macy was an MP at Pendleton.

Now that's the same time that you were at Pendleton.

Boss, what's going on?

Drawing of the guy from Macy's house.

I need an I.D., McGee, now.



Uh, ¿habla usted inglés?

Sí. This is Camila. Who is this?

Camila, this is Jethro Gibbs, Mike Franks' friend.

Señor Gibbs! ¿Como estas?

Bien. Uh, I need you to get a message to Mike for me.

I have not seen him.

But when he comes in, I will make sure he...

You need to get the message to him now. Right now.

Sí, señor. I will try.

The message is "Rule number 44."

Repeat it back to me.

Rule 44.

He will know what this means?

Just give him the message.

Make sure he has Leyla and Amira with him.

Just do that, okay?

Señor Gibbs, are you all right?

Kaylen Burrows had a rape kit done the night of the attack.

It's positive. Your son's DNA's all over it.

There has to be some kind of mistake.

There's no mistake.

I know what's going on here, Gibbs.

This is the Navy covering for its own.

It's positive for you, too!

You flew to France to meet Tyler for a few days, spend some quality time with your son.

He didn't rape that girl alone.

You both raped her together!

Who the hell do you think you are?

We're done here.

Sit your asses down!

I'd like to speak to my son.

I'd like to speak to Lara Macy, but she's dead!

Did you kill her?

Who the hell is Lara freakin' Macy?

Did you kill her?!

Did you?!

That Navy girl...

She was drunk, but she wanted it.

But I swear we didn't kill anybody!

We didn't kill that agent.

I'm sorry.

Duck, the knife used to kill Lara Macy...

Who made the knife?

For the most part, linking a specific weapon to a nick in a human bone is virtually impossible.

But in this case, uh?

I can go out on the proverbial limp.

The pattern is indicative of a KA-BAR 12-77.

12-77. That's Army knife.

Yes. Our assailant knew that the first cut had to be sufficient..

He ended her life deliberately, brutally and without hesitation.

She was executed.

Yeah, and then left to be discovered.

To taunt whoever would be hurt the most by her untimely death.

Not unlike leaving a single bullet to be found in the Mexican sun.

You're familiar with the kind of killer to which I speak.

I am. Now, Jethro...

Wait. This is as much about you as it is about Special Agent Macy.

Listen to me.

I autopsied Pedro Hernandez.

The me seed familiar at the time.

Now I know why.

I know what you've been carrying around for nearly 20 years.

You may not have wanted this to come to the surface, but someone else did.

And now they are forcing your hand.

Who is it?

I mean, tell me Jethro!


Yeah, Gibbs.

Señor, I am glad you answered.

Camila, did Franks get my message?

Sí, señor, but there are men here.

Soldados. Soldiers with guns.

Your amigo is in bad trouble.

Señor Gibbs? Señor Gibbs?

Where is he?

I don't know what you' talking about.

The hell you don't. Colonel Bell.

Where is he?

I haven't spoken to him. Sure, you have.

What are you doing to me, Allison?

I'm here to help with the task force.

This isn't about that. This is about Colonel Merton Bell using you to get to me.

I haven't told him anything about y.

You must have, 'cause people around me are dying.

People I care about.

Bell is after me.

Because you threw him a Mexican jail.

He's a criminal.

Is that for you to decide?

He's a patriot., It's my job to defend him. He's a murderer!

How's it fl to be in the murder business, Ms. art?

I don't like what you're suggesting.

Be honest with me!

Just one time, be honest with me.

Where he?

Last I heard, he was headed back down to Mexico.

To Baja.

What are you going to do?

You're making a dangerous mistake.

Bell's corporate jet registered a flight plan out of Virginia two days ago.

Final destination was Mexico.

Pulled the passenger manifest: flight crew.

Bell himself and a couple of his current employees.

Names, backgrounds...

Well we've got one ex-con, a few dishonorable discharges, all I low-ranking, except for this guy.

Former army ranger Jason Paul Dean. Army ranger.

The guy was highly decorated, Until he killed a bunch of Afghan civilians and got discharged.

After which, he was hired by none other than Merton Bell.

Two peas in a bullet-proof pod.

Oh, and boss I think we've got a match on who stole Agent Macy's notebooks.

Last call Macy got was from a disposable cell.

Abby find out where that came from?

DiNozzo, info on Bell after he landed in Mexico.

Um, well anything specific you want me...?

Everything. I want everything.

Gibbs, come and look at this. Talk to me, Abbs.

The disposable cell phone that was used to call Agent Macy, finally tracked it to a convenience store in Norfolk--

I'm processing the security camera footage to find out who bought it.

Well, if you know, want to relax...



This Ia lockdown.

A what?

We're going to talk, Gibbs.

Like hell. Not now.

Yes! Now!

Since when did I become the kid in class That the teacher won't call on?

The evidence in my report Says that you killed Pedro Hernandez.

And you're not even willing to talk to me about it.

I didn't think I needed to.

I owe you everything.

You're Gibbs.

No one needs to know the truth about the Hernandez investigation.

I am willing to do anything for you.

I just need you to tell me what to do.

No, you don't Abbs.

I've only ever needed you to do one thing.

My job.

But it's different this time.

I mean it has to be, right?

No, it doesn't.

Former army ranger Jason Dean.


I bet his knife matches Agent Macy's wound.

Yo know too much, Abby.


What do I do?

You send in the report to the task force.

All of it.

I know.

You shouldn't have to tell me, right?

Where's Gibbs?

Security said he ran out of his place like it was on fire.

Excuse me, sir, but why am I here exactly?

'Cause based on what I'm hearing, Special Agent Macy's killer worked for Colonel Bell, your client.

This is Lieutenant Jason Paul Dean.

That's Bell's right-hand man.

I don't represent Mr. Dean But you present Bell's firm-- First Defense PMC Dean is employed by First Defense.

Which means you're in the hot seat, M. Allison Hart.

I'll find Gibbs.

Before you say anything.

Be you try to explain to me why I don't have the legal right to question you, let me assure you, I looked into it.

I do.

This is a possible matter of national security, Thanks to Bell crossing federal borders and working with narco terrorists.

Which gives me a whole lot of wiggle room.

Do I need a lawyer?

You need to listen.


I got a lot of pieces to a puzzle here.

The only thing this pieces have in common are Colonel Bell and First Defense, So let's cut to the chase.

What the hell's going?

Do you care about Gibbs? What kind of question is this?

Do you care about what happens to Special Agent Gibbs?


Then tell me what your patriot Bell is up to.

Ever since Colonel Bell got out of prison, he's been accumulating information on Special Agent Gibbs.

To what end? Revenge?

Blackmail? Leverage?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Don't even think about it.

You're Dean?

Welcome to Mexico, Agent Gibbs.

First Macy, then you kill Franks?

That ain't Franks.

Who is it?

Colonel Merton Bell.

Who you really work for?

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