08x01 - Spider and the Fly

What's an NCIS Agent doing so far from home?

I'm teaching a class on the forensics of cold cases.

We're using the murder of a man named Pedro Hernandez as a case study.

I need to exhume the body of Pedro Hernandez.

The body of a drug dealer from 20 years ago?

I don't think anyone will mind.

I have it.

The evidence in my report says that you killed Pedro Hernandez.

I mean, I know he killed your wife and your daughter.

Tell me what {\your patriot }Bell is up to.

He's been accumulating information on Special Agent Gibbs.

Where is he?

{\Last I heard }He was headed back down to Mexico.

I need you to get a message to Mike for me.

The message is: rule number 44.

That ain't Franks.

Who is it?

Colonel Merton Bell.

{\Colonel }Bell wanted to prove he was a better man than you.

He and his men made for a useful ally, but they were a means to an end.

{\Then }You might {\as well }put a bullet in my head, {\right now, }because you're not gonna get anything.

Well, hermano, does he have your precious report?

Brother and sister.

But I never lost a night's sleep over your father.

This is the bullet that should end you.

Do you think I want that?

What's your assignment here?

Director's orders. Observe and report.

If I must...

I promise to personally visit Pennsylvania and shoot your father in the head... in the head...

Can I help you?

Yes, Mr. Gibbs.

I think you can.

Now, ma'am... you need to go.

But we have so much to talk about.

From what I hear, you didn't come to talk.

You are just like your son.

No, ma'am.

He's just like me.

How confident are you...

Mr. Gibbs?

I was raised on a farm.

Used to play chicken in my daddy's truck every Saturday night.

This ain't much different.



Find him.

Señora, la policia.

He is gone.

NCIS Season 8 Episode 01 Spider and the Fly

I thought we'd try some ham today.

I hope those eggs aren't overcooked.

You don't have to make breakfast for me every day Dad.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Gets your batteries charged.

Mom used to say that.

Thought I'd do some errands today.

Fix that faucet upstairs.

Anything you need?

Wish you'd take the agents with you.

Do I really need those guys?

They're good men, Dad.

I've been living in this house under lock and key for months now.

They've never done a damn thing.

You're lucky you're not dead.

I'm lucky there was a storm cellar I could hide out in.


I want to go home.

It's time.

When it's safe.

Watching it again is not gonna change anything.

It was a trap.

Now look. Rivera gives the signal.

All hell breaks loose.

He knew we were following him. We walked right into it.

Let it go, DiNozzo.

Any word from Franks?

Sorry, Boss.

Observe and report.

Director's orders.

It's hard to observe when you're being shot at.

Think Vance is still angry with me?

What do you think?

Morning, sir.

We were just discussing our continued effort to locate Paloma Reynosa.


How about those Washington Nationals, sir?

I just got off the phone with SECNAV.

He wants to know why NCIS can't successfully orchestrate a manhunt

for one female drug dealer.

It's Mexico.

What's to say she hasn't already crossed the border?

My gut.

The DEA wants to step in.

However, I'd like to save face.

And despite Señor Rivera's family ties, the Mexican government has opted to keep him in a position of authority.

{\The government's}They got their hands full these days.

I guess the Reynosas have paid off the right people.

Yeah, or killed them.

Status report.

Ziva's following a lead in Miami, a Cuban tie-in.

Agent McGee.

At the Canadian border.

This is starting to impact our workload.

Paloma could be anywhere in the world{\ by now}.

Yeah, Leon, or she could be across the street.

Dead reservist. Check it.

Saddle up, DiNozzo.

We're not going to Arizona, are we?

West Virginia.


Are those the Blue Ridge Mountains?

Shenandoah River's not far.

Thank God, I'm a country lad!

"Country boy", Ducky.

For an emergency landing, this helicopter's surprisingly intact.

Landing's not what killed them.

Them? As in more than one them?

Captain John McMahon, owned and piloted the charter service.

Around 2:00 a.m.{\this morning}, he was in the middle of a job when he reported mechanical trouble.

He made a Mayday and set her down here. It was the last anybody heard from him.

Based on the blood flow pattern, the real trouble wasn't midair.

The captain was shot here on the ground.

{\Got }Another gunshot wound over here{\, doctor}.

There's a nine-millimeter casing in the grass, Boss.

.45 next to the pilot.

{\Wait, }They shot each other?

You got a passenger manifest?

No, sir.

No route logged, either.

Middle of the night, somebody hired this guy on the QT.

So, after the Mayday, the passenger couldn't risk talking to the police, so he shot McMahon. He didn't expect him to shoot back.

Wait a minute, where are the guns?

Holster's empty.

Eye in the sky.

Record his flights.

Must've had more than a few bad customers.

That's her.

Doc, got a time a death?

Approximately... nine hours ago.

Hell of a lead time.

DiNozzo, local airports on alert.

Call Vance. Tell him we need agents at the state border.

Where do you figure Ms. Reynosa's headed, Jethro?

I don't know, Duck.

But I'd sure like to get there first.

Well, you know, West Virginia has five bordering states.

Giving out geography lessons now, are you?

-{\I'm just saying } That's a lot of land to cover.

Get Ziva back from Miami.

Tell McGee the chopper was heading north when it went down.

North as in Canada?

Yeah, maybe.

That horse likes you.

This isn't funny, Tony.

Oh, poor McMountie.

Hey, so have you seen any, like, moose and stuff up there?

Hey, where's your buddy, Claude?

Isn't that your friendly St. Bernard with {\the little }a barrel of whiskey under his chin?

Look, I've been up here playing Dudley Do-Right for two weeks, okay?

It's September, and there's snow on the ground.

Would you at least give me a little compassion here?

And what would that be for, huh?

Did you forget to take off your toque when you entered a room?

You{\'re} gonna get in trouble{\ up there}, hanging with the blue-necks, throwing back a two-four of pale ale...

I've actually been working, unlike certain people.

Certain people, here, are working, McGee.

Of course, Boss.

Paloma Reynosa was in a chopper headed up the coast, any idea why?

DEA and Mounties Narc Division shut down a border exchange yesterday.

The product was from Mexico and had potential ties to the Reynosa cartel.

So Paloma could've been headed there to seal the deal?

If the copter hadn't gone down, we might've gotten her.

Boss, can I please come home?

Nice horse, Tim.

{\Mr. Palmer, }Did you ever visit the paradise that is Turks and Caicos?

No, but I did drive down to the Florida Keys once, and I had the most delicious Key lime pie at this little shack right there on U.S. 1.

I swear, the meringue had the appearance of nimbus clouds.


I'm sorry. You were saying?

As a boy, my parents used to refer to the region as the British West Indies.

But never in my life have I encountered insects as unique to a locale as there.

So you are reminiscing based on the bug bites on Estaban Lopez.

Reynosa's friend here had no idea what he was into, traveling with her.

His dermis is a veritable road map of entomological reactions, and that, combined with the contents of his stomach...

I am sure we can ascertain their various destinations.

So you can actually tell the difference between these bug bites?

Of course, Mr. Palmer.

The Everglades are home to 43 species of mosquito alone.

And don't get me started on South Carolina's velvet ant.

Now{\, then}, I'll run the gut while you get that up to Abby for analysis.

Yes, perhaps our friend Estaban here can not only help us find his previous employer, he can tell us where she's been.

Definitely not now, Dad.

Hello, Tony.

I'm back.

Hello, Little Miss Sunshine State, and don't you look balmy?

I do not know what "balmy" means, but I will assume it is not good.

Just because I was alone manning the fort, handling Gibbs solo while you've been strolling around South Beach, dancing to the rhythm of the night...

Why would I feel the need to say anything negative?

Because you are you.

Besides, I was working the entire time.

Ha, what?


Are those tan lines?

Where do you think you're looking?

Does it even matter?

Actually yes, it does, and I can assure you, I do not have any tan lines.

So you did lay in the sun?

Yes, I did, actually, this morning before my flight, and I came up with something case-related prior to my departure.

You smell like ocean and Shea butter.

A local Dade County informant said that a Mexican drug shipment recently came in by boat, a deal closed by the Reynosa family, and Alejandro Rivera even paid a political visit to the mayor.

Wonder Twins have been busy.

The Wonder who?

Wonder Twins, TV superheroes. They're brother and sister.

When they touch their rings, they activate form of a waterfall, shape of a dinosaur, that kind of thing.

Okay, what do you think they are up to?

Maybe they're following through on business before pleasure.

Is killing Gibbs' father business or pleasure?


Want some help?

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

Your head's not here.

I saw the agents checking their weapons a while back.

Figured something was up.

Paloma's back.

She surfaced about 300 miles away.

Got no sense where she's headed yet.

Coming here, I imagine.

Your instincts were right.

Sorry I doubted you.

Been rough on everybody, Dad.

When this is over, why don't you come back to Stillwater with me, help me fix up the store? It's all boarded up.

I could use an extra hand.

I got a job to do.

The job can wait.

Is there something wrong with the front door?

Wouldn't have been much of a surprise, then.

How'd you get past the agents?

Dad, meet Mike Franks.

Mind if I make myself at home?

What took you so long, cowboy?

Three fingers for me, probie.

Thought you were dead.

I got better.

So what happened after the gunfight that day?

I was hurt pretty bad.

I holed up in a little convent south of La Paz.

Padre there owed me.

You know, drinking wine and playing cards with the sisters, I never been closer to God.

Before that, back in May.

After I got your call and made sure the girls were safe, I took on Bell's men.

They burned my little piece of heaven to the ground.

I got most of 'em.

They only got a little piece of me.

Thanks for coming.

Wasn't an option.

There's always options.

You got yourself in a heap of trouble, messing with the wrong familia.

There's some big guns after you down there, up here.

Sweet little Paloma's got a hornet up her skirt... and her sights are set on revenge.

Think I'd miss that?


Do what you have to for family.

What rule is that?

The unspoken one.

So, what do you think?

This one, or this one?

What's Darren know about collars?

Nothing, but after guarding me for four months, I've come to value his quiet opinion.

You got something?

I got a lot.

I analyzed everything in Estaban Lopez's G.I. tract, and based on Major Mass Spec's icky findings, Ducky was right.

Paloma {\ and her men were}was eating her way through the South.

I found traces of blue crab, salt pork, alligator... all local proteins and all suggesting a food trail that leads from Mississippi to around the Florida panhandle.

They're moving.

That's just how long food stays in the human body.

By analyzing the healing progression of Lopez's various bug bites, which range from a Virginia chigger to a mosquito that's indigenous to the Everglades, I was able to track his movements for four months.

Now, assuming that they were together, it looks like Paloma's been on a mission.

Those are drug routes.

She wants to make sure her product is well-distributed throughout the East Coast.

She wants us to see that her business is better than ever.

Look, Gibbs, I know that we should arrest her, but in jail or not, she knows things about you, like dangerous things. I mean, I just think we need a plan.

I got one, Abs.

Well, that's great, Gibbs.

I'd really like to hear it sometime.

I missed these stained orange walls.

God bless tacky American bureaucracy.

The prodigal probie returns.

You know, I realized something{\, Tony}.

You don't appreciate something until it's gone.

So you missed me?

No, no, other things, like breakfast without beer.

I thought that was the Irish.

Canadians, too.

Beer doesn't go with eggs or oatmeal. Why are you so tan?

Why are you so white?

I've always been like this.

It becomes you.

You're lying.

Through my teeth.

The reason Paloma Reynosa never left is she never wanted to.

{\Then, }What has she been doing here?

She's solidifying her cartel pipeline.

Building new relationships, and now?

Now... she's coming after me.

That was the DEA. Got another body. Dead drug dealer, Frederick, Maryland.

Take him with you, fill him in on the way. Ziva, alert Maryland State Police.

Paloma's getting closer, and she's not sightseeing.

Welcome home, McGee.

Excuse me, Director?

What is it?

I've Director David on a secure line.

Tell Director David I'll call him back right away.

Yes, sir.

It's need-to-know.

I don't.

That's for sure.

Paloma could have set up a new pipeline anytime.

Why now?

Fuel to the fire.

Your father, where is he?

He's at home, safe.

I'd like to keep him that way.

If Paloma is responsible for this dealer in Maryland, I have to think that's about one thing, that's sending you a message.

Nothing I don't know already, Leon.

I want to move you and your father to a safe house.

Already in one.

That's what I thought last year, with my wife.

Why not take every precaution?

I am.

Bringing in Mike Franks doesn't count.

I don't want Franks making things any worse than they already are.

No, it can't get any worse.

I hope you're right.

Where'd you learn to drive under the speed limit like that?

It's impressive.


You never complained about my driving before.

Well, I do sense a change in you, Tim, maybe a little French-Canadian influence.

I am not listening to this.

You know how much tail Gretzky and Lemieux got back in the day?

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

I am not Canadian.

No worries, it just happens by osmosis, you know.

I was there for two weeks, Tony.

How about a little Celine Dion doing the Canadian national anthem?

Will you just let us do our jobs?

O, Canada...

Baby backs are on sale.

So listen to this.

Witnesses report a Hispanic woman, mid-30s, left the store after they heard a gunshot.

Sounds like our Paloma.

What do we know about our local butcher here?

His name's Charles Newburgh. Co-owns the place.

Chuck is in the chuck.

Rap sheet's a mile long, {\ *but}he claimed he was trying to go clean.

Although, local PD suspects this store of being a drug distribution center.


Was it nature or not enough nurture, Chuck?

Looks like a small caliber to the back of the head. He let Paloma get close.

Did you check the parking lot? 'Cause I'll bet you his car is gone.

Think she stole it?

What better way to cross state lines than a no-frills meat truck?

I'll get a BOLO out.

Come on.

22 bucks a pound for a rib-eye?

There's the real crime.

How long you been working on that?

About two months.

What's next, basket weaving?

You and me, Jackson, we're old enough to know what's important.

And sitting here whittling is no way to watch a clock tick down.

If this...

Reynosa woman wants trouble, bring it on.

I had my moment with...

Paloma Reynosa.

I'm not looking forward to the next one.

We got to get this over with.

Grow some stones and take this señora down.

Don't listen to him, Dad.

Jethro, what he's saying makes sense.

Thanks, Mike.

I've got an opinion, he's got a right to hear it.

Hard to take a guy seriously who keeps getting body parts blown off.

When is this woman coming?

Let's end this.

Not just for me, for everyone.

This is so...

What's so funny?

Nothing, just an e-mail from a friend.

Guy friend?

Yes. My friend is a man.


And did you meet said man in Miami?


Send him up.

Who was that?

You'll know soon enough. I'd better tell the Director.

Tell me what?

Sir, someone's here to see you.

That someone have a name?

I thought we should talk.

You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here.

Legally, I've done nothing wrong.

What my sister does has no impact on my ability to represent the Mexican people.

Your sister is a drug dealer and a murderer, and I have reason to believe it runs in the family.

Your opinion is unfounded.

Your men fired on one of my agents.

My men?

I was in as much danger as Agent DiNozzo and Mr. Franks.

What do you want?


Easy to say, hard to achieve.

Maybe not.

My sister is in your country to procure a new drug pipeline from Mexico to the Canadian border.

I can give you details.

Details that will cripple her operation.

In exchange for what?


Let me take Paloma back to Mexico to be tried.

Your sister could have bribed her way across the border at any time over the last four months.

Why bring her home now?

Because my country recognizes the trouble that she has caused.

I don't buy it.

Diplomacy, remember?

I'll have to discuss this internally. State Department, DEA.

Of course.

No promises, no guarantees.

It's up to you, Director.

So many lives, millions in drug money.

International relationships are often built on compromise.

Not my relationships.

What do you think they're talking about?

I can think of a few things I'd like to say to Señor Rivera.

Things that would probably get you arrested.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Is Rivera smiling?

Saw a cat smile like that once.

What an unexpected surprise.

How's your sister, Alejandro?

Considering the stress of the situation, it's nice to see you in good spirits.

What are you doing here?

Would you believe I came to see you?

I never did get that report.

I've told you multiple times that I sent it.

Really, I did.

It's funny.

Ms. Hart was looking into the situation as well, and now she's out of the country.

I assume you have another printout of your findings.

No, there was just one.

I'm {\ terribly}disappointed with how things turned out.

But look at me rambling. It's late, and you should get home.

Be careful. The roads can be dangerous at night.

What did you just say?

Nothing inappropriate, I hope.

You want to threaten someone, you can threaten me.

Not the people I work with.

Your team can be hotheaded and reactionary, Director.

They're not doing you any favors.

Let me do you one.

Somebody show Señor Rivera out before he gets hurt.

By whom?

By me.

I wish I had never gone to Mexico, never offered to help Alejandro.

I wish I had never finished that damn report.

He's{\* just} trying to get inside your head{\*, Abs}.

He is inside my head, Gibbs, and he's making himself right at home.

Not going to let anything happen to you.

Jethro, I'm glad I caught you. Look at this.

{\*That's }A Mexican Day of the Dead doll.

Precisely Day of the Dead and I just found it neatly tucked against my windshield.

I've got one, too.

A message perhaps from this afternoon's unwelcome guest?

Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering because when it comes,

you'll know you're dead.

Got more Tennessee Williams for me, Paloma?

You remember how much I enjoy his work, Gibbs.

I hope you are enjoying mine.

Are you all right?

Trace my last incoming call.

On it.

Darren, {\* you} stay with them, you stay with them.

{\*Give me a }Location.

Locking onto the signal.

{\*It's }Right outside your house.

Get a hold of the agents detailed to my dad.

Boss, {\* it's, } it's just ringing. They're not picking up.

Get DiNozzo, get Ziva, get 'em there now, go!

What's wrong{\*, son }?

We were down in the basement.

Where are the agents?

One is dead.

The other injured.

Paramedics are on the way. Tony's putting out a BOLO on Paloma.

{\*You mean }She was here?

Why didn't she just finish the job?

Because she's not done yet.

One of my agents is dead.

{\*I'm }Sorry{\*, but I}...

Don't tell me you don't know.{\*anything about it.}

Where is she?

If I knew, would I still be here?

Would I be {\*so }interested in striking a deal?

I'm{\* willing to} giving you {\*all }this information...

You go after my father and then you go after my team?

Does your sister want a fight? Because if she does, let's settle this right now. She's got one.

Special Agent Gibbs, I was merely having dinner as a guest in your country.

Are you{\* really} threatening a representative of the Mexican government?

I don't know, am I?

M. Ambassador, we have a situation.

Señor Rivera must be tired.

Come on, Leon...


We're done... for now.

Es tiempo, hermano.

It's time to avenge our father's death.

I'm sorry about your agent.

The other man?

He's stable.

Dad, I can stop this.

But I'm gonna need your help.

Whatever it takes.

Let's go fishing.

Gibbs is moving his father to the safe house at Church Creek.


Let's keep it on the down-low.

No e-mails, no interoffice communication.

New protection detail?

Assigning one.

For now, Gibbs will be with him. They should be safe.

Go inform your team.

Yes, sir.

{\*Well, }So far Alejandro is nothing but predictable.

{\*So }What is he doing now?

He is making an encrypted call to a cell phone that's on the move.

The same one Paloma used before?

{\*No, }Different one.

Call Gibbs, tell him the eagle has landed.

Everything's ready.

Doesn't matter where we go.

A woman like this won't stop till she gets what she's after.

{\*You talking from }Personal experience?

I've run from a few women in my time.

Chased a few, too.

When we get there, what happens?

We wait.

You sure this is going to work, probie?

Señor Rivera.

Director Vance, what can I do for you?

I'd like to discuss a diplomatic compromise.

Did I never tell you about the first case that Jethro and I worked?

Two sailors capsized a recreational skiff one summer's Eve.

Panic ensued.

When they were finally located, one sailor was dead and the other severely hypothermic.

So the one sailor drowned?

Rather than watch his friend slowly expire, one sailor stabbed the other.

Claiming that it was more humane.

He was convinced that his actions were justified.

Like Gibbs twenty years ago.

What if this doesn't work?

What's gonna happen to Gibbs?

In 1940, Winston Churchill sat in his bunker smoking one of those majestic cigars, waiting for news that the first German bombs were decimating London.

"Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties", he said over the radio.

"And so bear ourselves that if the British Empire

"and its commonwealth lasts for a thousand years,

"men will still say,

"this was their finest hour."

The hour is upon us, Abby.

All we can do is wait and see.

{\*Let me}I assure you, you're making a wise decision.

This kind of combined effort between our countries sends a powerful message to the international drug community.

One of my agents is dead and your sister's going home.

What kind of positive message is that?

What we do is necessary for the greater good.

There's nothing good about this.

Excuse me for the interruption, sir.




He's okay.

He's gonna lay low. Spend the night in the safe house.

Is everything all right, Director?

Señor Rivera, something's come up. We're gonna have to continue this at another time.

There's an agent outside who'll show you out.

Of course.


He saw the note.

He keeps trying to call Paloma, but I'm blocking reception.

No text messages either.

He thinks she's not answering. {\*All right, }Where is she now?

Looks like she's headed for the safe house in Church Creek.

Gibbs's plan to catch her may actually work.

Drop the weapon!

On your knees!

Get down on the ground!

I did this for my sister!

To finish what she started.

They said you were in there.

Nobody said we were inside this safe house.

You killed my sister.

But someone was in there, right?


Who was in there?

I'll call an ambulance.

No, perdoname.


"'Will you walk into my parlor?' said the Spider to the Fly."

Do you know that poem?

Wait a minute.

Leyla and Amira are waiting for you.

Don't miss your flight.

Much obliged, Director.

Appreciate you staying to help.


Thought maybe we could fix a few things.

You sure you can spare the time?

Do what you have to for family.

Ain't that the truth?