08x02 - Worst Nightmare

TEACHER: The first main character in Milton's epic is... Satan!

(person coughing)

Can anybody tell me what his most famous quote is?

(whispers): Paul!

Anybody at all?

Ooh. (boy clears his throat)


(throats clearing)

(air horn blows, laughter)

"Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven."

Although neither option is available to you right now.

All right, the next two I think you can probably guess:

Adam and Eve.

Now, this is really their story.

How they lost their place in the Garden of Eden.

(children groaning) And...

Oh, come on.

It's not that boring.


Well... (gasping)

(school bell rings)


♪ NCIS 8x02 ♪ Worst Nightmare Original air date on September 28, 2010

Now, this is where the brain trust of the entire unit sits.

Come on in, come on in.

Please have a seat. Oh.

You notice how I've, uh... I've angled my desk here to get a good vantage point of the entire team here.

Very important as an NCIS agent to stay aware.

What's going on here?

We being replaced with younger models?

I am a younger model.

If that was intended to hurt me, you've succeeded.

And we are not being replaced.

They are from Waverly University.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Director Vance's internship program.


That's not a good idea.

Feeds McGee's need to have groupies.

I wouldn't get too comfortable.

In fact, if I were you, I'd head to the nearest exit, pronto.

This is our, uh, senior field agent, very special agent Anthony DiNozzo.


I don't get it. Indian?

It's an acronym of your name.

It's how she remembers things.

That is very unattractive.

So, why shouldn't we get too comfortable?

Agent Gibbs is not, uh, shall we say, fond of outsiders.

He's not gonna like you, and frankly, you're not gonna like him, either. Tony.

Why not?

See, I'm not going to answer that question because, if I do, he is going to walk up and stand right behind me and make me regret it,

'cause that's the way he works.

He slithers through the grass like a snake.

He's not friendly. He's oily...

(grunts) GIBBS: Done, DiNozzo?

Yes, boss. I was just thanking the interns for coming by.

Good. They're staying.

For the whole week.

They are?

Yeah. Knox-- you're Autopsy. Yes!

Seelus, Forensics.


Boss, I will be happy to take them.

So transparent. Good, fine.

Tell 'em where to go.

Then gear up. We got some kind of gas leak at Quantico.

Spoke to the principal.

He said the strongest thing they have on school property is bleach, which rules out an accident.

Security cameras?

Went off-line before the attack.

Oh, that's convenient.

Pulling footage from the last month.

Uh, might be something there.

Yeah, well, find McGee.

Check out the ventilation system. Will do.

PRINCIPAL (over P.A.): Your attention, please.

This is Principal Reynolds...

There's no body, Duck.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

Only, my new intern was, uh, quite persuasive in her request to see some field work.

This is very exciting.

It actually kind of reminds me of the time my grandmother took me to the Netherlands.

Uh, the Netherlands?

Oh, yes, we were staying in a small hotel in Rotterdam.

Anyway, there was this awful smell wafting from the air ducts.

DUCKY: A dead rat. KNOX: Bingo!

(both laughing)

Well, this has got to be the source of the gas.

Jacked right into the ventilation ducts.

See, now Conrad, after we take the photos, we'll, uh, gather as much evidence from the school as we can.

Thought I was at least gonna get out of school this week, not go straight back to one.

McGee, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is the timer.

Now, the very most important thing is that we take detailed notes on places where all the evidence is found.

When do we go home?

Is there something wrong?

TONY: Intern Conrad, you do understand that it's a crime to lie to a federal officer.

Look, all right, I'm a finance major.

This really isn't my speed.

So what are you doing here?

Well, I spent the summer on my father's yacht.

Yacht? And forgot to register for classes.

This was the only class that fulfilled my public affairs requirement.

And an internship at NCIS was the only class?

The only class that didn't meet on Fridays.


What is this? What was this?

Is somebody...?

A practical joke or something?


It is also possible it was an act of terrorism, or a diversion to acquire something of value here.


This building always a school?

Oh, uh, no, it used to be the armory.

Everything of value is long gone.

No missing property.

Everyone is accounted for.

Nine teachers, 105 students.

Yeah. Oh, no. Wait a minute. That's wrong.

No. There are 106 students in this building.

ZIVA: 106?

Hey, boss, I.D.'s been confirmed.

Missing girl's name is Rebecca Mason. 13.

Lives in base housing with her parents. They've been told?

Not yet. They're both deployed on ships in the Gulf, but, uh, we were trying to reach 'em.

Who's she staying with?

Grandfather. Bring him in?

Already on his way in.

Got McGee searching the base, and I sent Ziva over to Rebecca's house to coordinate with the FBI.

Did I miss something? No.

Overstep my authority?


Then what's wrong?

(computer chirps)

That's not enough.

Where's my granddaughter?

I don't know.

But we're gonna find her.

Your agent told me what happened at the school.

Maybe Becca got scared and ran off and hid someplace on the base.

We're assuming kidnapping.

I don't understand.

We're smack in the middle of a Marine base.

They got all the security.

Well... makes it hard, not impossible.


They sure went to a lot of trouble.


Can you tell me why?

Her mother just came into some money.

Mm. How much?

We don't talk about that sort of thing in our family.

But her dad just did buy a brand-new pickup truck.

I was driving it when your people contacted me.

Me and Becca-- we were gonna go fly fishing this weekend.

How many 13-year-old girls do you know that would give up a weekend to go fly fishing with their grandpa?

She sounds like a special girl.

My world, Agent Gibbs. My world.

Well, that's not gonna change.

Mm. I appreciate your confidence.


But if you'd forgive an old man's skepticism...

See, I was an insurance actuary before I retired.

You Feds all have the same track record when it comes to child abductions, and it ain't good.

(phone ringing)

That's a sat number.

Could be her dad.

What am I gonna say?

You say that we're doing everything we can.

Is that you, Nick?

No, I'm over at, uh, NCIS.

They're trying to do everything they c--

I'll, uh... meet you downstairs.

Yeah, I'm still here.

Also, you are not to touch my computer, my lab equipment, my MP3 player, my caf-POW!, my desk or Burt, my farting hippo, without my express written consent. Well, how am I gonna do anything?

And there's no cameras or flash photography.

I don't have a camera.

And if I accidentally turn my back to you, you're to immediately move back into my eye line.

Why don't I just wear bells?

That's a really good idea.

I mean, I'm sorry about this.

I mean, Darren worked out, but I just had problems with people that have been assigned to my lab.

(bells jingling)

It'll just be better this way.

I, uh...

I'm not putting those on.

Oh, no. Actually, you are.

No. I'm not.

Except for the fact that you are.

(elevator bell dings)

Abbs, I need something fast.

To be continued.

Who are you, and what have you done with my "Gibbs that doesn't like interns"?


The missing girl still missing? Yeah.

Okay, so, whoever placed the cylinder that knocked everyone out at the school was wearing gloves, so I wasn't able to lift any fingerprints.

However, I was able to electrostatically lift a boot print from it.

Can you trace it?

Well, it's a work boot, and I'm still working on it, but it's what's inside that gas cylinder that's really gonna oil your rifle.

(computer chirps) There are very few chemical compounds that would have the ability for such widespread anes... anes...

The ability to knock out that many people.

And this is not one of them.

I've never even heard of this compound before.

Means no one else has, either.

I've searched every chemical registry known to man.

This is some sort of novel formula, which means...

We're looking for a chemist.

Expand the Amber Alert to the Tri-State area.

We don't know what kind of lead time they've got. Thanks.

(sighing) Done. No matches.

Good. Now you can check these names for any criminal records.

CONRAD: You already did.

On the computer-- I-I saw you.

McGEE: Well, if you want to learn the fundamentals, Conrad, you need to do it by yourself, by hand, several times.

(whispers): Now you understand.

It feels good, doesn't it?

Still no word on the girl's BOLO. What about her house?

Uh, the FBI did not find anything useful.

But they are set up just in case there's a ransom call.

What did Abby find?

We're looking for someone with a chemistry background.

Well, I can run Quantico's visitor records against work experience.

I will cross-reference with educational training.

I'll keep trying to contact the girl's parents.


The ship is still on radio silence.

What about the grandfather?

ZIVA: Mr. Mason left when you went to see Abby-- he said he was going home.

Get him back in here.

What's up, boss?

He told me the parents called.

No way. Even if they did, from what I understand, the call has to get routed through MTAC.

Um, this is odd.

There is no answer at Mr. Mason's house.

The FBI, at least, should be answering.


Running a diagnostic on the phone line.

All right, it got it.

The line's been forwarded to another number.

Whose number?

It's a Skype number.

It's got no I.D.

Received a call 20 minutes ago.

But it's an Internet phone call.

I'll bet the audio files are still in the local server's cache.

What does that mean?

Can I hear it? You can hear it.

Let's hear it. (tapping keys)

(distorted): If you want to see Rebecca alive, you do exactly as we say.

MAN: Is that you, Nick? Is that the grandfather?

(electronic trilling)

GRANDFATHER: Okay, I'm alone now. Is Rebecca okay?

VOICE (distorted): Half a million in cash, one hour, alley on 59th and Osborne.

Come alone or she dies.

Meet's in the alley.

How we going in?


You heard him.

DiNozzo, Ziva, take the flank.

McGee, you're with me.

Rendezvous was ten minutes ago.

I know. Why didn't Mason tell us the kidnappers called?

Well, I don't think he liked our track record.

He's in way over his head.

Got a lot of guts coming out here alone.

Actually, he's got a lot of guts being over 60 and owning a Skype phone.

Now that I think about it, not many guys his... age...

That's not Mason.

Dead guy's name is Eddie Lang-- no chemistry background, but he does have a rep as a gun for hire.

Video surveillance from Quantico shows he entered the base using falsified credentials.

And Abby matched a print she got off the gas cylinder to his boot.

We've got our kidnapper.

You got one of 'em.

We found his vehicle-- maybe there is something in it that will lead us to the others. What about Mason?

No word on the BOLO yet, and I don't think there's gonna be.

I've been digging into Mason's background-- turns out it's all fake.

The actuary company where he said he worked is an empty shell company.

His tax returns reference bank accounts that don't even exist-- it goes on and on.

Nothing about this guy is real, boss.

Some kind of retired spook? If he is, he's not one of ours-- no one's ever heard of him.

So whose is he?

Yeah. Gibbs.

Sir, we have a call from this Mason.

I'll be right up.

Mason just called an MTAC.

You can ask him yourself.

GIBBS: McGee, let's go.

You guys are good, I'll give you that.

But you guys could be making a killing in the private sector.

Then who'd catch all the bad guys, Conrad?

(quiet chuckle)

He's routing the call through a military satellite somehow. Can you trace it?

No, and I'm sure that's the point, but he shouldn't even have access to that kind of equipment.

TECH: We're connected. Line is open.

This is Special Agent Gibbs.

It was self-defense.

Why don't you come on in? We can talk about it.

I think we both know that's not gonna happen.

You lied to me, Mason.

I am sorry about that.

But I just didn't want to take the chance that NCIS would screw things up, so I went to the ransom drop myself.

Yeah? How'd that work out?

You're not the only one who was lied to.

They said Rebecca would be there.

They lied.

I did not start the fight.

No, no, you just ended it.

He was trying to kill me-- he gave me no choice.

That's why I am calling you-- to warn you.

These people cannot be trusted.

It was like the amateur hour out there today.

And you're the professional, right?

I am what I am-- bad luck for these guys.

The rest is not important.

Mason, you need to come in before you cross a line that you can't come back from.

I don't have a lot of time, so let me be as clear as I can be.

There is not a force on this planet that's gonna stop me from finding my granddaughter.

You have to work within the law.

I am a bit more flexible.

He sounds serious.

No kidding.

Doctor? DUCKY: ♪ Land of my high endeavor ♪

(singing along): ♪ Land of my shining river ♪

♪ Land of my heart forever ♪

♪ Scotland the brave! ♪

I wasn't aware we were having any, uh...

♪ Scotland ♪

♪ The brave! ♪

(Ducky laughs)

(clapping slowly)


Uh, h-how did the dentist's office go?

It was fine, it was fine, it was just fine. Who are you?

Oh. Sarah Knox.

DUCKY: Sarah is an intern from Waverly College.

Her ancestors come from a small coastal town, Kirkcaldy north of Edinburgh.


Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Wow!

That's great.

(chuckles) When are you leaving?

Oh, well, hopefully never.

The crime scene today was very exciting.

Crime scene-- you took her to a crime scene?

Two. Uh, she was very proficient.

I just feel the dead have so much to tell us, if we just listen.

GIBBS: I'm listening.

What are they saying?

Quite a bit.

GIBBS: I need to know how he died.

Well, the final cause of death was spinal shock as a result of blunt-force trauma to the cervical vertebrae.

Mason broke his leg.

DUCKY: That's not all he did.

There's extensive injuries everywhere.

Mason gave him a beating before he killed him?

Well, not exactly.

Note the broken knuckles.

Rust in the wound indicates that the blow landed on the Dumpster.

Mason must have simply dodged the punch.

Torn ligaments in his elbow here indicate that, well, Mason caught another attack in some kind of joint lock.

And then bruising on the leg...

Is that a leg sweep?

DUCKY: Yeah.

These are all self-defensive injuries.

DUCKY: Mason appears to have put up a vigorous defense against a very... determined aggressor.

Certainly with the skill Mason exhibited, if his intent were to harm, well, he could have ended the fight a great deal sooner.

Not bad for a guy his age.

Not for a guy of any age.

Clearly, he was extensively trained.

Trained by who?

That's by "whom."

Yeah. That's not pertinent.

Look, what concerns me-- look at the damage he wrought playing defense.

I'd hate to see what he's capable of on offense.

TONY: And you're sure it's the missing girl?

Yeah, but you've seen her?

You... Oh, you're clairvoyant!

WOMAN: Yes, I am. And you can see the future.

Of course I can. Well, clearly, you can't see your own.

Next time, you get the crazy person tip hotline.

You got anything good, Mini Gee?

Actually, I had plans to go see--


Why do you think Gibbs suddenly wants to have interns around?

I do not know.

(chuckles) There's got to be a reason.

Gibbs never does anything without a reason.

Stop listening!

Must be exhausting.

Reasons for everything.

Anything good on our dead kidnapper?

I'm making as little progress as you.

Our dead kidnapper is a dead end.

McGEE: Not completely.

I finished processing his car, and I found something.

Where's boss?

It's like he can smell it.

Boss! I found something!

I can hear you, McGee; I got ears.

GIBBS: What do you got?

Come on, McGee.

Could you go any slower? Give it a rest.

Coming up, boss.


(sobbing): Please... please let me go.

Please... I want to go home.



(sobbing continues)


That's proof of life.

That was... really real.

Real as it gets.


Whoa. Uh... something is happening here, boss.


There's a Trojan horse on the DVD.

It's sending out some kind of data packet over the Internet.

It's our phone number.

(phone ringing)

Put it on the speaker.

Special Agent Gibbs. Who's this?

MAN (distorted): An angry man.

So, why are you angry, man?

One of my men is dead.

GIBBS: Your first call to us was intercepted by a family member.

We know. The old man.

We'll deal with him later.

You don't need to do that-- NCIS is in charge now.

We can handle it.

The price is now $1 million.

We're gonna need some time to get that together.

We still need to talk to the parents.

You have 24 hours. (line clicks)

Well, the call wasn't long enough to trace, but there is something going on here.

There's another snooper agent pinging the cell tower.

At least pretend you have a s*x life.

We're not the only ones trying to trace the call.

Mason. He must be running some kind of a sniffer program.

Can you find the source?

No, we already have the address.

But, boss, if we can find Mason, that means the kidnappers can, too.


Mr. Mason, if you're in there, please open up.

(dog barking in distance)

Lock is broken.

Kidnappers appear to have gotten here first.

Looks like Mason was waiting for them.

This was not self-defense.

Still trying to identify the body we found at the trailer park, boss, and no trace of Mason anywhere.

JIMMY: Hi. Uh, Dr. Mallard wanted me to inform you that our current John Doe shares a lot of the same injuries as Mason's previous victim.

Yeah. Noticed.

And I took the liberty of stopping by Abby's lab.

She said she found Mason's prints all over the trailer.

We know. Is there anything else I can do for you two?

No. Don't you have some place to be?

Look... Autopsy's getting a little crowded.

I can read the writing on the wall.

Uh... And...

See, I've always been fascinated by what goes on inside of...

MTAC... I will just be right out here then!

If you tell me you're doing everything you can one more time...

Lisa, calm down.

LISA: They have our daughter, Nick!

We're going to get your daughter back, ma'am.


We go along with the ransom.

We buy ourselves some time.

We find her location.

We don't have a million dollars.

Lisa inherited only half that.

(quietly): It's gonna take another two days to get that kind of money.

We don't have two days.

Why would the kidnappers double the ransom?

What has my father done now?

Well, if you're asking that kind of question, you can probably guess.

We need to find him.

He's not helping.

I wouldn't even know where to start.

Growing up, he told us the same stories he probably told you.

Insurance actuary.

We knew it wasn't true.

But you also knew not to ask.

If my mother knew, she took it to her grave.

Tell them about the safe.

NICK: The lockbox.

Um... it's in the floor of my dad's bedroom.

I've seen him go through it sometimes.

I have no idea what's inside.

Hopefully, something useful.

You've got to get our little girl back, Agent Gibbs.

Not gonna stop until we do.

If anything happens to her, my father-in-law will be the least of your concerns.

Hey, Andy.

Agent Gibbs, let me let you in.


No problem.

Uh, good night.


I was, uh, just doing some menial labor for Agent McGee.

I didn't mean to pry.

That's for the ransom. Right?

How about we just pretend like I was never born?

Kind of like we're pretending I'm actually learning something.

Yeah. It's for the ransom.

And you... And you can just do that?

You can just take the money like that?

Can in two days.

You could get in a lot of trouble.

So, why do it?

It's my job.

Your job is to stick your neck out?

Building catches fire... most people run away.

Some people-- you run in.

It's not safe to run into a burning building.

No. It's not.

I heard you never allowed interns on your team before.

What's changed?

(scanner trills, then beeps)

I don't know.

Maybe me.

(elevator bell dings)

McGEE: Some of the stuff Mason has here is incredible.

You know, I don't think I'm even authorized to see this.

I know I am not.

Oh... six hours till the kidnapper's deadline.

We need to find Mason before then.

This from his place?

Yeah. Tony sent it over.

He's still searching the house.

Now a lot of this is old information, but, I mean, Mason has everything from classified presidential itineraries to satellite access codes in here.

Explains how he was able to access our communications network.

It still doesn't explain why no one ever heard of him.

If you guys ever need a sounding board, I have always been interested in...

GIBBS: Anything we can use?

Uh... yeah, the satellite codes.

I can set up a snooper program.

If Mason tries to use them again, we can zero in on his coordinates.

Mason was on our side, right?

He had to be.

But he appears to have been retired quite some time.

Kidnappers definitely picked the wrong girl to ransom.

I mean, imagine accidentally kidnapping Jason Bourne's granddaughter.

I'd rather you imagine where they are.

Abby thinks she might be able to help with that.

(bells jingling)

Uh, she wants to see you.

Uh, said it was urgent.

(bells jingling)

Sorry, but I'm more scared of her than you.

(bells jingling)

Smells like...

Mesquite-grilled hamburgers, Gibbs.

The marvels of modern chemistry.


You flipping burgers, or are you looking for a kidnapper?

ABBY: One thing will lead to the other.


(bells jingling)

I made a breakthrough on the mystery gas used at the assault at the school.

I found a recently-filed patent that contains a very similar chemical component.


Uh, the patent concerns a scent delivery system for billboards.


Billboards. I mean what sells better than smells?

Why just show a driver a big, juicy hamburger when you can let them smell it, too?

I mean, admit it.

It's making you a little hungry. It's not a coincidence.

Oh, no. If you're hungry, I am taking full credit.

I think Agent Gibbs is referring to the connection between the mystery gas and the patent.

Hey. Shh.

That is definitely not a coincidence.

There are literally 100 million permutations of this chemical component.

So whoever filed the patent is the same guy who made the gas?

Our chemist, and I have your printout.

She's scary, but I like scary.

Tim Greystone from Greystone Compounding Pharmacy.

Have fun.

Take pictures.

(elevator bell dings)


Oh, God. Oh, no.

Don't-Don't go there.

I can't get a good view inside.



But it is doubtful that Rebecca would be kept in such a public space.

GIBBS: No, but he's gonna know how to find her.

Wait a minute.

I got something here.

Probie, you getting this?

It's Mason.

That's not good.

Ziva, McGee, take the front. Go.

On your six, boss.


You're under arrest.


Release him!


(grunting, glass breaking) Stop it!

McGEE: Let go!

(door closes) (sighs)

You're making a mistake.

You're under arrest for murder.

I didn't kill that man.

I suppose you didn't kill the kidnapper at the trailer park, either.

And they're not kidnappers.

They're part of my team.

And whoever did kill 'em is playing us all.

He said, "The kidnappers are playing all of you."

What's that mean?

That's what we're here to find out.

What's he looking for?

Way out.

Been like that ever since we brought him in here.

There's no way anyone could get out of there.

Shouldn't be, but if there is, I'm guessing this is gonna be the guy who finds it.

(door opens)

We're wasting time.

Who are you?


Okay, now we're wasting time.

You're not authorized.

Who can authorize me?

The President of the United States.

(phone beeps) Yeah.

The one buried in Simi Valley.

Out in California.

You said that you'd do anything to get your granddaughter back? Anything.

Well, then I need to know what I need to know.

My team and I were part of an off-the-books experiment.

A small group of operatives working within the law, but outside the chain of command.

We did the things that needed to be done.

You understand?

How many?

Eight originally.

When the project was cancelled, two decades ago, there were three.

We returned to civilian life, hid our backgrounds... were ordered... never to make contact with one another again.

Orders you broke.

When my granddaughter was kidnapped, I went to my team for help.

My team.

The sedative gas used at the school... sounds exactly like a Greystone creation.

We used it on operations to keep the casualties at a minimum.

I heard he was selling it on the black market.

I was hoping he would help me track a buyer.

So who's the John Doe in the trailer?

My comm specialist.


I got a cell phone off that kidnapper that I fought with.

I brought it to Ajax, hoping that he would be able to trace it exactly like I was supposed to.

So you think the kidnapping was a setup?

The real target was your team?

The killers couldn't have found them.

That's why they grabbed my granddaughter.

Knew I would lead them right to my men.


Who would want your team dead?

You're going to need a stenographer for that list.

We got around.

Look, they were good men.

But my granddaughter is where I need to be focused right now.

If the ransom was a diversion...

...then there'd be no need to keep her alive.

You really think she's dead?

I don't know.

What are you going to do?

We're going to do what we always do.

We're going to catch the bad guys.

Can you please tell Gibbs that I need to see him?

Yeah, he's here right now.

I'll tell him.

Boss, no one's willing to comment on Mason, but we do have a request...

(chuckles) ...to drop all the charges.

So drop 'em.

But we...

Dropping all the charges.

Abbs, hi. Hi.

Hi. Hi.

So McGee said you found something?

Not me.

My new number one.

We were processing Mason's impounded vehicle and we found two things.

First... it smells like French fries, and second...

I noticed the fuel line had a small tear.

How'd that get there?

Not by accident, but when the gas leaked onto the engine block and exploded, it would have made it look like one.

The killer was saving Mason for last.

And thought that the fire would destroy all the evidence, but it did not.

So you got his fingerprints?

Oh, yeah.

ZIVA: Walter Carmichael-- at least that's what he calls himself now.

He's the substitute teacher for Rebecca's school.

Mason says he was a member of his team.

Handled long-term counterespionage.

Was killed in Sri Lanka in '87.

ZIVA: At least that's what everyone thought.

GIBBS: Where is he now?

After the attack in the school, he said he needed to take some time off to recuperate.

I guess what he meant by that was "hunt down and kill some old friends."

BOLO. On it.

McGee's already at his place with a forensics unit.

The girl was not there.


Revenge maybe?

Perhaps, uh, he felt betrayed by his team.

Could be some kind of bounty on their heads.

We want to find this girl, we gotta figure out what's making this guy tick.

Where is he going?

To talk to our resident watchmaker.

I had a hunch I'd be seeing you shortly.

You want to know if the girl is still alive.

No, I want to know how to get the girl back alive, Duck.

Yeah, well, I've been going over Carmichael's records.

It's safe to assume that everything before 1987 was falsified.

That a problem?

No, quite the opposite.

I-I find how Mr. Carmichael chose to reinvent himself most telling.

He chose to be a missionary in Cameroon for 12 years.

Then he invented documents to show that he worked in a hospice.

Finally, he settled as a teacher.

Left out the part about 50 kills in 40 countries.

By design.

I believe that Carmichael grew to regret his past as a member of Mason's team and-and wanted to atone for his sins.

When storytelling was not enough to cleanse his soul, he turned to more drastic means.

McGee sent these over from Carmichael's house.

It's a collection of the more popular tools of self-flagellation.

Catholic cilice, Kavadi skewers; I mean, they've all been used.

Yeah, when that wasn't enough?

His final act of penance-- the execution of all of his old teammates to make amends for all of the horrible things they did together.

Duck, what about the girl?

What about Rebecca?

Well, unfortunately, Carmichael believes that he has a higher power on his side, which makes him capable of anything.


(door hisses open, then closes)

...you're not going to know her fate, until his mission is accomplished.

Gibbs, it's Carmichael.

He wants to talk.

He's early.

I think he has given up the ransom charade.

He knows we have Mason.

He's willing to trade.

What are you going to do?

I'm gonna give him what he wants.

(phone beeps) Yeah, this is Gibbs.

(engine roars, tires screech)

Are these cuffs necessary?

Carmichael demanded it.

We gotta make him think we're playing along.

Yeah, well, right now I'd make that trade for real.

Well, we want him alive, not stuffed face first into a Cuisinart.


In position.

Well, okay, we're here.

Where's the guest of honor?

He's here.

Are you sure about that?

Oh, of course he's sure.

He trained me.

Hello, Nicholas.

Slow down here.

If you shoot me, you'll never find Rebecca.

And I kill you slowly.

I-I deserve no less... right after you.

Agent Gibbs, you are to release Mason to me.

We will leave in my vehicle.

In an hour I will phone you with the girl's location.

Yeah, what about Mason?

Oh, I... his fate is out of my hands, I...

I'm just an instrument of justice.

Your elevator never went to the top floor.

How do we know the girl's still alive?

It's called faith.

You nut job. GIBBS: Stand down, Mason.

I want proof that she's alive right now, or you die.

It's your granddaughter who's going to die.

She's already dead.

Alive, she screws up your operation.

I trained you, remember?

I said stand down, Mason.

He killed her, I know it, you b*st*rd.


GIBBS: No! (bystanders shouting)

"The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance.

He shall bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked."

Why'd you take a shot?!

Mason was going to shoot!

CARMICHAEL: The girl-- she's in the trunk.


Pick it. (muffled screaming)

You're all right, Rebecca. REBECCA: Thank you.

Everything's gonna be okay now.

Got you.

The girl's alive.

Of course.

Wanton collateral damage is one of our sins.

She's an innocent.

What am I, chopped liver?

(sobbing): Grandpa.



I was so scared.

MASON: Everything is going to be all right.

Thank you.

Could have used a guy like you on my team.

We could still use a guy like you.

But, but...

Corn syrup.


CARMICHAEL: You have no honor, any of you.

TONY: You know what you got?

Taken down by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Holla! What?

Clear a path, clear a path.

Make room, people.

You know, I've always been interested in the investigative branch of NCIS.

So that's it?

The happy ending?

Not exactly.

There's the happy ending.

Mom, Dad.

LISA: Oh, baby, I was so worried.

I am so glad to see you. REBECCA: Grandpa saved me.

That's, uh...

McGEE: Feels nice, doesn't it?

Welcome home.

I could get used to it.

Not sure I could get used to the pay.


But for the sake of curiosity, if I wanted to, um...

What's this?

Application for a full internship here at NCIS.

GIBBS: Yeah, it's all filled out.

It just needs your signature.