08x07 - Broken Arrow

With rush hour traffic, you're going to be late for your meeting.

Yeah, yeah.

Where is he?

It's coming from over there!

NCIS Season 8 Episode 07 Broken Arrow

Look what was waiting for me when I got home last night.

Your passport?

My United States of America passport.

Ziva, congratulations.

God, that's great. Can I peek?


See, that is unfair.

No one's passport picture should look this good.

You think?

Yeah. I mean, where'd you have it taken, a photo studio?

No. A booth at the Post Office.

Look what Ziva got.

Congratulations. I'll alert the media.

You're in a great mood.

You know, I was.

Until I woke up this morning and saw that my father called.

What did he want?

I don't know.

I haven't called him back yet.

Maybe he needs something.

That's a given. He called at 4:30 a.m.

I was having such a good week.

When was the last time you heard from him?

I don't know. Couple months ago.

Where we going, boss?

U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis.

Looks like they went through his pockets.

Wonder what they were trying to find. They didn't take watch or cell phone.

Make a note, would you, to have Abby check for trace evidence?

Yeah, thanks for that, Tony. I would have done it anyway.

Hey, guys!

Someone's going to have to go through this.

This is disgusting.

Last time I checked, I was senior field agent.

It's too bad we don't have a probationary agent with us.

But we do!

We do!

You're going to pull rank on me?

I got a call from Woody.

Woke me up before dawn this morning.

Very cryptic.

What do you mean?

Said he wanted to show me something.

Asked me to meet him here.

But it was like he thought he was being bugged.

He just said, "At the exact spot we first met."

Here in front of Fowler Hall?


We were plebes together. Met right here, I-Day, 1973.

You have no idea what he meant by that?

No. None.

I haven't spoken to him in two or three years.

After he retired from the Navy, he went to work in the private sector.

What's your assignment, Admiral Chase?

Are you asking me because you want to know if Iverson was coming to see me about something personal or my job?

I asked you what your assignment was, sir.

I don't think this is the place for that discussion.

I'm overdue at the Pentagon.

I'll get in touch with NCIS this afternoon.

Everything okay, Boss?

Find out what exactly Admiral Chase does do at the Pentagon.

Got it.

What you got, Duck?

At this point, I can only estimate the time of death as early this morning.

And there are no definitive signs of cause.

I did note a foreign substance beneath the nail of his right forefinger.

Analysis to follow.

Can't you just sense the esprit de corps?

You might be interested to know that your college here in Annapolis was founded in 1845.

That's almost 20 years before its British equivalent in Dartmouth in Devonshire.

Yeah, my father wanted me to attend the Britannia Royal Naval College, but I had other ideas. I...

Sorry, Duck. Sorry, Duck.

Vice Admiral C. Clifford Chase is part of the E-ring.

He's the deputy director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Woodrow Wilson Iverson retired from the Navy with the rank of commander 18 years ago to join Royce Global Group, international mining and shipping company.

It was founded by the legendary business titan Jonathon Royce.

He's become sort of like a Howard Hughes recluse since the death of his son in a racing accident at Le Mans four years ago.

Hasn't been seen in public since the funeral, and rumor is, he's holed up in a chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland.

His sole remaining heir is his daughter Rachel, who lives in Bridgehampton.

Iverson left from Geneva International aboard a Royce jet, and passed through Dulles customs at 3:12 a.m. this morning.

Plane's manifest shows a crew of three and four passengers.


You okay, McGee?

I am fine.

I'm fine.

Sorry, Boss.

This is security video taken at the executive terminal.

Theo Gaston, Swiss national, corporate head of security.

Dan Mayfield, C.O.O., and Royce's right-hand man.

That is Woody Iverson, our victim.

That... looks like your father.

It can't be.

Oh, it is.

Manifest reads, "Anthony D. DiNozzo, Sr., New York, New York."

Passengers Mayfield and Gaston are on the way in.

My father's not answering. I got voicemail again.

Track his cell, McGee.

Why didn't I take his call this morning?

I'm sure he's all right, Tony.

He looked fine getting off the plane.

So did the guy in front of him, and he ended up dead, crammed in a dumpster.

Slow down, DiNozzo.

All right, I got a hit.

15100 1st Street, Northeast.

Mid-Atlantic Trailways bus station.

This is worse than I thought.

My father... at a bus station?

On it.

Thank you.

Woody Iverson and I started working for Jonathon Royce about the same time.

18 years ago.

Why was Iverson in Washington, Mr. Mayfield?

We flew in for the annual Royce Summit.

It's an international trade symposium Jonathon initiated ten years ago.

Is he here?

No, no. He doesn't attend anymore.

But it is a sought-after invitation from industrial buyers.

They come, they meet, exchange ideas.

Deals are made.

Either one of you have any idea where Iverson was going after he left the airport?

No idea.

We had a limo to take us into town, but Woody said he had something to do and would take a cab.

There was another passenger on the plane he left with.

He might know.

Anthony DiNozzo?

They shared a cab.


What's Mr. DiNozzo's connection to Royce Global?

He and Jonathon go way back.

They met in Gstaad years ago.

They gambled, skied, chased women together.

DiNozzo was hanging around the corporate terminal in Geneva, looking for a ride.

I checked with Jonathon. He said it was fine.

So, the last time you saw Iverson, he was with DiNozzo?

Yes, sir.

There he is, Tony. Thank God he's all right.

Give me a second.

This is unbelievable.

What are you doing here?

In Washington?

At a bus station.

Why didn't you answer my call?

Well, you did call me in the middle of the night, and I did return it.


Half an hour ago.

Blocked I.D.

You know I don't accept blocked calls.

How'd you find me?

I'm a federal agent, Dad.

That doesn't give you a right to violate my privacy.

What else do you know?

I know you arrived this morning on a Royce Global private jet around 3:00 a.m.

You keeping tabs on me, Junior?

I'm investigating a murder, Dad.


Woody Iverson.

What happened?

We need you to come down to the Navy Yard.

Is that Ziva?

Junior, get my bag.

Look at you.

What do you say, sweetheart?

Watch the hands.

I'm so happy to see you.

Let's go!

Here we are again, Agent Gibbs.

I was shocked to hear about Woody Iverson.

How long have you known him?

About 24 hours.

Met him in Geneva at the airport.


You hitched a ride on the Royce jet.

I confess.

I am a plane whore.

I hate to fly commercial.

Ever fly in a G5?

It is a whole different world.

Did you talk to Iverson on the flight?

Mayfield and I played gin, drank 30-year-old scotch.

I took him for a hundred bucks.

Iverson sat by himself.

So he never spoke to anyone?

Briefly, about the summit that they were flying in for.

Mayfield invited me to the opening night reception at Jonathon Royce's mansion.

Are you going?

No, I think he was just being polite because of my relationship with Jonathon.

Did you see Royce while you were in Switzerland?

Not for years.

He doesn't talk to anybody.

We through?

You never talked to Iverson on the plane... but you did share a cab into the city?

I'm beginning to feel like a suspect.

I don't expect special treatment because I'm Junior's father, and I accept that you and I will never be friends, Gibbs... but I don't like your tone.

You were the last person to see Iverson alive.

How I feel about you personally, it's irrelevant.

This is a murder investigation, and I'll follow it wherever it leads.

Iverson was taking a taxi into town.

I asked him if I could share a ride. He dropped me at the Adams House.

He never mentioned where he was going from there.

Yeah, it's Gibbs.

I'll be right there.


He's lying.

He never registered at the Adams House. I checked.

What is he up to?

Woody Iverson was a friend.

I have reason to believe that his death may have national security implications.

We have to make sure that you have the correct personnel on this case.

Gibbs and his team can definitely handle it.

Come in.

Admiral Chase has some information for us.


When I got back to the Pentagon, I conferred with my officers...

At the Joint Chiefs?

Our analysts use Echelon to electronically intercept the words "Iverson" and "Royce Global".

They picked up chatter regarding Royce's summit tomorrow in DC.

Seems to be a great deal of interest from international arms dealers who haven't attended in past years.

Royce made his billions in shipping and mining, not arms.

Maybe we should notify NSA.

I'll brief them. We have to act quickly.

Surveilling this conference is gonna be difficult.

It's civilian.

It's heavily secured.

The guest list is highly restricted.

Excuse me.

But you just got here. Don't you want to stay a couple of days?

You could have some quality time with Tony.

I'd love to, Abby, but...

I have to get back to New York. I've been away too long.

We barely got to see you.

We were kind of hoping to hear your version of why Junior got expelled from boarding school.

In your wildest dreams. Let's go, Dad.

What's the matter with you, Junior?


Hey, DiNozzo, hold on a minute.

Don't move.


Yeah, Boss?

Where's your dad going?

New York.


No, not yet.

We need him.

To get us into the reception.

I'll wait.

Using my father is a very bad idea.

No other option, DiNozzo.

You don't know him like I do. It can lead to nothing but trouble.

Summit starts tomorrow night.

He's our entrée.

But please, he can't stay at my place.

Thanks, Donald.

We got lucky.

What do you mean?

Well, this town is booked.

There's not a decent hotel room to be found.

But I used my influence on Donald, the concierge at the Adams House, and got the last room available.

What floor?


You see? Who do you think's gonna pay for that? Not him.

Call the cashier.

Get a purchase order to cover the cost.


Isn't 310 a Los Angeles area code?

Yep. Why?

The last entry Iverson made on the notepad in his cell phone was at 4:42 a.m.

That was about 20 minutes after the cab dropped Tony's father off at the hotel.

This looks like a phone number.


All the billions and billions of binary possibilities, all those little ones and zeros being compared, and now the DNA search is complete.


What's wrong?

Ducky found DNA underneath the victim's fingernails, and I ran it through CODIS.

Tony's father?

McGee, that's not funny.

I was just kidding.

No, I didn't get a match.

So now I have to expand the search to all the international databases, and it's going to take me forever.

I just think Tony is too judgmental of his father.

Well, Abs, Tony didn't have a normal childhood.

I mean, Senior wasn't exactly Cliff Huxtable.

No, I know, but Mr. D's... getting older now... I think he's trying to make up for his mistakes.

Tony's lucky... he still has a father.

I wish mine were alive.

I would forgive him for anything.

That's strange.


I'm getting a low-level radiation reading off the victim's pocket, but there's nothing here.

Color me confused.

Yeah, color me, too.

I just Googled the 310 number, got the home page of a Beverly Hills wellness center.

They specialize in colonics and herbal enemas.

Looking for me?

Went down to the spa. Steam and a massage.

Needed it.

Never used to get jet lag.

I wasn't expecting any guests tonight.

Checking up on me?

I wanted to talk to you without your son being on the other side of the glass.

Have a seat.

No. I'm not going to be here that long.

Tony thinks that it's a mistake to involve you in an NCIS investigation.

What do you think?

I think I'm sticking my neck out.

But I wanted to look you in the eye and see if I'm wrong.


And I think you're... just enough of a con man to be able to pull it off.

That is a strange thing to say to someone you're asking to do you a favor.

Are you enjoying yourself, Mr. DiNozzo?

I have a certain kind of lifestyle.

You can cut the act. I know you're broke.

Why do you and Junior believe that?

Did Tony talk to you about your money problem?

His actions speak louder than his lack of words.

Last year when I stayed here, Junior picked up my hotel bill, paid for my flight to Monte Carlo.

He wanted me to believe it was a gift from Prince Omar Ibn Alwaan.

Is this some sort of game you two play?

Have you ever just been honest with each other?

There may be things that I haven't told my son... but I have never lied to him.

You probably won't believe this, Gibbs, but I'm starting to like you.

You're not afraid to say what you think.


As Bogey said in Casablanca,

"This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

I do not understand.

Yesterday morning, you were upset that your father called. Now, you're upset that he did not want to go to dinner with you last night.

He gave me a lame excuse.


He said he'd already eaten and he wanted to turn in early.

Your father flew all the way from Europe.

I can understand that he is tired.

"Tired" is not a word in his vocabulary.

Wonderful. Thanks very much.

Boss, I got something.

Figure out why Iverson was calling for a colonic in the middle of the night?

He wasn't.

It didn't make sense.

If it was a phone number, he would have kept it in the contact list, not in the notepad.

So why did he?

To make a notation so he could remember something.


The cab that he was riding in.

The last seven digits turn out to be the phone number for the Downtown DC Taxi Company.

The 310 is a reference to the cab he was in, not an area code.

Why would Iverson make a note of the cab number?

Whoever killed Iverson went through his pockets, looking for something.

Maybe Iverson hid whatever it was in the vehicle.

I've called the dispatcher, talked to the cabbie, they're bringing the taxi.

The cabbie said that Iverson was acting "very hinky".

Kept looking out the back window.

I got something.

This was wedged between the cushion and the seat-back.


It's got a serial number.

It's beta particles and gamma rays.

Almost identical to what I found in the victim's pocket.

Why is this radioactive?

When in doubt, try the Internet.

Hydrogen bomb?

"March 10, 1956,

"a B-47 carrying a Mark-15 warhead

"bearing the serial number 47787

"disappeared during a scheduled air-to-air

"refueling over the Mediterranean Sea.

"After becoming lost in a thick cloud bank, the plane was never heard from."

"Its wreckage, including

"the 3.4 megaton hydrogen bomb, was never found."

Boss, this is about a lost nuclear weapon.

A broken arrow.

3.4 megatons?

That's a hundred times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

If they got the plate, then they found the bomb.

And the nuclear material.

That's what Woody Iverson wanted to show me?

We think he was being followed and hid it in the cab.

We've sent the plate to NMCC for verification.

It's definitely the Mark-15 that went missing 54 years ago.

Well, that much time underwater, the bomb is inoperable. But the... the nuclear material has a half-life of several million years.

We've always feared terrorists getting their hands on a nuke.

It's the first broken arrow that's come back to haunt us.

Gentlemen, this situation's gotten a lot bigger than a homicide investigation.

We'll take it from here.

I've already spoken to SecNav.

This is an NCIS investigation.

Do I need to remind you why we're a civilian-run agency?

With all due respect, Admiral, those stars on your shoulder don't carry much weight in this building.

Sir, if you want to be briefed on where we are so far, what we know, you're welcome to stay. That's up to you.

Royce Group is deeply involved in underwater mining.

Their vessel, the Global Seeker, is purportedly in the Mediterranean, exploring the ocean floor for "polymetallic nodules".

They could've stumbled on the wreckage, found it while they were dredging.

Why didn't they contact the U.S. government?

Iverson was looking for you.

Someone stopped him.

Royce has some questions to answer.

We don't know how involved Royce is anymore.

No one has seen him or heard from him in four years.

We think his C.O.O., Dan Mayfield, runs the show.

Are you going to bring this Mayfield in?

No. Not yet. That's all conjecture, Admiral.

If they've recovered the nuke, we don't want to spook them.

Your intel people received chatter about the Royce Summit, right?

We're going to infiltrate that opening-night reception.

Royce's mansion was extensively renovated in 2002.

I got the blueprints from the city engineer.

During the summit, Mayfield, holds his private meetings here, in the study.

That's where we should plant the bug.

Theo Gaston, head of security, is supplementing his staff with local hires.

I've been unable to obtain the guest list, but, there is a video security system in the house connected to the Internet.

I can hack into it.

I've got faith in you. The van ready?

Still got some equipment to load.

Good. Go, go.


Using my father is a mistake.

I've heard that before.

He's untrained.

He won't know what to look for. He can work a room, and he's a charmer, but we both know this is different.

He's not going in alone.

He's being accompanied by an agent.

This is a bad idea.

I mean, I know where you're going, and he and I don't work well together.

Oil and water.

I got another agent in mind.

One who speaks a bunch of languages and looks a lot better in a dress.

You're going with my father?

This is crazy!

Your father doesn't think so. He sent me flowers.

DiNozzo, you're so worried about your father, then go to the hotel and check on him. Make sure he's ready.

That's what I'll do.

What, Fred?

I have a problem.

Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. is not only staying in a $1, 500-a-night suite, he's also running up a huge tab.

Spa treatment, manicure, room service, French champagne, and I just got a call, he's ordered a limousine for tonight.

Guess you haven't got the bill for the flowers yet?

Just a little less break in the front.


What do you think?

You look great. Could you excuse us?


Just a moment, Vincent.



Are you out of your mind?

You don't bring a personal tailor up to your room.

Dad, come on! This is a...

That's soft.

Pure cashmere.

100% virgin.

You rented a cashmere tuxedo?

No, bought it.

At least, NCIS did.

You're out of control.

Are you here to brief me on tonight's op?

You think you're James Bond, don't you? Dad, there is no "op".

Your job is to get Ziva into the party so she can plant the bug. That's it.

Then you stay out of her way. Get it?

Got it.


What is your current relationship with her?

We're coworkers. We don't have a relationship. It's strictly business.

Then you won't mind if I make my move, if the opportunity presents itself?


Please. I beg you.

Don't embarrass me.

Cause of death was cervical dislocation.

All indications were that it was barehanded.

C-1 and C-2 were dislocated, causing immediate asphyxia.

Why aren't you getting ready?

I got something on Dan Mayfield.

I'll leave you two to your detective work.

I have two tickets to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Smithsonian.

No matter.

Who's that?

Rachel Royce.

His daughter.

And not a fan of Dan Mayfield.

What'd you find out?

A month ago, she filed a lawsuit in a Swiss court.

Her complaint is that Mayfield has unlawfully denied access to her father.

Rachel Royce claims that she has not seen him in four years or spoken to him in three.

That's not nice.

No, it's not nice. She blames Mayfield, and not her brother's tragic death, for making Royce a recluse.

I've got calls in to Rachel and her lawyer.

If she's Royce's sole beneficiary, then Mayfield's gonna be looking for work as soon as Royce dies.

I do hope he's got a good retirement plan.

That's good work. Now, get going.

Go. Come on. Show time.

Nutter Butter.

This is surreal.

I feel like I'm in a James Bond movie directed by Fellini.

On a stakeout, watching my father and Ziva go undercover while you munch on a Nutter Butter.

We're approaching the house.

All right, Ziva. We read you loud and clear.

You look ravishing.

There it is!

This is the beginning of the end of my career.

Getting a solid image off the spy-cam brooch.

There's Dan Mayfield.

Come on. I'll introduce you to him.

That the Royce vessel?

In the Mediterranean. Real time satellite image.

It's 100 miles southwest of Corsica.

It's 0300 there.

Supposedly looking for minerals.

It's 200 miles from where the military lost radio contact with the B-47, back in 1956.

Could explain why the search parties never found the wreckage.

They were looking in the wrong place.

I've notified the Joint Chiefs.

Several ships from the Sixth Fleet have been put on alert.

The Mark-15 weighs 7, 600 pounds.

Our analyst tells us that that ship's not equipped to lift anything that heavy off the sea floor.

They've got a submersible. They could have used it to remove the serial plate to verify their find.

We think they're waiting for the equipment necessary to raise that bomb to arrive.

How's this going?

Mayfield's list justified our suspicions.

We've already identified four international arms dealers.

Our people are in the middle.

Who is this?

Got her, Ziva.

Name is Julie Merriweather.

President of Merriweather Associates. It's a Beltway PR firm.

So, you actually live in New York?

It's my base.

Ziva, who's that in the corner?

Would you excuse me?

Okay, darling. I'll be right here.

Tony, I think you just got a glimpse of your next stepmother.

That's very funny.

What's your relationship with Sophia?

We don't have a relationship.

It's strictly business.

Ziva, try to get a clear view.

Mayfield's blocking him. Move to your left, Ziva.

Good, good.

Great. Got him.

Agah Bayar.

Turkish arms dealer.

He's on the Interpol's watch list.

Tomorrow, when the others break into groups, we will get a chance to talk alone.


She's very beautiful, isn't she?

She is.

She's with an old acquaintance of Jonathon Royce.

Great party.

You know who she is.

Don't you?

Her name's Sophia.

I believe her name's Ziva.

She's the daughter of Eli David, Director of the Israeli Mossad.

It is known that she is now... a U.S. federal agent.

Are you sure?

Push in.

What's this all about?

Doesn't look good.

Ziva, give me a 20 on Gaston.

He's not in the room.

While I'm interested in your proposition, I'm not interested in spending the rest of my life in an American prison.


Bayar's on the move.

Keep smiling, Ziva.

I'm telling you, I don't like this.

What's going on?

What do you got, Abs?

Do you have any idea how hard it is to run an international DNA search?

Interpol has 179 member states, all of which need answers to their inquiries immediately.

Remember Fiona, the genetic scientist from Liechtenstein I became pen pals with?

Her cousin works for Interpol.

I remember.

He ran the DNA from underneath our victim's fingernails for me.

Got a hit. Theo Gaston, head of Royce's security.

He used to be a Swiss Grenadier, and... he taught hand-to-hand combat for the elite special forces.

What's going on?

Get your father out of the house.

Tell Ziva to keep Gaston under surveillance.

We got DNA evidence that ties him to the murder.

Gaston takes his orders from Mayfield.

We got enough to bring them both in.

Ziva, pull out.

Just a few more minutes.

I have not planted the bug yet.

Get my father out of there!

He is fine, Tony.

Gibbs' order.

Gaston's the killer.

We're leaving.

Not yet.

The president of the World Bank just arrived.

The chance of a lifetime. I'll only need a few minutes with him.

This is not a request, it is an order. Move.

The World Bank.

How's the finance world?

Dad, shut up.

Going somewhere, Agent David?

Great party.

Really appreciate the invite and... the plane ride, but...

I'm not feeling too well.

Just get out of there. Maybe...

I had a little too much to drink.

We're on the move.

Does Agent David carry a weapon?

She is a weapon.

I need you both to come with me.

We're leaving.

You're going to have to go through me, Dan.

What are you going to do, old man?


Can I borrow your handcuffs?

Come on!

In the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Corsica, ships of the U.S. Sixth Fleet have come to the aid of the Global Seeker, a deep-sea mining vessel owned by the reclusive billionaire Jonathon Royce.

The Navy has responded to a distress call from the captain.

Media's going with the cover story.

Our agents found documents on the ship confirming Mayfield had knowledge of the bomb.

Is he talking?


He's not copping to a murder yet.

Threw his security chief underneath the bus, claims that he told Gaston only to follow Iverson, not kill him.

They were afraid he was going to talk to Admiral Chase.

Authorities in Switzerland gained access to the chalet.

They found Jonathon Royce comatose, on life support.

The attending physician wanted to pull the plug months ago, but was ordered by Dan Mayfield to keep Royce alive.

It makes sense.

Mayfield knew that if Royce dies, he's out of a job.

Selling the nuke was going to be his golden parachute.

Director, gentlemen, I have a serious problem with Anthony DiNozzo.


He's absolutely out of control.


In the last two days, he's run up nearly $9, 000 in expenses.

What do you suggest I do?

Pay 'em. He's worth every penny.

What exactly did he do?

That's classified.

See you later, Fred.

So, are you actually leaving this time?

I have to, Abby.

I asked the director about joining the agency, but apparently, there's an age limit.

But he did give me a cap.

It looks great on you.


Right behind you, Dad.

I'd appreciate if you didn't call me Junior at work.

I'll just get my stuff.

Wait a second.

You're taking the tux?

What's NCIS going to do with it?

What is it, Junior?

You've been acting strange all day.

Something I got to talk to you about.

Are you all right?

You're not sick, are you?


Can we sit?

This is serious, isn't it?

Look, I don't want to make it any bigger than it is, but you know...

You can't judge a book by its cover, and things are, you know... aren't always what they appear to be, but...

This is about me being broke?

This is not a big deal.

It's happened before.

When you were in your second year at boarding school, I filed for bankruptcy.

I'll bounce back. I always do.

You knew about it last year when you bought me the ticket to Monte Carlo.

How did you find out about that?

When I caught up with Prince Al.

He didn't know anything about it.

You didn't say anything.

I appreciate it.


I didn't know what to say.

We're DiNozzos.

We don't communicate well.

We used to, you know.

A long time ago.

Sometimes I wish we could rewind to the last time we had a normal father-son relationship.

When was that?

It was a fishing trip.

It was just before Mom died. You probably don't remember.

It's okay.

I look at that picture every morning.

It's one of my fondest memories, too.

From now on, we talk?

Let's get out of here before we both start bawling?

I'm taking you to the train station, and I'm buying you a ticket.

You are taking me to the airport.

I bumped into Donald Trump down in the lobby this morning.

You get me to Reagan by noon, I'm flying home in style.

Can you get my bag, Junior?