08x09 - Enemies Domestic (2)

Hello, Ziva.

Good. The Israelis are back.

I'm gonna be tied up at this review conference all week.

Amsterdam on today's docket?

You must be courageous and learn the truth.

Get him to the safe house!

Get in! Get in! Let's go!

Sounds like World War III.

They should be back at the safe house.

Hadar, acknowledge.

Leon, are you there?


What's happened?


Leon, are you there?

I can't believe that happened.

You're crazy.

You're crazy.

Come on. Come on, look at me.

Look at me!

I can't believe that happened again.

Come on, Leon, stay with me.

NCIS Season 8 Episode 09 Enemies Domestic

Possible perforated organs, lacerated spleen, and he's losing blood fast.

My wife...

BP's at 90/40, Doctor.

Pulse ox 80% and falling on eight liters O2.

My wife...

Single. I got a girlfriend.

I got a girlfriend.

I never had to work so hard to get someone's attention.

Special Agent Whitney Sharp.

Naval Investigative Service.

Mouth closed, kiddo, or the bugs will get in.

You got a minute?

No, I'm late for class.


You just finished your Combat seminar, and you have about a two-hour window until Advanced Cryptography.

Which I plan to spend in the computer lab.

Make another plan, Leon.

Look, lady...


All right, look, Whitney...

Or Special Agent Sharp.

Special Agent Sharp, you can follow me around, you can bat your eyes at me, you can chuck me on the chin, if you like.

Who taught you that's how you get a man. It's not gonna get you me.

You know, when a suspect prefaces what he's about to say with

"look, "or "here" or "so, " it usually means he feels boxed into a corner.

And I don't want you to feel that way, especially if we might be working together.

You want me to be a Navy cop?

NIS has been watching you.

And we feel like you might be a perfect fit to an operation we're planning.

That is, of course, if you're done with the whole no friends, no connections, single, lone-wolf thing.

We do know everything about you.

Single? I got a girlfriend.

My wife...


Gibbs, call my wife.

I want full protective detail for my family.

Done. Can you remember anything, Leon?

Where did Eli David go?

BP's 70/30, sat's 70.

That's it. Conversation's over.

You're in charge, Gibbs.

I'm not you, Leon.

I trust you, Gibbs.

Boss, I don't understand it.

Every other member of the Palestinian Liberation Front is dead.

Karif Yasin is the only one still alive, and he's in custody.

Call Tony, Call Ziva.

Lock down the crime scene, process and canvass.

Shut down Vance's conference.

Transfer everyone back to the Navy Yard.

Got it. Anything else?

Yasin, get him back in Interrogation.

Find out what the hell we missed.

Hadar must have had no warning.

Someone is going to pay for this, Amit.


Possible shotgun blasts.

Multiple sources indicate multiple shooters.

You know, our safe house in Tel Aviv is a concrete bunker 100 feet below ground.

Meaning this would not have happened there?

Because there is never any violence in Israel.


Hadar is dead.

We were operating under NCIS protocol.

Are you blaming me?

Liat, focus!

Three men walk into a room.

One ends up in the morgue, one in the hospital.

Only leaves one we can do anything about.

The blood trail leads to the back room.

First priority- type and match to confirm... it belongs to Eli David.

And it has to be his or his kidnapper.

Why do you assume he was kidnapped?

Because it is the only option where my father is still alive.



Thank you.


There are fragments everywhere.

Anything I touch starts bleeding.

We're going to need to clamp that off.

Don't stand there and admire your work.

We've been doing this for six weeks.

You're supposed to be able to execute a basic dead-drop.

When are you gonna tell me what my op is?

When we're alone.

Don't look.

I'll tell you when I think you're ready.

When you're done molding me out of clay.

If you were malleable and soft, I never would have accepted you.

I work in marble like Michelangelo.

You ever been to Italy?

No, I've never been out of the U.S.

I don't even have a passport.

Right hand.

Excuse me.

You leave tomorrow.

I'm going to Europe?


Everybody, remember, there is water in the conference room.

I've rewired the plasma so it has satellite TV.

Thank you.

It's like herding cats, Agent McGee?

I don't like it at all, Agent Sharp.

I've got a dozen other retired agents.

I have Branch, I've got Morrow, I've got Nedrow.

I have more directors than the front row of the Oscars.

So any help that you can give me, please.

You're missing one.

McGee, witness statements.


People heard the blasts, but no one saw anything.

Tony and Ziva are following a blood trail.

The thinking is, Eli was abducted.

Making Vance and Hadar collateral damage.

Karif Yasin?

Last of the Mohicans is en route, but the timing doesn't compute.

We were on 'em, boss.

They didn't make that safe house. It had to be someone else.

Agent McCallister...

Now, remember, you're supposed to ask me before using the men's room.

Shut up!

Permission to smack your boy with my cane, Gibbs.


I guess secret goes out the window when it's evidence in a murder.

Or a kidnapping.

Eli David is missing.

Missing doesn't necessarily mean kidnapped.

Attacking an NCIS safe house requires inside information.

And given this little conference was destined to become a shouting match between and Vance and Eli.

He could be a victim.

What I know of the man, makes more sense...

If Eli David was the suspect, even with his own bodyguard dead.

You mean his only witness.

I'm just spitballing.

Heck, it wouldn't be the first time Eli tried to kill Vance.

I'd start here.

Operation Trident.

God bless it. Look at this.


It's okay.

Yeah, come on over.

I'm McCallister.

You can cut out the Agent 13 bit.

I don't know what that means.

Get Smart?

Control's master of camouflage?

Forget it.

Listen, you're supposed to stick out, not blend in.

Put on the uniform. Make it easy for this guy to find you.

We're still working on a last name. We just call him The Russian.

The Soviet Union is crumbling.

What's Russian intelligence services doing in Holland?

You tell me.

Port of Amsterdam's a major docking point for most ships throughout Europe, down to South Africa and the Middle East.

He bribes sailors to gain foreign intel.

Junior Varsity made a play.

I've been studying the Middle East.

I figure we're gonna be heavily involved down there for a while.

Nah. Yesterday's news.

Playing field's changing a bit, but Hussein and Iraq are down for the count.

If anybody's gonna get up off the mat, it's the Iron Curtain.

The Reds just want us to think the Cold War is over.

That's your Russian.

I'll find him.

Look, how hard is this to get?

Just be yourself.

Stop and smell the tulips. Visit the Heineken Brewery.

Go see Anne Frank's house. Not in that order.

The Russian'll find you.

All right, how do I get in touch with you?

I'll be watching.

Look at the distance between the blood drops.

He was walking.

Torn fabric.

Heather gray.

Eli's suit.

He made a tourniquet to take care of his wounds.

He was not abducted.

No. He fled the scene.

No. He eluded his attackers.

He left us a trail to follow.

Maybe he left us more.

Yeah, Boss.

Well, we've got a theory here.

Eli's on the lam.

Here is something.

Will do. Okay.

Director David has left us a message.

What's that?

It's the Hebrew word beyt. It means house or home.

So, he's walking all the way home to Israel?

More likely, the Israeli Embassy.

House. You know, there is a House of Pancakes down the street, and also a House of Pies. And Donut House.

My father needs medical attention.

We should split up, cover each possibility.

You're gonna have to go on your own...

Do you know what a golem is?

Creepy schizophrenic creature from Lord of the Rings.

No, that's Gollum.

A golem is a supernatural being from Jewish folklore.

He was created from mud to protect the Jews.

The mystics etched the word emet into his forehead.

When the monster's task was completed, the letter aleph was scratched out, changing the word to met.

You understand what I'm saying?

Liat pulled a golem. She erased a letter?

Liat is an overachiever.

She erased the entire word.

You're not going to the House of Pancakes, are you?

The rest of your group is dead, Yasin.

Who's got Eli David?

Abasi El Masri is a martyr.

Okay, you want to take credit for that, too, because you're just gonna rot away.

Justice has been served!

A Mossad officer is dead.

My boss, he might not live through the day.

You like that?

Would you like me to tell you how it happened?

Where it happened?

'Cause you had nothing to do with it.

Hello, Dr. Mallard.

Mrs. Sharp.

I was sorry to hear about your mother.

Though she hated me, I know that you cared for her deeply.

I appreciate your condolences.

And you have mine... regarding your husband.

He detested you.

And I him.

But I'm not the kind of man to spit on another's grave.

I think I know exactly the kind of man you are.

Yeah, one... moment of weakness does not define one's character.

Doesn't it?

Agent Gibbs.

Any chance of removing that protective detail?

It's feeling a little crowded in the building.

See what I can do.

Always a pleasure, Doctor.

Could have hung a sock on the door.

There's no knob.

Cause of death?

Catastrophic damage to the heart in addition to massive blood loss and organ trauma.

The entry wounds are all to the back and sides.

Strange mix for a 12-gauge.

These don't match any shotgun I've seen.

But I can confirm that the blast had an upward trajectory.

You know, Jethro, the dispersal pattern and the volume, they more closely resemble an improvised explosive device.

Would explain the handful of nails and plastic.

Haven't had time to finish processing the scene.

Tracking "Eli the Elusive" became top priority.

Well, Hadar died defending him.

Fancy a smoke?

I like to sprinkle a little hashish into my marijuana.

It's too strong for the locals, but not for an American.

I don't know who you are, man, but if you're buying, I'll take an espresso.


Café for my friend.

Yes. Coming up.

I don't know how you drink that stuff. It repulses me.

So, what wakes an Israeli up in the morning?

My wife.

Although not for several months.

Like yin and yang.

There you are.

Thank you.

You would not turn down a piece of free advice about this town, because you are new here, hmm?

I'm only gonna be docked here for a few days.

Why would a sailor on leave want to keep his mind sharp?

The Russian will realize that you are not what he wants.

Then his men will kill you.

Go back to the boat... or you are a dead man.

The director's lucky to be alive, McGee.

There were three separate blasts, but the diffusion is rectangular, instead of round.

I also have found traces of sulfur, charcoal, ammonium nitrate and potassium hydroxide, so, the murder weapon was a series of claymore-type directional mines.

Safe house was booby-trapped.

It was wired from the inside, so the opening and closing of the door pulled the pin.

Duty roster on the safe house shows that it was only vacant and locked down for a half-hour this morning, prior to the conference.

But it wouldn't take very long to rig if they had built in advance.

I mean, it's really not hard to improvise, either.

The only challenging ingredient to find is a blasting cap.

Cross-reference hardware stores with chemistry supply shops and maybe we can get a lead on who built the things.

Okay, Abby, I'm gonna need...

A shopping list?


G-100 grade ball bearings, 12 penny nails, plastic casing, copper wire, electrical tape.

And a little bit of ingenuity, you, too, could build one of these.

A claymore mine.

Mc... Gyver?

Been keeping that one in my back pocket for a while.

They called him Magen David.

The Star of David.

Rocketed up the ranks of the Mossad.

Reports says David is voluntary inactive.

Went off the deep end after his wife ditched him for somebody else.

I guess he came here to smoke the pain away and make threats.

No, it didn't feel like a threat.

It felt like a warning.

He said the Russian would kill me if they figured out who I was working for.

He knows more about the Russian than we do?

If the Russian were as dangerous as David said, the home office would have never sent someone so green.

Look at me.

You got a knack for this, but if you want out of the game...

I got to be me.

Be you.

Liat, search the right side. I'm gonna check the shul.

The second word was knesset.

The word you removed.

Beyt knesset.

Nearest Synagogue.

But just... one question.

Why did you not trust me?

You're not with us.

Aba! Show yourself!

Are you an idiot?

We're not looking for the afikomen.

He can hear us if we call him.

Yes, but you don't know who else might hear.


You stop!

Does he know more about the Russian than we do?

You have a problem.

The American has orders to kill you.

I know.

Stop this!

What are you doing?

He is coming with me, Malachi.

He's not going anywhere.

Liat, you do not answer for me.

Hadar is dead.

Director Vance is nearly so.

Everyone has questions for you.

Then you take me to NCIS.

You will have your answers.

McGyver. It's so obvious.

I mean, why didn't I come up with that?

You got any you've been holding in reserve, waiting for the perfect opportunity?

That's not how my mind works.

I mean, it's like scat in there.

Yes, animal dung.

I always figured.

Not animal dung.

It's like jive, you know? It's like bebop.

It's unpredictable. I'll take the lead guitar.

You take the lead vocals.

Like McGlee, McFlee.



What's the news, Hebrews?

Director Vance is in recovery.

He has not yet regained consciousness.

You don't have to "Gibbs up" the clicker there.

Where is Boss, anyway?

He's in Interrogation.

With Director David.

This is like Clash of the Titans. We should be there.

It's a closed show.

Come on...



Tell Abby to come up and get this stuff. I can hack the feed.

Yes, you can.

Leon and I are forged in fire and blood.

Good job.

So, you met for the first time in Amsterdam?

This file is not the complete picture.

Leon and I had hoped to reveal all sides during the review conference.

You two arranged this conference together?

I urged Leon to include Amsterdam.

His role in that mission was not what he was told.

Did you know that?

In the almost 20 years since, all of the players have scattered around the globe.

You found them.

Director Vance invited them.

To unearth what?

Not what. Who.

Who is it that wants Leon dead, Gibbs?

The Russian operative. His name is redacted.

I never knew his name.

Another detail I had hoped to uncover.

According to Vance's report, you yourself told the Russian that Vance was sent there to kill him?

Yes. That is true.

So you knew that that made Vance a target.

Yes. It did.

Are you the type who's grumpy when you get woken up?

I saw you talk to the Russian about me.

I saw you seeing me.

He's going to kill me.

He was going to kill you anyway. Now, he's going to do it sooner.

He knew already who you are.

That's not possible.

Come on. Get up.

Get out!

If I leave, you die.

There is another box in the hall.

We cannot wait.

It will not be long before the Russian contacts his hit team.

They will be here by morning.


I told him where you were staying.

Leon never forgets anything.

Did you know that about him?

I do.

It is what saved his life this morning.

When we walked in that door, he had seen it before.

Good. Don't pack it too tight.

There has to be air in between.

We had a plan, you know.

NIS had a plan.

What was it?

I don't know all of it.

If I could contact my handler...

Good idea. Why don't you do that, if you think there is time.

In the meantime, cut where I have marked on here.

I want to know why you think it's your business to screw up our mission.

How can you not see that you are disposable?

How can you not know that?

Tell me.

Who will cry for you if this blasting cap should accidentally blow up and turn us to smears on the wall?

Who'll cry for you?

I have children.

Then what are you doing?

Why would you lure a hit team here?


Mossad told me I could kill them.

The Russian... turned an Israeli sailor, bled him dry for information, then sent a hit team to dispose of my fellow countryman.

My wife... can no longer live with what I do.

She took my family, my children, to ensure that they do not grow up to be like their father.

This I cannot fight.

I need a target.

I need a target.

I told him.

Before there is nothing left of me.

He knew how to do it.

He just confessed to knowing how to build the murder weapon.

I mean, come on.

How many people know how to build a homemade claymore mine?

In this room?


If you believe what he says, you have to believe there was a leak in your own organization, and your people refuse to see it.

That just means that the Russian wanted Vance dead then and probably still wants him dead.

We got to find him.

If that is the case, it was your director, not ours, who was the intended target.

Hadar is dead because of your incompetence.

Our incompetence?

Your protocols.

The PRF attack was public.

Sending both directors back to your safe house.

Maybe you are leaking still.

And maybe my father is lying.

That is what he does.

For those lacking actual business to perform, might I suggest a visit to the hospital?

I'm sure blood donors will be welcome.

Special Agent Sharp.

She was a recruiting specialist?

Agent training, as well.

And for a time, she was a fine field agent in her own right.

I'm sure she was fine. She still is.

But she chose Vance.

She prepared him for the mission.

She knew everything.

Am I nuts, or...

Yes, you are.

Although, having had the opportunity to get to know Director Vance, he does seem an odd choice for her.

She had a preference for policemen.

Leon was credited with the role he played in eliminating the hit team.

The Russian vanished from Holland.

I was not able to keep track of him.

It was at that time that I was being reinstated to Mossad.

And resuming your rise to the top.

You make it sound like fait accompli.

You have no idea what it was like in that dingy little room.

Neither one of us had any idea of what we were about to start.

I turned on the shower. Now what?

Keep watching.

They're here.

They're coming in the building.

Get down.

What's your daughter's name?

I have two.

Tali and Ziva.

You may want to cover your ears.

Leon, take it easy. What are you doing?

I got to go to the bathroom.

That's a good thing, man.

What do you think that tube is for?

I hate this.

Your wife go to get the kids?

Jackie caught me up on everything I missed.

You talked to Eli.

He told me about the Russian.

Eli doesn't think that this attack was the Russian out for revenge.

He thinks it was one of ours.

He always has.

I don't know what happened to the Russian after Amsterdam, Gibbs.

Shake the tree.

Someone at that conference must know.

How long has this been cooking, Leon?

SECNAV signed off almost two years ago.

Even the suggestion of a dirty house back in the day is unacceptable.

Easy, man.

I never felt so weak.

So vulnerable.

Rule number nine.

How the hell did you get that past security?

Never go anywhere without a knife.

I don't care...

I don't care if they were us before we were us.

I don't care if they built NCIS brick by brick.


Making travel plans for their fallen comrade.

She hit a brick wall. If we want to solve Hadar's murder, we got to play the game better than the guys who made the rules.

That's a good place to start.

You wrote it.

I'm saving my royalties to buy a pack of gum.

It's not a joke.

"Information Security", "Redaction", "Witness Protection".

Those are chapter headings.

So is "Interrogation".

Want to try a different angle here, maybe tell me what I'm being accused of?


What made you choose Leon Vance?

That's my crime?

For picking the man who would become the director?

He didn't exactly fit your "ideal agent parameters".

Back then we were thin in Europe.

Post the Gulf War, all resources were being diverted to the Middle East.

I scoured the academies looking for smart candidates, unafraid of risk.

'Cause it was dangerous.

Nobody's gonna miss a poor black guy when everything went wrong.

He had no family, but Vance was qualified.


What in his background made him qualified?

Let's just say that there were inconsistencies in his background that he obviously preferred we not explore.

You threatened him.


You did, you leveraged him right into the meat grinder.

You worked with McCallister.

You know he would have had his back had Eli not gotten in between them.

The Russian was a killer.

Not for sport, only for cash.

Some Communist?

You knew him?

Only what I read in McCallister's mission plan.

Wait a minute, who do you think would have paid this guy to kill Vance?

You remember the Russian's name?

It was...

Something with a Z and a V.

Like Zurov, Zubov...


Anatoly Zukov?

That's him.

That's him. You think he came back to clean up after himself?

He's long gone.

You sure?

I'm positive.

You're doing all right.

And you're disappointed.

While I was sleeping...

I had what they call a moment of clarity.

My life is a lie.

I know that.

I always thought I was chosen because I was special.

That's not it at all.

You chose me because you knew nobody would miss me when I got killed.

Not true.

Would've been a great tragedy.

American sailor murdered by a Russian operative.

Agency would've been up in arms.

The world was shifting away from you.

My death would have put the focus back on your area of expertise.

And then...

Instead of becoming SAC of the San Diego Field Office, I would have been on the fast track to the director's chair.

You were stuck in the past.

That's why forward thinkers got promoted ahead of you.

Like Morrow, like Shepard, like me.

No wonder you wanted me dead from day one.

Riley, what the hell is this?

You putting this in my permanent file?

What are you doing accessing your file?

I was updating our Y2K compliance protocols, as is my responsibility, and I found this online.

You and your computers are going to be the death of me.

This says I'm a pilot and I was the director of a field office.

Pretty ridiculous?

Are you backstopping me for another mission?

I told you that's not where my interests lie.

You'll take the assignments I give you, Leon.

You were never supposed to succeed.

You think your legacy can live by killing Eli and by killing me?

For once, can't you just die right?

What is the...

Code blue!

Code blue alert. Emergency personnel to room 202.

Damn it, Riley!

That's my Danish.

What is your problem, man?

It's my bad.

I'll get you back for that.

You will.

I'll remember.

Me, too.

Where were we?

Some assignment in Paris.

Decker's on point.

I want you in on it.

You ever worked with Jenny Shepard?

Want you to know that we're truly sorry about Hadar.

Thank you.

We know how it feels to lose a teammate.

When your whole country could be wiped away any day, you don't take tomorrow for granted.

That's terrifying.

It was meant to be comforting.

There have been times...

I felt this job take a piece of me.

I worry they may be gone forever.

Sometimes life... surprises you.

Those are the moments worth living for.

My Ziva.