08x13 - Freedom

You are one hot dog-walker.

Do that again, and I'll kill you.

You love it and you know it.

Seriously, it shows up on Facebook, we're done.

So serious.

See, even they're annoyed.

Yeah, your dog-walking job's cutting into my breakfast time.

Yeah, hold on one second. I just need to get Odie first.


Hold this.


Hey, boy. How'd you get out?

Kyle, look.

That's blood.

Maybe he's hurt.

You okay?

What happened?

Let's follow him.

Where is he going?

Come here, boy.

Odie, what is it?

Kyle, what's he doing?

I don't know.

Oh, my God. Mr. Wooten?

NCIS Season 8 Episode 13 Freedom

It's rude, Tony. I called you four times.

There's 3 things wrong with that statement.

One, we're not dating, and two, you know I don't take calls from anyone, especially you, after 7:00 p.m.

You forget I have a life.

What's your point?

My point, McGee-Party-of-One, is that you were leaving me messages, evidently, about some kind of case file.

One in which I needed you to sign.

Which you could have waited until this morning for.

Give it to me. See that?

Now all I have to do is sign it.

Look at that.

Signing John Hancock... just kidding...

Anthony DiNozzo.

I do not like seeing you two fight.

He's sensitive today.

"Mariposa Luxuries."

I didn't order anything.

Maybe somebody else did.

Timmy's got a secret admirer?

It's real funny, Tony.

You think I did this?

I would not put it past you.

Guys, come on, a little credit, please.

I have grown past this kind of sophomoric thing.

Who would do something so... genius?

McGee with a plastic girlfriend.

Congratulations, Tim. She's very sweet.

The receipt's got my credit card information on it.

There must be some mistake.

I would cancel your credit card.

Right now all I need to do is figure out how to deflate this thing.

That's easy. There's always a button right here on the back of the neck.

There's no reason I should know that.

This isn't what it looks like, Boss.

Then what is it, Tim?

A joke, I think, a really bad practical joke.

I'm not laughing.

Lose your gal pal.

Grab your gear.

Got a dead marine in Springfield.

This is really awkward.

We're looking at Marine Sergeant Travis Wooten, 35 years old, active reservist.


Married with a six-year-old son.

Wife's a marine... Gunnery Sergeant Georgia Wooten.

She's 32.

Boss, according to the dog-walker, our victim was home with his wife and child last night.

She spoke to the wife just before 11:00 pm to confirm picking up the dog.

Does she know where they are now?


Greetings, everyone.

Isn't this a terrible sight?

Victim's a marine sergeant, Duck.

Pity about the evergreen.

I doubt that it will survive such a drubbing.

I guess I'm not the only one who kills plants.

Back in college, my friends used to call me Black Thumb.

They still do, actually, but now it's 'cause I...

I work with dead people.

So not important.

There is definite evidence of... blunt force trauma.

Some kind of heavy object to the back and sides of the skull.

You got time of death?

Around 1:00 a.m.

He went with a struggle.

There are wounds on the back and front of his hands.

Here's something, Doctor.

Looks like part of a twig.


That could be any of several species in this garden.

I found three plates of food still on the table, and a bathtub full of water.

Wife and child left in a hurry.

Or they were forced to leave.

I also found blood.


In the master bedroom.

Put out a BOLO.

He might not be our only victim.

Boss, police are canvassing the National Capitol region, but... so far nothing.

The family contacted?

Nobody's seen them.

I also talked to Gunnery Sergeant Wooten's C.O.

He stated she did not request leave or liberty.


I guess true love's not dead after all.

Travis and Georgia Wooten, they were high school sweethearts.

They joined the Marines in 2000 and got married two years later.

Sergeant Wooten served in Afghanistan, stationed at Camp Leatherneck in Helmand Province.

Disciplinary action?

Nothing... his service was without incident.

In more ways than one.

The C.O.s called him "proficient yet unremarkable."

Maybe that's why he stayed a sergeant and she's a gunny.

Apparently, the gunny's a real shooting star.

Georgia Wooten...

She was promoted to gunnery sergeant after only eight years.

Qualified for the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Program.

Did several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Awarded both the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation and Achievement Medals for exemplary service.

That's enough to make any man feel like... less than a man.

Marriage problems?

Not that we know of.

But the sergeant may have had some problems of his own.

We're still running, credits cards, cell phones, e-mails, but we do know he recently lost his job at a Virginia auto parts plant, and been boozing it up at Feeney's Billiards ever since.

McGee's got the bank records.

Found multiple charges. One as recently as last night.

That's an hour before his death.

I'll look for the owner.

I love the smell of fresh felt in the morning.

Do not know what that means, and I do not think I want to.

It's a little Duvall-Apocalypse now reference, never mind, I'm talking about pool tables.

Traditionally, they're green.

For some reason, these are red.

I did not know you were a pool dolphin, Tony?

Pool shark.

And yes, I was.

In fact, I was the champion of my Baltimore precinct in the late '90s.

"Late '90s"?

That makes you... sound so...

What, old? Don't say old.

I didn't say it. You did.

I bet Renaissance Ray wouldn't even know his way around a pool table.

You know, you do not wear jealousy very well.

Makes your face look all pinchy.


I know a bickering couple when I hear one.

Len Feeney, owner and operator.

NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

This is Probationary Agent Ziva David.

And we are not... a couple.

Could've fooled me.

We need to ask you some questions.



It's regarding one of your, customers...

Sergeant Travis Wooten.

Sure, I know Travis. One of my regulars.

Is everything all right?

Not exactly. He's dead.

I just saw him last night.

Did anything happen out of the ordinary?

He came in at his usual time, sat in his usual spot...

Practically his second home?

It is for a lot of service people.

That's the way I want it. Place to feel comfortable.

I served in the first Iraq War.

I know the challenges our men and women face when they come home, and Travis was no different.

Challenges were getting to him?

He never let it show.

He was always laughing, cracking jokes had a lot of friends around here.

Did any of these friends have issues with Sergeant Wooten?

No, Travis' only issue was his lady.

His lady? You mean his wife?

As far as I know, he was divorced. He had a girlfriend, though.

She was a real piece of work.

Loved to make a scene. Always yelling at him.

And she was here last night.

Clung to him like a wet rag.

"Wet rag" have a name?

Jancey Gilroy.

Me and Travis were at the club together.

Until what time?

I don't know, about 12:30 or so.

Then I went home and went to bed.

You have anyone that can verify that?

I don't understand.

He kissed me good night, and told me he loved me.

Said he'd see me later.

He was fine. Everything was fine.

Not according to the club owner.

Said you were volatile together.

So what?

You think I had something to do with this?

I loved Travis. We were going to get married.

Except he already was.

No, you're-you're wrong.

He got a divorce.

I helped him through it.

This is Georgia Wooten, and their six-year-old son, Jacob.

They may be in danger now, too.

I don't know anything about them.

I don't know anything about any of this.

Looks painful.

You try cutting nails all day long and see what happens.

To think William Penn was a pacifist.

Was Travis Wooten, Doctor.

Not him, those.

Gladwynensis Berberis, otherwise known as William Penn barberry.

Penn, of course, was also a devout Quaker.

Penn as in Pennsylvania Penn?

Yes, Mr. Palmer.

Mr. Penn settled that great land... founded a government, and some of his statutes later became the basis of the American Constitution.

"I wrote the Constitution, and all I got was this lousy plant."

This lousy plant, as you call it, sometimes emits a natural oil that wipes away everything around it.

Lucky break for the killer.

Not so lucky for us.

Jethro, this, by the way, may take some time.

What I've found so far is troubling.

I counted 11 blows to the head, many more to the back and chest.

Vicious attack.

And determined.

I mean, with that many, the attack must have taken several minutes.

Enough for him to land a few punches himself, Duck?

And get a hand on the weapon. Mr. Palmer?

The wood taken from Sergeant Wooten's palm was snapped at a downward angle.

In a struggle, a splinter this size could have broken off as the weapon was yanked away.

Did you get prints?

Not yet.

There is another unique marking.

Maybe from a second weapon?

Possibly. It's a peculiar design.

Abby is working on it.

And then, there are these.

That from the fight?

No. The wounds are partially scabbed, and the color of the bruises tells me that they're days, if not weeks, old.

The nature of this attack suggests someone who's not afraid to get close to their victim, and will stop at nothing to finish him off.

Someone he knew.


State police found GunnerySergeant Wooten and her son near the Maryland border.

They're bringing them in now.

McGee, contact Family Services. Request a grief counselor.

Already made the call.

You might want to call them back. Now.

Sweetie, I need to talk to these people for a moment, I'm gonna leave you with these two guys, and I'll be right back, okay?


You must be Agent Gibbs?

Gunny Wooten.

We've got a counselor standing by if you need one.

I don't need a counselor. I need to see my husband.

I'm asking you to take me to him.

I want to see him for myself.

One heck of a grieving widow.

I'll call Ducky.

Remove the sheet.


Take him.


I can't pay for a funeral right now.

Is this going to take long? I need to get back to my son.

He's in good hands.

I'd rather stand. Thank you.

You had a lot of people worried.

I promised Jacob we'd go to Kingsland Fun Park for his birthday.

What time did you leave?

Just before 11:00.

Fun park open that late?

We wanted to be first in line.

Get a hotel room?

You tell anybody?

I told my husband.

Told my C.O.

Your C.O. says you didn't request leave or liberty.

He's wrong.

I thought you brought me to ask questions about my husband.

Yeah, I did.

Then fire away, Agent Gibbs.

Sergeant Wooten have any enemies?

Besides the ones we're fighting over in Afghanistan?

How about Jancey Gilroy?

His girlfriend?

Travis told me that was over.

Yeah, he didn't tell her that.

You having marriage problems?

Travis lost his job, so... money was tight. We were... working through it. We were...

I can't believe he's gone.

I can't believe I get to raise my son alone.

"Get to"?

You "get to"?

My mind's a little scrambled right now.

You look pretty steady to me.

I'm a United States Marine, Agent Gibbs. Steady is how I'm built.

Steady is what my son needs right now.

Steady... is all I've got.

You're a marine. You should understand that.

Come on, baby.

Get me all the e-mails and phone records on Georgia Wooten.

Now. Do it.

Just so you know, I'm about...

I plan on filing a complaint.

You want to join the party, McGee?

Since when did banks become so evil?

Since about the 12th century.

I'm out almost $10, 000. They say there's nothing they can do.

What happened?

Somebody has accessed my accounts, my credit cards; they have my social security number.

And they have been racking up payments on just about everything.

Ever Quest online games, Melissa's Erotic Entertainment.

Club Med! That's new.

My kind of identity thief.

Not a hacker, either.

How do you know?

My firewall hasn't been penetrated.

Lubricant helps, but everybody has dry spells.

Can't believe this is happening. What if I have to change my name?

Where do I start?

Oh, no.

Don't. Please, don't.

McClean, McFly, McQueen, McGeek, McBankrupt, McMiserable, McRib, McGreek...

Hi, Gibbs! I've a lot to tell you. Not a lot, but enough, for now. Meet Steve, and Bill, and Rupert.

At least, that's what I like to call them.

They're replicas of Sergeant Wooten, specifically, his head.

I thought it might be kind of creepy to name a fake head after a real dead guy, and I thought this would be more respectful.

Abbs, what's the point?

I re-created each blow using three different weapons, all made from a material similar in composition to the wood that was found in Sergeant Wooten's hand, and all heavy enough to inflict the same sort of damage.

My goal was to see which one best matched up with the head wounds.


And... it's none of them.


By measuring the depressions in the skull, I deduced that the one that came the closest was the broom handle. But here's the kicker: it's not close enough.

The markings aren't as deep.

Which makes me think that the weapon is smaller, so...

VoilĂ !

It's a perfect match.

I know. So here... is the weapon of choice.


Yeah, or something very close to it.

Also, it was covered in some sort of stain or varnish, or something; it's very rare.

I haven't been able to find a single U.S. manufacturer. I'm still looking.

What about the neck wound?


I'm not sure about that yet, either.

My best guess is some sort of metal chain.

I can't believe the amount of force used.

Our killer had a lot of rage, Abb.

Gibbs, we confirmed Gunnery Sergeant Wooten did lie about requesting leave.

C.O. filed the U.A. paperwork today.


Nothing unusual in her Navy correspondence.

Still tracking down all her personal e-mail accounts.

But... I do have this.

Gunnery Sergeant Wooten has led dozens of Marine Corps Martial Arts training programs in Quantico.

Somebody needs a safe word.

When was this shot?

Two months ago.

After she got back from her last tour in Afghanistan.

A lot of anger there.

She's a strong, powerful woman, in a world dominated by men.

That's not anger: that is determination.

McGee, zoom in.

Looks like she got banged up.

Poor little rookie never had a chance.

Find out why.

Gunnery Sergeant Wooten became overly aggressive with a candidate.

Her conduct was noted and addressed.

That's where the bruises came from?

They were consistent with the incident on that day and prior training sessions, yes.

She get overly aggressive a lot?

No. First time.

Having any problems with this particular candidate?

Not to my knowledge.

Think the issue went deeper than that.

How deep?

Gunnery Sergeant Wooten is an exceptional marine.

Served as my liaison with Afghan women and children.

Has great focus and skill.

But after her last tour of Afghanistan, that focus has been lacking.

Signs of post-traumatic stress?

Marines are debriefed upon returning from duty.

Physical and psychological evaluations are available to those who need counseling.

The gunnery sergeant need counseling?

Her debriefing showed no need.

You believed that?

I agreed with the evaluations.

Well, I'm not asking for your professional opinion, Major.

Georgia's an incredible woman... great marine and loving mother.

But lately, something's got her all torn up inside, and it has nothing to do with her work here.

These were taken of Gunnery Sergeant Wooten by an emergency room doctor to document what he called "suspected domestic abuse."

Any other E.R. visits?

Five in six years.

All different hospitals.

Were the police contacted?

She refused to press charges.

Was her C.O. notified?

Marine counselors questioned her, but she insisted that her injuries were the result of boxing training at an off-base gym.

She refused the military's help.

The only reason she'd lie about that is because Wooten was an abused woman.

And the guy who was abusing her turns out to be our murder victim?

These bruises and lacerations could be consistent with somebody hitting a target repeatedly.

Target was the wife, Duck.

I wouldn't blame her if she did this.

Nobody would, but that doesn't make it any less of a crime.

She never reported it.

Well, I'm not surprised.

The last thing a woman like Gunnery Sergeant Wooten wants is to be seen as a victim.

No, she's too proud.

Too weak is more like it.

She's a classic case of emotional transference... strong and powerful on the job because she is completely without power at home.

She was a prisoner.

And perhaps killing her husband is her one chance at freedom.

I got to get her to open up.

Yeah, I agree, but I'm not sure that you're the one for the job.

Agent David has been through things that you and I can't even imagine, and she knows what it's like to be controlled.

I'm not sure I want to open up those wounds, Duck.

Yes, but she may be the only one who can connect with her.

I told Agent Gibbs all I know.

You did not tell him everything.

I know what happened to you.

You have no right, none at all.

I did not come here to challenge you.

And you think this is helping me?

I'm not the enemy.

I only want to find out the truth.

Truth according to who... you?

Mom, I'm hungry.

Okay, baby, I'll be in in a second and we'll fix you something.

You need to leave now.


I know what it's like to be under its control, to feel like you have no power and the only way to get that power back is to shut down.

You tell yourself you must shut down.

You tell yourself to never show any emotion to anybody.

I know what that's like.

It's the only way you can survive.

I also know what it's like to... want to seek revenge.

I did not kill my husband, Agent David.

You stay away from me and you stay away from my son.

There is no getting through to her.

She's closed off.

Even with family and friends, apparently.

I spoke to several of them, and they had no idea the abuse was going on.

Blood from the bedroom matches Gunnery Sergeant Wooten's, boss.

He beat her one last time and then she snapped.

She claims she was at a hotel that night.

Credit card records show no hotel or motel charges, but it looks like she made more than a few calls.

To who?

One to her husband, one to voice mail, and one to... him.

Well, hello there, Mr. Smooth.

Got calls here dating back several weeks, boss.

Len Feeney told us he didn't even know Georgia Wooten.

Imagine that.

He lied.

I didn't tell you 'cause it's none of your business.

Not our business to know you were friends with the dead man's wife?

Georgia called me a few months ago, looking for Travis.

I'd met her once or twice.

She'd pick him up when he was too drunk to drive.

This time her voice was shaking. Something was wrong.

I told her to stay where she was, be with her boy. I'd calm Travis down before he went home.

So you knew about the abuse?

We'd talk, I'd check in with her.

I would have reported it myself, but she told me not to.

Said it would just make things worse.

But maybe she had other plans.

She ever talk about wanting her husband dead?

Said she would never kill the father of her child, and honestly I didn't understand it. Somebody as strong as her?

Well, I believe Gunnery Sergeant Wooten was too afraid to confront him.

His girlfriend sure wasn't.

Jancey Gilroy?

Travis Wooten attacked her, too?

More like she attacked him.

Happened that night.

Got so bad I almost had to call the cops.

Thanks, Jen.

All right, boss, we got a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Girl's in and out of rehab.

Got a criminal record?

And does she.

DUI, possession, assault.

She got kicked out of high school for putting a girl in the hospital.

A real Girl Gone Wild kind of girl.

We'll check it out.

Gibbs, Ducky found a small chip of fingernail polish embedded deep in Travis Wooten's arm.

Traced it to Ms. Gilroy's beauty salon.

Got a location?

Boss, she hasn't shown up for work in two days, and her bank confirmed she cashed out all her accounts this morning.

You got someone looking for the car?

State police.

Find her.

Let me see your hands.

Going somewhere, Ms. Gilroy?

I didn't kill Travis. I loved him.

Love do that?

We were passionate.

Sometimes we got physical. So what?

A lot of couples do. It's no big deal.

It is if one of them ends up dead.

So what happened?

Find out he was married?

You snap?

If the sergeant was married, what do you think that makes you?

We had something special.

He tell you that?

I just knew.

Or maybe it is what you wanted to believe.

I thought Travis was different than the other guys.

I thought he really wanted to be with me.

He used you.

He threw me away like a piece of trash.

I got things to offer. I'm not trash, you know.

Made you angry.

I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me, make him suffer.

So you finished the job?

I'm pregnant.

As mad as I was, I would never kill him.

Sergeant Wooten know that?

I told him that night.

And that is why you fought?

He lost it.

Started telling me he already had a wife and a kid and calling me all kinds of names.

I ran out of the club, I got a cab, and I never looked back.

A D.C. cab service confirms Gilroy took one of their cabs that night.

I don't know whether it was before or after the murder.

Still in communications with them.

I need times.

I've got a time for you.

Not a time but something that keeps time... although I've never really understood that expression because it's not like you can get it back... Time.

You know that little weird mark that was on the back of Sergeant Wooten's neck?

Not from a chain at all.

A watch band?

A vintage Belle and Sloane 1959 special edition 14-karat gold- plated watch band, to be exact.

There was only 700 sold in the United States, and our killer is wearing one.

Then Jancey Gilroy is not our killer.

Cab service just sent over footage from inside the taxi.

Look at this. Meter begins at 12:37 a.m.

At Feeney's Billiard Club...

Note no watch... and the ride ends at 12:55 at 6301 Kentwood Circle.

That's Gilroy's address... 20 miles from Travis Wooten's home.

What now, boss?

I'm in autopsy.

Put up Georgia Wooten's training video.

Right, on it.


Stop it.

There, zoom in.

It looks like Gunnery Sergeant Wooten fought back after all.

And this time she killed.

Nice and tight. Tuck the chin, drive it through.

Gunny, tell your people to stand by.

Sergeant, you've got it?

You need to come with us.

I don't understand.

Do not make this more difficult for yourself.

No handcuffs, please, not in front of them.

You're in pain.

You don't know anything about me.

I know more than you think.

July 27, 2005.

Admitted to Bethlehem Emergency for a fractured jaw.

September 4, 2008.

Different hospital. Lacerations to the legs and arms.

March 17, 2010.

Bruised rib, broken clavicle.


I am not a victim.

No, you're not. You're a survivor.

I could take the beatings.

They'd happened for so long, I didn't even feel the pain anymore.

Even when he... when he made sure to hit me in places that... no one would see.

But Travis knew I was getting numb...

He started looking for new ways to hurt me.

You know, to control me.

He was looking for my breaking point.

That night, he found it.

He found... the one thing that could make me... break.

Your child.

He threatened to take Jacob.

He'd tell the courts that I was unfit, that I been written up for fighting on the job, that I was away on duty more than I was home.

He said, by the time he was done, I would never see Jacob again.

You can hurt me all you want, but you don't touch my child.

I'd die for him.

Would you kill?

I grabbed Jacob, and I ran.

I'd run before. I just always came back, but this time...

I knew we had to disappear.

I knew how to run from my husband.

I didn't know how to kill him.

It wasn't me, Agent Gibbs.

Tony, this is huge.

You realize the FBI says that I might be involved in this Russian identity theft ring?

Calm down, McSpiracy.

Before you go all global, let's take a look at this list of charges.

I don't have time for this.

Back in my Baltimore Homicide days, I'd do 20 of these a week.

You never did cyber crime.

But I did take a Saturday seminar once, and I excelled.

Hit me.

Meltdown Comics, Lola's Pleasure Chest, GameStop and Relax the Back.

I've got it.

Your identity thief is a 14-year-old pimpled-faced comic book fanatic with severe osteoporosis.

Thank you so much.

I'm here for you.

Talk to me, Abbs.

I'm not the one who's talking, Gibbs. That is.

And it happens to have a really thick Irish brogue.

Sorry. You lost me.

You remember the varnish chips that I could not trace?

There was a reason for that.

And it comes all the way from the rolling hills of... wait for it, wait for it...

County Donegal, Ireland.

The company's called McClendon's Fine Finishes.

They specialize in high-end varnishes that are used for one thing and one thing only.

You want to guess?

I'll show you.

Break a pool cue in half, you've got one killer weapon.

So to speak.

You need to start calling first, Agent DiNozzo.

I'm in a meeting.

It can wait.

Excuse us?

At least let me offer you a drink first.

Just got a nice imported single malt in.

That's not the only thing you've got imported.

It's a 1999 Scarpello limited edition.

African blackwood.

Made a chess set out of this once.

It's incredibly dense.

Top of the line.

Like things how I like 'em.

People ever mess with the things you like, Mr. Feeney?

They're wise not to.

So Sergeant Wooten... guess he wasn't too wise, huh?

That's insane.

You think I'd risk all of this for Wooten?

No, not for him, but I think you would for his wife.

Hearing your voice that night, how scared you were...

I had to confront Travis.

I had to stop him.

He came at me, and once I hit him, I couldn't stop.

I kept pounding and pounding on him over and over again until I couldn't anymore.

I'd do anything for you.

Take me home.

You wouldn't have done the same thing?

So you haven't seen The Hunt for Red October?

It's when Alec Baldwin was skinny.

This your new best friend?

He's not here to see me.

Meet Tim McGee.

'Sup, dude?

I don't get it.

Tim, there are two kinds of identity thieves.

There's the kind you never know, and there's the kind that knows you so well, that they're aware you're not home from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

You're Mrs. Miller's kid?

Who is Mrs. Miller?

It's McGee's landlady, the holder of the keys.

She also has a bad back.

It was you?!

You stole my identity? You sent me an inflatable girlfriend?

You know, I'm out almost ten grand.

Dude, it's fraud, and you're only liable for, like, 50 bucks.

Yeah, dude.

Why? Why did you do this to me?

You're always doing the same thing.

Go to work, come home, go to work again.

You even order the same take-out food every single night.

Not every night.

Dude, yes.

You got to start living. You're too young to act so old.

You're welcome.

Can we go to GameStop now?

Yeah, man.

My little dude. You want to come?

Tony, I got all this paperwork.

I got to...

You know what? Let's go. I'd love to.


Smokin' hot chick.

Can she come, too?

Cool it, Nick.

You know you're still gonna owe me that 50 bucks.

Talk to my mom, bro.