08x15 - Defiance

The State Department's breathing down my neck.

I'm due in MTAC in 15 minutes to brief the White House.

Shut up!

Agent David! Put that equipment back in the truck.

This is an FBI crime scene now.

If this isn't rectified in 48 hours, I want DiNozzo and McGee's badges on my desk.

NCIS Season 8 Episode 15 Defiance

We're outside the United States Embassy in Vlastimil, Belgravia, where a crowd has gathered, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Belgravian Defense Minister Andor Gorgova, for his first face-to-face meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State.

Delegates from both countries have been in closed-door sessions, laying the groundwork for a treaty establishing a U.S.-forward base in Belgravia.

Gorgova all but defines the new Europe.

Aligning his country with the United States...

Not our war! Not our war!

... have been constant protests, causing some...

U.S. Marines and Secret Service agents from both countries stand guard.

The official signing of the treaty will be tomorrow, at the Royal Palace, with the Belgravian Prime Minister in attendance.

This is Warren Gates reporting from Vlastimil.


Stop! Stoi!

Okay, boss. Here we go.

My eyes are so close together, but I got big ears.

Having fun there, are you, DiNozzo?

It's just this new app, it's great.

It's pretty funny, sometimes.

Wanna see what I did to McGee? He almost looks normal.

Thanks, boss.

So why didn't you answer my text?


Sorry, it was on "vibrate".

It is Tuesday, the blood drive?

8:00 to 10:00.

We all gave.

Where were you?

That's today, from 8:00 to 10:00.

And it's just after 10:00, so I guess...

There's always next year, though.

They're gonna be there every morning.

Of course, I could always try and do it tomorrow.

You're pushing to make Agent of the Year.

It's not going to look good if you don't give.

Yeah, it's Gibbs.

Yeah. I'll be right up.

This... is my Rembrandt.

We were aware of opposition to the treaty, but an assassination attempt wasn't on the radar.

So what happens next?

Thankfully, Defense Minister Gorgova won't be intimidated by terrorists.

The Secretary of State suggested, for security reasons, that the signing of the treaty be brought here.

We need protective service assistance.

CID is up in the rotation, so we're taking the lead, Leon.

But we need some help from NCIS.

That's no problem.

But I'd like to discuss Sergeant Jennings' death.

That investigation is being handled by the Belgravian authorities and the State Department's regional security office.

Now, the cause of the Marine guard's death is known.

They're focused on a local dissident group.

Not much more needs to be done.


What's the disposition of Sergeant Jennings' body?

It's being sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, in Dover.

So you're not asking us to investigate his death.

You just want us to protect Gorgova?


We've got him covered, and the other members of the official delegation.

We're giving you guys a break on this one.

Just as a precaution, until the treaty signing, we need NCIS to protect Gorgova's daughter, Adriana.

She's a graduate student at John Hamilton University.

Anything we can do to assist.

Appreciate your help, Leon.

Adriana Gorgova has been studying in the United States for the last six years.

She received a bachelor's degree from Princeton University, and she's currently a graduate student in Diplomatic Studies at John Hamilton.

Pale, dull... a brainiac.

She's a female you, Timmy.

Her father is a self-made millionaire.

He modernized factories and resurrected the moribund Belgravian transportation equipment industries.

Then turned to politics. Became the country's Defense Minister.

Rich daddy. Sounding better all the time, Timmy.

What'd the embassy say?

They tried to set up an introductory meeting for us with Adriana, but she was unavailable because of her class schedule.

However... they gave me an address... just off campus.

Go, Ziva, find her. Take McGee with you.

We'll double-team her, 24/7, portal-to-portal.

You got a problem, McGee?

Army CID gets to protect the Defense Minister and the other official delegates, NCIS gets his daughter?

What do you want me to say?

Growing up in Israel, my idea of American college life was Animal Farm.

The George Orwell book?


The John Belushi movie.

That's Animal House.


Did you go to toga parties?

No, I didn't belong to a fraternity.

That's it.

I definitely did not live in a place like that, either.

Is that her?

I don't know. You think?

Six years in America changes people.

I guess. Excuse me, Miss Gorgova?!


Hi. NCIS Special Agents McGee and David.

I thought I made it clear to whomever called from the embassy...

I don't need protection.

I'm fine.

There was an attempt on your father's life.

I do not think it is your choice.

Sorry. I got hung up at work.

Give me a minute, Judd.


I've lived here independently and have enjoyed my privacy.

My father's identity is known to very few, and I intend to keep it that way.

Adriana, we're... we're late for the study group.

Everything okay?

Take your protection detail... and shove it.

Let's go, Judd.

You will do as you're told, you understand me?

I am 24 years old and have been on my own for six years.

I don't need to be chaperoned by anyone.

You have not been on your own. I have supported you.

You are in this country on student visa.

It can be revoked immediately.

I am concerned for your safety.

I apologize for my daughter's behavior.

You will see she's very intelligent young lady.

And reasonable!

When she wants to be.

We will watch after her, sir.

Thank you.

I'll show you out.

You can tag along, if you want.

But understand I am not changing my routine for you.

I've got classes, I am behind on my dissertation, and I'm training for the National Marathon next month.

We won't get in your way.

I have an appointment for a facial... and Brazilian at 4:00.

You coming?

You're the State Department Regional Security Officer in Belgravia, you must know something.

You have to understand.

It's pro forma to allow the local authorities the courtesy of conducting the investigation.

You have to understand NCIS investigates the death of every United States Marine.

Yes, but...

We've heard that the Belgravians suspect a local dissident group was responsible.

Correct. That is the current thinking.

Based on what evidence?

Based on the group claiming responsibility.

What, a phone call to the media?

The bomber has been identified as a local.

We're trying to tie him to the group.

Has anyone been arrested?

It's midnight here.

I still have a lot to do.

When the treaty's signed tomorrow it's going to hit the fan here.

If I hear anything else, I'll let you know.

Let's secure Jennings' body from AFIP in Dover, do our own autopsy.

I told you that I would take care of that.

Your primary assignment right now is the protection detail.


My computer just crashed!

I've lost everything! Damn it!

You know, it's really not possible to lose everything.

Mind if I take a look?

This paper's too important.

I need somebody that actually knows what they're doing.

McGee's pretty good with computers.

Among his degrees, he has a masters in computer forensics from MIT.

That's someone in the lobby.

Must be our replacements.

Come on up.

He sounds pleasant.

That's our boss.

A man of few words.

To quote the agent that will walk in here with him, "A functional mute".

I suggest you don't mess with him too much.

All right. There we go.

There is your file.

Auto-save was turned off, so I took the liberty of enabling it every 60 seconds. Shouldn't have that problem again.

Thank you.

What are your other degrees in?

Close your mouth, Tony. Her radar's locked on McGee.

There's only the one entrance and no windows that allow access.

Heard you're the silent type.

See ya, boss.

Thank you for helping me, Timmy.

You'll be back in the morning?


And who are you?

Feels good to give blood.

Yeah, for 3, 000 years, bloodletting or phlebotomy was considered therapeutic.

The practice continued till almost the end of the 19th century.

It all started, of course, with the ancient Egyptians.

Did you leave one of our guests out last night, Mr. Palmer?

No, Doc.

It's me.

Protection detail, didn't get much sleep.

And what brings you down here, other than a uncomfortable stainless steel bed?

Sergeant Jennings.

Oh, yes.

Pursuant to Director Vance's instructions, I spoke with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology last night.

They were going to e-mail me the details of his arrival.

I'll check on that, Dr. Mallard.

My main concern is they embalmed the body in Germany, and that could impede my autopsy.

My concern is you finding enough trace evidence to I.D. the signature of the bomb maker.

Sergeant's remains are scheduled to arrive at Dover at 0900 and...

I had better leave. Traffic is a mess.

Keep me posted, Duck. Hold that thing, Palmer.

How long do you think this is gonna take?

15, 20 minutes.

Professor Fleming is one of the few people on campus who know who my father is.

Do you have to come in with me? I'm sure he can be trusted.

We just need to check the room.

Come in.

Professor Fleming, mind if my keepers take a look around?

Nothing to hide here. Come on in.

Thanks. Just take a second.


You texting him?

Ray? Yes.

He wanted to know what I was doing.

And you can't tell him anything about it.

How long you think we're going to be together?

You and Ray?

No, us...

Gibbs' team.

You've been here seven years, Tony's been here longer.

I do think about that myself sometimes.

Tony turned down a post in Spain four years ago.

Career-wise, he can't do that again.

Do you think you'd want to lead your own team?

Someday, sure.

Adriana still in there?

You guys are...


You're in Adriana's study group, right?

I heard you say you also work?

Sort of.

I do odd jobs for a small machine shop in exchange for a place to live.

I will do the revisions and get them back to you by Friday.

So long as I have them by the weekend.

Next patient. You ready, Judd?

Movie tonight?


Not funny.

Are you here to scold me?

Yes. And not about that.

Tony, you skipped the blood drive again.

You're the only one on Team Gibbs that hasn't donated.

I was up all night guarding the Belgravian brat, you know.

I only got a couple hours of sleep. Now I gotta go and relieve Ziva.

I'm a busy guy, Abs. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise.

Tomorrow morning.


I don't understand.

You donated your sperm when you were in college.

Yes, it's a much more pleasurable delivery system.

Tony, what is wrong?


Ever since I was in the hospital...

I've been terrified by needles.

I gotta go.

So are you going to spend any time with your father before he leaves?

I doubt it.

I don't think there's any time for me on his schedule.

Gather you two are not very close.

We were, when I was younger.

But things changed.

When he got into politics.

I, too, have... a father whose first love is his country.

Are his politics as misguided as my father's?

Don't get me started on fathers.

Are you going to change?

Agents DiNozzo and McGee are going to run with you.

What's with McGee?

What do you mean?

Is there a Mrs. McGee?

What a concept.

No, he's not married.


Not that I know of.

Okay, what am I missing here?

We talking about the same guy, Timothy McGee?

The Ichabod Crane who speaks in algorithms and looks like he has some kind of permanently frumpy expression on his face?

Do not listen to him, Adriana.

McGee is a very sweet man. He is intelligent and he is loyal to a fault.

We are talking about a different guy.

I cannot believe how many pieces of shrapnel his body absorbed.

Not exactly shrapnel.

They're called flechettes.

The report shows that Sergeant Jennings was less than three meters away when the bomb detonated.

His action saved the life of the defense minister and countless others.

I will never understand fanatics willing to give up their lives just to make a political statement.

It's nothing new.

Suicide bombing as a political tool... well, it can be traced back to the assassination of Czar Alexander II of Russia, in 1881.

Alexander fell victim to a nihilist plot, while driving on one of the central streets of St. Petersburg, near the Winter Palace.

Abby's already called me twice. She's anxious to get these samples.

You are dismissed.

Thank you so much.

History lesson to continue on his return.

You should think of running in the marathon next month, Tim.

I train with a group on the weekends. Why don't you join us?

I'll think about it.


You know, I ran the Boston Marathon back in '95.

You didn't do so bad, for a guy your age.

Anyone else hungry?


There's a great bistro by my house.

They make the best mixta salad.

Okay, okay, by me.

Let's earn it.

Up the stairs.

Tony, why don't you pick up the salads. The walk will cool you down.

Wouldn't want you to cramp up.

I'm going to take a shower.

Behave yourself. You're on duty.

Tim! I need your help.

You decent?

You'll find out when you get here.

This is not a good idea.

I flipped a switch and the bulb popped.

I can't shower in the dark.

Do you have a stepladder?

In the closet.


We can't do this.

I'm going to go get the ladder.

I'm sorry I fought having you around.

What, me, or an NCIS protection detail?

I've got some spare bulbs in the kitchen.

Tony must've forgotten something.

I'll get it!


Don't do it.

Stay back. She's ours.


Adriana's been kidnapped.

Two armed men with masks.


Do you see them?

They're heading north!

Come on.

Out of the way!

This is an FBI crime scene now.

If this isn't rectified in 48 hours, I want DiNozzo and McGee's badges on my desk.

Does Gorgova know?

His embassy's been notified by the kidnappers already.

They threatened to kill his daughter if he signs that treaty.

Ceremony's been put on hold.

This couldn't have come at a worse time.

This is all my fault.

I take responsibility for what happened here.

You'll have my resignation by the end of the day.

Did you break protocol, McGee?

No, but...

I'm responsible.

You are part of a team, you're part of my team, and I'm sure as hell not turning in my badge!

FBI's here.

All right. There's work to be done. Both of you witnessed the kidnapping.

You cooperate.

And when they are done with you, get your butts back to the Navy Yard.

Guess Agent of the Year's out of the question.

Abs, what are you doing?

It's an ancient Chinese chant to remove bad luck.

What are you burning?

Tan Xiang. It's a Tan incense.

That DiNozzo's stapler?


And that's McGee's book.

Do you really think Director Vance would make them resign?

Yeah, he would.

Abs, if you really want to help them... stop chanting and focus on the work.

Why am I here?

I analyzed the bomb fragments that Ducky pulled from Sergeant Jennings' body.

The internal payload was a shell, filled with thousands of these teeny-weeny little needle-like thingies.

Yeah. Flechettes. Ducky told me.

They're made out of a unique titanium alloy.

It has a very high melting point...

1, 900 degrees Kelvin, or 3, 000 degrees Fahrenheit.

That it?

I wouldn't call you down here just for that.

Remember how the Unabomber's signature was wood?

Well, this alloy plus that marking on the flechette, is the signature of another U.S. bomb maker.

He's been linked to protest bombings on the campus of Texas Western University, and U.S. bases at Subic Bay and the Vieques Islands.

Does the bomb maker have a name?

Joe Don Wynn.

Wait! I know where he is.

ATF busted him two weeks ago.

Bad day just got worse. Where's my stapler?

I didn't take it.

This time.

Don't look at me!

How'd it go at the Bureau?

They kept us there last night and most of this morning, which means that we've gone two nights without having any sleep.

They found the kidnappers' car less than a mile from Adriana's apartment.

It was reported stolen two days ago.

Car was clean, no prints.

Their, forensics came up empty.

Do you know why Abby sent this to me?

He made the bomb that killed Sergeant Jennings.

Joe Don Wynn.

An American.

How did an American bomb end up in Belgravia?

We have Homeland Security here.

They have nothing like that in Belgravia.

Wynn's being brought here from Central Detention.

You think the same people who tried to assassinate Gorgova kidnapped his daughter?

Boss, is there something we should be doing?

By now, the FBI's finished processing Adriana's apartment.

Wonder if they missed anything.


What does he mean?

Is he suggesting what I think he was?

That would be a very bold move.

I like it.

It was like a geyser, just shooting straight up in the air.

That was a...

Good job, guys.

Look, even if we can pick the lock, we can't go in there.

Chill, McFraidy. I mean, what's the worst they can do to us?

They're already going to take our badges.

They can arrest us for tampering with a crime scene.

I'm sure there's an FBI seal on the door. We cannot break it.

No problemo.

Metro PD, ATF...

FBI. Knew this would come in handy.

Where did you get that?

Remember that joint crime scene we worked with Fornell... boarding house, downtown.

One of his guys left this laying around.

Very sloppy.

It'll be like we were never here.

We are so screwed.

So why would I tell you anything?

Well, because I can help you.


I've seen the prosecution's file.

Let me give you a little preview how your trial's going to go.

Texas Western, Subic Bay bombings...

They got a strong case against you.

Vieques Islands... that one's a slam dunk.

You're, being represented by a 26-year-old public defender?


Trial's a waste of the taxpayer's money.

You're toast.

So what can you do for me?

A case like yours is all about sentencing.

You help me...

I could talk to the judge.

What do you want?

Last week, there was an assassination attempt in Belgravia and we can link you to the bomb.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You want to play games, I'm out of here.


All right.

Who'd you make the bomb for?

You can talk to the judge.

You tell him I helped you, I can get a deal?

I seen it before.

All right.

This guy approached me a few months ago.

This guy Belgravian?

No. He was American.

He paid me in cash.

What's his name?

I don't know who this guy thought he was dealing with.

He gave me a fake one but I checked him out.

He's a teacher at John Hamilton.

He's a professor.

His real name is Carl Fleming.

You going to talk to the judge, right?


What? You said you would.

I said I could.

But I won't.

You built a bomb that killed a U.S. Marine.

We don't even know what we're looking for.

We're truffle-huntin'. We're just sniffing around.

That's gonna leave a scar.

It'll give you some character.

I got something.

Something was jammed in there.

Tripped the bathroom's ground-fault circuit breaker.

I got changed in here before we went running.

Lights were working then.

Who popped the breaker?

The only other person that went in the bathroom was Adriana.

Maybe she got you in here as a diversion, she could open the door.

What are you saying, she was in on her own kidnapping?

How would she know exactly when the kidnappers would come?

She signaled them.

How, Tony? She never left the bathroom.

Godfather I: Michael Corleone offs Captain McCluskey.

She hid a gun in the toilet?

No, a cell phone.

Carl Fleming has Belgravian ancestry and a history of arrests for political and anti-military protests.

He's a cliché, the radical academic.

Customs records show he just returned from a European trip, including a stopover in Belgravia.

And Fleming's tied to both cases.

So he attempted to assassinate Gorgova to stop the signing of the treaty.

Maybe when he failed, he kidnapped the daughter.

With her cooperation.

Adriana told us she hates her father's politics.

Kidnapping's a hoax.

Boss, I've tracked Fleming's cell phone to the 300 block of 14th Street.

Could be where he's hiding with Adriana.

It says the signal was coming from within 25 feet of here.

Ziva, check it out.

"John Hamilton faculty parking."

Could be inside one of these buildings.


No cell phone. Look at this.

DiNozzo, pop the trunk.

Didn't expect that.

If Fleming was behind the assassination attempt and the kidnapping, why's he dead?

Where's Adriana?

It was really just a, just a lucky thing.

The FBI agents appear to be upset.

From what I understand, it's a complicated situation.

Are McGee and Tony still on double-secret probation?

We're pathologists, Mr. Palmer.

We deal in bodies, not gossip.

We searched the area.

Went door-to-door with Metro PD.

No trace of her.

They're gonna keep looking.

Yeah, Gibbs.

I think we made the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.

We were doing our job.

We were investigating his death, and that led us to finding Fleming's body.

I don't think they see it that way.

The embassy just received a ransom demand for $10 million.

This isn't about politics anymore.

Someone else is calling the shots.

The dead man's name is Carl Fleming.

He's an American.

He teaches diplomatic studies at John Hamilton.

Minister Gorgova, he's your daughter's faculty advisor.

We suspect that Adriana was involved in her own kidnapping.


When it was political, about the treaty, I could agree with you, but Adriana had a substantial trust fund.

She had no need for money.

It's my wife. Excuse me.

The abduction started out about the treaty.

We think that there was a falling out. Now it is about money.

This has gotten very messy.

Director Vance, for your sake, I hope you're not just covering for your agents' screw-up.

That is not the case.

Keep your people out of this.

Let the FBI find the girl.

Gentlemen, will you excuse us, please?

Nothing ever changes, does it, Gibbs?

Rules just don't apply to you, do they?

We were doing our job.

When were you gonna tell me about the daughter?

Why'd you assume we screwed up?

The girl was in on her own kidnapping, Leon.

It couldn't have been prevented by anyone.

That's your theory. Do you have any proof?!

Come on, come on, come on!

I'm going as fast as I can here.

I already called Gibbs!

You shouldn't have.

I'll stall him.

You got down here really, really fast.

You said you had something.

Yep, right.

Rice. Long-grain rice.

You should know this.

If you ever get your cell phone wet, disconnect the battery and then put the phone into a bowl of uncooked rice.

It acts as a drying agent, it extracts the moisture from the electronics.

That what you did to the phone found in Adriana's apartment?

And we were able to reconstruct its history.

She sent a text message at 2:48.

That's, like, less than a minute before she was kidnapped, and it was only one word: "Now".

Abs, do we know who she texted?

McGee, do we know who she texted?

We do.

The cell phone's registered to Judd Stern.

Ziva and I met him, boss. He's part of Adriana's study group.

Lives in an industrial area off campus.

I'm actually a good cook.

I remove your gag... you don't yell?

Federal Agents!

Federal agents! Freeze!

He's on the move!

Get down.

On your knees.

You okay?

We know you were involved.

I never meant for this to happen.

I just wanted to stop my father from signing the treaty.

But Judd got greedy.

He told me Professor Fleming was gonna try to assassinate my father.

Where is the professor?

He's dead.

Defense treaty was just signed.

Gorgova and his party are departing Andrews at 1345.

Adriana with him?

She cooperates in her own kidnapping and then gets off Scotch free?


Diplomatic immunity.

What'd I miss?

You think she was really into me or was it just part of an act?

Ziva, get the phone.

Special Agent DiNozzo's desk.

Okay. I'll tell him, Abby.

Get off my phone. Tell me what?

Abby is on her way up with the Red Cross nurse.

Boss, I forgot...

I got this dentist appointment.

Also I have to validate my new parking I.D.

I want you to meet Samantha.

Samantha's specialty is working with people like you that suffer from trypanophobia.

The fear of needles.

If you want to give blood, I'd like to try to help you.

Yeah, okay.

Try away.

It's not so much a fear, actually.

I had an incident a few years ago.

Where I had bubonic, or pneumonic plague.