08x22 - Baltimore

Tell me you've seen it.

And good morning to you, too, Tony.

It's the worst morning in the history of mornings.

My phone! Tell me you've seen it.

Lost your cell, huh?

You are a very capable investigator.

Why don't you just investigate.

Tony is just...

I don't want to know.

Did you write this?

I did. Why, is something wrong?

"Retinal scanner uses wavefront-sensing reflection points...

"correlates the data using a point spread function...

"rasterizes the pupil conjugate-geometry."

Was I too technical?

It's pretty straightforward.

The eyeball from the Port-to-Port Killer unlocked MTAC's retinal scanner.

Yes, I know that, McGee.

Agent Barrett and her team did find the eye's retinal pattern in MTAC's Access Directory, but the name attached is marked "classified."

By who?

Don't know.

And they searched every entry log in the entire system.

It's an extra eyeball.

But it's been put on the back burner for now.

Agent Barrett and her team left for Hawaii last night, following a new lead.

I can keep checking other avenues if you want.

I want!

What the hell are you doing?

I lost my phone. You haven't seen it?

Use mine.

That's heavy.

I need something with a computer on it so I can program ringtones.

Otherwise I don't... 'Cause I have a... It's ringing.

Answer it.

Special Agent Gibbs' desk. This is Very Special Agent Anthony DiNo...

Where? Okay.

Dead guy. Navy Lodge.

Let's go.

Here you go.

That's very nice of you, but I'm good.

Looks like the Port-to-Port Killer is back on the front burner.

Agent McGee, if you would be so kind.

Should I call Agent Barrett?

But this is her... loss for not being in town.

We don't even know what we're looking at yet.

I know what we're not looking at.

At his age, there's no way this guy's a three-star admiral.

The Port-to-Port Killer is fond of dressing his victims in higher-ranking uniforms.

There's the usual lack of defensive wounds.

Not a drop of blood.

And the expected enigmatic clue.

In this case...

A fortune cookie.

Can't wait to crack that open.

You got a time of death, Duck?

The body's already reached ambient temperature.

But from his skin color, well it... tells me that not more than 12 hours.

That's right around the time Agent Barrett left for Hawaii.

It's almost like the killer was waiting for her to leave town.

And for the grand finale...

A six-centimeter cut, ear to ear, severing the carotid artery.

Our killer is nothing if not consistent.

Is there anything wrong, Tony?


I know him.

Who is he?

He's my old partner.

I imagine you and Anthony were quite close.

And as partners, your very lives depended on your trust in one another.

Yeah, I'd hate to be in your killer's shoes when Anthony's catch up with him.

What do you got, Duck.

The same type of blade as the prior murders was used on his neck.

Again, the body has been scrubbed vigorously, and the characteristic manicure.

Any differences?

Yeah, this body was sedated prior to his death.

But the most notable difference is the choice of victims.

Anthony knows this one.

As to the significance of that, perhaps if I knew more about him...

We worked homicide in Baltimore together.

So you said.

Did he have any Naval experience?

He was a reservist before he joined the force.

I suppose it is possible that Anthony's relation to him is merely coincidental.

You want to bet, Duck?

Nothing I'd care to lose.

Anything else?

Yeah, all of the prior victims were in perfect health.

But this one suffered from a severe alcohol-induced cirrhosis.

He must've had... quite a drinking problem.

Not when I knew him, but... a few years after I left for NCIS, I know that... he was asked to retire.

I see.

Came from money, not that he ever saw much of it. His dad... wasn't around much and his mom died when he was a kid.

So you and he had quite a lot in common.

I'm surprised I never heard you mention him.

You know how it is.

You lose touch, time goes by.

Too much time, in this case.

And when it's gone, you can never get it back.

What do you think, huh?

That looks painful.

It's very Robert Mitchum, 1955.

Night of the Hunter.

Does it really go with the suit, though?

It's Nino Cerruti.

Forgive me if I don't take fashion advice from a man who still wears tube socks.

What's the matter with? They're comfortable, and they give me traction.

For what?

Get off of me!

All right, get up!

Come on, let's go.

Let go.

Move it!

You didn't need tube socks for that.

A little help.

Everybody, I just want you to know I'm a little disappointed.

PCP addicts are Friday night.

It's Saturday night, which is hooker night.

Where are the hookers?

Hey, Tony.

I mean, the call girls. Hi, Sapphire.

When's the big day?

Thanks for those Christmas decorations.

Now if you kiddies have had your fun, we got some business.

First up, we finished the tally and we got this year's winner of the Station House Pool Championship.

Let me guess.

That would be me?

As a matter of fact it is, Anthony.

Thank you. Thank you, Major.

It is my second year in a row, and-and it's a great honor.

You're my Lombardi.

I thank you.


A stapler.

What is that?

Mighty Mouse.

Found it at a garage sale.

All I can afford on my salary.

Very sweet of you.

Don't mention it.

Second order of business: who's got the Franklin homicide?

Yeah, that's us.

Good. Knock yourselves out.

What do we got?

A hit on the prints we found at the murder scene.

Joseph Manheim aka Joey Peanuts.

Nice name.

You ever heard of him?


I guess we should go check him out.

The Port-to-Port Killer didn't leave us much to go on, Gibbs.

He used the same antiseptic to clean the body, which we could never trace.

He used the same industrial plastic to wrap the body, which...

It was a dead end, too.

Thanks for reminding me.

I mean, everything is the same.

Right down to the knot he used to tie his victims' feet.

If this guy keeps walking in his own footsteps, we're never gonna catch him.

He won't.

He'll make a mistake. They all do.

Actually, I'm just wallowing in my own self-pity.

He or she may have already made a mistake.

I opened the fortune cookie, and, shockingly, there was a fortune inside.

You don't have to strain, Gibbs.

I made you your very own Gibbs version.

"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."

So, the company that made this particular cookie embeds its initials in the side of the dough.

The "DH" is probably embossed on a cookie sheet.


The logo belongs to Dao Huang Fortune Cookie Company, in Baltimore.

If the quote isn't random, Gibbs...

It wasn't.

Then it had to be put inside the cookie before it was folded.

Otherwise, I would be able to tell.

Which means it was put there by someone who had access to the kitchen.

Nice work.

But if the quote isn't random, then what does that mean?

Nothing good.

What if the killer's trying to tell us he's gonna come after our friends?

I mean, Tony knew the victim.

Not just Tony.

I knew him, too.

What's the deal?

It's been three hours.

He says Joey Peanuts will show. He's got some kind of meet.

You ate all my moo shu.

I didn't see your name on it.

I think this is for you.

"Love is for the lucky and the brave."

Why is that for me?

Asking your high school music teacher out qualifies as brave in my book.

Wendy asked me out, remember?

See, that's why you can dress like that.

'Cause you're good-looking.

But one of these days, the looks are gonna run out.

I plan to be safely married by then, Danny.

If not, you might want to consider a new wardrobe.


Yeah, with the right clothes, you'd be unstoppable.

What's that supposed to mean?

There's our boy. Joey Peanuts.

You dress like my father. Let's go.

Crap. I got him!

Stop! Baltimore PD!

Freeze, dirtbag!

You can't outrun me; I'm wearing tube socks!

I said freeze, dirtbag!

Look, I'm just saying that I think Tony is more upset than he's letting on.

Yes, but he and his partner had not spoken in years.

Let's say you and I hadn't spoken in years, and I get my throat slit by a serial killer.

I would hunt him down and make him regret the day he was born.

You're not just any partner, McGee.

Neither is Tony.

Dao Huang.

All right.

Can I help you?

Yes. I'm Agent McGee from NCIS.

And this is my partner Agent David.

We're looking for Dao Huang.

Well, you found him.

Your name is Dao Huang?

Try looking at a map sometimes, okay?

China is right next to Russia.

My parents emigrated from Beijing.

I was adopted in Kiev, we moved to D.C.

Is it any stranger than an American with an Irish name?

Have you ever been to Ireland?

I have not.

That's a very good point. I'm sorry.

Listen, we just need to ask you a few questions.

Can you identify these?

Looks like one of mine.

Has my logo. You see?

I bake it in.

But the coloring is wrong.

And that is not one of my sayings.

That cookie is a forgery.

Any employees might've made it?

I do all the printing myself.

Where'd you get this cookie?

We found it at a crime scene.

Could've been made from one of the trays taken in the robbery.


Yeah, five weeks ago.

Someone broke in and took my safe and some equipment.

This business can be quite cutthroat. Most people don't know that.

Do the police have any suspects?

They took a report, some evidence, and they ate a half a case of cookies.

I'm not expecting much.

Maybe we can take a second look for you.


Well, it's confirmed, he's a cop.

A Navy cop.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

We're sorry.

Maybe next time, you'll remember your identification.

You don't do a lot of undercover work, do you?

Do you? You just got arrested.

I let you arrest me.


Who you kidding?

I chased you half a block, and I had you like a gazelle on the Serengeti. Am I wrong?

So what am I supposed to call you, Special Agent...

That's a little Beverly Hillbillies.

Gibbs it is, I guess.

All right.

We're working a homicide.

Joey Peanuts left his prints at the scene.

We think he's our guy.

What's your beef with him?

Got a tip someone was using a Navy payroll office to launder money.

Haven't I.D.'d him yet.

You think Joey works for him.

That's right.

As what, some kind of courier?

That's right.

So you put on a funny hat, fill a briefcase with some cash, give Joey the dirty dough, he gives it to his boss, you follow the trail and make the bust?

That was the plan.

Until you screwed it up.


Listen here.

You're the one that didn't tell the department that your...

NCIS was running an op.

Or read our dispatch. We had a BOLO out on Joey for two days.

Yeah, I know.

You knew?

Then what the hell were you doing, running around, risking...


You wanted to get arrested.

We didn't screw anything up for him. You're a new face on the street.

What's the best way to earn instant bona fides then getting pinched?

Navy Guy.

I don't like getting played.

Having said that, well played.

Very Donnie Brasco, actually.

But we're done with games.

Joey's our witness; we're interrogating him.

I know.

I'm undercover, remember?

The break-in at the bakery was five weeks ago.

The thief kicked in a door.

Took off with the safe.

Other than that, nothing. No fingerprints, no footprints.

No physical evidence at all.

That's the Port-to-Port Killer's M.O.

You got witnesses?

Sort of.

Police report lists a cracked-out junkie says he saw a car leaving the scene.

Where are my glasses?

Didn't get plates, just a make and model.

Police didn't put out a BOLO. Didn't think it was credible.


BOLO, got it.

I will track him, see if I can get any info.

Talk to me.

About what?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

This has nothing to do with that. Ancient history.

Yeah, I know, but that doesn't make this any easier.

I'm fine.

I'm more worried about Abby's theory that the Port-to-Port Killer is targeting our friends.

Can't protect all of them.

We protect them by catching the killer.

Same as you did before.


I don't know nothing about that.

Didn't say that you did.

But you do.

I don't even know the guy.

It's possible we screwed up.

Are you 100% sure you've never seen this guy before?


We found your prints at the crime scene.

Which means if we can't put you away for murder...

We got you on obstruction of justice in a capital case.

What's the maximum again?

I think it's, like, 20 years, Joey.

Isn't it, isn't it 30?

I think it's 30.

Actually, yeah, know what, we'll figure it out. Thanks for your time, Joey.

Wait. I get it. I get it.

I was in his car, but that was over a week ago.

You. Here you go, have a piece of gum.

Come on.

No, no, no, have a piece. Come on.

Don't make me chew alone. It'll make you feel better.

Gets the jaw moving.

There you go.

It's wintry fresh.

Now talk.

I picked up a package from this guy last week.

That's why you found my prints, okay?

What was the package?


It was a duffel bag.

50 grand inside.

Dirty money.

And you were gonna clean it for him?

I'm just a courier, okay?

I pick up dirty money from clients and I bring it to my boss.

He does the laundering.

I'm just trying to make a few extra bucks while...

I take the real estate exam.

You know?

We get it.

Joey, come on.

So, tell us, what went wrong?

I don't know.

I don't know how my boss finds these guys.

Franklin was an amateur.

He was pissed at the size of the vig.

He threatened to kill my boss if he didn't get a refund...

So your boss killed him first.



Maybe, okay? Either he did it or he's got muscle.

I just know I didn't.

Your boss have a name?

I mean, everyone's got a name.

But I don't know it or how to reach him.

You had a package to deliver.

Which means you know where he's gonna be.

Thank you for your cooperation. We will contact you if we have more questions.

That was a waste.

He had nothing to add to his statement about the robbery at the bakery, and I'm not going back in there unless it is absolutely fumigated.


Thank goodness I found you.

What is that smell?


I just received an e-mail from Abby alerting me to an alarming oversight.

It seems there was a minor error in one of my internal reports five weeks ago.

What kind of error?

As you know, the Port-to-Port Killer secures his victim's feet with rope.

The specific knot is called a double constrictor.

Double? I thought it was a plain constrictor knot.

Well, that is the error.

Mr. Palmer managed to leave out the word "double" when he transcribed my notes. I have suitably chastised him, but I...

It's a typo, Duck. Fix it.

The knot on our latest victim's feet is a single constrictor.

It's almost as if someone is using my notes, typo and all, to duplicate the murders.

I know details can change for several reasons, but given the Port-to-Port Killer's almost pathological need for consistency, I can only think of one in this case.

It's not the Port-to-Port Killer.

We have a copycat, Jethro.

And one who has access to our internal records.

The copycat killer is using one of Ducky's reports to recreate the murders.

They look almost identical, but this is the wrong knot.

How'd he get access? I'm running a system-wide check. So far nothing.

Unfortunately, this means that our psych profile is now worthless.

We have very little to go on.

The real knew how to cover his trail.

Maybe this one didn't.

We might be able to trace one of his purchases back to him.

Rerun it all: knife, rope, antiseptic, all of it.

Got something.

Found my cell.

Left it over at EJ's.

Lot of missed calls.

Only one message worth mentioning, from two days ago.

Hey, Tony, it's Danny.

Long time, no speak.

I've been thinking about things lately.

Old friends and TV dinners, things I messed up, things right in front of my face I should have seen.

But I'm not the only one who saw what he wanted to.

We need to talk.

Better late than never.

Know what that was about?

No, but it's definitely connected to the murder.

Might mean Price knows his killer.

Which means I might, too.

We need to talk.

Hold on one second.

Testing, one, two, three.

Can you hear me over there in the Joey Peanuts gallery?

Yeah, no, I can hear you. Very funny.

Now, listen.

I want you to drop off the bag with your boss, then get him to cop to the murder.

And then, Joey Peanuts, you get to do five years of community service, if you're lucky.


No. Thank you, Joey.

All right.

What is it?

This fell out of your jacket.

You planning to propose to Wendy or something?

Actually, I already did.


I got to take it back, get it resized, though. Evidently, it's a little small.

So she said...

She said yes, you smart-ass.

And you were going to tell me this when?

I haven't told anybody.

In case she said no?

No. I just wanted to tell her first before I told anyone else.

Congrats, man. Excellent.


We got company.

Civilian clothes.

Military haircut... and shoes.

You count it?

It's all there, man, 50 grand.

How did we end up doing the Navy cop's job for him?

'Cause he's smarter than us?

More devious, maybe.

I don't know about smarter.

I kind of liked him, actually.

Who'd want to be a Navy cop?

I'd rather have the plague.

It's really sad how Tony and his old partner drifted so far apart.

It happens.

Also to my Three Musketeers?

'Cause if yes, I'm gonna start crying right now.

No, whatever it is. What do you got, Abbs?

Suspects, and a lot of them.

The last actual Port-to-Port killing, I was able to track down the suppliers of most of the items he used.

Brand of antiseptic, surgical blade.

But I couldn't trace it back to the killer.

He was careful to disguise his purchases.

To find the copycat, we are analyzing publicly available tax receipts, looking for people who bought three or more of the items that are in the Port-to-Port Killer's toolbox.

How many?

26 so far, and we're not even halfway through.

That's our guy.

And you know this because?

He was at the crime scene.

All right, let me run facial recognition against our crime scene photos.


Boss, he's a computer tech.

That means he could have hacked our servers and gotten Ducky's report.

How on Earth did you...

Rule number 35.

Always watch the watchers.

You count it?

It's all there, man, 50 grand.

More than I make in a year.

I made sure that he knew what the vig was up front.

You know, man, I got enough on my hands worrying about that Franklin guy.

Nice segue.


You can stop worrying. I took care of things... permanently.

Nice to have ballistics tying this guy to the murder, but that sounds like a confession to me.

Why didn't you bring him in?

Agent Gibbs wanted to I.D. him first.

Didn't want us to tip our hand in case he wasn't working alone.

It doesn't matter. We put a tail on him.

We're going to get our own I.D. before this guy...

It's him.

Let me know.

What do you got?

His name's Lieutenant Ian Floyd.

Hold on. Hold on.

His name's Lieutenant Ian Floyd.

He's a disbursing officer at a Navy payroll office in Quantico.

That's a perfect position to launder money.

He have any help?

You need to get that?

No. It's my wife.

No. Looks like it's just Floyd.

We should check to see when ballistics on the murder weapon's going to be done.

It's done.

I don't think so.

I had the evidence transferred here.

Weapon was a Walther P99.

Floyd's got two registered to him. Pick him up.

First of all, that was our evidence.

Second of all, if we just transferred it to you, then how did you get...

I got to get this one.

Is that your wife again?

Divorce lawyer.

We've been waiting for ballistics for over a week.

Roscoe, hang on a second.

You got that other thing for me?

Detective DiNozzo's personnel file is right here.

Anything else? I was going to head to the infirmary.

My ulcer's killing me again.

I'm telling you, this stomach is going to be the death of me.

Roscoe, go ahead.

Let's hope our copycat's home.

Hands in the air!

Peter Sears, you're under arrest.

For what? I didn't do anything.

This is so exciting.

You have the right to remain silent, or I can shut you up myself.

Take it easy.

You also have the right to an attorney so he can tell you how you weren't hugged enough as a child.

We got a problem.

Can we have a time-out here?

I get how bad this looks.

Xeonphine antiseptic.

Surgical blades.

That's you.

At the victim's crime scene.

Rare orchid seeds.

Practice knots.

You put together a real cute little Port-to-Port Killer magic kit, and then you killed my partner with it.

I told you, I didn't kill anybody!

This is intense.

I think he's confused, DiNozzo.

Me, too.

See, we don't need a confession.

We just need to know how you hacked our servers, because this knot isn't mentioned in the press, which means you only could have learned about it from us.

I'm the worst loser on the entire planet.

I haven't even started yet, and I got arrested.

I bought all those things.

I tied those knots.

Practice makes perfect, right?

That's what Uncle Tickle Fingers always said. Practice makes perfect.

But that's all I've done was practice.

Maybe I was going to do something.

Maybe I was going to get my name on TV, too, but I haven't done it yet.

You got the wrong guy, bucko.

Sears' alibi checks out.

He's an I.T. consultant, but he works part-time as a birthday clown.

He was twisting balloon animals for 20 kids when Price was killed.

That is disturbing.

He's a copycat killer, boss...

He just hasn't killed yet.

Where's the Pre-crime Unit when you need it?

Remember that in Minority Report? Colin Farrell and Tom Cruise...

I'd rather have a lead.

There's still the robbery.

And I think I've got something on that.

Ohio State Police just arrested two men for grand larceny.

One wants to plea-bargain. Says he has info on a robbery at the Fortune Cookie Company bakery in Baltimore.

Call the prosecutor.

I'm going to call him.

Went through Sear's laptop, as well.

I know how he learned about the knot, and it's not from an NCIS file.

Where? Right before Barrett left for Hawaii, she issued an update on the Port-to-Port Killer to all law enforcement agencies in the area.

It included Palmer's typo.

Sears stole a copy of the report while he was doing I.T. work in a police station.

Which means that our copycat is someone who had access to that report.

I have a degree in physical education!

I played varsity basketball at Ohio State!

This isn't gonna end well for you!

Your money laundering days... are over!


Or this isn't gonna end well for you.

Is that a Walther P99?

Thanks. Now we don't have to find the murder weapon.

I walk out of here or I shoot.

You're not walking out of here.

I'm serious!

So are we.

So that's how it's gonna be.

Nice timing.

Hey, better late than never.

Tony, where did you go?

Following a hunch. What's up?

Well, Ohio came through.

It's confirmed, we got the guy that robbed the bakery.

You don't sound too happy about it.

Speeding ticket puts him in Dayton the day that Price was killed.

So he's not our copycat.

If you see Gibbs, can you tell him?

Long time, no speak.

Been thinking about things lately.

Old friends and TV dinners...

You born in a barn?

It's freezing out. Close the door.

D.A. says we got enough to get a murder conviction against Lieutenant Floyd.

You came all this way to tell me that?

I came all the way here because of what I saw in Floyd's eyes when you got the drop on him.

Something that I spent the last two days trying to pretend I didn't see.

And what's that?


'Cause he knew you.

And I'm wondering to myself, "How can that be?"

It didn't make any sense.

I pulled your phone records.

The two of you, a couple of chatty-patties, huh?

15 calls over the last two months.

I know there's plenty of ways to explain that, right?

There's only one reason you never mentioned it.

What's that?

'Cause you're a dirty cop, Danny.

Tony, come on.


Be very careful.

I'm not feeling the love right now.

I was sending potential clients... in Floyd's direction.

If they laundered money through him, I got a kickback.

So how much did you get to keep your mouth shut on a homicide, Danny?

No, Tony, I had no idea that Floyd was our guy.

I mean, did he seem like a killer to you?

He didn't seem like one to me!

You saw what you wanted to see.

So what are you gonna do?

I lost my appetite.

So I'm gonna take a walk.

I guess if you're still here when I get back, I'll have my answer.

Heads up!

I'm in a shoot-first, ask-questions-later frame of mind.

You followed me?

How long did you know?


Just a hunch, huh?

What are you gonna do?

He's your partner.

What am I gonna do?

Things I messed up, things right in front of my face I should have seen.

But I'm not the only one who saw what he wanted to.

We need to talk.

Better late than never, huh?

Son of a bitch.

Followed me again.

Another hunch?

But I could see you had one.

Danny was dirty.

I always wondered why the money launderer didn't rat him out, try to cut a deal.

I bet Danny wondered the same thing.

There's only one reason to be afraid of sending a dirty cop to jail.

There's another one you can't, and in our department, that was a pretty short list.

There was a silent partner Danny didn't know about, but he found out after all these years.

"Better late than never" is right.

I think he was looking for redemption.

Well, let's go give it to him.

Ladies and gentlemen, the legend is back.

Look at what the cat dragged in.

Man who took my best detective.

What's this?

Your evidence locker logs.

That's how you got the tray to make the fortune cookie, which was a nice touch, but of course you made your bones busting serial killers, so you knew how to make it smell real.

Danny was right.

Lieutenant Floyd wasn't a killer.

It was you.

What are you talking about?

Danny figured it out and he was going to set the record straight, so you killed him.

You knew that DiNozzo wasn't going to let it go.

So you threw it in my face.

Dropped another body on the Port-to-Port pile.

Did you think I would just assume it was... a serial killer?

May ask you sometthing what do you see when you look in the mirror?

Am I done?

You're done.

Could you imagine having to arrest Gibbs?

I would rather arrest my father, and I still might have to one day, for that matter.

Congratulations on catching the copycat killer.

However, we have another problem.

Remember I told you about that e-mail from Abby concerning the typo in my report?

I didn't send Ducky that e-mail, Gibbs.

Then who was it from?

Presumably someone who wanted us to know we were chasing a copycat killer.

And there's only one person that could have been.

The real one.

Show me.

I got it.

You made it.


I'm not a big fan of the orange, and the glare off that skylight's ridiculous.

You gonna ask?


I'm leaving it alone.

It was wrong, way wrong, but...

It's your partner.


I'm not going back to Baltimore, I can't.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Maybe being a cop isn't for me.

Did you just physically assault me?

I don't have a lot of rules, but rule number five is "you don't waste good", and you're good.


Don't make a habit of that.

Did I mention you're a devious man, Gibbs?

Boy, I got vision, and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals.

Butch Cassidy. Nice!