08x24 - Pyramid

Called the Port-to-Port Killer. M.O.'s the same every time.

My killer, my case.

This is for you.

I didn't order that.

No, you do it.

Your eyeball, how come it opens up restricted areas at NCIS?

Port-to-Port Killer... as you've dubbed him... has a name.

Be on high alert.

Cobb is armed and likely anticipates your arrival.

I got it, Cade. Lie still.

Where's EJ?

Cobb took her.

DiNozzo, come back here.

Stay with him.

Keep pressure on it.

I got it.

Just hang in there.

You're gonna be all right.

NCIS Season 8 Episode 24 Pyramid

Drink this.

I adjusted the BOLO on the P2P based on Agent Barrett's latest description.

Get an update on Cade?

He's in surgery. Abby's at the hospital, waiting.

Levin's next-of-kin.

Agents from the Great Lakes field office are with his family in Chicago.

Ducky and Palmer are on their way up with the remains now.

I ran the phone number that Cobb keyed into the sedan.

I.D.'s blocked. It's a secure government line.

Unsecure it, McGee.

Whoever it belongs to has a significant clearance level.

I'm having trouble cracking it.

That's Ray's cell phone number.

Where is he?

I'm not sure. We have not spoken.

Find him. Warn him. Tell him to protect his ass.

Cobb became a monster.

Yes, Director?

Get me SECNAV.

Right away, sir.

He used a marker instead of a blade. It'll come off.

Come on. You're gonna hurt yourself.

Why didn't he kill me?

I fought like hell. But why didn't he do it right there?

You were a message, not a victim.

Consider yourself lucky.

Levin's dead.

Cade may not make it. They were my responsibility.

Where exactly is the luck in that?

You think Gibbs would have let Cobb leave Europe?

You think any of this would have happened if anybody else had been leading the case?

Stop beating yourself up.

We've all lost people in the field.

You're a good agent.

Am I?

You're letting Cobb get inside your head and that's exactly what he wants.

You gotta stop.

Tony, he's not doing this 'cause he wants to.

Cobb's doing this because he has to.

Based on Agent Barrett's detailed description of the gun and the shell casings retrieved at the scene, Cobb was almost certainly using Mike Franks' sidearm.

Precision shot.

The Port-to-Port Killer is proving as accomplished with a gun as he is with a surgical blade.

Why the change in method?

'Cause it's no longer about method or clue trail or gamesmanship, Mr. Palmer.

It's about hurting those responsible for putting him in this situation.


Operation Frankenstein.

Set aside your preconceived notions about what drives a serial killer.

What was once about profiling Cobb, his training as a medic... his mastery of the scalpel, his dressing his younger victims as older officers, all that has evolved into clearheaded self-awareness.

Those who created him must now pay.

Please, come in.

I didn't mean to interrupt. I just keep thinking about Levin.

You want someone to drive you home, Barrett?

Maybe you can get some rest.

I'm fine, really. I...

But before Dr. Mallard begins the autopsy, I'd like a moment to pay my respects.

I've tried everything.

Ray's not answering.

Did you talk to his boss?

He said he was working and the assignment is classified.

They must be able to get in touch with him.

I don't like this.

I mean, Cobb knows that Ray is on this case.

He blames the Navy and the CIA for what has happened.

I blame the one-eyed tea bag. He's the one who screwed this up.

I'm worried.

We'll find him.

Good morning, Mr. Secretary.

Like hell it is, Leon.

This better be damn important.

Agent's dead, Mr. Secretary.

Another critical.

I don't know how much more important it could get.

Right this way, sir.

McGee, what are you doing here?

Waiting for you. How's Cade?

Stable, sort of.

I mean, he's lost a lot of blood.

He's a big guy. He's got a lot of blood to lose.

Did you stay with him all night?

He's a friend, McGee.

I would do that for any friend.

For you or for Tony, for Gibbs.

I know you would.

And listen, it's okay if you two are more than friends.

I understand, seriously.

I really like Cade, and I can understand how... a man of his stature could be intriguing to a woman...

Are you for real right now, McGee?


Because I am, like, over the top tired and I'm hoping this is all some sort of weird dream.

I'm not a dream.

That's too bad because right now I'd like to just roll over and dream about purple kittens or flying elephants or...

Never mind.

I need to go home.

Where are you going?

Going with you.

As long as Cobb is still on the loose, we're not taking any chances.

No, McGee, shoo.

I can take care of myself.

This is not just another random suspect.

This guy is very bad news.

And if something ever happened to you, I would...

You'd what, McGee?

I know what it's like to lose a team member.

Especially one you care deeply for.

You learn there is no rhyme or reason to dying.

Good or bad, it's just completely out of your hands.

Agent Levin died because I screwed up.

No, Agent Levin died because it was his time.

There was nothing you could do about it.

Excuse me.


Can you please send it over? No, I'm not going to wait for you.

Ray is apparently at a hotel in D.C.

Kort gave us the address.

I'll come with you.

That's not a good idea.

I could use the fresh air.

EJ, I'm going to see my boyfriend.

Can you please tell McGee that Agent Cruz will not be needing the safe house after all.

He will be staying with me instead.

Ray, it's me. Open up.

Ray, come on, we need to talk.

I was beginning to think...

Look, Leon, I'm as unhappy about what's happened as you are.

But you can manage this.

Can I?

Damn right.

How many years we been doing this together?

Too long.

Before you Jenny had to clean up messes a lot worse than this one.

Director Shepard had her share of problems, sir, but one thing has nothing to do with the other.

My point is it comes with the territory.

Now if you're reaching your saturation level, that's a bigger conversation.

This isn't just about me, sir.

Then what are we talking about?

Year after year I've caught whatever was thrown my way.

But since Eli David was here, since I got hurt, things have been different.

Different how?

You need time, Leon?

For God's sake, take all the time you need.

I'm not talking about time, sir, I'm talking about mistakes.

Now you learn to accept a lot with this job.

Resolutions that I knew were wrong.

And now we're facing the consequences.

We can't talk about this here. You know that.

We need a SCIF.

It's a black op.

Modifications were made.

We can talk all we want. The room's tight as a drum.

"Too many years of lightin' up finally caught up with me, probie.

"For three decades I outran every bullet aimed at me.

"Can't outrun this.

"Not with these lungs.

Only got a few months left to go, and I plan to live 'em."

Never one to disappoint, were you, Mike?

It's Gibbs.

Boss, it's me...

DiNozzo, slow down.

DiNozzo, talk to me.

Ziva went to find Ray.

I got a 20 on Cruz from Agent Eye-patch.

He should know.

That's what I thought.


Northrop Hotel, 27th and M.

She went to bring Ray back to her place. Thought it would be safer.

Is there a problem?

The problem is, I haven't checked in.

I was on assignment. I just got back to D.C. an hour ago.

Where is Ziva?

I don't know.

Can't find her. Tried her home and cell.

I shouldn't have let her go alone.

This is not your responsibility.

Kort lied.

No, he didn't.

His information was accurate.

Who else had access to your travel plans?

My itinerary's classified, sir.

Classified never stopped Cobb before.

What if he got there first?

DiNozzo, BOLO out on Ziva.

McGee, get me Kort.

Boss, he's already in the building.

It's been a long time, Mr. Secretary.

We weren't supposed to see each other again.

Per your request.

I certainly wish that were the case.

Leon, do we have to talk about this again?

Am I boring you, Kort?

You know I have a limited attention span.

Well, let me see if I can keep it interesting for you.

Here's what your boy Cobb just did to one of my men.

I trained him to kill, Director.

Selection is entirely his decision.

Do you remember when this operation was conceived?

Like it was yesterday.

Your clever notion, I believe.

Scribbled on a note pad during your days at the war college.

Who knew it would become a joint venture between the Navy and the CIA?

It was flawed from the get-go. It should have been aborted.

It was conceptually brilliant. The results were generally positive.

Except Kort lost control of one of his men.

It wasn't from lack of trying.

Cobb was strong-willed.

Got a taste for killing.

You pushed him.

You used him on assignments outside of the program.

With approval.

Those who needed to know did.

And now somebody has to take the heat.

Special Agents Barrett and Gibbs have failed to stop him.

You can't blame them.

For once the weight does not fall on the bottom of the pyramid.

This operation was your call.

Accept it.

Pam, is he in here?

Sir, we're in SCIF mode. You don't have clearance.

Excuse me.

We need to talk.

Not now, Gibbs.

Is Trent Kort in there with you?

Agent Gibbs, this meeting requires access beyond your need to know.

I need to know if he sent one of my people into a trap.

Ziva went to meet Ray Cruz at his hotel, and he wasn't there yet. And now she's missing.

Gibbs, all I did was provide your team with Cruz's location.

Well, we think Cobb got her.

You think I sent her in there on purpose?

To gain what, exactly?

If she gets hurt, you answer to me.

Is he threatening me, Director?

If he wasn't, I am.

What do you mean the camera's not working?

I told you, Tony, the system's down all over the hotel.

It has been for days.

Isn't that illegal?

Same M.O. No fingerprints. The place has been wiped clean.

How could she just walk out of here and nobody notices?


We're all worried about Ziva.

I know.

It's just different for some of us.

I think you people are looking for me.

This isn't right. It's too easy.

He knows where Ziva is.

There's nothing easy about it.

Cobb's playing us.

Playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Guy must have a death wish.

What does he want?

Rule 16:

"If someone thinks they have the upper hand,

"break it."

Something funny?

I mean, you're so confident.

So proud.

Nothing to be proud of. You gave yourself up.


Well, because most of my work is done.


Agent Gibbs, are you incapable of savoring a moment?

Nothing to savor. Yet.

One of my team is still missing.

Where is she?

It's time to put Samson down.

Don't know about Samson?

Surely Agent Barrett wrote about him in that,

that psych profile she holds so near and dear?

I'm listening.

Once there was a boy whose father was in the Navy.

He was a captain, with enough bravery and determination to make up for his son's obvious shortcomings.

One day, the young man turned to the captain for help.

You see, his aging horse, Samson, was sick, and a decision needed to be made.

Now, the boy knew that a visit from the vet meant putting the animal down.

Which was the right and humane thing to do.

But what kind of lesson would that be for the boy to learn?

So the captain drew his sidearm.

Fired... point blank.

Put poor Samson out of his misery.

Would you like me to put you out of your misery, Cobb?

Your agent is still out there, Gibbs.

Now, what kind of lesson would you learn if my actions were humane?

You failed as a Navy officer.

You were an embarrassment to the CIA.

A disappointment to your dad.

And you want to teach me a lesson?

Where is she?

Who's holding the sidearm now?

Tell me what you know.

Kort oversaw two divisions.

The first one was a legitimate covert squad operating under the auspices of the Agency.

Operation Frankenstein.

Now, the second one was a team designed for the private sector.

Hit men.

Guns for hire.

Used mostly by rich, foreign politicos with targets on their backs, you understand?

Who collected the profits?

I can't tell you that.

What I will tell you is that Kort skimmed enough off the top to retire.

Do you think Cobb would have turned himself in the way he did unless he was after something very specific?

Something he could only find right here at NCIS?

Have you gone bloody mad?

What does Cobb really want?

You have no idea how high this goes.

I know all about Operation Frankenstein.

You don't know anything.

Certain people had a lot to gain from this project.

I need to find Ziva.

Stop looking for a straight line, DiNozzo!

If this were a chess game, think four moves ahead.

It's all about the checkmate.

He's clever that way.

Abs? You okay?

The blood on Cobb's hands...

It's Ziva's.

It does not mean that she's gone.

You find anything on Cobb's clothes?

There's concrete dust from the ground where Cade and Levin were shot... that's no big surprise.

But I found some weird trace elements on his pants.

There was dead bluegrass, and sheet-metal rust and some homeopathic oils.

It was arnica, and butcher's broom and bitterwort.


Yeah, also known as gentian.

It aids in muscle aches in older people.

What if they weren't people?

Remember, positive.

Start talking, McGee.

Abby forwarded the chemical breakdowns she found on Cobb's clothing.

Any link to a horse named Samson?

All the oils are used in over-the-counter liniments.

For horses to keep their muscles limber...

Yeah, McGee. I know what they are.

Pull up location of the Cobb family farm in Maryland.

Captain Lowell Cobb bought the horse farm in Burtonsville 22 years ago.

When he died, he and Jonas hadn't spoken in years.

The land fell into disarray and was auctioned off later.

Go. Find DiNozzo and Ray Cruz.

You think Ziva's there?


You can bet the farm on it. Road trip.

If you don't mind, I'd like to come.

Got orders. They want you benched.


I'm not supposed to talk about it.

Talk about what, Gibbs?

I know that your uncle is SECNAV.

I have since day one.

That's supposed to be confidential.

I gotta know my team, Barrett.

Is there anything else you want to tell me?

With all due respect, I've worked hard to get here.

I earned Rota, and... my personal relationship to the Secretary had nothing to do with it.

I never said it did.

All clear!

Nothing here, boss.

Looks totally abandoned.

Heads up...

You all right?

I'm all right.

Hiding me is a decoy, Gibbs.

Get her up.

It's a distraction.

Cobb needed to keep you occupied.


He surrendered because he needed to get inside NCIS.

It is the only way he can get close to the man he holds responsible.

Close to who? Vance?


Davenport's got 24-hour security.

His niece, Special Agent Barrett, doesn't.

I was just, just coming up to see you.

Beat you to it.

We were on our way down before taking Cobb to lock-up.

Get B2.

I'll be real quick.

Fastest DNA swab in the East.

Did I hear you're getting married?

Yes. In the spring.

Her name is Breena.

Round two, Barrett.

We're going to the M.E. van.

We're taking a drive.


Cameras showed Cobb forced EJ and Palmer to take him to the autopsy garage.

Security said that Palmer signed out the M.E. van.

The guards didn't think twice about checking it.

Agent was rushed to the E.R. with a concussion and a broken nose, but he's all right.

Both Palmer and EJ's cell phones have been disabled, so GPS tracking is inoperable...


Went out to the FBI and Metro P.D.

And the Agency's on it, too.


SECNAV's been called, is on his way.


She could have mentioned that.

Maybe she did not want you to think less of her.

I know what it's like to have a relative in a place of power. It can influence things.

We'll find them.

How do we know this plan is going to work?

We don't, Mr. Secretary.

Cobb had the chance to hurt Special Agent Barrett once, sir.

He didn't, as a message to you.

He wanted to show you how humane he could be.

He had to get your attention.

He used EJ as bait.

Found this in Autopsy.

"We'll be waiting at home."

At home, Leon.

The building.

Where Cade and Levin were hit.

It's where the Frankenstein training occurred.

There's nothing left of it.

There is for Cobb, sir.

He's going back to where it all started.

I may have conceived of this project, but the Secretary dictated its actions.

Certain jobs were accepted that neither the CIA nor the Navy officially authorized.

Then why order them?

Off-the-record political favors.

I was smart enough to steer clear.

Kort handled the private jobs.

Who's handling Kort?

Mistakes were made, gentlemen.

Doesn't mean more people have to die.

I'm giving my resignation to the President as soon as this is over.

Let's take care of this son of a bitch.


You hear me?

What are you doing?


To do what, exactly?

As my teacher Officer Kort once said... we had to maintain composure under the most arduous situations.

Tried to kill him, sir.

Agent Kort made the mistake of trying to stop me himself.

Those who can't do, teach.

You know...

I've actually admired your niece's tenacity for some time.

She's a good agent.

Beautiful girl.

Of course, her connection to you is why I started in Rota To make sure we ended together.

Surely, you didn't come alone, Mr. Secretary?

We came to arrest you.

Drop the weapon.

It's not that easy, Gibbs.

Don't do it.

You know...

I thought I was being trained to do what was right.

Drop the gun, Lieutenant.

We can talk about this.

We want to help you.


So, what's next?


Cade's been reassigned stateside.

Stateside as in local, Simon?

No, McGee.

Stateside as in Bremerton, Washington.

I'm gonna spend some time with my family while things heal.


Very sorry to see you go, of course.

Yeah, right.

You're putting together a new team, or what?

I'm giving up my post, too, Tony.

Need some time to decide what's next.

You can have Rota, if you want.

I think I'll stay put.

No sense walking away from a good thing.

That a compliment, DiNozzo?

No, boss. Sorry. Never.

I'm thinking about sticking around D.C. for a while.

Really? Were you?

It's a real small town, you know.

Maybe, we'll bump into each other sometime.

It's possible.

Thank you, Erica Jane Barrett.

For everything.

See you, Gibbs.

It's been real.

Come back anytime, Special Agent Barrett.

Maybe I will.

It's empty.

You disappointed?

I know what I would like better.

Consider it a promise.

What kind of promise?

That we have lots to talk about when I get back.

I have to work outside of the country.

For how long?

It could take a while.

Then don't go. Stay.

I can't.

Well, tell them that I threatened to divorce you.

They know I'm not married.

Well, if you keep doing this, you'll never be.

Come here.

Is this good-bye?

For now.

How do I know?

You gave me an empty box.

I gave you a promise.

What is it?


Ready! Aim!


Ready! Aim!





Present arms!

Having you here as the new SECNAV, Clay, is a heck of a surprise.

Tell me about.

When the President offered me the job, I was convinced it was a prank.

People are excited to have you.

Well, I'm happy to be here. You still box?

Once in a while, I can't take a beating the way I used to.

Try working on the Hill as a lobbyist, 24/7.

That wasn't a beating, it was a massacre.

So what can I do for you?

What's our first order of business?

First, promise to protect my ass as long as it's your sworn duty as NCIS director.

Easy enough. What else?

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

I've already been in touch with him.

Mind if I bring him in?

You've spoken to Agent DiNozzo?

Twice, I think.

May I?

Agent DiNozzo, sit down.

Sir. Director.

Director Vance, I'm authorizing Agent DiNozzo access to sensitive compartmented information commensurate with the Black Program.

None of your other team members need to know, is that clear?

Actually, Clay, I'm a little concerned.

Secretary Jarvis when we're talking shop.

So... an agent, somewhere in your organization, is selling top-secret information, and they need to be dealt with appropriately.

Mr. Secretary, I'd like to discuss this first.

There's nothing else to talk about.

If you're uncomfortable with this, Agent DiNozzo and I can do without you.

Take a look.

That's who you're handling.

Do whatever it takes.

Any questions?