09x10 - Sins of The Father

What's wrong with this picture?

Let's check it out.

Someone's in the car.

Hey! Hey, mister!

Now, let's go, buddy.


Let's get out of here.

Easy, easy now.

Come on... Two feet, two feet, come on, get up.

Careful. All right.

We're almost there.

There you go.


Hands up.

NCIS Season 9 Episode 10 Sins of The Father

Good morning, guys.

Hey. You're in a good mood.

How can you not be?

This is my favorite time of year.

The air is so crisp and so clean.

I did what I always promised myself.

I... walked to work.

Good for you, Ziva.

What's it?

Something that's gonna wipe the smile right off your face.

Cold case files.

What am I supposed to do?

They're all pre-computerization.

They need to be inputted into the system.

That sounds like a job for a clerk.

It's a big job.

And each file has to be reviewed by an agent.

Why me?

Vance gave it to Gibbs, Gibbs gave it to me, I'm giving it to you, our most junior agent.

How was dinner with your father last night?

Yeah, what was the big news he had to tell you?

I didn't see him.

He canceled?

Not exactly.

He never called to tell me where to meet.

Did you try and call him?

Several times.

This is typical of the old man... It's his MO, if you will.

My high school graduation, for instance, I guess, technically, he would claim he was there, but where was he really?

In the school infirmary, with the nurse, with what he claimed was "jet-lag".

Anyway, it's not a big deal. This was dinner, so what?

So, your father's been in town for 2 days and you still have not seen him?

I'm sorry, Tony.

Don't be.

I stayed home.

Shared a 12-year-old bottle of Cabernet with Claire Trevor and the Duke.

He watched Stagecoach.

It's an old black-and-white Western.

John Wayne as the Ringo Kid.

Saddle up, Ringo, we got a dead Naval officer on the riverfront.

It's all yours, Agent Gibbs.

Body's in the trunk. Found the suspect asleep at the wheel.

This is too easy.

My partner's holding him, and for some reason he seemed relieved when he heard we were calling NCIS.

Guy's a real pain in the ass.

Thank God you're here!

He was the guy in the car?

Hold on.

It's my father.


Get back behind the tape.

You can't compromise a crime scene.

Ziva, process the scene.

Get the suspect back to the Navy Yard.

Watch him.

What's going on? The cops won't tell me anything.

You know this guy?

Repeat offender?

Will you tell Officer Krupke here I don't have to wear these?

I'm sorry, Mr. DiNozzo, but you do.

I didn't see this one coming.

How could you?

This is going to be a sticky one.

Blunt force trauma?

Why do you need me?

I'll know more when I get him out of the trunk.

How'd it go?

Vance wants me to turn the case over to the FBI because the suspect is related to an agent... you.

I convinced him to hold off until we know more.

What did my father say?

I haven't talked to him yet.

Agent Dorneget is baby-sitting him.

Where? Interrogation?

What do we know about the victim?

Lieutenant Dean Massey.


University of Virginia grad. All-America rugby player.

OCS at Newport.

Flight training at Pensacola. Recently divorced.

No children.

Divorced... I'd check the ex.

Massey flew fighter jets in the Gulf War.

After his duty, he became a successful multimillionaire land developer, but he stayed in the Reserve so he could continue flying supersonic aircraft.

He's a reservist. He's not on active duty.

Why is he wearing a uniform?

Don't know yet, Boss.

Give me a timeline on Massey.

On it.

McGee said there's not even a scratch on my father.

Right? I mean, the guy's half his age and he's a rugby player.

Clearly, the guy has been framed.

That's why they parked the car illegally, so they'd find the body.

Well, while we handle the investigation, you take care of the cold cases.

Give you any trouble, Dorneget?

Not really, sir.

Keeps asking if someone could go back to his hotel, get him a change of clothes.

Hey, Gibbs. Here we are again.

We got to stop meeting like this.

Where's Junior? On the other side of the glass?

He's sitting this one out.

What's the fuss?

I had a few drinks last night.

Maybe, uh, too many.

That's all I'm guilty of.

Tell that to the body in the trunk.


You don't know anything about it?

His name is Dean Massey.

Lieutenant Dean Massey. Do you know him?

Massey... I'm...

I'm in a land development deal with him.

Tell me about it.

Stoney Ridge Country Club Estates.

It's a high-end residential... golf course community. That's why I'm in D.C.

What's your involvement?

Well, I introduced Massey to an old friend of mine, Prince Omar Ibn Alwaan.

You met him, Gibbs... Al.

He brought in the final piece of financing.

You got a finder's fee?


What does that mean?

I met with Massey yesterday at his office, and he informed me that he was going to screw me out of my fee because of some loophole in the contract.

How'd you leave it with him?

I threatened to kill him.

I remember leaving Massey's office.

I was really pissed off.

I went back to the hotel, I had a drink or two, and then, I must have gone someplace else and drank more.

I was really hungover this morning.

Last time you saw Massey was...

In his office.

It's all so foggy.

I don't remember anything until the police picked me up in the car.

You don't have an alibi.

What happens now?

We've got 48 hours to press charges or let you go.

48 hours?!

Gibbs, I got a nonrefundable ticket on a plane to St. Croix this afternoon.

You got bigger problems than that, sir.

At present, Tony is understating Senior's proclivity for misguided adventures.

I always thought Tony was exaggerating when he tells us those insane stories about his dad.

It appears to be a sliver of glass.

What do you know?

Lieutenant Massey here was killed elsewhere and then put in the car.

I've narrowed the time of death to between midnight and 2:00 a.m.

Cause of death, as suspected, was blunt force trauma.

A cylindrical wound to the back of the head.

He was likely struck from behind.

Ducky pulled this glass fragment out of the wound.

Mass Spec and I will get to work on that, and I'm gonna look for trace evidence on Massey's uniform to see if I can figure out where he was last night.

Abs, you got the results of Mr. DiNozzo's blood tests?

It was a standard tox screen. It came back negative.

Blood alcohol?

We drew the sample at 8:30 this morning.

It was .03.

Which means?

Well, for a man of his weight, it decreases .02 each hour, so, at 2:00 a.m., it would have been .15.

That's, like... really drunk.

How is Mr. DiNozzo doing?

He claims total memory loss.

Considering his age and the amount of alcohol he consumed, that's very possible.

Hey, brought you a piece of cake.

Hollander's birthday in Human Resources.

Thought you might like a slice.


Sure. It's really good.

The chocolate-chocolate, with the cream filling, and there's little crunches in it.

That's a sweet suit. Listen, I just need two minutes with my dad, okay?

No way.

Special Agent Gibbs told me not to let anyone in, especially you.

You didn't think you could buy me off with a piece of cake, did you?

Gibbs will never find out. How's he gonna know?

I'd have to tell him.

I guess I'd have to tell him about your little antics at the Halloween party last month with Susan Grady from Polygraph down in the copy room.

She was dressed as a nun, and you were dressed as Leroy Jethro Gibbs with a little silver wig?

Nobody knew about that.

I know.



I'm watching.

McGee warned me about you.

Two minutes.

No more. Just, please...

You're a rock star.

Just go.

What's the matter with you?

Hey, Junior. Where you been?

Look me in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with Massey's murder.

I can't.

I have no recollection of what happened.

I was pissed at the guy. This was the big one.

He screwed me out of millions of dollars.

It's always "the big one" with you.

This was the real thing, Junior.

My retirement, your inheritance.

Where did you get the Rolls-Royce?

I rented it.

You don't just pull up to close a $100 million deal in a taxicab.

Where's the Rolls now?

It's in the garage, being searched for evidence.

You got to return it. It's costing me $1, 500 a day.

Are you done yet?

Eat your cake.

I need you to stop talking, okay?

Don't say a word to anyone, especially Gibbs, till after you've talked to a lawyer.

Does Hutch still represent you?


We had a little falling out over past-due fees.


Lieutenant Commander Mosner with JAG. I'm looking for Special Agent Gibbs.

He's not available at the moment. I'm Special Agent David.

This is Special Agent McGee. How may we help you?

I understand you're investigating Lieutenant Massey's death.

We are.

Massey approached me last night, at the Navy concert.

He was in uniform?

Said he had information pertinent to a case I'm prosecuting.

Massey was going to come by my office this morning to make a statement.

When he didn't show, I called and found out he was dead.

Murdered. JAG?

What was the case you were working on?

It's okay. Please.


This could be important to our investigation.

Massey and another pilot, Lieutenant Gregory Dennis, were flying in formation.

Dennis' plane experienced a problem.

He and his radio officer were forced to eject over water.

Dennis survived, the radio officer didn't.

Dennis claimed the plane had an electrical failure.

You don't think that was the case.

Massey suggested, last night, that Dennis was lying.

Thank you.

There can be no appearance of either a cover-up or favoritism.

We either have to charge him or turn him over to the FBI.

Mr. DiNozzo has done nothing to help his case.

I agree.

Excuse me, sir.

Can I talk to you for a second?

What is it, Agent DiNozzo?

My father may be a lot of things, but he's not a murderer.

I understand where you're coming from but unfortunately, we can't go on a son's intuition.

We need either evidence or we need proof.

How about reasonable doubt? There's a JAG officer downstairs investigating a death in an aircraft accident.

Lieutenant Massey said that he had important information regarding her case but then he didn't show up this morning at a scheduled meeting.

Maybe he was silenced.

I'll give you 24 hours, then I call the Bureau.

Thank you, sir.

Under no circumstances, Agent DiNozzo, do you go anywhere near this investigation or your father.

If need be, I suggest you take a couple of personal days.

Commander Mosner, Special Agent Gibbs. Let's talk in the conference room.

Ziva, McGee, get over to Massey's office.

Have fun, guys!

Good luck. Don't worry about me.

I'll be right here, inputting cold case files.

We're all in shock.

Most of the employees have been sent home early.

I stayed to plan a memorial for Dean.

I'm sure the news was upsetting.

Can I ask? We heard a rumor.

Was Anthony DiNozzo arrested?

Were you with them in the meeting yesterday?

What happened?

DiNozzo came here expecting us to hand him a check.

Massey wasn't gonna let that happen.


While it's true that DiNozzo brought in a major piece of the financing, the deal had to be consummated within one year, and it wasn't.

According to our contract with him, we did not have to pay the finder's fee.

And as the company's lawyer, I assume that was your doing.

When it came to business, Dean Massey was ruthless.

I tried to talk him into giving DiNozzo something, but he wouldn't budge.

I even called DiNozzo at his hotel afterward.

I said, sit tight, I'd work on Massey, but...

How upset was DiNozzo when he left?

Out of his mind.

I can show you.

Yes, Mr. Hunt?

Good, you're still here.

Could you come into the conference room? I need your help, please.

Dean Massey was very detail oriented.

I imagine it was his military training.

Every meeting in here was recorded.

Linda, could you pull up yesterday's meeting with Mr. DiNozzo?


Was DiNozzo notified that he was being recorded?

Just skip to the... last 20 seconds.

Here we are.

This meeting's over, DiNozzo.

You're a cheating b*st*rd.

You're not gonna get away with this.

Sue me.

I'm not gonna sue you.

I'm gonna kill you!

Let him go! Get off him! Security!

Remove him! Remove this man!

Take it easy! Sir, you're going to have to leave now.

I'm not gonna sue you...

I'm gonna kill you!

He's hanging himself.

Don't give up hope.

I gave up when he started dating girls younger than me.

And that was the late '80s.

I tracked down Massey's ex-wife.

It's about time.

I'm on my way to meet her.

You look ravishing as ever.

Junior, when are you gonna come to your senses and sweep this gorgeous creature off her feet?

Dad! I'm so sorry that they didn't let me talk to you earlier.

I would ask you how you are, but I...

Minor bump in the road.

All a mistake.

It'll be cleared up soon, though. Right, Gibbs?


Could you get me a glass of water? My throat's a little scratchy.

Sure thing.

Gibbs, keep your eye on that boy.

Wonderful agent. I predict a big future.

Well, here I am.

Something must be up.

We're transferring you to the Federal Detention Center for tonight.

Detention Center?

I don't like the sound of that.

Hopefully you won't be there for long.

Why do I have the picture of a shaved-head, tattooed neo-Nazi cell mate?

I don't think it's gonna be that bad.

Let's find out. Let's take a look.

Boss, Lieutenant Dennis, the pilot, has arrived.

Bring him to Interrogation.

Good Godfrey!

This joint is out of Dickens!

I thought the government closed these places down.

They were, until Congress cut off the funds.

Boss, there's got to be some other alternative.

You guys gotta be kidding.

Take Mr. DiNozzo to the break room.

Get him something to eat. If he gives you any trouble, shoot him.

He's joking.

I think.

Why is NCIS getting involved in an accident that's being investigated by the Navy Safety Center?

Criminal activity and murder may have something to do with it.

My radio officer's death was totally accidental.

I'm not talking about your radio officer.

Talking about Lieutenant Massey.


Massey was murdered last night.

Where were you between midnight and 3:00 a.m.?

On the road. I was driving back from my parents' home in Georgia.

In the middle of the night?

Don't like traffic.

We'll check it out.

Go ahead.

Lieutenant Massey approached a JAG prosecutor who said that you weren't telling the truth about the accident.

That's crazy.

You spoke to Massey recently?

I'm not saying any more until I consult my lawyer.

So, when was the last time you saw your ex-husband?

Months ago.

We've been divorced almost four years.

You keep in touch?

No reason to.

Maybe if we'd had kids.

I wanted them, he didn't.

That why you got divorced?

That and... the fact we just grew apart.

The marriage was over when I realized I was my husband's third love.

His first two were making money and flying military jets.


Don't be.

The early years of our marriage were happy.

He loved the Navy, and I loved being a Navy wife.

We lived on bases all around the world.

I got to see places I never dreamed I would, and he was off flying.

What happened?

Put it right there.

Thank you.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

After Dean left active duty he went into real estate development.

He became obsessed with making money.

He wasn't the man I married.

Yeah, we were told he was ruthless in business.

Must have made your divorce settlement difficult.

I had a good lawyer, and I made out okay.

I'm financially set for the rest of my life.

I have no future claim on his estate, if that's what you're wondering.

With his death, who gets his money?

I have no idea.

You should talk to Morgan Hunt, his lawyer.

Have you ever been in a Rolls-Royce before?

The leather smells so good... and it's soft, like butter.

Get in.



So, you find anything?

I downloaded the nav-system to try to find out where the car has been.

But Tony's dad never turned it on.

It's an age thing.

You don't think that Senior could actually kill anybody, do you?

Well, Gibbs said to remain objective.

I suggest you do the same.

That's getting a little hard.


Senior said that he only drove the car from the rental place to the meeting and then to the hotel.

But then, when I compared the mileage on the odometer to the rental agreement, he drove 122 miles.

Where else did he go?

Here, come here.

I'm going back over the trace evidence to figure out where the murder occurred.

Lieutenant Massey had stains on his jacket and his pants that tested to be red wine.

The fragment Ducky pulled from his skull, it is glass.

Magnified, you can see the striations.

It was hand-blown, and it was stretched.

If I were a betting man, which I am not, I would wager that Lieutenant Massey was bludgeoned with a bottle of vintage wine.

This is Dean's will.

I'm filing it with the court tomorrow, and I can get you a copy after that.

But it's pretty simple.

All his assets are placed in trust.

Who is the beneficiary?

The Navy.

The Navy?

The proceeds go to various Navy charities.

Hospitals, veterans' organizations, scholarship funds.

The Navy was his life.

Bring me up to speed.

No way, Tony.

You know that I can't talk to you.

Don't make me hurt you.

If I say anything to you, Gibbs will kill me.

Okay, I get it. I just...

Give that back.

Give it back, give it back!

Give it back! Come on! Give it back!

You put a BOLO out on a Porsche?

Is it Massey's?

We checked out his residence.

There was no sign of a struggle, but one of his cars is missing.

You track Massey's whereabouts? Where he went after the Navy concert?

Tony, I'm not telling you anymore.

You check Senior's hotel room?

I cannot hear you, Tony.

Listen... this is my father, Tim.

Just give me something.

Your father's room was clear.

The pilot, Lieutenant Dennis, did his alibi check out?

Tony, you have to realize that we are working every angle possible.

But we're one very special agent short.

One more thing.

Where did Dennis claim to be?

Because I...

Tim, I told you Gibbs and Vance told me to stay away from the case. Sorry.

Not too tight, Dorney.

Hey, Junior, where you been?

What's going on here?

Your boss is a real sweetheart.

Came up with a way to keep me out of the slammer for the night.

GPS monitor?

Yes, sir.

Where are you spending the night?

My place.

Where you going, Chief?

What's the matter, Gibbs?

Don't trust me?

Standing watch?

No, I always rack here.

I had trouble sleeping.

I thought I'd get a glass of milk, or something stronger.

Well, I'll warm up some milk for you.

Yeah, right.

Booze is what got me into this mess.

You have low-fat?

Whole milk will be great.

I don't mean to be uncooperative.

It's just that I was so loaded last night that I don't remember anything.

You think there's a chance I killed Massey?

The funny thing is, I could always hold my liquor.

I know you and I haven't been the best of friends for the past couple years, but... why'd you stick your neck out for me?

Let me stay here?

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for your son.

He deserves better.

You're right, Gibbs.

He does.

I thought that, when this deal went through, I'd be set, I could retire.

No more hustling.

I'd be able to be the person I always pretended to be.

Leave some money for Junior.

Real money.

You don't get it.

Tony never wanted your money.

He wants a father.

You're looking much better, Anthony.

Nothing like a warm shower and clean change of clothes.

May I assume that you've worked on, living, breathing bodies before, Doc?

Once or twice.

Do we have to do this again?

Abby already drew blood.

That was for blood alcohol and a standard tox screen.

Gibbs wants a full panel.

But, let's start with this, shall we?

There's a restroom just around the corner.

I can handle this myself, Dorney.

How'd it go with my father last night?

Where is he?


You shot him.

Can't say I blame you.

You guys obviously put the fear of God into Lieutenant Dennis.

His lawyer called last night. He wants to make a deal.

He confessed?

Yes, but not to Lieutenant's murder.

He swears he had nothing to do with it.

His alibi checked.

We got tollbooth video and Smart Passes confirming his timeline.

Special Agent McGee.

Dennis came clean on the aircraft incident.

It was pilot error. He was hotdogging.

He even provided us with a cockpit recording he was hiding.


Virginia State Police found Massey's Porsche.


On a back road at the Stoney Ridge Development.

Things keeps getting worse for my old man.

Ziva, McGee. Go.

Gibbs sent me down to find out, what you found out.

What are you talking about?

That thing you're working on for him.

I'm not telling you anything about your father's case.

My lips are sealed.

Come on.

I'm just doing...

I'm desperate, Abby.

I'm sorry.

Now leave, and consider yourself banished.

What's this?

Your father's urine.

I'm going.

I heard Massey was bludgeoned with a vintage bottle of wine.

There were stains on his uniform.

I'm not helping.

Was it a Bordeaux?


McGee, over here!

What you got?

Could be the murder weapon.

Like father, like son.

Only person I ever saw mix decaf and regular like this is Tony.


You guys look alike, have the same mannerisms.

You must be really close.

He's very concerned about you.

You close with your father?

He died just before my first birthday.

I'm sorry.

He was a Detroit cop.

Got killed in a traffic accident.

Junior, where have you been?

Dorneget, take five.

Sir, we're out in the open, and if Gibbs comes by, I'm dead.

Junior, we have no secrets from Dorney.

It's not looking good, Dad.

Now, the family bottle of wine... did you bring it to DC?

How'd you know?

You like fine wine?

I don't drink.

Of course you don't.

1968 Ch√Ęteau Auclair.

I bought it the year that Junior was born.

Must be worth a fortune by now.

I've been saving it for a special occasion.

There is a good chance that that bottle was used as the murder weapon.

Junior... did I kill him?

Where's that bottle now?

The last time I saw it, it was in the Rolls.

I was taking the wine to the restaurant to celebrate the closing of the deal with you.

What restaurant? Because you never told me.

I was gonna take you to Halligan's Pub for a drink, and then to the Adams House for a rib-eye.

Did you go to either place?


I don't know.

Okay. All right.

What have you got?

Found the murder weapon.

The traces of blood on the bottle match the victim.

It's pricey.

Tire tracks found at the crime scene belong to the Rolls-Royce.

Anything else?

I got an AFIS match on a right thumbprint off the bottle.

We got motive, we got means and opportunity.

It's time to book him.

Good job.

FBI's on the way.

I'm sure you want to see Tony, but we can't find him.

Called his cell again, Boss. It's turned off.

No one has any idea where he is?

Sorry, we're not open till 5:00, my friend.

NCIS. Special Agent DiNozzo.

Look at you. You got to be Anthony's kid?

You know him?

My favorites.

Comes in whenever he's in town.

Was he here a couple nights ago?

Is he all right?

I was worried about him.


Usually he can hold his liquor, but, the other night, he had a couple of drinks... and he got wasted, and, I was going to call a cab, but then, this lady that he picked up offered to drive him back to his hotel in his car, and...

He may be getting up there, but he's still got a way with the women.

This woman that he left with... do you know her?

Never saw her before.

Can you describe her?


A lot younger than him.

Forties, I'd guess.

You have video surveillance in here?

Who doesn't these days? Right up there in the corner.

Great. I'm going to need to see it.

Let's go.

Wait! Wait!

My God. I'm so glad you're still here.

I don't think you killed anyone.


Don't take him!

I have no idea who you are, lady, but we're leaving.

Hold up.

I ran specific tox screens for several sedatives and benzodiazepines.

I got a hit.


A roofie. The date-rape drug.

Date rape?

Mr. DiNozzo's fingerprints were only on the barrel of the bottle, not on the neck, where you would grip it if you were gonna use it as a weapon.

That part was suspiciously wiped clean.

Boss, it's Tony. Where are you?

Never mind.

I'm e-mailing you a photo of a woman my father left a bar with.

I need you to I.D. her.

Come here.

You know her?

She's attractive.

I have absolutely no idea who she is.

She works at Massey's company.

Take off the cuffs.

You heard him.

I've been told we've met before.

Strange, I usually remember a pretty face.

We know that you left the bar with him night before last.

Did you slip me a roofie?

Is there a place we can talk?


You're at least an accomplice to Dean Massey's murder.

I was told no one would get hurt.

Who told you that?

Morgan Hunt.

What's going to happen to me?

Depends how cooperative you are.

I'd been working here for a year before Morgan and I started seeing each another.

We kept it quiet, but it started getting serious.

We talked about marriage.

What happened?

After the incident with Mr. DiNozzo, Morgan came to my office and told me that Mr. Massey was gonna try to shaft him, too.


Their confrontation's recorded.

As you know, every meeting in this room is.

Morgan asked me to erase his argument with Mr. Massey.

Did you?


But I kept a protective copy for myself, just in case either of them tried to mess with me.

I thought I was dealing with reputable people.

There's no one you can trust here.

Where's the copy?

On a flash drive in my office.

Get it. Ziva, go with her.

Going someplace, Morgan?


Just like you and Junior.

Coming up is what Morgan Hunt instructed his girlfriend to delete.

You know what? I think I'm gonna be just as tough with you.

What are you talking about?

Your employment contract's expired.

I'm not renewing it. I've found a new lawyer.

He's younger, more aggressive.

I'm also removing you as the executor of my estate.

You b*st*rd.

The Navy gets the proceeds of Massey's estate, but the executor fees that Hunt stood to collect would be north of seven figures a year.

Sounds like a motive.

Hunt's secretary confessed to drugging DiNozzo driving him out to the golf course. Hunt lured Massey out there, killed him with the wine bottle.

So, how do we handle our predicament?

What predicament?

Agent DiNozzo disobeyed direct orders from both of us.

He stuck his nose in the case. What are you gonna do?

Ignore it.

That's what I figured.

What's the matter?

My old man did it again.

I went by the hotel to see him... he's gone. Checked out.

Did I get a phone call?

Didn't even tell me.

Shouldn't be surprised.

What am I gonna do with that guy?

He makes me crazy!

I should be really pissed off with him.

So why aren't you?

I really thought I was gonna lose him there for a second.

And as crazy as he makes me...

I do love the guy.

The pathetic thing is I've never been able to tell him.

Consider it done, Junior.

Dad, what are you doing here?

When the deal fell through, I couldn't afford the hotel, and Gibbs offered me a room.

You're staying in town?

Thursday is Thanksgiving.

I wanted to be with you.

Do something with this, Junior.

Want an apron?