16x24 - Daughters

You take every case personally, too.

(quietly): Enough.

- No, Rule Ten-- it's B.S.

"Never get personally involved on a case."

Rule Ten served as a firewall to your feelings.

They're both dead.

FRANKS: Your wife and daughter died in the crash.

MAN: I'm terribly sorry, Jethro.

(thunder cracks)

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

(both grunt)

You expose this witness, it ends me.

FBI Agent Tobias Fornell.

You think there's anything you could say that would surprise us?

I killed the man who killed my family.

- You're barely hanging on.

VANCE: Gibbs! It's Fornell.

You need to get to Mercy Point Hospital fast.

(tires screeching)

(panting): You're gonna miss the turn.

(horn honking)

(tires screeching)



Need a little more warning next time!

You're gonna be okay, Fornell.

We're almost there.

I've never seen anyone this blue before.



We need help!

In the back!

Come on.

Hurry, hurry.

Okay, we're at the hospital.

You're going to be fine.

- What happened?

- I don't know.

Uh, one second she's laughing, and the next, she's laying on the ground.

What's her name?


Emily Fornell.

- Emily?

SPENCER: Come on...

Can you hear me?



I can't find a pulse.

Call the cardiac team.

Counting for chest compressions.

One, two, three...





You're here.

Thank you.

Thank God.

Hey, we came as soon as we heard.

Where's Emily, huh?

Hey, Jack.

With the doctors.

What happened?

She was at some college party.

I guess she collapsed.

They said she was blue, Gibbs.


- And what are they saying now?

- They don't know.

It could be anything between a bee sting and a pulmonary embolism.

Her lungs are fine, but we finished running her blood, and...

She's gonna be okay?

We've stabilized her, yes, but she is still in critical condition.

I want to see her.

Of course.

- You family?

- Uncle.

Then you should probably come with.


I'm here, baby.

I'm here.

Why is she on a ventilator?

She wasn't getting enough oxygen.

I thought you said it wasn't her lungs.


We were able to rule out a pulmonary event rather quickly.

So what is it?

Has your daughter undergone any surgeries recently?


Been prescribed any medication for any pain syndromes?


You got something to say, say it.

Your daughter overdosed on opioids.


Where did you get your medical degree?

I know it's a hard thing to hear, but right now we've got bigger problems.

Bigger than telling me that my daughter is a dope addict?


I never suggested she's an addict, but that's a tomorrow problem.

Right now we have a right-now problem.

She's not responding to naloxone.

- It's a drug that we use...

- I know what it is!

Something you give to dope addicts.

She appears to be allergic.

It's caused a cascade response in her vascular system.

That's interfering with her sinus rhythm.

What does that mean?

We are walking a very fine line.

Too much antidote, and we could stop your daughter's heart.

Too little, and she could asphyxiate.


You have to prepare yourself for the possibility she won't survive the night.

- No.

But rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to...

Everything in our power?!

Hey, hey.

Then why are you the only one standing here?

Why is my little girl alone in this room when you've got a whole building full of brainiacs with medical degrees?

Mr. Fornell...

And how many more at home sleeping?

So why don't you wake their sorry asses up and tell them to get in here and figure this out?

Do you hear me?

All hands on deck!

So no more standing around.

Get to work.

And save my daughter's life!

Look, I'm not gonna press charges.

I appreciate it.

I get it.

I really do.

And he looks like he's calmed down now.

It won't happen again.

No, it won't.

If he wants to be let back inside, he's gonna need to leave his bazooka at home.

Hey, how's she doing?

- Same.

Sloane's with her.

- And Fornell?


We should probably hang on to this for a while.

We stopped by that college party like you asked.

TORRES: And talked to Emily's friends.

BISHOP: They said there's no way she would have taken anything.

They think maybe her drink was spiked.

Apparently that's been happening a lot on her campus lately.

So not an overdose.

A crime.

It's not our jurisdiction, but we alerted Campus P.D.

They're all over it.

FORNELL: I said I want them all.

Is something wrong with your hearing?

Yeah, I heard you, but the answer's no.

There a problem?


I would like to buy my daughter some flowers, and this jackass is giving me a hard time.

He wants them all.

I told Grumpelstiltskin here he's more than welcome to purchase up to two.

And you are more than welcome to take those two and shove them up your...

- Tobias, hey, come on.

- Two.

- Come on.

- Sorry.

- Let's go.

I'm not really!

What kind of hospital pharmacy has a limit on flower arrangements?

It wasn't an overdose.

She was drugged.

I suppose that should make me feel better.

Except now I want my gun back.

Campus P.D.

-- they're on it.

Campus P.D.

Wouldn't trust them to write a jaywalking ticket.

Gibbs, I know you haven't been playing with a full deck lately, but you need to get your ass down to...

And you need to get your head in the game.

Emily needs you, Tobias.

Your daughter needs you.

What you need to do is go upstairs right now and sit by her bed.

And I'm gonna go home and pick up some clothes for you.

And you're not gonna yell at anybody, and you're not gonna shoot anybody.

Got it?

Got it.

Where you going now?

To find some nail polish.


DIANE: Yeah, that's a great idea.

I mean, it's not like Tobias has a drinking problem or anything.

Go ahead and shoot.

See if I care.

I'm already dead.

Oh, and thanks for that, by the way.

Ruined my favorite wool coat.

Got blood all over it.


This is not happening.

(laughing): Yes.

Yeah, it's happening.

The question you really have to ask yourself is, what's happening?

Yeah, I'm asking.

Here's a hint.

You're talking to your dead ex-wife.

It's usually a red flag.

But the real question is, what are you doing being a cabana boy instead of going to find the punk who dosed my little girl?


Excuse me!

Tobias doesn't need your old boxers.

He needs you on the job.

This case is not even NCIS jurisdiction.

How did you ever father a child with such a little, tiny, shriveled....?

I am not doing this.

I'm not doing this.

Looks like we might be doing this.

Why does this stairwell smell like burnt cheese?

What do you want from me?

I want what my other ex-husband wants.

I want you to find the guy who drugged our daughter.

It's not that simple.

Oh, you have got to let this Rule Ten nonsense go.

So you're personally involved in the case.

Big deal.

You also have no fashion sense.

Life goes on.

When you get personally involved, you make mistakes.

No, that is just a big fat excuse for the real problem here, and you know it.

You are running, Jethro.

You're running scared.

So you need to ask yourself-- are you a man or a mouse?

'Cause if you're a man, get your head in the game!

I want Emily Fornell's case.

Took you long enough.

I already wasted too much time.

All right, well, I'll skip my prepared speech and go right to the highlight reel.


Leon, whoever drugged her is still out there.

They did it before.

They are gonna do it again.

Almost a dozen cases last month.

Next time could be a lot worse.

As much as I would love to unleash you on the b*st*rd that did this to Emily, I cannot sanction it.

- Come on!

- Gibbs, your personal connection to this case is bad enough, and with the lack of jurisdiction, that's a good way to get us all fired and probably worse.


Jurisdiction-- or in Latin, iuris dicende causa-- the administration of justice.

It came into use in the latter part of the th century...

- Skip ahead, Duck.

Ah, right.

Last year the owner of the property where the alleged criminal act occurred hired a contractor to add a second story.

Unfortunately, the contractor sued the property owner for fraud.

That case is now in court.


Last month, however, this same contractor was hired, but this time on a Navy off-base house.

I see.

So, now...

this Navy contractor is in a legal dispute...


You had me at iuris dicende causa. Yes, it's within our purview to investigate when one of our contractors is involved in a criminal probe.

However tangential.

We good to go?

Torres, talk to any other victims.

Bishop, McGee, interview everyone who was at the party.

(phone rings)

See if there's any cell phone footage.



On it.

Tell Sloane to work up a profile on our suspect.

Is everything okay?

What do you think that was about?


Maybe he got a Chapsnat.

(laughing): I'm not kidding, Dad.

I hate flowers.

You never got the memo?

What kind of self-respecting girl does not like flowers?

That's sexist, twice over.

Hi, Uncle Gibbs.

Hi, Em.

Feeling better?

Fine, actually.

One minute she looks like death warmed over...

- Hey!

- and the next she is critiquing my interior decorating skills.

EMILY: The doctor said they found the sweet spot with the naloxone.

I just...

can't believe this happened to me.

- Forget about that.

- I'm so careful, too.

Do you know who did it?


Not yet.

But we're going to.

Torres is on it.

We can forget about that, too.

You're gonna be okay.

That's what's important.

Uh, when you going home?

One more test and she's all yours.


EMILY (chuckles): I can walk.

What happened to my toes?

GIBBS: Looks like your father happened.

I was just returning the favor.

You touch my feet again, and I'm filing a restraining order.


What was with the ?

So, Vance gave you jurisdiction?

Well, yeah, but it sounded like you don't want our help.

Oh, I want.

This-- This opioid thing.

Always made me crazy, but now it's personal.

Right there with you.

Some punk drugged my little girl.

Some dealer sold that punk the drugs.

Promise me that we will get them.

Every single last one of them.

Yeah, right there with you.

The chemist who made the drugs, his mom, her dog walker, and screw probable cause and warrants.

We're gonna find them wherever they are, and we're gonna put a bullet in their heads.

I know this is just the fight you've been itching for.

Promise me.

Promise me we're gonna get them all.

So you didn't actually see the guy who spiked Emily's drink?

I didn't see him do it, no, but Olivia and Hannah said they did.

ALEXIS: Uh, tall guy.

Was lurking around her all night.

Had a nose ring.

Do you have a name?

No, but, Spencer, you talked to him?

Just for a second.

ALEXIS: Can't believe this happened to Emily.

She doesn't drink, doesn't smoke.

Is she gonna be okay?


She's already home from the hospital.

McGEE: But this could've been a whole lot worse.

Is there anything else you guys can think of?




Care to try that answer again?

I found this...

by the bar when we were cleaning up this morning.

Is there a reason you didn't mention this sooner?

Because it could be anybody's.

And we didn't want to get the wrong person in trouble.

- But...

- But...

it's possible the person who spiked Emily's drink dropped this.

And we definitely want to get him in trouble.

Well, if this is what I think it is, someone's definitely getting in trouble.

Starting with you two, if I find out you're withholding any other evidence.

Seven of the victims on her campus were able to give us descriptions of the guy they think drugged them.

- How many had nose rings?

- One.

That's our guy.

Yeah, now all we got to do is just find him.

And I can help with that.

I analyzed the pill Emily's friend found at the party.

It has the exact same chemical composition as the opioid she was drugged with.

Our guy must've dropped it.

Any DNA?

Uh, nothing usable.


through the magic of chemical science, I still have a lead.

The pill is not pharmaceutical grade.

Take a look at the optical isomers...


Yeah, we're not gonna do that.

Oh, right, I forgot.

You're both Level IIs.

Bottom line, this is a bootleg drug.

And if we can figure out where this drink-spiking jerk got it...

It might lead back to him.

Kase, good work.

Torres, BOLO on the pill.

See if it shows up in any other drug busts.

And don't mention any of this to Fornell.

Copy that.


Level II?


"Fifth-grade science or lower"?

Okay, I'll take that.

Why can't we mention this to Fornell?

Well, what would your dad do to some guy who tried to drug you?

Probably the same thing that you'd do if someone tried to do that to Bishop.

(doorbell rings) Here.

You're late.

Meatloaf is getting cold.

It wasn't much better warm.

You're more than welcome to cook our next meal.


Have a date rape straw.

It can detect five common sedatives.

A gift from my helicopter parent.

Sounds like a smart parent.

Well, can you please tell him that I'm fine?

It happened, it's over.

I would like to put this behind me.

He is right here.

And the best defense is a good offense.

Says the man who put a five-pound dongle on my key chain.

- Yeah.

Pepper spray.

It'll stop a bear.


Almost forgot.



DIANE: For once I'm with Tobias.

Back him up.

Back him up, or I'm gonna set up shop in your bathroom.

Bears can be dangerous.

Good boy.

FORNELL: Like it?

It's a blinding flashlight.

, lumens.

It'll stop a bear, too.

That's it.

I'm leaving.

I have a student newspaper meeting in an hour.

I'll walk you to the car.

I'll go with.

Nobody's coming with.

I can walk myself to my car.

And any bear that gets in my way is a dead man.


It was a hell of a lot easier when I could solve all of her problems by just taking her in my arms and singing "Hush, Little Baby." Ooh!

She forgot the stun gun.




So you're just gonna ignore me now?

Pedro Hernandez.

You never answered Tobias's question.

Are you gonna get them?

- Get who?

- Don't play dumb.

The punk who drugged my little girl.

The dealer who gave the punk the drugs.

- My team's working on it.

- Your team?


Yeah, your team has to follow the rules.

Sometimes the bad guy gets away when you follow the rules.

He hasn't gotten away yet.

If it comes to it, are you going to do for my baby what you did for yours?

What do you want from me?

I want to know who you are!

I don't know who I am!

Who are you talking to?


Yes, you were.

And you had...

I don't know.

Your tone.

It was familiar.

It was the Diane tone.

Were you having a conversation with our dead ex-wife?


Look, it's perfectly normal.

People talk to deceased family members all the time.

You can be honest about it.

Is that what you were doing?

Yeah, maybe.

(laughing): Oh, my God.

You-- you're really going crazy.

(phone ringing)

Going totally crazy.

And you've got Diane stuck in your head.

Yeah, it's Gibbs.


No, that's Fornell.

(laughing continues)

He's fine.


All right.

Be there.

I'm fine.

You're not fine.

GIBBS: Where is he? Over here.

Police found him passed out.

Looks like a drug overdose.

Paramedics revived him with naloxone.

They found these in his pocket.

Same triangle mark as the pill Emily was drugged with.

Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.

Need to ask a few questions.

Can you take the cuffs off him?

No, this guy's going to jail.

What's the charge?

Possession of a narcotic without a prescription.

Was he dealing?


Cuffs stay on.

You got two minutes.

What'd you want to ask me?

You got a family?

I did.

My wife didn't want the kids to see me like this, so...

I'm trying to get clean.

I am.

It's just...

When you're ready...

call me.

So, what'd you really want to ask me?

Where'd you get these?

The guy's name is Professor Ralphie.

That's what everyone calls him, anyway.

Lives by the campus.

Sells to all the kids.

You got an address?

I'll even draw you a map.

(hip hop playing inside)


Open up.

He was a pharmaceutical rep.

Lost his job for skimming meds.

(sighing): Oh, for Pete's sake.

Are you waiting for an invitation?

Kick it in.

Maybe this'll help.

♪ When I stepped in the game, all of you knew my name ♪

♪ When I leave, I'll be good long as I got same... ♪


GIBBS: Nose ring.

It's our guy.

I'll check the back.


Hi, Uncle Gibbs.

EMILY: If I had known Ralphie was in trouble, I would've called .

The foam cone around his nose suggests anoxia following pulmonary edema.

In layman's terms, that is...

Heroin overdose.

I don't get it.

He told me he doesn't touch the stuff.

Needle in his arm suggests otherwise.

Dust for prints.

What are you gonna tell my dad?

Question is, what are you gonna tell him?

It's not what you think.

I just came by to pick up a little something, and Ralphie invited me to party, so I stayed.

So he didn't spike your drink the other night, did he?

Is he your boyfriend?


He's your dealer.

FORNELL: Your what?

Your dealer?

- My daughter has a dealer?

- Dad, calm down.

Oh, Dad is not calming down.

Then back off.

He's just a friend.

Everything is under control.


Almost dying in the ER one day and getting high with a corpse the next is your idea of "under control"?

What does out of control look like?

You need help, Emily.

My life is none of your business.

None of my what?

I am the only parent that you have left, in case you didn't notice.

- How dare you?


You get back here.

Boss, we got a problem.

You think?

No, the syringe.

There's no prints on it.

It's been wiped clean.

JIMMY: Yeah, and check this out.

I found a secondary injection point.

Looks like he was jabbed from behind.

Gibbs, I think this crime scene was staged.

This wasn't an accidental overdose.

- It was a murder.

SPENCER: A what?

What are you doing here?

I live here.

You live with an opioid dealer who's got a nose ring?

That slip your mind when we talked this morning?

SPENCER: Do these handcuffs have to be so tight?


This is all a big misunderstanding.


Can't wait to hear all about it.

DIANE: Me, too.

(whispering): You got to be kidding me.

Sorry, what's that, boss?

You got to be kidding me that this is all a big misunderstanding.

Yeah, that's real smooth, Woodchuck.

Excuse me, boss.

Nice watch, McGee.


Let's go.

- You coming?

- No.

I am most definitely not coming.

All right.

- What now?

- What now?

You mean, besides my daughter being a drug addict?

And I blame you.


You're a piece of work, Diane!

When I was killed, Tobias needed you more than anything, and where were you?

I was right here.

Yeah, "right here," getting him fired from the FBI.

He was a single father trying to raise a teenage girl all by himself, struggling with alcoholism, and you take away the one thing that was keeping him stable?

- And now look what happened.

- I know what happened.

Y-You don't think that I know?

- Oh, blah, blah, blah.

- Not a day goes by that I don't think about what happened.

Yada, yada, yada, tell it to the judge.


What are we doing here?

You still haven't answered Tobias's question.

And now you haven't answered mine.

- Which is what?

- Somebody got my baby hooked on drugs.

And now she's wrapped up in a murder?

You got a question in there somewhere?


If your badge can't get this guy, are you gonna get him anyway?

This is all your fault.

You owe Tobias.

You owe all of us.


(chuckles): I heard about your famous elevator talks, and, and I was walking by, a-and I thought I heard...

Yeah, but you're alone, so, uh...

You know what?

I'm just gonna stand here with my eyes closed until you walk away.

Where you been?

Impounding Ralphie's car.

Where's Emily?

I don't know, she won't talk to me.

But I need to find out where this started, who gave her that first pill.

You don't go straight to dealers.

So I figured I'd come where the action was.


Okay, what do we know on the victim?/ Um...

(clears throat)

Before Professor Ralphie was a pharmaceutical rep, he was a student at Emily's college.

Pharmacy school, which he flunked out of.


BISHOP: Other than a few jaywalking tickets, he's managed to stay under the radar.

TORRES: Not much in his credit card statements.

Then again, dealers are mostly cash.

Actually, I...


Actually, I should go.

Try to talk to Emily again.

Maybe she knows something.

Okay, who killed him?

Rival dealer?

Maybe a drug buy gone bad?

Oh, my gut says, if we want to find Ralphie's killer, we find out where he was getting his supply.

What do you want from me?

We want to know where Ralphie was getting his supply.

I don't know.

I put an ad on the school website for a roommate.

Ralphie answered.

I, I hardly know the guy.

Please don't play dumb.

It's so unattractive.

I'm not playing, okay?

I'm an art major.

My brother was the smart one.

Well, then, maybe you should call him up and have him explain to you obstruction of justice.

Wh-What did I obstruct?

Well, for starters, you told me that Olivia and Hannah saw someone spike Emily's drink.

McGEE: Except we spoke to both of them, and they never said that.

Maybe I heard wrong.

Or maybe you knew that Emily had a drug problem.

And you were covering up for her because you knew that it would lead back to you.

(laughs): O-Okay, you guys are way off base.

Sure, I knew Emily was using, but I didn't know how bad it had gotten.

I would have never introduced her to Ralphie if I'd known.

Okay, your "get out of obstruction" card is about to expire.

Where does your roommate get his supply?

Going once...

...going twice.

- Whoa-- hey, hey.

He got his supply from some pill-happy doctor that Emily had introduced him to.

Do you have a name?


I-I swear.

But... his office was in Littleton.

He was a podiatrist, I think?

Hey, hello there.

I'm Dr. Berman.

- Tobias Fornell.

- Yeah.

So, uh, my nurse tells me that you're suffering from a little, uh, hammertoe?

Been a problem for years.

Oh, okay, well, let's take a look at it, shall we?

By any chance, does my last name sound familiar to you? Fornell?

No, but, uh, my nurse tells me that you're a new patient.

I am, but my daughter used to come here.

I dropped her off a few times.

Her name's Emily.

Doesn't ring a bell.

Your foot is perfectly normal, Mr. Fornell.


Oh, there is absolutely nothing normal about me, trust me.

(both chuckle)

I'm here because I saw your name on a credit card statement belonging to a drug dealer.

(laughs): I'm not sure I'm following.


A drug dealer...

...who's been selling drugs to my daughter.

It's funny, isn't it, that both she and he should go to the same pill-happy doctor.

It's what we call in the biz a coincidence.

Except maybe it's not.

You following?


You'll have to excuse me.

Oh, I will not.

I will not excuse you.

I will never excuse you.

Well, no, so I'm confused.

Did you find the doctor or not?

Well, it wasn't that hard.

There was one podiatrist in Littleton, but there was a small problem.


Uh, Fornell beat us to him.

He must have seen something in the squad room that tipped him off.

How bad?

We got there just in time, but Fornell was getting ready to waterboard the guy.

The doc said he's not gonna press charges...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know the drill.

BERMAN: I have done nothing wrong. Your daughter came to me and she was in pain, so I treated her.

She had a bone spur, you prescribed her opioids?

- Oh, thank God.

- What do you do for a hangnail, morphine?

Fornell asked me to review his daughter's medical records.

I think I made things worse.

- Tobias.

- Have you ever heard of aspirin?

Tobias, calm down.

Everybody else, sit down.

Special Agent Gibbs.

I only have one question for you.

You know that guy?

Sit down.

Do you know that guy?

Look, your agents have already told me about your concerns, but I can assure you, I have never prescribed anyone enough opioids for them to start dealing, much less this guy.

You got my little girl hooked on drugs.

- I saw him once.

JIMMY: Okay, all right.

It says here you were Luna Bay Labs' top prescriber in the district?

Got a free trip to Cancun.

Her friends said that she'd never touched the stuff until you prescribed it.

And for what?

To work on your tan?

Everything I've done is perfectly legal, so if your drug dealers are selling drugs, they're getting it from someplace else.

And-- yeah, and you are free to audit my records if you don't believe me.

(knocking on door)


You done auditing those records?

What's taking you so long?

Working on it.

Thought you and Emily were seeing Dr.

Grace tonight.

She won't go.

Found out today she hasn't been to class in weeks.

Her school doesn't even have a student newspaper.

Gibbs, how did I miss this?

How did I totally and completely miss this?

Everybody did.

The harder I try to help her, the more I'm driving her away.

I am over my head.

I don't know what to do.

I need...

I need her mother.

What are the chances you're really talking to...?


No way.

- Just ask her what I should do.

- No.

Tobias, it's not gonna happen.

And tell me what she says.

Easy peasy.

Tobias, look, I'm not really talking to Diane.

I just...

You're losing your mind?

Fine, I'll take that.

Because I'm losing my daughter, and you know what that will do to me, so if there's...

if there is even a one-out-of-a-thousand chance that you are talking to our ex-wife, then humor me.

I beg you because I'm at the end of my rope.

Jethro, tell me what sh-she says I should do, please.



- She says...

DIANE: What?


Nice to know things don't change.

Well, certainly not that sweater.

God, I told you to get rid of that years ago.

What do I do, Diane?

Stop trying to do anything.

Take off your Mr.

Fix-It hat and just be there for your daughter.

That's not very actionable.

Emily doesn't need action right now, she just needs her father, not solutions.

You just be...

her father.

I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.

I'm sorry I didn't answer the phone that night.

(phone rings)



McGEE: Boss, hey.

We finished auditing that doctor's records.


He was telling the truth.

He wasn't prescribing enough pills for Ralphie to deal.

Ralphie was prescribing them to himself.

Yeah, looks like Ralphie stole a prescription pad from the doctor's office, has been forging scripts.

And then was getting them filled with a pharmacist who was willing to look the other way.

Got a name, bring 'em in.


Time to buy some more flowers.

You're kidding me.

The flower Nazi?


Thank you.

Don't mention it, and by that, I mean...

Never mention it.

I know.

You had to know the prescriptions Ralphie was bringing you were forged.

I mean, tens of thousands of pills from the same doctor?

You can't prove what I know.

I can prove that the syringe that was used to killed Ralphie was sold in your store.

Yeah, I sell a lot of syringes.

So, what's funny about this one is that the murderer tried to, uh, wipe it of its prints, but you know what he forgot?

It's not my problem.

He forgot to wipe the needle, so we were able to pull touch DNA, and it was yours, in fact, which kind of makes it your problem now.

Just in time.

He is about to sing like a bird.

Look, it-it was an accident, okay?

Who's Grumpelstiltskin now?

I-I got worried when NCIS started poking around.

I went to warn Ralphie, and things just got out of hand.

And that's case closed, gentlemen.

This case, yeah, but if you want to kill the snake, you got to cut off the head.


...we gonna go all the way or not?

Don't forget the date.

What now?

Look, it really was an accident.

Where'd you get the pills you sold to Ralphie?

Same place I get all my pills, from the pharmaceutical companies.

- No.

Emily Fornell had counterfeit opioids in her blood.

Which means that you were filling Ralphie's forged prescription with gray market pills.

Pills that were coming across the border from Canada, so I hear.

From who?

Sounds like Gibbs been working a side project.

I want a name.

No way.

You're going to prison for murder.

You do not want to mess with this guy.

Oh, yeah, I do.

Yeah, I do.

Trust me.

Well, I don't.

Maybe I go to prison, maybe I-I get off.

You're not gonna get off.

I give you that name, I'm a dead man.

You are already dead.


I'm going back to my dorm.

I just came by to pick up a few things.

- We need...

- To see Dr. Grace?

No, we don't, but maybe you do.

If you think so.

There's nothing wrong with me.

And nothing that needs to be fixed.

And there's nothing for you to do.

All I need from you is for you to leave me alone!

(softly): I need help, Daddy.

I know.


I'm so sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

Me, too, baby.

Me, too.

I love you so much.

- Your mother, too.

- I know.

She told me.

When I was in the hospital, I had a dream that I saw her.

She said she loved me to the moon and back and that Gibbs's house smelled like burnt cheese.


Yeah, we got him.

And I didn't have to get all Pedro Hernandez on anybody, either.

Except you're not done with this one yet, are you?

Why are you here?

Aside from me losing my mind.

Oh, please, you were never that sane to begin with.

But why now?

Because you needed a kick in the pants to take this case.

Remind me why again?

When you get personally involved, you make mistakes.


Except you and I both know that that rule is crap.

The reason that you don't want to get personally involved is that you're afraid to feel, Jethro.

Ever since your family was killed, you shut yourself off so you wouldn't have to get hurt again.

And work, the one place where you were really alive, well, couldn't have that, so you had to build up walls there, too.

And that is the reason that I am really here, Jethro, 'cause now those walls are starting to crumble.

You're starting to let people in again, and it is scary and, for someone like you, dangerous.

So you reached out for help.


I'm just talking to myself.

Yeah, maybe, but at least you're talking.

And when you're ready to talk some more, we're all here for you, inside.

All you got to do is ask.

You don't have to face the danger alone.

(clattering upstairs)

All right, what now?

Hello, Gibbs.

No time for pleasantries.

You're in danger.

Well, aren't you gonna say something?