02x03 - Critical Condition

Better not go shooting with your brothers anymore.

You'll show 'em up.

They need to be put in their place from time to time.

Still out-shoot us all, though.

Well, targets don't shoot back.

You miss the job, don't you?

What I probably miss is the idea of it, not the reality.

So, rumor has it, you're getting out more often.

You seeing anybody?

Who ratted me out?

I have my sources.



She doesn't want her mom to be lonely.

The only time I felt lonely is when I was married to her father.

And how is your ex-husband?


(subway cars clacking on tracks)

What's the matter, you nervous?

I been through worse than this.

MAN: Yeah, right.

MAN 2: Nervous is fine.

Keeps you on your toes.

But if you're scared, we have a problem.

Let's go.

All right, before we hit the streets, let's say hi to our new cop here, Officer Luisa Sosa, who made

72 collars her rookie year.

I guess that could even be a new record.

It is.

Well, there you have it.

She joins us from the 2-9. How about it?

(applause and cheering)

Okay, be careful out there today.

MAN: Let's do it.

(banging on podium)

All right?

Oh, hey, Reagan, little change in plans.

You ride with Sosa.

You guys are running Bingo Bags today.

Reagan, nice to see you.

How you doing?

What? You two know each other.

Academy. Academy.

Nice. A reunion.

You can work together and catch up.

I want you both in plain clothes.

And you get her up to speed, okay, college boy?

Okay, you got it, Sarge. All right.

So, how's married life with the Harvard honey?

Oh, it didn't quite have the fairy-tale ending.

Count your blessings.


Well, that's two surprises.

I'm single. What else?

You're still in the bag. I figured Daddy would have you commanding a detective squad by now.

Uh, I turned it down, hoping to work Bingo Bags with you someday.

Well, I'm glad that worked out for you.

Mm-hmm. So, what's Bingo Bags?

A great way to ruin somebody's day.

Come on, let's get changed.

(quiet whimpering, crying)

MAN: Shh...


(hostages gasping)

...just need a few more minutes of your time.

Then we'll be out of your lives.

Anybody moves, it'll be the last thing you do on this earth.

You got something you want to say, Rabbi?

WOMAN: Do as he says!


Almost done back there?

I'm coming. I'm coming!

(grunts, people scream)


(people screaming)




(excited chatter)


(siren blaring)

Help me.

Somebody, please.

(siren blaring, tires squealing)


(sirens blaring)



(sirens blaring)

You have a briefing on the new Impact Zone deployment, the Borough Presidents' meeting, and then your train leaves for Washington.

I have printed out your remarks for the Senate hearing on gun violence.

Did the report come in on the shooting out in Rockaway last night?

It'll be here for you to review on the train to D.C.

And DCPI should be... here.

(indistinct voices on TV)

Another smiling face.

We have a botched bank robbery that's morphed into a hostage situation.


Baker, cancel the Washington trip.

I can testify some other time.

It's a great country, isn't it?

A Mick flatfoot from Brooklyn gets invited to stand before the most august body in the land.

And you weren't even subpoenaed.

Thanks for the perspective. What else?

Danny caught the case.

Garrett, it has been a decade since I was in the business of assigning detectives.

This is a tabloid city, Frank. They'll make a meal of it.

Then it's small potatoes.

I have no control over who gets these cases.

They don't buy it.


(siren blaring)

(garbled radio transmission)

(indistinct shouting)

(garbled radio transmission)

OFFICER: Yes, sir...

(siren blaring)

It's a real junkie-with-a-note robbery.

They compromised the alarm system, they knocked out the video feeds.

Then they bypassed the electronic vault lock.

Have any idea how big the crew is?

Three perps.

According to witnesses, two of them bolted.

Their van is gone.

One of them was shot.

By who? A customer.

The bank manager says it was a diamond dealer, licensed to carry.

He in turn was shot for his effort.

Is he alive?

Based on what witnesses say, we believe so. MAN: - Hey, Captain.

Hey, you know Jack Condo, one of our negotiators?

Hey. Regular Dog Day Afternoon here, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Do you have any information on the guy inside?

No, nothing, Danny. He's not responding.

TARU's capturing the phone lines, so if he calls out, he's only gonna get us.

We've got a command center setting up out back.

Meanwhile, we got the place on lockdown, we got an entry team ready to roll, snipers in position, ready to line up a shot.

Yeah, unless I can talk him out first.

Either that, or I lay him out.

Okay, well, while you two figure that out, we got two desperadoes running around town with guns in their hands.

Can you keep us posted on any information you get from the inside? It could help us find out who these guys are.

Sure thing. Thanks, guys.

JACKIE: - Hey.


We, uh, got a description of the van and a partial plate.

Plus, check this out.

Came from a security camera on a building next door.

With the masks and gloves on, it's hard to make anything out.

Is that a tattoo?

I think so. If we blow it up, I'm sure we can see what it says.

All right, well, let's try and get...

WOMAN: Help! Help!

He's got a gun!

He's got a gun!

Come on.

Hold it! Hold it!

There's blood everywhere!

What's going on? Come here. Come here.

What's going on? He's in the back.


Where is he? Where is he with the gun? Gun?

Back. In back.


Well, now we're down to hunting one mutt.

Yeah. Well, he died with a gun in his hands.

His mother will be proud.

What, you know this guy?

Yeah, Vinny Vario.

He's from the West Side.

He's been pulling heists since he was ten years old.

You know who he works with?

No, but I know somebody who does.

Why don't you sit tight here, feed me anything that happens, all right?

I'm gonna make a date. Yeah.


This is my date.

This important?

I got tickets for the ballet.

Bumped into a friend of yours.

He looks like crap.


He actually looks better dead.

Yeah. He had a little mishap at the bank.

You have any idea what he was up to?

Who he was working with?

He came to me maybe two weeks ago, said he was looking to put a crew together.

Why'd he come to you?

Wanted to talk me out of retirement.

Ah, and you don't give me a heads up, let me know something might be going down?

Crime prevention is your bailiwick, Detective, not mine.

And besides, I ain't got no crystal ball.

At least 20 jobs get planned for every one that happens.

Okay, all right. Did any names come up?

No, no names. He did mention the guy that brought him the job was new to the racket.

You saying, Vario was working with an amateur?

That's the way it sounded to me.

Looks like that came back to bite him in the ass.

(engine starting)

You're welcome. Yeah.

(siren blaring, garbled radio transmission)

(phone ringing)


You had to be a hero.


Please, I need to go to a hospital.

Let me see.

All right.

Aren't you going to answer that?

(woman whimpering)

Come out of there.

I'm not gonna hurt you.


Come on.

Please, I don't want any trouble.


Get over by him.

He needs to go to a hospital.

What, are you a doctor or a bank clerk?

I dropped out of nursing school.


See what you can do for him.

(man groaning, phone ringing)


Thanks for answering.

Okay to go.

I'm Jack.

How's it going in there, huh?

We're, uh... we're getting ready to play pinochle.

CONDO: Okay.

Can I get you anything? A deck of cards?

How about, uh, five million in 20s and a helicopter?

Okay, so you want money and transportation.

So how's it go?

Now you give me 20 bucks and a skateboard and tell me you gave me everything I asked for?

Save it.

Look, we have a situation here.

I'm just trying to help you resolve it.

At least tell me your name.

Call me Ishmael.

(dial tone)

All right, now what?

It's 98 in the shade today.

We turn off the air-conditioning, decrease his comfort level.

Then I keep dialing.

Last one of these took 28 hours.

So the decoy leaves a bag with valuables in it on a bench, and if someone comes along and takes it, we collar them for petit larceny?

That's about it. Theory is, people committing smaller crimes also commit the big ones or know people who do.

Yeah, broken windows, blah, blah, blah.

But I love it.

Yeah, I figured you would.

You got a problem with this, Reagan?

Just that it's borderline entrapment.

Come on, you take something that doesn't belong to you, you're a perp.

Or did you miss that class at the academy?

(indistinct chatter)


All right.

Come on, come on.

Here we go.

Oh, man, yo, there is a purse in here, man.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yeah, hold, hold on a beat, Dirty Harry.

First we roll the scooter by, give 'em a chance to turn the bag in.

No way these hippity-hop mopes turn it in.

They think they won the lottery.

Hey, yo, Officer.

Yeah, I found this.

Where'd you find this at? Right there on the bench.

OFFICER: Just sitting there?

MAN: Just sitting there.

Damn. What do you know?

MAN: Take it in?

MAN 2: Yo, do we get a reward or no?

SNIPER: Captain, I have a shot.

CONDO: Stand by.

(phone line ringing)

(helicopter hovering)

(phones ringing)

Why don't you just tell them what you want?

Because what I want... they can't give it to me.

Yeah, well, you keep this up and we're going to lose him.

(phones ringing)

Hey, friend, you want to turn the AC back on?

I'm worried about the injured hostage, Ishmael.

You send him out and we'll talk about air-conditioning.

Yeah, don't worry about him.

He's definitely not likely.

The round went through his shoulder... all meat, no bones, no arteries.

You're not a doctor, Ishmael, you can't be sure.

Just turn on the damn air-conditioning.

DANNY: Are you sure that's what he said?

Yeah, "not likely," like in not likely to die.

You ever hear anyone say that but a cop?

No, only on this job do we use a negative to describe a positive.

All right, so he's using police jargon.

The negotiator, too... he was all over him, like he knew the script or something.

Right, like he'd been on the job.

And then there's what my CI told me.

What'd he say?

Well, he said that the dead perp Vario was hooking up with a guy new to the business.

You know, I hate to say this, but...

You can say it... our perp is a cop.

Ishmael, I just got some news, and now I think we're kind of all on the same side here.

Why's that? You a bank robber, too?

No, but you're on the job, or you were.

Isn't that right?

So we need to work together to get you out of there in one piece.

That's what you want, and now that's what we want.

Commissioner, sir. Commissioner, sir.

As you were.

Good morning.

Not so far, it isn't.

Lieutenant, what do we know?

Sir, we think he may be a cop.

Based on?

He seems to know the negotiating script better than any civilian would.

Also he used... He also referred to the wounded hostage as "not likely,"

and who besides a cop would do that?

Thinking we should let ESU know it's one of our own.

We'll stick with standard procedure.

Jack, would you excuse us a minute?


I'm just saying, there's no need to let a cop...

If a priest messes with a kid, is he any less guilty because of his calling?

No, sir.

Do you respect his bishop if he uses his position to protect the priest?

Danny, whether he is or was a cop is irrelevant.

Right now he's a bank robber with hostages, and Jack Condo is my best hostage negotiator.

This is his show, understood?

Yes, sir.

Excuse me.

They blew up this shot from the security camera... the tattoo.

Bella horrida?

What's bella horrida?

It's a Latin phrase from Virgil.

Bella horrida... horrid wars.

What is it?


Everything okay?


Yeah, don't ask.

Eighth Squad found the van.

All right, let's go. Okay.

(elevator bell dings)

Baker, I want the rosters and current status of every member of the Special Investigative Unit from 1995 through '99.

Including the C.O.?

I was the C.O.

DANNY: Okay, so now we got the van.

We just got to find the missing perp.

Hey, what do you got for us?

Beautiful day for a crime scene, detectives.

Sunshine means people use sun visors.

That's always one place they never check to wipe for prints.

We pulled a gorgeous thumbprint right there.

Beautiful. We're in a bit of a hurry.

Can you expedite that for us?

Well, if you get your partner bonita here to give me one of those big smiles, you got a deal.

Que sonrisa.

Hey, Casanova, come on, you got anything else for us?

Oh, yeah, check it out.

We got this from the parking lot at Kings General Hospital.

Dated yesterday.

Yesterday? The van was stolen two days ago at a lot at Williamsburg.

What, this perp took the van to the hospital?

Look, if you get the lab to turn that print around in an hour, I got two Mets tickets behind the dugout for you.

Your partner-- she come with me?


You should know better than that.

Should know better what? Never date a girl with a gun.

(siren wailing)

(garbled radio transmission)


So... you don't have a plan "B," do you?

Don't antagonize him.

I'm supposed to just sit here and die?

No, it's Vario... V-A-R-I-O... Vario.

No staff by that name. Okay, what about patients? Detective, you know better than that. Marie, there are lives at stake here, okay?

So is my career, Danny.

(phone rings)


You're kidding me.

All right, yeah, yeah, great, yeah.

They found a match on the thumbprint in the van.

It's a Kevin Moran.

The Mets tickets worked.

Can you check Kevin Moran, please?


Marie, please.

Wow, do you hear my stomach growling?

I need to go grab my yogurt.

Helps keep me regular.



No Moran.


We're missing something here, Jack.

Okay, Kevin Moran was released from Wallkill three months ago after a dime for armed robbery.

His last known address was in the 3-5.

Already checked him out, though, he's negative.

Well, he also had a girlfriend... a Lacy Campisi.

She's probably worth checking out.

Is there any connection between Moran and Vario?

Um, well, Vario was from Manhattan, Moran was from the ass end of Queens.

Vario did banks.

Yeah, Moran did warehouses.

(phone rings)

Yeah, Dad.

Do you have any intersection on the accomplices?

So far, nothing.

Well, take another look at the robbery charges on their rap sheet.

Who were the arresting officers?

Let's see, nothing, and a Flood and...

Flood, William J.

Billy Flood.


You think?

I hate to say it, but yeah.

I talked to his ex-wife, I may even have a motive.

I'll leave it to you to hand it over to Condo.

All right.

We'll stay in touch.

Who's Billy Flood?

When you were a reporter, you did that story on my unit.

Special Investigations.


No one would actually confirm that it existed.

It did exist.

And Billy Flood was ee of the best men in the unit.

Our guy in the bank is a Frank Reagan guy?

Not is... was.

All right, Lacy, this guy Moran, he smacks you around and yet you're still sitting here protecting him?

I haven't seen him for months.

Right, okay, well, your neighbors said there was a lot of arguing coming from your apartment this morning.

Who was yelling? I was.

My kid was making a mess again.

You got a kid?

Hmm, so you probably won't mind then.

Mind what?

If I call my buddy Paulie.

Who's Paulie? Just Paulie.

Terminator Paulie?

Terminator Paulie.

You know what Terminator Paulie does?

He works for the city.

Spends all day terminating people's parental rights.

What's that got to do with me?

Well, you're gonna be going upstate for hindering prosecution, so Paulie's gonna get to do what Paulie does best.

That's right. By the time you see your kid again, he'll be growing up with his new mommy.

Probably won't even recognize you.

You can't do that.

You're right, we can't do it.

But Paulie can.

Hey, Paulie...

I told you-- I don't know where Moran is!

Danny Reagan here. I need a favor.

Yeah. Look, I got a case for you.


Oh, yeah. Wait, wait.

No, she's sitting right here.

You got to promise me he won't get out this time.

Look, Moran is not getting out of prison unless he leaves in a pine box.

The guy's a psycho.

If he's a psycho, then help us find him, and I promise you, you will never see him again.

Okay. Hey, Paulie.

I'm gonna send her up your way. Yeah.

He came by this morning.

Took all the cash I had.

It was my rent money, the b*st*rd.

I'll get back to you.

All right, well, do you know where he would go if he was on the run?

Kept an old convertible at a chop shop in Brooklyn.

Friend of his runs the place.

You know the address?

It's on Kent Street, by Broadway, I think.

It's right around where the van was stolen.

REPORTER: We've just arrived on the scene at the bank where the hostage situation is unfolding.

Billy Flood was one of the best.

Your father handpicked him for his unit.

They were all young, all single, all expert marksmen.

ERIN: Sounds more like the Foreign Legion than a police unit.

Well, it was crack cocaine days.

We were fighting a war.

Their job was to go after the worst of the worst.

They had no set tours, could use any weapon they wanted.

Basically, it was shoot first and ask questions later.

And these were the good guys?

The stress got to Flood.

Started drinking.


We sent him to The Farm twice.

Then one day in broad daylight on-duty, he wraps his car around a pole on Fifth Avenue.

He was drunk? Yeah.

Yeah, drinking on the job was a huge problem back then.

I had to set an example, so I terminated him.

I didn't think I had a choice.

But now...

I'm wondering if I'd handled it differently, maybe it's the Nature Channel we're watching instead.

LINDA: Sorry I'm late.

What happened?

Somebody die?

Kevin Moran?


This guy Moran could have been on the road for hours by now.

There's a light on in back.

I'm gonna check it out.

There's a convertible over here.

Thing probably hasn't been on the road since the Clinton administration.

Kevin Moran.

Reagan! Hold it!

Let her go.

I'm not going back to the joint. So you decide.

Decide what? Whether or not you want to go to your partner's funeral three days from now.

Hey, the guy you shot in the bank is fine.

There's no bodies on you, so let her go.

Reagan, just shoot the son of a bitch. Go ahead.

I'm counting to three. One... two...

All right!

All right.

All right.

I give up. Too late.


Nice shot. It was very therapeutic.

Though he didn't put up much of a fight.

You should have let me hit him.

(handcuffs clicking)

JAMIE: You might not like it, but most people do the right thing.

(motorcycle approaching)

He's mine.

Hey, cowboy. Police.

Don't move.

You're a cop, little lady? No problem.


Get down.

I got a gun.

Got him?

Petit larceny and a gun.

Some people, partner, definitely do the wrong thing.

Stop moving.

Hey, anything? Zippo.

Trying to get him to let the wounded hostage go.

But, you know, I knew this guy.

Yeah, I hear he was the real police.

Yeah, he was.

When the bad guys tell ghost stories, it's SIU they're talking about.

Why don't you let me talk to him?

Come on, Danny, you know we discourage third party intervention... I know the protocol.

Okay, please.

I know, but I can get through to this guy.

Let me do my job. Thank you.

All right.

That's his daughter, right? Yeah, Emma's her name.

Emma, right.

Yeah, we got it off his ex-wife.

Your father tipped us. You should probably talk to him.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Why don't you just give up?

There's no way out.

Do you really want to die?

We're not going to stop you.

(phone ringing)

So, why'd you quit nursing school?

Because I can't stand the sight of blood.



Oh, my God, he's going into shock!

We need to get him out of here now!

(phone ringing)

(phone buzzing)


I'm ready to talk about the injured hostage.

That's a smart move, Billy.

We're going to send two paramedics in.

And you send in two cops dressed as EMT's? No!

Billy, Billy, listen, it's Danny Reagan.

Listen, it's me, all right?

Let me come in. No paramedics, nobody, just me.

All right, let me get the guy out of there.

Come on, it'll make things easier for you, all right?

(hostage coughs)

ERIN: I remember Billy Flood from all the barbecues Dad used to have.

HeHe was handsome.

All the girls used to swoon over him.

Gee, girls falling for a handsome cop... how could that happen?

I don't think you have to worry that Danny's going to start robbing banks.

It's a fine line... cops and robbers.

Most people choose what side they're on early in life.

Yeah, what I mean is even the good guys have to do awful things.

I just... I worry about Danny, Jamie, Frank, all of you.

You spend so much time with the ugliness of life.

All the violence.

It's got to scar you.

I think coming from a family like this makes it easier.

I mean, we can talk about it.

We all get it.

I just see what it does to Danny, and...

There are days I wish he would have stayed in construction.

Don't tell him I said that.

I'm serious.

DANNY: Let me come in, all right?

Come on, Billy.

Come on, give me a shot.

Fine. Hurry up.

Right. All right. Hey, hey, you can't do this.

Come on, he said for me to...

We're gonna lose control of the situation.

We're not gonna lose control...

We're supposed to follow procedure.

He said no EMT's!

Your father said follow procedure!

If I don't go in there, the guy is gonna die!

Let him go.

CONDO: All right, Captain.

Linda, Erin, get in here.

They're sending Danny in.

Why are they sending Danny? I don't know.

REPORTER: ...where the hostage situation has been unfolding.

He'd bring his gun in with him, though, right?

I can't say for sure what's going on.

Except that this was probably his idea.

REPORTER: No one's quite sure what's going on...

This could be a major turning point in this highly tense hostage situation.

Did you know about this?

It's all right.




Okay, no tricks. It's just me.

I'm going to approach the victim, all right?



It's all right. Hey, Billy, it's all right. I'm just taking him out.

It's like we agreed, all right?

(hostage coughing)

It's okay.

No problem.

Come on, I got a hostage. Come on!


Now we got the P.C.'s son held hostage.

Yeah, I'd say that was a pretty crappy career move, Captain.

We line up this shot, I'm taking this b*st*rd Flood out.



You got what you wanted, Danny, just go.

I didn't come here for him, Billy.

I came for you.

Your father knows I'm in here?

Billy, the whole city knows you're in here by now.

CAPTAIN (over radio): You got a green light.

Roger, Captain.

(helicopter hovering)

It's too late for you to save me, Danny, so just go.

No, it isn't. Listen...

You got me. Why don't we let her go?

We don't need her, Billy.

Let's let her go. We'll figure this out together, you and me.

The only think I need to figure out, Danny, is do I have the balls to shoot myself or do I take the coward's way out and let that sniper do it for me?

Billy... Billy!

Hey! Don't do it.

Oh... Billy!

Come on. Don't do it.

Billy, look at me. Billy!

All right, I tell you what.

You want to do it?You want ?

Okay, do it. What about her, Billy?


What about your little girl?

You do that, who's gonna take care of your little girl, Billy?

That's right, look at her.

Who's gonna take care of her then?

I know that's why you're here.

Come on. The whole city knows that's why you're here, okay?

My old man even said it.

He said, "If I was in Billy Flood's position, "and my kid was gonna die

"if she didn't get an operation and didn't have any money or insurance, I would do the same thing."

SNIPER (over radio): Reagan's blocking my shot.

Come on. Your little girl does not want you stepping in front of that window and neither do I.

You know what is outside that window, Billy.

She needs a heart transplant. She's eight years old.

I can't help her.

You know what that's like, Danny, not being able to save your own child?

I don't.

I was gonna fly her out tonight, get the operation in India.

"Medical tourism," they call it.

100 grand is all I needed.

It's crazy, I know, but...

(voice breaking): She's the only good thing I ever did.

The only good thing I ever did.

No, she's not, Billy.

You were a good cop.

You are a good cop.

Do the right thing here.

It's not too late to fix it, Billy.

(sirens wailing)


I'm nothing.



Go to the right! Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Move it! Go! Clear!

It's over, Billy.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


(handcuffs clicking)


"Sources close to the mayor said, 'If the Police Commissioner thinks sending his son

'to conduct cowboy diplomacy is the way

'to handle these situations, he is sorely out of touch."

Well, I couldn't agree more. JAMIE: - I got back to the house with the collar, guys all had it on the break room TV.

They're all ripping into me about Danny going into that bank.

Well, for what it's worth, it was my bad idea to go into the bank.

Dad had nothing to do with it.

What a surprise.

HENRY: All good cops pull a ruse, but the great cops, they know when to improvise.

So you just let 'em run amok?

I was informed by the Incident Commander that he was sent in.

Chain of command noted and observed.

Still, when I saw you walk into that bank like John Wayne, I wanted to choke you.

Who's John Wayne?

That's sad.

(Henry chuckles)

He's an old movie star.

NICKY: How about Billy Flood's daughter?

What's gonna happen to her?

Well, I think she's gonna be okay.

Catholic Charities moved her up to the top of their list.

Funny thing, after church today, Father McMurray mentioned how grateful he was for a donation to the hospital's fund.

Well, I guess there's a lot of generous people in this city.

LINDA: So it was all for nothing.

He could have just asked for help.

Instead, he robbed a bank.

Sometimes we judge ourselves by our good intentions, but we are judged by our last worst act.

Are you listening, boys?

Mm-hmm. Yep.

I'm so glad I married a hero.

(clears throat)

Excuse me.

Hey, what's going on?

What's the problem, Linda?

I'm so glad that Billy Flood's daughter's gonna be okay, but what about our kids, Danny?

What about our kids, Linda? Our kids are fine.

What are you talking about? Really? Really?

How are our kids gonna be?

What are you talking about?

What's gonna happen to our kids the next time you swagger into one of those buildings, and then you don't come out?

What about our kids then, huh, Danny?

What about me? Son of a bitch.

Linda, I knew the guy, I knew what he was doing in the bank, and I knew he wasn't gonna shoot me.

You don't know that. You don't know any such thing!

That is macho crap!

John Wayne.

John Wayne never faced a real gun in his life. John Wayne...

(sobs softly)

I was watching it on TV, Danny.

I saw you.

It scared the crap out of me.

Hey. Hey...

(heavy breaths)

Come on.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Look, I love you.

I love you and those boys more than anything on this Earth, and I promise you I won't let anything happen.

You know, the first and last thing I think about every day before I do anything is to get home safe to you.


I'm sorry.

What would you do if I needed an operation and we had no money?

And your life was on the line?


Rob a bank.


Wow, Ma Barker.

(all chuckle)

Don't listen to your aunt, boys.

HENRY: When you were

18 months old, you spiked a fever, 105 degrees.

It's 3:00 in the morning.

You mother's in a panic.

There'd been an outbreak of meningitis in the neighborhood.

Three dead toddlers.

An ambulance crew arrives, they want to take you to St. Victor's; a butcher shop.

I insist on Methodist. The guy says, "I'm not authorized to go there."

Now, you're burning up, convulsing in my arms.

I take out my service revolver and I say, "Now you're authorized."


Check out Pops getting all gangsta.

He pulled a gun on an EMT.

I never heard that story.

We almost lost you that night, Francis.

Guess I owe you one, Pop.