04x12 - The Bogeyman

WOMAN (a capella, echoing):

♪ Ave
♪ Maria...
♪ Gratia plena...

I knew that'd get you to come runnin'.

It wasn't the singing.

Don't flatter yourself.

The guys who collared you were good enough to let me know you were here.

Well, you told me to play your card if I needed.

If you needed it.

Like if you were in a legitimate bind, Carmen.

Not for skipping out on a restaurant check.

Look, the steak was horsemeat and the server was a jerk.

How much you using these days?

Who says I'm using?

Every little twitch you make.

No, Danny.

I'm clean.

In fact, I ordered the steak

'cause I'm looking out for my protein intake.

Yeah, I'm sure you are.

Look, you know the drill here, Carmen.

You gotta give me something, so come on.

Well... there's this talk of this brand-new brand coming.

It's supposed to be pure heaven.

For users of that kind of poison.

Great. I'll need names and addresses.

Look, I can't just snap my fingers.

You got till this time tomorrow.

Otherwise, the desk appearance ticket I got you gets torn up and you go into the system.

You understand?

All right.

All right...

All right, all right, all right...

Why... why you gotta be so tough-Daddy about it?

What am I gonna do with you, Carmen?

Can you give me a little more?

That's all I got.

You know what I'm talking about.

♪ Maria

♪ Gratia plena

♪ Maria

♪ Gratia plena...

(muffled dance music playing)

(music continues)

I'm not drinking that tequila.

Nicky, you gotta.

No, I don't gotta.

Girl, you've had one beer.

You're gonna draw attention to us.

Just chill, Jane.

You chill.

Grab the salt.

Stop it. You're acting like one of those bitches in the peer pressure movies they make us watch.

Girl, would you relax for one night?


Come on! Let's do this!


(excited chattering)

Get a shot.

Prepare to launch.



BOY: Oh, my God! She's not breathing!

We need help down here!

Everybody, let's get out of here, now!

Come on, come on, come on, let's go!

Now, come on!

Go, go, go.

Go, go!


BOY: Please, help! Somebody help!

What are you doing?


You go.

Nicky, are you nuts? No, I...

I gotta go.

Just go!

I'm telling you, it's an emergency!

Is that 911?

No, my-my dad's a doctor.

What is this? They OD'd.

Josh, shut up!

Who are you?

Nobody. On what?


Josh, shut up!

Leave that alone. It's a crime scene.

Get out!

DISPATCHER: 911, what's your emergency?

Yeah, I've got a couple of kids unconscious.

I need a bus to... What's the number here?

I told you to get out!

What's the number?!


NICKY: 319 Prospect Park West.

What's your name?

My name?

Yes, what's your name?

Jane Doe.

FRANK: Enough of what we don't know.

What do we know?

ARBOGAST: There are casualties in hospitals in all the boroughs except for Staten Island.

Whatever the distribution tier is, they've got the city covered.

This rolled out like a new iPhone.

ARBOGAST: Of the 28 cases so far, you've got street junkies, a couple musicians, a stockbroker and a couple of crew from some movie shoot.

First report from Staten Island.

Two OD's in the men's room of a bar in Snug Harbor.

The Health Commissioner and the Chief ME are en route to us.

Thank you, Baker.

Patch in all the ER's and keep a tally.

Yes, sir.

It's like a plague.

A plague's a little different.

(door closes)


Well, a plague, you didn't ask for it.

You think these people asked for this?

ARBOGAST: All due respect, you stick a needle in your arm...

You expect to get high, not dead.

I'm just saying...

Look, forget about the fact that the sale and use of heroin is a felony.

That's for later.

Right now, they're innocent victims in the eyes of this department, and we're going after the source just as we would any other imminent danger to the population.

It's a public health emergency.

It's not tainted aspirin or a bad batch of hamburger.

It's pure heroin.

You can't just issue a consumer recall.

We can't just sit back and wait, either.

So let's find the source.



♪ Blue Bloods 4x12 ♪

The Bogeyman

Original Air Date on January 10, 2014

Its street name is "Bogeyman."

It's got a little cartoon on the packets.

You're gonna drop everything and reach out to your confidential informants, reach out to your prior collars who are now out on parole, reach out to anybody who you think might have a clue to where this stuff is coming from.

We got 19 dead from OD's from it and dozens more in hospitals.

Any questions?

What kind of latitude we got in terms of granting immunity up the food chain?

Take what you need.

The DA's gonna look at it on a case-by-case basis, but we're all after the same big fish.

Anything else?

All right. Dismissed.

Be right back.

You in some kind of trouble?


Sort of.

What's going on?

Talk to me, come on.

I was at a party, friend of a friend.

Two kids OD'd.


You were at a party where two kids OD'd?

What kind of party you at, Nicky?

I called it in to 911.

Okay, you did the right thing. So how are you in trouble?

I gave my name as Jane Doe.

Why would you do that? Why?

'Cause of my real name?

'Cause "Reagan" and "heroin overdose"

go together like... like...


Fair enough.

Do you have any idea what these kids were taking?


They were hiding everything.

I took this, though...

You found the Bogeyman.

Nice job.

You did good.

Risky, but good.

I need the names and addresses of all your friends at the party.

Like I said, it was a friend of a friend.

Whatever you can remember, okay?

And does your mom know you're here?

No. No.


Does she at lest know that you were at a party?

She knows I was at a party.

All right.

Look, I'm gonna drive you home, but when you get there, you gotta tell her everything you told me.

All right?

You understand?


Yeah, I understand.

Have a seat.

I'll be back in a minute.

I'm glad you're safe.


My dogs are barking. Yeah.

Can we go back to the car, please?


I eat dinner with you, I gotta walk it off.


MAN: Stop her! Hey.

Stop her! Stop her!

Oh, wow. Somebody stop her!

Stop her! Hey, police! Hey!

Police, stop! Hey, hey, hey!

Let me go! Where you going? Hey, hey!

She stole that bag!

No, I found it.

On the back of my chair!

Look... here.

Are we good?

No. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I want her arrested! Okay. Everyone needs to calm down.

I am calm.

I want her arrested.

Okay, you want to press charges?

You bet I do!

Look, come on. You got it back!

Are there credit cards in the bag?

Only about a dozen.

Okay, then, technically it's grand larceny. That's a felony.

But you should know that your bag will have to be vouchered for evidence, could be a long time before you get it back.

I have plenty of other handbags.

I want her arrested.

What's your name?

Morgan Smith.

Okay, Morgan Smith, you're under arrest for grand larceny.

(handcuffs clicking)

Why isn't that CI of yours in the box?

She's not gonna do any good in the box, Sarge.

She's out on the street, trying to get some intel.

Well, I'd rather have her in the box with the intel she already has. What's her name?

I'm not gonna tell you her name.

She's a confidential informant.

That's confidential and I gave her my word.

Well, I got orders to get any and all CI's over to Narcotics for their own personal use.

What's her name?

(phone ringing)

Her name's Carmen. This is her.

I'll talk to you in a minute.


Hey, when I call you, you pick up the phone!

This is an FDNY Emergency Medical Technician.

Are you next of kin?

No, this is Detective Danny Reagan.

What the hell's going on?

Uh, sorry, Detective.

Your number's a bunch of missed calls on her log.

Yeah, I been calling her for hours.

What is going on?

Uh, she's at St. Benjamin's ER for a heroin overdose.


Is it Bogeyman?

That's the evidence we have.

She gonna make it?

We lost her a couple minutes ago.



Um... what's your name again?


I need her phone for evidence, all right?


Your CI's been doing her business on one of these sites like Silk Road.

Silk Road. What is that? Online bazaar of all things illegal--

weapons, ammo, drugs.

They deliver, like Amazon? For sure.

Except it's not books. Look at this crap.

MAN: High octane pain relief?

That's heroin. Entering her username and password.

What the... What happened?

Looks like the site's been taken down.

DANNY: What are you talking about it's been shut down? Where'd it go?

Uh, maybe their server's been fried.

Is that what you think happened?

It could also be that they found word about the deadly heroin being distributed off their site, so they shut down virtual shop and fled virtual town.

DANNY: They're on to us.

We're back to square one.

There's no better excuse for cutting out of a benefit than a phone call from the police commissioner.

Thank you for seeing me.


Love one but, no, still working.

At 10:00 on a Friday night?


I need your help.

Please, sit down.

There is a brand of heroin on the street that's putting scores of people in the hospital, a dozen in the morgue, and the numbers are mounting every hour goes by.

Oh, my...

Victims from all walks of life, as they say.

In all five boroughs.

And I want it off our streets.

Our streets?

You consider yourself a real New Yorker?

Well, yes.

Then our streets it is.


I want you to get on the horn to your Wall Street friends, your city hall friends, your Albany friends.

I want you to take the lead in putting together a coalition with the purpose of raising the cash necessary to buy this heroin off the streets.


You're kidding.

Not in the least.

And get your friends in the DA's office to offer total amnesty.

City hall will handle the health department and in whatever is efficient to effect the...

The buyback?

I honestly don't know what the hell to call it.

And, yes, I am... operating without the instruments here.

A little.

More than a little.

People are dropping left and right.

There is no precedent, at least in my experience.

No precedent for your solution either.

Why don't I make the calls myself?

And then there's that.

Because, as the P.C., I have to have utter faith that the men and women in my department will get this poison off the street.

But as a closet humanitarian, you want to hedge that bet.

They are the finest police department on the planet.

But they carry guns and shields, not magic wands.

And lives are at stake.

What do you say?


Here's the catch.

I could make some calls, but the people on the other end will call me a lunatic.

And if I say the idea came from you, that cancels the whole thing of you being invisible in this.

Lots of good ideas were called lunacy at first.

Lots of bad ones, too, for lots of good reasons.


You have my cell.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.


I can't promise you'll like what you hear.

Thanks for the ear.

JANKO: Morgan Stallings, not Smith.

Of Hayrake Lane in Chappaqua, New York.

It's Smith.

And where's Chappaqua?

In Westchester.

Where the state police have a database of fake IDs, which you've been in since you were busted for underage drinking in Mount Kisco last summer.

Yeah, says you.

What are you running away from?

What do you got?

Lamb chop, I'm trying to do you a favor here.

Once I send you down to Central Booking, it's out of my hands.

I didn't ask you for a favor.

Yeah, I know. I know.

I'm gonna try and do you one anyway.


'Cause a couple of cops did me a favor once, and, you know what, it made all the difference.

Sarge says you can keep her here till end of tour.

Hey. You got a couple hours to get smart.


Let's just ship her.

Wow. Good cop, bad cop.

Who saw that coming?

Let's roll.

DANNY: Yeah, but I'm not one of the detectives who was here last night.

My point being, they wrote down everything we have to offer.

My point being, I got an eyewitness who puts Lacey in the room with the victims, hiding the drugs and wiping down a crime scene, which is tampering with physical evidence, a felony, for starters.

Who's the eyewitness?

Never mind that.

Lacey, this is the police.

MAN: Honey, if there's more to tell, just spit it out, Lacey doesn't take hard drugs, if that's what you're insinuating.


I noticed you walk with a limp, Lacey.

Do you... have an injury or something?

I tore my ACL, playing lacrosse.

Right. You have the operation?


Do you get prescribed Oxy for the pain?

MAN: She was. What's that have to do with it? Well, just a guess here, but the prescription for the Oxys ran out, but the craving for hi-test pain relief didn't.

I've heard enough.

Well, I haven't.

And heroin will make Oxys look like children's aspirin.

MAN: That's enough.

I'm calling our lawyer.

You call your lawyer if you want, Mr. Sutherland, but she will be charged and she will be arraigned, and Lacey's big, bright future will become real cloudy real fast. Or she can simply give me her dealer and you will never see me again.

You follow me?

And my offer expires in ten seconds. And, I got to tell you, I'm not gonna stand here counting like an idiot.

His name's Bruce Garrity.

He's my physical therapist.

Lacey... Shut up, Mom.

Let the lawyers handle this.

Shut up, Dad.


As of an hour ago, we had 18 confirmed deaths and somewhere around

40 emergency room admissions that we're attributing to this Bogeyman.

REPORTER: Somewhere around?

That's a hard number?

Well, we're tallying this number based on interviews, but some of the interviewees are not fully conscious, so...

Commissioner! the Department of Health can better answer the confirmed cases, which at this time is still increasing, not abating.

Commissioner, can you update us on the NYPD's progress in tracking down the source?

We've got all our resources doing everything they can, along with the DEA.

That's it?

It's police work, not the stock market.

We don't have minute by minute results.

But you do have minute by minute casualties here.

I'm well aware of that. There's rumor of some kind of buyback program in the works.

The rumor press conference is down the street.

Well, what's your stand on some version of a heroin-for-cash scenario to get this Bogeyman off the streets?

You're asking me to address a rumor.

The answer is I won't.

We'll have an update at 8:00. Thank you, everyone.

Thank you.

(reporters clamoring)

(quietly): Find Kelly Peterson.

What for? A chat.

Wait, you have a separate pile for party schools?

It's not separate. I'm just trying to stay organized.

How would you even know?

I did my research.

What about Villanova?

I have friends who went and loved it.

Yeah, except now it's called "Villa No Fun."

Plus, it's Catholic.

It's not Catholic-Catholic.

We agreed. That it didn't have to be Catholic, not that it couldn't be Catholic.

But it's not going to be.

Look, I've had 14 years of parochial school. I'm not planning on becoming a priest.

You can't be a priest.

My point exactly.


What is with the attitude, Nicky?

I just want to make my own choices.

What's with yours?

I am trying to guide you.

Mom, look at me.

(sighs, mutters)

I went to a party, and some kids there, who I didn't know, used heroin and OD'd.

I called an ambulance, talked to the police and told you everything later that night.

In other words, I did everything you would have wanted me to do, everything you guided me to do.

Are you afraid that, say, if I were to see a wreck on the highway, I'd want to get into a wreck on the highway? Okay, No. so what are you afraid of here?


So can we please lose the party pile then?

Yeah. Sure.

There you go. Have at it.




(door creaks)

DANNY: Police.

(meditative music playing)




And another one bites the dust.

I don't get it. What?

The guy was dealing poison.

It must have gotten back to him.

Why would he shoot it up himself?

Well, it'd be hard for his customers to file a complaint against a local dealer when, uh, you're dead, too.

Somebody would have called him. Seen the news?

He's pretty ripe.

How long you think?

I don't know. My nose isn't that trained, but I'd say it's been a while.

See if there's some liniment over there and turn down that music, would you?

(music stops)

Danny, I got something.

Yeah? I hope it's some Tiger Balm.

Suicide note with his keys, wallet and a receipt for his veterinarian. He boarded his dog first.

What does it say?

"To the friends I harmed, I am sorry.

"To my DSS brothers, I am ashamed of what we have done."


(phone buzzing)

Hear that phone?

Over there?



Uh, you there?

Jimmy, we-we got problems, buddy.

JIMMY: Bruce?

Uh, y-yeah. Y-You sound different.

Oh, you got me on speaker or something?

Bad connection.

Uh, yeah. Hey, what are we gonna do, man?

We're rounding it all up to recut it.

Not on the phone, okay? Can you meet?

I'm coming to you. Give me a half hour.

All right. He's on his way.

Call for backup? No, no.

I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Listen, he said,

"We'll round it up."

All right? We got to find out who "we" is. If we just get Jimmy, then all we get is Jimmy. This is a lot bigger than him.

We ain't got time for lawyers and paperwork.

Let's give this place a toss before he gets here.

Last chance, Morgan.

For what?

For me to help you.

If I call your house, who answers the phone?

Either the bitch or the b*st*rd.

Mom and Dad?


Is that why you ran away?

Is there something sexual that I need to know about?

I don't know. I've never been to bed with you.

I meant...

I know what you meant. Take a joke?

Okay, time's up.

Come on. Hey.

I'm taking her to Central Booking.

What does that mean?

He's taking you to your arraignment.

Get up.

Wait... Let's go.

(handcuffs clicking)

Can you get me out of it?

No can do.

Let's go.

Wait. Please! Come on.

I was just messing with you.

Whatever you do, don't use that fake ID on the judge.

Where's the real one?

It's in my underwear.

Have it on you.

Officer? Could you take her to the car out front for me, please?

I'll be right out.

Thank you.


Hey, as my father told me, you can't save every puppy in the pound.

Yeah, I know that.

So, why her?

Oh, because I know that girl.

I was that girl, you know?

Some nights, I still am that girl.

All right, let's roll.

(horns honking)

(papers rustling)


Bingo. Found the stash.

Look at this.

Reagan, look at this.

Look at the T-shirts they're all wearing.

Darktide Security Services, DSS.

What is that?

They're private sector contractors used in Iraq, and for medical support on our bases in Germany.

They have access to all the medical supply chains.

Medicine comes in, heroin comes out.

Like Bogeyman.

You're guessing?

Look, it's not that much of a stretch, trust me.

So, what are we dealing with?

They call themselves Soldiers of Fortune.

What do other people call them?

Rent-A-Grunts, but trust me, they're dangerous.

(intercom beeps)




Jimmy and?

Come on, it's just me.

Good. Come on up.

(buzzer sounds)

Let's have some fun.

FRANK: You could've just told me to take a hike.

But to leak it so I get ambush by the press?

I'll take a flat no any day.

I didn't leak it.

I know how this goes.

I just didn't know how it go between you and me.

I said I didn't leak it.

If you came all the way over here to harass me...

Well, some sentiment just can't be conveyed over the phone, you know?

For the last time, it wasn't me!

I took a look at your records in Essex County.

You went after drug offenses like a hanging judge.


You were never going to support me.

At least you could have been upfront about it.

I was pretty clear about it.

Oh, please. And, as a matter of fact, I did try to sell it, for a New York minute, and only out of some misguided sense of being an ally to you and your department in the midst of a crisis.

And then I came back to my senses.

Your one-strike, lock-'em-up, throw-away-the-key type senses?

I spoke with Bridget Rawlings in the health department and Eddie Castellano in the mayor's office.

So why don't you go ruin their Saturday afternoons, see which one of them talked to the press?

And next time you need a beard for pandering to the criminal classes, call someone else.

Did you ever risk anything for any cause but your own?


You son of a bitch!


DANNY: Wake up, Jimmy.

Come on, get up.

What the hell?




Settle down. He's been dead a while. You don't want his arm fag off on you.


Stop fidgeting.

He's leaking, all right? You're gonna make a mess.

(panting rapidly)

Who are you?

Who are you?

Jimmy Delaney.

Jimmy Delaney, who are you affiliated with?

Nobody. Ow!

Jimmy? Who are you?

Well, we're affiliated with the police, Jimmy.

I'm gonna ask you one last time, who are you affiliated with?

You got nothing.

I got a dead informant, Jimmy Delaney.

She's dead because she sampled some of that poison you guys are pumping out there on the streets.

And I took that very personally, okay?

Now, I'm very determined to put an end to that stuff.

And you're gonna help us do that, you understand?

In exchange for what?

In exchange for us not taking a syringe and pumping your arm full of that garbage.

You can't do that. You're a cop.

You're handcuffed to a corpse, Jimmy.

You're really gonna question what levels we'll go to right now?

Up yours.

(bone crunching)



Now, two dealers OD'ing on a sample of their own supply is really not gonna cause any ripples in the grand scheme of things.

You understand what I'm saying?

No! No! No! No! Wait!


(Jimmy pants loudly)

Who are you affiliated with?

Ow! Ow.

Who are you affiliated with?

Some guys worked with military contractors overseas.

Where's the motherlode? It's mobile.

What does that mean, it's mobile?

It means it's in a vehicle that's on the move.

What do you think it means?

Good. I need a description and plates.

No, no. I'm not giving you anything else until you get me down to your station in front of other people.

You're insane.

(Jimmy pants loudly)


Hang back one second.

Let me make sure it's cool.

(vehicle engine accelerating)

(tires squealing)

We got company.

Get inside! Get inside!

Door's locked.


Move it!

Aah. Ow.

Shut him up!



Hey. You cover this one. Use him for a shield.

Wait. What? Shut up!

We need a 10-13

at the corner of Lee and Halsey.

Shots fired. No, we got shots fired!


They might be coming in.

Keep your ear open for the glass, all right?


(glass tinkling)

(panting loudly)

Jimmy, let's go!

Jimmy! No, no, no, no!


(gun chamber clicking)

(gun chamber clicking)


Mike, Mike, she's out.

She's empty.

She's empty. She's empty. Come on.


You okay?



Come here.

So our CO gave us permission to take you up and drop you off at home.

Why are you doing that?

Because if I take you to the train station, you probably have friends or boyfriends at, say, Tuckahoe Station.

You're just gonna get off.


So you've seen the house of detention.

I think next you need to see your house in Chappaqua.

Consider them side by side.

And if you still want to screw up your life... at least I know I did what I could.

She's all right.

Yeah, she is.

Road trip, yay!

Hey, Morgan, get in the car.

I'm never having kids.

Just so you know.

There were five kilos in the van itself.

Parallel investigation seized five more kilos from a boat off City Island. Weapons?

Cache on the boat. Heavy ordinance.

Any reason to think there's more of the brand out there?

No, sir.

All indications are that the syndicate were in the end stages of pulling the product off the street to recut and redistribute, per Delaney, the guy we broke.

Put all the booty together for a photo op, full-on Christmas morning, all the presents on display.

With you and who else? Not me, the Chief of Narcotics and the teams of detectives who cracked it.

You should be there.


(drums fingers on desk)

Thank you.


Good work.

Thank you, sir.

(door closes)

I don't have a definitive answer.

It could have been Kelly.

It could have been... Castellano.

In the mayor's office.

Who's your money on?

When Eddie Castellano was a kid, the other kids called him "Anonymous Source."

Sir, a fax just came for you from the colonel of the Connecticut State Troopers.

It's the autopsy and accident report of Kelly Peterson's son, Brandon.

Thank you, Baker.

He died in a car crash in '08, we knew that.

(door closes)


That's all we knew.

Have a good weekend, Garrett.

What's left of it.

I'll see you Monday, boss.

(door opens, closes)

I guess she really did have to pee.

You know? Yeah.

Probably too scared to go in the jail.

Want to go in and check on her?

In a sec.

You know it's a good thing; what we're doing here.

Yeah, it is.

You want to go check on her?

Like what we sign up for.

You know?

Making a difference.

If I can help one person get back on the right path, then...

I'm doing my job.

You know what I mean? Mm-hmm.


I do, and I...

I hope you get to experience that someday, I really do.

You're not even listening.

Seeing this through with young Morgan in there?

It's... it's giving me that good feeling.

Yeah, well, the thing is... young Morgan?

Just took off with two dudes in a red Camaro.

She must have texted them.

Get out. Mm.


She went that way.


Well, let's go after her.

On what charge?


Punking you?



Come on.

(exasperated sigh)

Does she still remind you of you?


I'm gonna need you to try... try not to enjoy this too much.

So where are we with the college search?

Or not.

We're kind of going in different directions.

I wouldn't say that.

My top three choices are Stanford--

which is the reach--

Duke and Vanderbilt.

Stanford's in California.


All great schools, Pop.

Yeah, but all a plane ride away.

It's just by coincidence.

Coincidence. Yes.

Nothing in the northeast?

You wouldn't even consider Harvard, Nicky?

More like I don't think Harvard would consider me.

Nah, if you're shooting for Stanford, then Harvard should be on the list. Yeah.

She wants to be away.


I think it's great, Nicky.

I mean, we're gonna miss you.

Not just your mom, but all of us.

And I'm gonna miss all of you.

And... nothing's definite, obviously, but I...


Can we please just change the subject before I start crying?

Nicky wants to go someplace big, and new, and... far enough away that she can feel like she's truly on her own. Mm...

I remember that feeling.

You do? Yeah.

I ended up in the middle of Iraq.

In a war.

Can't say I recommend it.

And I'm having... trouble dealing with it.


Columbia was plenty big and new and far away to me.

And she's not you.

I know that.


I live in the house I grew up in.

I got the same job my dad did, my sons have the jobs I had when I was their age.

And I wouldn't have it any other way, so...

But you're not me, either.

You know how I know it's the right way to go?

How, sweetheart? Because when I really think about it, I feel excited, but also kind of like throwing up.

Good answer. Yeah, sounds about right to me.

Smart kid you got there.


I lost a son, too.

I know that.

At the hands of some corrupt cops, which you wouldn't know.

And if anyone ever came and asked for my support in giving amnesty to dirty cops, I don't know what I'd do.

I sure as hell wouldn't buy in.

I'm not sure why you're telling me this.

I know that... your son's death wasn't just about a single car accident.

I can step back now, in case you want to slam the door in my face.

He'd quit his tenth or eleventh rehab and scored some heroin.

He got it into his head that it'd be a good idea to shoot up and drive to Boston and try to make up with his girlfriend.

I said a couple of things I now regret.

I went through hell and back.

Well... just hell.

There was no coming back.


I've got nothing for junkies and their problems.


I understand.

It's a red Burgundy.

All I've ever seen you order is gin, but somehow a bottle of gin didn't seem right.

(quick laugh)

Is it any good?

Oh, yeah.

I've got 1,000 bucks on the Saints and they're down by ten.

You want to come in, have some wine, and be in my rooting section for a bit?


Never mind.

Thank you, Frank.

I appreciate the gesture. Oh, cut it out.

What quarter?

End of the third.

I just always try to give my detail some kind of time frame.


One hour.