04x21 - Above and Beyond

Isn't this place charming?

As advertised, but you didn't invite me here for the charm or the ice cream.

We can't just have ice cream?

We can, but not in this instance.

Better chance of being hit by lightning.


Okay, I have a problem.

Well, first of all, your mom's got a lot on her plate, and I think she's doing an outstanding job considering...

It's not about Mom.


It's about my teacher.

(phone rings) It's like she's made it her mission in life to keep me from ever graduating.

Turn that thing off.

But what if it's important?


Look, here's the problem.

She's notorious for being harder on the girls, but when she found out I was from a family of cops...

Look, I should really check it.


(door opens, bell dings)


How would you feel if I was constantly interrupting?

Deputy Commissioner Moore just walked in.

(bell dings)

Hold that thought.

A cop's been shot.


Who and where?

North End bus yard, multiple precincts rolled, but radio chatter's not clear on a name, how bad they're hit.

We've got conflicting descriptions of perps and direction of flight.

Tell me something we do know.

Whoever's down is a detective out of Danny's precinct.


DANNY: This is Detective Reagan.

Leave a message.

Hey, Danny, it's me; give me a call.

Let me know everything's okay.

Hey, voice mail again?

Yeah, third time. You heard anything new?

Lady called 911, said she was out walking her dog, heard yelling from behind a fence.

Someone being accused of being a cop.

Shots fired.

There's still no name?

Only that he was rushed to St. Benjamin's.

A couple of guys are headed over.

All right, I'm gonna ask the boss if we can, too, just in case, all right? Okay, come on, there's got to be 15

detectives in the 5-4 squad.

(phone ringing)

Odds are it isn't your brother.

Danny's wife.

No way she's heard anything.

Unless she got the call.

Hey, Linda.

Jamie, it's not Danny.

He called you?

Yeah, in case I heard, but he's fine.

He's working a case in Murray Hill, and he said he was gonna call your dad as soon as he hung up with me.

Thank God.

Yeah, no kidding.


Hi, Mom! Awesome!

Yeah, I'm picking the boys up right now, so could you call Erin and Henry?

You know, make sure they're not worried, too.

Yeah, they already are.

Thanks, Linda.




I'm glad it wasn't Danny.

There, I said it.

I felt the same way.

Danny's family.

Steve Tomlin has one, too.

Let's hope for the best.

Dino says Steve has been undercover for the last year, working his way up the chain of a drug operation run by Santo Castillo.

Somebody made him.

Word is, after Castillo shot him, Steve managed to put a slug in Castillo, who ran off.

Tough cop.

Gave him the Combat Cross in '09.

(door opens)


How's my officer?

Um, I'm afraid he's gone.

Three bullets, one through the carotid.

He lost too much blood by the time he arrived.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'll need to talk to his wife.


Married to Steve for 22 years, tax accountant by trade.

They have a home in Staten Island.

Frank, she's here.

Two daughters, Bella and Lucy, both in college.

Mrs. Tomlin?

I'm so sorry.

Can I arrange to get Lucy and Bella home from school?

Oh, that, uh...

Uh, yes.

Um, thank you.

My department owes Steve a deep debt of gratitude for his years of service.

Anything we can do to help, you only need to ask.

Catch whoever murdered my husband.

We will do that.

♪ Blue Bloods 4x21 ♪

Above and Beyond

Original Air Date on May 2, 2014

(elevator bell dings)

Tell me we got the son of a bitch.

Wish I could.

That's not the answer I want to hear, Dino.

Yes, sir. Morning, Baker.

Morning, sir.

Castillo was shot.

That would've slowed him down.

He hasn't turned up in any E.R. in the tri-state.

I've got the whole department out looking.

Half of them are doing it on their own time.

Who'd you put with the family?

Johnson and Garcia. They came up in the ranks together.

And on the case?

Sergeant Gormley said he gave it to the best detective he's got.


(indistinct shouting)

DANNY: On the ground!

Get on the ground!

Move it!

Back away from that sink!

On the ground now!

Turn around, get on the ground, put your hands behind your head!

Where's your boss?


You heard me. Castillo.

Yo, we're just cleaning crew. Yeah?

My cleaning lady keeps a bazooka, too.

Still enough here to send you down the drain.

What's your name? Ticky.

Ticky, you want a break? Give up the cop killer.

Like he said, we don't know anything.

Fine, you want to play stupid with me, get your hands up on the sink.

Move! I got all the time in the world till you decide to wise up.

As far as I'm concerned, each one of you pulled the trigger on Steve Tomlin.

You're all coming for a ride; let's go.

Get them out of here.

Erin, that was impressive.

Well, sometimes when you get the right witness, the whole case will fall into place.

Well, I'll get her statement typed up and to the DA by lunch. Great.

Can you find the car?

Lady, can you give me some help?

Sorry, I don't have any change.

I mean a different kind of help.



Tyler Jeffries. I'm Nicky's mom.

Uh, my-my name's not Tyler. From Blessed Heart.

You came to our house for Nicky's birthday party last year. I said I'm not him.

Forget it.

Tyler, are you okay?

Here we go, Erin.

Yeah, I'll be right there.


Put him in interrogation.

This one in the radio room.

Cuff the others to something solid.

Don't let them talk to each other or so much as trade glances.

This goes real easy, fellas.

First one to give up Castillo wins the prize.

You get the radio room; I got the box.

Got it.

GORMLEY: Reagan, you want help?

No. I got cops from a dozen precincts volunteering to turn the screws on these guys.

No, we're gonna get a crack at them first.

All right, listen, Steve kept me in the loop on this Castillo. Says his people are unusually loyal.

Boss of the year? Great, I'm jealous.

Well, I'm just saying, you might hit a brick wall.

Then I'll drag his family in here.

If you can find them. Apparently he has a sister, but Castillo made her change her name so nobody could find her and use her against him in some way.

Do you have any more words of encouragement here, Sarge, 'cause this level of optimism is really firing me up.

All right, just-just holler if you need help, all right?

If you hear any hollering, it won't be me.

Open it up.



What are you doing?


Without being asked?

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

How was your day?


You know that boy from your class, Tyler Jeffries?


What's his story?


Super nice.

He's not in my class anymore, though.

He and his mom moved, like, five months ago.

I guess Tyler was getting high and stuff, so his mom put him in boarding school upstate to straighten him out.

Well, I don't think it worked.

What do you mean?

I ran into him today in Hell's Kitchen, and he looked messed up on drugs or homeless or both.

What? Yeah, it took me a second to even recognize him.

Oh, my God.

But you helped him, right?

Well, he ran off before I could.

Then we got to go find him.

Well, I will call Child Services, and they will contact his mother.

Come on, can we just go look for him?

Relax, all right?

I will handle it.


Get him out of my face.

Nothing? Nothing.

None of my guys even so much as asked for a lawyer.

They just sat there smirking at me.

You? Same.

So what's next?

Pot of coffee.

Yeah, I'll go make one. Thanks.

GORMLEY: How's it going?

Don't ask.

Okay, so you want to give me a hand?

I'm kind of busy here, Sarge.

I need a witness to open Steve Tomlin's locker, collect his effects to give to his family.

Okay, I'll get a box.

I always hate this more than the funeral.

A life interrupted and all.

Well, at least there's no bagpipes.

They always make me cry.

It's empty.

I talked to Steve yesterday before he started his tour, Sarge.

His locker was open and it was full.

His uniform was in there, there were papers everywhere and pictures.

Somebody must've cleaned it out after he died.

But before we could find it.

Who the hell's hiding what?


The number of cops lost in the line of duty since you've been on the job.

And now 23 since sitting behind this desk.

You want me to do a draft of your remarks for the service?

You ask me every time, Garrett.

And I'm gonna keep asking.

Some things you can't delegate, even a piece of.

But you could take a look at it when I'm done.


Not yet. Last night Sergeant Gormley went to collect Steve Tomlin's things, but somebody got there first.

Locker was completely empty.

Someone sanitized it.

And no way was it a civilian just waltzing in off the street.

GARRETT: I don't get it.

What's the big deal about a guy's locker?

What's in it. Or isn't.

Any evidence of tampering goes right up the chain of command.

What, you think Castillo's got a mole in the 5-4?

That's the bad version.

I got a worse one: someone's covering for Tomlin.

We got a problem, Chief.

You sure this is a "we," Frank?

Wouldn't it be better and quieter if the department dealt with this on the precinct level?


Thanks for coming, Uncle Jamie.

Everything okay? Your text said it was "serious."

Yeah, it's about a friend of mine.

A friend?

No, really, he's a great kid. Name's Tyler.

He went to my school, but Mom said she saw him in Hell's Kitchen looking like he was on drugs.

Did he use when you knew him?

I know he smoked pot sometimes.

No, I don't. But if I did, and it'd help find Tyler, then I'd admit it.

So you want me to look for him.

Could you?

Mom said it was around

35th and 10th.

That's a pretty sketchy area.

Yeah, I know.

Here, that's what he looks like.

Your mom know you want me to do this?

Yeah, she's really worried, too.

She would've been here, but she wanted to go talk to Child Services about him.

All right, I'll see what I can do.

Thanks, Uncle Jamie.

And this isn't just me saying it.

This comes straight from the commissioner: "Someone in the 5-4 cleaned out Steve Tomlin's locker

"without authorization...

"or knows who did.

"Which may very well be impeding the murder investigation

"of a brother in blue to each and every one of you.

"So let me be clear.

"If Detective Tomlin's belongings don't end up

"in my office by 2400 hours, there'll be hell to pay."

For all of us.

So, folks, while the rest of us get back to finding this son of a bitch Castillo, one of you is gonna stand up and do the right thing.

You owe it to Steve.

That's all.

And you two, you got some data to dig through, so get to it.

BAEZ: So, who do you think it is?

I don't want to believe anybody in this room could be capable of being Castillo's mole.

Well, he found out Tomlin was undercover somehow.

Well, maybe we'll get lucky and find it in all this data we gotta look through.

Well, looks like TARU found a bunch of steamy text messages from one of our thug's cell phones.

Which thug?

Said it belonged to Ticky, the one who was dumping the coke earlier.

I grilled him. He didn't say squat.

Well, it looks like he had a lot to say when he was sexting this Vivian girl.

Look who he says her brother is.


Son of a bitch.

He was transported down to Central Booking.

Let's get his ass back here now.

Ah, another day of crime-fighting.

We should get capes.

I should get a new partner.


So why did you ask the boss for this sector today?

A favor for my niece and sister.

A friend of Nicky's was in this area the other day looking kind of rough, so I said I'd look for him.

Man, you do more for your family by 9:00 a.m. than my family's done for each other our entire lives.

Name's Tyler Jeffries, about five-foot-eight, he's 16, he's got blond hair.

I got a picture of him here.

Yo, why do I gotta be back here for?

I still don't got nothing to say.

Why don't you relax, Ticky?

Why do they even call you Ticky, anyway?

Is it because you're a leech on a big fish like Santo Castillo, is that it?

I like watches.

Which is appropriate since your time's running out, unless you tell us where to find your boss.

Yo, like I told you before, I don't know who you're talking about.

Really? Even though you're banging his sister... what is, uh, Vivian?

Say what?

Say you right here in these text messages.

"Viv, u were incredible last nite as always."

To which she replied...

"Keep it on the DL, baby. My bro will kill us if he finds out."

To which you replied...

"U kidding? Santo heart me.

And I could kick, I could kick his ass anyway."

That's a different Santo.

Hmm. Really?

Even though Vivian wrote back...

"Santo only hearts his $

and his drugs.

Watch yourself."

To which you replied...

"I only wanna watch u, baby."

Oh, smooth talker, I'll give him that. Yeah.

Yeah. Let's just hope he's smooth enough to talk Santo out of blowing his brains out.

Okay, okay!

So I been hooking up with his sister.

Great. Now you can tell us where she lives.

I can't tell you.

You know one big difference between you and I?

Is that I'm not afraid of your boss, unlike you.

In fact, when I see him, I'm pretty much gonna tell him that you told us everything. In fact, maybe I'll even show him this lovely little picture that his sister sent to you.

Please, look, if I give him up, he's gonna have me killed.

Her, too.


Which means we're the only ones who can protect you, as long as you start talking.

Yep, so why don't you tell us where she lives?


Police! Open up!

You can't just walk in here.

Yeah? Well, this says we can. Step aside. Step aside!

See how easy that works?

Let's go! Don't touch me!

Come on. Tear this place apart. Let's go.

You can't just do that, all right?

I know my rights.

Where's your brother, Vivian?

I don't have one.

Santo Castillo, you're his sister Dolores, until he made you change your name to Vivian Vasquez.

What are you talking about?

Do you think we're stupid? He got shot up.

You're a nurse. Where else would he go?

Maybe to his real sister, 'cause you got the wrong place.

So you all can kiss my ass!

Hey! Your brother's a cop killer.

And he's going down hard. And if you're harboring him, you're gonna go down just as hard, you understand?

And I ain't going nowhere 'cause I'm the only one here.

OFFICER: Hands where I can see 'em! Is that right?

MAN: Let me go! I didn't do nothing!

OFFICER: Perp in custody! You were saying?

OFFICER 2: Come on, come on. He hid in the tub.

Yeah, real original.

Hope you got clean, Castillo, 'cause that's the last shower you're gonna take by yourself for a long time.

Yeah, and if you think you're in a bad mood now, wait till you find out your sister's screwing the help.

What's he saying?

Santo, I can explain.

You'll explain it to him later. Get him the hell out of here.

OFFICER 1: Get him in the hallway.

Take a look at 'em all, Castillo.

Every cop in here wants to take a piece out of you. Open up.

I want my lawyer. Won't do you any good.

Next stop for you is a deep, dark hole.

Yeah, and on your way down, you can tell us who helped you set up Steve.


Your mole inside this precinct.

(laughs): If that's what you think, you ain't never gonna figure out how I found out.


BAEZ: Giving up the cop who set up Steve is the only card you've got-- tell your lawyer to play it.

Let's go-- I want to wash this dirtbag off my hands.

Checking to see if Castillo's gonna give you up, Becker?

You're out of your mind.

What's your problem?

Thought opening lockers was your specialty.

Steve's locker's right behind me.

That gives you plenty of opportunity to scope out his combination, or eavesdrop and see how close he's getting to Castillo.

Listen, Detective...

The only thing I'm listening to, Becker, is you admit to it right now.

Okay, fine, it was me.

I cleaned it out!

You Castillo's mole?

Huh? No, you got that wrong!

I don't have it wrong. And if I do, you better tell me why.

Why'd you do it?!

Hey, beat it!

Both of you, beat it now!

It's none of your damn business.

Start talking, Becker.

I just copped to it, Reagan.

But that's all I got to say.

(sighs quietly)

And you understand the consequences of what you did?

Possible grand larceny, possible criminal possession of stolen property, possible conspiracy in the murder of a police officer.

Yes, sir. Yet you didn't ask for a lawyer or a union rep.

I don't need one, sir.

It was me who cleaned out Steve Tomlin's locker.

On a cop killer's orders?

I'm no one's mole and I don't know how Steve's cover got blown.


At ease.

Sit down.

What you did doesn't square with your record.

Come on, Bill.

I know you're sitting on something.

Six years ago...

I was still on probation... and me and my training officer heard this bank heist call go over the air.

Steve was already on the scene when we got there, and all of a sudden, these robbers burst out, guns blazing... and...

I froze.

I assume this is going somewhere.

Steve pushed me out of the way before I got my head blown off... and he took down both the perps.


He saved the day.

That night I bought all his drinks and... we became friends.

So you owed him?

What was he mixed up in?

Steve was clean as a whistle, sir.

And-and this has nothing to do with the job.

Then I know he wouldn't want you to blow up your career over this.


He has another family.

(water running)

Wait, so you saw Tyler?

Yeah. About a block down from where your mom saw him.

He was digging through a trash can.

Was he on drugs?

He didn't look good.

But, you-you took him home, right?

No. We never got the chance.

He pushed Eddie pretty hard and then he ran.

We went after him, but... he was gone, just like that.

(sighs) God. So, he's still out there? Unfortunately, yeah, but I gave his photo to all the cars in the precinct and I'm gonna ask for the same assignment tomorrow, okay?

ERIN: Like hell you will.


I was just telling Uncle Jamie about...

Yeah. I heard all about it.

You sent him out looking?

Just let me explain.

JAMIE: Wait. What?

I thought you said your mom knew about this?

Would you both just listen to me?

Look, I had to make sure Tyler got help before something bad happened.

So that justifies going behind my back?

And lying to me, Nicky?

I'm sorry.

But maybe if you didn't treat me like I'm still a little kid...

Well, you just proved that you are, by ignoring me when I said I would take care of it.

So, did you? I spoke to ACS, they've reached out to Tyler's mom, and I haven't heard back yet.

So now he's out there somewhere doing God knows what with God knows who.

The conversation's over.

If you don't eat your vegetables, no dessert.

Delicious, as always.

You hardly ate.

I ate.

Who made the potatoes?

Uh, I think it was Nicky.

Better not say you didn't like 'em.

Loved 'em.

Good and cheesy.


I'm surprised you found time to cook.

I managed. Mm-hmm.

We missing something here?

Feeling a little cold chill coming from this side of the table.

What's going on?

Nothing anyone needs to know about.

See, Francis? Hard enough having even one family some days.

Boys, take your plates and go eat in the kitchen.

So you guys can have a conversation we're not supposed to hear?

That's exactly right, Jack.

Go on.

Come on, I'll eat with you.

Go easy on this, Pop.

I'm not going to pussyfoot around this.

What kind of cop has two families?

What? Who? The one that got killed?

Yeah. Yeah, Steve Tomlin. He had a wife and two kids in Staten Island and a girlfriend with a newborn baby in Jersey.

LINDA: And you didn't know?

Steve is in your squad.

He was in my squad and I'm friendly with him, but pretty much nobody knew what was going on with him.

Well, you know what, one of those women knew what was going on, and it was probably the girlfriend.

So she doesn't deserve any sympathy?

He's the father of her kid.

No, that's not what I'm saying, Jamie.

Maybe he was that good of a catch that they were happy to share him.



I personally just try to figure out where a man finds the time or energy to carry on with two families.

You-you looking for some tips?

DANNY: No, I'm not looking for tips.

I'm just saying it's a mess.

Which isn't over.

Right, the funeral.

Well, you can count me out.

And we will.

Oh, come on, Grandpa. We don't really know what was going on with Tomlin's life. I mean, maybe he was making the best of a bad situation, you know?

You saying you excuse what he did?

No, I'm just saying I'm reserving judgment until the smoke clears a little.


I got personal items for two different women.

Some need to go to the girlfriend. Mmm, kind of got to side with Gramps on this one.

Thank you.

There's a line, and men know where it's drawn.

You're also the cop on the case.

Well, then I'll deliver whatever I need to.

Thank you, Danny.

You got it, Dad.

(siren chirping)

Guess what sector we got this morning.

Judging by the smile on your face, Restaurant Row.

Back to Hell's Kitchen.

Really? Boss says we did great.

15 summonses and a felony collar.

And I volunteered us since I know you want to find Tyler again.

Says who?

Your niece put you on the case.

Yeah, until my sister blew a gasket.

Sergeant. Come on, friend of Nicky's or not, that kid needs help.

So let's go find him again.

But he's not gonna be hanging around Hell's Kitchen.

Not after he knows we're looking for him.

Yeah, I thought the same thing till I talked to a couple of guys in Narcotics who executed a warrant on a drug spot on that very same block this morning.

And guess who was seen running from the scene.

Well, let's go look for Tyler.

I knew I loved him from the moment we met.

He moved me here, (baby cries) and pretty soon she was on the way.

And now it's just us two.

I'm sorry it took so long, with all the... issues around Steve.


Did Steve stay home every night?

No, he was undercover.

Had to be gone a lot.

Did he wear a ring?

No, why would he?

He was single.

Detective, what-what are you saying?

I'm saying that Steve Tomlin was married.


He had two kids. Both in their 20s.

No. You're wrong. He w... he was with me.

We were going to get married, just-just as soon as-as... as soon as...

I'm sorry.

Regardless of whether or not he was married, it's obvious that he loved you.


You're defending him?

Surprises me, too.

Look, Steve could have abandoned the both of you, but he didn't.

In fact, you should probably take a look at this.

It was in his locker, too.

"Deferred compensation."

Kind of like a pension.

Cop gets to choose who the beneficiaries are, and Steve chose the both of you.

So Angela will be taken care of?

I'm not sure if he filed it.

But it's obvious that he wanted the both of you to be taken care of.

Do you think... he would've done that if he didn't love you very much?

Tyler Jeffries?


(panting): Stop!

Hold it right there. Let me go. Please.

Please let me go. Please.

Why? So you can go get high again?

Aw, sorry, buddy, those days are over.

Yeah. Along with shoving police officers, which, by the way, is assault.

Hey. We tried this the easy way.

Now you get the hard way.

You got anything sharp in your pockets, like a needle? Anything that's gonna stick me?

Look, I-I don't do drugs.

Yeah, that's not what my niece says.

Look, I, I was a screwup at school, okay?

But I stopped all that.

I swear. Yeah?

What were you passing around with your pals back there?

Your report card with all As?


It was... it was her photo.

To see if anyone's seen her.

"Her" who, huh?

Whoa, whoa.

It's just a picture.

My mom... came down here a week ago to score and never came back home.

She's the junkie.

Thanks for bringing these.

The girls'll be happy to know their father kept them so close.


I'm just trying to carry out what...

I think he'd want.

Steve was a hell of a cop, and I honor that.

It's all he ever wanted to be.

Well, I'll be sure and say that when I stand up for him at the funeral.

And if there's anything else my department can do...

I only have to ask.

Can I ask this?

Could you please not lie to me, Commissioner?

Steve's lies were bad enough, but to have all of you parade around here with your sad smiles and your pats on the back for the poor widow... and nobody has the guts to admit what I've known for the past year?

I'm not sure I understand.

(short laugh)

Of course.

Once I knew, I did what every good wife does.

Blamed myself.

Tried to make him love me again. I mean, I...

I do love the guy.

And the only time I lost it was when I...

I'd had too much to drink and I...

I found his phone and I called the number I didn't recognize and I told the bitch off.

Told her I was the one who had stuck by him all these years and raised his family while he was out on the job.

And I hung up the phone before she could get a word in edgewise.


I'm very sorry.

You know what you could do?

Skip Steve's funeral.

Just skip the nice speech about how honor is such a big part of the job.

How the NYPD appreciates the sacrifices made by the families.

You might be able to get the words out, but I, for one, don't want to hear them.

His real family doesn't want to hear it.

Can you do that for me?

Good-bye, Commissioner.

(door opens)


I've got good news.

I could use some.

Corporation counsel reviewed Steve Tomlin's financials.

He filled out his deferred compensation papers but never submitted them, so they're invalid.

The Staten Island family will get all the money and benefits.

And how is that good news?

Well, the last thing this office needs is legal wrangling with an irate widow.

Or lurid headlines about a two-timing cop.

So it's good news for this office?

What about Marianna and their baby?

Well, technically, they're not his family.

Technically? I don't blame them.

Doesn't take a ring to make a family.

I tried to give you an out, Frank.

But you chose to be mixed up in this.

I'm just telling you where we are.

On the high moral ground, apparently.

That's not fair. None of this is.

That's no excuse to turn our backs on a woman with a cop's baby.

Look, if you can fire a way to help out both families, I'm all ears.

As far as I see it, the department's hands are tied.

You really sure I should be here?

I called your mom to ask her, but she didn't answer, so...

No, I mean because I lied to you.

We're good, Nicky. And I think that Tyler could really use a friend right about now.

Tyler. Oh, my God, I thought you moved.

That's what I told everyone.

So they wouldn't know the truth.

Tyler's mom has been having some problems.

What do you mean?

First it was prescription drugs.

Then it became other stuff.

Ms. Jeffries disappeared about a week ago.

Tyler's been out looking for her.

Why didn't you let my mom help you? Or my uncle?

Because then you'd find out, and... people at school.

(short laugh)


I guess they'll all find out anyway when it's in the papers that she's dead.

Tyler, we don't know that she is.

Then why can't I find her?

I've looked everywhere.

Because she's been in the hospital.

Accidental OD. She's been a Jane Doe at Bellevue for a couple days.

Is there any way I can see her?

That's why I'm here.

So you did keep looking for her.

And your uncle is on his way down from Rhode Island.

You'll stay with him until your mom gets clean.

Thank you so much.

All of you.

We just did what she asked.

Come on.

I want a cape.






I need a little help here, Pop.

Is this about that Tomlin fellow?

His second family needs to be taken care of.

Wasn't that his job?

Well, he got himself killed in the line of duty before he got around to it.

So throw him a 10-13 party.

There is a three-month-old baby girl who's gonna grow up without a father.

And the problem does not get solved by some cash in a cigar box on a bar.

(door shuts)

DANNY: Where is everyone?

In here.

HENRY (chuckling): Oh. Are you here to help your old man muscle me into pitching in?

If that's what's going on, I am now.

Come on, Pop.

You're on the board of the Policeman's Fund.

Yeah, so?

So it may be time to put some of that influence to good use, Gramps.

Create a back-pocket pension for one more widow and orphan.

Old dog, new tricks.

I haven't said yes.

You gonna say no?

(slow grunt)

So what's going on?

I went to see the girlfriend again to confirm that Tomlin's wife did in fact call her as she claimed.

Wait a minute.

The wife called the girlfriend? The wife thought she called the girlfriend.

She found a number in Tomlin's cell phone.

She called it, thinking it would be the girlfriend on the other end.

Tomlin was undercover in Castillo's gang.

And unfortunately...


She accidentally called one of them.


It was Tomlin's wife who blew his cover, Gramps.

Couple days later, we got a dead cop.

You got to be kidding me.

If I was kidding, someone would be laughing.

HENRY: Good Lord.

She loses her husband and then has to hear this.

It'll kill the woman.

Unless she doesn't hear it.

I can't lie to that woman again.

She has to know.

Commissioner Reagan.

I need to talk to you, Mrs. Tomlin.

I've said everything I have to say.

Well, I'm afraid I haven't.

I'm sorry, I got nothing for nobody.

I'm burying my husband tomorrow.

I didn't handle our meeting very well, yesterday, and I'm sorry.

But I think...

(deep breath)

Steve would've wanted the NYPD represented at his service.

I know he would.

And it would be my honor to do that for him.

You came all the way out here just to ask me that?

Yes, I did.