05x03 - Burning Bridges

(door closing)


Henry: Francis, I'm in the sunroom.

I'm having a whiskey.

You want one?

We have a guest.

Well, does he want one?

No, she doesn't.

Come, join us.


Sister Mary, Frank Reagan.

Thank you for seeing me.

I didn't know I was.

(Henry chuckles)

Oh, I-I'm sorry.

Sister Mary teaches middle school at St. Dominic's.


Well, thanks for your service.

I've got some great memories of St. Dom's.

Not sure St. Dom's has great memories of him, though.

What can I do for you, Sister?

I've come to ask you for an intercession.


Sister, um, whatever influence I have, it is purely of this world.

And so is the matter at hand.

Commissioner, I have it from good sources that St. Dom's is on a very short list of schools the Archdiocese is considering shutting down.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I've put together a document that I think makes a good case for keeping our school open.

Well, again, Sister, this is way outside my wheelhouse.

But I know you have a standing lunch with His Eminence the cardinal the third Thursday of each month.

What was I gonna do, hold back?

She's a nun.

If you'd be so kind as to let me walk you through our case, I'm confident you'd be our very best voice with His Eminence.

Sister, of course.

I'll listen.

But I can't promise anything.

Oh, no promises expected.

Or accepted.

And, by all means, get your drink first.

Can I get you something?

Two fingers of bourbon, please.

Over one cube of ice.

I'll have what she's having.

Woman: Police! Anybody! Help!

He's trying to kill her!

Police! Police, please!

He's got a knife!

He's trying to kill her!

Where is he? Where is he?

On the second floor.

Ma'am, stay here. Stay here.

(woman screaming)


Police! Don't move!

You lying bitch!

Drop your weapon! Get down on the ground!

Drop your weapon!

Eddie, call a bus.

Okay. All right.

(woman gasping)




Okay. Reagan!

Reagan, I don't think we have time for a bus!

He's going to the roof!

We got to take her to St. Benjamin's around the corner.

Now! Come on, now!

Come on!

Look at me, look at me, look at me. Okay.

Woman: Help me, help me.

We got you.

We got to get her to the car.

(woman cries out)

Wait, wait.


Okay, we got you.

(siren wailing)

She's got a pretty deep wound to her abdomen.

Got it. We'll take it from here.

(woman shrieks)

Female EMT: We're gonna have to take her straight to the O.R.

(woman crying)

Reagan, behind you! It's him!

Let's finish this, bitch!


Move. Get her out of the way!

Drop your knife!

Drop your knife!


Reagan. Get some distance, Reagan.


(knife clatters)

Get her inside!

(woman crying)

Are you okay?


You good?


Stop fighting me.

(siren whoops)

Man: You all right, Reagan?

Get up!

What do we got here, Reagan?

We got everything under control here, Mike.

You all right?

You're bleeding.

Nah, it's nothing.

It's not nothing, you might need stitches.

Yeah, Reagan. You do. Hey, why don't you let me take him back to the house, while you get your head looked at?

You prepare an aided card on the victim.

Nah. Go ahead.

Hey, hey. What's the problem?

Ask him.

Oh, come on. We were rookies.

I sort of took credit for an arrest he made.

Not "sort of."

Just messing with you, come on.

Look, I don't need the collar.

I already made detective.

Oh, yeah. And you know the difference between detective third grade and detective second grade?


Collars. Lots of them. Any way you can get them.


Reagan, you're bleeding pretty bad. Really ought to get it looked at.

Come on.

Let's go.

He's our collar, Mike.

Hey. Detectives Reagan and Baez.

You first on the scene?

Yeah, me and my partner.

What happened?

Well, we're still canvassing, but we know two young white guys, driving by...


...yell some anti-gay stuff to a guy coming out of the bar.

Then what?

He yelled something back. They get out of the car and come at him with a bat.

How bad?

Got his head bashed in pretty good.

That's where he went down.

Anybody get a good look at the perps?

Good Samaritan. Came out of the bar, got in the middle of it, threw some punches, and the punks took off.

Good Samaritan got a name?

Wouldn't give it. My partner's talking to him.

The guy with the red hoodie.

Danny: Red hoodie.

Where the hell's he going?

Danny: Hey, yo!

Red hoodie!

Hey, Red Riding Hood, hold on.

Hold on.

I need to ask you a question.



What are you doing?

You... working under cover or something?


So, what are you doing, hanging out in the West Village in a gay bar?



Reagan, please, just let me keep walking, man.

I-I don't care. Look, did you get a good look at the guys?

Okay, so you did.

My family finds out, you know?

You know!

I know, but...

Look, you're a witness to a crime, okay?

You can't just walk away here.

Danny: I'll tell you what we'll do.

We won't put it in the squad report, we'll just put it in the DA's report.

That way your family and the squad won't know, okay?

Please, just let me keep walking.

No. No can do.

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Is it really still that big of a deal?

It's a huge deal.

Even in this day and age?

The culture he's from, I'm from, there is no "this day and age" when it comes to being gay.

Imagine something came out about you would make your entire family turn their backs on you, for good.

I'm not sure I can.

Actually, I can-- if I was on the take they'd all disown me.

And for him, it's being outed.

You know how every so often, you can be really warm and sensitive?

Yeah, come on.

How you holding up?

The secret's out.

Might as well be a witness.

Yeah. Well, sorry it had to happen like that.


You up for some questions?

Yeah, sure.

Happen to get a look at these yahoos?

Yeah, um... both male, white.

Um, kind of size could be 18 and an athlete or 25 and drink a lot of beers.


And one of them, he was wearing like a, uh, like a football team windbreaker, number 51.

River Glen High School.

I checked.

It's in North Jersey, right on the New York border.

Jersey. Okay, good.

Do you think you could I.D. them?


Anything else you can remember at all?

No. Anybody get, like, a plate?

No. We do know that it's a dark SUV that happened to come from Jersey.

Security cameras?

We're working on it.

Look-- we're gonna get these punks, okay?

Strange time for you, huh?

That's an understatement.

How about your partner?

Demarest, where's he?

Didn't return my calls.

Did you ever tell your partner about your little secret?


Hey, Hoffman!


How's your head?

You stole our collar.

Hey. Hey, hey.


Nobody stole anything.

Yeah, we get back to the precinct, our prisoner's gone, the transport sheet says, "Arresting Officer, Mike Hoffman."

So, the hell you talking about?

I took him back, and I got him to make a full statement.

That he tried to kill his wife 'cause he's convinced she's doing her boss.

Now he'll go for attempted murder.

And that's why I got my gold shield two years ago, and you're still on patrol.

You know what you did.

You know exactly what you did.

I'll tell you what, you want a collar?

You could get this guy on menacing and assault two for the incident at the hospital.

Why don't you drop prints on him for that?


Hey, go for it, Reagan.

Not now, Reagan.


Listen, you got to go to your commanding officer, and you got to tell him what happened.

Not my style.

Come on, this guy?

He's just some schoolyard bully. Bully pushes you, what do you do? You push him back.

Yeah, I know.

So what are you gonna do?


I'm gonna push him back.

That's it.

(bell tolling)

She makes a compelling case, Greg.

I'm sure she does, Frank. Who could resist a sister looking after the welfare of little children?

Not just emotionally.

The parish has grown its enrollment ten percent in the last couple years.

I took the liberty of sending her research over to your office.

Well, I'll have Goldfarb and Bloomfield give it a thorough going-over.

Goldfarb and Bloomfield.

Yes, Frank, our appraisers.

These are hard decisions, and they're made harder if the deciders go all <i>Bells of Saint Mary's</i> on it.


I need clear eyes and heads, because it's strictly a real estate matter.

Of course.

There's one thing you could do to help her cause.

Name it.

Chair the Trinity Society dinner and accept the Person of the Year award.

I thought it was Man of the Year?

Oh, well, I've got to change with the times.


How many times have I asked you?

Lost count.

Six. And I'm gonna keep asking you till you give in.

Why don't you get it over with, Frank?

Now, at a time when you've got skin in the game here, Saint Dom's.

Are we horse-trading here?


I'll chair it, but I still can't accept the award.

Separation of Church and State.

That again.

Now and always.


The announcement goes out tomorrow.

I'll clear the copy with your DCPI.


Yeah, one was wearing a River Glen football windbreaker-- number 51.

All right, great, Ronnie.

Yeah, that's great.

I'll see you then.

Well, we got a mini-break.


Friend of my old man's is the chief of police in River Glen... since we can't make an arrest in New Jersey.

Reagan, Baez.

Want to step in?

Close the door.


What's up, Sarge?

What's up is Detective Fuentes is gay.

He hid it from Detective Demarest, his partner of eight years.

Demarest is, like, all bets off trust-wise.

Is that about right?

All right.


So, Reagan, you're gonna partner with Demarest, and you're gonna stay on the West Village beating.

Baez, you're gonna ride with Fuentes on the phone robbery guy.

That's gonna fix what, Sarge?

We'll see.

It'll be for a couple of tours.

You do know the '50s was 60 years ago, right?

You two can't figure this out between the two of you?

There's nothing to figure out; I don't want to work with him.

End of story.


It's for the best.

He already wakes up angry.

Even on his days off and the sun's out.

Screw you.

Jerry, when Kelly held that thing back from you...

Shut up.

...you and me, we talked things through.

Demarest: Shut the hell up, Fuentes!

Fuentes: It saved your marriage, man! And maybe it could work for you and me. We talk things through!

You bringing up Kelly and me?! You think this it that?

Man, I am just trying to help you, all right?

Here's help!


Back off!

(indistinct shouting)


Get off me, Reagan!

Demarest, you stand down or I suspend you!

You got that?

Yeah, I got that.

All right, you go outside and you walk it off.


Go on. Beat it.

You all right?


Go out there and cool off your new partners.

But, Sarge...


Garrett: <i>The commissioner will make</i> a statement, and then he'll take your questions.

(shutters clicking)

The victim, a male Caucasian, is in critical condition, despite the heroic efforts of the off-duty detective who intervened in the incident.

The perpetrators fled the scene and are still at large.

And yes, given the location of the incident and the fact that numerous witnesses heard homophobic slurs from the perpetrators, we are classifying this as a hate crime.

I will take your questions now.

(shouting indistinct questions)

One at a time, please.

Let's see, Theresa.

Can you tell us the name of this hero cop?

I believe he prefers to remain anonymous.


Yeah, according to my sources, the so-called hero was an off-duty detective who's a closeted homosexual.

Is there a question in there?

Well, can you confirm that the cop in question is Detective Alex Fuentes?



The Catholic Church condemns homosexuality as a sin, and the commissioner is famously Catholic.

Uh, how do you line up your anti-gay faith with your role as a, uh, equal-opportunity employer?

What my men and women do in private is their own business.

So you only condemn homosexuality on Sunday?

(reporters murmuring)

Well, I do believe that the Church is a little behind the times on this, but then, I still miss the Latin mass, so...

Next question.

Reporter: Uh, Commissioner, can we get back to the incident?

Yes, please.

Did the officer sustain any injuries...

Thank you for meeting us, Detective.

I'm sorry about what happened.

The weird thing about Hoffman, he's a damn good detective, which put him on the fast track and also made him greedy.

Yours isn't the first collar he's accused of snatching.

Yeah, he's got that hook downtown.

His uncle is a deputy commissioner.

You got a bigger hook.

I mean, you got a crane.

No, I-I got a father who's the PC, but he'd never be my hook.

Yeah, and he'd never ask him to be either, believe me.

So what can I do for you?

We're looking to return the favor.

We want to steal a collar from Hoffman.



Actually, you know that guy, Spiderboy?

Been in the papers. Yeah.

He comes in through the fire escape, takes what he wants, tags a spiderweb on the wall.

Yesterday, Hoffman is bragging that's he's got a CI giving up Spiderboy.

Got a search warrant on his apartment and to look for him in Monday's paper.

Well, what's he waiting for?

Well, he's got some weekend trip planned to, uh, Puerto Rico.

Non-refundable tickets.

Well, hey, do you know who the informant is?

Sorry, that's all I got.

And you didn't hear it from me.


All right, good luck.

Thanks. Thanks.


What's good? We don't know who this guy is or where he lives.

Well, his name and address will be on the search warrant, and if there's a search warrant, any cop can go in and make the pinch.

Yeah, but it's not like Hoffman's gonna show us the search warrant.

No, but somebody else might.


I never use my hook down at One PP, but I do have a hook in the D.A.'s office that I don't mind working.

Ooh, tricky.

Here's the victim's mother.

Ms. Elvers?


Detective Reagan. This is Detective Demarest.


How's your son doing?

He has an intracranial hemorrhage. They're going to operate.

I'm sorry to hear that. I'll be sure to say a prayer.

Yeah, I'll get one off, too.

Thank you. Everyone in New York is so much kinder than I thought.

Well, believe it or not, there are actually a few nice people in this city, and we certainly want to bring to justice the people who did this to Martin.

I hope you catch them.

Me, too.

Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?

I'll do my best.

Demarest: Can you think of anybody that might want to hurt your son?

(stammers) I just can't imagine.

Danny: Do you know if Martin had any problems with anyone, enemies at work, anything?

Detective, Martin is a veterinarian. He is a gentle soul. When he was five, he kept all the stuffed animals on his bed in alphabetical order. Bear, cat, dog, elephant and so on. And one day, I noticed they were in a different order. And when I asked him about it, he whispered that they were in the order of how much he loved them. And then he said to me, "Please don't tell them. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

This is not a man with enemies.

(softly): Okay.


Tell you, it's the ones who don't cry. They're the hardest.


The mom back there. She starts bawling, then we give her a tissue or a cup of coffee.

We have a role to play.

Instead, she just sits there, all brave, not wanting to make a scene or inconvenience anyone, but she's definitely torn up inside.


I'm just saying.

We need to find those bastards.

Here we are. Garden State.


You like Jersey?

I do.

Shore's nice. You like the shore?


You just gonna sit there and groan the whole time or what?


I hear you.

He's your partner, day in, day out, on duty, off... He knows everything about you. Including your anger issues.

Did he talk to you about me?

No, he didn't talk to me...

My so-called anger issues?


Just referring to what he said in the office about talking things out and you and your wife.


You know, maybe he's secretly relieved you're not riding along with him anymore.

I know I'd be.

Baez: Is that our guy?

Fuentes: No.

Our guy is six foot two.


Well, it looked a little like him.


Alex, if it's tough to ignore the elephant in the room, it's gonna be really tough to ignore the elephant in the car.

You talk to your family?

What, you mean since I got outed?

Well, yeah.

I tried.

It was a... a short conversation, mostly one-sided.

My old man, he said, "You're out... here's what else is out. Holidays, family reunions, christenings, weddings. Don't ever come around here again."

I'm sorry.

You know... when I was a kid, like eight, my old man, he'd have his buddies over to play dominoes, right?

And, uh, my mom, she almost, like, coached me before I went into a room, on how to walk, stand, not to be funny, you know, because my kind of funny was just weird for my old man and his friends.

Well, she did a hell of a job.

Because you being gay comes as a big surprise.



You lose your family and your partner in the same week.

That's got to be tough, man.

The subject is closed.


Where the hell is Danny Reagan?

Right here, Chief.

Pleasure to meet you, Detective.

You, too.

How's your dad?

He's well.

Sends his best.

Jerry Demarest.

Hiya, Jerry.

So, uh, you guys want coffee?

Uh, we can send out if you're hungry.

No, we're great.

All right.

Danny: Jerry's partner was the detective who intervened.

That was your partner?


(laughs) Riding with a fairy. What's that like?

(lisping): "If you resist arrest, I'm going to give you such a pinch."

Fuentes is actually a highly decorated detective.

Well, they do like decorating.


Detective Fuentes also happened to save his partner's life.

Yeah, he did.

Kellin, inside.

This is one of my detectives, Billy Kellin.

This is Danny Reagan and Jerry Demarest.Hey. Nice to meet you.

Okay, so, what do you got on the baseball bat?

Uh, no prints of value.

I sent some of my guys over to the high school to look into number 51. They're checkin' his alibi.

And how about 51s going back a few years?

That's good thinking.

Uh, Billy'll run that down for you.


Yeah, I'll get started on that today, but, uh, I'm off tomorrow, so...


Go back, say, ten years.

Kellin: Oh, actually, you know, yeah, I'll come in tomorrow.




Guess we'll head back to the city, then.

Monroe: Hey.

You give my best to your old man.

I'll do just that.

Danny: You know, I get Chief Monroe wanting to come in and bend over backwards, being he's a friend of my old man and all.

But this Billy Kellin wanting to come in on his day off to help us?

What the hell happened to the usual resentment of two NYPD detectives storming into the squad room in East Cupcake, New Jersey?

And all that for an assault case?

(phone ringing)




Hold on.

Yeah, all right.

It's not an assault case anymore.

Martin Elvers just died on the operating table.

Now it's a homicide.

Come on, Greg, give me a break.

You and I have talked for hours about ways the Church needs to reform.

Yes, Frank... alone, in private, just between us men.

I'm sure you and Henry have said things about the population you police you wouldn't want released for public consumption. Come on.

What do you want from me here?

I want you to issue an apology.

I can't do that.

Of course you can.

I do believe the Church is backwards on this.

And of all the stands to hold onto, in the midst of the scandals of the past decades...

That is not up to you or me.

The faith we keep is in our Lord and the infallibility of the Vatican and her tenets.

Greg, the Pope himself has begun to move the needle on this.

The catechism of the Catholic Church remains firm on the matter, Frank.

Is there an "or else" here?

I mean... is excommunication on the table?

Oh, Frank, be serious.

Well, honestly, I forgot the criteria.

Well, rest assured, you haven't met it.

But I might be dis-invited from the Trinity dinner chairmanship and any attendant consideration to St. Dom's that my participation might have brought?

The public nature of my remark was unfortunate.

I could issue a statement expressing regret for the context.

I've taken up enough of your time.

Thank you, Frank.

You're a good friend.

(door opens)

(door closes)



Were you able?

Yeah, I dug up the warrant.

So your Spideyboy is actually Davey Lugo.

Lives at 946 Washington Place Apartment 5D.

Warrant's good until Wednesday.

I really appreciate it.

Yeah, well, you didn't hear it from me.

Nope, I know.

So, I've done business with Hoffman.

He's a good detective.

Why did he steal your collar?

We graduated from the academy together.

He was second in the class.

So he just has it out for number one?

I don't know what his problem is.

But he made detective and you haven't yet, so maybe you have the same kind of problem.

Maybe I do.

But I play by the rules.

Until now.

Fire with fire.

Or two wrongs not making a right.

Do you always get the last word?

Yes, I do.


Got a minute?

You know, two knocks is kind of the minimum.

You never close your door.

I kind of went off-road at the press conference.

You kind of drove into a ditch.

I am trying to construct a statement that neutralizes my criticism of the Church without appearing to walk back what I said...

...and not sound like I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth.

This sounds like you're talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Then there's that.

I can do better than this.

Could you?

I can't be sure it'll completely satisfy both sides.

It has to.

I will try.

Please try hard.

This is important to you, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

(phone ringing, low chatter)

Demarest: Got something.


A bank camera caught the SUV rounding the corner from the scene, we got a partial plate.

I crossed that with EZ pass records from cars coming in that day, and there's a Todd Kowalchuk of River Glen with four out of the six numbers on the plate.

Beautiful. Let's go.


We're going to go scout the River Glen football teams.

Come on, get off your ass.


Todd Kowalchuk, class of 2008.

He's our driver.

Danny: Outside linebacker Todd Kowalchuk.

Number 51.


We found him.

Son of a bitch. Look at this.


Middle linebacker.

Kevin Monroe.

The chief's son?

I'd bet the farm and all the animals on it.

I'm going through their senior portraits right now.

Do me a favor.

Cough, okay?


Just cough.


Do it again.


We got to show these to Fuentes.

Get him to make a positive I.D.

But first we need to get their guard down.

Danny, how's it going?


Just wanted to come by and say thanks.

And to let you know that we'll be out of your hair now.

You got the guys?

Well, no. We got conflicting eyewitness testimony.

One says they're Jersey plates, one says New York plates.

One says number 51, the other says number 15.

But what we do know is that there's a River Glen in Putnam County, New York, and we can place two former football players in the West Village the night of the incident, so there you go.


Yeah. Sorry to be a bother.

No, no, no. Not at all.



Did you say hey to your old man for me?

Oh, well, I plan on catching him up on his old pal real soon.

Anyone who steps into a fight involving two mooks with baseball bats can't be a sissy in my book.

Aw, Pop! "Sissy"?

The thing is.


Who are we talking about?

I think gay guy dad was talking about in the car.

Wow. Whoa.

Mickey, ketchup, that your father was speaking of.

The gay detective.

No. It's just detective.

Henry: Nicky?

I was paying the man a compliment.

But "sissy"? Seriously?

Okay. what would young people call it?

Call what?

What we're talking about.

You mean gay?

Yeah, gay.

(clears throat)

Well, I'm only in fifth grade, so it doesn't come up very much.

They kind of kidnapped that word, you ask me.

Nobody asked you, Pop.

It's not even accurate.

I mean, gay is "happy and lighthearted."

It doesn't mean that anymore.

As you well know, Pop, come on.

Well, it was a good word.

It still is just with a different connotation.


So, was it just me... or was monsignor really zeroing in on you during his sermon.

Yeah, I noticed that, too, when he was talking about Sunday Catholics as opposed to every single day Catholics.

A reserved pew up front is a blessing and a curse.

I thought you were gonna issue an apology for shooting your mouth off about the Church and the gays.

I use it right that time?

I told His Eminence I would. Apparently I am guilty of heresy until the apology is actually released.

Which is when?

Which is after I've written it.

That was delicious.

What's for dessert?

Humble pie.

Then I'm full.

Fuentes: This guy...

Danny: Uh-huh.

...and this one.

He was the one with the bat.

You sure about that?


All right then. We're good to go.

So, what happens now?

Well, Kowalchuk and Monroe are partners in an exterminator business in River Glen.


So... we have an appointment for them to assess our termite problem tomorrow in Vandergoes Township.


Vandergoes Township is the neighboring town to River Glen and also happens to fall on our side of the New York state line where Chief Monroe can't help them.

When's the appointment?

Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Maybe you and your, uh, partner would like to join us?



It's up to him.

You'll join us.

(siren wailing)

Out of the vehicle with your hands in the air now! Come on!

Get your hands against the car.

I'm Detective Reagan with the NYPD.

You're under arrest for accessory to murder of Martin Elvers. You hear me?

Never heard of him. And this is Jersey. You got no jurisdiction here...

Hey! You just crossed the line into New York, jackass.

It's gonna be your home for a while, so I'd get used to it.

Demarest, let Fuentes do the honors with him.

You take this schmuck.

Come on.


Kevin Monroe, you are under arrest for the murder of Martin Elvers.

Hey, Reagan, Baez?

You mind if Fuentes and I take these guys in for booking?

They're your collar. You earned it.

Go on, get out of here.

Come on!

You got one hell of a partner there, Demarest.

Guess I do.

You miss me?

A little.

More than a little.

No, really, just a little.


Good evening, Sister.

I'm, uh... sorry to keep you waiting.

Busy day.

How did it go with His Eminence?

I'm afraid I failed you.

What the hell happened?

Pop, the sister needs another cube of ice in her drink and I could use one myself.

I can take a hint.

I butted heads with the Archdiocese last week.

When you shot off your mouth about the Church's stance on homosexuality.


I read the papers.

I regret it.

I shouldn't have answered the question.

But I have been asked to issue a public apology.

And you can't do that?

Well, I tried.

But then I realized that any apology, no matter how carefully worded and qualified, would come off as me recanting my objection.

And I couldn't do that.

I see.

I don't expect you to.

Oh, I'm sure there will be another way to keep St. Dom's open.

Are you? Really?

Well, with all due respect, my faith is in Our Lord first.

You second.

(short laugh)

Please try to understand.

I command 35,000 men and women.

I have no idea how many are gay or lesbian or whatever.

I don't want to know.

I don't need to know.

And I won't condemn them because I'm a Catholic.

It's none of my damn business.

Commissioner, the day I entered the convent started on the train platform in Madison, Wisconsin, where I kissed my girlfriend good-bye.

Now, there's not a day I regret answering our Lord's call, or a day when I'm ashamed of who I was before.

So, thank you.

So, how did you screw up with His Eminence?

What the hell?

David Lugo.


Don't move.

Where do you think you're going?

We are officers of the NYPD.

I have here a warrant to search these premises for stolen goods.

The search was hugely successful.

On your knees.

Hands behind your head.

Let's roll, Spiderboy.

Why aren't we booking him downstairs?

'Cause he's not our collar.

The hell are you talking about?

The whole point of this thing is...

To get even.

Here, hold him.

Hey, Detective Hoffman.


What the hell?

We have here one David Lugo, aka Spiderboy.

We executed a warrant to search his residence for stolen property, which turned up some very positive results.

So, we placed Mr. Lugo under arrest for said stolen property, but were made aware that Mr. Lugo was the subject of an ongoing investigation by the detective.

So, in the spirit of the ancient and solemn brotherhood of the NYPD, here's your collar.


Screw you, Reagan.

You're welcome, Mike.