09x16 - Past Tense

JAMIE: You can't be serious.

SERRANO: Does it look like I'm laughing?

JAMIE: You need to calm down.

SERRANO: I'll calm down when you explain how you could post this, 'cause the only takeaway I get is you're a straight-up racist.


What the hell's going on?

Officer Serrano somehow has it in her head...

In my head?

You posted it.

It's out there.

"If every minority "in NYC suddenly disappeared, the crime rate would drop to zero." He didn't write this.

Username is JamieReaganNYPD, isn't it?

JAMIE: It's fake.

I don't post on SquawkTalk or any other social media.

Yeah, Marisol, he's telling the truth.

And you're kissing his ass.

Nice to know whose team you're on.

A post that says the Giants are the best team in the NFL.

Oh, come on, the sarge is not a racist.


So someone else must've posted this garbage.

Sorry, Sarge.

Thank you.

Back to work.

What the hell, right?

I mean, people have pranked you before but...

But who hates me this much?


No comment.

I'll say it again.

"No comment" is taken as a comment, insofar as it is assumed you're ducking the issue.

Then what phrase can I use to communicate I have no opinion on the matter?

One doesn't exist anymore.

There isn't a single combination of words in the English language...

- Sir.

I don't like that look.

minutes ago an off-duty detective from the

- squad, shot a man in a Bronx mini-mart.

The victim?

Dead at the scene.

No I.D.

Please say he was stopping a robbery or something.

Owner says the detective began harassing the other man, and then opened fire.

He have a name?

Doug Lynch.

You know, boss, I should go up there and sort things out.

That's not necessary.


It's just that I've know Doug Lynch for almost years.

I'd like One PP to make an appearance.

With your blessing, of course.

What did I just see?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Night, Ms.


Thanks, Annie.

Uh, am I crazy?

Has that guy been out on that bench for the last six hours?

Says he needs to talk to Anthony.

Who's been in court all day.

I told him to try again tomorrow but he won't budge.

Hi, I'm Erin Reagan.

Can I help you?

Sorry, only Anthony Abetemarco can.

Well, I'm his boss so try me.

My name's Leo Stutz.

I work for Freddy Fallaci.

I'm guessing you've heard of him.


Only by reputation.

Drug dealer and murderous thug.

And you've been working your ass trying to nail him but can't.

So I'm here to help.

And I'm here to wonder what's in it for you.

Look, I'm a nobody.

I run errands for Freddy, sometimes drive him around.

But I've seen the bad stuff he does and I can't take it any longer.

Personally, the guy deserves to go down.

And I can make it happen.

So why not just go to the police?

Why Detective Abetemarco?


'Cause I'm his little brother and family looks out for family.

(siren wailing)

I got eyes.

But F.I.D.'s on the way.

They can interview him at the - .

- It's calmer there.

- Got it.

What about the PC?

He's been apprised.

- If he has any questions,

- You sure that'll still work?

- I got this, Gus.


Guys, argue about this later.

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Officer, what's going on?


And I thought I got here quick.

We were helping execute a warrant a couple blocks over.

You go in?

Just to make sure the lady's dead.

Mei-Ling Chan.

Neighbors say her daughter, Margo, lives with her, but I couldn't find her.

Do us a favor, clear out the nosy neighbors, okay?

You got it.

Looks like she was strangled.

Body's fresh.

Enough food for two, also fresh.

I'm gonna take a look around.


(rattling nearby)

(muffled crying)

Stay away from me!



It's okay.





It's okay.


Come on.

You're safe.

Come on.

Get a bus.

- detectives to Central.

We need a bus forthwith.

Madison Avenue.

We have a female, mid- s...

- But, but what about my mom?

Whoa, whoa.






(screams): No!

(quietly): It's okay.






- But I'm an only child.

- And that's what I said.

Leo Stutz.

Anthony Abetemarco.

First off, explain this crap about being my brother.

Half brother, actually.

Which means you're only half insane.

LEO: Come on, really?

You don't remember me from the old days?

I was the little kid you used to call "Leo the Leech" 'cause I hung around you even after you told me to get lost.

I remember Leo the Leech.

He was a lot shorter.

And you was a lot skinnier.

So what street did I, uh, live on?

Willow Vista.

Number .

And I was two blocks away, on...

Hickory Ridge.


All right.

So you do know him?

- Doesn't prove we're related.

- Come on, look.

My mom had a problem playing the ponies down at Freehold.

Got in real deep to your dad.

One day, he came by, told her to pay up...

She paid up, all right.

That does sound like my old man.

Nine months later, ta-da!

I gotta say, you do have a certain Abetemarco style about you.

Because I always wanted to be like you.

That's why I hung around.

I knew, even if you didn't.

What do you say, Erin?

See any resemblance?

The only thing I see is a chance to put Freddy Fallaci in prison.

So let's get to work.

I got you.

Hey, anything from the scene?

No prints, no hairs, no DNA.

Cosgrove is rounding up a list of the neighbors.

You know, you didn't have to ride here with her, Reagan.

Well, uh, she lost her mom, what do you want me to do?

- (sighs)

I mean, I've spent the night in worse places than a hospital waiting room.

What can I say?

I'm a softie for that kind of thing.

Hey, Doc, what do you got?

Ah, she presented with severe tachycardia and elevated cortisol.

Okay, can we get to the headline?

She's stable.

Coming off of her sedation.

- Can we speak to her?

- Gently.

How you feeling, Margo?

I miss my mom.


I promise you, we're gonna do everything we can to find who did this.

But what we need from you i-is for you to help walk us through what happened.



We were eating dinner and someone banged on the front door.

Was she expecting anyone, your mom?

Not that I know of, but she's on the co-op board, and people drop by.

She told me to give them a couple minutes.

Could you hear your mom talking to this person?

Was it a male or female?

I don't know, it was muffled, but...

uh, then I heard her yell and something got knocked over.

I called out but Mom didn't answer, and then they started turning the knob on my door and I freaked and got in the closet.

I didn't know what else to do.

Margo, did your mom ever say that she was scared of anyone?

Anybody threatened her or anything like that?




Why would she be?

She never hurt anyone.

(shuddering): Now she's gone.

(crying): Oh, my God.


We will be here for you, okay?

You have my word.



I was gonna send him the link but the account's been deleted, and the posts.

Maybe I.D.

Theft Squad or Computer Crimes can track down the IP address of whoever created the account.

Then I meet the guy at his house with a baseball bat.

MAN: Sergeant Reagan?

Looks like the rat squad sniffed it out.

All right, relax.

It was all fake-- the account, the post, everything.

This concerns something else.

Let's chat, Sergeant.


Here's good.

What's this about?


Internal Affairs received information that Officer Janko has been attempting to extract protection money from a local business.

Yeah, right.

Is this a joke to you?

Eddie taking bribes is.

Who's accusing her?

- That's confidential.

- Let me guess.

It was anonymous.

Maybe on the tip-line?

Eddie Janko has done nothing wrong; I'd bet my shield on it.

And you wouldn't cover for her?

- Come again?

- Our records show that you specifically requested her transfer from the th Precinct soon after you made the jump yourself.

Because this place was a zoo and she's a great cop.

You guys got any other unfounded suspicions?

Suck it up and ask her yourself.

We'll do just that.


- What?

- Whoever's gunning for me is gunning for you, too.

GARRETT: So, the dead guy drew first?

GORMLEY: Security footage confirms he pulled first.

Detective Lynch drew his weapon and shot him.

Bad guy's gun slid under a freezer, so the owner didn't see it.

What about him harassing the guy?

The only harassment was Doug recognizing this guy as a strong-arm robber he's been after for years, Ellis Hardwick.

When he asked him for I.D., Hardwick goes, "Go to hell." You know, a lot of brass showed up, and only one from the - .

I checked.

Doug's got a lot of friends.

Well, that could almost look like damage control.

- What for?

- I mean, it's not like the guy's a drunk or on the take.

Boss, Doug's a year shy of getting out, and this is the first time he fired his weapon.

A shooting this late in the game, especially a fatal one, can really screw with a guy's head.

So, how is he?

Oh, he's gonna be fine.

And it was a good shoot, so let's give thanks for that.



You know, this guy's file reads like the greatest hits of police work.

Solid as they come.

Bring him up.

Bring him up here?

For a cop with his record, there's very few commendations.

Let's change all that.

Buck him up.

Well, it's just that Doug never puts himself up for medals, you know?

He doesn't like people making a fuss.

But, you know what, let me talk to him, see if he's up for it.


What'd I just see?

So, you were the one who found Mrs. Chan.

Yeah, I was coming down the hall, and I saw her door standing open, which was weird because she and the offspring are pretty private.

And, suddenly, this person comes blasting out, knocks me on my ass.

- A he or a she?

- I don't know.

Tall, bundled up, coat and gloves.

- Freaked me out.

BAEZ: Julie, what did you think of Mei-Ling Chan?


She was a grade-A pain in the ass.

Not to speak ill of the dead.

Always ranting about rich kids invading our building.

I'm on the board, too, and she yelled at me on a daily basis.

Must've pissed you off.

When you look like I do, the plain Janes open fire.

So, you live in the apartment just below the victim?

And she was always complaining about my music coming up through her floorboards.

And maybe the weed smoke, too?

She retaliated by stomping around overhead.

Like a furniture rodeo up there, day and night.

So you hated her.

How did a... unique fellow like yourself come to live in an apartment building like that?

My old man used to work on Wall Street.

He croaked at his desk.

I inherited the pad.

And there's nothin' nobody could do about it.

BAEZ: Sarah, we understand you're a photographer?

And I shoot all over the world, so I'm rarely here.

But every time I am, Mei-Ling is pissing someone off.

Like last year, uh, someone broke into my place and stole ten grand worth of prints.

I asked the board to install hallway cameras, but Mei-Ling said her privacy trumped my photos.

That must have made you mad.

Mad enough, maybe, to, uh, be inspired by one of your own photos?

I admit I wasn't happy.

But then Mei-Ling helped a friend of mine get into the building.

Kinda made me like her a little.

So, I went through past arrests, looking for perps who might want to get back at both of us.


And most of 'em are still locked up, some of 'em are dead.

But I found one guy who is not only out, he never so much as served a day in prison.

And you brought me out in this mess for...?

Trust me, it's gonna be worth it.

Don Voorhees?

You got to be kidding me.

Reagan and Janko.

Glad you still remember us, Don.

How could I forget the two pricks that ruined my life?

No, you ruined your own life by having your parolees do your dirty work for you.

And yet you somehow still managed to squirm away.

I'm free because I'm innocent.

But, still, I'm the only one that got screwed.

By not going to prison?

There's other punishments.

Corrections fired me.

They took away my pension.

I spent every dime I had defending myself.

Don, what's going on?

Nothing, sis.

Just some trash blew up to the doorstep.

We're police officers.


So like he said, trash.

Hey, sis, it turns out you're helping him come after us, you're gonna be in a whole world of hurt, too.

Go to hell.

What is she talking about, coming after you?

If you are doing what we think you're doing, you will go to prison this time.

Wait, let me get this straight.

So somebody is getting a taste of their own medicine?


Well, hallelujah!


Keep laughing, Don, right back into another pair of handcuffs.

You need to learn about double jeopardy, 'cause the only thing you're coming with is your big mouth and this little bitch you bring along for backup.

- Hey, you...

- Hey, just let him keep laughing.

Keep laughing.

We'll be back, Voorhees.

I'll be waiting for you.

- Can I help you?

- It's okay.

I'm her brother.

Hey, sorry, you got a minute?

Yeah, for you, anytime.

How is Don Voorhees not in prison?

Uh, refresh my memory?

Parole officer who we arrested last year for abusing his parolees.

We gift-wrapped him for you.

Yeah, and, somehow, he got re-gifted.

Right back out on the street.

Okay, I wasn't even quarterback on the Voorhees case.

After I came down here and I personally walked you through every single detail of what he did?

Yeah, but I relayed it to an excellent A.D.A.

who took it to trial.

Erin, you handed it off?

Yeah, but I tracked it.

Look, all of his victims were ex-cons, none of which would testify.

And he's-- or was-- a law enforcement officer, all right?

So, all that adds up to...

you find a jury that would convict.

So, I'm sorry.

Well, "sorry" means that he's still out on the street.

What is this really about?

We think Voorhees wants payback.

He sicced IAB, maybe, on-on Eddie...

He's trying to smear Jamie by posting racist propaganda under his name.

And you have hard evidence of that?

It's on SquawkTalk.

That it was Voorhees?

Wow, okay, that's where your mind goes?

Of course he walked.

- Okay, easy.

- You know, I thought that, you guys, you're supposed to look out for each other.



Never mind.

(door opens)

Lieutenant, you get a heads-up?

No, Detective, I did not.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

This is quite an honor.

It's not every day you get the PC himself dropping by.

Tends to disrupt the day, you get a call I'm coming in.

Help me out, Doug.

Have we met?

You certainly must have been in the same room at one point.

Nice to meet you.

And you.

And I think I have good news.

You've been cleared in the bodega shooting.


Doug's nothing if not modest.

Excuse me, I was talking to him.

I'd been after Ellis Hardwick for years.


good to finally get him.

And he will never hurt anyone again, which is why I'm recommending you for the Combat Cross.

Doug's a little light on awards.

I think we need to fix that.

I don't know where my dress blues are off the top of my head, but I'm sure a quick recon of the hall closet...

- Just say thanks, Detective.

Of course.

Thank you, Commissioner Reagan.

I am also reinstating you to full duty.

No more house mouse.

- That'd be great.

- But, Doug, who else has your hawk eye for logging evidence?

Surely, we can use a detective of his caliber on the street.

Yes, sir, of course.

Would you excuse us a moment?

I'll be in my office if you need anything else, sir.

So, Doug, I'm sitting in my office the other day, and, you know, it occurred to me, it's been so long since I made an arrest, I'm not sure I could Mirandize someone.

Read me my rights.


Oh, come on.

Just for fun.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say...

can be held against you in a court of law.

And will be.

You're right to consult an attorney.

And right...

Have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Well done.

Thank you.

Brought back some memories.

Again, Doug, congratulations.

Thank you, sir.

Have you been eating?

- Noodles.

- Noodles?

Look, after this, I'm gonna take you to lunch, and we'll get you something more substantial, okay?

Have a seat over here.

Okay, so none of the co-op's outside cameras saw anyone leave in the moments after your mother's murder.

So we want you to listen to the interviews we had with some of your neighbors.

We had our techs muffle the audio so it sounds like it's coming through a wall.

We're hoping you might be able to recognize one of the voices as the voice you heard.

- Okay?

- Okay.

SARAH (muffled): Last year, someone broke into my place and stole ten grand worth of prints.

I asked the board to install hallway cameras...

No, voice is too high.

(tapping keyboard)

LOGAN (muffled): I was coming down the hall, and I saw her door standing open...

Not that one either.


No pressure.

(taps keyboard)

CONRAD (muffled): She retaliated by stomping around overhead.

Like a furniture rodeo up there, day and night.

Oh, my God, no.

No, what?

It's this one.

It's this one.

- You sure?

- Yes.

Our Satan-loving metalhead.


So-so what happens now?

He killed my mom, so you can go arrest him now, right?

Unfortunately, we don't have enough of what we call probable cause, but...

- What?

- But we-we are getting closer.

And we're getting closer thanks to you.

Once you're in there, get Fallaci talking about who he imports from, how his distro works.

Anthony, this guy's real paranoid.

What if he finds the device?

Just say the code word, and we're there in no time flat.

The way you waddle?

Ain't lost anyone yet, smart-ass.

And, uh, we pull this off, we'll go back to the old neighborhood, get a little surf 'n' turf at Donzi's.

Now you're talkin'.

There you go.

Okay, uh, you get going.

Let me run my boss through what we got planned.

Later, brother.

Okay, pal.

- Hey, Ms.


- Leo.

You guys are thick as thieves in here already.

Hey, the kid can put it away, just like me.

- Ah?

Well, while you were breaking bread, did he happen to come clean?


Ran Leo's name through Narcotics.

Why would you do that?

Because getting background on an informant is important.

Turns out he's not a nobody like he claims he is.

Turns out he actually works muscle for Fallaci and almost beat a...

rival drug dealer to death last year.

Kid never said he was the Pope.

Just don't forget that this is about nailing Fallaci.

Which is what we're gonna do.

So you and me have nothing else to talk about.

What is it?

Early onset Alzheimer's?

Vascular dementia?

Don't know.

He won't go to the doctor.

And quitting before he reaches retirement leaves a lot on the table.

And no medical benefits.

We're just trying to get him across the finish line, boss.

He's given his whole life to the job.


Now yours hangs in the balance.

Nothing we did is a violation.

You lied to me.


And I shouldn't have done that.

And I'm sorry about that.

I put Doug first.

I am ordering Force Investigation to look into the shooting again.

You think I lied about that, too?

You tell me.

It was a good shoot.

And Doug Lynch is a good man.

I don't care about me, but have a heart about him.

How about this?

You don't tell me to have a heart, and I don't tell you to use your head.

You don't lie or mislead your boss, not on this, not on anything, not ever.


How'd it go with IAB?

They told me I was taking bribes, and I told them they could stuff it.

Where are we at with Computer Crimes?

Still trying to confirm if it was Voorhees that created the fake SquawkTalk account, and they're trying to link his phone to the one that called the IAB tip-line about you.

Well, what if we checked in with some of his old parolees?

Maybe he's leaning on one of them for this.

- Yeah.

- Or we could visit his... his work.

Maybe he's using their computer.

- Yeah.

- He's got a company phone.

Yeah, I'll...

I'll get into it.


You mean we'll get into it.

Eddie, IAB could already be tailing you.

If they know that we're a couple, it's gonna look bad that I vouched for you.

I shouldn't have even taken you to the house yesterday, you know?

Well, then you would've got your ass kicked.

Look, we'll just steer clear of each other in public, and then, with any luck, maybe getting in Voorhees' face was enough to make him back off altogether.


Not your car.


ERIN: I'm just saying, someone shows up out of the blue and announces that you're siblings-- that's a shock to the system that you don't get over.

- I would.

- What?

Get over it.

I mean, my dad's been living double lives most of his life, so I'd probably be more like, "Oh, of course I have a half brother." That must be a tough way to have to look at the world.

My mom said it prepared me for "life's rich pageant."



Well, is this Leo a nice guy?


I don't know if he's nice.

He's like Anthony if Anthony took a wrong turn somewhere.

DANNY: So in other words, he's a moronic, walking, talking case of heartburn but with a criminal record.


Does Anthony like him?

Loves him.

Literally like...

a long-lost brother.

Well, of course he does.

Blood is blood, come right down to it.

Are you staying out of it?

Am I staying out of what?

Out of trying to steer Anthony's reaction to this new person in his life.

Now, why would you ask me that?

A lifetime of knowing you.

Gee, thanks, Dad.

- You're welcome.

SEAN: I don't know, I think it'd be pretty cool to have a new brother show up.

(chuckles): How quickly they forget.

No, I just miss the company.

And Jack can't be around, so having another brother around my age... might not be a bad thing.

What about a sister?

You already got that covered.

Kiddo, some half brother of yours shows up out of nowhere, I'm gonna have a serious talk with your mother's grave.

Uncle Danny!


JAMIE: Me, I'm with Erin.

Someone comes along and upends everything you thought you knew about your family, I'm not sure I'd want to know.

That is one bullet I promise you've dodged.

And I'm with Anthony.

Grab what life tosses you; make the most of it.

Especially when the surprise is: you got a bigger family.

Yeah, but even that way?

Why not?

Boil it down, you got one more person you can count on in the end.

I mean, who wouldn't be grateful for that?


I'm grateful for these potatoes.


- Okay, I'm sorry.

- Okay, I'm sorry.


I shouldn't have snapped at you.


I... should have handled the Voorhees case myself.

I know it was important to you guys.

And, I don't know, I guess I'm just so...

used to everyone judging my decisions.

I mean, Danny makes a hobby out of it, so...

But it wasn't my place.


You're not family until you say the I-do's, but...

go ahead, have at me.


We're outnumbered in that table as it is.

I shouldn't have barged in to your office, guns blazing, and I'm sorry.


Well, I mean it.

I'm apologizing.

I grew up with three brothers, so whenever there was a beef that deserved an apology from one of them, it usually came with a dozen self-serving amendments, so this is...

this is nice.

- Hmm.

You want me to do it again?



I'm sorry.

My bad.

Me, too.

You're okay.

- Hey, boss.

- Yeah?

Sign this?


(quietly): Any word from Voorhees' job?

Yeah, only that his boss also thinks he's a creep.

And his parolees aren't helping him.

They still got PTSD from what he did to them before.

- So we got to keep up the charade.

- Yeah.

And watch our backs in the meantime.


JAMIE: Now you got to be kidding me.

DESK SERGEANT: Help you, sir?


I'd like to make a complaint against two of your officers.


Reagan and Janko, for...

repeated and malicious harassment.

What the hell are you talking about, Voorhees?

Yeah, you got it exactly backwards.

They came to my house and made defamatory statements against me in front of my family.

And then they go to my place of work and make false accusations against me, so that by the time I get there, I lose my job!

So they need to lose their job, too.

DESK SERGEANT: Sir, that's not up to me, but I can take your statement and refer it to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.


Then I'll have their jobs.

Not a word of what he's saying is true-- not "the" or "and" or "I." - See?

He's doing it again, right here and now-- he's defaming me right here and now!

They need to pay for what they been putting me through.

Go on, write it down.

Straight from the M.E.'s office.


Medical examiner?

What's that?

Uh, it's nothing.

Or nothing you want to tell me.

(sighs): Okay, look.

I ran a DNA test on you and Leo.

I'm not sure I heard you right.

From the soda that you guys left in the conference room.

We're about to make a big move on Fallaci.

We need to make sure we can trust that Leo's on the up-and-up.

- You more than anyone.

- You know, Erin, I've been in this business a long time, and I know I can trust my gut even if you can't.


(crumples paper)

So unless you want to stab me in the back some more, me and Leo, we're gonna go catch the real bad guy.

DANNY: What the hell are we even doing back here?

got five phone calls.

The neighbor's saying Conrad killed Ms.


They're smart.


Step aside.

All right.


(excited chatter)



Hey, back up.

Okay, back up.

(chatter continues)


It's Detective Reagan!

Open up!

CONRAD: Forget it!

They're trying to break my door down!

He killed her, I'm telling you!

Shut up!

Move back and shut up!

Hey, the only one gonna break your door down is me you don't open it.

(excited chatter)

Hey, shut up!

Shut up!

Hey, you better get 'em out of here, or I'm gonna start bustin' heads!

Threatening neighbors now?


The only one getting out of here is you.


(chatter continues)

But I didn't murder that lady.

Says the dirtbag who was about to get violent with his neighbors.

Well, those bastards were coming after me.

They didn't lay a finger on you-- unlike you laying all ten of yours around Ms.

Chan's neck.

Hey, pothead, you know you feel guilty about this.

You know it's all building up inside of you, so why don't you relieve some of that stress and do us all a favor.

Just fess up.

I didn't kill her, I swear to God.


You're not allowed to use the Lord's name in vain.


I can prove it.

No, I-I was doing my music blog when she got killed.

You didn't say that the other day.

DANNY: No, you didn't.

- Yeah, because...

Because what?

Because I smoke too much weed, and I forget things.

But check my computer.

You'll see I was live for two hours.

Look at the... the-the... the time code!

Or maybe you just forgot strangling her 'cause you smoke too much weed.


CONRAD: No weed's that good.

You stay put.

Do not tell me that you believe that crap.

It's easy to check, and if he's got an alibi...?

- What do you mean?

- Strangling someone takes rage.

You don't think that animal has rage?

It's a crime of passion.

That guy's just a stoner and a slider.

Besides, how did that mob know to go after him?

Somebody would have had to tell 'em, right?


Somebody would.

And it would have to be somebody we haven't had our eyes on.

Hey, Eddie?

Computer Crimes confirmed the IP address that created the fake account came from Voorhees' place.

And TARU said it was Voorhees' phone that called the IAB tip-line.

Are you hearing me?

We got enough to get this son of a bitch.

I don't know, Jamie.


you don't know what?

If it's Voorhees secretly coming after us, why would he publicly waltz in here and file a complaint?

Because the guy's a psycho.

That's not Voorhees' style.

He doesn't do things out in the open.

He is always hiding behind someone else.

Yeah, well, if not him, then who?

Somebody who had access to his computer and his phone just lying around the house.

I'm sorry, Doug.

I tried.


Sid, you did it.

Did what?

One PP called down.

I can retire with line-of-duty pension and full medical for life...

because of what you found.

What I found?

Sid, if next time you see me, I'm not myself, please know this.

You saved what's left of the rest of my life, and I can never thank you enough for that.


Grab me another one, all right?


(TV playing indistinctly)

(door bells jingle)

Oh, you're here to harass me again?

No, to apologize.

It wasn't you.


You're not here to arrest me?

- Nope.

- Can we come in?

We're here to arrest her.

It was your sister who set you up.

- What?

- Hey, we get it.

Growing up with a bottom-feeder like him must've been a nightmare.

Then he loses everything, demands to move into your house?

Yeah, what else did he do, Heidi?

Did he borrow some money from you you knew you'd never get back?

Or did he, did he drink, and did he...

did he push you around?

You're crazy, because I never said that.

No, she took your computer and your cell phone to smear us.

But you weren't exactly a criminal mastermind.

You did enough to implicate him.

Don, just-just throw them the hell out!

Except I caught you with both of those a couple of times.

I-I was just borrowing them.

To do what?


To do nothing.

- To set me up, Heidi?!

- Hey.

All right.

I'm cool.

Cut it out.

You always hurt people, Don.

And you always get away with it your whole life!

God, they're right.

You do belong in prison.

- Me?

What did I do?

- See?

You always play the victim, and you turn the knife in everyone else.

- But I'm your brother!

- Hey.

All right!


Back up.

Back up.

Let's go.

Because I don't even care anymore!

You-you just got to get me away from him.

All right.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.



come in?

Hope we're not intruding.

Not at all.


Seems like you were expecting someone else.

Maybe even celebrating something?

I was just having some food.


Like you were just the pitiful young daughter grieving her dead mom.

And I'm the clown that believed you.

I told you the truth.

No, you didn't.

But it's okay.

I did it to myself.

LOGAN: The store was crazy, but you're gonna love this red.

BAEZ: Don't uncork that just yet.

Set it down.

You were saying, Margo?

Saying what?

Well, you were gonna tell us the truth.

You were gonna tell us what happened to your mom once and for all.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

You know everyone in the building hated your mom, including you.

But they were done with her once she slammed the door in their face.

You, on the other hand--you've had to live under the same roof with her for your entire life, and you finally had enough, didn't you?

You have no idea how she pushed me all my life.

About school or grades or learning that stupid cello when I was five.

The other night, I told her about Logan, and she forbid me from talking to him, so I just...

I just grabbed her around her neck.

Grabbed her around her neck, and you strangled her to death?

And you got this sucker to...

cover for you.


She didn't sucker me, all right.

- Shut up.

- I wanted to keep her away from that lunatic.

Get him out of here.



He loves me.

We love each other.

That's something I've never felt in my entire life from anyone.

Love is what good people feel for each other, no matter what.

Maybe you'll learn that one day.

Come on.

- (crying): I just...

- Come on.


I saw the tape on you taking down Fallaci.

Looks like, uh, Leo's wire got everything we needed.

Another day at the office.

I owe you an apology.

I should never have run that DNA test.

It was a mistake, personally and professionally.

I went to fish it out of the trash to run it through the shredder, and the night crew had already gotten to it.


Then it's a good thing I fished it out.


Come on.

You're killing me.

It's a match.

The DNA proves it.




that's great.

Leo's lucky to have a brother like you.

Till he finds what comes next.

What do you mean?

Kid's done some bad things.

And he wasn't upfront with us.

And if he thinks he's gonna get away with that Scot-free...

Then, big brother's gonna teach him how to straighten up and fly right?

Comes with the job.


You don't need to knock, Sid.

I figured you might be coming up.

So you know.

I dropped by to see Doug.

I know I shouldn't have, but I did.


what am I missing?

I just took another look at his file, particularly a hostage rescue early in his career.

He hit his head trying to tackle a perp.

Pretty serious concussion.

And it seems to me, a line-of-duty injury like that could have contributed to his decline.

So, I just leaned in on it a little, till I got it signed off.

Giving him his pension and medical for the rest of his life.

For a minute there, I had a heart.

Wish you could've seen it.


I'm sorry about that, boss.

You try to play me again, we part ways.

Copy that.

But can I ask you why you told him I figured it out?

Well, Doug Lynch doesn't know me from Adam, but if he thinks you took care of it,maybe that's a memory that holds when everything else has faded away.

Besides, we get maximum value out of a spent resource.

Value of the resource?

We don't do sentimental in this building.

Keep that in mind, moving on.

Have a heart.

Make sure it's a hard heart.

That's all, Lieutenant.