03x07 - The Hunt

Previously on X Company...

Favorite food?

Cherries with garlic and salt.

How about we stick to... just cherries?

I want to make sure that you never forget the choice you made.

My family used to own a candy shop in Nadzieja.

The building's been empty ever since the Nazis took my parents.

But I'm going to open that candy store again.

Aurora, his feelings for you make you all vulnerable.

End it.

That kiss?


It was a mistake.

How is Sabine?

Her happiness is my first concern.

She's ready to love another child. It would be good for both of you.

Have you asked her what she thinks about that?

This man. Your friend. Talk or he dies.

We had two orders.


The first was to destroy as many refineries in Poland...

Look at me!

No, no, no! Please don't!

I'm hosting a party at my country home.

I would be very pleased if you could come as well.

I wouldn't miss it.

Operation Marigold isn't about a refinery.

It's about him. Professor Harald Voigt.

He is working on a formula to increase the production of synthetic oil.

He's going to flood Germany with synthetic oil and win the war by springtime, thanks to a formula in his head that is shared with no one.

So, if something happened to Voigt...

It's not that easy.

After yesterday Schmidt moved him to a secure location.

He's the only one who knows where the man is.

I was wrong. I see now why you do this even if it's not safe.

I want to help too.

We are moving forward with our Germanization campaign. Anyone with Nordic or Phalian traits may remain.

The soldiers then come in to clean out the rest.

We need a battle plan.

The Nazis are cleaning out a village tomorrow.

S03E07 - The Hunt

(woman singing in Polish)

(girl singing in Polish)


What's going on?

Government health check today.

(bell ringing)

Come inside, children!

Time to come inside. Let's go!

Meet me here after, okay?

And no dawdling.

The only weapons my lot could find in the woods were stick guns.

Stick guns?

For training.

Don't worry about it. Where'd these come from?

Our government-in-exile has been hiding army weapons since the war broke out. The Germans use the Vistula River to transport their guns, and we also use it to transport ours.

We just need to know what village the Germans are attacking today.

My people are working on it. That's not the problem.

Your people didn't send ammunition.


Good morning, children.

My name is Fraulein Adler and this is Frau Bauer.

Today is a very special day.

We are going to have a competition!

And the winners will get to go on a trip!


The students who collect the most points will win.

Points will be given for the prettiest eyes, the nicest hair, the fairest complexion.

Everything that makes you special.

Now, sit very still for me.

That's good.


You do have pretty eyes, don't you?

Miss, we'll need your class's full medical records, please.

Yes, Fraulein Adler.

How did you sleep?

All right.

Come here.

I wish we could stay here instead of going to my father's garden party.

Just the two of us.

I miss you.

I'm right here.

You are and you aren't.

I wish you would tell me what happened when they had you prisoner.



It still needs time.

What is your name?

What is her name?

Ania Nowak.

Please stand up, Ania.

Just like your friends.

She will also be classified "W.E."

And the others?


For the camps.

That's right.

We will add up the results and the lucky winners will be selected later today.

You will be taken on a trip, with all the other special children of Nadzeja. The soldiers will arrive on the 3 o'clock train to process the village.

Let's get back to the office.

Thank you, Miss. Thank you, children.

We'll see the winners in a few hours.

Thank you.

Your men are trained?

Many of them are former army, like me. The rest learned fast.

Here we go. Ammunition.

Could've done with this in France.

I don't think they work with stick guns.

This war won't be won on the battlefield.

It'll be won in the streets.

And there's no point waiting for the Russians.

The only thing they're ever on time for is a free drink.

Who'd you shoot first?

A German or a Russian?

German first. Duty before pleasure.


Where are you off to? The station is that way.

I could ask you the same thing.

That is easy. I saw you and I followed.

You followed me?

Sit down.

Act normal. Everything's normal.


This is for you.

Fresh cherries.

Where did you get these?

Black market.

You don't like cherries?

I love cherries.

What was she like?

The friend you lost.

I never said she was a she.

You didn't need to.

She was strong.

I was intimidated at first.

Afraid of disappointing her.

Did you?

I don't know. Maybe I would have.

If we'd had more time.

But being near her made me feel brave, like I could do anything.

You still can.

Before her, there was no one.

I was no one.


Have a cherry.

Let's have a picnic after work.

I know a place by the river; it's very quiet, very private. I used to go there when I was a girl...

I'm sorry. What was I thinking?

No, Irena, that's not...

It's fine. I'm sorry.

I will go. I will see you at work.

She seems nice.

She is.

What did you learn?

Their target is Nadzieja.

The soldiers are coming by train at 3:00pm.

That doesn't give us much time.

Almost everyone in the village has been classified as "undesirable." The Germans want them gone.

Even the children. It's going to be an extermination.

No, it won't.

I'll tell Janowski to bring all the fighters he can and then I'll go to the school.

While I attend a Nazi tea party. I hate this. I hate her.


I dream in German now.

I can't escape her.

Remember: You control her.

We've heard from the camp.

The Panzers are moving into Stalingrad.

The only reason the Russians are holding them off is because the Germans are getting low on fuel.

But if Professor Voigt gets Marigold running, they'll be unstoppable on every front. Go to the party.

Find out where Voight is.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes.

Be safe.

You, too.

Your Commander, he let your men die.

He did.

I offered you my men to save them. Why did he order you to stand down?


If you kill all your fighters, there won't be any men left to lead.

Then I reckon we won't need leaders.

The trouble with strategy... it works on paper.

Redrawing borders is their favorite game.

The Germans want to eliminate us, the Russians to absorb us, the Americans ignore us.

But ours is not a paper war, is it?

Come on. Through there.

They are targeting Nadzieja.


Our contact says troops are coming by train at 3 o'clock.

We know the village.

It's close to here. That's where we grew up.

So we have an advantage. There are only two ways into town... the train and the main road. Tomek, do you have anything that can help us?

Explosives on the rails.

The train destroys itself. It tips over like a broken toy.

Good. They'll never make it into Nadzieja.

Go get a group together. We'll take the forest route.

All right, let's go!

Okay, everybody!

We need to warn the villagers.

I'll go with you.

We should let Sinclair know.


To keep him informed.

The way he kept us informed?

He had reasons for doing what he did.

Lying to us and sending 2 rookies to their deaths?

Isn't it beautiful?


It's not Paris, but I love it here.

Herr Obergruppenfuhrer. Herr Brigadefuhrer Faber.

Hello, Sabine.

Hello, Heidi.

Helene. So good to see you again.

You, as well. You have a beautiful home.

So glad you could make it to my good-bye party.

You're leaving us already?

My work in Berlin beckons, I'm afraid.

That's too bad. When must you go?


I had my doubts bringing you to Poland, but I was impressed with how you handled the saboteurs at the refinery.

I'm glad I could help.

I've arranged for you to accompany me to Berlin.

Herr Professor Voigt will be presented with an award at the gala for his contributions to the Reich.

He's coming out of seclusion?

Personally, I think the Professor should keep a low public profile, at least until his project is unveiled.

But with our challenges in Stalingrad, the Fuhrer wants to do what he can to keep morale high.

I imagine the RSD will make Professor Voigt's safety a priority.

The Fuhrer's guards will have their hands full.

I want Professor Voigt's security handled personally.

By someone I can trust.

I'll do my best.


I've arranged train tickets for Sabine as well.

I don't think it's necessary that she come along.

Berlin is home. Your apartment is still yours.

It will be good for her to sleep in her own bed.

We leave tomorrow evening at 7:15.

It's a shame Obergruppenfuhrer Schmidt has to leave us for Berlin.

This is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Reich?

It is. It will be a truly historic celebration.

And he mentioned to me he'll be attending an exclusive gala.

Inner circle only.

I'm sure it will be memorable. They have a lot to be proud of.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Obergruppenfuhrer Schmidt told me that all the single men are asked to bring a female companion.

Purely platonic, of course.

Someone who embodies the highest feminine values of the Reich.

What an opportunity for you.

Well, it's not official yet.

But I've already picked out a dress.

(both giggling)

Heidi! Hello!



Have you met Brigadefuhrer Faber's wife, Sabine?

Of course. Nice to see you again.

And you as well.

And you remember my colleague, Helene Bauer.

Nice to meet you again.

Oh, no.

I can barely go 5 minutes without excusing myself.

Mm. I remember how it felt.

I thought my fourth would be easier, but this one can't come soon enough.

How old are yours, Helene?

I don't have any children.

Don't give up.

Sometimes it takes a few tries, but it's worth it.

To be honest, I didn't feel like a real woman until I became a mother.

It's a true honor.

I think there are other "honorable" things to do in life besides boiling diapers.

Well, it was nice seeing you all!

Excuse me. Heidi.

Heidi. Where are you going?

I need to change.

Obergruppenfuhrer Schmidt has organized a pheasant hunt and I detest side-saddle.

Do you have any riding gear to spare?

You ride?

Not for a long time, but I'd love to come along.

Women don't usually go on the hunt.

Except for you.

Except for me.

The outside rail on a bend is the weakest spot.

When the train passes over, the pressure triggers it and the whole train goes flying.

Good to keep our distance.


We will make sure there are no survivors.

sh1t. Come on.

Go, go!

You said they patrolled in the morning.

There's an officer. It's not a patrol.

They're headed to the village.


Who's thirsty?

Anything I should know?

I'm leaving for Berlin tomorrow to provide private security for Professor Voigt.

Voigt will be at the Anniversary Gala.

Yes. He's coming out of seclusion to receive an award.

Then I need to be there.

Himmler will be attending. The Fuhrer is rumored to make an appearance. Security will be impenetrable.

Good thing I have someone on the inside.

There's nothing I can do to get you in. Invitation only.

Best shot picks his horse first.




Very good!

Obergruppenfuhrer, about tomorrow, should I arrange my own train ticket or...

How did it go at the school?

Very well.


Another one for good luck?





Perhaps I need more than luck.

Hmm. May I?

I didn't know you could shoot.

There's a lot about me you don't know.

Thank you.



(crowd exclaiming)

Remind me never to get in your cross-hairs.

Ah, here we are.

Do you ride as well as you shoot?

You're going to have to let me know.

Tell your family: 3 o'clock!

My brother and Janowski used to sit out back, reading comics.

If I stole candy for them, they would let me stay.

The Germans won't take it today.

Not today.

Where's the school?

This way.

(whirring noise)

They're here!

Come on. We have to warn the others!


(bell ringing)

Off the hour. It's a warning.

The Germans must already be there.

They were supposed to come by train.

They didn't. Let's go back for the others.

No time.

I am coming.

Setting explosives is one thing, but I made a promise to keep you out of the fight.

My mother isn't here anymore.

Stay in the treeline.

Let's go.

(bell ringing)


Are you sure you have to leave us so soon?

I have an important function to attend.

Part of the official celebrations?

It will be rewarding to have our work recognized by Reichsfuhrer Himmler himself.

Congratulations. What an honor.

Isn't the view beautiful, Helene?

I selected this property personally for the Obergruppenfuhrer.

As soon as I heard you enjoyed hunting, I knew this was the one. Surrounded by woods.

I adore nature.

When I was a girl, I wanted to be Leni Riefenstahl.


Being out here, on your land... it fills me with hope for Lebensraum.

Finally reclaiming what is ours.


Being out here reminds me why poetry was invented.

I feel my soul searching for something... transcendent and pure.

Sabine was right.

You do have the soul of a poet.

Perhaps we'd have better luck if the pheasants don't hear us coming.

I'm sorry.

Shall we?




Please don't hurt her! Don't hurt her!



RD means they're to be sent away to do farm work for the incoming settlers.

Kowalski. Mark that one KL.

That's concentration camp.

(aggressive shouting)


Dieter. Hey!

Hi. Jorn.

We had no idea you were in Poland.

Small world.

What are you doing here?

I work with Brigadefuhrer Faber.

Whoa! You've come a long way from KLV camp.

How about you?

We're hoping to get into the SS.

Boys. When you evict them, make sure they leave their belongings behind.

We don't want the settlers arriving to empty homes.

Yes, Herr Polizeifuhrer.


Come on!

HELP! HELP! Let me go!

Excuse us.


(moaning in pain)












(children screaming)



There could be more children inside.

(nearby gunshots and laughter)

Thank you.

(flapping noise)

(bird cawing)


So close! The next one is yours.


That's enough.

It's time.

You, run.

It's more fun if you run.


Come on!


(distressed woman screaming)

We've got a better chance if we split up.

Take the north end. We'll cover this side.

Wait for my signal. Stay with him.


Move! Let's go!

(horse groaning)


(exclaiming in pain)

Come on.

We're right behind you.


Come on!

You've found him.

What are you waiting for?

It doesn't seem right to shoot a wounded man.

There's no challenge!

No! This is Helene's prize.

Go ahead.

He's all yours, Helene. The privilege of true Aryan blood.


Well done, Helene.

All this fresh air has worked up my appetite.

I have some venison back at the house.

Mm. Sounds delicious.

Do you like venison, Helene?

I love it.


Keep your position! Go, go!

It's okay.

Don't be afraid. I'm here to help.

We're under attack by the Resistance!

Have the reinforcements arrived?

They lost control!

This was supposed to be a cut-and-dry operation. That's why I sent you instead of going myself!

They were armed.

They were expecting us!

Stay there. I'm on my way.

There you are!

Could we please go home?

I can't talk now.

All these women talk about is babies and drapery.

I'm going out of my mind!

Give my apologies to your father, but I have urgent business.


(indistinct shouting)

There they are!


Cover us!

(painful exclamation)

Fall back! Fall back!





We need to regroup with the others.

I'll find Alfred.

(child sobbing)

(woman screaming)



(indistinct conversation)


I wanted to thank you for a memorable day.

The pleasure was all mine.

It's been wonderful getting to know you better.

I've been asked to bring a companion with me to the Anniversary Gala in Berlin.

Someone who exemplifies the values of the Reich.

I'd be honored if you would accompany me on such a special occasion.

I'd arrange your travel and accommodation, of course.

If you would consider it.

Thank you.

That would be lovely.

Herr Brigadefuhrer!

There could still be snipers. We have to go.

Where are the other men?


Please, Herr Brigadefuhrer. For your own safety.

Go. I'll follow you.


I didn't think you'd make it out of the woods.

Are you proud of what you've done?

I wasn't here.

Yes, you were.

I didn't fight.

A Brigadefuhrer doesn't need to fight.

That's what his soldiers are for.

But you're the one who killed my men.

You are the one who made the children orphans.

You are the monster.

Your soldiers are dead, Fritz.

We killed them.

And we're going to keep killing them and pushing you out of our homes.

What are you waiting for, Fritz?

Aren't you going to shoot me?


(bell ringing)

Be careful.

(woman shouting)

(bell ringing)

(children shouting)

Mama! Where are you?

You all right?


Where's Alfred?


Do you see your mother?



(children shouting)

(bell ringing)

(bell ringing)


(softly): Alfred.

It's okay. It's over.

We pushed them back.

We've held the town.

Come on.

Heidi: These grade well. There will be more soon.

What is your name?

Ania Nowak. Age 6.

Ania Nowak.

I think she needs a good German name.

She's the one.

I'll have the papers complete by morning.

Hello? Sabine?

Herr Obergruppenfuhrer.


I apologize for calling on you at such a late hour.

What are you doing here?

I can't stay.

But I have a special delivery I wanted to make myself.

I would like you to meet Dagna.

She is healthy, obedient, and she needs a family. I think she will be very happy here.

Won't you, Dagna?

Franz and Sabine are very nice to have you live here, aren't they?

Are you going to say thank you?


Well. I will see you all tomorrow.

Good night.


Don't just walk away!

I say we go after those bastards.

We hit them again.

We're trying to defend the towns.

Not make them targets for reprisals.

Where are their bodies?

We are digging the graves.

We'll help.

Anything you need.


Tonight, we grieve and rest.

Tomorrow, we keep fighting.

What happened?

The Germans are gone. We held the town.


What is it?

There were so many people.

Children. A little boy on the floor. They killed him.

I saw a woman running after her daughter, and the Germans shot her.

I can't stop seeing her face. Every time I close my eyes...

Stop, please!


What happened? Tell me.

Just tell Neil I got invited to a gala in Berlin and Voigt will be there.

We've got a chance to get this done.

We're leaving tomorrow.

What the hell do you want?

How do you do it?

Get out.

How do you do it? How do you live with yourself?

What do you want me to do?

What? Do you want me to say it?

You want me to say that I'm a monster, is that it?

Your hands aren't clean either.

You're just like me and you know it.