01x19 - Snowman

"Snowman" episode #1.19

(Sydney is sleeping on the floor of the cabin, naked. Someone covers her mouth with their hand and she wakes up, gasping.)

NOAH: (whispers) They found us. We got to go.

(Outside, Khasinau's men run up, cocking their guns. They inch closer to the porch and then storm in. They shoot everywhere with their rifles just as Sydney and Noah escape through the trapdoor hidden in the floorboards. They come up in a barn next to the house with the case. They find a motorcycle hidden and put on their helmets.)

SYDNEY: Skyhook, this is White Rabbit.

AGENT: Copy, White Rabbit.

SYDNEY: Change of plans. Tell me you can get us out of here thirty minutes early.

AGENT: Affirmative.

(They jump on the motorcycle as one of Khasinau's men creeps in the barn. The door creaks. Sydney turns on the headlight in the man's eyes. They shoot him and drive away. Khasinau's men try to shoot at them, but Sydney bends her head down and Noah shoots at them in return. Khasinau's men jump in a Hummer to follow them.)

SYDNEY: Skyhook, we are being pursued! We're not going to make it to the meeting point! We need extraction here! Now!

AGENT: Copy that. We're locked on your signal. Prepare for extraction. Skyhook, wilco. Turning final approach from the south.

NOAH: Syd, we got a hostile, six o'clock!

AGENT: Reverse course 1-8-0 degrees for recovering in ten...

SYDNEY: Noah, hold on!

(Sydney makes a 180 turn on the bike and starts approaching Khasinau's men now in order to make the extraction.)

AGENT: Nine... eight...

SYDNEY: Drive for me!

NOAH: This is suicide!

AGENT: Seven...six...

(He shoots at them while she climbs over him to the back. Noah's now driving while Sydney attaches something to the back.)

AGENT: Five...

(Men shoot at them.)

AGENT: Four...

SYDNEY: I'm pulling the cord!

AGENT: Three...

(Sydney pulls a cord and a parachute-like object flies up, up, up and attaches to the wing of the extraction plane in the sky above.)

AGENT: Two... one.

SYDNEY: Hold on!

(Sydney and Noah hug as they are pulled from the bike and hang from a cord attached to the parachute-like object which is attached to the plane. Sydney and Noah fly through the air. Down below, the bike keeps going and smashes head-on with the Hummer. The bike and the Hummer explodes.)

(Back in Los Angeles at the self-storage facility, Vaughn and Sydney meet.)

VAUGHN: The CIA has a new lead on Khasinau. Apparently, K-Directorate is looking for revenge, too. We received intel last night that they've hired a fairly prestigious freelance assassin to find Khasinau and dismember him. The Snowman is his code name. Are you familiar with him?

SYDNEY: The Snowman.

VAUGHN: He's been on the CIA's most wanted list for the last twelve years, presumed dead since '97, but it seems we're not so lucky. I'm looking for contacts. I'm thinking that maybe we can find Khasinau by following The Snowman. I just want to make sure that you get to Khasinau first. I know how important this is to you.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

(He nods. She walks away to leave. Vaughn rubs his head wearily, working up the courage.)

VAUGHN: Hey, um, so the, uh, the operation went all right in Arkhangelsk with Noah?

SYDNEY: (smiles) Yeah.


(She waves a little and leaves. Vaughn looks heartbroken, but silently watches her go.)

(Francie and Sydney's house. Will and Francie drink some beer in the kitchen.)

WILL: Are you sure she's coming back tonight?

FRANCIE: That's what she said on the machine. She was at the airport in San Francisco waiting for a plane.

WILL: So, what, are we going to strategize this?

FRANCIE: Strategize how?

WILL: I want to be gentle with her because we're accusing Sydney of lying.

FRANCIE: You know what? I was thinking, what if she wants us to ask her?

WILL: Like she wanted you to find the plane ticket because it's some sort of cry for help or something?

FRANCIE: Well, maybe--

(Sydney comes in.)

SYDNEY: Hey, guys.


WILL: Hey.

FRANCIE: So, how was San Francisco?

SYDNEY: Two days of due diligence. If I never see another financial statement, it'll be fine with me.

(Francie looks at Will.)

SYDNEY: I'm just going to crash if you don't mind.


WILL: Of course not.

SYDNEY: Okay. Hi.


WILL: Hey.

(Sydney goes to her room.)

FRANCIE: I can't believe you didn't say anything!

WILL: That's why I wanted to strategize!

(Sydney and Noah enter the elevator to go up to SD-6.)

NOAH: Syd, you think I'm kidding? I'm not kidding. I want you to go away with me.

SYDNEY: My point is, what happened the other night... it was just too soon.

NOAH: Russia's got a hell of a bootleg software industry. When I was there, I figured out a way of skimming money off the Russian mob.

SYDNEY: What are you talking about?

NOAH: I got a lot of money hidden in several offshore accounts. Syd, I'm getting out. I'm sick of lying to everyone I know. I'm at the point where the idea of just walking away from all these people that are supposed to be my good friends - my best friends - is a relief. Now you tell me you've never felt that way.

(They enter the white room for clearance.)

NOAH: I'm just saying that I've got someone helping me out. I'm not kidding, Syd. I want you to come with me.

(The room flashes red.)

NOAH: I can't tell you where, but I can tell you that we won't need locks on the doors and you will learn how to surf.

SYDNEY: You know I can't do that.

(They walk inside.)

NOAH: Why?

SYDNEY: Well, for about a million reasons.

NOAH: I highly doubt there are a million reasons. There might be fifty, and I'd like the opportunity to refute all of them.

SYDNEY: One of the biggest reasons that comes to mind is my mother. Khasinau was her superior. My mother was a spy for the KGB and those files that we recovered may help me find her. I'm not going anywhere until I know where she is.

NOAH: What if I wait? Will you ever do it?

(Sydney smiles.)

(Sloane's office. An agent approaches the desk.)

AGENT: Sir, as you requested, we followed up on Agent Noah Hicks.

(They slide a file across the desk. Sloane looks through it.)

SLOANE: Is Hicks in the building?

AGENT: Yes, sir. He arrived twelve minutes ago.

SLOANE: Tell McCullough that I need to see him and don't let Hicks leave.

(Jack's office. Jack types on a computer when Sydney walks in and closes the door behind her.)


JACK: Sydney.

SYDNEY: Last time we spoke, you said that you were going to talk to someone.

JACK: I did. Thank you. I took care of it.

SYDNEY: Marshall said he unlocked Khasinau's computer core.

JACK: If I'd been consulted about your last operation, I wouldn't have allowed it. Those types of computers are primarily used for theoretical analyses, war games. Of the recovered files, none bear relevance to Khasinau's operation, his plans, or his cache of Rambaldi artifacts. Nor do they give any hint of his whereabouts.

SYDNEY: But when I was there, I saw that there were some files on Mom.

JACK: Yes, I know. Also recovered on the core were some equally unhelpful archival files. In the case of your mother, video footage.

SYDNEY: Was she in the video?

JACK: Yes.

SYDNEY: I mean, after the accident? They show her alive after the accident?

JACK: Yes. I have no interest in watching the video myself. Analysis is reviewing it. So far, there's nothing to help in the hunt for Khasinau, so the risk was all for nothing.

(Noah and Dixon are working across from one another on their respective computers. Noah looks up.)

NOAH: Hey, Dixon.


NOAH: I just keep trying to think of some kind of opening line. You know, something to start off with to talk to you.

DIXON: Noah, I'll be straight with you. I don't trust you. Which wouldn't be such a problem, except that I'm an intelligence officer and if you stick around, sooner or later, my life is going to be in your hands and yours in mine. And in that scenario, the only person truly safe will be you.

(Two agents walk up to Noah.)

AGENT1: Mr. Hicks, would you come with us, please?

NOAH: Is there a problem?

AGENT1: Mr. Sloane asked for you to come with us.

NOAH: (to Dixon) Well, that's never a good thing. Excuse me.

(He leaves with the two agents. Dixon watches them go, kind of surprised that he might be right.)

(Interrogation room. Yet again, Noah has censors on his head and McCullough is testing him.)

MCCULLOUGH: And on March sixteenth of this year, you opened an account with Bank Africana.

NOAH: Yes, sir.


NOAH: Well, it was exactly like the account we were just talking about. It was opened under an alias as part of an SVR operation. Mr. McCullough, I was working undercover and I was required to do a whole bunch of things which probably seem very suspcious when viewed from the outside.

MCCULLOUGH: Forty-seven million dollars was transferred, then withdrawn, within twenty-four hours.

NOAH: Yes.

MCCULLOUGH: To an untraceable account. Who was the recepient of that money?

NOAH: I don't know.

(McCullough watches the meter with a slightly raised eyebrow.)

NOAH: You don't seem real thrilled with these responses.

MCCULLOUGH: Have you ever conducted business with the GL Bank of Austria?

NOAH: Yes.

(In Sloane's office, he watches the interrogation as the doctor who almost injected Sydney when she was captured as the mole way back when stands nearby.)

MCCULLOUGH: (on video) Please provide details.

(Sloane gestures to Noah answering on the video.)

SLOANE: This man is hiding something. I'm curious to know what it is.

DOCTOR: Would you like me to have a word with him?

(In a room, Sydney watches the video footage of her mother on a laptop. Her mother sits at a table across from two men who have their backs to the camera. One of them is Khasinau.)

KHASINAU: (speaking Russian)

LAURA: My Russian or American name?

KHASINAU: Uh, why not both?

LAURA: Irina Derevko and Laura Bristow.

KHASINAU: When were you recruited for special duties?

LAURA: In 1970, I was recruited to the KGB by you, Alexander Khasinau.

KHASINAU: Describe the objective of your operation.

LAURA: Phase one: I was to pose as an American, a student of literature. Phase two: I was to make the acquaintance of a particular officer in the Central Intellgence Agency, to insinuate myself in his life, to become his confidant, earn his trust.

KHASINAU: (speaks Russian) Please state the officer by name.

LAURA: Officer Jonathan Donahue Bristow.

KHASINAU: Phase three?

LAURA: Phase three: I was to begin to acquire through various means, details of the CIA operation to which Bristow was assigned - Project Christmas.

KHASINAU: You have no reason to believe that anyone else was suspicious of you?

LAURA: Nyet.

(The other man turns around to see someone behind the camera. Sydney, crying from what her mother has said, pauses the video on the man's face. She recognizes him.)

(At the CIA, Vaughn walks up to Weiss who is sitting at a desk. Vaughn tosses him his keys.)



VAUGHN: I need you to feed Donovan.


VAUGHN: What do you mean, who? My dog Donovan. Come here.

(They go in Vaughn's office.)

WEISS: Oh, right. Hey, wait. Which key is to the front--where are you going?

VAUGHN: That's the top lock, that's the bottom lock. I'm going to Bogota. Give him a can of the dog food that's on the floor of the cupboard and half a can of the dry stuff.

WEISS: What's in Bogota?

VAUGHN: But only a half of a can. There's a bag of the dry stuff next to the can stuff.

WEISS: Right. What the hell is in Bogota?

VAUGHN: I just got off the phone with the Interpol liason officer. Eight years ago, a guy named Kishell was attacked by The Snowman. Punctured heart, collapsed lung, he lost an eye--

WEISS: Okay, I got it. It was bad.

VAUGHN: This guy, Kishell, used to work with Snowman.

WEISS: Really?

VAUGHN: Who we know is after Khasinau.

WEISS: Right. So, we get Kishell, we get to The Snowman, we can get Khasinau.

VAUGHN: Exactly. Half a can only. I don't want to come back to a fat dog.

WEISS: All right.

(The picture of the man in the video footage.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) There were two men in Mom's video. One was Khasinau, the other one... I recognized him.

(Flashback: Sydney yanks down the hat box in her bedroom and rifles through it. She takes out the article about the accident and looks at the picture of the man.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) I knew I'd seen his face before. It was the man from the article. The FBI agent who supposedly died in the accident with Mom.

(A computer searches for recognition of the picture from the article, slowly deciphering another picture of the man. It comes up with the FBI agent's real name underneath it.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) Calder's real name is Igor Sergei Velanko. The man who was pursuing Mom. The FBI spy hunter.

(Cut to Sydney and Jack standing outside, talking.)

SYDNEY: Dad, he was KGB. It wasn't just Mom's death they faked. It was Calder's, too. If we can get to Calder, maybe we can find Khasinau.

JACK: You're assuming Calder and Khasinau still have ties.

SYDNEY: But we know that Khasinau recently liquidated over two hundred million dollars in assets. On that memo were initials I.S.V. Also, six months ago, a man matching Calder's description was caught on an SD-4 surveillance camera entering a financial office in Cape Town. A known money-laundering operation. I'm going to suggest to Sloane that we get to the Cape Town office, seize their records and find Calder. Noah spent years undercover in South Africa. He'll be an asset.

JACK: SD-6 has run an additional profile on Noah. There were anomalies, including recent bank activity which suggested he may have ties to K-Directorate. Noah's been taken into custody by security section.

SYDNEY: What?! No, that's--wait, I know what that's about. It has nothing to do with another agency!

JACK: Sydney, you have no perspective on who that man is! You're as lost now as I was years ago!

SYDNEY: Wait, Dad, you don't know him!

JACK: And you don't know him either! That's the lesson in all this!

SYDNEY: Dad, Noah Hicks is not a perfect man, but he is also not a traitor. He's a loyal officer who believes that he is working for the CIA and has no idea that SD-6... that they would kill him if they thought he was a double agent. Please, Dad, talk to Sloane.

(In Bogota, Vaughn sits in Kishell's house. Kishell serves him tea. His face is very scarred and he stands in the darkness to hide it.)

KISHELL: I never actually met The Snowman. He always contacted me by telephone. His name - The Snowman - it comes from his method. He prefers an icepick. But he uses knives, too. I helped arrange travel across difficult borders. It was my specialty. One operation, he was ambushed, attacked. He fought off and killed eight men that night. He thought it was me, thought I tipped someone off. That was when he came after me. He came to this house. He attacked me while I slept. Killing is his job. He likes his job.

VAUGHN: Mr. Kishell, I appreciate you talking to me. I know this must be very difficult.

KISHELL: I know difficult. Talk is easy.

VAUGHN: I know the CIA has spoken to you before, years ago, but we recently learned that an organization has hired The Snowman for a job. Now, I read the transcripts. Last time you said you had no leads. I was hoping maybe that this time you had some.

KISHELL: You have come too far to go home with nothing. For years I was afraid to do anything, to seek revenge. But enough time has passed, Mr. Vaughn.

(A bookcase moves to reveal a fake wall. Inside is a separate room. Kishell goes in there.)

KISHELL: I have no more fear. Yes, I have some leads.

VAUGHN: And you'd be willing to share them?

KISHELL: I will contact them myself, see if I can find out where The Snowman is, what his plans are.

VAUGHN: I'd appreciate that.

KISHELL: You must promise me one thing. That when you find him, he will suffer, too.

(In his office, Sloane talks to his wife on the phone.)

SLOANE: Oh, come on, sweetheart. You're in pain. He can get you a stronger--okay. Yeah. Yeah. Just--right. Just promise me that you'll call me after you talk to him, okay? Good. Okay. Me, too. Bye.

(He hangs up just as Jack enters.)

JACK: I need a minute.


JACK: This is about Noah Hicks.

SLOANE: There's something he's not telling us. I think he might have been turned.

JACK: If you have Hicks killed, I think you'd be throwing away an asset.

SLOANE: How so?

JACK: You want Khasinau. You're closer than you think. Were you aware that Calder, FBI, was working with the KGB since 1973? Sydney's designed an operation that will lead us to Calder, wat which point, we'll be one step away from Khasinau.

SLOANE: And she wants Mr. Hicks involved. This is becoming familiar, Jack. Your coming to me, requesting special consideration for the men in Sydney's life.

JACK: Tippin didn't turn out to be a problem, did he?

SLOANE: Sydney wasn't intimate with Tippin. She is with Hicks.

JACK: I'm not sure that's my business, and I know it isn't yours.

(Sydney walks in the main room and makes eye contact with Jack, who is standing across the room, speaking on the phone. She raises her eyebrows. He looks over to Marshall's office. Sydney looks. Marshall and Noah are standing in the office, laughing at something. Sydney smiles and looks at Jack, thanking him. She walks to the office. Jack watches her intently, watches her go into Marshall's office. He watches her stand close to Noah, looking worried. In the conference room Sloane gives Noah and Sydney the folders with their new identifications. Jack looks sad.)

(Sydney walks down a street.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) Sloane accepted the mission I proposed. Noah and I are going to Cape Town. Calder's done some business at a financial office there.

(She throws the paper bag in a garbage can.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) We're going to break into that office, get their records and hopefully find out where Calder is. What's my counter mission?

(Self-storage. Vaughn isn't happy.)

VAUGHN: There shouldn't be a counter mission! When you realized that Calder was really KGB, you should've come to me!

SYDNEY: Did you just think that this was an accident, that I just wasn't thinking?

VAUGHN: I don't know what the hell you were thinking!

SYDNEY: I was thinking about the thirty-six hours the FBI kept me in chains! If I turned over the Calder information to you, you would be required, unless you want to break federal law, to forward it to the FBI and we both know what they would do!

VAUGHN: Classify it.

SYDNEY: Omega seventeen. We wouldn't be allowed anywhere near that investigation.

VAUGHN: I was supposed to give you this.

(He hands her a lipstick.)

VAUGHN: Tell you to write down what information you recover from Calder, stick it in the waterproof chamber, activate the beacon, and throw it in the trash can. And we'll retrieve it. But I'm guessing you're not going to use it.

SYDNEY: Vaughn, I promise you Khasinau will not walk and I won't let SD-6 get to him first. But I refuse to let the FBI get in my way again.

(Cape Town. Two guards stand outside the building. Noah shoots one, then the other.)

SYDNEY: Nice shot.

NOAH: Thanks. Easier to shoot tranqs. No anxiety of killing somebody.

(Flashback to Marshall's office, when Sydney and Noah were in there.)

MARSHALL: The floor around the server room is alarmed with highly sensitive motion detectors.

SYDNEY: So we stay off the floor.

MARSHALL: Well, of course, but it also has audio sensors that can detect any sound above 0.05DBs. In other words, this right here...

(He turns on a nearby stereo and plays music really softly.)

MARSHALL: 2DBs. 0.05DBs is closer to, like, a sound of a cockroach rubbing his legs together. You know... (makes squeaking noise) reeeeer, reeeeeer--

NOAH: Okay, so what do we do?

MARSHALL: Well, active noise control.

(He points to a band around his arm with a button on it.)

MARSHALL: It emits an out of phase audio signal that cancels out any sound within a two hundred foot radius. Check it out.

(He turns up the stereo really loudly.)


(He hits the button on the arm band, and there's no audio. Sydney and Noah are mouthing "Wow!" Marshall turns up the stereo even more, which we don't hear, and Sydney and Noah are impressed yet again. Marshall flicks the button on the arm band again, and the loud music resumes. Sydney and Noah wince. Marshall scrambles to shut it off. In the hanger in Cape Town, Sydney hits the switch ont he arm band, cancelling any audio. Noah and Sydney sink down and land on a catwalk hanging high above the server. They take out their equipment, which includes some rope. Noah shoots a gun across the way so Sydney has a way to scale across the room high above [think Batman]. She starts scaling the rope to get across. She lands over there. Noah gives her some rope to lower herself. She moves inbetween some beams and is lowered with Noah's help. He ties the rope to the part of the catwalk. Flashback to Marshall again.)

MARSHALL: The server case is alarmed, so don't let anything touch it. You're going to want to get a wireless modem within three inches of the server.

(Sydney flips around and gets out the modem. Noah gets out a laptop. Flashback.)

MARSHALL: Now, Mr. Hicks, you'll hack into the server and then download all the data into your laptop. Am I boring you?

(Sydnye hangs the wireless remote. He downloads the files. Behind him, the rope is loosening. Sydney drops a little, her eyes getting wide. She screams out for Noah, but because the audio has been canceled, he can't hear her. He keeps downloading the files, oblivious, as the rope slips some more and Sydney is lowered even more. She screams out his name. She's getting even closer. The files finish downloading just as the rope lets go. Noah jumps and catchs it, but he's straining to reattach it. Sydney starts climbing up the rope while Noah hangs on to the end of it. She gets to the top. Now that he has some slack on the rope, he reties it. She nods. He nods.)

(In a room at SD-6, Jack watches the video of his wife, but he watches what Sydney didn't, once she recognized Calder.)

KHASINAU: You have no reason to believe that anyone else became suspicious of you?

LAURA: Nyet. Of course I would've told you.

KHASINAU: (speaks Russian) Uh, how did you acquire your intel?

LAURA: Every night for ten years I went through his briefcase. I eavesdropped on all of his private conversations. I planted listening devices on his clothing. He was blinded by his emotions. He knew nothing. I can tell you one thing: Jack Bristow was a fool.

(Having heard enough, Jack shuts it off.)

(In the CIA, Jack turns a corner and sees Dr. Barnett talking to two agents down the hall. He stops, chickens out, and goes back. But then Dr. Barnett finishes talking to them and walks toward him down the hall.)

JACK: Dr. Barnett.

BARNETT: Mr. Bristow.

JACK: Yes. I was, um, I was... wondering if you might have some time this afternoon.

BARNETT: I'll make some time.

(Francie and Sydney's. Francie and Will sit on the sofa playing a video game. Sydney walks in.)

FRANCIE: Hey, I didn't pick that play!

WILL: No, the computer picked it for you. You didn't do it.

FRANCIE: Yeah, but, no. But I don't--reset it!

WILL: Touchdown!

FRANCIE: You cheated!

WILL: Score!



SYDNEY: Hey, guys.

WILL: Hey.

SYDNEY: What is going on?

(They turn and look at her. Uncomfortable.)

SYDNEY: Why are you looking at me like that? Did you guys break something of mine?

FRANCIE: No. It's, uh... I found this in the pocket of your jacket last week. You said you were in Seattle.

(She gives Sydney the plane ticket. Sydney stares at it.)

WILL: Syd, you can tell us if it's none of our business but... we just care about you, that's all.

(She comes around and sits down in front of them.)

SYDNEY: This is serious.

WILL: Yeah.

SYDNEY: Um... okay. I've signed, like, a dozen non-disclosure agreements, so this is just between us.

WILL: Of course.

SYDNEY: Six months ago, my job at the bank changed. We have a handful of clients, most of them are international, who don't want thier business to go through the postal service. They don't want a paper trail. So, I fly to them as the bank's reprsentative. I'm so sorry I had to keep this from you guys, I just had no choice.

FRANCIE: Is that legal?

SYDNEY: Oh, yeah, it's totally legit. It's just... it's just secret.

(Will and Francie laugh a little.)

WILL: Francie thought you were having an affair.

FRANCIE: No, I didn't!

WILL: Yes, you did!

FRANCIE: I just said that if you were having an affair, I would know about it.

SYDNEY: Well, this is all there is. So, I'm going to go change and then I'm going to kick your ass at that game.

WILL: Oh, bring it on. Seriously. I am so bored playing with Francie, it's rid--

(She whacks him across the back of the head.)

(Sydney walks to the bathroom and sits down on the edge of the tub. She maybe thinks that leaving could be a good thing because lying to her friends is getting harder.)

(Next day. Sydney enters Marshall's office.)

SYDNEY: Hey, Marshall.

MARSHALL: Hey, Miss Bristow.

SYDNEY: Anything yet? Any word on where Calder is?

MARSHALL: Mr. Sloane didn't tell you? There was no data recovered from Noah's laptop. That sever room must have had active countermeasures. Some sor tof EMS generators. So, basically, when you ran out, your laptop got pulsed and everything's empty.

(Conference room. Sydney walks in and sits down beside Noah.)



SYDNEY: You heard about the computers?

NOAH: Yes. Syd, if your mom is out there, you will find her. It's going to happen.

SYDNEY: I just feel like I'm at a dead end. How's the arm?

(On Noah's left arm, he's bandaged from his elbow to his wrist.)

NOAH: Well, it's, uh, it feels great. The lidocaine hasn't worn off. Twenty-six stitches - a new personal record.

(Sloane enters.)

SLOANE: Hello, Sydney.

SYDNEY: Hello.

SLOANE: I was disappointed when I heard Marshall's news, but I'm confident that we'll pick up Calder's trail. Noah, flight to Baku leaves at six. In two weeks, you'll enter the doctoral program on petrol geoscience at Gazar University. Inside this folder, there's information on dead drop procedures. See ID services for your passport and travel visas. Good luck, Noah.

SYDNEY: Noah just got home from a five-year deep cover assignment! He's been home for two weeks. Do you think it's wise to send him under again so soon?

NOAH: Syd, I volunteered.

(Sydney's shocked. He stands up to shake Sloane's hand.)

NOAH: Thank you.

(Beach. Sydney and Noah stand on the shore, talking.)

SYDNEY: You're not really going to Banku, are you?

NOAH: No. Tuvalu. It's an island in the South Pacific. I, uh, talked to my contact. He says now's my window. I'm leaving tonight and we could go together.

SYDNEY: Sometimes, all I want to do is disappear. Just let all this go. And just start over again.

(He nods.)

SYDNEY: But I have my personal reasons for staying.

NOAH: Syd, this life is not worth it and you know it. There's too many secrets, there's too much lying to everyone in your life that's supposed to be--

SYDNEY: I know. I know.

NOAH: Then come with me. Here's what we're going to do. I booked you on a flight for tomorrow night. Syd, you come with me for one week to Tuvalu and let me prove to you that it cna work.

(He gives her a plane ticket.)

SYDNEY: Noah...

NOAH: If it's about your mother, you and I can find your mother. We don't need the CIA for that. It'll be our last mission. And after that, we'll just start... completely new. Can you imagine that? Be on that plane and give me one week. Just one week.

(He kisses her.)

NOAH: One week.

(In the main room of SD-6, Marshall comes running out, searching for Sloane.)

MARSHALL: Mr. Sloane! Mr. Sloane!

(He finally sees Sloane standing near someone's desk.)

MARSHALL: Listen, I know I've been somewhat impressed with myself in the past, but this time I am, like, freaking out about it.

SLOANE: Marshall, could you just tell me what?

MARSHALL: I used a signal lost recovery procedure to examine the low-level data sector. I created a raw image--

SLOANE: Marshall! What did you do?

MARSHALL: I found Valenko. I mean Calder. Well, it's the same guy, right? Well, I found him!

(Conference room with Sydney, Dixon and Sloane.)

SLOANE: Marshall has impressively reconstructed the data that you downloaded from the server in Cape Town. The financial routing information directed us to Mackay, Australia, and Bentley Calder's private residence. Now this one is straightforward: a daylight snatch operation. You lead a recovery team, greab Calder from his house and bring him here for questioning. Plane leaves in two hours. Dixon, could you give us a minute.

(Dixon nods and leaves them alone.)

SLOANE: Sydney, I told you I'd get you closer to your mother. I'm always here for you. You know that.

(Sydney smiles awkwardly.)

SYDNEY: Thanks.

(Sydney's house. She packs her bag in the bedroom and picks up the plane ticket. The phone rings.)

SYDNEY: Hello?

NOAH: Hey, it's me. I am thirty-five thousand feet over the Pacific and you just missed the most beautiful sunset that I've ever seen in my life. You're coming, right? Tell me that you are coming to meet me.

SYDNEY: Noah...

NOAH: (whispers) Come on.

SYDNEY: If things were different.

NOAH: Any word on Calder?

SYDNEY: No. Noah, it was great to see you again, but--

NOAH: Syd, whatever you're about to say, it's not good-bye, okay?


NOAH: All right. I'll see you.

SYDNEY: I'll see you, too.

(She hangs up, some regret in her expression. The phone rings. She picks it up, smiling.)

SYDNEY: Okay, I believe this isn't good-bye.

VOICE: Joey's Pizza?

SYDNEY: Wrong number.

(Self-storage. Sydney sits down while Vaughn paces behind her.)

VAUGHN: Devlin knows you're going to Australia. You understand he'll be expecting a full report.

SYDNEY: Yeah...

VAUGHN: Syd, I know how important it is for you to find your mother and I'll help you however I can.

SYDNEY: Thanks. Any word on The Snowman?

VAUGHN: That guy I met in Bogota, I'm waiting for him to call me back. You want to tell me what's going on?

(He sits down in front of her and can tell that she's a little down.)

VAUGHN: Sydney, you can talk to me. Off the record.

SYDNEY: I'm all right.

(Mackay, Australia. Sydney opens the door to the van. Dixon sits in the driver seat.)

SYDNEY: Wait until I open the main gate before you come in.

DIXON: All right. "B" team will secure the perimeter in case Calder tries to take off.


(Vaughn's office. Phone rings.)

VAUGHN: This is Vaughn.

KISHELL: Mr. Vaughn, I have spoken to my friends. I have some information for you.

(Sydney skulks through the bushes outside the home of Calder.)

SYDNEY: Dixon?

DIXON: Are you at the junction box?

SYDNEY: No, not yet. This is weird. I don't see any guards.

(She comes closer to the house and walks in. A guard is on the floor, a pool of blood around him. She feels his pulse.)

(CIA. Vaughn runs up to Weiss.)

VAUGHN: Weiss!

WEISS: Yeah?

VAUGHN: The Snowman. He's been spotted in Mackay. Sydney's there, too. He's going after Calder to get to Khasinau. Can you think of a way to contact Sydney, put out a warning?

WEISS: We don't have her on comm?


(Sydney walks through the house, talking on the transmitter.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, I just saw two... I just saw three guards. They're dead. Dixon?

(She's getting static on her transmitter. A crash can be heard coming from the kitchen. Sydney goes to investigate. She walks in the kitchen and finds Calder sitting up in a chair. The Snowman is wearing a black mask over his face and pulls out an icepick from Calder's chest. He's dead.)

SYDNEY: Oh, no, Calder!

(She runs to The Snowman and kicks him. She punches him and bangs his head down on the counter. She grabs his arm and bangs his wrist against the counter so he drops the icepick. She rolls on the counte rand kicks him. The Snowman takes a cutting board and tries to hit her, but she ducks. He takes a knife from the counter, but changes and takes the meat tenderizer. They shrae kicks. Sydney grabs a pot/frying pan and smashes him twice. He kicks her. This time, Sydney grabs the knife and swipes at him. She roundhouse kicks him. She runs and kicks. He grabs her and throws her on the counter. The Snowman has the meat tenderizer pressed against her throat. Sydney gasps. The Snowman grabs the knife from Sydney and holds it above her, poised to stab her, but he stops. Sydney takes this opportunity to kick him in the gut. He stumbles back and rolls on the ground... right on the knife. He groans. Sydney gets up and sees that he's on his side and that there's some blood underneath him. Sydney bends down and rolls him over on his back. A knife is in his chest. Sydney sees a white bandage peeking out from The Snowman's black sleeve on his left arm. She freezes. Sydney pushes up his sleeve a little bit and then stares at his face, into his eyes. She starts crying. Sydney tears off The Snowman's mask to reveal Noah, gasping in pain. She starts to cry harder.)


NOAH: I tried to keep you from this... I want you to know that...

(He dies. Sydney cradles his head. Dixon barges in, his gun raised.)

DIXON: Sydney!

(He stops when he sees Noah on the ground, dead. He looks at Sydney, then at Noah. Sydney looks up at Dixon, crying.)