01x05 - Doppelganger

"Doppelganger" episode #1.05

(Continuing from last week's episode. Sydney is staring down at the operation in progress, when the bodyguard she recognized from earlier hauls her up by the hair.)

BODYGUARD: Recognize me now?

(He punches her. Sydney blacks out.)

(Bodyguard walks down a hall in the boiler room, dragging Sydney beside him by the strap of her shirt. He speaks in a walkie-talkie.)

BODYGUARD: Anyone else? Keep looking.

(He slams Sydney up against a wall.)

SYDNEY: Uhhh! Uhh.

BODYGUARD: I never did find out what you were doing in Corsica. Are you working for Dimitri?

(She doesn't respond, so he bangs her against the opposite wall, then chokes her.)

BODYGUARD: Tell me now, or you're going in the fire.

(He opens a heavy door that leads into the fire pit. Flames lick the top of that room.)

SYDNEY: Ahhh...

BODYGUARD: Who sent you here? Are you here alone? Who sent you here?

(While getting ready to toss her over to the fire, Sydney slips his pen out of his shirt pocket.)

BODYGUARD: Answer me, you little bitch!

(Sydney stabs him in the neck with the pen, kicks him. She takes the poker for the fire, and hits his gun away. It flies into the fire. She slams the door shut with the poker, and hits the bodyguard three times with it. He falls to the ground. She runs.)

BODYGUARD: Get to level "C" now... she got away...

(Sydney runs down the hall, turns a corner, running. Two armed men come behind her, chasing her. She stops, sees two men coming from ahead and behind. She's trapped. Sydney runs down the stairs nearby, while gunshots fly around her. She sees more men coming behind her, and sees a tunnel on the wall above her. She jumps up, grabs the bar ahead, and kicks the cover of the tunnel in. Sydney slides down the tunnel, and grabs a hold of the little ledges inside. Holding on with her fingers, looking down the tunnel in fear, gunshots bounce off the sides of the tunnel, all around her. Finally, one bullet hits the ledge she was holding on to, and breaks off. Sydney slides down the tunnel.)

(Suddenly, it's daylight. We see Sydney, wet and sprawled out on a rock at the end of the tunnel. She's unconscious. A young boy pokes her several times, and she comes to. He speaks Spanish to her, asking if she's dead.)

SYDNEY: Oh, my God... what time is it?

(She catches herself, and asks in Spanish. The young boy answers her.)

(At the UCO, Dixon is inside the lobby. His cell phone rings.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, it's me.

(Sydney is on a bus with other people. The young boy stands beside her.)

DIXON: Thank God. Where've you been? I didn't sleep last night.

SYDNEY: That doesn't matter. Listen to me. Have you spotted Patel?

DIXON: (looks outside) He just showed up. News agencies are reporting he had an arrhythmia. Where did they take him?

SYDNEY: What I'm about to say, Dixon, you just have to believe me.

DIXON: Of course.

SYDNEY: The bomb we're looking for... it's inside of him.

DIXON: What!?

SYDNEY: Inside Patel! They implanted the bomb into his chest, like it was a pacemaker. A simple outpatient procedure. Jacqnoud just turned an Edgar Peace Prize winner into a human bomb! Which is not good.

(At the UCO, Dixon watches as Patel goes through the metal detector. It goes off. He opens his shirt a little and shows the guard his bandage.)

DIXON: Did you see the device?

SYDNEY: Yeah. It's small, which means it's probably on a wireless remote. Look, get Patel and I'll meet you directly behind the auditorium.

DIXON: I'll get there as soon as I can.

(On the bus, Sydney hangs up and gives the cell phone back to the boy.)

(In the lobby, Dixon follows Patel and his guards. He watches from outside the conference room as they take Patel into a back room. He sees Patel's name on the poster outside the room, and glances at his watch. Outside, protestors yell and have anti-UCO signs. Horns honk. People yell. Sydney comes in the gang of protestors and looks around. Inside, people converge inside the room.)

SPEAKER: Ladies and gentlemen... it is my honor to officially open the 2001 ministerial conference of the United Commerce Organization.


(Outside, Sydney walks up to an ambulance. She speaks in Spanish, tells the driver she isn't feeling well, and "faints." The driver, alarmed, gets out and goes to see if he can help her. Sydney sneaks around the side of the ambulance and jumps in the driver side. She starts up the van.)


(And she takes off.)

(In the back room, Dixon walks in, speaking foreign language. The guard stops him, but Dixon tries pleading. Finally, he turns to leave but punches the guard three times. The guard's out. Patel looks at him, alarmed. Dixon tries speaking to him that he has to come with him, Patel refuses. Dixon apologizes, Patel looks confused, and then Dixon punches Patel in the face. Outside the auditorium, Sydney pulls up in the ambulance. Dixon comes out, carrying Patel over his shoulders. Sydney opens the back doors and lets them in.)

(Inside the auditorium...)

SPEAKER: Please welcome our keynote speaker... ladies and gentlemen... Dhiren Patel!

(Inside the ambulance, Patel is on a stretcher.)

DIXON: I just punched Dhiren Patel in the face!

SYDNEY: Any luck with the trigger?

DIXON: I worship this man!

SYDNEY: Dixon, when you were in the building, did you I.D. the trigger?!

DIXON: No, no! I didn't see anyone!

(Sydney takes off the bandage, revealing the incision.)

DIXON: Oh, God.

(Inside the auditorium, applause. Everyone looks to the backroom, expecting Patel to enter. He doesn't.)

SPEAKER: Please, wait one moment. I will be right back.

(In the back, Jacqnoud speaks french into his communicator, and looks at the remote. The signal is faint, meaning Patel isn't around.)

(Inside the ambulance, Dixon fills a needle while Sydney puts a gas mask over Patel's face, prepping the anesthesia.)

SYDNEY: Look, I know you've been field-trained, basic medical, but can you really do this? Pull a bomb out of a man's chest?

DIXON: Yeah.

(They hear tires screeching. Dixon gets up, looks out the back window and sees a car coming.)

DIXON: It's Jacqnoud.

(Sydney jumps to the front and starts up the ambulance.)

(In the car...)

JACQNOUD: There, in the ambulance!

(Sydney screenches ahead while Dixon begins taking the staples out of the incision.)

DIXON: Don't forget this thing's on a remote. You can't let them get within range!

(She screeches around a corner, Jacqnoud behind her. In his car, Jacqnoud looks at the remote and sees the signal is getting stronger.)

JACQNOUD: Get me closer! Get me closer!

(Sydney rounds another corner sharply, making Dixon fall against the wall of the ambulance, his latex gloves covered in Patel's blood. He finally sits down again, and puts his hand in the cut.)

DIXON: I can feel it!

SYDNEY: Oh, God!

(She screeches around another corner, but slows down when she sees that...)

SYDNEY: The police have a roadblock!

DIXON: Get around it!

SYDNEY: Oh, God!

(She crashes through a metal gate, Jacqnoud is right behind her.)

JACQNOUD: (to driver) S'il vous plait! Get me CLOSER!

(Inside the ambulance...)

SYDNEY: You've got to hurry!

DIXON: They put an adhesive on the incision, it must have bled through! It's stuck!

(Patel is coming to. He mumbles something, still drugged. Dixon's eyes get wide. He puts more gas. Jacqnoud's car is coming closer.)

JACQNOUD: Closer! Bon, bon...

(The signal is getting stronger. Dixon takes the bomb out of Patel's chest.)

SYDNEY: Oh, God...

(The bomb begins to beep.)

SYDNEY: What's that?!

DIXON: It's on a remote! Just keep driving!

(Dixon stands up, bomb in hand. Jacqnoud's car is approaching fast.)


(He's about to hit the button to set off the bomb, when Dixon opens the back door and throws the bomb at the car. Too late. Jacqnoud hits the button... and blows himself, and the car, up. The force of the explosion sends the car flying up and then down on its roof. The ambulance rides safely away.)

SYDNEY: Nicely done!

DIXON: Patel... you're going to be okay.

(Sydney breathes heavily, in relief.)

(In a room somewhere, Vaughn and Sydney sit across from each other.)

VAUGHN: That's insane!

SYDNEY: No kidding.

VAUGHN: Dixon just pulled it out of him.


VAUGHN: Pulled a bomb out of Dhiren Patel.

SYDNEY: The very one.



VAUGHN: Any luck with the alliance member?

SYDNEY: The what?

VAUGHN: You were supposed to I.D. the minister SD-6's been trying to protect.

SYDNEY: Thanks, I remember. No, I didn't get it.

VAUGHN: Sydney, if we're going to take down SD-6--

SYDNEY: Stop. No.

VAUGHN: Look, I'm juust saying that identifying--

SYDNEY: Look, I was busy trying to keep one of the most important humanitarians on the planet--

VAUGHN: ...All the alliance members is kind of critical--

SYDNEY: ...From blowing UP!



SYDNEY: Anyway. I have a paper to finish.

(She gets up. Vaughn watches her walk to the door.)


(She turns.)

VAUGHN: I have something for you.

(He gets a thick file folder from his briefcase, walks over to her.)

VAUGHN: I know you have a lot of questions about your father. I don't know if you want this, but I copied his file.

(Sydney, stunned, takes it.)

SYDNEY: Thank you.

(He nods. She walks out, holding the file. He watches her.)

(In a library on campus, Sydney reads her father's file. Case numbers. Her father's picture. "Confidential" and "Copy" are written on the sheets in big, bold letters.)

FRANCIE: Sorry I'm late.

(Sydney quickly closes the file.)

SYDNEY: Hey. It's after one already?

FRANCIE: It's one thirty.

SYDNEY: Oh, God. You got to be kidding...

FRANCIE: Okay, so I'm in my Operations and Technology Management class, and I realize two things. One, I prepared the wrong chapter.


FRANCIE: I don't want to talk about it. And two, you and I are going to have a Hallowe'en party.

SYDNEY: We are?

FRANCIE: Guest list!

(She gives Sydney a piece of paper, and they walk out together.)

(Outside, Sydney and Francie walk together, Sydney looks at the list.)

FRANCIE: What, is it too big?

SYDNEY: I think you put down everyone we've met since seventh grade. You invited Kenny.

FRANCIE: So? He's a kid. It's Hallowe'en.

SYDNEY: Francie, if you want to see Charlie again, you don't have to throw a massive Hallowe'en party and invite his nephew.

FRANCIE: I love Kenny.

SYDNEY: I know you do, but just admit you're hoping, just a little, that Charlie will bring him.

(Sydney stops, staring at something off-camera.)


SYDNEY: Is that Will?

(Sure enough, Will is seen coming out of a campus building, talking on his cell phone.)

FRANCIE: Maybe he's here to talk to you about the humiliating kiss.

SYDNEY: Stop calling it that.

FRANCIE: That's what it was.

(Will walks, and then sees Sydney and Francie, and stops. He waves. Sydney smiles brightly.)

WILL: (on cell) Uh, you know, I got to call you back. I got to go. I'll call you back. Bye.

(He walks up to them.)

WILL: Hey.

SYDNEY: What are you doing here?

WILL: Oh, I got this, uh, I'm writing a story on S.A.T.'s. About how, like, the university is... what are you guys doing?

SYDNEY: Just getting some lunch.

FRANCIE: Oh, we're having a Hallowe'en party on Wednesday night.

WILL: Oh, excellent. I don't have to wear a costume, do I?


(They stare at each other.)

WILL: Really. That's... confusing.

(Sydney's pager beeps.)

WILL: Let me guess -- the bank.

SYDNEY: It's a meeting with the higher-ups on these bad loans.

WILL: Okay, seriously, your job?

FRANCIE: It's a problem, right?

SYDNEY: I should go.

FRANCIE: We know.

SYDNEY: I'll call you guys later, okay?


WILL: See ya.

(Will watches Sydney walk away, with interest.)

(SD-6. Briefing meeting. Sloane, Dixon, Sydney and Marshall sit in the board room.)

SLOANE: This is Hensel Corporation. A Germany-based chemical conglomerate. They make ibuprofen, hand lotion, toothpaste. They also have a multi-million dollar research and development fund with ties going back to World War II and the third reich. They don't list the last part in their annual stock report. This is Jeroen Schiller. He's one of Hensel's leading biotech engineers. He lives in Berlin. We've been in communication with him since August. Now, the news is that Hensel has perfected a vaccine against biological weapons. Schiller has access to that information. He wants to make a trade.

SYDNEY: What does he want in exchange?

SLOANE: Safe passage to the United States.

DIXON: He lives in Berlin. Why can't he just take a cab to the airport?

SLOANE: Germany's not the problem, Hensel is. Anyone who has top level clearance is closely surveilled. Your job is to I.D. Schiller, get him away from Hensel and into the United States.

SYDNEY: What kind of extraction?

SLOANE: Shipment. Hensel is upgrading their intranet with fiber optics. You go in as a Rhine Com net supervisor. Now, unfortunately, this is the last documented photo of Schiller. University of Hamburg, 1975. We had Tech do an age processing to give you some idea of what he might look like today. You'll find it in there. Marshall, go.

MARSHALL: (stands) Right. Thank you. How is, uh, everyone? Hello. Hope everyone's planning on having an enjoyable All Hallow's Eve.

SLOANE: Marshall.

MARSHALL: Sorry. Okay. This is pretty incredible. Business card. Something you might, you know, hand out. Like, for instance, "Hello, I'm a Rhine Com net supervisor, how are you?" In German, of course. Because English would probably give you away. But the genius, the achievement, is this. Even Sony would be like, "Well, Marshall, this is pretty cool."

DIXON: What does it do?

MARSHALL: Now, what you do is, you place the card on top of this computer monitor. Now, there's a tiny transmitter inside. This transmitter will override the CPU and make the network think that you are the sys admin. The system administrator.


MARSHALL: Oh, yeah. You'll manually override the company's firewall, and then Schiller will transfer the vaccine formula from his office to a Canadian-served web site, and then we'll get the password once he's on American soil.

(Sydney and Dixon walk out of the meeting together.)

DIXON: So, I got your voice mail...

SYDNEY: Seriously, please, don't feel obligated.

DIXON: No, no, no. I asked Diane. We're coming. All of us.

SYDNEY: You don't have to wear a costume.

DIXON: You didn't need to say that.

SYDNEY: (laughs) Good!

MR. BRISTOW: Sydney.

(Sydney and Dixon stop; Sydney's face immediately falls.)

MR. BRISTOW: Could I have a minute?

DIXON: Oh, of course. (to Syd) I'll see you at Op Tech.

(Dixon leaves.)

MR. BRISTOW: I, um, we were closing a deal last Thursday. I just couldn't get away.

SYDNEY: You said that when you called. That's fine.

MR. BRISTOW: This is an especially busy time for me, Sydney. There are six different cases I'm overseeing.

SYDNEY: Mmm-hmm.

MR. BRISTOW: So, until things slow down, we probably shouldn't make any plans.

SYDNEY: I wasn't going to pursue it.

MR. BRISTOW: I just wanted to clarify.


(He walks away.)

(Night. Sydney drives up to a self-storage facility. One other car is parked there. She parks, gets out. Inside, Vaughn opens a cage door.)


VAUGHN: (gestures to other man) This is Paul Kelvin. Sydney Bristow.

KELVIN: I know your father.

(They shake hands.)

SYDNEY: Really. I hear that a lot.

VAUGHN: Okay, we got to move fast. Let me jump in here. The C.I.A.'s been watching Hensel Corp for years.

SYDNEY: They're not really creating a vaccine, are they?

VAUGHN: Yes, they are, but the U.S. army has been doing parallel research that we thought was years ahead of the Germans. Until we got your intel.

SYDNEY: SO, what are we afraid of?

VAUGHN: Schiller and his team have developed what we call micro-encapsulated cytocines. They activate the immune cells in your respiratory tract. Do you know anything about this?

SYDNEY: A little. You?

VAUGHN: A little. Enough to know that SD-6 could sell this vaccine to a radical leader who wants to protect his own people... and start an all-out biological war.

SYDNEY: What am I supposed to do in Berlin?

VAUGHN: Well, instead of shipping Schiller, who we'll get out through Bamberg, we'll ship Kelvin. He's already been prepped to impersonate Schiller. Now, based on available photographs, we think he's a pretty god match. You'll make the switch in the building's garage.

SYDNEY: You sure you're up for this?

KELVIN: I'm not looking forward to it, if that's what you mean.

SYDNEY: What about when Sloane wants you to give him the vaccine?

VAUGHN: He'll give them false information. Kelvin's got a plane waiting.

KELVIN: I'll see you in Berlin.


(Vaughn lets him out. He turns back to Sydney.)

SYDNEY: I've got to tell Dixon.

VAUGHN: No. Absolutely not.

SYDNEY: How am I supposed to make a double switch invisible to my partner? He'll be there.

VAUGHN: You cannot tell him the truth. I mean, he might already know who he's working for.

SYDNEY: You don't know him.

VAUGHN: That's my point.

SYDNEY: But I do.

VAUGHN: Look, you might be right about Dixon, but you can't volunteer a man for double agent duty if he hasn't asked for it. I mean, his whole life, his family? You'd be putting all that at risk. You. Is that a decision you want to make for him?

(In Berlin, Sydney, in disguise, marches up to Hensel Corporation. She goes to the desk, speaking German, and gives them the business card. He lets her in after checking the sign-in sheets. At the elevator, the guard holds the door open for Sydney. She pushes a button, and the doors close.)

SYDNEY: I'm in.

(Outside the building, Dixon stands.)

DIXON: Copy that. All's quiet out front.

(Inside, Sydney gets off the elevator and walks down a hall. She enters Schiller's office, and speaks German.)

SCHILLER: You are the agent?

(Sydney puts the business card on the monitor and sits down. They speak German. Outisde, Dixon gets a box and a pipe leading into the building. On the computer, a pop up box reads "Cracked. Access granted.")

SYDNEY: Dixon, I think someone might be following me. meet me at Einsetzung instead of behind the building.

DIXON: Copy that. I'm starting the gas now. You'll have two minutes until people regain consciousness.

(Sydney speaks German, and gives Schiller a gas mask.)

SCHILLER: What's this?

(She tells him to put it on in German, she puts one on herself. The gas starts pilfering in. In the control room, error messages blink on the computers. The guard is passed out, his face on the keyboard, unconscious. The computer in Schiller's office is uploading the files to the FTP server.)

SCHILLER: Copy! We got it!

SYDNEY: Come on.

(They leave, gas masks on. They step over unconsious people. Dixon pulls up in a van. Sydney and Schiller walk in the building's garage, gas masks now off. A C.I.A. man hids behind a pillar. When they get close, the man pushes Schiller into a waiting black van. Sydney keeps walking. Paul Kelvin, now wearing glasses and a suit, comes out of another van and falls into step beside Sydney. They walk out together.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, I'm on Koenig Strasse.

DIXON: I'm on my way.

(He takes off. Sydney and Kelvin/Schiller run out together, and hop inside the van. The van pulls away.)

(Will and Francie decorate Sydney's place for the party.)

WILL: When you asked me to help you set up, you didn't say, "Will you help me set up all day?", did you?

FRANCIE: We're almost done.

WILL: Almost done? What's left to cover that we haven't already covered with corn?

FRANCIE: I work with a professional party planner, this is what I do. So, what's going on with work? You always talk about work and you haven't even mentioned it today.

WILL: You want the truth?

(Francie turns.)

WILL: I wasn't working on a S.A.T. story. When I bumped into you guys? There is no S.A.T. story. I was trying to track down a woman named Kate Jones. She was supposed to be seated next to Danny on a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong.

FRANCIE: Oh, Will, you can't do this!

WILL: What was Danny doing on a flight to Hong Kong, if Sydney was supposed to meet him in Singapore? Now, Kate Jones and Danny were the only two people to miss that flight. The ONLY two. I was at the medical school because I thought that maybe they'd have her name on file. Francie, there's too many things about Danny's death that don't make any sense. One of them is this woman. Now I looked up every Kate, Kathy, Katherine, Kathleen Jones in L.A. county, plus I have a contact at the airport who said that--

FRANCIE: Will, you can't do this. Nothing is going to bring Danny back. And when Sydney finds out what you've been up to, which you know she will... just think about that.

(C.I.A. safehouse. The real Schiller is being interrogated by Vaughn.)

SCHILLER: I want to see Mr. Sloane.

VAUGHN: Mr. Schiller, I've explained this. Sloane is not here. You tell us the password to the web site, and we will--

SCHILLER: I only talk to Sloane. That was the agreement. If you were who you say you are, you would know that.

VAUGHN: Mr. Schiller, I swear to you. Sloane is a liar. He has nothing to do with the C.I.A.

SCHILLER: So you say Sloane is a fraud? How do I know it's not you who is the fraud?

VAUGHN: You don't... but you will.

(He goes into the next room where Sydney, Weiss and a hacker have been watching.)

VAUGHN: How fast can we get a plane to Langley?


VAUGHN: He wants proof that we're C.I.A. and I don't think he's going to believe us unless we walk him in the front door.

HACKER: Hey, Vaughn, we're in.

SYDNEY: What's this?

VAUGHN: This is the main reason we made the switch in Berlin.

HACKER: We had Kelvin give Sloane access to a bogus web site with just enough real information about the vaccine to keep them occupied for months.

SYDNEY: Is that really worth risking a man's life?

WEISS: No, there's more. Once SD-6 downloads and runs the bogus program, it'll give us a back door into their computer systems.

SYDNEY: In other words, we have access to their entire network, files, contacts, accounts?

VAUGHN: This is a huge step in shutting down SD-6.


HACKER: It was Agent Vaughn's idea.

VAUGHN: You look so surprised.

SYDNEY: No, I...

VAUGHN: Yes, it was my idea.

SYDNEY: Amazing idea.

VAUGHN: Thank you. I know.

(Credit Dauphine. Kelvin, posing as Schiller, takes a drink of water. Sloane paces, observes. Marshall sits behind a computer.)

MARSHALL: This is very exciting.

SLOANE: Go tell Analysis.

(He does.)

SLOANE: It's good to finally meet you.

KELVIN/SCHILLER: You see, the travles was not so easy, so forgive me for being so...

SLOANE: No,no, no, not at all. So, we have two hundred thousand dollars in cash, waiting for you.


SLOANE: You're welcome. It's yours, as soon as you tell us and we confirm, the location of the plant.

KELVIN/SCHILLER: Plant? Which plant?

SLOANE: Where the prototypes are being made. The vaccine inhaler. You do know the location of the plant?

KELVIN/SCHILLER: You see, I didn't get the information about any prototypes. I was never privileged to such information.

SLOANE: I have reason to believe you were. So, why don't you think about it? Why don't you think about everything?

(He walks out.)

(Outside the room, Dixon sits at a computer. Sloane approaches. Dixon turns.)

DIXON: How's Schiller?

SLOANE: I want to talk to you about your report.

DIXON: Is something wrong?

SLOANE: You wrote that Sydney changed the pick up from Einsetzung to the rear exit.

DIXON: I met them on Koenig Strasse.

SLOANE: Was this decided upon before the extraction?

DIXON: During.


DIXON: She thought someone was following her.

SLOANE: Did you see someone following her?

DIXON: No, but I was outside the whole time.

SLOANE: I see.

DIXON: If Sydney said there was someone following her, there was someone following her.

(The party. Sydney, dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, walks up to Francie -- dressed up as a cheerleader -- and Will -- dressed up as Richard Nixon -- who are dancing with a little boy.)

SYDNEY: Hey, Kenny!

(Doorbell rings. Sydney takes the pail of candy, and answers. Dixon, his wife Diane, and two kids in costumes stand there.)

KIDS: Trick or treat!

SYDNEY: Hey, guys! There's more candy in there. Come on in!

DIANE: Good to see you.

SYDNEY: Good to see you.

DIXON: Syd, can I talk to you for a second?

(They go in anothe room, close the door.)

SYDNEY: What's up?

DIXON: Syd, we've been working together a lot of years. I trust you. I trust you, and I love you.

SYDNEY: I know.

DIXON: So, if somethng's up, you'd tell me.

SYDNEY: What are you talking about?

DIXON: Sloane is asking about Berlin. He thinks someone might have gotten to Schiller. He thinks he might be a plant. He wanted to know why you had me change the pick up to Koenig Strasse.

SYDNEY: I told you, I thought I was being followed.

DIXON: Syd, is there something I should know?


(Dixon almost smiles in relief, and nods as if he knew Sydney wouldn't keep things from him.)

DIXON: Listen, uh, Sloane says there's a prototype -- an inhaler for the vaccine. He wnats us to go get it, but Schiller won't give up the location, which makes no sense. That man should know where it is, and has everything to lose by not telling us.

SYDNEY: What's going to happen to him?

DIXON: Oh, I think Schiller is in trouble, but, Syd, I think you are, too.

(At the food and drinks, Francie stands, alone. Looking sad. Will walks up to her and takes off his Nixon mask, takes a bowl of snacks.)

WILL: Okay, now, here's my question. Who eats this crap? I mean, it's like Marzipan, but it's worse. If it's a question between this or, like, dirt, I would be all over the dirt.

FRANCIE: Would you shut up about the candy corn?

WILL: Okay. You're bummed the kid came, and Charlie didn't.


WILL: What? You gave me some advice, and I took it. Now it's my turn to give you some.

FRANCIE: What advice did I give you?

WILL: About the Kate Jones thing. I'm giving it up, you're right. It can only end badly. So, it's my turn to give you some. You love Charlie. You don't want to lose him, so don't be an idiot, okay? You got to talk to him, and don't deny it. Don't wait. Don't piss me off. That's exactly what I did when I first met Sydney, okay? So, use me as a cautionary tale and call Charlie.

(He gives her the phone. She takes it, and kisses him on the cheek. His cell phone rings.)

WILL: Yeah. Will Tippin.

VOICE: Hi, this is Kate Jones. You called me?

WILL: Yeah. Um, yeah. Did you know a guy named Daniel Hecht?

VOICE: Yes... I did. Very well.

(At the C.I.A. safehouse, Sydney bursts in the backroom. Weiss and Vaughn are there.)

SYDNEY: You can't go to Langley!

VAUGHN: What are you talking about? The plane leaves in an hour.

SYDNEY: Kelvin could be dead by then. Sloane's looking for more than just the password. Information Schiller would have. I mean, this could be it. If this goes badly, they'll know I'm a double.

VAUGHN: So, what the hell are we going to do?

SYDNEY: That's why I came here. I need to talk to Schiller right now.

(She enters the room. Schiller looks up.)

(Outside, she walks up to a parked car where Mr. Bristow sits.)

SYDNEY: I wouldn't have called unless I had no choice.

MR. BRISTOW: It's all right. What is it?

SYDNEY: There's a C.I.A. officer named Paul Kevlin--

MR. BRISTOW: Yes, I know about Berlin. Paul's a friend.

SYDNEY: Then you should know his life's in danger. He's in custody, and Sloane wants intel Kevlin doesn't have. I have the information Kevlin needs, but I can't get it to him. Sloane's already too suspicious of me, but since he trusts you...

MR. BRISTOW: Sloane put a call in to me. That must be why.

SYDNEY: Why would he call you?

(SD-6. Mr. Bristow walks to Sloane's office.)

MR. BRISTOW: (voice over) He finds me useful in difficult situations.

(He enters the office.)

MR. BRISTOW: I'm surprised you're not home with Emily.

SLOANE: I would be, but we have a problem.


SLOANE: Schiller won't talk. I don't trust that man, so I want proof.


SLOANE: That he's telling us everything. That he is who he says he is.

MR. BRISTOW: I understand.

(At the safehouse, Sydney and Schiller.)

SYDNEY: Arvin Sloane is not affiliated with the United States government. He is just a man who used me... the same as he was going to use you.

(Sloane watches via video, Jack enter the interrogation room and see his friend. Kelvin stands, looking at Jack in recognition. Jack punches him.)

SYDNEY: He made me think I was giving myself to God and country, but it was all a lie... a lie that cost my fiance his life. If I go back to SD-6 without the location of that plant, they will take the life of another innocent man.

(Interrogation room. Jack throws Paul up against the wall.)


(Jack throws him against another wall.)

MR. BRISTOW: I need to prove you're Schiller, and I'm SD-6. Paul, I have to hurt you.

(At the safehouse.)

SYDNEY: There's only one person who can stop that, and I'm talking to him right now. Mr. Schiller... please.

SCHILLER: It's Badenweiler. The plant is in Badenweiler.

(Mr. Bristow throws Kevlin/Schiller up on a table, twisting his arm back.)

MR. BRISTOW: The plant is located in Badenweiler, near the Black Forest.

(He breaks Kevlin's arm. Sound of a bone cracking.)

KEVLIN/SCHILLER: AAAAH! Badenweiler! It's in Badenweiler!

(SD-6. Meeting.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) Sloane called us in this morning. Our mission is to go to Badenweiler tonight, steal the vaccine inhaler and blow up the plant. I don't know how much longer I can do this. Sit in these meetings with Sloane. Look at him as if I don't despise him, as if I don't want to leap across the table and use the skills I've learned, against him. So, what the hell do I do next? What's my counter mission?

(Gas bar. Sydney climbs out. Next to her car is Vaughn, filling up his own car.)

SYDNEY: He practically apologized.

VAUGHN: Sloane did?

SYDNEY: For thinking maybe I'd mailied him the wrong guy. Imagine that.

VAUGHN: And your reward for a job well done is destroying the Badenweiler plant.

SYDNEY: Sloane says Hensel's producing supplies for a Neo-Nazi terrorist faction.

VAUGHN: That is such a load. Sloane wants the vaccine tech.

SYDNEY: Why? He thinks he has the formula already.

VAUGHN: It took Hensel five years to go form formula to prototype. Sloane wants to skip that step.

SYDNEY: How's Kelvin?

VAUGHN: Home with his family. Arm in a cast. He'll be fine.

SYDNEY: What about Schiller?

VAUGHN: On his way to the midwest somewhere with two hundred grand of Sloane's money in his pocket. Of all of us, I'd say he's the luckiest.

SYDNEY: That's for sure. What's my counter?

VAUGHN: All right. You'll break into the building as planned. Now, while Dixon sets the explosives, you'll retrieve the inhaler and rendez-vous with the C.I.A. team, which will already be inside the building. They will switch the inhaler. By this time, Dixon should have exited the building. You'll disable the explosive while the C.I.A. team searches the rest of the lab's main computer system.

SYDNEY: So, what, you're just going to steal their files?

VAUGHN: This isn't sanctioned research, and based on this vaccine, Langley wants to know what else Hensel's up to.

SYDNEY: So, I get out with the switched inhalers. Dixon tries to blow the charge.

VAUGHN: Nothing happens.

SYDNEY: By this time, security's on their way and we can't get back in.

VAUGHN: That's the plan.

(Sydney appears to be deep in thought.)

VAUGHN: You all right?

SYDNEY: What do you know about case 332L? There's some missing pages in my father's personnel file, and references to case 332L.

VAUGHN: And Agent Calder.

SYDNEY: You read that, too.

VAUGHN: Yeah. Actually, it sparked my curiousity, too. I went to Records to retrieve the case file, but it was missing. There's no record of it anywhere. There's one more thing. Calder wasn't C.I.A., he was F.B.I.

SYDNEY: Why would the F.B.I. be working with my father?

VAUGHN: They wouldn't.

SYDNEY: Unless they suspected him of selling secrets.

(Vaughn looks down, silently confirming.)

(Newspaper. Will is on a landline phone in an office, packing his things, getting ready to leave.)

WILL: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I'm going to Hancock Park Home Association's meeting. No, no, after county records. Yeah. Wait, you know what? I'm on my cell. (fakes phone problems) I... an't... you're... aking... up... an't... ear...

(He hangs up. His cell phone rings as he walks out of the office.)

WILL: Yeah. Will Tippin. Hey, Scourza. What's up, man? Um, no, I didn't get a fax. (checks the fax machine) Are you sure it was Kate Jones? Yeah. Where was she headed? Sao Paulo? Her social security number, yeah, give me her social security number. (pause) What?

(Badenweiler. Sydney and Dixon climb over a wall, jump down. They walk to the plant together, both dressed in black from head to toe. They lift the cover of an entry way.)

DIXON: Let's go.

(Sydney jumps, then Dixon jumps. They land in between walls, and walk in, crawling under. Sydney climbs up a ladder with Dixon behind. They're now inside the lab. They run across a hallway, inside the lab. Dixon crouches down, unzips his back and takes out the explosive. Sydney changes the wires around so that the alarm goes off.)

SYDNEY: I'm going for the inhaler.

DIXON: I'll see you outside in ten.

(The alarms go off in the main room. People leave the room to find the problem. Sydney runs down a hall.)

(At a restaurant, Will sits.)

KATE JONES: Mr. Tippin?

WILL: (looks up) Yes.

KATE JONES: I'm Kate Jones.

(Will shakes hands with the attractive, young, blonde woman.)

(Sydney runs while the guards run to find the problem on the floor below her. She watches them leave, and looks. Dixon sets up the explosives in the lab. It starts to beep. Dixon leaves. He runs and climbs down the ladder, runs in between the walls, climbs out, successfully exiting the building. Sydney runs in the lab where the alarms are going off and where the people left from. She sees the cabinet full of inhalers. She opens the door and steals them all. She closes the door and runs out.)

(At the restaurant.)

WILL: Forgive me if I ask you anything that's too intrusive. That's just sort of my job.

KATE JONES: It's okay.

WILL: Can you start by telling me what your relationship was with Daniel Hecht?

(She doesn't answer.)

WILL: Miss Jones?

KATE JONES: Danny and I were having an affair.

(Will stares, shocked.)

(Sydney runs down some stairs, where four C.I.A. men wait.)

SYDNEY: Sorry I'm late.

C.I.A. MAN: Not at all. Let's see what you got.

(She gives them the inhalers.)

C.I.A. MAN: These are 45s? (she nods) I need three of them.

(The agent beside him hands them over.)

C.I.A. MAN: So, you're Bristow.


C.I.A. MAN: Vaughn's told me about you. He likes you.


C.I.A. MAN: Respects you.

(Sydney tries to stop herself from smiling. He gives her the inhalers.)

SYDNEY: I've got a bomb to disengage.

C.I.A. MAN: Yeah, please. We'd appreciate it. Be about ten more minutes. Good luck.

SYDNEY: Thanks!

(She runs back upstairs.)

(The restaurant.)

KATE JONES: I twisted my ankle, and went to university hospital. Danny treated me. And he asked me out.

WILL: Danny asked you out.

KATE JONES: Yeah. I knew that he had been seeing someone, but I wasn't really thinking so much about her.

(Sydney scrambles her way to the bomb that Dixon just set up. Outside, Dixon waits nervously. He looks around, then at his watch.)

DIXON: Syd, come on!

(Inside, she successfully disengages the bomb and runs out. The C.I.A. men work in the computer lab, taking pictures.)

(At the restaurant.)

KATE JONES: We had talked about going to Hong Kong, but at the last minute, he just broke it off. That's all it was, really. I guess it was one of those relationships that just kind of happen, until they don't.

WILL: (seething) I see.

KATE JONES: Is there anything else that you want to know?

WILL: Yeah, actually, there is one more thing. I have a contact who tracked your credit card from another one of your flights out of L.A.X. From that, they got your social security number. I did a trace on it. See, here's what doesn't make any sense, Kate Jones... you DIED in 1973.

(She looks suddenly upset.)

KATE JONES: I have to go.

(She gets up and walks out.)


(Outside the plant, Sydney runs up to Dixon in the bushes.)

SYDNEY: Got them.

DIXON: Is everyone out of the building?

SYDNEY: We're good.

(Dixon hits the detonator, but nothing happens. He tries again... nothing.)

SYDNEY: Come on, we've got to go.

(Dixon doesn't move.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, we don't have time to go back. Dixon, what are you doing?

(He takes out a second device from his bag.)

DIXON: I brought a secondary detonator, in case there was a frequency jam like in Peru, remember? Did you get the inhalers?

(Inside the plant...)

C.I.A. MAN: You good to go?

(Outside, Dixon hits the button, and the plant explodes. The C.I.A. men, the intel they found, the inhalers... are blown up. Sydney stares, horrified. Bits of the explosion hit them.)

DIXON: All right, let's go.

(He's casual about it, but Sydney stays.)

DIXON: Sydney? We've got to run. Sydney! We've got to move! NOW! Sydney!