01x09 - Mea Culpa

"Mea Culpa" episode #1.09

(In the cave, Sydney hangs upside down on a rung of the ladder a few feet from the ground. She gasps, looks around and starts climbing up the ladder. Above, she comes out, breathing heavily. She starts looking for Dixon and picks up her walkie talkie.)

SYDNEY: Dixon? Dixon, do you copy? Dixon?

(No answer.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, please tell me...

(She gets up and gets her pack, and starts walking around. Radio static can be heard. She sees Dixon's fallen walkie talkie on the ground, and she spots some blood. She runs to a clearing and finds Dixon laying on his side. Sydney runs to him and kneels down.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, Dixon, oh, no, no, no, no! Oh, no, no...

(She opens his shirt to see a white undershirt drenched in blood.)

SYDNEY: You weren't wearing your vest! Oh, why weren't you wearing your vest?

DIXON: S-Syd...

SYDNEY: You're going to be okay. You're going to be okay. Dixon, just hang in!

(Sydney takes out a large phone and starts dialing, pausing briefly.)

(Flashback. In the self-storage facility, Vaughn gives Sydney the phone.)

VAUGHN: Take this with you. It's a satcom phone. It'll let you contact the C.I.A. from anywhere.

SYDNEY: And what happens when SD-6 sees me lugging around a C.I.A.-issue phone?

VAUGHN: Just don't let them see it.

SYDNEY: This thing's like a brick. I can't take this.

VAUGHN: Take it. Worse case scenario -- you might need it.

(Back to the clearing. Sydney talks into it.)

SYDNEY: Base ops, base ops, this is Freelancer. How copy? Over.

C.I.A. OPERATIVE: B-ops reads you, L.C., Freelancer go ahead.

DIXON: Freelancer...

SYDNEY: This code six. I repeat, code six. Emergency medivac. Over.

C.I.A. OPERATIVE: Copy. Launching extraction team. Lancer ping nabcom transponder in 3, 2, 1. Mark.

DIXON: Freelancer...


(She puts the phone down.)

SYDNEY: Just hang in there buddy, just hang in there. Just hang in there. Oh, come on, come on, come on... just hang in there, buddy. Just hang in. I got you. Come on, come on...

(Self-storage. Present day. Vaughn and Sydney.)

VAUGHN: Are you okay?

SYDNEY: I'm fine.

VAUGHN: So, what happened when the chopper came?

(Back to Argentina. Helicopter whirs above Sydney and the fallen Dixon.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) The C.I.A. helicopter airlifted us to a hospital in Beunos Aires. The whole flight, I was thinking about Sloane. What he might do when he found out -- learning that I was betraying SD-6 this whole time.

(Back to self-storage.)

SYDNEY: And then I thought of a way out. I called Sloane, told him that I'd dragged Dixon back to the Humvee. That I drove him to the hospital myself. I couldn't tell in his voice if he believed me, but I-I think he did. They airlifted us back to Los Angeles. When we got there, they took us to Angel of Mercy hospital.



(Hospital. Dixon is being brought in on a stretcher, Sydney trailing behind. Doctors gather around as they take him in.)

SYDNEY: (voice over) It's an SD-6 hospital.

DOCTOR: Three gunshot wounds, fourteen hours old. We've got internal bleeding here! Agent Bristow, have you been briefed on your cover story?

SYDNEY: Is he going to be okay?

DOCTOR: Mrs. Dixon's waiting to talk to you. Sloane wanted me to confirm that you've been briefed on your cover story.

SYDNEY: Yes! I know my cover story! Is my partner going to live?

DOCTOR: We don't know.

SYDNEY: (voice over) And then I had to lie to Dixon's wife.

(In the hospital, Sydney talks to Mrs. Dixon.)

SYDNEY: We were just standing there outside the bank's office in Rome. This car pulled up. I didn't even see it. These men stepped out, they had guns. They wanted the bank's computer codes. I had them in my briefcase. Your husband grabbed me, pulled me to the ground. I heard gunshots. You should have seen him. I didn't even know he had been hit.

MRS. DIXON: You just never think something like this...

SYDNEY: He's strong. He's going to make it.


VAUGHN: He will make it?

SYDNEY: We don't know that. Dixon was bleeding so much, I was afraid if I took my hand off his wound, he'd lose too much blood. So I used the satcom phone right in front of him.

VAUGHN: You said he was barely conscious.

SYDNEY: But he heard me. He repeated my code name twice. I'd suggest that you put operatives there just to be there when he regains consciousness.

VAUGHN: But it's an SD-6 hospital. He will make it.

(Sloane's office. He looks through some papers on his desk. Dreyer sits across from him.)

SLOANE: You're in a very difficult position, Mr. Dreyer. You've been sent to SD-6 to find a mole. The alliance must be pressuring you to deliver.

DREYER: I'm just doing my job.

SLOANE: We both are. We're both doing our job. And I look at Sydney Bristow's test results -- I don't see a single spike. She didn't falter once.

DREYER: She's guilty. She's the one.

SLOANE: I think that's a dangerous accusation made by a desperate man.

DREYER: I'm not desperate, Mr. Sloane. But I am curious why you feel the need to defend Miss Bristow?

SLOANE: I don't. I don't need to defend her. The results defend her.

DREYER: The results are too perfect. We all have our speciality. This is mine. With all due respect, uh, Mr. Sloane. You're ignoring the facts. Sydney Bristow has made numerous mistakes, not the least of which was her most recent mission. Her partner was almost killed. She could have retrieved the Rambaldi book, which is now in K-Directorate's hands. Sydney Bristow is the mole. If you don't follow protocol on this, I'm going to the alliance.

(He gets up to walk out.)

SLOANE: Dreyer... don't you do a damn thing. I'll take care of Bristow.

(Francie, Will and Sydney sit at an outdoor restaurant together.)

WILL: Is Dixon going to be okay?

SYDNEY: He's still in ICU. They don't know.

WILL: So, guys with guns jumped out of a car?

SYDNEY: It was over so quickly, I--

WILL: I mean, what for? For computer codes, bank stuff? What did the cops say?

FRANCIE: Can you not be a reporter for, like, two minutes?

WILL: I'm asking because I care. I just think it's weird for something else like this to happen to you. I mean, first it's Danny, now it's this.

FRANCIE: Leave her alone, or I will kick your ass. I'm not kidding.


WILL: Thank God you're okay.

(Sydney smiles at him.)

(A bank. Several men wearing black ski masks and carrying rifles and guns run in.)


ROBBER2: Down on the floor! Down! Down on the floor! STAY DOWN!

(Fade out to reveal that this is actually video footage that Sloane, Rusik and Sydney are watching in a conference room at SD-6.)

SLOANE: We've seen hundreds of bank robberies at first glance. There's nothing out of the ordinary here, but these men have skills. They have materials. The robbery was a distraction. (points) While those men were accessing the registers, these two men hacked into the bank's mainframe and rerouted funds. They work for Anini Hassan.

SYDNEY: I don't understand. Why would Hassan be robbing a bank in the States?

SLOANE: Because that bank controlled his assets recently frozen by the US government. He used those men to transfer his money so he could access it.

(Jack enters and sits down.)

SLOANE: We put up with Hassan for years, mostly because he provided us with good intel. Now he's closing shop. Relocating. And we don't know where. He's been missing for two weeks.

JACK: Hassan is too dangerous to trust as a free agent. Now it's our job to bring him to justice.

RUSIK: Where did he reroute the money?

SLOANE: That's what we need to find out. If we don't steal back his fortune, he could use that money to buy protection in the Middle East. If he does that, he could partner with a hostile country and provide them with all the arms they will ever need.

JACK: Logan Gerace. He's an accountant. He has one client: Anini Hassan. Gerace's known for his parties at his villa in Tuscany -- entertains dignitaries, diplomats. He's having an event Friday night. You'll be there. While Dixon's in recovery, you'll go at it alone. We have no in at the party. You won't be on the guest list.

SYDNEY: Shouldn't be a problem.

SLOANE: Your mission is to retrieve Hassan's offshore account number from Gerace's computer. Dead drop the info at Dinatti Park, which is five miles from the party.

SYDNEY: When do I leave?

SLOANE: Tonight.

(Electronic store. In the back room, Will sits in a chair while a geek -- Neville -- tears apart the pin carefully. He picks at it with tweezers.)

WILL: So, this guy I know was killed. Danny Hecht. Nicest guy in the world, killed in his bathroom. The police say there was no motive, there was no suspects. But then I stumbled upon this: There's a video blackout the night that he was killed.


WILL: That's weird, right? Well, there's more. There's a woman named Kate Jones who was supposed to travel to Singapore with Danny that night. So what do I do? I call around. I find this woman. Winds up she's lying to me -- her real name is Eloise Kurtz and somebody paid her to talk to me.


WILL: Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, well, it gets weirder. This woman, the woman that said that she was Kate Jones... she's dead. Killed.

NEVILLE: Who kiled her?

WILL: I don't know, Neville, that's why I'm here. I mean, who killed Eloise Kurtz? Who killed Daniel Hecht? And then somebody covered up the passenger manifest, and I think whoever did that gave Eloise Kurtz that pin.

NEVILLE: Here we go.

(Neville has taken off the center decoration of the flower and has taken off the plastic that gave color to the petals. In the center of the pin is the core of the bug.)

WILL: What?

NEVILLE: Damn. This mama's gorgeous.

WILL: Why is she gorgeous? Why, why? Why is she so gorgeous?

NEVILLE: It's MEMS. Microelectromechanical Systems technology. This is like, this is like the next gen's next gen.

WILL: So what are you saying? This is government? You're saying this is government issue? Because the guy at the science lab, see, that's what--


(He puts two electric prongs by the bug and recieves feedback.)

WILL: The guy--

NEVILLE: SHHHHH! (whispers) It's on.

WILL: (whispers) What do you mean, like, right now?


(He does it again and gets feedback.)

WILL: Who is it?

NEVILLE: I don't know.

(Sydney's bedroom. She packs while Francie sits on the bed, looking at a bridal magazine.)

FRANCIE: You should report your boss to the corporate office.

SYDNEY: No kidding.

FRANCIE: Making you go to Boston after everything you just went through? Please. You deserve a month off, with pay. What do you think of this wedding dress?

(She shows Sydney a page in the magazine. Sydney makes a face.)

SYDNEY: No. You can't go shopping for a wedding dress in a magazine. Let's go to that boutique on Beverly.

FRANCIE: I have always wanted a reason to go there, and now I have a reason!

SYDNEY: Yeah. You're getting married.

FRANCIE: I am. I'm getting married. (big smile) How about Saturday?

(The phone rings.)

SYDNEY: Hello?

VOICE: Joey's Pizza?

SYDNEY: Wrong number.

FRANCIE: So, Saturday? Noon?

SYDNEY: Yes. For sure.

(At some outdoor tables, Sydney sits at one, by herself. At the adjacent table, Vaughn sits.)

VAUGHN: SD-6 doesn't want to bring Hassan to justice. They just want revenge.

SYDNEY: Revenge for what?

VAUGHN: Something you did. When Hassan bought the nuclear weapon from SD-6 and you snuck into Hassan's base and stole the core back, he thought he was being double-crossed. That only SD-6 would have known he had the bomb and where it was.

SYDNEY: Oh, God.

VAUGHN: So, last week he sold SD-6 ten Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. They want him to fortify their base in Oman. Hassan had a good laugh. He took the money and ran. He didn't deliver.

SYDNEY: So, SD-6 wants to send a message to everyone else they do business with.

VAUGHN: "Don't mess with SD-6." The C.I.A. actually wants to bring Hassan to justice. We want SD-6 to have that money.


VAUGHN: That way we can tag the accounts and see where they take it, what they spend it on. It will give us a profile into how SD-6 does their banking. Here, take this.

(He takes a small box device and drops his hand. Sydney takes it from him.)

VAUGHN: Attach it to the top of the SD-6 retrieval device. It'll copy whatever you get from Gerace's computer.


VAUGHN: Are you okay?

SYDNEY: I was getting briefed by Marshall...

(Flashback. In Marshall's office, Sydney gets briefed.)

MARSHALL: Okay, now, this thing sucks -- literally. Sucks all the information from the computer hard drive right into the internal flash ram. Now, just place it on or near the computer hard drive and when this light is green, it's reading.

SYDNEY: How long does it take?

MARSHALL: It should suck up to forty gigs in under two minutes. Oh, do you want some candy? (picks up a big jar) I just put this jar of candy in here, trying to make the place a little more inviting. And, oh, you want to take a seat in the inflatable chair? It's...

(Marshall's face falls. Sydney turns to see Sloane standing behind them.)

SLOANE: Come see me when you're done.

(In Sloane's office, Sydney sits.)

SLOANE: I should start with your test results. You passed just fine. The numbers were normal.

SYDNEY: I'd hope so.

SLOANE: I know what a difficult time this is. I understand, with Dixon in the hospital...

SYDNEY: Have you heard anything?

SLOANE: Yes. He's still unconscious. They're not sure how bad it is. Look, Sydney... I don't blame you for not talking to me the way you used to, for hating me... since what happened with Danny. Please believe me when I tell you it was the last thing I wanted. The last thing. I begged security section not to take that action.

SYDNEY: No, you didn't.

SLOANE: Well, you don't have to believe me.

SYDNEY: Why would you try and stop what you had ordered?

SLOANE: Because of you. I always knew there was something about you, from the first time I saw you.

SYDNEY: A lot can change in seven years.

SLOANE: It's been a lot longer than seven years. I've known your father since 1971. I met him at Langley. I knew your mother. I went to your parents' wedding. Sydney, I've known you since you were a baby. I was out of the country for most of your childhood, various operations, but I kept tabs on you. I checked in on you in my own way. I always thought of you as my daughter, even from the beginning. Well, I just wanted to let you know... before you went away.

(Back to Sydney and Vaughn at the tables.)

SYDNEY: It was almost like he was saying good-bye. Like he knew that I'm not coming back.

VAUGHN: You're going to be okay. We'll get through this. Just contact me as soon as you get back.

SYDNEY: I know, with his account numbers.

SLOANE: No, I mean, with or without the account. Just as soon as you get back.

SYDNEY: (quietly) Okay...



(Sloane's office. An agent enters.)

AGENT: You wanted to see me?

(Sloane stares off.)


SLOANE: Yes. I need to send a communique to SD-4 office in Rome. Attention: Spinelli. Put it out through server five.

AGENT: Yes, sir.

SLOANE: I'm ordering, with security section full knowledge, the assassination of an SD-6 officer. Method -- close-range hit. This officer is scheduled to make a dead drop at Dinatti Park, ten pm tomorrow. That's when the kill should take place.

AGENT: Yes, sir.

SLOANE: The target's name is Bristow... Sydney Bristow.

(Tuscany. Sydney parachutes in, and lands on the driveway of the villa. She rips off her suit, revealing her dress. She walks in, takes a martini. She smiles at people. She spots Gerace talking to two women near the pool.)

(Flashback briefing with Marshall.)

MARSHALL: Okay. Step one is to find Gerace and get a hold of something he touched.

(He holds up a small cell phone.)

MARSHALL: Looks like a normal phone that you'd call. (puts it up to his ear) "Hi, you want to go out on Friday? No? Okay. That's fine." But it's actually a biometric sensor. Now, it lifts the print off of any smooth surface, digitizes it, and then creates a liquid latex duplicate you can use to get into Gerace's study. Now, there's only enough liquid latex in here for one copy, so make sure you get the right fingerprint.

(At the party, Gerace sets his glass down on a table and leaves with the two women. Sydney watches them go, walks up to the glass and takes out the phone. She scans the fingerprint. Putting the phone back in her purse, she leaves and goes inside the villa. She walks down some stairs and stops when she sees a painting of a woman in a wedding dress.)

SYDNEY: Damn it.

(Wedding boutique. Francie, wearing a wedding dress, sits alone and looks around. She looks really sad.)

(Will's newspaper. In the bathroom, Will sits in one of the stalls, talking to the pin.)

WILL: Okay, I don't know who you are but Eloise Kurtz was wearing this the day that she met me, so I assume that you heard at least that conversation, and you know who I am which means that you know that I'm a reporter, and that I've been trying to find out what happened to Danny Hecht, and now to Eloise Kurtz. So, if you killed her, well, then you would've already known that I'm a threat to you and you would've already killed me, too. So, unless you didn't kill her, in which case I need to talk to you. My cell number is 310-555-0153. Please... call me.

(He stares at his phone. Stares at the pin.)

WILL: Please. I need to talk to you.

(Suddenly, the cell phone rings. Will jumps, staring at it. He hesitantly answers.)

WILL: Hello? Francie, yeah. Hi. No, I don't know where she is. No, I don't think she got back yet.

(Sydney walks down the hall of Gerace's villa. She gets to the security system and takes off the back of the phone. Where the latex duplicate now sits, ready for her, she places her finger. The latex duplicate covers her finger and she puts it up to the pad. She gets access, and walks in. Sydney puts the SD-6 sucker and the CIA copier up on the hard drive.)

(CIA office. Agent Weiss walks up to Vaughn, a sheet in his hand.)

WEISS: Hey. Agent Bristow's been made. We just unlocked this communique off of the SD-6 server.

VAUGHN: What?!

WEISS: Ten pm, Dinatti Park. They're going to kill her. SD-6 is going to kill her. We have to tell Davenport, but he's not in his office.

(Vaughn immediately picks up the phone, and starts dialing.)

VAUGHN: Yeah, it's Vaughn. We need an extraction team assembled in Italy. No, Tuscany. We only have two hours!

(He hangs up and starts walking briskly out of the office.)

VAUGHN: I'll go tell Davenport!

WEISS: I just told you, he's not in his office!

VAUGHN: I'm going to go find him! Get me Jack Bristow on the phone!

WEISS: Jack Bristow. Right.

(He starts dialing.)

(Sydney takes the copiers off of the computer and puts them in her purse. She walks out and into the hallway. Turning a corner, she's caught by a guard.)

GUARD: (speaking Italian)

SYDNEY: (leans against wall) I don't speak Italian, but I love everything about this house. Except the spinning... Can you do something about the spinning?

GUARD: This floor is not for guests.

SYDNEY: (covers her mouth) Can you tell me where the bathroom is?

GUARD: Uh, it's upstairs. Watch your step.

(Sydney runs out, pretending she's going to vomit.)

(Vaughn's walking down a hallway, when his cell phone rings.)


(Jack is at SD-6.)

JACK: I got your message. I'm on a secure line.

VAUGHN: There's been a hit put out on Sydney. I'm getting her out of there.

JACK: Not yet. You could be making a mistake.

VAUGHN: I don't think so!

JACK: Do nothing until you hear from me.

VAUGHN: We already have a team en route--

(Jack hangs up on him.)

(Marshall's office. Standing at this computer, wearing earphones, Marshall's jamming out, moving to the music. Jack taps him on the shoulder and he flinches, jumping a bit.)

MARSHALL: Aahhh! Yeah?

JACK: I sent a communique to SD-4, but they never recieved it.

MARSHALL: Oh, uh, you want some candy?

JACK: No. I need you to check the server logs right away.

MARSHALL: Over here.

(They move over to another computer. Marshall types something and a list of messages scrolls on by.)

MARSHALL: This here is, uh, a list of all outgoing messages in the last seventy-two hours.

JACK: This includes every server?

MARSHALL: Yeah, well, except server five. Since security section ran that drill, it's not connected to the main network. But the communique wouldn't go that route.

JACK: Let's look there anyway.


(He types something, and server five logs come up. Jack sees a message "Sloane to Spinelli.")

(In the field ops room at the CIA offices, Weiss and Vaughn talk to an agent. Video screens are behind them.)

AGENT: Okay, team's in place in Dinatti Park. I've got six armed officers stationed and waiting. One by the fountain. Two at the southern entrance. One at the western gate. Our snipers are at the north end, standing by. Awaiting Bristow's arrival. First arrival, I take her to safety.

VAUGHN: All right. Are they still scanning for gunmen?

AGENT: Yes, sir. Scan's complete. No shooters have been 20'd. I've got three operatives surrounding the park on lookout.

(In the hall at the CIA office, Jack walks. He sees an agent, Lloyd.)

LLOYD: Jack. You should--

JACK: Take me to field ops.

(Jack and Lloyd enter the room.)

VAUGHN: Mr. Bristow.

JACK: Call them off.

VAUGHN: Did you read Sloane's transmission? She'll be in the park any minute.

JACK: No execution has been ordered. This is a set-up.

VAUGHN: What are you talking about?

JACK: Sloane's transmission was sent out on SD-6 server five. It was only sent to you. Vaughn, they know someone's listening. This is a test.

VAUGHN: I'll tell you what. We'll take that chance, get Sydney out of there, and argue about this later.

JACK: You go in like this, you pull her out, it'll only prove that you've intercepted Sloane's communique and Sydney will be exposed.

VAUGHN: You don't know that for a fact!

JACK: Why am I even talking to you? Lloyd, abort this mission.

VAUGHN: Hey, wait a minute!

LLOYD: We verified this order, Jack. We pull back, you could be killing your daughter.

JACK: You're killing her if you don't!

VAUGHN: How could you be willing to risk something like this?!

JACK: If Sydney makes her scheduled dead-drop, does it successfully, and leaves the park, she will have proven herself loyal to SD-6.

LLOYD: Have them hold 'til we give an order.

VAUGHN: No, no, no, hold it!

WEISS: Hold 'til further notice...

VAUGHN: This is Sydney's LIFE!

JACK: You were meant to see that transmission! You're the only ones who saw it!

VAUGHN: Someone in that park is going to kill her if we don't do anything!

JACK: I know how Sloane works! He's BLUFFING!

RADIO: Alpha two, come in.

AGENT: Bristow's entering the park.

RADIO: We have two vehicles that are not on our list.

(Sydney walks in the park, blissfully unaware. A guy wearing a red jacket suddenly starts walking towards her.)

AGENT: Who's this guy in the jacket?

RADIO: Position three, we have an approaching hostile. Acquire male target, seventy-five meters.

(Sydney walks. In his office, Sloane watches.)

WEISS: This could be our guy. This could be the hit. What are we doing here?

VAUGHN: Jack, promise me you're not wrong about this!

JACK: Hold your position...

(Sloane watches. Sydney walks. Red Jacket puts his hand in his pocket, reaching for something.)

AGENT: He could be going for a gun! Prepare to take him out!

VAUGHN: Stand by.

(Sydney walks, passing Red Jacket... nothing happens. She makes the dead drop.)

RADIO: Copy that.

VAUGHN: That's her dead drop.

AGENT: Okay, she's out. She's out of the park. She's clear.

(Sloane smiles in his office.)

LLOYD: Good work, Jack.

(Jack walks out.)

WEISS: Oy. I just lost thirty pounds. Okay, I'm not kidding.

(Will and Francie are drinking -- many empty beer bottles on the table -- and are watching a movie. It ends, and Will shuts it off.)

WILL: Oh, God, this is exactly why I became a reporter. It's like--it's like, the best movie ever made!

FRANCIE: "His Girl Friday"?

WILL: Yeah! What's a better movie than that?

FRANCIE: "Godfather," "On The Waterfront," "Citizen Kane"...

WILL: Okay, okay, you're right.

FRANCIE: "Raging Bull," "Empire Strikes Back"...

(Will gets up and gets them more beer from the fridge.)

WILL: Okay, okay, whatever, it sucks, all right? But it's why I wanted to become a reporter. I saw this when I was a kid and I loved it. And I was just like, I don't know, all the quick...

FRANCIE: Repartee.

WILL: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it just looked fun. You know, being a reporter looked fun. But it's not. It's not fun. It's a pain in the ass.

FRANCIE: What's your problem? Will?

(He gets his bag and sits down next to her on the sofa.)

FRANCIE: What are you doing? Will...

WILL: Scoot over.

(He unzips his bag and gets out a wad of toilet paper. He starts unraveling it.)

FRANCIE: (laughing) Is something even in there?

(Will shows her the bug.)

FRANCIE: Oh, it's so ugly.

WILL: It's a bug. It's a microphone.

FRANCIE: No, it's not! What are you talking about?

WILL: Yeah, yeah, it's a story I'm working on. I'm like... I'm like living in a puzzle. I can't figure anything out. I don't know who's doing what. I'm a mess. Literally. You're looking at a mess. And whoever's listening can go to hell! You hear that?

FRANCIE: Do you really think somebody's listening?

WILL: Yeah. I don't even care anymore. I just want to watch old movies and go to sleep.

(Francie picks it up and yells into it.)

FRANCIE: Do you think I will find a good wedding dress?

WILL: Fran, it's not a Magic 8 Ball.

FRANCIE: Hellooooooo...

WILL: Tell them to stop torturing me!

FRANCIE: Stop torturing Will Tippin! He's my friend!

(His cell phone rings.)

FRANCIE: Bad people!

WILL: Hello?

DISGUISED VOICE: Stop talking about the bug. Tell the person you're with this is a wrong number.

(Will hangs up, terrified.)

FRANCIE: Hellloooo... who was that?

WILL: It was... a wrong number.

(He takes the bug.)

(Sloane's office. He meets with Dreyer.)

DREYER: You sent the communique on server five. High-level intel could deduce that your directive was bogus.

SLOANE: Whoever's hacked into our computer network has no reason to believe we're setting them up. The point is, they recieved the intel. If Bristow had been their agent, they would have prevented her from going into the park last night.

DREYER: Let's say she had been the mole.

SLOANE: So, you're convinced she's not.

DREYER: Well, whether she is or not, if your plan had worked, if she had been revealed as the mole, she would have been saved by her people and you would have effectively let her go.

SLOANE: You have your answer regarding Sydney Bristow.

DREYER: What are you protecting?

SLOANE: Mr. Dreyer, I still believe we have a situation here at SD-6. I strongly suggest you keep looking for the mole, and stop questioning every decision I make.

(Bathtub at Sydney's. She takes a relaxing bath. Knock on the door, Francie peeks in.)


SYDNEY: Oh, Fran--

FRANCIE: Hey, when'd you get back?

SYDNEY: Oh, my God. Your wedding dress.

FRANCIE: Oh, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it.

SYDNEY: I am so sorry!

FRANCIE: How was Boston?

SYDNEY: Did you get my message?

FRANCIE: I did. It's okay, seriously. I mean, it was probably insensitive of me to ask you to go wedding dress shopping.


FRANCIE: Well, becuase you were supposed to be going through this, and I understand if you feel weird. I'll do whatever you need. It's okay.

(She closes the door and begins to walk down the hallway. Sydney runs out in a robe.)

SYDNEY: Francie, this wasn't about me losing Danny. This wasn't about me at all. The only reason I didn't show up was because of work, I promise. Let's go next week, okay?

FRANCIE: Okay. Hey, any news about Dixon? Is he okay?

SYDNEY: He still hasn't woken up.

FRANCIE: I'm really sorry.

(Will's office. His cell phone rings.)

WILL: Hello?

DISGUISED VOICE: Hello, Will Tippin.

WILL: Who is this?

DISGUISED VOICE: Go to 7th and Spring.

(Dial tone.)

(SD-6 -- briefing with Sydney, Rusik and Sloane.)

SLOANE: Analysis has reviewed the information that you obtained from Gerace's computer. Apparently, Hassan is more paranoid than we predicted.

SYDNEY: His bank account information wasn't there?

SLOANE: Yes and no. We know the bank, but not the account numbers. Those numbers, according to the files on the hard drive, are not stored in any computer because a computer can be hacked.

RUSIK: If they're not in a computer, where are the numbers?

SLOANE: A safety deposit box in this bank -- Omnico, Inc. Geneva, Switzerland. You're going in with Rusik. You'll be Christiana Stevens, you represent Dreiberg Diamonds. You're looking for a bank to recommend to your clients for high-volume storage. You leave tonight.

(Sloane leans in and puts his hand on Sydney's shoulder.)

SLOANE: Great job in Tuscany.

(Self-storage -- Vaughn and Sydney.)

SYDNEY: So, it was a trap.

VAUGHN: Yes, it was.

SYDNEY: If you had pulled me out, Sloane would have known I was the mole. But I would have been safe. I mean, he gave me an out.

VAUGHN: He considers you a daughter.

SYDNEY: Don't remind me. How did you know not to step in?

VAUGHN: It was your dad. He figured the truth -- that Sloane was setting us up.



SYDNEY: It's going to take forever to bring them down.

VAUGHN: Well, this might help a little.

SYDNEY: What is it?

VAUGHN: The new transmitter. We'll be able to hear everything you're saying when you're in Switzerland. So, when you open the safety deposit box, read Hassan's bank account numbers aloud.

SYDNEY: SD-6 will get the numbers at the same time.

VAUGHN: It doesn't matter. We'll tag the accounts right here and track every move SD-6 makes with that money. Yeah, I know, it's not exactly a crushing blow, but...

SYDNEY: Every bit helps.

(At the corner of 7th and Spring, Will stands on the sidewalk. The pay phone rings.)

WILL: Yes? Hello?

DISGUISED VOICE: Tell me you weren't followed.

WILL: No, not a chance. C'mon, man, who is this?

DISGUISED VOICE: You have questions about Kate Jones. How far are you willing to go, Mr. Tippin? I need to hear the words "I'm ready."

WILL: Why? Why, could my life be in danger?

DISGUISED VOICE: Say the words.

WILL: Yeah, I'm in. I'm ready.

(Dial tone.)

(Geneva. Sydney walks into the bank and goes to the teller.)

SYDNEY: Excuse me. Can you tell me where Mr. Franco is, please?

TELLER: Could you wait here a moment, please?

(She goes over and gets Mr. Franco.)

SYDNEY: Mr. Franco. Christiana Stevens, Dreiberg Diamonds. I have an appointment to tour the facility.

(Franco and Sydney walk downstairs to the vault in the bank.)

FRANCO: Now, our security system is powered by an on-site, underground generator which means we're unaffected by the city blackouts.

SYDNEY: How high does your insurance cover?

FRANCO: Well, we have no pre-set limit, although if your clients wish to store their diamonds here, we would have an independent appraiser to value the merchandise.

SYDNEY: How has the current political climate affected your privacy laws?

FRANCO: Well, our first duty is always to the customer, that we-- (He faints when Sydney takes a bottle out of her purse and sprays something at him. She moves over to the safety deposit boxes. She speaks to her watch/transmitter.)

SYDNEY: Okay, Rusik. I'm in.

RUSIK: Remember, Gerace's box is 22364. I'm accessing the bank's online server. I'll stay on station, waiting for your relay.

SYDNEY: Got it.

(She takes out a box and slaps it on the safety deposit box. It burns the lock. Sydney opens the box and slides it open. In the main part of the bank, the teller, speaking French and looking at the monitors, tells the guards there is an emergency. The guard gets up. Inside the vault, Sydney finds the card with the numbers.)

SYDNEY: Rusik, I got it. Are you ready?


SYDNEY: Delta, 6, 1, 3, 5, Charlie, Echo. That's it.

(In the field ops room at the CIA, Vaughn and Weiss have been listening. Vaughn writes down the number and gives it to Weiss.)

VAUGHN: Okay, get this to our guys in treasury. I don't want to lose track of a single penny.

WEISS: No kidding.

(Weiss runs off.)

RUSIK: Okay, money's transferred.

(Sydney tries sliding the box inside, but it's jammed. Guard walks. Sydney tries again, grunting.)

RUSIK: You out of there yet, Sydney?

SYDNEY: Not just yet!

(Guard turns the corner to see Sydney kneeling over Franco.)

SYDNEY: Help! He just fainted, I'll call an ambulance!

(She runs out.)

(Will, reading a newspaper and walking to his car, suddenly stops. He sees "GLOVE BOX" written in the dust on his car window. Peering inside, he unlocks the door and gets in. He pops open the glove box and finds an envelope. A cassette is inside. He digs out his tape recorder, puts the tape in, and plays it. It's full of static and the voices are garbled.)

KATE/ELOISE: Hey, what are you doing?

MAN'S VOICE: What did you tell that reporter?

KATE/ELOISE: I told him exactly what I was supposed to tell him!

MAN'S VOICE: Did you mention... (garbled)

KATE/ELOISE: Of course not!

MAN'S VOICE: Did you tell him about... (garbled)

(Gunshots. One, two, three shots.)

(SD-6. Marshall hands over a piece of paper to someone.)

MARSHALL: It's an anomaly, sir. While Sydney was in the bank vault, there was definitely an additional transmission out of Geneva. Not one of ours. I picked it up in signals intelligence. It's just... you wanted me to tell you if there was anything unusual. I didn't just get someone in trouble, did I?

(Dreyer looks up.)

(Dreyer walks into Sloane's office, the proof that Sydney is the mole in his hands -- the piece of paper that Marshall gave him. He hands it over to Sloane. Sloane reads it, and reluctantly nods.)

(Sydney's bedroom. Night. The phone rings, she answers.)

SYDNEY: Hello?

MRS. DIXON: Sydney? It's Diane. He's woken up.

(In the hospital, Sydney walks down the hall with Mrs. Dixon. She meets Sloane coming from the other way. He doesn't look at her, and keeps walking. Sydney turns around to see him continue walking.)

(Dixon's hospital room. Diane opens the door and lets Sydney inside.)

MRS. DIXON: It's okay, go on in. I'm going to go get some coffee.

SYDNEY: Okay, thanks.

(Dixon's eyes open.)



SYDNEY: It's so good to see you.

DIXON: You, too.

(Sydney sits down.)

SYDNEY: Dixon... do you know what... do you remember what happened?

DIXON: The last thing I remember... I was walking out and trying to link to the satellite... and that sweet smile of yours.

(Sydney can't help it. She laughs, smiling widely.)

DIXON: Yup. And there it is.

(Later, Sydney walks out of the hospital and enters the parking garage. She sees a black car pull up in front of her, slow. She sees two men approach her. Sydney turns and starts walking briskly the other way. The car follows. The men start running to her. Sydney starts running, but another car comes the other way and slams into her. Sydney flies on top of the hood and rolls off, onto the pave. She grunts. The men get out of the car and approach. One of them has a small tranquilizer gun, filled with white liquid. They hold Sydney down and shoot the tranquilizer gun in her neck. She passes out, unconscious. The men grab her and take her in the car. The two cars drive off.)

(SD-6, Sloane's office. The phone rings.)


MAN: We got her.

(Sloane hangs up, slowly, and looks around at his empty office.)