02x01 - Enemy Walks In

"Enemy Walks In" episode #2.01

(To avoid confusion and many messages that will no doubt be sent to me, Sydney's mother will be known as IRINA in the transcripts. Not Laura, The Man, Mrs. Bristow, Derevko. Irina Derevko is her real Russian name anyway and Sloane refers to her as that later in the episode.)

(The last part of the finale. Sydney wakes up in her blue wig, handcuffed to a chair. Khasinau stands in front of her with a tray of food. He sits down.)

SYDNEY: You're Alexander Khasinau.

KHASINAU: You should eat something.

SYDNEY: I'm not hungry.

(He nods and puts it down. He gets up.)

SYDNEY: Wait. I have questions for you.

KHASINAU: You can ask my boss.

SYDNEY: Your boss? I thought "The Man" was the boss.

KHASINAU: Yes. Yes, but I am not "The Man."

(He leaves and a woman enters. Sydney's eyes get wide.)

THE MAN: I've waited almost thirty years for this.


(She steps into the light.)

IRINA: You must have known this day would come. I could have prevented all this, of course. You were so small when you were born. It would have been so easy.

(Sydney sees that her mother is holding a gun against her thigh.)

IRINA: Tell me... Sydney... who sent you here? You must tell me.

SYDNEY: What? I'm grounded?

(Irina raises her gun and shoots Sydney in the left shoulder.)


(She falls, still handcuffed to the chair, down to the ground. Gasping, she looks up at her mom.)

IRINA: Tell you what -- think about it. I'll come back and ask you again.

(Sydney cries and gasps.)

DR. BARNETT: (vo) You were shot by your mother?

(Therapy session in Barrett's office at the CIA. Sydney's arm is in a sling.)


DR. BARNETT: And you don't have a problem?

SYDNEY: No, what I meant by that -- yes, of course I have problems. The problems I have, I can handle.

DR. BARNETT: How did you escape?

SYDNEY: I'm sorry, but Agent Vaughn is missing and my sitting here telling Houdini stories to a CIA shrink -- no offence -- is pointless. No one should be worrying about me. It's him. We should all be looking for him.

DR. BARNETT: You're frustrated because you're not part of the search team but Sydney, they're looking and you've been ordered to come and talk to me.

SYDNEY: I knew I couldn't get out of the room until I got out of the chair.

(Back in the room. Sydney is still on the ground with the chair.)

SYDNEY: (vo) It was an unreinforced aluminum chair.

(Panting, grunting, she tries to get up on her knees without using her hands since they're behind her back. With much grunting, she stands up and looks around for something.)

SYDNEY: (vo) I wedged it against a water valve to put stress on the weld points.

(She cries out, grunting and pushing the chair against the valve. She breaks it, the legs of the chair still dangling from her handcuffs. She runs against the door.)

SYDNEY: (vo) Getting past the door was a little more complicated.

(She takes out various things -- a wrench, the cover off of a valve on a compressed air tank, a cement block -- and uses the wrench to bang at the valve. She hits it a few times and the valve itself falls off. The tank flies across the room and smashes through the door. Sydney runs out and up the stairs. A guard comes out of a room and sees her. She uses the legs of the chair on her handcuffs as numchucks and kicks the guard. He tries to fight back but she smashes the leg of chair into his face. He falls down the stairs.)


DR. BARNETT: And you did all this with a bullet in your shoulder?

SYDNEY: Do you not believe me?

DR. BARNETT: It's impressive.

SYDNEY: Not really. One thing I have learned doing this -- there's no drug like adrenaline.

(She runs through the building. Two guards come out of a room. She takes out her gun and fires. Sydney rolls across a large crate and another guard comes out. She kicks him and runs out of the building and uses her dog collar, which is apparently a transmitter, to call her dad who's on a plane sitting in the airport. Will's in the background.)

JACK: Where the hell are you?

SYDNEY: I'm in the middle of Taipei. I just got free. Is Vaughn with you?

JACK: No, we haven't heard from him. Sydney, you have to get to the plane now.

SYDNEY: Dad, I have to go back for him.

JACK: No, there's no time! The Taiwanese authorities will check this airstrip.

SYDNEY: I can't leave him behind. Hold the plane, I have to back to the lab.

JACK: Sydney, wait!

(She's gone.)

WILL: Who's Vaughn?


DR. BARNETT: Tell me about Vaughn.

SYDNEY: He's my CIA handler. For a long time, he was the only person I could trust. I think that still might be the case. Anyway, a good friend of mine -- a civilian, Will Tippin -- was kidnapped. Vaughn came to me, he offered to help. So the two of us and my father went to Taipei to get my friend back.

DR. BARNETT: How did Vaughn go missing?

SYDNEY: The last time I saw Vaughn was the night before my mother shot me.

(From the finale, the club. Sydney and Vaughn walk together.)

SYDNEY: (vo) When my father was paying a ransom in exchange for my friend, Vaughn and I went in to destroy one of the kidnapper's research facilities.

(Sydney breaks in.)

SYDNEY: (vo) We broke in through a club in the building next door. Along the way, we split up.

(From the finale, Vaughn and Sydney split up.)

VAUGHN: Good luck.

SYDNEY: You, too.

SYDNEY: (vo) When I got to the lab I was supposed to destory, I found something... unusual.

(The big red floating ball from the finale.)


DR. BARNETT: What was it?

SYDNEY: The short answer is, I have no idea. But there was no time and I did my job.

(Finale. Explosion. Guards fall.)

SYDNEY: (vo) By destroying the lab, I flooded the building.

(Finale. Vaughn runs. Sees Sydney running towards him, yelling "Go! Go!" and watching the water come but not running like hell. He stares. She motions for him to run. He stares. She grabs his chest to make him run. He's finally running behind her, the door's closing, we've all seen this. Sydney makes it, tries to hold the door open. Vaughn stares. She stares. We all stare. Water slams him up against the door. Sydney hits it with the fire extinguisher over and over.)


DR. BARNETT: Mmm. And when you woke up, you were handcuffed to an aluminum chair.

SYDNEY: After I escaped, I went back to the last place I had seen him.

(The soaked lab that held the big floating red ball. There are several men in biohazard suits walking around.)

SYDNEY: (vo) There was a hazmat team cleaning up the mess, testing the water. I stole a suit and went in.

(Sydney in her blue wig -- not suspicious at all -- walks around in one of the suits. She sees a man whom I'll refer to as THE TESTER take a sample. Water damage everywhere. The base of the floating red ball is in the background, the U-shaped object.)


SYDNEY: I found Vaughn's coat. When I finally made it back to the plane, Vaughn still hadn't shown up.

(Plane is in the air. Jack takes a syringe and taps it.)

JACK: Okay, easy.

(He inserts it into Sydney.)


JACK: What happened to the guy who shot you?

SYDNEY: There was no guy. It was Mom. And it didn't seem like she worked for Khasinau. It seems that Khasinau works for her.

(Jack looks down.)

WILL: Um, excuse me, did you say you were shot by your mother?

JACK: Sit down!

(Sydney's cell rings.)

SYDNEY: Hello?

(Francie is at home, watching the news. A newscaster is talking, to his left is a small picture of Will with "SD-6?" written under his picture and "MISSING REPORTER" on the bottom of the screen.)

FRANCIE: Hey, where are you?

SYDNEY: Just coming home from San Francisco. What's up?

FRANCIE: Have you heard from Will?

SYDNEY: Have I heard from Will? No.

(Sydney gives Will a look.)

FRANCIE: Well, me neither and there's this story on the news right now. Will wrote a story in today's paper that wasn't supposed to get printed unless he went missing.

SYDNEY: What was Will's story about?

FRANCIE: It's about... the murder of your fiance, and some conspiracy, and some group called SD-6.

(Time lapse.)

JACK: What did you write about SD-6?!

WILL: Nothing! Just the name! I don't even know what it is! I just heard the name! Why?! Do you know what it is? Is it a group? Are they good? Are they bad? I mean, do you work with them?


SYDNEY: Will was asking all the questions I would have asked.

DR. BARNETT: What did you say to him?

SYDNEY: Without going into details we told him the truth: that my father and I work for the CIA, that we're working undercover at SD-6, one of a number of private agencies based in various countries that trade in weapons, drugs, intelligence that use covert means to undermine governments and industries in their attempt to take over the world.

DR. BARNETT: So what was his reaction?

(On the plane. Will looks back and forth. Beat.)

WILL: Seriously?


SYDNEY: He thought it sounded preposterous. Which is appropriate.

DR. BARNETT: Did Will's article put you in danger at SD-6?

SYDNEY: My problem at SD-6 came from a different source.

(Dixon sits in Sloane's office.)

DIXON: As you're aware, I was shot last year while on a mission with Agent Bristow. I was left with few memories of that day. The doctor said that type of memory loss was typical. But then last week I remembered something. I remembered Agent Bristow trying to save my life using a satcomm radio. What was unusual was that she ID'd herself with a call sign not issued by SD-6. Call sign Freelancer. Last Thursday night I followed Agent Bristow. I watched as she illegally gained access to an SD-6 facility in Santa Barbara. I prayed, sir, that there was an explanation but when I confonted Sydney she had none. As a servant of this country, despite the fact it breaks my heart to do so, I must report that I believe Sydney Bristow to be a double agent.

SYDNEY: (vo) My father, of course, anticipated this.

(On the plane.)

JACK: You and I need to assume Dixon's reported you. The best move for us is for me to take full responsibility.

SYDNEY: What about Will?

JACK: (to Will) You're... going to have a hard time.


SYDNEY: Then we landed and went back to SD-6. As my father predicted, they took me into custody. That's when he went to Sloane.

(Sloane's office.)

SLOANE: You gave Sydney the call sign Freelancer?

JACK: Yes, that's right.


JACK: Because I didn't trust you. Consider it a paternal instinct. I'm only telling you because of Tippin's article.

SLOANE: I should have had Tippin killed months ago.

JACK: Tippin's kidnapping led us directly to Khasinau. Sydney destroyed their facility, now Khasinau's organization is fractured. Those who didn't lose their lives are on the run. This is an opportunity. I broke protocol, the Alliance would have me killed for what I've done but if I weren't loyal to you, Arvin, to SD-6, I would not have returned.

SLOANE: What about Tippin?

JACK: He's insignificant. He doesn't know anything. And you can't kill him now, it'll only call attention. I will see to it that he never writes another article again.

(Sydney is in custody, chained up and sitting on a cot. Dixon enters. He walks to her and unbuckles the chain, setting her free.)

DIXON: Sloane just talked to him. There are times in life when we don't listen to our heart, to what we know to be true. In those moments, we've lost who we are. We've betrayed ourselves. Questioning your loyalty, your virtue, was one of those lost times for me.

(She puts her head on his shoulder.)

SYDNEY: (vo) Dixon is a good man.


SYDNEY: He still believes, as I once did, that SD-6 is a classified division of the CIA. That's the hardest part about working undercover.

DR. BARNETT: Having to lie to the people that you care about?

(Sydney walks determinedly into the self-storage building, but this time she's meeting with Weiss.)

SYDNEY: Anything from Vaughn?

WEISS: Nothing.

SYDNEY: What the hell's being done?

WEISS: We've got a team in Taipei.

SYDNEY: I was in Taipei! Where's this team going?

WEISS: They searched the warehouse--

SYDNEY: I searched the damn warehouse!

WEISS: We're tracking every lead possible.

SYDNEY: Don't do that! Don't give me the company line!

WEISS: Sydney, this is the best that we can do!

SYDNEY: Vaughn might not be in Taipei!

WEISS: I UNDERSTAND THAT! He's my friend, too! Sydney, I promise you, we're looking as hard as we can. I know this is tough for you but you have to focus. We have a job to do.

SYDNEY: I know. SD-6 wants to send me on a mission to Cap Ferrat, France.

WEISS: Why? What's there?

(SD-6 conference room with Sloane, Marshall, Sydney, and Dixon.)

SLOANE: La Petite Rose -- the estate of Jean Marc Ravais, a member of the French National Assembly. Since the destruction of Khasinau and Derevko's headquarters in Taipei -- thank you, Sydney -- some members of their organization have been exposed. Ravais is one of those men. We believe he helped finance their operation and is the key to finding Khasinau, your mother, others who have worked with them and bringing them to justice.


WEISS: "Bringing them to justice." I love that -- Arvin Sloane talking about justice. So what does Sloane want you to do?

(Conference room.)

SLOANE: Your mission is to gain entrance into Ravais' house and plant a bug in his office. Assuming that you're feeling up to it.

SYDNEY: I'll be fine.

SLOANE: Marshall.

MARSHALL: (stands) Thank you. Ahem. Anyway, okay. What we have here is a phone you might find, you know, it's--talking to (picks it up) "Hello, Mom. Yeah, Mom. No, I will be there. Listen is Aunt Ruthie going to be there?" Ubiquitous object with infinite designs: color, wiring, components. A guy like me, you know, designing a bug for a phone like this, first I have to, you know, find out what type of model the phone is that I'm bugging and then I have to design it so it's invisible. No more bugging the phone. All right? Welcome to the new age in wiretapping. This bug... (whispers) it's in the wire. All right? This universal design works on any phone. Adjust frequency, all you got to know is what country the phone is in. In this case, la France. How you doin'?


WEISS: Bug's in the wire. That's good. Great. We'll get a CIA tech to make you a delay transmitter. That way we can control what SD-6 gets to hear, meanwhile CIA hears it all.

(Sydney nods.)

WEISS: Listen, about Vaughn... I'm praying too.

(He leaves.)

SYDNEY: (vo) So now instead of going back to Taipei, instead of helping in the search for Vaughn...


SYDNEY: ...I'm leaving for France in half an hour.

DR. BARNETT: One more thing. You haven't said anything about your mother.

SYDNEY: What, am I supposed to say something insightful? The first time I see my mother in twenty years, and she almost kills me. Which would have made me the thirteenth CIA officer she's killed. She's former KGB. She's betrayed my father. She's betrayed me. She's betrayed this country. All anyone needs to know about that woman is that she's a bad guy.

DR. BARNETT: I think this was a good beginning.

SYDNEY: Like I said, I can handle the problems I've got.

(In a lab somewhere, Khasinau makes an incision across a man's forehead. The victim's eyes flicker open and closed. Khasinau is in scrubs. The Tester comes up to him.)

THE TESTER: Dr. Khasinau, Mr. Ravais is calling.

(Khasinau walks to the nearby phone and picks it up. He speaks French. Two men dressed in scrubs wheel in a gurney and put the patient next to the other bodies on gurneys. It's Vaughn.)

(Cap Ferrat, France. Dixon's van is parked.)

DIXON: Bluebird, you close?

SYDNEY: Almost there!

(She parachutes onto the yard and lands with a grunt.)

SYDNEY: Damn it!

DIXON: You all right?

SYDNEY: Just my shoulder. I'm good.

(She strips off to show her dress. She walks in.)

(Inside the party, people are dancing.)

SYDNEY: Okay. We go to stage one. Hors d'oeuvres are tasty.

DIXON: Don't forget now, you can always bring me back a few. Can you get upstairs?

SYDNEY: I think so.

(She runs upstairs. Up there she walks down the hall.)

SYDNEY: Second door on the right?

DIXON: Yes. Second door on the right.

(Sydney enters the Ravais office and takes out the wire from her dress. She hooks it up and picks up the phone. In the CIA surveillance room back in Los Angeles, Weiss walks around.)

WEISS: What's that? We got a signal?

AGENT: Yeah, we got a signal.

(Sydney picks up the phone for a test.)

SYDNEY: Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six...

(CIA surveillance.)

AGENT: Let's let SD-6 hear that...

(Dixon listens.)

SYDNEY: Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six...

DIXON: I got you, Bluebird. Get out of there.

(Sydney walks down the stairs and sees The Tester weaving through the party people. She remembers him from the water damaged lab in Taipei. He goes downstairs through a door. She follows. Downstairs in the lab, Vaughn's on the gurney. Khasinau's spreading iodine down his chest all the way down. Sydney creeps down the stairs.)

KHASINAU: I'll be finished in twenty minutes.

THE TESTER: Yes, sir.

(Khasinau takes out a saw and turns it on. The Tester leaves. Sydney hides and turns a corner to get a better look. Khasinau takes the saw and brings it closer to Vaughn's chest. Suddenly, a victim with a huge bruise croaks and pops up in front of Sydney. She gasps. Khasinau stops and shuts the saw off when he hears the noise. Sydney walks in and sees Vaughn. Khasinau comes in behind her and tries to knock her out with something on a cloth over her mouth. She struggles out of his hold and they exchange punches and kicks. Khasinau gives a big upper cut and knocks her to the ground.)

KHASINAU: Orci, Yatsko, come quickly! We have an intruder!

(Sydney groans and stands up. She turns and sees Vaughn, runs to him.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn, you have to get up! We have to get out of here! Come on!

(She unbuckles the restraints and slaps his face. He mumbles through the shmooshy-face she's given him.)

SYDNEY: Come on! They're going to be back in a second! Okay...

(She runs for the nearby cabinet and finds a very big syringe and small bottle.)


SYDNEY: I'm so sorry. I'm going to shoot you with adrenaline. We have got to run.

(She fills up the big syringe.)

VAUGHN: Uh... don't do that.

(Too late. She pounds the needle down into his bare chest.)

VAUGHN: Aghhhhh! Arghhhhh!

(He sits up, most of his body is all red and bruised.)


SYDNEY: Come on, come on, come on!

(Holding hands, they run out together. Seconds later, Khasinau and his gun carrying men come in.)

(Outside, Sydney and Vaughn run down a grassy hill to hide under a tree for a second. Vaughn got a shirt from somewhere and is buttoning it up.)

VAUGHN: Ow. That hurt. (smiles)

SYDNEY: I'm sorry.

VAUGHN: Don't be. Where are we?

SYDNEY: France.

VAUGHN: France? Really! France!

SYDNEY: There's too much to explain. I have to get back before Dixon comes after me. You can get back to Los Angeles, right?

(Vaughn's smiling in kind of a weird way. He's acting strange.)


VAUGHN: You saved my life.

SYDNEY: (smiles) See you back in LA.

(Vaughn smiles. She smiles. We all smile. He wants to kiss her. She smiles. Walks away. Vaughn's smiling and watching her walk away.)

(Sunny LA. Therapy.)

DR. BARNETT: So the operation in France must have gone well. Your spirits seem lifted.

SYDNEY: The doctor said Vaughn's going to be all right, so... Okay. I see what you're thinking and the answer is no. There's no line being crossed. He's my handler. Vaughn and I have a professional relationship. That's it.

DR. BARNETT: Well, actually, I was thinking about your reporter friend.

SYDNEY: Oh. Will isn't doing so well.

(Jack and Will meet in a dark building, Jack fusses with a syringe.)

SYDNEY: (vo) In Taipei he was tortured but I think in some ways things have gotten even worse for him.

JACK: The only way SD-6 will let you live is if you destroy the life you've got.

WILL: I understand that, but you can't think of another way than this?

JACK: Yes, I can think of a number of other ways. But they all involve your burial.

WILL: Is that your idea of a joke? You're morbid, Jack.

(Jack taps the syringe.)

JACK: You'll be taken to a drug house in South Central. An hour later, there will be a raid. Remember, the most critical thing is that you face the press yourself. If you don't go public with this, you're a dead man.

WILL: I'm scared.

JACK: I know. You ready?

(He injects Will with the needle.)

(Cops slam into a drug house, guns raised. A baby cries. A couple of cops throw druggies against the wall, arresting them. On the floor, on a dirty mattress, Will rolls over onto his back looking like a druggie.)

(Police station. Will is being escorted out by a police officer. Francie, who is crying, stands up.)

FRANCIE: Heroin?

WILL: Francie, I'll explain everything later, okay?

FRANCIE: I think we should go out the back because there's a bunch of reporters waiting for you.

WILL: No. I want to go out the front.

(Outside the police station, a group of waiting reporters go nuts.)

REPORTER1: There he is, there he is!

REPORTER 2: Will, did SD-6 do this to you?

REPORTER 3: Is it true you were found with heroin in your blood?

REPORTER 4: --Some sort of a statement?

REPORTER 5: Are you staying at the "Register"?

WILL: My problem with heroin goes back three years. I'm embarrassed for myself and for my family when I tell you that most of what I've written in that time has been complete fiction including my most recent report about an organization that I called SD-6. These were desperate attempts--

(We are in Sloane's office, watching Will on the news. Sloane zaps off the TV.)

SLOANE: As hard as that is to watch, your friend is very lucky. It could have ended up much worse. You know how much I care about you, Sydney. I did it for you, I spared Will's life. I didn't want to see you lose someone else to SD-6.

SYDNEY: (fake smile) Thank you.

SLOANE: And there's something else. Something I want to ask you. It would mean a great deal to me if you would speak at Emily's service.

(Will, in Sydney and Francie's bathroom, vomits in the toilet. He pants and sits back. Francie knocks on the door and peeks in.)

FRANCIE: You okay?

WILL: Fantastic.

(He wipes his mouth. The front door opens so Francie leaves and shuts the door to see who's there. Will sits back against the wall. Out in the living room, Sydney walks in.)

FRANCIE: He's in the bathroom.

(The girls hug.)

SYDNEY: How bad?

FRANCIE: It's just, uh... bad. Look, I have to meet with my realtor. I'll be back in an hour, can you watch him?

SYDNEY: Yeah. Francie... he's going to be okay.

WILL: (vo) I was just sitting there, putting my stuff from my desk into this cardboard box...

(Cut to later, Will is dressed now and sitting on the sofa next to Sydney.)

WILL: ...And I look up and everybody from the office is just staring at me. So I left my office this afternoon for, like, the last time. I got a lot of, like, "Take care, man." I got a lot of that.

SYDNEY: I'm so sorry, Will.

WILL: Hey, I'm sitting here. I'm on a couch. I'm alive. (sighs) Is anybody listening to us right now?

SYDNEY: No. That lamp has a bug killer in it. So we're safe here.

(Will looks slightly freaked. She puts her hand on the back of his head and turns him to her.)

SYDNEY: Hey... how's your mouth?

WILL: I think it'll be fine. Of course I lose my health insurance the same day I need a root canal.

(They both chuckle.)

WILL: (in pain) Ohh... oww...

(Sydney's phone rings. She touches the back of his head again and looks at her phone.)

WILL: Who is it? Just say good guys or bad guys. I'll understand.

SYDNEY: Good guys. (smiles)

(Flashback to the finale. Vaughn swims underwater.)

VAUGHN: (vo) When I was a kid, I was a swimmer. I could swim the hundred meter in sixty-eight seconds.

(He takes off that long jacket he was wearing that Sydney found.)

VAUGHN: (vo) I can't tell you how irrelevant that was the night we were in Taipei. There have been some pretty incredible inventions over the last two thousand years. But none more incredible than the screwdriver. None.

(Vaughn unscrews the panel on the ceiling of the hallway and pokes his head up out from the surface and gasps. Later, he jumps down into the basement, soaked with water.)

VAUGHN: (vo) I thought I was home free.

(He turns a corner and backs out, his arms raised. A guard stands before him with a gun.)

VAUGHN: (vo) But they knocked me out. Next thing I knew, I was in France.

(Self-storage. He's been telling this to Sydney.)

SYDNEY: When I saw you behind that window, I swear to God I thought you were dead.

(Jack and Weiss enter.)

JACK: We just intercepted a call from one of Khasinau's operatives. They made reference to something called "The Bible."

SYDNEY: What is it?

JACK: A book. An operations manual for their whole cartel: contacts, weapons and tech inventory, objectives. It's information Khasinau and your mother need to rebuild their operation. If we retrieve this book we can prevent that.

VAUGHN: Any idea where The Bible is?

JACK: It was Taipei. Apparently when the lab was being destroyed this operative who called Khasinau grabbed the book, kept it safe. He's planning on handing it to Khasinau tomorrow afternoon at the port of Barcelona, pier 347.

SYDNEY: Does SD-6 know about this?

WEISS: That's what's so genius. That delay transmitter you planted lets us control the signal SD-6 receives. We didn't let them hear the call.

JACK: You're going to Spain to intercept the book. You leave in thirty minutes.

(At the port of Barcelona, Weiss, Vaughn, Sydney and CIA Agent are stationed at various spots on the dock with binoculars and speak to each other via transmitters.)

SYDNEY: Anything?

VAUGHN: Not yet. So, hey, you know there's some really good restaurants in Barcelona.

SYDNEY: Yeah, I know.

VAUGHN: You know what I was thinking?

SYDNEY: I think I do.

VAUGHN: If we could actually be seen in public together we'd get The Bible and get a bite.

WEISS: Yeah, can the whole team come? 'Cause I'm starving.

(Khasinau drives up, alone, in his car.)

SYDNEY: Okay, we've got Khasinau.

(A Humvee pulls up.)

CIA AGENT: Everyone hold post! Get ready to move!

(Someone loads a gun and points it across the way. It's Irina, hiding out. She squints and looks at the target.)

CIA AGENT: The courier's got the briefcase. It's got to be The Bible.

(The courier gets out and walks to Khasinau's car. He shows the briefcase. Khasinau rolls down the window to take it.)

CIA AGENT: We move in three! Everybody into position!

(Sydney cocks her gun. Khasinau takes the briefcase. Sydney runs down the stairs from her hideout, ready to go. Vaughn runs down the stairs getting ready.)

CIA AGENT: One... two...

(Everyone points their guns.)

VARIOUS AGENTS: Out of the car, now! Out of the car! Drop the case! Get down on the ground! Drop the case! Out of the car! Let me see your hands! Cover him! Right now, right now!

(Suddenly, shots are fired and the windows in Khasinau's car explode in gunfire. Everyone takes cover. Khasinau gets out of his car and runs with the briefcase. Sydney runs after him.)

CIA AGENT: Who the hell is firing?!

VAUGHN: Weiss, I'm going after the shooter, cover me!

(All he can see are Weiss' legs sticking out from the side of the car.)

CIA AGENT: Bravo team, you take the dry dock to the east! Charlie team take it to the west!

VAUGHN: Weiss!

(He runs over to the car to see that Weiss is shot in the neck and bleeding profusely. He's choking on his own blood.)

VAUGHN: It's okay, it's okay. Just relax.

(Weiss shakes and chokes.)

(Sydney runs through the dock, Khasinau ahead of her. A CIA agent climbs the steps to go to the roof of the building to find the shooter. Only there is no shooter. Irina made an apparatus to keep the gun always firing so she could run. There's a rope duct taped to a banister that adjusts the tension. A screwdriver is taped to the trigger and fires whenever the rope is tightened.)

(Khasinau enters the dock building and runs.)

SYDNEY: Freeze!

(He stops. Sydney points her gun at him.)

SYDNEY: Drop the suitcase.

(He obeys.)

SYDNEY: Hands behind your head. On your knees.

(He laughs and gets down. But he's not going without a fight. Quickly he sweeps Sydney's legs out from underneath her and her gun goes flying. Khasinau gets on top of her and starts choking her. Sydney kicks his leg and spins him to the ground. They both get up. He tries punching her but she moves. She runs and kicks him. She roundhouse kicks him. She gets her gun and points it at him until someone walks in.)

IRINA: Drop it.

(Syd stops and turns to face her mom, with Khasinau behind Sydney. Irina has her gun pointed at Sydney yet again. Sydney drops her gun. Khasinau gets up. Sydney stares at her mother. Irina shoots her gun, Sydney jumps, and Khasinau stares at his chest where a bullet has entered. Irina smirks at Sydney. Khasinau falls back to the ground, dead.)

IRINA: Hands behind your head. Get on your knees. Head to the ground.

(Sydney does all this. Irina kicks her gun away and picks up the briefcase.)

IRINA: Truth takes time.

(Sydney gets up. Her mother's gone.)

(Dr. Barnett's office. Sydney peeks in and knocks.)

SYDNEY: Do you have a minute?

DR. BARNETT: You all right?

SYDNEY: Have you heard?

DR. BARNETT: What? Sit down.

(Sydney sits down and dabs her nose with a Kleenex.)

SYDNEY: I had Emily's funeral this morning. Sloane's wife.

(Before the funeral, Sydney puts make-up on while Will sits on her bed.)

WILL: You're eulogizing the b*st*rd's wife?


WILL: The devil's wife? The wife of the guy who had Danny killed? The guy who wanted to kill me?

SYDNEY: Despite being married to a truly horrible man, Emily was a good person and if the people who cared about her don't speak at her funeral because of him, there's no justice in that. It just makes him stronger. You can't see this bruise, right?

(Will takes the cover up and starts putting some on her cheek.)

WILL: So this is what your life is? Lying to people all the time? I've only been doing it for a few days and it's killing me.

SYDNEY: When you found out about me, I was just terrified because I saw what happened when Danny learned the truth but I was also selfishly so relieved because it meant that you knew and I didn't have to think every time we spoke. I could just be me.

FRANCIE: (off camera) Hello?

SYDNEY: Back here!

WILL: (whispers) No bruises.

(They exchange a smile.)


WILL: Hey.

FRANCIE: I got space. I'm opening a restaurant!

WILL: That's great!

SYDNEY: Congratulations!

FRANCIE: Thank you!

(Funeral. Sydney, Jack, Sloane and others have gathered.)

SYDNEY: I met Emily shortly after I started working at Credit Dauphine. Like many young women, I was intimidated... by the world. I was sort of desperate for a little guidance. As he had been for most of my life, my father was busy working. I had lost my mother when I was six so I didn't have anyone to go to. No role model. Arvin invited me for dinner one night. I remember after dinner was over, Emily walked me out to the car. I didn'tknow her at all and she said in this simple, reassuring voice... "You're going to be okay." Thinking of Emily, I often wondered about my own mother and what she would have been like, had she lived.

(A figure walks down a hallway. Coming closer.)

SYDNEY: (vo) Would she have been as strong as Emily? As kind, as good? I always told myself that she would have had those qualities even though I couldn't see them, I simply believed them.

(The figure is coming closer, coming into focus.)

SYDNEY: (vo) But Emily wasn'tjust the mother I never had. She was the mother all of us wish we had.

(It's Irina. She says something to a secretary. The secretary looks shocked and plops back down in her seat.)

(At the funeral, Sloane hugs Sydney. She sees Jack on his cell, standing alone. He hangs up.)


JACK: Devlin just called. CIA had a walk-in. She just... surrendered. She said... she wants to cooperate.


JACK: Your mother.

(In therapy, Sydney cries and tucks a strand of hair behind her right ear.)

SYDNEY: I'm not sure this is a problem I know how to handle.

(Irina, at the secretary's desk, tucks a strand of hair behind her right ear, the same way Sydney did.)