04x08 - Echoes



Open to daytime establishing scene of aerial view of the beach area where Sydney and Weiss live. Cut to Nadia, sitting at the breakfast counter, while Sydney stands behind it in the kitchen area, getting ready to prepare breakfast.

Nadia: We were driving on Mullholland, you know, all the curves...and we come around this corner and the sun's right in our eyes...

Sydney: Egg whites?

Nadia: Yeah, sure...thanks.

Sydney: So the sun's in your face?

Nadia: Completely blinding me. And the first thing he does, without even thinking about it, is...he slaps down the, uh...

Sydney (supplying word for her): Visor...

Nadia: Yeah, the visor...so the sun's not in my eyes. And I just thought that was so sweet!

Sydney: He really likes you.

Nadia: He's so funny.

Sydney: You're not gonna break his heart, though, right?

Nadia: Me?

Sydney: Eric's a friend; you know what I mean.

Nadia: No, I like him, too. (pauses, looks down)

Sydney: But...

Nadia: But nothing.

They nod at each other and then both their cell phones go off.

Nadia: Hello.

Sydney: Yeah.

Nadia: Okay, I'll be there.

They both hang up their cell phones.

Nadia (getting up from her chair): We'll eat later.

Cut to Vaughn and Weiss walking down the hallway leading to APO talking.

Vaughn (scoffing): She compared you to ice cream...

Weiss: Yeah, Vanilla Swiss Almond, which is a really significant flavor...

Vaughn: I'm not saying it's not...

Weiss: And then she said I'm like this big spoonful...

Vaughn: Which you took as a compliment!?

Weiss: I take everything she says as a compliment; she's got that great accent. I don't know; I can't even look at this girl, she's so pretty! Man, I...

Vaughn (cutting Weiss off): Nadia's great. I know that, all right? But you might want to just consider taking it slow.

Weiss stops walking.

Weiss: Whoa, whoa, whoa... What's with the warning?

Vaughn: Huh... Sally Benson?

Weiss: Sally...that was a completely different story.

Vaughn: How is that different? When it ended, you were all...weird.

Weiss: Weird how?

Vaughn: You were building ships in bottles...you built many, many ships in many bottles over many, many months.

Weiss (defensive): That's called a hobby.

Vaughn: Hobby!? You locked yourself in a closet for a month, and...

Weiss: Tell me you don't still think about how I got those ships in the bottles...

Vaughn shakes his head no and opens his mouth to reply, but Sydney and Nadia walk up, cutting off whatever reply Vaughn might have had.

Sydney: Hey.

Weiss (smile brightening as he sees Nadia): Hey.

Vaughn: What's goin' on?

Sydney: We got called in, but they've been in there all morning.

Sydney looks over her shoulder into Sloane's office. Sloane and Jack are inside with the doors closed, obviously having a very serious discussion.

Vaughn: Well, that's weird.

Weiss: What do you think it is?

Nadia: We don't know.

Vaughn (looking over Nadia's shoulder): Here we go...

The women turn to face the office again, just as the door opens and Jack and Sloane exit. Sydney turns to stare at Jack as he walks by and into the briefing room. Cut to the briefing room with the APO team gathered around the table as Sloane talks.

Sloane: As you know, my position here at APO is contingent upon an agreement I made with Director Chase's office last year. That agreement includes a short list of operatives with whom I am not authorized to engage, so that if a mission arose that involved any of these people, I am to immediately recuse myself...I am to...step down. Well, that day has come. So, as of now, I am giving full operational authority over your next assignment to Jack Bristow. I would ask for your cooperation in not involving me at all. Good luck.

Sloane steps away from the table and back to his office. He definitely does not look happy at having to give up his command and not be involved in the mission. Everyone watches after Sloane, and Eric asks,

Weiss: So, what? He's not coming back?

Jack: When this matter is resolved, yes.

Vaughn: If Sloane can't touch this case, then why did they assign it to his task force?

Jack: Because of Sydney. Our target is someone with whom several of you are quite familiar.

Sydney: Who is it?

Jack: Anna Espinosa.

Vaughn immediately gives Sydney a worried glance. Sydney leans forward in her chair as if she can't believe what she's hearing.

Sydney: I...She's supposed to be dead.

Jack: So are a lot of people.

Nadia (to Sydney): Who is she?

Sydney: Former Soviet agent, raised in Cuba. Used to be K-Directorate.

Jack: Four days ago our London listening post intercepted chatter about a dead drop from a suspected terrorist group. Satellite surveillance of the specified location revealed this:

Jack shows a photograph of Anna from the dead drop. Jack hands the remote to Marshall.

Jack: Marshall.

Marshall: Thank you...and congratulations on the, uh...Uh, now, I pulled the file on Ms. Espinosa (shows file data on screen)... She specializes in close-quarter kills, strangulation, edge-weapons, guns, high-level theft, security breach...

Dixon: She spent six years on Interpol's most wanted list.

Marshall: Six and a half, actually...Did the... After she left K-Directorate, she went freelance, worked for the highest bidder, you know...you give her the dough, she'll give you the show. Um, she's also associated with...the Followers of Rambaldi. (Marshall hones in on a photograph of the mark of Rambaldi on Anna's hand.

Nadia suddenly looks very ill at ease and Sydney notices.

Jack: Intel indicates Anna's making contact with an associate at Pergruen ze Prundenzar in 36 hours from now...

Nadia (cutting in): Excuse me.

Nadia gets up and walks out.

Jack (continues): concerning an assignment...

Jack stops speaking as he notices Nadia walking out. Everyone turns to watch Nadia who slowly crosses to her desk and sits down.

Jack (getting her attention): Sydney?

Sydney turns her attention from her sister back to the matter at hand.

Sydney: You want us to surveille the meet.

Jack: Yes. You, Dixon, and Marshall. Given your familiarity with Anna's methods, I want you to track her movements, find out what the assignment is. If the opportunity presents itself, you're authorized to bring her in. The category of force you choose to exercise will remain classified.

Dixon: When do we leave?

Jack: We're arranging a jet for this evening; you'll have 20 hours in-country to coordinate before the meet. That's all.

The meeting breaks up. Eric sidles up to Sydney as they leave.

Eric: What happened?

Sydney: I don't know.

Eric backs off as Sydney approaches Nadia, who looks like she's on the verge of crying and is pinching her nose at the bridge. She looks up as Sydney approaches and appears to compose herself.

Sydney: Are you okay?

Nadia: I got lightheaded.

Sydney: We have a while before we have to leave; do you want to grab something to eat?

Nadia: Sure.

Cut to an outdoor cafe. The camera slides across and then focuses on Nadia and Sydney, sitting at a table having lunch.

Sydney: It was just me and Anna in the middle of the stadium. I have the key; she has the box.

(Note: This is actually the opposite of what happened. Anna had the key and Sydney had the box...probably just an error on the writers' part, rather than a mislead of Nadia by Sydney.)

Sydney: We needed to work together to get the code, but there she is right next to me. All I was thinking was, "I could take her out...right now. End it once and for all."

Nadia: But that wasn't your assignment.

Sydney: Not that night. But I swore to myself if I ever had the chance again, I would not hesitate.

Nadia: This...can't be easy for you.

Sydney: I'm not worried about me. What's going on with you?

Nadia: I know only a few things...about Rambaldi. I know he was a prophet, 15th century. I know my father was...is...I don't know, obsessed with him. Last year, when my father connected me with Rambaldi, I started to hallucinate. I saw something awful. Sounds and fast images, they went by quickly but...there was one vision...that felt so real.

Sydney: What was it?

Nadia: We were both together...scared and upset, holding guns aimed at each other. And I remember my hands were shaking...and I pulled the trigger.

Sydney looks up, but this doesn't exactly shock her, almost as if this was what she was expecting to hear.

Nadia: Blood was pouring down your chest...and I wanted to say I was sorry, but you just looked at me...as if you'd been expecting it. As if you knew all along; knew I was going to kill you.

Sydney looks down at her plate.

Nadia: I know I must sound insane.

She looks down, blinks back tears and takes a drink from her soda.

Sydney (sighing): Nadia, there's something I should have told you.

Nadia looks up at her, but before Sydney can elaborate, she's interrupted.

Waiter: Miss Bristow? There's a call for you.

Sydney gets up and crosses the cafe. When she reaches the hostess, she is handed the phone.

Hostess: Here you go.

Sydney: Hello.

Anna: Hello, Sydney.

Sydney reacts to the sound of Anna's voice...she visibly stiffens.

Sydney: Anna.

Anna: Turn around.

Sydney turns around to see Anna sitting beside Nadia at the table, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Sydney's eyes widen.

Anna: I'd advise against any action; my associates wouldn't like that.

Sydney looks down at her chest and we see six red laser dots appear and center in the middle of her chest. Sydney looks up at the high buildings around her, trying to locate the shooters, to no avail.

Anna: There's something I need you to do for me, Sydney.

Sydney stares Anna down, but Anna just looks amused.

Anna: I must say I have been looking forward to working with you again.

Cut back to Sydney's reaction.


Alias Theme. (Or now is the time in Alias when we dance!)

Jack is sitting at his desk in his office when a winded Sydney bursts in.

Sydney: Anna has Nadia. She knew she was gonna be intercepted in Brussels, so she took her. If I don't do what she says...Dad, she's gonna kill my sister.

Cut to Dixon walking by Sloane's office as he stands in the window watching. He watches as Weiss and Marshall also hurry into the briefing room. Jack starts to cross the hall but stops and stares for a moment at Sloane, who is staring at him. Sloane's face shows that he knows something bad has happened.

Cut to the rest of the APO crew in the briefing room.

Jack: If we don't meet her demands, Anna Espinosa claims she'll kill Nadia. We have 18 hours to comply.

Vaughn: What are her demands?

Sydney: She wants me to take the meet in Brussels posing as her. I'm to retrieve a package from a man named Milo Sabine. If I deliver it to her in a boutique in Beverly Hills by a specified time, she claims she'll let Nadia go.

Jack: Sydney, scrap the surveillance op in Brussels. Get with Marshall to coordinate your new parameters: You're going in as Anna Espinosa.

Jack (to Vaughn) : Dig up everything you can about Sabine, business associates, last known whereabouts...the works.

Jack (to Weiss): Coordinate with Langley. We'll need total satellite coverage of the meeting point.

Jack (to Dixon): I want sniper teams and full ground support ready to go.

Dixon: On it.

Jack (to all): Wheels up within the hour.



An establishing shot of Brussels by airplane at night. Cut to Sydney walking in a park.

Sydney (over comms): Approaching the Metro station.

She rounds a corner and sees the entrance the Metro station. Before it is a park bench. An older man is sitting alone.

Vaughn (on comms): Do you see anyone?

Sydney (over comms): White male, late 70's.

Cut to Vaughn and Dixon in the surveillance van.

Vaughn: There's no photo on his file, but based on the date of birth, this could be our guy.

Cut back to Sydney as she sits down next to the man on the bench.

Sydney (with Russian accent): This time of year does terrible things to my hair.

The man looks up.

Sabine: Miss Espinosa.

Sydney just looks at Sabine as if thoroughly unimpressed.

Sabine: How I wish that I were younger...

Sydney: Do you have the package?

Sabine: What your associates have requested of me is, um...highly valuable. I will...like to make sure that I get my money's worth. Are you prepared to...reach your end?

Sydney: I'm always prepared...once apprised of the specifics.

Sabine: Thirty minutes ago, a man entered the hotel Metropol. He is currently enjoying a 17 year old scotch the bar located in the west lobby of the hotel. The man's name is Wilhelm Cogg. (He pulls out a photo) This is the man...the man you are to kill. I will require photographic evidence of his corpse, plus, what I understand is your keepsake: his right index finger. I will be sitting on this bench for the next 40 minutes. Return within that time and you will get your package. After that, I will not be sitting in this bench. Tick tock, Miss Espinosa.

Cut to the surveillance van.

Vaughn: Hotel Metropol's seven blocks away.

Dixon: We have 32 minutes.

Sydney: Marshall, how are you doing on Cogg? Do you have anything on him yet?

Cut to Marshall, who is looking at Cogg's file on his computer.

Marshall: On its way. It's a...rather large file.

Cut back to the van.

Dixon: We got it.

Sydney (reading over Dixon's shoulder): This guy's wanted in 4 different countries.

Vaughn: Money laundering, kidnapping, conspiracy.

Sydney: Affiliations: Russian and Chinese organized crime syndicates. Known associates: Anton Matteo and Peter Guiger.

Vaughn: Solicitation for prostitution, three charges. This guy's got a real thing for hookers.

Sydney looks at Vaughn suddenly.

Sydney: Wait...

Sydney pulls off her coat and rips the sleeves, part of the bosom and skirt off her dress. She grabs a bottle of water from the counter and begins to wet down her hair with it. Sydney exits the back of the van in a tight, short black sleeveless dress that completely shows off her cleavage. Her hair is all slicked back and she looks like she could be a high-priced hooker. (Think of that scene from "True Lies"...this is a total shout out to that movie.)

Cut to the hotel lobby as Sydney stands at the counter. Behind her, Dixon enters the lobby.

Clerk: There you are, ma'am, 1132. Two keys.

Sydney takes the key and palms one off to Dixon as he walks by.

Clerk: Will you be needing help with any bags?

Sydney (in French accent): No thank you; I'm travelling light.

Sydney enters the bar and looks for Cogg, then approaches him.

Sydney (continuing French accent): Wilhelm?

Cogg: Yeah?

Sydney: Do you know...how hard...has been to find you?

Cogg: If I knew you were looking, I'd have made it...a lot easier.

Sydney sits down at the table.

Sydney: Matteo said you were not drinking anymore, you bad boy. I won't tell Matteo.

Cogg: How do you know my business partner?

Sydney: Who do you think...sent me to you? I am Matteo's early birthday present.

Cogg: Really?

Sydney: He wouldn't tell me how old you were. He knows I don't usually...work...with older men. You don't seem so old.

Cogg: Thank you so much.

Sydney holds up her key.

Sydney: We have a room. Shall we?

Cogg: So it's...happy birthday to me, eh?

Cut to Cogg and Sydney entering the hotel room.

Cogg: Great...beautiful arms...We love arms...

As they step further in the room, we see Vaughn standing in the corner. Cogg looks up and,

Cogg: What...what is this?

Sydney hurriedly locks the door as Dixon and Vaughn walk toward Cogg like he is prey.

Sydney: It's your lucky day.

Vaughn: You get to live.

Dixon: But we're going to need that ring...

Sydney: And the finger it's on.

The three of them are trying to restrain Cogg, who's thrashing about.

Cogg: Wait! What's happening!?

Dixon: There are people out there who want you dead. Fortunately for you, we're not them.

Vaughn: When this is over, you're going to walk out of this hotel and disappear.

Sydney: You can thank us for it later.

Cogg: What are you doing!?

Sydney forces Cogg's hand into an ice bucket.

Cut to a slow pan of Nadia's hands and chest roped to a chair and then up to her face. She appears scared, but otherwise unharmed.

Anna: You look like her...

Nadia turns to face Anna.

Anna: ...your mother.

Nadia (with bravado): Don't waste your time trying to scare me.

Anna (amused): You are scared.

Anna walks up and starts inappropriately touching Nadia's hair...like a mother instead of an enemy.

Anna: I would be scared, too...if I did not understand what this was all about.

Nadia: She told me about you...Sydney. I know enough.

Anna smiles indulgently. She is screwing a long metal piece onto a handle.

Anna: Your sister...she's a curse.

Nadia turns to look at Anna, shocked.

Anna: You see what happens, don't you? To everyone she loves.

Nadia looks away.

Anna: One day, you will be asked to pay the price. Today...you will feel a little bit of that.

Anna lights a Bunsen-like burner and puts the metal rod into it. Focus in on Nadia's face.

Cut to Cogg, still struggling in the chair he's been placed in.

Cogg: Please, please! There must be another way, please!

Dixon: We've got nine minutes left.

Cogg yells again.

Vaughn: Keep him quiet.

Sydney (stuffing a washcloth in his mouth): Bite this, bite this. You got it, Vaughn?

Vaughn: Yeah.

We see Vaughn preparing to cut Cogg's finger off with a large bolt cutter.

Sydney (trying to keep Cogg's attention): Look at me...look at me...

Sydney looks at Vaughn and he cuts off Cogg's finger. Cogg falls forward on the floor, writhing in agony. Dixon picks up the finger with a washcloth and hands it to Sydney, who puts it in a plastic bag. Vaughn bends down and begins to administer first aid to Cogg. Dixon bends down with a swab as Cogg continues to writhe.

Cogg: What are you people doing!?

Vaughn: Don't move.

Dixon swabs the dye on Cogg's forehead, and then dribbles some of the fake blood away from the "wound". Sydney takes a picture of the supposedly dead Cogg, and...

Cut to Sabine, holding the photo.

Sabine: Your reputation is well-earned. I still wish I were younger.

Sydney hands Sabine the bag with Cogg's finger in it. He looks inside.

Sabine: You should let your associates know that this is the last remaining sample. They should treat is as if it were sacred.

Sydney: Absolutely.

Sabine gets up and walks away.

Sydney (into comms): I've got it. I'm on my way.

Cut to Anna with the metal rod end still in the fire. It's glowing red hot.

Anna: This is a gift...from me to you...to Sydney.

Anna reaches over and pushes Nadia's hair off her shoulder.

Anna: Every time she looks at you...

Anna grabs Nadia's hair while a henchman holds Nadia's head in place.

Anna: ...I want her to think of me. And one day, whether you choose to or not, you will help me destroy her...

We now see the metal rod is a brand...a brand of the Eye of Rambaldi. Anna holds it to the back of Nadia's neck and Nadia screams.


Cut to Marshall's lab in APO. Jack and Vaughn stand beside him as he speaks.

Marshall: The lab confirmed, it's the Dante compound: a super-rare, phosphorus-based putty. But it's...not the...same kind of putty you use on a newspaper to copy Beetle Bailey...out of...you ever do that with...?

Cut to Jack and Vaughn's almost identical look of exasperated impatience.

Marshall: Anyway, it's completely harmless on its own, but when mixed with certain nerve agents, the VX gas in particular, Bouyaka! It mutates the neurotoxins, causing them to replicate at a rate that would be like historic.

Vaughn: We'll have to secure all laboratories that manufacture VX.

Jack: How long would it take you to construct a fake?

Marshall: A fake? What, you mean like something that would actually pass as the real thing?

Jack: Sydney's meeting with Anna in 30 minutes. Turning this over to her is not the ideal option. Can you do it?

Marshall: No, absolutely not, no...

Jack just continues to stare at Marshall.

Marshall: Okay, probably...but listen, one more thing: I know this isn't, you know, like my province, but...I think I have an idea who Anna's working for. There's this fringe terrorist cell called the Cadmus Revolutionary Front.

Vaughn: Yeah, they're former Covenant.

Marshall: Yeah, so I don't have to tell you you...(looking at Jack) Do you...?

Jack: Yes, I know who they are.

Marshall: Well, it turns out, the CRF? They've been trying to acquire the Dante Compound for over a year. I think they're trying to build a chemical bomb.

Vaughn: I read the Echelon report on the CRF. We don't know what their agenda is.

Jack: Then we need to increase our knowledge base, find a way to penetrate the CRF and determine their motives.

Marshall: Well, we actually have somebody in custody with CRF connections, considering their Covenant ties and all...

Vaughn rolls his eyes and looks away, not at all looking forward to that prospect.

Vaughn: Oh, God...

Jack turns to look at Vaughn.

Cut to Jack's office and an irate Sydney.

Sydney: If we give Anna a fake, she'll kill Nadia; you know that.

Jack: Turning over the compound would be irresponsible, not to mention unnecessary.

Sydney: My responsibility is to get Nadia back. Safe, alive!

Sloane: He's right, Sydney.

Sydney: What are you talking about? I'm trying to save your daughter!

Sloane: Giving Anna the compound is an unnecessary risk.

Sydney: Unnecessary!?

Sloane: She won't kill her; it's not her destiny.

Sydney: Please tell me this is not about what I think it is.

Sloane: If you had faith, you would know what I know.

Sydney: Faith in a 15th Century lunatic!? Dad, please tell me Rambaldi is not dictating procedures. (looks at Sloane) He has no authority here, and I know Anna better than anyone, that's why you chose me for this mission. Dad, please, I need to get my sister back.

Jack looks troubled, but he nods his assent.

Sydney: Thank you.

Sydney turns and leaves the room. Sloane looks at Jack, looking very betrayed. Jack looks slightly penitent, but says,

Jack: You shouldn't be here, Arvin.

Cut to Vaughn walking through the APO office. Sydney crosses his path.

Sydney: Hey.

Vaughn (on a sigh): Hey.

Sydney: Where're you going?

Vaughn: I'll tell you later; when's the meet with Anna?

Sydney: Now.

Vaughn: Nadia's going to be okay.

Sydney: I just want the ghosts to go away.

Vaughn: Tell me about it.

Vaughn walks away. Sydney watches him leave, thinking.

Cut to the boutique in Beverly Hills. Soft elevator music plays as Sydney enters the store, pretending to look around until she spots Anna. She walks up next to Anna and hands her the purse she had over her shoulder.

Sydney: Here.

Anna: Nice work.

Anna slings the handbag on her shoulder without even looking inside.

Sydney: You're not even going to look at it!?

Anna: I trust you; you wouldn't try to decieve me, would you?

Anna walks around to another rack of clothes. Sydney follows.

Sydney: Where's my sister?

Anna holds out an automatic door opener from a car and Sydney takes it.

Anna: Wait five minutes after my exit, then go to the 4th floor of the parking structure across the street...

Anna turns toward Sydney and places a hand on the center of her chest.

Anna: ...or my friends will blow a hole in your heart.

Sydney: Get your hands off me.

Anna: It was nice getting to know your sister...

Anna runs an "affectionate" finger down the side of Sydney's face and starts to turn to walk away, but Sydney punches her right in the face. They start a fistfight in the middle of the store, with Anna getting the better of Sydney at first. She fights off Sydney's first attack, sending her knocking into the wall display. A security guard steps forward to subdue Anna, but she quickly dispatches of him. However, that gives Sydney time to recover and Sydney kicks her twice in the abdomen before taking a couple of punches. Then Sydney runs up and onto a display case to kick Anna in the face, knocking her back into a mannequin. Blood runs from the side of Anna's mouth. She sees the car door opener lying in front of her and quickly palms it. Sydney goes to grab Anna, but Anna grabs an arm from the fallen mannequin and whacks Sydney with it, but Sydney does a spin kick, which knocks Anna onto one of the display cases. Anna goes to punch Sydney, buy Sydney side steps it, grabs Anna's arm, turns it, and shoves her face-first back down onto the display case. From behind them, they hear,

Guard: Dispatch, I need backup.

Sydney looks over at him and then lets go of Anna's arm, saying,

Sydney: She can have the blouse.

Sydney walks across the room and retrieves the handbag. Anna walks toward her holding out the key fob. They blatantly make the switch and Anna walks out.

Cut to Sydney running frantically through the parking garage, hitting the button over and over, trying to find a car it belongs to. Finally, a car sounds behind her and she runs to it. Sydney looks in the windows of the car and then pops the trunk to find Nadia lying there bound and gagged, but otherwise okay. She flicks open a switchblade and cuts Nadia's bonds and helps her out of the trunk. They cling to each other.

Sydney: Are you okay?

Nadia doesn't answer, just clings to her.

Cut to an establishing shot of a federal penitentary. Cut to Vaughn and a guard walking down a corridor inside the prison. They get to the end of the hall and stop at the end cell.

Vaughn: Open it up.

Guard: Procedure dictates...

Vaughn: We're old friends.

Camera pans to Sark, sitting on his bed inside the cell.

Sark: Actually, given our shared intimacies with your late wife, I may even go so far as to say we're family...

The guard opens the door and Vaughn steps inside, giving Sark a menacing look.


Sark: Mr. Vaughn, your timing is impeccable. The last of my broken bones has finally healed and I sit before you a fresh canvas for your aggression. Before we begin whatever inquisition you're here for, there is a...pesky question that's been lingering in my head. Do you mind?

Vaughn: Go ahead.

Sark: Was it the infidelity or the espionage that motivated you to kill the woman I loved?

Vaughn (with a snort of disbelief): The woman you loved?

Sark: Yes, loved. (pause) You know, she once actually told me that she longed to love you...but the mundane existence you provided couldn't hold a candle to my passion.

Vaughn punches Sark hard across the face.

Vaughn: That wasn't for sleeping with the woman I was married to; I couldn't care less about her.

Sark: Then what, the torture?

Vaughn: This is how it's gonna be...and I'm only gonna give you one shot at this. The CRF... they've hired Anna Espinosa. They're building a bomb. Why have they made repeated attempts to contact you?

Sark: So it's begun.

Vaughn: What has?

Sark: Wouldn't you like to know?

Vaughn: Well, you're gonna tell me...what they're planning and where they're located. And if you're fishing for some kind of pardon agreement; it's not in the cards. But I am willing to provide you with certain amenities that will make your life in confinement a little more comfortable.

Sark: I see your bargaining skills have gone the way of your manhood...

Vaughn: Let me rephrase that: I'd be willing to leave you with what you already have and not make your life more uncomfortable.

Sark: I don't see that there's much left to take away.

Vaughn: You stonewall me, and I'll have you shipped to Alder Penitentary, and I'll have you secured in darkened solitary to the end days. 24/7 in a pitch black cell with zero human contact is a slow way to die. Especially with all the demons you've got in your closet; and believe me, they will come knocking.

Sark: I regret to inform you, Mr. Vaughn...I'm not afraid of the dark.

Vaughn gets up and sighs, nodding toward the guard at the end of the hall.

Vaughn: You should be. I'm having you transferred to Alder tonight.

Vaughn is buzzed out of the cell and walks down the hallway and out around the corner, where Jack is waiting.

Jack: How did he respond?

Vaughn: As expected.

Jack: We'll send in the surgical team this evening.

Cut to establishing daytime shot of LA by helicopter. Cut to Weiss coming to a stop at the entrance to APO's entrance tunnel. Cut to Sydney and Nadia slowly walking up that hallway. Nadia walks forward, Eric walks forward to meet her. He's obviously very worried about her. Stopping in front of her, Eric asks,

Weiss: What'd she do to you?

Nadia: I'll be okay.

Weiss: You sure?

Nadia: MmmHmm. I should go.

Nadia looks back at Sydney, who now approaches them and they walk on to the end of the tunnel where Arvin Sloane is now waiting.

Nadia (to Sloane): Hey.

Sloane puts a fatherly hand on the side of Nadia's face.

Sloane: I'm so glad you're all right. (to Sydney) Thank you, Sydney.

Sydney doesn't answer, just stares right through him.

Sydney: The doctor's waiting.

Cut to a close up shot of Nadia's "brand" and the damage around it as the doctor examines it.

Dr. Jain: The tissue in the scorched region is completely mascerated so we'll have to graft new skin. But we can fix this.

Nadia: Thank you.

Dr. Jain: I'll be back in a minute to dress it for you.

Sydney enters as Dr. Jain leaves.

Sydney: We're gonna find Anna. We know who she's working for now; we're tracking her down.

Nadia: She said things...about us. That we'll be torn apart. What does that mean?

Cut to Sydney and Nadia sitting at Sydney's desk. Nadia has had her wound bandaged.

Sydney: When Mom died, I requested clearance to her files. I got it. There was an audio tape, surveillance from a hotel in Hamburg. She was talking to a man; his voice was never identified. She was describing the symbology of this (pulls up a photo on her computer screen): the Mark of Rambaldi. She said the outer markings represent her two daughters. The center is the object over which they will do great battle...with each other.

Nadia looks up at Sydney, shocked.

Sydney: Those are her words. (Sydney shakes her head) And then Mom went quiet...it was almost as if the next part were too painful.

Nadia: Tell me.

Sydney: Nadia, it's insane.

Nadia: What?

Sydney: According to Rambaldi, only one of the daughters will survive. I'm not gonna lie to you; some of the predictions Rambaldi made have come true. So if...if you wanna go back...

Nadia: To Argentina? Do you believe in all this? Rambaldi?

Sydney: No. But the people who do are dangerous. They're zealots who will stop at nothing to make their visions into reality.

Nadia: Are you kidding me? Change my life because some...freakshow made a prediction 400 years ago? Anna can try to tear us apart; make some ridiculous prediction come true...but we're together now.

Sydney looks visibly moved.

Cut to a ceiling air vent. It's making a slight hissing sound. Cut to Sark's sleeping form on the cot in his cell. A light goes on and three men with gas masks enter the cell. Sark does not awaken. One of them is Marshall, he hands a injection gun to another masked man and then opens up a small suitcase and begins typing. The man loads a small glowing pellet into the gun as Marshall's computer says "Countdown Activated". The man injects the pellet into Sark's neck. Sark doesn't move. The two masked men and Marshall leave the cell and lock it back up.

Cut to Marshall's suitcase computer, still linked to the chip inserted in Sark's neck.

Vaughn: Sark's being transferred to Alder tonight.

Marshall: Good, because the tracking device is in. That anesthetic gas? Totally knocked Sark out; didn't know what hit him.

Vaughn: How many hours until the delayed activator goes hot?

Marshall: Twenty-four. Oh, and if the CRF tries to run a counter-surveillance sweep on Sark? No detecto. That's not the only modification that Mr. Bristow authorized. Now, the tracker is packed with a high-density explosive.

Marshall pulls out a small remote and shows it to Vaughn.

Marshall: Just enough to blow off his melon if he goes off book.

Marshall puts the antenna back down on the remote and hands it to Vaughn, who puts it in his inside coat pocket.

Marshall: You mess with a friend of Flinkman? You're messin' with Flinkman.

Vaughn: Good job, Marshall.

Cut to Sark in the process of being transferred. He is shackled hand and foot and let out to an armored transport van with no windows and placed into the back.

Guard (over walkie talkie heard through wall of van by Sark): This transport team Alpha. We have secured the prisoner and we are in route. ETA 0600.

Home Base (via walkie talkie): Copy that, Alpha.

Just then, we hear a speeding vehicle and then a sudden explosion rocks the van as it skids in reaction. Sark is thrown around in the back of the van. There are sounds of much gunfire as it hits the side of the vehicle. The van continues to swerve and Sark is repeatedly thrown about the back of the van as the van attempts to outrun its attackers.

Guard (over walkie talkie): One man down. Three vehicles in pursuit!

There are more gunshots and then the van falls over on it's side, throwing Sark around once more. All is quiet, and then the door to the back of the van falls open. A lone, hunched man stands there in the pouring rain holding a machine gun and then tosses a set of keys at Sark.

Man: Come with me! Come on!

They start running from the back of the van to the man's escape vehicle.

Man: Quickly! Go!

They run out in front of the tipped over van and get into the attacker's van. The street is filled with carnage of dead guards and overturned vehicles.

Man: Get in back! There is change of clothes!

They get in a drive away. We get a shot of the dead guards inside the front of the van...and then one of them opens his eyes.

Cut to Jack in his office at APO. There is a knock at the door and Jack looks up to see Sydney.

Sydney: You got a minute?

Jack nods and Sydney enters and sits down.

Sydney: We picked up chatter on a meet schedule between the CRF and an admistrator at the Chillignost Chemical labs in Estonia...Ivan Vorich.

Jack: Chillignost was a Soviet run facility; marginal security at best. Theft of a level 4 toxin could go unnoticed there for years.

Sydney: It's probably just a meet, but...if Anna's there, this would be our best shot at getting her back in our sights.

Jack pauses, thinking, then stands up.

Jack: Take Nadia with you. Observation only. If Vorich has a sample of VX, I want you to find out where it is. This is a surveillance...not a boxing match. Can I trust you to maintain your professionalism?

Sydney (looking chastened): She brings out the worst in me, Dad, but yes, of course.

Sydney looks down as if something is bothering her. Jack immediately notices.

Jack: What is it?

Sydney: Anna never checked the sample.

Jack: Marshall said he couldn't have made a good fake anyway.

Sydney: You were right, Dad. I was stubborn. I'm sorry.

Jack: You trusted your instincts to ensure the safe return of a fellow agent...a member of your family...and you succeeded.

Sydney looks at Jack and almost gives him a smile.

Cut to the van containing Sark pulling to a halt in a vacant area.

Man: Take the motorcycle. Get yourself to CRF headquarters.

Sark: What about you?

Man: Follow protocol! Go!

Sark gets out of the van and gets onto the motorcycle, puts on the helmet and rides off in the rain. As Sark pulls away, the man says via comms:

Man: Tango is in motion.

Jack (via comms): Copy that.

Cut to Jack, Vaughn, and Marshall in the APO briefing room.

Jack: In the next 24 hours, Sark should lead us to CRF headquarters. We'll put a tactical team on stand-by. For now, we wait.

Marshall: Who wants to order Chinese? I'm starving.

Marshall continues to talk nervously as Jack and Vaughn give him identical stares.

Marshall: Thai? Indian?

Cut to Sydney walking down the APO hallway. She is stopped by Sloane.

Sloane: Sydney? You and your sister? Are you going after Anna?

Sydney: This is highly inappropriate. Excuse me.

She starts to walk off, but Sloane jogs to keep up with her.

Sloane: Come on, Sydney...you know of Anna's beliefs.

Sydney reluctantly stops and turns around.

Sloane: You know the lengths she'll go to see them realized.

Sydney: You wanna talk about beliefs!? This is something you wanna discuss? From where I'm standing, it was your mad obsession with Rambaldi that dragged both me and Nadia into this endless pit of confusion. So, given that, let me ask you: What is it you believe?

Sloane: I believe that if the two of you go out on this mission, and Anna Espinosa has her way (gets choked up)...that only one of you will return home...alive.

Sydney gives Sloane this look like "You sick, sad, loathesome little man" and walks away, leaving a troubled Sloane to stare after her.


Cut to nighttime shot of LA skyline via helicopter. Cut to the APO crew minus Sloane, Nadia and Sydney sitting at the APO briefing room table. Cartons of Chinese food litter the table. Weiss gets up and starts pacing.

Weiss: Okay, it's been 24 hours; Sark's tracker is still dark.

Marshall (in front of laptop): I know. I'm checking the satellite...making sure it's not off-line.

Weiss: You sure you did the insertion properly?

Marshall: Come on...it's me.

Jack: I can't stress how critical it is we locate CRF headquarters.

Marshall: I know, all right? Why is everybody picking on me?

Weiss sighs and pushes himself back to a stand from leaning over the table.

Marshall: Seriously! It's hard work...(after a moment) Okay, I got it; it's hot. They are in South Africa...Johanessburg...658 Kroner Street, to be exact.

Dixon: Let's move, people!

Everyone but Marshall gets up and leaves the table. Jack walks by Sloane's office, then stops for a moment to talk to him.

Jack: Sydney and Nadia are in Estonia. Dixon is leading a team to Johannesburg to raid CRF headquarters. This should all be over soon.

Sloane: Thank you.

Jack walks away and we pan to Sloane's unreadable expression.


Cut to the exterior of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Pan to Dixon's team, about to enter the building.

Dixon: Maintain your perimeter cover points. We need to lock this building down tight.

Weiss: No one slips out. We'd rather take home data on CRF , not prisoners.

Dixon: Let's go. Go, go, go, go.

The team begins the raid. Dixon, Vaughn, Weiss and the team begin to search the building with flashlights and guns drawn. So far, everything appears deserted. Dixon peers around a corner, then informs the team quietly,

Dixon: I've got something.

They follow Dixon down a hallway to a door, which, once in position, they break down to storm the room. It appears to be a cafeteria of sorts...lots of tables in a row. Only one man sits in the dark in that room. Their flashlights reveal,

Sark: Gentlemen.

Sark pops the cork off a bottle of champagne.

Sark: Were you expecting a bigger party?

Sark irreverently takes a swig of champagne.

Vaughn (in half disbelief): This isn't CRF headquarters...

Sark: You're a genius.

Vaughn: Where are we?

Sark: Nowhere...in particular, and that's the truth. Just a nice place for a chat.

Vaughn puts his gun down and approaches Sark.

Sark: Really, Michael...don't look so shocked. You couldn't have had such low expectations of me?

Vaughn looks as if he wants to beat the crap out of Sark...either that or cough up a hairball. He looks both visibly sick and incredibly angry. Sark stands up and approaches him.

Sark: Now...with regards to your previous request, I will help you locate CRF leadership...but, as always, you must do something for me in return.

Vaughn: Why the charade? If you were going to cooperate, why run at all?

Sark: For the bubbly, of course.

Sark takes another swig from the champagne bottle.



Cut to nighttime stock footage of what is supposed to be Estonia. Cut to Sydney and Nadia placed near a window of the chemical lab, waiting for the meet.

Nadia: We're early.

Sydney (teasing): Who says girls can't make it anywhere on time? Get comfortable.

The elevator dings and the sisters give each other a look of almost disbelief saying "Already?" We see a man exit the elevator.

Nadia: Vorich.

Sydney: All right, one down; one to go. Where are you, Anna? Come on...

Povich walks down a hallway as Sydney and Nadia surreptitously follow his progress. They stop to watch outside a window as Vorich checks his watch. Suddenly, from behind a piece of construction plastic (the floor they are meeting on is having renovations), Anna reaches out and starts to strangle Vorich.

Sydney (to Nadia): Let's take her.

Man (from behind them with gun drawn): Bad idea.

It's the henchman that helped hold Nadia's head in place when Anna branded her.

Man (to Nadia): I was hoping we could spend a little more time together...

Nadia kicks the gun out of his hand and Sydney kicks the man over backward. She turns and looks through the window to see Anna taking a canister that looks like a small fire extinguisher from inside Vorich's coat. Anna looks up and her eyes meet Sydney's.

Sydney (to Nadia): Vorich had the VX gas with him.

Nadia: Go!

Sydney runs off after Anna as Nadia fights the henchman. He aims his gun at her as she struggles to hold it away from her. She is able to eject the bullet cartridge and then forces him to shoot the one bullet in the chamber away from her, and then knocks the gun aside.

Cut to Anna running down a staircase and Sydney chasing her.

Cut back to Nadia still fighting the henchman. She kicks him and goes in for a punch, but he grabs her arm and knifes her across her side. She kicks him away from her and then whips off her belt. She wraps it around his hands to bind them and then, as they topple over, the knife stabs the henchman in a blow that will soon kill him.

Cut back to Sydney, who pulls her gun as she enters another open workspace. She rounds a corner and then reacts as a shot ricochets off the metal plate of an elevator beside her. Another one rings off the metal as Sydney ducks back behind another corner and we see Anna running off. Sydney takes a few shots of her own.

Cut to Nadia as she pushes the knife even deeper into the man's chest.

Nadia: Why is the CRF assembling this bomb? What do they have planned?

Man: It's no use...you're too late.

Nadia shoves the knife even deeper.

Nadia: Tell me!

She leans over the dying man as he whispers something she hears, but we cannot. She leans back, looking shocked.

Cut to Sydney, running to chase Anna. She comes into another work area; much of it is draped with that plastic drop cloth material that hangs from ceiling to floor. Sydney looks around, not seeing Anna.

Cut to Nadia, getting up from the henchman who is at least unconscious, if not dead. She grabs the henchman's handgun, reloads it and runs off to find Sydney. She runs by a surveillance camera.

Cut back to Sydney, still searching carefully for Anna. Sydney sees a figure's shadow from behind one of the panels of draped drop cloth and moves in, gun drawn...but it's not Anna; it's Nadia, her gun also drawn. Both heave a great gasp as they begin to lower their guns.

Sydney: Oh my God, I thought you were...

Nadia: Anna.

Nadia starts to walk toward Sydney to hug her and...a bullet round goes off. Nadia has been shot in the back. Sydney looks up and sees Anna running away. Nadia feels her back and pulls her hand away all bloody. She drops to the ground as Sydney cradles her head.

Sydney: Nadia...Oh God...Oh, God...Don't be scared!

Nadia gasps and begins to sob. So does Sydney.

Sydney: I'm right here...It's okay... stay with me! Breathe...just stay with me...

Nadia is beginning to lose consciousness.

Sydney: Just keep breathing...

Nadia has passed out.

Sydney: Nadia...Nadia! (Sydney shakes Nadia's head, trying to get a reaction, but doesn't get one. Sydney begins to look frantic.) Look at me! Look at me! Look me in the eye! Don't...don't...I'm right here, don't...

Off of Sydney's panicked, sobbing face we,