04x07 - Detente




Exterior night shot of foreign looking street. Cut to close up panning shot of a jukebox. All the writing on it is in Cyrillic. A Russian language bluesy ballad is playing. Cut to scenes of glasses and a beer tap, then pan from the bartender's hand (which is pouring a drink) to two men sitting at a back table speaking in Russian.

Man: You came alone, yes?

The man is nervously tapping his fingers on the table. Close up on the man's hand as it taps and then another hand, which reaches over to stop the movement. Camera pans up: It's Vaughn.

Vaughn: The information, Anatoly.

Anatoly (in English): I'm an officer. I swore an oath never to betray State secrets.

Vaughn: You said it was important; highest national security... What is it?

Anatoly: Russia's been developing Black Thorine.

Vaughn (unbelieving): Developing? Researching...

Anatoly: Producing; we've made some. We've only been able to distill a small amount; ten milliliters: enough for a single vial. This government...will stop at nothing to contain this information.

Vaughn: So why tell me?

Anatoly: Because the vial was stolen.

Vaughn's eyes widen in reaction.

Vaughn: By whom?

Anatoly reaches into his coat and pulls out a small, folded piece of paper and hands it to Vaughn.

Anatoly: This is the routing number to my superior's bank account. He's recently come into a great deal of money.

Both men look up as the door to the bar opens. Two men in military uniform approach them. One of them pulls a gun and aims it at Anatoly.

Soldier (in Russian): Lieutenant Anatoly Grodsky, come with us.

Vaughn looks at the soldiers and then at Anatoly as he stands up from the table, knowing that whatever happens, it's not going to be good. Suddenly, Anatoly tries to pull his pistol, but is shot before he can. Then the soldier aims his gun at Vaughn.

Soldier (in Russian): Who are you?

Vaughn puts his hands up.

Vaughn (in Russian): I'm not the one you need to worry about...

Pan to see Sydney, in traditional Russian garb behind the soldiers with a mop handle. She swings it into the soldier holding the gun. It discharges harmlessly as it is knocked out of his hand. Vaughn begins to fight with the second one as the first one grabs the broken mop handle from Sydney and tries to use it against her. Vaughn punches his soldier, then grabs his head and rams it into a glass mirror on the wall. The other soldier has Sydney pushed up against the bar with the wooden handle across her throat. Sydney successfully takes control of the bar, smashing the soldier in the side of the head with it, pushing him backward. She swings around and hits the soldier with it again, causing him to fall to his hands and knees. Vaughn, turning from his fight, notices the man trying to get up and viciously elbows him in the head, dropping the man to the floor unconscious.

Vaughn (to Sydney): Let's go!

Vaughn and Sydney hurry out of the bar.



Establishing night shot of LA skyline. Cut to Sydney coming home from her trip, entering her home.

Sloane (offscreen): Sydney!

From the foyer, she looks down into the living room...to see Sloane sitting with Nadia. Sloane looks pleased to see her; Nadia looks a bit nervous.

Sloane: We didn't expect you back so soon.

Cut to Sydney still unmoving in the hallway; the shock and disgust on her face is palpable. She palms her keys into her other hand and then deliberately walks down the stairs toward them. She walks behind the breakfast bar counter; Sloane and Nadia are sitting on the other side. Sloane takes a drink from a glass.

Sloane: So, Russia...was a success...

Sydney (coldly, cutting him off): Yeah.

Sydney coldly stares down Sloane. Next to him, Nadia looks down as if nervous or ashamed.

Sydney (unblinking): There's a report waiting for you...in the office.

Sydney continues to coldly stare at Sloane.

Nadia (trying to make amends): Sydney...he just dropped by...I didn't realize...

Sydney (cutting her off, still addressing Sloane): Get out.

Sloane looks down, spins his glass on the counter slightly.

Sloane: All right.

He leans over and kisses Nadia on the cheek.

Sloane: I'll walk myself out.

Sydney turns to look accusingly at Nadia; Nadia looks admonished. Sloane turns halfway up the staircase.

Sloane: I'll see you both tomorrow.

Nadia: Okay.

Sydney says nothing; just gives him another look of death and then turns back to look at her sister, as if waiting for an explanation. After Sloane leaves, Nadia gives her one.

Nadia: He came by wanting to talk...He says he wants a fresh start; to get to know me.

Sydney (is disbelief): You think that's all he wants? A little father-daughter bonding!?

Nadia: I know you feel about him...

Sydney (cutting her off): You can't possibly.

Nadia: I don't understand; you work with him at APO.

Sydney: I accepted the job so I could watch him. Don't delude yourself, Nadia, into thinking you can trust that man! Do that, and you will end up hating yourself for it.

Nadia: He's my father!

Sydney (shaking her head): If you knew what he's done...

Nadia: Sydney, I know. I know what he did...to you; what he took from you: your best friend, your fiance.

Sydney (after a pause): And knowing that, you still let him into my home.

Nadia looks down at her lap. There are tears hovering in her eyes.

Nadia: I'm not naive, Sydney. I'm not deluded. It's not easy to reconcile the past; I thought you had.

Sydney looks away, then down.

Cut to briefing room at APO. The gang is all sitting around the table. Arvin is standing behind Nadia's chair.

Nadia: The development of Black Thorine violates how many treaties?

Sloane: Twelve, to be exact.

Marshall: Well, there's a reason. I mean, it's a mega-breakthrough in explosives. It's odorless, undetectible, I, uh...ran a simulation. Check it out.

All turn and watch the screen as a whole city block explodes.

Marshall: (Whistles) Huh? I leveled an entire city block, and that just a little drop of Black Thorine...imagine if you add the whole...vial...Actually, it's a really...depressing take on progress.

Weiss: Are we sure there's only one vial?

Sloane: The Russians are stonewalling; they refuse to admit the existence of the substance, much less that they're developing one. But my sources confirm that they're panicking.

Sydney looks up at this announcement with pure venom in her eyes.

Sydney: Your sources...

Sloane: If that vial is their only prototype as the intel appears to corroborate, its theft has set their classified weapons program back decades.

Sydney (still pushing): Would you mind telling us where that intel comes from? Or are we all supposed to rely on your sources...no questions asked.

Panning around the table, everyone appears distinctly uncomfortable and Vaughn gives Sydney an admonishing look.

Sloane: It's a fair question...but one I'm not inclined to answer, unless you need me to explain the essential nature of confidentiality.

Sydney (staring him down unflinchingly, answering with much sarcasm): No, I'm all caught up on that, thanks.

Cut to Nadia's reaction; she obviously doesn't like seeing her only two living relatives fighting.

Sloane: What matters is that we recover the vial.

Jack: We were able to trace the routing number the informant gave Vaughn. Two million Euros were deposited into the account (Hands out folders) of Colonel Nikolai Voskev. The money came from this man: Boris Tambor.

The photo shows a young, attractive man in his early 30's talking on a cellphone.

Vaughn: The Russian oil magnate?

Jack: Tambor might have made his money in oil, but he's since diversified into mining, media outlets, and his latest venture, arms dealing.

Nadia: Seems Tambor's quite a player; high-end real estate all over Europe.

Sydney: He owns a fleet of sports cars: Ferarris, Lambourghinis, Bentleys...

Weiss: This guy's living my junior high fantasy...

Marshall: Or my current one...

Sloane: Tambor keeps his entire operation mobile. He never stays in one place too long. Right now, he's booked into the Santa Monteya Monte Carlo.

Jack: He takes a regular seat at the high-stakes poker table every night at nine. That will be your window.

Sloane: Your mission is to get into Tambor's suite, find out where he keeps the Black Thorine, how he plans to move it. You leave tonight. Wheels up 2200.

Sydney immediately gets up and leaves the table without a backward glance. Sloane watches her leave, his face unreadible. Cut to Sydney, sitting in front of her desk at APO, deep in troubled thought. Pan to see Dixon, sitting at the desk next to her, studying her. She finally realizes he's watching her and looks down as if embarrassed. Dixon gets up and sits down on the corner of Sydney's desk.

Dixon: You wanna tell me about it?

Sydney: Sloane. He was in my house...last night, to visit Nadia. I came home; he was sitting in my living room.

Dixon sighs and nods as if in understanding.

Dixon: Oh.

Sydney: I thought I could do this--work for Sloane again--but now I...I don't know; I think I might have been kidding myself.

Sydney and Dixon share a long look.

Dixon: I dream about Diane...Which isn't unusual, I've been told...except for me? It's almost every night. These dreams...are always the same. At some point, I get to her, and I hold her face...and I can see it in her eyes: the dissapointment..in me, that I couldn't prevent what happened. Then, she tells me that she loves me, and she loves the kids. And she asks me to do the right thing. She doesn't ask me to; she tells me to. And that's how I make peace...with Sloane. I don't put the past away, or compartmentalize it...I transmute it. I make it the right decision...today.

Sydney (moved): I hope I'm capable of that.

Dixon: I know you are.

Sydney smiles at Dixon, and he places a hand on her shoulder and then leans in to give her a fatherly kiss on the forehead before walking away, leaving Sydney with her thoughts.


Alias Theme (or, This is the time in Alias when we dance!)

Establishing daytime shot of LA by day via helicopter. Cut to Nadia at firing range as her shots take out the paper target's head. Sydney walks up behind Nadia as she removes her hearing protection.

Sydney: Sorry about last night.

Nadia (shaking her head): It was my fault. My father is one of the reasons that...

Sydney: You don't have to explain. I get it.

Nadia nods, waiting.

Sydney: When our mother came back, she...she had done her share of bad things.

Nadia: I know.

Sydney: But still...I needed to know her. I just did.

Nadia (smiling): Thanks.

Sydney smiles back at her sister.

Sydney (playful): Nice shot.

Cut to Sydney and Nadia putting their goggles and hearing protection on and firing at targets side by side. Both of them take surreptitious glances at how the other is doing. Both of their targets' heads are filled with holes.



Nighttime establishing shot of Monte Carlo. Cut to a luxury suite where Sydney, Vaughn, Weiss and Nadia prepare for their mission. Nadia stands in front of a mirror in a maid's uniform, straightening her name badge on her chest. Weiss walks up to study the pin,

Weiss: What's that...Gretchen!? (shakes his head and smirks) Nah, I don't buy you as a "Gretchen".

Nadia turns playfully to look at him as if insulted.

Nadia: Nein? Was scheine ich zu sein, Herr Weiss?

Weiss (impressed): Whoa...uh, I, uh...okay.

Sydney: Okay, guys...we have one hour. You all know the drill.

Vaughn (at computer): Surveille the room, get in, get out with the Black Thorine.

Cut to a maid vaccuuming a hallway. Camera pans up; it's Nadia, and she's vaccuuming outside of Tambor's suite in front of two guards. Cut to Sydney using a small drill to drill a hole in the wall that adjoins Tambor's suite. The loud vaccuuming is now revealed as cover for the sound of the drill.

Vaughn: Evergreen, maintain position. We're almost there.

Cut to Nadia, still vaccuuming in hallway. Cut back to Sydney, who finishes making the tiny hole in the wall.

Sydney: Okay, I'm in.

Cut back to Nadia in hallway.

Vaughn (on comms): Evergreen, you're clear.

Nadia bends down and turns off vaccuum. Cut back to the room as Sydney takes out a tiny fiberoptic line and starts inserting it into the hole.

Sydney: I'm inserting camera now.

Weiss: Ready for sound?

Vaughn: Patching audiovisual feeds...now.

Marshall: Copy that.

A visual of the desk in Tambor's room appears on screen. There is a laptop on the desk. Cut to Marshall in front of a computer at APO. Jack and Sloane stand behind him, both on comms, monitoring the mission. Cut back to Vaughn.

Vaughn: Okay, I've got a visual on Tambor.

Cut to his computer screen as Tambor sits down at the desk and starts typing on his laptop. Cut to Nadia in front of a suite door as she uses the knocker.

Nadia: Housekeeping.

The elevator beside Nadia opens to reveal a pretty young woman wearing an expensive coat. A valet is walking beside her, carrying several shopping bags for her. Nadia watches as the woman enters a suite down the hall from where she's standing. Weiss opens the door.

Weiss (joking): Oh, I'm sorry; I ordered a French maid...

Nadia smiles and shoves the towels she's holding into Weiss's chest.

Nadia (whispering): Here you go.

Weiss steps aside and Nadia enters the room. Cut to Sydney.

Sydney: The laptop's our priority. After that, we go for the PDA.

Weiss: What's going on? I thought this guy hits the tables every night by nine?

Sydney: That's what we know.

Weiss: Yeah, well it's 9:06.

Cut to the feed of Tambor as he closes the top to his laptop and gets up from the desk.

Vaughn: Ooop, here we go.

Cut to Tambor as he pours himself a drink. Cut to APO group watching the feed.

Nadia: What's he doing?

Cut to Tambor as he picks up a remote control and turns on the television set. Cut to reaction of mission crew, and then of Marshall, Jack, and Sloane.

Marshall: That room...that's nice. Check out those digs!

Marshall turns around and looks at Jack, who gives him a droll look. Cut back to Nadia and Sydney watching as Tambor crosses the room and sits down on the sofa in front of the television. Cut back to APO.

Jack: Marshall, what soccer match is that?

Marshall: Uh, uh, lemme, uh, sorry...I'm not much of a sports fan (searching listings on his computer)...more of a Scrabble club type...Boggle tournament if I'm feeling dangerous.

"Slovak Devils vs. Club Lautrec" pops up on Marshall's screen.

Sloane (over comms to all): Guys...Tambor owns the team.

Cut to Nadia and Sydney's reaction to that news, and then Vaughn and Weiss.

Weiss: He's kidding, right?

Sydney: So he's in for the night.

Vaughn: He checks out first thing in the morning. If we don't get him there tonight, get the data off that computer, we lose him.

Cut to Nadia and Sydney, studying the computer screen of the feed from Tambor's room.

Nadia: Wait a minute...

Cut to the monitor as we see a bottle of perfume on a counter.

Nadia: I hate that perfume. It has a weird Patchouli smell.

Weiss looks at them, confused as to where they're going with their line of thinking.

Sydney: You see under the bed, the slingbacks?

Nadia (clearly following what Syd's talking about): Champagne bottles on the nightstand.

Sydney: Check out the magazines.

Nadia: Designer purse.

Nadia and Sydney look at each other.

Sydney: It's a shot.

Vaughn (confused): What's a shot?

Weiss (also confused): What're you talking about?

Nadia (to Sydney): I know where to get what we need.

Nadia turns and walks out.

Weiss: Wait a minute...where's she going?

Vaughn (to Sydney): You mind filling us in?

Sydney: Tambor's got a girlfriend; she's staying with him. She's our way in.

Cut to Sloane at APO.

Sloane: We have no intel on that woman; you'll be going in blind, Sydney.

Sydney: We know enough...She has gossip rags all over the room, which means she's fine making a mess, which means she's not a one-night stand. Her shoes cost more money than most people's monthly salary, so...

Cut to Vaughn, giving a look to Weiss as if he can't believe that Sydney can tell all this from what she's seeing. Weiss looks equally stunned.

Sydney: ...either she has money of her own or access to Tambor's. Either way...empty champagne bottles, her side of the bed...

Cut to Marshall, listening in, very impressed.

Sydney: ...this girl likes to party.

Cut to Sloane, who is not as impressed. Cut back to feed and then to Sydney.

Sydney: But her boyfriend would rather stay in and watch TV their last night in Monte Carlo than hang out with her, so she's bored...most likely pissed off.

Cut to Jack at APO.

Jack: How do you propose to find her?

Cut back to Sydney.

Sydney: Well, she left her handbag; she didn't go far. In fact, I'm guessing she's hitting the hotel bar right now.

Cut to Vaughn's reaction; he's impressed and amused.

Sydney: All Nadia and I need to do is get to her and get her to take us to the room...(to Vaughn) Why are you smiling?

Vaughn (with a teasing smile): I dunno.

(Note: Vaughn's facial expression here is almost exactly the same as his reaction in 2x22 when Sydney says they need to go undercover at the s*x club, and then she looks at him and says, "What?" and he goes, "Nothing..." Truly hilarious look.)

Sydney smiles back. Cut to Nadia as she reenters the room with the shopping bags that the valet had been carrying earlier.

Weiss: Where'd you get this stuff?

Nadia: I borrowed them.

Weiss: You stole it, didn't you?

Weiss is smiling, also impressed.

Weiss (to Vaughn, motioning toward Nadia): She stole the stuff...

Vaughn has that silly grin back on his face again.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: Nadia, this could jeopardize the entire mission.

Cut to Sydney and Nadia, looking over the items in the bags, trying to find something to wear, obviously determined to go on the mission regardless of Sloane's objections.

Sloane: Tambor's security team saw you... if they recognize you as the maid, they will not hesitate to take action.

Nadia: With all due respect, noone pays attention to the help.

Weiss gives Vaughn another, "Huh, huh, see? My girl is awesome" look. Sydney and Nadia are still sorting through the clothes.

Nadia: I promise they won't recognize me.

Sydney holds up a red dress and gives Nadia a big smile.

Cut to two pair of glamourous legs and then pan up the bodies as we witness Nadia in a blue dress and Sydney in the red dress, strutting the Bristow/Derevko strut into the bar in slomo. Cut to Nadia as she walks by a woman at the bar. She indicates to Sydney from behind the woman,

Nadia (whispering): Patchouli.

Sydney turns on her cellphone and begins to speak into it as Nadia sits down a the bar. Sydney sits next to her, and also next to the woman.

Sydney (into cellphone): Wait a minute, wait a minute...What do you mean? (petulantly) Well, guess what? I'm sick of your pathetic excuses!

She gives Nadia a "Can you believe him?" look as she hangs up the phone.

Sydney: He's not coming.

Nadia (coquettishly): You still have his charge card, right?

Sydney: Oh, my Gawd...

Sydney and Nadia smile a cattish smile at each other. Motioning to the bartender, Sydney says,

Sydney: Two.

Nadia: Please.

Looking over at the woman as if Sydney has only just noticed she's there, she says,

Sydney: Men suck, don't they?

The woman looks Sydney over and then says with a small smile.

Woman: Usually.

Cut to an elevator door opening. Sydney's arm, still holding a champagne bottle wraps around the open door as the three women giggle drunkenly.

Sydney: I swear to God I am so not that loopy.

Nadia (giggling): Don't listen to her, she's incapable of holding her liquor.

The three of them walk, or rather wobble, toward Tambor's suite, where the armed guards still stand.

Sydney: Oh, shut. up!

Nadia: Do I need to remind you of Ibiza? You and Luigi with the handcuffs!?

Sydney (airheadedly): I'm ignoring you now...

They all giggle.

Woman: Just a warning...just a warning... my boyfriend? He's kind of a jerk...

Sydney (scoffing): Like mine isn't...

Nadia: Please...

Nadia turns and smiles right at the guard who noticed the "maid" earlier. He shows no signs of recognizing her.

Woman (to guard): Are you going to stand there!?

Guard: I'm sorry, Miss Bridget.

Bridget (giggling): They call me "Miss Bridget"...

The three girls enter; Nadia gives the one guard a flirtatious smile as she walks by and he closes the door behind them. The guard lets out a long breath. Cut to Marshall in front of his computer.

Marshall: Okay, they're doing it. They're in the room.

He turns around to look at Jack and Sloane.

Marshall: You know, Mr. Sloane, I know how against this you were, but...if Sydney chooses to say "I told you so..." you know...

Sloane (with a dry look): She's not out yet.

Marshall: That's true, but...They're good; they're really good.

Off Sloane's less-than-pleased reaction, we,


Cut to Tambor, who looks over his shoulder as the three women enter.

Bridget (to Tambor, who looks vaguely disgusted with her): Five minutes to change and then we are leaving...(to Nadia and Sydney) Make yourselves at home, ladies...

Bridget leaves to change. Sydney goes to sit at the desk, Nadia sits on the sofa next to Tambor.

Nadia: What's the score?

Tambor: Devils 1, Lautrec 3.

Nadia (scoffs): Slovak will come back.

Cut to Sydney, who takes a device out and sets it on top of the laptop while she hides it from view with her purse and pretends to read a magazine.

Nadia: Last year, against Real Madrid...Brasco's diving header in overtime? The best goal, ever.

Tambor gives Nadia a sideways glance as if impressed that she actually knows something about soccer.

Nadia: Bentner is a great midfielder...not too bad on the eyes, either.

Tambor (disgusted): For what I'm paying him? (scoffs)

Nadia turns toward him, looking confused.

Nadia: Wh...what do you mean?

Tambor: Is my team.

Nadia (as if stunned and excited): Shut up! Shut up! You own the Slovak Devils!?

Cut to Sydney, still copying hard drive and "reading" her magazine.

Nadia (offscreen): Felicia, did you hear that!?

Cut to Vaughn and Weiss, watching on the feed.

Vaughn (impressed): She's cloning the hard drive, and he's in the room.

Weiss (impressed): How the hell does she know about the Slovak Devils? Was that in the file?

Vaughn: Maybe she's a soccer fan.

Weiss: Oh God...this is the greatest girl ever.

Cut to Sydney looking over her shoulder and then palming the copying device. Cut back to Vaughn and Weiss.

Vaughn: She got it. I didn't know you liked soccer...

Weiss: I do now. Oh, and by the way? It's called futball...

Vaughn: I'm sorry?

Weiss: Foooot ball.

Vaughn: Futball?

Weiss: Foooooooot.

Vaughn (deadpan): Right.

Weiss: Right.

Cut back to the room.

Nadia: If I can be honest, the back four are solid, no question, but watching defensive footie is a little bit boring, really.

Nadia palms Tambor's PDA out of his jacket.

Tambor: Not to me, eh?

Sydney walks over with the magazine in her hand, the copying machine still palmed in her hand.

Nadia (to Tambor): It's your money...

Sydney (showing Nadia the magazine): Donata...can you believe that hag is dating the prince of Greece?

Nadia palms the PDA to Sydney. Sydney begins copying it.

Nadia: Oh Gawd...doesn't she have any friends who can tell her she looks like trash?

Tambor gives them a sideways glance and rolls his eyes. Cut to Vaughn and Weiss.

Weiss: Wait, did you just see that? She just palmed the PDA from his jacket! That's magic, man. I showed her that with like a business card...you know, like "Fazsham!"

Vaughn (rolling his eyes): No, no...I get it.

Weiss: She's amazing!

Vaughn (smiling and shaking his head): I get it. "Fazsham!?"

Weiss: Yeah, "Fazsham"...She's incredible.

Vaughn snorts back a laugh. Cut to Marshall's feed, showing Sydney copying Tambor's PDA.

Marshall: Nice, they're doing it. They're cloning Tambor's PDA. She's good.

Cut back to the room. Sydney indicates something on one of the magazine's pages.

Sydney: Oh my God, those boots are horrific!

Sydney hands the PDA back to Nadia.

Nadia (looking mock offended): I own those, b****!

Nadia slips the PDA back into position and gets ready to place it back on Tambor. Cut to Weiss and Vaughn.

Weiss: It wouldn't be weird for you would it? If we were dating sisters?

Vaughn just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Cut to the TV screen as one team comes up the field with the ball.

Nadia: Vega's lost his step since the knee surgery; you should replace him...

Nadia goes in to re-pocket the PDA, but... the other team scores and Tambor jumps up in disgust.

Tambor: Idiote!

Nadia gives Sydney a worried glance over her shoulder, indicating she didn't get a chance to put the PDA back on Tambor. Sydney takes the copying machine and puts it inside her dress. Cut to Vaughn and Weiss.

Vaughn: Nadia's still got his PDA...come on!

Nadia gives Sydney another worried glance...and then Bridget reenters the room in a sparkling black dress.

Bridget: Extraordinary.

Sydney: Oh, my Gawd...!

Nadia turns to admire the dress.

Nadia: That dress is magnificent!

Tambor feels around his pockets in a panic.

Tambor: My PDA.

Cut to Vaughn and Weiss.

Weiss: Oh, God.

Cut back to the room.

Tambor: Anton! Search these two.

The guards come into the room.

Tambor: Search their bags.

Nadia hands her bag to one man as the other goes to Sydney.

Sydney: Oh, my God...You can't be serious!

The other guard takes Sydney's handbag.

Tambor (to Bridget): Where did you find them?

Nadia, still with the PDA still palmed, goes back to the couch and pretends to "find" it there as Weiss and Vaughn look on nervously. She stands back up with a "What a total jerk!" look on her face and says snottily,

Nadia: Is this what you're freaking out about?

Nadia holds it out to Tambor as he crosses the room and she deposits it none too gently into his hand.

Bridget (gently): You better go now.

Sydney (scoffs): Yah...you think?

She and Nadia share nervously disgusted looks.

Sydney: You were right; your boyfriend is a total drag. Come on.

Cut to Jack and Sloane, and then back to the two women as they exit Tambor's suite. The door closes and then they walk down the hallway with huge grins on their faces.


Cut to establishing daytime shot of LA via helicopter. Cut to Sloane's office at APO.

Sloane: You were given a direct order, one you chose to disregard.

Nadia: We gathered the necessary intelligence.

Sloane: That's not the point, Nadia. You report directly to me. I assessed the risks and determined they were too great, and still...you both chose to defy orders.

Sydney (flippant): We did what we were tasked to do; end of story.

Sydney turns around and starts to walk out of the office.

Sloane: I should remind you...

Sydney stops and reluctantly turns back.

Sloane:...you report to me.

Sydney looks offended by his tone; Nadia looks chastened.

Nadia: You're right; we disregarded a direct order. It won't happen again.

Sloane: Just so we don't have these misunderstandings again, let me be clear...to both of you: Questioning my authority, whether its in this office or in the field is unacceptable.

Sydney (riled): Unacceptable...coming from you, that's almost funny.

Nadia (wanting to keep peace): Sydney, please...

Sydney (slowly walking toward Sloane until she's standing right in front of him): Do you really want to engage in a conversation about what is...and what is not...acceptable? Every day I work here, I see your face in briefings, I hear your voice in my ear during missions; you wanna know what that's like? It makes me sick to my stomach. Having to pretend the past never happened, that you're not the same... murderous, criminal sociopath you were three years ago...It makes me want to retch.

Nadia looks away in discomfort.

Sydney: If you want to talk unacceptable...that is unacceptable.

Sloane: I'd assumed that you had accepted the fact that I'd made amends for my past.

Sydney: Amends!? Francie and Danny are gone...and yet, here you are. And everywhere I look, I'm reminded of the man who killed them.

Sloane: I see.

Nadia looks up at them, pained, just as Marshall bursts in.

Marshall (unaware of the tension in the room): Hey, uh, Tambor's encryption program? I broke it... kinda, brilliant on my part, but then again, the data itself was coded, so I had to cross-reference it with...

Sloane: Marshall, what is it?

Marshall: Well, it looks like the sale of Black Thorine? It's going down in 16 hours.

Sloane: We'll be right there.

Marshall: Okay, hurry!

Marshall runs back out of the office and down the hallway. Nadia gives both Sydney and Sloane a pained glance and walks out. Sydney looks back at Sloane with an accusatory staredown before turning and walking out, leaving Sloane to stare after her in thought.


Cut to daytime establishing shot of LA. Cut to the briefing room at APO.

Jack: The situation is critical. Tambor is selling the Black Thorine aboard his yacht, the ARGENTA. We have less than 16 hours to get on that boat and retrieve the stolen vial.

Sloane: According to Harbormaster records, the Argenta is sailing in the Black Sea in the protected waters off Turkey, which means we have no choice but to go in stealth without the cover of night.

Vaughn: Do we know who the buyer is?

Jack: No, but we do have an idea of where the Black Thorine is being stored: here, in a cabin below deck. Marshall.

Marshall: Okay. Here is the schematic of the vault you'll be dealing with: its secured, built into the bulkhead, old school, so... whoever is going in is going to need...these. Uh, your basic safe-cracking tools.

Dixon: Sounds simple.

Marshall: Not quite. Now, I found some receipts on Tambor's hard drive. Turns out he bought a Condor TLC60 free-standing safe last month. Now, I did some measurements and, oddly enough, it fits perfectly within the vault, so...I think it's safe to assume Tambor...has a safe within a safe.

Nadia: He's certainly paranoid enough.

Vaughn: How do we crack it?

Marshall: The Condor uses a time-synchronized lock. It randomizes the combination every 60 seconds. Now, the combination appears on a key card with and LCD screen. Now, you can assume that Tambor will have it on him, sooooo...you gonna need this. This is a handheld wireless monitor, and this right...

Marshall opens what appears to be a small ring box and turns to Jack.

Marshall: ...Will you marry me, Mr. Bristow? (snickers)

Jack looks at Sloane as if to say, "Is this guy cracked?" and then looks back at Marshall with the same expression, which flusters Marshall, who thought it was a funny joke.

Marshall (swallows): It's a wave millimeter camera; it'll allow you to read the combination through his clothing...assuming he's not wearing a lead girdle...doubtful, but you understand...my point.

Sloane: There's a jet standing by. This is a high-risk mission; no backup. Vaughn, Dixon, this is your op. I'm sending you to the ship.

Sydney: If you don't mind, I'd like to finish what I started.

Nadia: So would I.

Sloane looks at Jack and says nothing.

Cut to Jack and Sloane arguing in Sloane's office.

Jack: They are the two best divers!

Sloane: For me to send them after the way they behaved in Monte Carlo, not to mention the way Sydney just behaved in my office, would be tantamount to rewarding them for insubordination. I thought I would have your support on this.

Jack(pauses, then): Arvin, the nuances of fatherhood may elude me, but...there is one thing I am sure of: You are not going to forge any kind of bond with Nadia if you attempt to keep her from working with her sister.

Close in on Sloane's pensive look.


Cut to establishing shot of the yacht, anchored out to sea. Cut to a cirlcing view of the yacht so that we can see it's being guarded with armed men.

Cut to Tambor in a room with a number of guests.

Tambor: I told him, "If you don't win us next game, you're going to suffer a painful training injury, eh?"

Other men in the room laugh. The man across the room, paunchy, greying hair in his 50s with glasses smokes on a cigar and smiles.

Bridget: Is that why you doubled his salary?

Tambor smiles nervously, wishing Bridget had kept her mouth shut; he's obviously trying to impress these men. Cut to another view of the boat with a guard on the high deck. There is a rope up the side of the ship, with two people climbing up the rope. Cut to Marshall at APO.

Sydney (over comms): Phoenix to base: We're on deck.

Sloane: Proceed with caution.

Sydney: Copy that. We're moving in.

Cut to Sydney and Nadia on deck, surreptitously hiding their scuba gear, leaving their suits on. Cut to a van, sitting on the end of a pier. Cut to Dixon and Vaughn inside.

Sydney (over comms): We're going below deck. We'll be radio silent until we reach the safe.

Vaughn: Roger that.

Cut to Sydney and Nadia entering the safe room. Nadia removes a painting from the wall to reveal the wall safe. Sydney surreptitiously sticks the card reader to the window in the door that leads to where Tambor is while Nadia prepares to open the outside safe. Sydney turns on her portable monitor and sees what's going on in the room; so can Vaughn.

Vaughn: Phoenix, we've got a visual.

Sydney: Copy that; switching to millimeter wave.

Vaughn (to Dixon): Freeze it there; save it.

Dixon: Standing by...enhancing the image.

Cut to the room with Tambor and his guests. The man with the cigar blows a smoke ring.

Man: I always believe in pleasure before business. But, that being said...

Cut to APO office. Sloane is watching the feed on Marshall's computer.

Sloane: Marshall, rewind the feed.

Marshall begins to reset the feed as Jack asks,

Jack: Is there a problem?

The screen focuses in on a profile of the man with the cigar.

Sloane: Marshall, pull up everything we have about Leo Orissa.

Marshall (typing): Leo...Orissa...all right.

An Interpol photo and description pops up. Sloane stares at the photograph as if he knows the man.

Tambor: Anton, get the man what he came for, huh?

Tambor hands the key card to his henchman.

Orissa: If you don't mind, I would like to first for my chemist to conduct a little test, eh?

Tambor: A precaution.

Orissa nods indulgently. Cut to Nadia, who has just cracked the outside safe.

Nadia flips open a case and then says,

Nadia: Ready.

Dixon: Copy that. Scanning Tambor for the latest combination.

We see Dixon's scan, and the results.

Dixon: The code is: 42687.

Nadia types in the numbers and then opens the safe. We see several large canisters inside, not a tiny vial, like had been reported.

Nadia: Oh my God...we need a bigger case.

Cut back to Tambor, who indulgently waves at the man's "Chemist", who stands. One of Tambor's guards starts to walk him toward the safe room.

Sydney: Close it up...now!

Nadia scrambles to lock the safes and they rush out into the hallway. The guard walks in with the chemist and takes the picture frame holding the safe on the wall. Nadia and Sydney watch from a crack in the door as the guard starts to open the safes. Cut back to Tambor and the man.

Tambor: So, you never told me...what do plan to do with your purchase?

Orissa (smiling): It is interesting, actually...(pauses) We plan on taking control of your entire organization.

Tambor (looks frightened for a moment, then starts to laugh): This guy... (he motions toward Bridget; she doesn't look happy)

Cut back to APO.

Marshall: You know this guy?

Sloane: He's an old friend.

Marshall: Badass friend.

Cut back to Orissa, still chuckling at the supposed joke. Tambor starts to sober, realizing suddenly that Orissa is not kidding. Cut to Bridget, standing at the drink cart, who suddenly pulls a handgun and aims it at Tambor. Tambor moves just in time, running down the narrow hallway with Bridget and Orissa in pursuit. Orissa pulls a gun also, but also misses. In the safe room, the "chemist" pulls a gun and shoots the guard dead while Sydney and Nadia watch in horror. A gunfight ensues in the room where Tambor just fled and Orissa's henchmen take out the rest of Tambor's. As soon as the chemist leaves and goes into the other room, Sydney and Nadia flee back up topside. They narrowly beat Orissa and Bridget to topdeck, grab their gear and jump overboard. Tambor comes up one side of the topdeck, Bridget and Orissa the other. They corner Tambor at the front of the boat.

Bridget (gun pointed at him): You don't treat a girlfriend like that...

We hear a shot and then a splash as we watch from underwater as the body of Tambor sinks past where Sydney and Nadia are hiding.

Back at APO, Sloane waits impatiently for word from Sydney and Nadia as Marshall chews his thumb nervously.

Sloane: Phoenix, Evergreen, do you copy?

Cut to a very concerned Vaughn and Dixon in the surveillance van.

Sloane (voiceover): I repeat...do you copy?

All they hear is static.

Cut to one of Orissa's henchmen opening the interior safe that holds the canisters of Black Thorine. He starts loading them into a protective metal briefcase. Sydney and Nadia finally surface, well away from the boat, pulling themselves onto a dock.

Sydney: Phoenix to base: Tambor and his men are dead. Ambushed.

Sloane: ...by Leo Orissa, head of the Russian Organized Crime Syndicate. I used to work with him...when I was head of SD-6.

Sydney and Nadia glance at each other in recognition.

Sydney: He has a link on the inside; the girlfriend fed him everything he needed.

Jack: They're in possession of the vial?

Nadia: A lot more than that. At least ten canisters.

Marshall: Tambor must have reverse-engineered it.

Jack: Which means they're manufacturing it. Tambor has a lab somewhere.

Sydney: Orissa must know where it is.

Sloane: Orissa's associates are most likely securing the Black Thorine for transport. Nadia, can you take them out alone?

Nadia: I think so.

Sloane: Given my history with Orissa, I believe he'll be willing to talk.

Sydney: How?

Sloane: Sydney, in order for this to work, you're going to have to listen to me. You're going to have to trust me.

Sydney gives Nadia a stricken look.


Cut to Tambor's boat, still anchored. It's now close to sunset. Sydney starts to climb the stairs to the topdeck in slomo, still in her wetsuit. She steps onto the deck and walks slowly toward Orissa and Bridget, who are lounging.

Sydney (to Bridget): Hello again.

Orissa sits up suddenly while Bridget grabs her gun and points it at Sydney.

Sydney: My employer won't be happy if you pull that trigger.

Orissa: Your employer!? Who the hell do you work for?

Cut to APO and Sloane.

Sloane: Tell him.

Cut back to Sydney.

Sydney: I work for Arvin Sloane.

Orissa stands slowly and puts a hand on Bridget's arm to signal her to put the gun down. Bridget looks between them, confused. Cut to the henchman who is carrying the Black Thorine below deck. Suddenly, Nadia whacks him on the side of the head with a fire extinguisher. She grabs the two suitcases he was carrying and runs down the hallway. Cut back to the topdeck, where Orissa is irritably tying the sash of his terrycloth robe.

Orissa: He's demanding 50 percent!?

Sydney: Including all future profits from this venture.

Orissa: Arvin always had a...an odd sense of humor.

Cut to Sloane at APO, listening.

Sydney: I came unarmed, out of respect...so we could talk...like gentlemen.

Bridget: You're not seriously considering making a deal with this woman!?

Sloane: Do not let her derail this, Sydney.

Sydney (to Bridget): I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you. You're the one who made it easy; you practically drew us a map!

Orissa turns on Bridget.

Orissa: You!? You let Sloane to me!?

Bridget: I thought she was just some kind of...

Orissa smacks Bridget hard across the face.

Cut to another henchman unloading more Black Thorine. He is kicked from behind by Nadia and then she grabs his head, slams it against the ledge of the safe wall, and then clangs it into the metal safe door, knocking him out. She stands in front of the safe, still full of canisters.

Cut back to topside.

Orissa: Fine. I agree to his terms.

Incensed, Bridget stands back up beside him.

Sloane: Ask for insurance.

Sydney: Mr. Sloane will be pleased. Of course, he needs a sign of good faith.

Orissa (shaking his head as if he can't believe it): What more does he want?

Sydney: The location of the lab.

Cut to Nadia starting to load the canisters when someone appears behind her, holding a gun to her head. It's the "chemist".

Chemist: Don't move.

Nadia pauses but a millisecond before turning and knocking the gun from his hand. A fight ensues, but the chemist gets the upper hand and holds Nadia by the neck.

Cut to APO office and Sloane as he talks.

Sloane: Mention my friend Dr. Haleb...what I did to him, after he betrayed me.

Cut to Sydney.

Sydney: I assume you haven't forgotten Dr. Haleb...what Sloane did to him?

Sloane (narrating to Sydney via commlink): The sound of his own screaming woke him up.

Cut to Vaughn and Dixon in the van, listening, disturbed.

Sloane: He saw everything burning around him, including his own flesh.

Sydney (to Orissa): The fire...the smell of his own flesh burning, the screams...

Sloane: I imagine he spends his days...nights...wishing I had finished the job. Wishing that he were dead.

Sydney (to Orissa): His body doesn't work, but his mind does. He's a living corpse. Sloane didn't show enough mercy to kill him.

Cut back to Nadia and the chemist, fighting again. Nadia lands a punch and then viciously kicks him in the face, knocking him out. Cut back to Sydney.

Sydney: Let me tell you something I know: Arvin Sloane is cruel.

Cut to Sloane's reaction as he listens to what Sydney says about him. Cut back to Sydney.

Sydney: He's inhuman. If you make this difficult, he will come after you. And not just you.

Cut to Vaughn and Dixon, listening. Cut back to Sydney.

Sydney: Your friends will not be spared. Your family will not be spared. If he chooses to let you live, you'll spend every waking minute of your life reminded of what he's cost you.

Cut to Sloane's reaction and then back to Sydney.

Sydney: Word to the wise: give him what he wants.

Cut to Marshall's stunned reaction and then he slowly peeks over his shoulder to guage Sloane's reaction. Jack studies Sloane, but Sloane's face is unreadable.

Cut back to Orissa. We can see that Sydney's speech has sufficiently scared him.

Orissa: The lab...it's in the Ukraine. Mygnyzky.

Bridget: You son of a b****!

Bridget grabs the handgun and fires a bullet into Orissa's forehead from point blank range, killing him. Sydney kicks the gun out of Bridget's hand and they fight. After trading a few blows, Bridget charges Sydney and they go rolling off the topdeck onto the main deck. Sydney is slow to get up and Bridget kicks her in the face. Then she grabs a rope and starts to strangle Sydney with it. At that moment, Nadia comes running and kicks Bridget in the back, forcing her to lose her grip on Sydney. Nadia elbows Bridget in the face twice and then runs her face into the side of the ship, knocking her down. Bridget crawls over toward her gun, Sydney reaches for a gun beside her...and Sydney shoots first, before Bridget can shoot them.

Cut to the surveillance van with Vaughn and Dixon inside.

Sydney (over comms): Phoenix to base: We're ready for pickup.

Vaughn (heaving a sigh of relief): You have no idea how glad I am to hear that.

Dixon: I'll call the chopper.

Cut back to APO. Sloane is just walking away from the monitor and pulling his comm from his ear.

Jack: Arvin. You did what you had to do.

Sloane: Yes...although I imagine it's the last time I'll be working with your daughter.

Sloane walks away, leaving Jack to stare after him.


Cut back to the yacht. Cut to Sydney, sitting on deck where they finished their fight with Bridget. Nadia walks up and sits down, carrying a bottle of what looks like vodka. Nadia hands it to Sydney, who smiles and takes it from her. Nadia sits down next to her as Sydney takes a drink. She hands the bottle to Nadia, who also takes a drink.

Sydney: You did a good job.

Nadia: I was gonna say the same thing to you.

They share a smile.

Nadia: I never imagined this. I didn't even know spies were real until I was recruited.

Sydney: From school?

Nadia (shaking her head): From a juvenile detention home. When I was young, I was reckless...angry. I remember one judge said he thought I was lost. He wasn't wrong. My training agent used to tell me I was good at getting in and out of situations without being noticed. Not to mention I had no one: no family, no ties...I couldn't be compromised because I was alone. I always thought that's what made me a good spy.

Sydney: And now?

Nadia (smiling): I might have been wrong.

They share a smile and pass the bottle again.

Cut to daytime establishing shot of LA skyline. Cut to Weiss sitting on the edge of Nadia's desk doing a card trick for her.

Weiss (slowly flipping through the deck): Just say stop anywhere...

Nadia: Okay, stop!

Weiss stops and pulls a card from the deck at that spot.

Weiss: Okay...is that your card?

Nadia: Nnnnoooo...

Weiss: This wasn't your card... (holding up ten of hearts)

Nadia: It is not.

Weiss: Are you sure?

Nadia: It's not at all my card.

Weiss: Okay...I think you're lying but...hold onto that...

Weiss hands Nadia the card face down.

Weiss: You sure!?

Nadia: Mmmhmm.

Weiss: Well, that's never happened...

Nadia: Sorry...

Weiss: Hold on...hold on one second...what was your card?

Nadia: Queen of spades.

Weiss: The queen of spades? You said that wasn't your card.

Weiss motions toward the card Nadia's holding in her hand.

Nadia: It is not...

She flips the card over...and it is indeed the Queen of Spades.

Nadia: How did you do that!? This is incredible!

Weiss: It's not incredible, it's child's play...I've got a million of 'em.

Nadia smiles joyously.

Weiss: Your smile is so unbelievable...

Nadia smiles even wider as Vaughn walks up.

Vaughn: You going?

Weiss: Uh, yeah we're going. We're just flirting here, if you don't mind.

Vaughn (smiling): Sorry.

Cut to Sydney, stalking toward Sloane's office. She stands in front of him.

Sloane: Langley is pleased. They located the production facility for Black Thorine. The raid was successful.

Sydney: I'm happy to hear it.

Sloane: So Sydney, I contacted Chase...She's expecting a call from you regarding a transfer from this unit. Given your sentiments, I assume that's what you want.

Sydney (leaning over the desk to make eye contact with Sloane): I want to make something clear: I will never forgive you for what you've done to me...to the people I love. No amount of time or distance will ever change that. (pause as she stands straight again) I'll see you tomorrow.

She turns and walks out of the room, down the hallway to meet up with Vaughn, Weiss and Nadia as Sloane watches. From behind his hands, which are clasped together in front of his mouth as he leans on his elbows, it almost looks as if he's smiling.