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04x03 - The Awful Truth
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Black Screen, then:


Cut to daytime establishing shot of a tropical beach. Cut to Sydney and Marshall walking into a bank. Sydney is dressed in a knee length geometric print dress w/ expensive looking glasses. She reeks of money. Marshall is wearing a smarmy thin fake mustache, his hair slicked back, light tan suit with a black shirt, smacking gum, and carrying a briefcase. A bank manager comes out to meet them. A glance at Sydney shows she's also smacking on some gum. The bank manager puts out his hand and Sydney shakes it.

Bank Manager: Mrs. DeMarco, it's a pleasure. I'm the bank manager; we spoke on the phone.

Sydney (in nasal voice with heavy Noo Yawk accent (think Marissa Tomei from "My Cousin Vinny"): Yeah... My jet got bouncy outta Newark... Not to be a pain in the shaker, but can we cut to this, aight?

Bank Manager: By all means.

They start walking. Sydney offhandedly introduces,

Sydney (pointing to Marshall with her sunglasses): This is Leon...

The bank manager turns and shakes Marshall's hand as he says,

Marshall (also in New York accent): Hey, how ya doin'? Leon Frost... CPA, MBA, Phd...That's a nice suit.

Bank Manager: Thank you.

Sydney: So...can we do business?

They walk by a desk where a very disgruntled Vaughn is talking with his voice raised to the bank worker helping him.

Vaughn (in an Australian/British accent): Yes, I'm sure this is the right bank. Please check it again: Roger Fonseca. You've never heard of the Fonseca vineyards!?

Bank Associate: No.

Vaughn: Please, check it again. F O N S E C it says on the passport.

Cut back to Syd, Marshall and the bank manager as they enter his office.

Sydney: You name can't be traced to my account number? Not that I've got anything to hide or anything...

Bank Manager: The names of all the account holders are stored exclusively in my personal safe (pats safe), right here. It's only my hand...protected biometrically.

Sydney primps at her eyebrows.

Sydney: If it's good enough for three ex-presidents, I guess it's good enough for a plumber's wife...

Both "Leon" and the bank manager laugh at Sydney's joke.

Bank Manager: Now, the minimum deposit that I mentioned...

Sydney: Leon... (smacks him on the arm impatiently)

Marshall: Guess that would be my department...

Marshall opens the briefcase to flash at the bank manager. It's full of money.

Marshall (under breath): In here...

Bank Manager: Excellent. All right. Your full name.

Sydney: Claudia Maria Viasquez DeMarco.

Bank Manager: That's a lovely name.

Sydney: Oh, charmed, I'm sure...

Cut to the main lobby and Vaughn at the desk.

Vaughn: This is ridiculous. I'm going to start getting upset if you don't find my account information now! Your manager will not be happy to lose my business...

Dixon walks in, dressed in long dreadlocks, sunglasses, shell necklace, etc. He walks right up to the desk where Vaughn is sitting and completely interrupts.

Dixon (in Jamaican accent): Excuse me please, miss...Tell me where I can go to cash this check...

Vaughn (to Dixon, annoyed): I'm doing business here, Braidy. Go bother someone else.

Dixon: Is me you're talkin' to like that, mon?

Vaughn: Yes, 'mon'... it is! And I'm not in a good mood, so just walk away!

Dixon (laughs and puts a friendly hand on Vaughn's shoulder): Oh need more peace in your life, brother...

Vaughn (standing up now, confrontational): Maybe you need a hearing aid...and I'm not your brother, so shove off! (shoves Dixon in the chest)

Dixon shoves Vaughn back and Vaughn punches him. The woman at the desk stands up, phone in hand.

Bank Associate: Okay, break it up! Guard!

Cut back to Syd, Marshall and the bank manager.

Bank Manager (showing Sydney an index card): This is your account number, and this is your code, of course.

Phone rings. Bank manager answers. Sydney takes her account card and dances it between her fingers as if tickled about having it.

Bank Manager: Yes. (hangs up phone, then to Sydney) Excuse me... I'll be right back in one minute.

Marshall: We'll hold down the fort...anyone tries to steal anything from ya... (bank manager pats Marshall on the back on the way by, enjoying his joke)

Sydney(admonishing him): Leon...

Marshall: Oh, sorry.

They both wait until the bank manager closes the door and then they spring into action. Sydney crosses the room to the safe. Marshall lifts a false bottom on the briefcase to reveal a scanner. Sydney peels a piece of latex from her palm and places it on the safe's hand scanner.

Marshall: Scanning to get a base reference. (scanning Sydney's account code)

Cut to the main lobby, where Vaughn and Dixon are wrestling. A guard is trying to break them up. The bank manager sees the scuffle and comes running.

Bank Manager: Break it up! Break it up! Break it up!

He tries to pull Vaughn off of Dixon and gets shoved aside. Cut to Sydney as the biometric scanner recognizes the bank manager's palm print. The safe pops open. Sydney pulls a metal file box out of the safe and starts searching through it.

Sydney: What's the account number?

Marshall: 1420543020202020222069685.

Cut to the lobby as the guard and the bank manager muscle Vaughn and Dixon outside. Cut back to Syd and Marshall as Syd hands Marshall the appropriate card. He scans it while Syd checks her watch.

Cut to the lobby as Vaughn and Dixon are removed. The bank manager stops apologizes to other patrons. Cut back to Sydney and Marshall as they rush to put the card back. Sydney puts the box back into the safe and closes it. Sydney is still bent over the safe as the bank manager comes back into the office. Sydney slowly rises to a stand.

Bank Manager: What were you doin'?

Sydney (still in character): Breakin' inta your safe?

She picks up her sunglasses from a wall ledge behind the safe. The bank manager looks between her and Marshall for a moment, but then starts to laugh.

Bank Manager: Ya almost fooled me.

Sydney smiles and puts her sunglasses back on, then starts to giggle. Then she full out laughs and points at the bank manager as if it were a practical joke and she caught him.



Establishing night shot of LA skyline. A doorbell rings. Cut to Sydney's door from the outside. Sydney opens the door.

Sydney: Thanks for coming. Come on in.

The pizza delivery guys follows her into her apartment. She's having a party.

Sydney: Right here, please. (indicating kitchen counter)

The delivery man puts three boxes on the counter and leaves. Dixon and Marshall are on either side of the counter, digging into the top box.

Marshall: Hungry... (piles three slices of pizza on his plate and then looks up guiltily at Dixon) I'm...starving... What? You're taking three...

Dixon: These are for my kids.

Marshall: Well, these are for Mitchell...

Dixon: Your son is 14 months old...

Marshall: Is that...too young to have pizza?

Sydney comes over, smiling with amusement at Marshall and taking a slice of pizza from the box.

Sydney: Marshall...

Marshall: Hey...thanks for inviting us...

Sydney nods and giggles. Cut across the room to where Weiss and Nadia are talking animatedly. Sydney walks up to stand next to Vaughn.

Sydney: So...I think something's going on between my sister and the birthday boy.

Vaughn: Yeah, I've been watching that...I can tell you, that is not a great thing.

Sydney: Why not?

Vaughn: Because the same thing happens every time: He gets way too eager, the girl breaks his heart, and I have to clean it up.

Sydney (playfully scolding): Don't be a cynic.

Sydney holds up a slice of pizza and Vaughn takes a bite from it.

Vaughn: Pizza and vegetables?

Sydney (smiling at his teasing, shrugs): I know.

Cut to Nadia and Weiss.

Weiss: The hard thing to do...

Nadia: We should go sometime.

Weiss: No woman ever wants to go to the Magic Castle...

Nadia: Oh, I like magic...and I like your smile, too.

Weiss blushes and points to his own face.

Weiss: This one right here? This smile?

Nadia (giggling): Yeah.

Weiss (laughing): How red is my face right now?

Nadia (laughing): Very red...

Sydney and Vaughn approach them, Sydney sidling up to Nadia, Vaughn sidling up to Weiss.

Sydney: Hey, guys.

Nadia: Hey!

Sydney: How's it going?

Nadia: Very well.

Vaughn (aside to Weiss): Easy, tiger...

Weiss: Oh no...I'm on fire, my friend. She loves magic...

Sydney (to Nadia): You think people are having fun?

Nadia: Yeah.

A friend of Weiss comes up and play strangles him from behind.

Weiss: Whoa! (saving his drink from spilling)

Friend: You're so old!

Weiss: Dude, you're so bald! What's up? I'm so glad you're here. These are friends of mine. This is Sydney...

Friend: Hey, how you doing?

Weiss: Nadia...

Friend: How you doing?

Weiss: And, uh...(trailing off as if he can't remember)

Vaughn: Michael?

Weiss: Right!

Vaughn and Friend shake hands.

Weiss: I used to work with these guys until they went private sector on me.

Friend: What do you do now?

Sydney: I work in a bank. In the loan department.

Vaughn looks over at the door and spies Jack coming in. Vaughn motions over to the door with his head and says to Sydney,

Vaughn: Looks like the party just got started.

As he walks by the counter, Marshall says to him,

Marshall: Hey, Mr. Bristow!

Jack nods in his direction.

Marshall: You want some pizza...or a cocktail?

Jack doesn't answer. He's looking straight at Sydney, who excuses herself from the group and walks over to him.

Sydney: Dad...

Jack: It must have been lost in the mail.

Sydney (in surprise): Your invitation?

Jack: Unless it was an e-vite. I don't read...e-vites.

Sydney looks aside a little, recognizing Jack's joke. Jack smiles just a ghost of a smile in return. Cut to Syd and Jack outside on the patio talking.

Jack: Your mission in the Bahamas last week paid off. We know who has the Valta.

Sydney: That's what you came here to tell me? There's a briefing in the morning.

Jack: I've learned...that you've invited your sister to live here.

Sydney: I'm letting her stay here, yes.

Jack: Are you aware that Sloane has Langley's approval to make her a permanent member of our team at APO?

Sydney: If you're wondering if I've told Nadia that you killed our mother...No, I haven't...but I plan to.

Jack: Out of spite?

Sydney: Out of respect.

Jack: Sydney...consider the ramifications...

Sydney: She's my sister. I need to tell her the truth.

Jack: This isn't about what you need, Sydney...

Sydney: No, apparently it's about what you need...

Jack: You don't know how Nadia may react to that information...

Sydney: Which would be especially true if she finds out from another source.

Jack: I needn't remind you that your sister has sworn to kill the man responsible for your mother's death.

At that moment, Nadia slides open the glass door to the patio.

Nadia: Hey, (to Jack) Hi. Syd, where are the candles? These guys wanna do the cake?

Sydney: I'll be right there.

Nadia: Okay.

Nadia walks away.

Sydney: Trust me, Dad...I don't look forward to telling Nadia what you did...or why you did it... but she will learn the truth somehow, and I would rather it be from me.

Sydney leaves Jack to his thoughts on the patio.


Alias Theme. (Or, now is the time in Alias when we dance!)

Establishing shot of daytime LA. Cut to Sloane, giving the briefing at APO.

Sloane: Ten days ago, the Valta computer was stolen in broad daylight as it was being transferred to NSA headquarters. Now, the Valta represents cutting-edge technology; will revolutionize information gathering from satellite networks. If it falls in the wrong hands...

Marshall: It would be like, monster bad...

Sloane: Simply put, we cannot let the Valta be delivered.

Sydney: Delivered to whom?

Sloane: A new terrorist network out of Germany...the Baden Liga. The theft was financed by transferring 3 million Euros into an untraceable account in the Bahamas. Your work has given us the name on that account. Martin Bishop. Intel indicates that Bishop is still waiting to receive final payment before he delivers the Valta.

Sydney: Then we need to get to Bishop right away.

Dixon: What do we know about him?

Sloane: He's a British ex-pat living in Spain. He has a reputation as a lady-killer...literally. His wife disappeared three years ago. Rumor has it that he killed her in order to spend more time with his mistress.

Sydney: Charming.

Sloane: Professionally, Bishop specialized in acquiring high-risk, high-reward military targets. The Valta...must be recovered...or destroyed. I want you to find it. That will be all. (pause as meeting breaks) Sydney...

Sydney watches as the others leave the conference room.

Sloane: Thank you.

Sydney: For what.

Sloane: For letting my daughter stay with you. As Nadia acclimates to this life, to a new family...she needs support...and you have put my mind at ease.

Sydney: The thought that I did something that might have given you a warm and fuzzy feeling makes me want to kick my own sister out of my house.

Sloane: Yeah. Well, Nadia won't be assisting you on the Bishop case. Now that she's joining our team, your father has offerred to run her through her psych evaluation.

Sydney (unsettled by this news): Really...

Cut to Sydney and Jack walking down an APO hallway.

Jack: The Yaga-Hoshi review can predict how an individual will react to highly stressful situations and the discovery of delicate intel.

Sydney: Delicate intel...

Jack: Sydney, I'm resigned to the fact that you're going to tell Nadia what happened, but when are you going to tell her that?Now? Two hours before you leave for an operation?

Sydney: Not until I get back.

Jack: Understood. And I's for the best.

Sydney (looking highly suspicious): What are you up to, Dad...

Jack (he instead looks over Sydney's shoulder and looks in the conference room): They're waiting for you, Sydney.

Sydney reluctantly walks away. The camera pans back so that we see Jack standing alone in the hallway. Cut to Nadia standing at the other end of the hallway, watching him. Sloane walks up behind her.

Sloane: Nadia...

Nadia: Is he always so cold?

Sloane: Jack? (he smiles) I'm afraid so. So, I was wondering...are you free tonight? There's this restaurant on Melrose that serves Argentinian food... We can go anyplace you like.

Nadia: I'd like that.

Sloane: Good. (Jack catches his eye and nods.) I'll see you when you're through.

Nadia: Okay.

Nadia turns and walks down the hallway toward Jack. As she walks by the conference room we hear,

Vaughn: Great. I'll check that out with the NSA...

Cut to Vaughn, Marshall, Dixon and Sydney talking about the mission.

Vaughn: Intel indicates Bishop owns a dozen industrial properties in Spain. Any one of them could be a safe hiding place for the Valta. Bishop also recently purchased an MK-1200 from Shayleen Tech.

Marshall: Well, you don't buy a server like that to look at online p0rn...

Vaughn: No, you buy it to coordinate international business operations; at least, that's what it's made for.

Sydney: Logistics, essentially. So, let's assume the location of the Valta is on that server...

Marshall: ...and the server's on his estate.

Dixon: An hour out of Malaga...a couple of hundred acres.

Marshall: And you can't hack into an MK-1200 from the outside, FYI.

Vaughn: Okay, so what if you're on the inside?

Dixon: Multiple electric fences, cameras on high sweep, armed guards, comm jammers...

Marshall: Well, if you can get past all that, I've got this really cool laser lock pick that'll help you hack into the server. It's housed in this watch that's awesomely me...Marshall J. Flinkman...except I'm still working on that overheating problem...

Sydney: So, we need to get into that house, get into the server, and that will tell us where he's hiding the Valta.

Vaughn: How do you break into the house of a master thief?

Sydney: I don't think you do. I think you have to be invited...


MARTIN (cell, in German): The delivery will be on time.

MARTIN (cell, in German): When was the last time I let you down?

MARTIN (cell, in German): Call me when you arrive.

The mercedes drives past a grove of trees where Marshall, Dixon, etc. are hiding in a van.

MARSHALL: Okay, they're approaching.

DIXON: I've locked onto the cell phone frequencies.

VAUGHN: All set.

Martin sees the car crash, and tells his driver...

MARTIN: Pull over.

The picture feed to the van is upside down.

VAUGHN: Marshall, can you flip that?


DIXON: Okay, cell phones are jammed.

VAUGHN: Hey, it's not igniting.

MARSHALL: What? Hang on a sec. Sometimes you just need a little magic touch... and... fire.

SYDNEY: Help! Help! Can't get my seat-belt off!

MARTIN: Are you all right?

SYDNEY: I don't know! My seat-belt's stuck. Please hurry. Please, my seat-belt's right here. Please.

MARTIN (to driver): Call for help!

SYDNEY: Mah seat-belt! Please, sir, please! Hurry, please, please.

MARTIN: It's stuck!

VAUGHN: Trigger the belt.

MARSHALL: What, you don't want to milk this a little bit?

DIXON: Marshall, do it.

MARSHALL: Allright. Don't have to get so snappy.

Martin gets Sydney out of the car.

MARSHALL: And now for the big finish. Rock 'n Roll Cleveland!

DRIVER: Sir, are you okay?

MARTIN: Fine. (to Syd) What about you?


DRIVER: Sir, I can't get a signal. I don't know what's wrong.

SYDNEY: Please don't call anybody. Please.

MARTIN: You just rolled your car. You must have been going at 200 kilometers an hour.

SYDNEY: Sometimes you need to drive fast.

MARTIN: So why are you in such a rush?

SYDNEY: Long story.

MARSHALL: This guy scares me. You know, he killed his wife. He's a wife-killer. Beat her to death, stuffed her in a dumpster, who knows what else.

VAUGHN: Marshall, shut up.

MARTIN: Where are you headed?

SYDNEY: You just saved my life.

MARTIN: Perhaps I did. I'm quite something, aren't I?

SYDNEY: To me you are.

MARTIN: You know, a doctor should really look at...

SYDNEY: No... I'm fine, I just need a place to rest. I haven't slept much the past few days. I'm fine.

MARTIN: I live near here. I'm taking you back to my house.


DIXON: Outrigger to base. Phoenix is in. She's on her own.

VAUGHN: Shotgun to base. Hold your position. We're still on schedule. Outrigger's patching us into the grid, we'll have a laser-mic operational in 5 minutes.

SLOANE: Affirmative, shotgun. We're standing by for your information.

VAUGHN: Roger that.

VAUGHN: Are you sure we can't use standard phones?

MARSHALL: Bishop is using at least four high-impedence jammers. To bore a hole through that kind of noise, Sydney would have to wear a generator the size of a baby hippopotamus. There's certainly no way to sneak around somebody's house with a baby hippopotamus strapped to your... back.

Vaughn gets up and leaves the van.

MARSHALL: Good luck!

Martin Bishop spies on Sydney while she's taking a shower, then goes through her purse.

Syd comes out of the shower in a robe.

SYDNEY: That's a nice shower.

MARTIN: Yeah. Good. I'm glad you like it. How are you feeling?

SYDNEY: Fine. Grateful.

MARTIN: No more thanks. You have a good excuse to get to know my house. I haven't been in this room for about three years.

SYDNEY: Three years?

MARTIN: Not since my wife left me.

SYDNEY: I'm sorry to hear about it.

MARTIN: It's in the past.

His cell phone rings.


MARTIN (German): I told you there could be a delay.

MARTIN (German): All's well. Have faith. I'll see you tomorrow.

MARTIN: Your shoulder.

SYDNEY: It's nothing.

MARTIN: All this didn't come from the accident.

SYDNEY: It's fine.

MARTIN: Who are you running from?

SYDNEY: Your wife left you. I left someone. Only he didn't want me to go.

MARTIN: Who is he? I can have someone talk to him.

SYDNEY: I'm all right. Now I'm all right. Just have to remember not to wear something strapless.

MARTIN: I have some business in town. Stay here Charlene. Rest. When I get back, we'll have dinner.

SYDNEY: My car's totalled. I'm not going anywhere. Thank you, Martin.

MARTIN: Oh, stay in side. Don't run on the grounds. There's security.

SYDNEY: I'll stay put. You might need to wake me when you get back.

MARTIN: I look forward to it.


Jack doing a psych evaluation...

JACK: You've been sent to Paris to extract a deep-cover operative. You've successfully transferred him to a safehouse on ? San-Louis, when a secure communication comes in that you've been exposed. Do you abort?

NADIA: Well, that depends...

JACK: What's your impulse? That's what this is about.

NADIA: Is the operative one of us?

JACK: Yes or no?


JACK: While tapping the phone line of a target in New Delhi, you're spotted by the enemy. Your partner tells you to continue with the mission objective while he neutralizes the target. Do you obey him, or fight back?

NADIA: Is the phone system ? PBX matrix?

JACK: Just answer the question, please.

NADIA: Why is my partner a man?

JACK: The s*x of your partner is irrelevant.

NADIA: Oh. No I would not obey. I'd help her fight him off, then she and I could finisht the job together.


SLOANE: Jack. How's she doing?

JACK: I don't quite know yet.

SLOANE: Oh, come on, Jack, it's been two hours. You must have formed an opinion.

JACK: I have, but I need to be certain.

SLOANE: Of course.



Vaughn uses some weird laser mic to communicate with Sydney, who has made her way to a balcony.

VAUGHN: Shotgun to Phoenix, how do you read?

SYDNEY: This is so weird. It sounds like you're right next to me. You can hear me?


SYDNEY: That's good. It's like talking to my conscience.

VAUGHN: It is, a little bit, isn't it?

VAUGHN (comm): Merlin, what's your status?

MARSHALL (comm): Give me a sec. Okay, uh... Okay, we've got a huge power drain in the basement, it's the room at the far southern end.

VAUGHN (comm): Copy that.

VAUGHN: Phoenix, your target is in the basement, southern-most room, looks like an office. Rendezvous at the far window on the first floor; move on my mark. I see two visible bogeys, one on the third floor, one below. Okay, you're clear. Go.

A guard goes snooping around Sydney's room, but it's okay because she left the water running in the bathroom and had a marshall gadget that's playing her end of a fake cell phone conversation. The guard goes away.

Syd gets to the room. Vaughn can communicate with her with the magical laser mic because there's a window.

SYDNEY: We're good.

VAUGHN: Good. Move fast.

She uses the nifty laser key lockpick thing in her watch to access the computer. As soon as the display shows up, there's an image of a Sierpinski tetrahedron and a Sierpinski cube. Gratuitous eye candy.

She tells the computer to search for "VALTA"

SYDNEY: I found the VALTA. It's located at Alameda yards, id number is charlie-zero-seven-one-seven.

VAUGHN: Okay, the coast is clear. Get out of there. I'll see you at the extraction point.

VAUGHN (comm): Sydney's on her way.

DIXON (comm): On our way for pick-up.

SLOANE (phone) This is Arvin Sloane. The requested intel's been acquired. VALTA is located in container ID charlie-zero-seven-one-seven in Alameda yards.

VAUGHN (comm): Wait, stand down.

DIXON (comm): What?

MARSHALL (comm): What, what is it?

As Sydney leaves the house, Martin Bishop pulls up.

SYDNEY: I saw you pull in.

MARTIN: You seem out of breath.

SYDNEY: Just glad you're back.

MARTIN: Really? This way.

VAUGHN (comm): We've got a problem.


Psych evaluation, continued.

JACK: You're part of a three-man team. Three-woman team, if you prefer. A tactical mission. You suspect that one of your team members may be a mole. Do you tell the third?


JACK: You return from an operation overseas. While the operation was successful, certain information may reflect negatively on one of your team members. Do you include said information in your op report?

NADIA: No. Mr. Bristow...

JACK: Yes?

NADIA: I don't mean to seem impatient, but.. I've never done anything that's lasted as long as this.

JACK: How sad for you.

Jack's phone rings.

JACK (phone): Jack Bristow.

JACK: Wer're through.


SLOANE: I gave Langley the location of the VALTA.

JACK: Are they asking ?

SLOANE: They have a team standing by in Malaga. They're about to raid one of Bishop's yards.

JACK: What about Sydney?

SLOANE: She's still in the house with Bishop.

JACK: Is her cover blown?

SLOANE: I don't know.

JACK: Can we extract her?

SLOANE: Not yet. Langley considers the raid top priority. We have the authority to seize Bishop only after the VALTA is seized or destroyed. I'm sorry, Jack, but I just thought that you should know.

JACK: Then I'm going to Spain myself, and I'd like to take Nadia with me.

SLOANE: About that, have you learned anything helpful?

JACK: Enough. Enough to deal with the problem at hand.


MARTIN: It occurred to me that this night represents things I've been considering for some time.

SYDNEY: How's that?

MARTIN: The choices I make, the people with whom I choose to keep company. Work versus everything else.

VAUGHN (mic): If you can hear me, tuck your hair behind your ear.

She does.

SYDNEY: Sounds like a mid-existential crisis.

MARTIN: (laughing) Yes, that's it.

VAUGHN: Langley's ordered a raid on the Alameda yard. You have got to get out of there.

SYDNEY: It's easy to doubt yourself, but sometimes you need to stick with it and stay the course.

VAUGHN: Damnit, no! You've got to get out of there. When Bishop hears about the raid, he'll suspect you.

MARTIN: But I think in my case, it might be time to make a mid-course correction. The fact is, I don't believe in coincidences.

SYDNEY: Meaning what? You and I were destined to meet?

MARTIN: Possibly, but I'm more interested to know why we met.

SYDNEY: I told you. I was involved with the wrong man.

MARTIN: I don't believe that.


At Alameda yards

WEISS: Let's go! Move! Move!

WEISS: ? in position.

WEISS: Fan out.

They open the container and throw in a grenade. Someone starts shooting at them. The grenade explodes. Shooting continues.



MARSHALL: I don't get it. Why doesn't she just kick his ass, and then run?

DIXON: She doesn't want to blow her cover. She wants to get out clean in case the raid goes south.

SLOANE (comm): Shotgun, team is down. Weiss was team leader. We believe he's been captured.

VAUGHN: (mic): Take that son of a b**** out! The CIA team's under attack. They've got Weiss.

MARTIN: You're trembling.

SYDNEY: I want to be honest, but everything has happened so fast. I promised myself I wouldn't see someone again. I really need more details.

MARTIN: About me?

VAUGHN: We don't have more details. Weiss took out the VALTA with a grenade and then went radio-silent. You've got to move, now!

MARTIN: I have nothing to hide.

His cell phone rings.

MARTIN: Excuse me.


VOICE: Sir, we just had an incident at Alameda yards.

MARTIN: How bad?

VOICE: The VALTA was destroyed. It was CIA. I double checked our signals traffic. Somebody was on your server, in your house, an hour ago.

MARTIN: Interesting. Thank you, Peter.

SYDNEY: You alright?

SYDNEY: Your expression, reminds me of my uncle.

VAUGHN (comm): Shotgun to Outrigger. Phoenix just gave the callsign. I'm going in. Request backup.

DIXON (comm): I'm on my way.

They go in.

VAUGHN: Outrigger, anything?

DIXON: Negative.

VAUGHN: Where is she?

DIXON: Where's anyone?


In the van

VAUGHN: The escape tunnel only gave them an out. They have to be somewhere.

MARSHALL: While you're getting very impatient, I'm doing the best I can.

VAUGHN: You've been doing it for an hour.

MARSHALL: Well, to trace a guy on a cellular network using the frequency of his phone is like trying to find a needle in a county full of haystacks.

VAUGHN: You have to find them.

MARSHALL: Yeah, I know what I'm supposed to be doing, alright? Shut up.

MARSHALL: Sorry about that.

VAUGHN: No, that was good.

MARSHALL: Hey, we got a hit. The cell phone signal's weak.

VAUGHN: Can you locate them?

MARSHALL: Yeah. I'm trying.


On a cargo plane, Jack and Nadia

JACK: They were tracking Bishop. We'll coordinate with Vaughn on the ground.

NADIA: I know it must be hard for you, having me at APO.

JACK: Not at all.

NADIA: I can't defend the choices my mother made.

JACK: Nadia, I would never blame you for your mother's infidelity. But there is something I need to share with you. I only do this because of your test results.

NADIA: Did I fail horribly?

JACK: Hardly. Not surprisingly, your ability to adapt to sudden changes in protocol, to handle adverse situations, is exceptional. The results were very much like your sister's.

JACK: Sydney doesn't know this yet, the results of an ongoing investigation. Ironically, this intel came in to me just this morning.


SLOANE (phone): This is Sloane.

VAUGHN: It's Vaughn. We've got Jack and Nadia. We're tracking Bishop, and we're en route.


MARTIN: Let me explain something to you. I have been paid hansomely, paid by the Baten Leiger to deliver the VALTA computer, which you decided to destroy with the toss of a hand grenade. As you can imagine, they won't be very happy. When they get here, which they will shortly, the will kill me unless I can provide them with information of equal or greater value.

MARTIN: You're both CIA, so you've obviously infiltrated my friend's network. I want to know how. So, what's your real name, Charlene?

SYDNEY: I'm a...

MARTIN: Ima what?

SYDNEY: I'm a going to kick your ass.

He slaps her.

WEISS: Son of a b****!

He shoots just past her.

MARTIN: The next one will go between your eyes.

He gets a phone call.

GUARD (cell): Yeah?

GUARD: The Baden Leiger.

MARTIN: If they move, shoot them in the kneecaps.

Sydney's cutting through the rope with her laser watch.

WEISS: Argh! My heart!

The guard approaches, and Weiss kicks the guard. Sydney has gotten free, and beats the guard up.

WEISS: What the hell is going on? You said you weren't Agency anymore.

SYDNEY: I'll tell you later. Thanks for the distraction, by the way.

WEISS: Yeah, thanks for saving my life.

WEISS: Wait, this is black ops, isn't it? Is Vaughn part of this too?

SYDNEY: We've got to go.

WEISS: Am I right?

SYDNEY: We've got to go.


MARTIN (cell): The machine is destroyed, but I have something of greater value-- two CIA agents.

VOICE (cell): We don't want agents. We want the Valta. You're a dead man, Bishop. You're dead.

He hangs up. Sydney and Vaughn start shooting at him.

WEISS: Go for Bishop!

Weiss runs into Vaughn.

WEISS: Dude, I knew it!

Meanwhile, Sydney is hanging onto the roof of an old mercedes as Martin is trying to make his getaway. She shoots Martin's shoulder from above. He crashes the car, and she's thrown off the roof. He gets out.

MARTIN: I liked you much better as Charlene.

Nadia shoots him to death, emptying the magazine.

SYDNEY: Is that how you normally deal with bad guys?

NADIA: He was the one. He killed our mother.


SYDNEY: Dad, why does Nadia think that Bishop killed our mother?

JACK: I adjusted some details in Bishop's file.

SYDNEY: You set her up.

JACK: I'd hardly call Martin Bishop an ally. I solved two problems with one answer.

(Geez, who is writing these scripts? Can you get more awkward-sounding language than that?)

SYDNEY: You manipulated Nadia.

JACK: I gave your sister closure.

SYDNEY: But not the truth.

JACK: Sometimes the satisfying lie, Sydney, can do more good than the awful truth.

Sydney walks back to the group, which now includes Weiss. Jack's usual gloomy face looks on.

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