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03x22 - Resurrection
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SECRETARY: Good evening, Ms. Bristow.

Sydney's putting an awful lot of stuff in trash cans and on ledges as she down the hall. She fakes a breath DNA scan. She's putting cell phones everywhere.


Dixon's office

Where do we stand with Rambaldi's equation? How close are we to solving it?

MARSHALL: I only recovered about 92%. I designed a program to extrapolate the rest, but these permutations are like vast. It seems to be written in some sort of pre-Galilean algebra, which makes you wonder what these guys were... (fakes smoking a joint)... should be about 8 hours.

DIXON: Let me know the moment it's done.

MARSHALL: Absolutely. Sir, do you mind if I ask... what exactly are we looking for?

DIXON: Our only intel came from the interrogation of Dr. Lee in Havana. Crazy as it sounds, he says we're looking for Rambaldi.

MARSHALL: Rambaldi, as in... Mr. R... from the... You know, I don't even want to know. I've got too much on my (mind), with the baby. He's not (really a baby), he's like a toddler. And Carey's constantly (talking), even when I..,

DIXON: I understand.

MARSHALL: I'm going to (go).



From the voice, Sydney is really Lauren in disguise.

LAUREN: (comm) I'm in. Patching into the feed now.

The voice is Lauren's.

SARK: (comm) I must say, your disguise, it addresses a certain proclivity of mine.

LAUREN: (comm) If this works, I'll happily make your sick little fantasy come true.

LAUREN: (comm) Uploading Rambaldi's equation now.

MARSHALL: Oh, hey Syd. Uh, listen, have you seen a USB key with a Speed Racer logo on it? Any... Oh, it happens to have every single picture we've ever taken of Mitchell on it, and well, I brought it in here to make duplicates, and of course, the genius that I am, I forgot to make a backup copy. I'll tell you something, Carey's going to kill me if I don't find it.

MARSHALL: Found it! Left it in here when I was doing the keyboard thing earlier. It's a good thing I found it because Carey would probably divorce me if I (didn't)... I'd probably divorce myself in the process, you know?

MARSHALL: Is that a new perfume you're wearing, cause it's nice. I like it.

Marshall starts to leave, then turns around.

MARSHALL: Why are you downloading the equation?

Lauren shoots him.

LAUREN: (comm) I have it. Corrupting the database now.

She starts to leave. Marshall hits some sort of emergency button that just happens to be under Sydney's desk.

LAUREN: (comm) Activate countermeasures now.

SARK: (comm) Get down, love.

VAUGHN: Sydney!

SARK: (to himself) Call on line one, Mr. Vaughn.

DIXON: (phone) We have a level five... (explosion)

WEISS: Marshall! We need a medic. Call St. John's, tell them we have an incoming.

WEISS: Marshall.

Jack walks up. Vaughn sees Sydney walking out and runs after her.

WEISS: They hacked into an off-site relay. They're in a parking structure on the Northeast corner of Sixth.

JACK: (cell) This is Jack Bristow. We have a location on one of the intruders.

SARK: (comm) Keep moving. You have a clear path for the exit.

VAUGHN: Syd, wait!

Lauren ambushes him, takes off her mask, and runs out.

At the parking garage, Sark is caught by the goons Jack dispatched.

Lauren runs out into the street faking an injury. She gets a car stopped.

DRIVER: Are you alright?

Lauren shoots him, pushes him to the passenger side, and drives away.




Some interrogation room.


Someone arrives.

FOSTER: The name's Hank Foster, Counterintelligence, threat analysis.

SYDNEY: What am I doing here, Mr. Foster?

FOSTER: At 7:22 this evening, you were logged in at the safe-house where Nadia Santos is being held. Is that accurate?

SYDNEY: It was around dinner. I brought her a sandwich.

FOSTER: Where were you before that?

SYDNEY: Buying her the sandwich. What is this?

FOSTER: At 6:12 tonight the Rotunda was compromised.

SYDNEY: What? How is that...

FOSTER: You tell me.

Sydney sees herself shooting Marshall.

SYDNEY: Oh my God. Is he okay? Was anyone killed?

FOSTER: It would do you good if you had an alibi.




VAUGHN: I used the key you gave me. I took the suitcase. I'm prepared to use it.

JACK: When the Agency concludes, as they will, that Lauren is responsible, the pressure to capture her will rise exponentially. The disposal project we discussed must be anonymous. Once her status changes, that will be more difficult.

DIXON: Sark isn't talking. He hasn't requested counsel, not even so much as a glass of water.

JACK: May I suggest you have Vaughn talk with him.

DIXON: Given their personal history, I'm not sure that's advisable.

JACK: Sark undoubtedly will be more afraid to face the man he so recently tortured. Given his pattern for caving out of fear, I believe Vaughn's presence will more likely yield the results we're looking for.

Vaughn starts to walk away.

DIXON: As the director, I can't sanction the beating of someone in our custody.

VAUGHN: Understood. I'll apprise you of any intel that comes from his interrogation.


Sark's Cell


VAUGHN: Last time we were together, our roles were reversed. Funny how things happen.

SARK: I'm afraid the irony is lost on me.

VAUGHN: You like the electric batons and the injections. I'm not into accessories.

SARK: I'm more than willing to cooperate, Mr. Vaughn. I will tell you everything you want, but I will need something in return.

VAUGHN: No deals.

SARK: Well then it seems we're at an impasse. I assure you, it won't take Lauren long to solve Rambaldi's equation.

VAUGHN: Well, better get started then. Where's Lauren Reed?

Vaughn slams Sark's head against the table, just like in 2x22.


Sydney's Interrogation

SYDNEY: I understand your suspicion, but we both know whatever was taken, I probably have access to it. And if Marshall had it, I could have just asked him.

FOSTER: It was a covenant raid. They got the Rambaldi equation. We apprehended Julian Sark.


Sark's Cell

Vaughn presses on Sark's nose. Sark winces.

VAUGHN: I think I broke it.

SARK: Clearly.

VAUGHN: You ready to talk?

SARK: Yes. When I first learned of your wife's true allegiance, I almost felt pity for you. How embarrassing it must have been to learn that the woman you shared your bed with was only using you as an unfortunate means to an end.

VAUGHN: I wouldn't do this if I were you.

SARK: But then, she wasn't sharing your bed lately, was she? She was in mine... or in my car... or an elevator, or a garage. I remember this one time -- this is my favorite -- we were engaged in an alley, and she called you to tell you she loved you. That woman was deliciously filthy.

VAUGHN: Feel that? Feels like a knife slicing through you, doesn't it? Where is she?


Sydney's Interrogation

SYDNEY: Lauren Reed was working for the Covenant the entire time she was NSC liaison. Her codes have been revoked, but she would still know our security protocols. This is the person you're looking for.

Foster gets up and pours himself some water.

FOSTER: Let's talk about your sister. The equation, the part taken from the Rotunda, was implanted in your sister's subconscious?

SYDNEY: Not literally. It's more like a genetic inheritance.

SYDNEY: My sister is innocent.

FOSTER: Rambaldi refers to you as the chosen one, he implants in your sister's head the whereabouts to his greatest invention, and you expect me to believe that neither one of you is involved in this?

SYDNEY: I don't care what you believe. This is a waste of time.

FOSTER: Last week, Ms. Santos was in the custody of the Covenant.

SYDNEY: As a prisoner they nearly killed.

FOSTER: If Lauren Reed broke in using your identity, she would need to be sure you were out of the office. Did your sister call you to come see her?

SYDNEY: If you want to arrest me, hold me under the PATRIOT Act. We're through talking.

Bad writers, bad.

FOSTER: The DCI will have my preliminary findings on his desk within 48 hours. Until that time, you will be reassigned as a desk officer. You may go.


Sark's Cell

VAUGHN: I'm not going to kill you. That would be too easy. But I'll leave you so disfigured that when you walk down the street, people will pity you. Lauren is going to pay for the damage she's done to the people I care about, not for having had an affair with you. I don't give a rat's ass who she's sleeping with. So, for the last time, where is she?




SYDNEY: How is Marshall?

WEISS: He's still in the OR. Eighteen agents taken to St. John's. Twelve treated and released, four being held overnight for observation, and Brandon's not going to make it out of the FIX. It just makes me sick.

SYDNEY: Where's Vaughn?

WEISS: I haven't seen him since he finished interrogating Sark, but, uhh, word is he worked him over pretty good. Didn't get any information out of him, but it had to feel pretty good trying. I'm sure he'll be back soon. Probably needed to walk it off.

SYDNEY: (cell) Eric said you took off. Need some company?

VAUGHN: (cell) No, I'm good.

SYDNEY: (cell) Where are you?

VAUGHN: (cell) Doesn't matter.

SYDNEY: (cell) What does that mean? Vaughn, what's goin' on? Sark talked, didn't he, and you know where Lauren is.

VAUGHN: (cell) I'm taking care of it.

SYDNEY: (cell) I don't know what you're thinking, but you cannot do this, Michael. If you kill her, you will be arrested and charged with her murder. If you're not, if you get away with it, it'll haunt you, Michael. God, after everything we've been through, I'll lose you all over again.

VAUGHN: (cell) I have to go.

Vaughn's out in the rain. A car pulls up to a warehouse, and Lauren goes inside. Vaughn follows inside.

LAUREN: You're sure the computation is exact?

TECH: It's all good. ... Someone went through a lot of hoo-hah to encrypted a longitude and a latitude. What the hell is in Palermo?

On the screen are some equations and coordinates: 38deg 07' N, 13deg 21' E



where A=?/((Q2/Q1)-1)=?


LAUREN: You're payed to be discreet, not curious.

TECH: That's okay, beautiful. This will keep my mouth shut.

He's apparently been paid very well.

LAUREN: So will this.

Lauren shoots him, takes the money, and walks off.

VAUGHN: Hi honey.



SYDNEY: I need the tape from the Sark interrogation.

TECH: Actually, that's been classified.

SYDNEY: By who?

TECH: Jack Bristow.

Sydney, of course, goes to confront him.

SYDNEY: I want that tape.

JACK: No, you don't. Not if you want what's best for Vaughn.

SYDNEY: You know what he's going to do if we don't stop him.

JACK: Yes. He'll get closure.

SYDNEY: You want him to kill Lauren.

JACK: If he doesn't, it will eat at him like a cancer. The only cure is to end it, now. She destroyed Vaughn's life.

SYDNEY: Vaughn's life, not yours. This is about what Lauren did to Vaughn, not what mom did to you. I don't know what you've told him or how much of all this you've orchestrated, but in some twisted way, you've got Vaughn carrying your burden, trying to get you closure by doing the one thing you never had a chance to do, kill the person who betrayed you.

JACK: I did have a chance, and I didn't take it. And not a day went by that I didn't regret letting her go. Vaughn will feel the same way. He will end up like me, and I love you too much to let that happen.


Vaughn has taken Lauren to another warehouse and strung her up with a pulley.

LAUREN: Michael, please, I need to ask you to understand. When the Covenant asked me to marry you, I knew eventually they'd want me to coax you back into the CIA. Two years went by, and I hadn't heard from them, and by then I'd convinced myself I never would. I prayed I wouldn't, because I'd fallen in love with you.

VAUGHN: Shut up! I am going to erase you. I'm going to remove any evidence you ever existed. You used me, you used my grief, my work, who I am. You took that from me. I'm, taking it back. This is hydrochloric acid. You'll be unrecognizable.

LAUREN: Michael, I swear I was going to tell you everything. Remember that night we went downtown and had dinner? Instead, you told me Sydney was back. She came back, and you didn't need me anymore. I could see it in your eyes. Sydney came back, and...

VAUGHN: I said don't say her name.

VAUGHN: I hate you, but I love Sydney more. That's the only reason you're not dying tonight.

Vaughn gets stabbed in the back by someone. All that's seen are gloved hands taking a key from Vaughn.

LAUREN: Thank God.

Lauren spits on him.


Night - Safe-house


SLOANE: Shhh. Shhh. Quiet. Listen to me. This device I'm wearing on my wrist is masking my heat signature. I have three minutes before the thermal imagers detect a malfunction. I trust that you will allow me that time before you alert the guards.

NADIA: What are you doing here?

SLOANE: You received your last dose of the Rambaldi fluid. I saw you begin to draw, which means you know where the Rambaldi artifact is . I gather you never told the CIA. That is wise, Nadia. They cannot be trusted.

NADIA: You expect me to trust me, after what you did to me?

SLOANE: It was all in an effort to pave the way for us. Rambaldi wrote about this vessel in which he was able to house his consciousness, his essence, his soul. He called it the sphere of life. Now you and I can claim it together.

NADIA: Your beliefs are your own.

SLOANE: I understand your skepticism, but tell me this. When you were under the influence of the Rambaldi fluid, what you saw, was it not transcendent? Was it not divine? Yes, it was. I can see it in your eyes.

NADIA: You have twenty seconds before the guards detect you. You have to go.

SLOANE: I'm leaving you instructions on how to find me. I pray you'll use it.



SYDNEY: Vaughn!

NURSE: What do we got?

EMS: 35-year-old. Stab wound to the back. 18... and tachycardic at 125. ...

SYDNEY: Vaughn, you're going to be okay.

He's wheeled away. Some time later, Jack shows up.

JACK: I heard. Is he still in surgery?

SYDNEY: You were right. Lauren has to pay.

JACK: Vaughn is going to be okay, and when he is, he has to end it, not you.

SYDNEY: If it's okay for Vaughn it's okay for me. I need your help... expedited credentials, transportation...

JACK: My advice was specific to Lauren's betrayal of him.

SYDNEY: Lauren betrayed all of us.

JACK: Not in the same way. She was his wife.

SYDNEY: I don't care about any of that now. I want her to die, and that's going to happen whether you help me or not.


Sark's Cell


Lauren's brought in.

LAUREN: When I went to meet your contact, Vaughn was there. He was your contact. You set the meeting. Did you set me up?

LAUREN: It's okay, I would have told them too.

LAUREN: Let me see what they've done to you.

LAUREN: My mother's hired a lawyer. He'll be here soon. The only way we can get the location is if I tell him how to access your contact's information.

SARK: He backs up everything on an off-site server.

LAUREN: Tell me you know the passphrase.

SARK: I do. It's a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.

LAUREN: God is dead.

SARK: No, the other one. Woman was God's second mistake.

Lauren starts to choke him through the bars.

LAUREN: Thank you.

Lauren lets him go.

Sydney takes off her mask. Lauren's really Sydney, of course.

SYDNEY: Voice modulator courtesy of CIA technical services.

SARK: This little trick of yours means Vaughn failed. Tell me, is he dead.

SYDNEY: No, he's not. But thanks to you, Lauren won't be so lucky.


Sydney's Loft, err, Apartment

SYDNEY: The equation leads to Palermo.

JACK: False ID, passport, drivers license. Plane from ? Aerospace is standing by with instructions to take you wherever you want to go. If this is the location of the artifact, there will be a strong Covenant presence.

SYDNEY: I'll be careful.

JACK: Let me go instead.

SYDNEY: I can't.

JACK: I'll cover for you with Foster.

SYDNEY: What is it?

JACK: Nothing. We'll talk when you get back.


PALERM[O] (pushthrough)

Sydney repels down a cliff and approaches an excavation site complete with armed guards.




Vaughn wakes up.

WEISS: How're you doing?

VAUGHN: Where's Sydney?

WEISS: Take it easy. Easy, sit back.

VAUGHN: Tell me where she is.

WEISS: She went after Lauren.

MICHAEL: No no no, have to get her.

WEISS: No no no no, Mike, you've got a punctured lung. There's a guard outside the door. Foster's got the building locked down. He revoked your clearance pending investigation of your rogue op. You're not going anywhere.

VAUGHN: I have to get to Syd. She's walking into a trap.

WEISS: What? What are you talking about?

VAUGHN: Lauren didn't stab me. Katya Derevko did.


Hospital again.

WEISS: Vaughn's flatlining. I need help in here now.

NURSE: Pull his covers so I can clear him

Vaughn shocks the nurses.

VAUGHN: Let's go.

They go out into the hall, with Vaughn holding Weiss at gunpoint. Two goons are there.

GOONS: Freeze!

VAUGHN: No, you freeze!

GOONS: Put it down.

WEISS: Come on, think about what you're doing, man.

VAUGHN: Put down your weapons, put them in the trash can.

WEISS: Put it down, guys, put it down.

VAUGHN: Now get in the elevator!

VAUGHN: Get in!

WEISS: What?

VAUGHN: Get in!

Vaughn shoots an elevator button, which apparently breaks the entire elevator system. He runs to a staircase, the infamous Alias staircase, with one of the guard's walkies.

VOICE: (walkie) Locking the building down. On our way up.

This is no problem, because Vaughn uses a fire hose to escape past the guards who are running up the stairs. He sees a few guards outside. No problem...

VAUGHN: (walkie) Vaughn's going out the front. All units to the main entrance.

The guards run around front, and Vaughn escapes.



Sydney's still sitting watching. It's dark out. Someone comes up behind her with a gun, but Sydney notices and disarms... Katya.

KATYA: Sydney! I could have killed you. I thought you were a Covenant guard.

SYDNEY: What are you doing here?

KATYA: I'm infiltrating the camp, the same as you. My informant told me the Covenant had been transporting excavation equipment. I thought they might have a lead on the Rambaldi artifact.

SYDNEY: Have you seen Lauren? Is she here?

KATYA: She was. She drove away about an hour ago.

SYDNEY: Then we'll wait until she gets back before we make our move.

Sydney hands the gun back.

KATYA: The Covenant agents have been patrolling up here. We'd better take cover. Are you alone?


Katya tries to shoot Sydney, but there's no ammunition in the gun. Sydney's taken it.

Note: This is bogus. Nobody who's ever handled a gun would fail to notice the LACK OF A MAGAZINE. Bullets are heavy. It's even possible to estimate within one round how many rounds are in a gun, given enough practice with that gun.

KATYA: How did you know?

SYDNEY: I didn't, but now I do.

Sydney shoots Katya with a tranq. She shoots two other guards. Lauren pulls up.

WORKER: We have already hit subsoil, hard clay. If the artifact is any deeper, we will need ground-penetrating radar to narrow the search grid.

LAUREN: Then do it. The artifact is here. I want it found.

WORKER: (to others, something in Italian)

Sydney shoots Lauren, but hits the worker instead.



AGENT: Hey Nadia, we're ordering Chinese. Game?

(no response)

AGENT: Nadia? Nadia! Nadia! Coming in!

He and another agent break down the door, and discover she's missing.




Nadia meets Sloane

SLOANE: Covenant solved the equation. Rambaldi's sphere may already be compromised.

NADIA: When I was drawing, there were moments as the fluid wore off. I altered the equation. I didn't want to give you what you were looking for.

SLOANE: Which means the Covenant has the wrong coordinates. They're looking for the sphere in the wrong place.

NADIA: We should go. We have a long journey ahead of us.

They walk off.




Sydney approaches the excavation site. Lauren ambushes her.

LAUREN: Guess who?

Catfight. Dumb ABC. Just because it worked last year doesn't mean repeating the whole thing will work.

LAUREN: If you kill me, you'll never know the truth.

SYDNEY: That's the truth. Sucks, doesn't it?

LAUREN: Do you think the CIA couldn't find you when you went missing, or that they learned what happened to you by chance? And if your mother's really been helping you since she left

You're just trying to buy time.

LAUREN: You can't believe that you and your sister just happened to be agents

SYDNEY: This isn't going to work.

LAUREN: There's a bank in Whittenberg. A numbered vault. Proof.

LAUREN: We're both pawns in the same game. The difference is I know who controls me.

SYDNEY: Who controls me?

LAUREN: I guess you'll never know.


LAUREN: Put the gun down! If you love her, you'll put the gun down.

Vaughn lowers the gun.

LAUREN: You really are a boyscout.

Vaughn shoots Lauren.

SYDNEY: Vaughn! What are you doing? How did you get here?

VAUGHN: I came for you.

They kiss. Lauren starts to get up. Vaughn shoots her.

LAUREN: one... zero... six... two...

Vaughn shoots her a fifth time. She falls.

VAUGHN: What was that?

SYDNEY: I dunno. It doesn't matter.


WITTE[N]BERG (pushthrough)

Sydney's at the bank.

MANAGER: If you have further questions about your account, please feel free to come to my office when you're finished.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

She ignores the new box she rented, and breaks into box 1062 using various Marshall gadgets.

She finds a CIA file written in phosphorescent ink.

It starts out:


NO. 938-JB/47









She reads the other pages and starts crying. Then...

JACK: Sydney.

She looks up.

JACK: You were never supposed to have found this.

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