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03x19 - Hourglass
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Jack's in his car, typing to Irina on his laptop.



IRINA: (typing) What do you need?


JACK: (typing) IRINA?





Nepal, the Monastery


Conrad is praying or something. Sark appears out of nowhere with a gun pointed at Conrad's head.

SARK: I'm looking for the passenger.

CONRAD: (says a few words of Nepali or some other such language)

SARK: I have a great respect for the followers of Rambaldi, and I know you to be a truly wise man. But if you do not tell me where to find the Passenger in five seconds, I will kill you.

Conrad disarms Sark, field strips his Beretta, and tosses it on the ground.

Sark throws some other kind of weapon at Conrad, who dodges it.

CONRAD: I cannot help you, Mr. Sark.

SARK: How do you know my name?

They fight some more. Someone shoots Conrad with a tranquilizer. It's...

OLIVIA: Retrieve the manuscript regarding the Passenger and I'll meet you in Rajasthan. Bring him with you. He may be useful if the manuscript is encrypted.


Some Rooftop.

Jack and Sydney talking as they're on their way to meet Vaughn.

JACK: ...but when I mentioned the passenger to your mother, she terminated her user account.

SYDNEY: Which means one of two things: she is the passenger, or she's protecting her.

Sydney and Vaughn are both wearing new sunglasses. Weird.

SYDNEY: What's going on? Your message said it was important.

VAUGHN: You were right.

SYDNEY: About what?

VAUGHN: Lauren's the mole. She works for the Covenant.

JACK: You have proof?

VAUGHN: I should have known.

SYDNEY: We should talk to Dixon and figure out a way to handle this.

VAUGHN: Oh, I know how to handle this.

JACK: You will act like nothing has changed.

VAUGHN: Okay, what's plan B, because that's not going to happen.

JACK: Tracking Lauren might allow us to catch up. She cannot detect the slightest alteration in your relationship. I'll inform Dixon, secure the Agency, limiting her access to classified documents.

VAUGHN: Okay, stop. My wife betrayed me. She betrayed all of us. You can't expect me to pretend that never happened.

JACK: I'm not sure you have a choice.

VAUGHN: Why is that?

JACK: Because you're the one that married her.




LAUREN: I missed you this morning.

VAUGHN: I got up early and went to the gym. I should have left you a note.

LAUREN: Oh, it's fine. In fact, I like it. It makes me feel like we've settled back into our lives.

VAUGHN: Yeah. I think we have.

LAUREN: Before my dad died, I asked you if you would come with me to counseling and you said no. I still think it could help.

Sydney and Jack are watching.

SYDNEY: After thirty years you still live with your wife's betrayal. Will he?

JACK: Absolutely.

Dixon walks up.

DIXON: An Echelon intercept we just received indicates the Covenant has kidnapped someone they believe can help them find the Passenger. A convoy is transporting them across western Rajasthan. You and Vaughn will intercept it and take him into custody.

MARSHALL: Now we don't have the Indian government's cooperation, and the airspace is restricted. So we're going in old-school.


THAR [D]ESERT (pushthrough)


Sark is part of a Covenant convoy headed across the desert.

SARK: (to driver) We've done well here, quite well.

Sydney and Vaughn approach on horseback. Sydney gets into the back of one of the trucks and finds Conrad. Conrad kicks a gun out of a guard's hand before he can shoot Sydney.

SYDNEY: Thank you. We have to go. Follow me.

She unties him, and gets onto a horse. Conrad is still on the back of the truck.

In the cab, Sark sees what's going on.

SARK: Give me your gun. Give me the gun, now!

Sark shoots Conrad.

SARK: Press on, we have everything we need.

In the sand, Conrad is dying...

CONRAD: They have the Restoration.

CONRAD: Passenger is compromised.

SYDNEY: Just breathe.

CONRAD: It's you. The Passenger... she is your destiny.

SYDNEY: How is she my destiny? As a friend, as an enemy, tell me that. Is the passenger my mother?

CONRAD: Passenger is... your sister.

Conrad dies.


Title Sequence


Rotunda Corner - Jack and Sydney


SYDNEY: In Nepal, the convoy was transporting a man. We tried rescuing him from the Covenant, but he was shot. Before he died, he told me my mother was not the Passenger. He said my sister was.

JACK: Who was this man?

SYDNEY: A monk, a cleric, a Rambaldi scholar. What difference does it make? Do I have a sister?

JACK: I don't know.

SYDNEY: Maybe that's why mom's name was linked to the Passenger. Maybe because she had another child...

JACK: During our marriage, your mother had an affair. If in fact you do have a sister, it's conceivable she is the product of that indiscretion. I'd hoped to spare you the name of the person with whom the affair took place, but if he is the father of your sister, that is no longer possible.

SYDNEY: Who is it?


Prison - Sydney goes to visit Sloane.


SLOANE: Sydney. Thank God. You have to help me.

SYDNEY: Your execution cannot come fast enough.

SLOANE: I'm innocent, Sydney. I have not violated my pardon agreement. It was based on my cooperation with an organization known as the Trust. Senator Reed was my contact. If he was the mole, I did not know. Ask your father; he knows that.

SYDNEY: If you were innocent, he'd find a way to stay your execution even though you had an affair with his wife.

SLOANE: You know that.

SLOANE: I have 72 hours to live. I want you to focus on that, not on some affair I had 25 years ago.

SYDNEY: I'm not focusing on the affair. I'm focusing on the child that resulted from it, a sister I never knew I had.

SLOANE: Must have come as a shock to you. It did to me when I found out.

SYDNEY: Are you telling me you didn't know?

SLOANE: No, not until two years ago, while I was in a monastery in Nepal run by followers of Rambaldi.

SYDNEY: Go on.

SLOANE: Sydney, the revelation that I had a child, it was overwhelming. I spent every possible moment from that day on searching for my child. The DiRegno heart, Il Dire, they gave me an individual's DNA, and the word "peace".

SYDNEY: Which, in Greek, translates into Irina.

SLOANE: I did a DNA test to confirm that I was the father of the child. Sydney, I created Omnifam. While I was inoculating millions of people against diseases, I was simultaneously able to gain access to medical databases that identified people through their DNA. And I hoped that it would help me find my daughter. I failed.

SYDNEY: You know she is the Passenger.

Sloane's on the verge of tears.

SLOANE: I know. I know. I also know the Covenant is after her. Sydney, I want to protect my child.

SLOANE: So please talk to your father. If he is concealing information that would exonerate me because I had an affair with Irina, convince him to give it to you, if not for my sake, then for your sister's.


Rotunda Lounge

WEISS: Okay, here's what we found out from Project Blackhole. The Restoration refers to documents written about the Passenger.

MARSHALL: Now that's the bad news. The good news is that even though the Covenant has the documents, they can't read them.

JACK: They're in code.

WEISS: Yes, and we have the only code key.

DIXON: It's a stalemate.

JACK: Not if we're smart about it. Here's what we do.

JACK: We call a briefing, making sure to include Lauren. Once she's there, you detail the following information.

*DIXON: Analysis is currently filtering through some chatter they picked up referencing the Restoration. They're certain it'll only be a matter of hours before they can locate these documents.

JACK: After indicating confidence in our ability to locate and recapture the Restoration, we then explain what we will do once we have it.

*DIXON: Project Blackhole is delivering the code key today. The minute we come into possession of the Restoration, Marshall will begin the decoding process.

JACK: In truth, Marshall will be receiving a bogus code key.

DIXON: We should also remind Lauren that...

*JACK: Even if we do not recover the documents, we know that without this code key, the Covenant will not be able to read it.

JACK: After learning a code key exists, it is probable Lauren will try and copy it. That's where you come in.


JACK: You have to act completely normal.


Marshall's Office


LAUREN: Marshall.

Marshall panics and drops what he's working on.

MARSHALL: Lauren. Agent Vaughn, Reed. Mrs. Vaughn-Reed. Hi. What can I do for you?

LAUREN: Project Blackhole does not share its toys as often as the NSC would like, governmental turf-war, that kind of thing.

MARSHALL: Of course.

LAUREN: When I told them about the code key, they insisted I detail it for them.

MARSHALL: Right, well go ahead, have a look, and while you're at it, have a kender. (?)

MARSHALL: Whoa, not on the Flinkman file. It's just a little journal I'm keeping for Mitch: patent ideas, history of quantum mechanics, brief intro to string theory, you know, basics.

LAUREN: The letters here, what language is that?

MARSHALL: It's fourth-century Neapolitan Italian, which I love saying because it makes me think of ice cream.

Marshall starts laughing in a really strange, nervous, uncharacteristic way.

LAUREN: Neapolitan ice cream is my favorite.

As Lauren leaves his office, he mutters to himself...

MARSHALL: Really? Mine too.


Rotunda Lounge

MARSHALL: She is good.

Then he begins one of his patented attempts to remove foot from mouth...

MARSHALL: I mean, if you had to fall in love with someone who was evil, I can see why it was her. You know... not that you're in love... with her... whatever the attraction was originally...

VAUGHN: Did she take the bait?

MARSHALL: Well, I'm not sure, but she did take my thumbprint. May I?

He hurries over to a computer.

DIXON: What are you doing?

MARSHALL: I'm checking to see if there's any use of my biometric access within the Agency.

MARSHALL: She's in image processing.

SYDNEY: She must be duplicating the code key.

In fact, she is duplicating the code key, as evidenced by visuals of her duplicating the text on some weird glass or acrylic engraving machine.

MARSHALL: Okay, I've left image processing. Well, I haven't left because I'm here and she's there and...

JACK: Her next step will be to bring the code key to her handler or whoever can use it to read the documents written about the Passenger.

DIXON: All right. You will track her to that location and identify her contact. That should lead us to the location of the documents. At that time, we'll spec out a mission to recover them.

DIXON: Jack has told us that the Passenger is your sister. Hopefully what is written on these documents will give us what we need to find her.




SYDNEY: Sloane confirmed the child is his.

JACK: I see.

SYDNEY: I know how much this upsets you.

JACK: I'm fine.

SYDNEY: Dad, if Sloane is going to be executed, it should be for a crime he's committed.

JACK: What exactly are you implying?

SYDNEY: If you have evidence exonerating him, you have to use it.

JACK: I don't have any evidence. You should go.


Outdoors - L.A.


Sydney and Vaughn are surveilling Lauren.

VAUGHN: You know what I want?


VAUGHN: Normal life.

VAUGHN: All right. Here we go.

SYDNEY: Lauren's mother?

VAUGHN: Olivia? She's supposed to be in London.

Lauren's sitting outside at a table. Her mother walks up and sits down.

SYDNEY: It looks like she just passed her something. Can you hear anything?

VAUGHN: No, we're getting interference from that fountain.

They hear...

OLIVIA: The Covenant needs you to...

SYDNEY: Oh my God.

VAUGHN: Hold on, I'm going to filter it through the active noise reduction.

They probably don't hear...

LAUREN: At least pretend to mourn.

OLIVIA: I killed your father to protect you.

VAUGHN: The sound waves are isolated. I'm going to invert them and that should...

They hear...

LAUREN: Where are the documents?

OLIVIA: At home, in Richmond. The Covenant wants the complete translations by tomorrow.

LAUREN: I'll meet you there. Whatever they tell us about the Passenger, we should act on immediately.


Barnett's Office


VAUGHN: Lauren doesn't trust me.

BARNETT: Should she trust you?

VAUGHN: Trust is based on honesty. When I've had problems, I've talked to her about them.

LAUREN: What I don't trust, what worries me, is that Michael will leave me once I've mourned the death of my father.

VAUGHN: If that was true, why would I be doing this, if it was all fake?

LAUREN: I didn't say it was fake.

VAUGHN: Temporary. Whatever. If that's what it was, why would I agree to work on our problems?

LAUREN: Our problem is that you think you're still in love with Sydney.

VAUGHN: How am I supposed to respond to that?

BARNETT: Honestly, would be good.

VAUGHN: Sydney is very important to me. We have history, obviously. We're together a lot. We go away together a lot.

BARNETT: Do the two of you ever go away?

LAUREN: Never.

BARNETT: Well maybe you should. Do you have any trips planned?

VAUGHN: Lauren's going to see her mother in Richmond.

LAUREN: Only for a day.. it's...


BARNETT: It's a start.


Dixon's Office

BARNETT: It worked. He's going.


Olivia's House in Richmond

OLIVIA: Hello, darling.


OLIVIA: I'm so glad you made it. You two young people are just what this drafty old house needs.

VAUGHN: Thanks, Olivia. It's nice to be here. I'll run these [bags] upstairs.

OLIVIA: His being here is unacceptable.

LAUREN: I told you, I had no choice. We're supposed to be reconciling.

Vaughn plants a bug in a lamp.

VAUGHN: (comm) You getting a reading?

MARSHALL: (comm) Tapping into the power grid now. The EM sensor I designed should lead us right to it.

SYDNEY: (comm) We'll let you know as soon as we find the safe.

VAUGHN: (comm) Copy that.


Lauren, Vaughn, and Lauren's mother are at a table outside.

LAUREN: I was just telling mum how great you've been the past few weeks.

VAUGHN: Lauren's been incredibly strong. How are you?

OLIVIA: I'm doing surprisingly well for a pariah. I never liked politics. You never know who your friends are. At least now that I'm the wife of a traitor, I know the answer. I have none.

Vaughn's phone rings.

VAUGHN: Excuse me.

VAUGHN: (cell) Hello?

SYDNEY: (cell) The safe is in the study.

VAUGHN: It's Weiss. He needs help on a brief.

He gets up, and Lauren touches his hand.

VAUGHN: You're cold. When I'm inside, I'll get you a sweater.


Inside the House


VAUGHN: (cell) Okay, switching back to comms.

VAUGHN: (comm) I'm at the safe.

SYDNEY: (comm) Standing by for transmission.

He gets the manuscript out of the safe and starts scanning it with a Marshall gadget that's been packed into his watch.

VAUGHN: (comm) Scanning text now.

MARSHALL: (comm) Copy that, Boyscout... receiving data.


Outside at the Table

LAUREN: Have you decoded the documents?

OLIVIA: I haven't had the time. Most of the work was supposed to be going on while you were here.

LAUREN: You do your work. I can handle him.

OLIVIA: I wonder.

Lauren gets up and goes into the house looking for Vaughn.


In the Study

VAUGHN: (comm) One more page.

MARSHALL: (comm) Okay, should be another 30 seconds.

Something happens to Marshall's map.


SYDNEY: Whoops? What do you mean whoops?

MARSHALL: Sensor picked up a new EM reading. I think there's somebody else in the house.

SYDNEY: (comm) Vaughn, someone is coming.

VAUGHN: (comm) I'm almost done.

The Cow arrives.


LAUREN: Sweetheart, what are you doing in here?

VAUGHN: Looking at our wedding pictures. I remembered your parents kept them here. Remember that day? I'll go get your sweater.

LAUREN: That was the happiest day of my life.

VAUGHN: Mine too.

LAUREN: I want to be that happy again. What can I do to make that happen?

VAUGHN: That's a start.

LAUREN: Really?

Marshall raises his eyebrows and looks at Sydney. Cut back to Lauren and Vaughn, who start making out. Uh oh.


MARSHALL: I'm sure that's not what it sounds like. Not that it sounds like anything because you know there isn't any sound. There's probably really not ... sound... sorry...

The sounds continue.

SYDNEY: Turn it off.

Comms are turned off, and Sydney walks out. Marshall mutters to himself...

MARSHALL: ...bad idea to keep it on in the first place.


Conference Room


DIXON: Using the real code key, Marshall was able to decipher the documents Vaughn retrieved from Mrs. Reed. They detail a Rambaldi artifact known as the Hourglass.

JACK: It turns out the Hourglass was only recently sold at auction to a man named Masa Raidon.

VAUGHN: The guy running yakuza's U.S. shipping business out of San Pedro?

MARSHALL: Yes. Now, Raidon owns a building in Little Tokyo, yakuza's stronghold. He's got a nightclub on the ground floor. You might want to stop by, have a little... and there's a personal art gallery on sub-level 2. That's where he's holding the hourglass. But you're going to have to move quickly.

SYDNEY: Why is that?

MARSHALL: Well, according to Rambaldi's manuscript, the Hourglass will only reveal the location of the Passenger to one man. Her father.

SYDNEY: Sloane.

VAUGHN: And he's going to be dead in six hours.


Rotunda Corner

SYDNEY: This is impossible.

JACK: Justice has been apprised of Sloane's value in this regard. They refused to stay the execution.

SYDNEY: If Sloane dies, any chance I have of finding my sister dies with him.

JACK: Has it occurred to you that your half-sister might be a danger to you?

SYDNEY: Yes of course. But it's equally possible that I can help her. She could be an innocent victim.

JACK: With Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane as her parents, I don't think so.

SYDNEY: I requested to look at Senator Reed's personal effects, every notebook, memo, receipt. I know the Trust exists. Dad, are you really so bitter that you would sacrifice my sister in order to get payback for a 25-year-old affair?

JACK: Sloane deserves to die.

SYDNEY: Yes he does, but not for this.

JACK: The director of legal policy at Justice has operational control over Sloane's case. He's coming to oversee the execution. I'll turn over the information I have on the Trust as soon as he arrives. That should exonerate Sloane.


SYDNEY: Thank you.

JACK: Sydney...

JACK: What exactly did you find in the Senator's effects?

SYDNEY: Nothing. I requested them, but they haven't arrived. Now I don't have to look.


Outside the Nightclub

VAUGHN: Looks like the west stairwell is your most direct access to the sub-levels.

SYDNEY: What about countermeasures?

VAUGHN: Best we can tell, it's only the guards, but we haven't had a chance to do a thorough scan. Sort of... working on the fly.

VAUGHN: Listen, about what happened in Richmond...

SYDNEY: You were doing your job. And she is your wife.

VAUGHN: Not for long.



Jack's looking over the file on the Trust he's prepared to give the person from the DOJ.

DIXON: Jack, I want you to meet Marlin Bell. He runs legal policy at Justice.

JACK: Good to meet you.

BELL: I was telling the Director how pleased I am you caught Sloane. Since my signature was on the pardon agreement I was embarrassed and relieved and, if you don't mind my saying so, looking forward to seeing the son of a b**** die.

DIXON: Excuse us.

Jack looks conflicted or mad or perhaps worried, and he puts the file in a desk drawer.


Sloane's Cell

Jack arrives with some champagne.

SLOANE: You're not going to help me.

Jack starts pouring the champagne.

JACK: In April '75, in Saigon, you toasted Sydney's birth with a bottle of Chambertin Clos de Beze, your favorite. Now that I know you have a daughter, I thought I should return the honor, especially considering they both have the same mother.

SLOANE: Irina betrayed both of us, Jack. She sought me out for information the same way she did you.

JACK: She was my wife.

SLOANE: She was a KGB spy who cared nothing about you or me. I've always thought that you understood your relationship with Irina was nothing more than that. But now that your schoolboy crush on the woman who destroyed your life is preventing you from saving mine, I will have to revise that assessment.


JACK: Irina Derevko affected your life every bit as much as she affected mine. I knew the possibility existed that Sydney would be drawn into our world, but I often wondered why you were the one who sought her out, why you showed such paternal affection toward her.

JACK: Now I know. You did it because you were angry and jealous and wanted to take away the one thing that was important to both Irina and me, the symbol of what we had and you didn't: Sydney.

JACK: You're right. I'm not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. Salut.

Jack toasts.


Sloane's Cell

A goon comes in to give Sloane a message, which is...

GOON: Half an hour.




Sydney and Vaughn need to get her past a bouncer.

SYDNEY: I'm on the list.

BOUNCER: Everyone's on the list.

SYDNEY: My friends are waiting for me inside!

BOUNCER: Wait your turn, until then stop talking.

Vaughn tries to sneak past the bouncer.

BOUNCER: Get back in line.

Which diverts the bouncer's attention. Sydney slips past the bouncer.

VAUGHN: Hey, lay off the suit, man.

BOUNCER: Why don't you find your way home?

VAUGHN: Oh, is that right? You're a big tough guy now, living a dream?

BOUNCER: You want to see what I'm dreaming?

VAUGHN: All right. Take it easy, you win.


Hallway to the Execution Chamber.

DIXON: I pray for you. I pray your soul can find peace in the next life.

SLOANE: That's very kind, Marcus.

GOON: Let's go.

Jack's standing in the hallway. Sloane slows, then walks around him without saying anything.


Nightclub Stairs

SYDNEY: (comm) I'm heading down.

VAUGHN: (comm) Copy that, Mountaineer. You're all clear.

Sydney puts an electronic lock gadget on the door to the room.

SYDNEY: (comm) Marshall, work your magic.

MARSHALL: (comm) No problem. I should have it open for you in... right now.


Sloane walks into the execution chamber.

DIXON: Lauren, this is restricted access.

LAUREN: I cleared it with Justice. I had no intention of missing the execution of this traitor.


The "Art Gallery" Room

SYDNEY: (comm) Marshall, we have a problem.

MARSHALL: (comm) Copy that, Mountaineer. What's the problem?

SYDNEY: (comm) Motion sensor. It's on a random sweep.

VAUGHN: (comm) That wasn't on the schematics.

MARSHALL: (comm) Must be a secondary protocol.

SYDNEY: (comm) I've located the hourglass. Can you disarm the sensor remotely?

MARSHALL: (comm) I'm trying. There are a lot of dummy codes. I have to extrapolate each one. I've never seen a system like this.

SYDNEY: (comm) Is there a repeating prefix in the majority of the codes?

MARSHALL: (comm) 8686.

SYDNEY: (comm) It's an anchor-type design. Grab Dixon. He spec'd out a similar system for a mission in Honduras. He'll know what the back-door is.

MARSHALL: (comm) Dixon? I can't. He's downstairs. He's witnessing Mr. Sloane's execution.

SYDNEY: (comm) The execution is going forward?

MARSHALL: (comm) Yeah, at midnight. I thought... you know, for some reason, it makes me incredibly sad. I feel like you're the only person I can talk to about this.

SYDNEY: (comm) Marshall, kill the grid now!

MARSHALL: (comm) Right, sorry. Talk later.


Execution Chamber

BELL: Do you have any final words?


SLOANE: For you who pay witness, I can only believe there is a common thought amongst you all: "This is as it should be." I do not disagree.

SLOANE: My only request: That if my daughter is in fact found alive, that she understand my actions, she understand that this day's events are the net result of her father's passion to find her, to know her, to love her.

His execution begins. So does Deftones' "Change."


Nighclub "Art Gallery" Vault

SYDNEY: (comm) We can't wait any longer. I'm going in.

MARSHALL: (comm) Stand down, Mountaineer. I'm almost there.

Sydney's not waiting.

VAUGHN: (comm) Raidon's security detail is two dozen strong...

That's okay, because Sydney has two scorpion submachine guns under her coat.

Vaughn takes off his headset and goes in after her.


Sloane's dying.


Sydney kills most of the security guards, Vaughn kills the last one, with Sydney waiting around a corner and out of ammo, apparently ready to smash the guard's face in with the grip.


Meanwhile, there are repeated cuts between Sloane's execution and Sydney's fighting.

Sloane's flatlined.

The doctors check Sloane for a heartbeat.


Execution Room Hallway.

Sydney walks up carrying the Hourglass.

JACK: Sydney...

SYDNEY: Don't. There's nothing you can say.



LAUREN: (cell) Sloane is dead. We can now locate the Passenger without his interference.

OLIVIA: (cell) Not quite. The code key you retrieved from the CIA is unusable. I can only assume that was deliberate on their part. Vaughn played you. He's likely to try again, but that will be his last mistake.



Jack's in the morgue. Where else would he be? He injects Sloane with something. Sloane comes back to life.

JACK: I'm surprised you didn't get the reference. Modified ? (sounds like a toxin family) cocktail with tetrodotoxin presented in a bottle of Chambertin Clos de Beze, just like we used in Saigon.

JACK: But understand this was not done out of compassion. I orchestrated this because, and only because, I need you.

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