03x18 - Unveiled

Rotunda Prison

SLOANE: I placed something powerful in that box. And now the Covenant has it, and that terrifies me. I secured that box so it could only be opened by keys that Rambaldi himself had hidden. Bomani and Sark found the keys, (beat) which means they have the heart. Di Regno heart is an engine designed to power Rambaldi's ultimate creation... Il Dire, which means The Telling. What they will witness is nothing short of resurrection, as if Rambaldi is reaching through the centuries to deliver a message.

While he's talking, Sark and Bomani are shown activating Il Dire, and it's shown writing

DIXON: The Covenant is after a weapon, the passenger. How will Il Dire help them obtain it?

SLOANE: If I help, will you stay my execution?

DIXON: No, I will not.

DIXON: We're done here.

SLOANE: I'll talk to Jack Bristow about the passenger.

DIXON: There will be no deal.

SLOANE: You make that quite clear.

Dixon's just a little bit obsessed about seeing Sloane's execution go through. No shock there.



WEISS: There's been some kind of cyber-attack, Dixon's ready to brief us.

WEISS: You know, Syd, nobody would blame you for hating him for going back to her.

SYDNEY: He's not the one I hate. How horrible does that sound?

WEISS: Well I'm mad at her, and I don't even think he's that cute.

SYDNEY: But it's not just about them being together. My dad thinks Lauren's leaking information to the Covenant.

WEISS: I don't understand. Didn't Senator Reed confess to being the leak before he died?

SYDNEY: Yes, and his confessions answered all the questions my father had raised. But I... I can't help it, I still have doubts.

WEISS: Alright, let me ask you a question. Do you think she's the mole, or do you just want her to be the mole?


Briefing Room


DIXON: 12 hours ago a large-scale cyber-terrorist attack was launched. This computer virus originated from a server in Berlin, infecting servers throughout Europe and Asia. It's estimated that within 24 hours, it will consume over half of all internet bandwidth.

WEISS: This particular worm targets medical facilities, universities, laboratories, hospitals, that sort of thing.

DIXON: To date, 20 terabytes of patient medical records and research databases have been corrupted.

SYDNEY: And we believe the Covenant is behind this?

DIXON: Well we know the Passenger is a bio-weapon. Given the worm's targets, we're assuming they're trying to launch a precursor attack.

WEISS: Maybe they're trying to shut down all the treatment facilities?

VAUGHN: Well, that would make sense... weaken medical response capabilities.

LAUREN: Are these our only leads?

MARSHALL: Actually, no. This code has all the trademarks of a hacker known as "Cypher". And guess what? He operates out of Berlin.

DIXON: Vaughn, Sydney, go to Berlin, and identify and confirm he created the worm, and shut it down.. See Marshall for your op-tech. You leave in two hours.


Marshall's office

MARSHALL: Okay. Hackers, they're a paranoid bunch. Now the one we want is known as "Cypher". He's kind of a celebrity in the on-line community. But it's funny because in the real world, it's like he doesn't even exist.

MARSHALL: Don't worry because lucky for you, I kind of have a name in the hacker community myself... "black kitty". Anyway, I was able to penetrate Cypher's network and track him down to an IRC chat. I found out tomorrow night he'll be at an underground club in Berlin.

VAUGHN: How do we identify him?

MARSHALL: Ah, well that's where these come in.

Marshall picks up a pair of glasses.

MARSHALL: Now not only are they a freshy fresh pair of glasses -- (he models them) Hello... -- They're also a wireless sniffer. Cypher uses a personal digital assistant with a unique code. I programmed the sniffer to seek it out. Now all you have to do is press this button right here and it will automatically hack into his computer and send him a message. Pretty cool.

SYDNEY: Are we sure he'll have his computer with him?

MARSHALL: Does a cowboy leave his gun at home when he goes to the saloon? Trust me, he'll have it.


Covenant Base

BOMANI: How much longer before we match the sequence from Il Dire?

TECH: The worm has reached Latin America. By this time tomorrow, the database will be complete and we should have a perfect match.

SARK: I received a call from my associate.

BOMANI: By "associate" I assume you mean Mrs. Reed.

SARK: Yes. It seems the CIA's more industrious than we assumed. They've discovered the identity of our hacker friend. She's taking care of him.

BOMANI: This girl, her work for us of late has been uneven.

SARK: The Il Dire machine is in our possession because she managed to steal it from the CIA. She is a considerable asset.

BOMANI: An asset for you in ways that do not interest me.

SARK: I will stake my reputation on her abilities.

BOMANI: I will hold you to your word. But understand, if you are mistaken you both will endure the consequences.


Lauren and Vaughn's House.

Lauren's packing for her father's funeral in England.

VAUGHN: I could go with you.

LAUREN: You're going to Berlin.

VAUGHN: They could send someone else. You shouldn't have to do this alone.

LAUREN: I won't be alone. My mom will be there. My father's will made it very clear he wants his ashes scattered in Dover.

LAUREN: Besides, the last thing I need is another person close to me letting the CIA down.

VAUGHN: Lauren, no one's judging you.

LAUREN: I've seen the way they look at me, like I'm a traitor too. To tell you the truth, I don't blame them.

VAUGHN: People are just angry.

LAUREN: And I'm not? He was my father! You have no idea what it's like to think you know someone, to love them, and then figure out it was nothing but lies.

VAUGHN: I'm sorry.


Nightclub - BER[L]IN (pushthrough)


Vaughn and Sydney are walking around. View through the glasses Marshall gave her repeatedly say "NO MATCH FOUND"

VAUGHN: Getting anything?

SYDNEY: Not yet.

glasses say "MATCH FOUND"

SYDNEY: That's him.

They send him a message - "The couple to your right requests a meeting". He walks over.

HACKER: Nice trick. Looks like I'll have to readjust my firewall settings.

SYDNEY: I could still get through.

I don't believe we've met before.

VAUGHN: We're big fans of your work. Perhaps you've heard of our work? The DDoS attack on the Syrian government's network shut them down for a week.

HACKER: That was you?

Vaughn nods. The Cow is at the club, carrying a drink tray with a handgun underneath pointed at the HACKER.

SYDNEY: Nothing compared to what you've got going on.

Clever coding. That worm's going to be circulating for months.

HACKER: I think you have me confused with somebody else. I didn't design that worm, and even if I did you could never prove it. So, if you'll excuse me...

He gets up to leave.

VAUGHN: Sit down. We're CIA.

They block Lauren's line-of-sight, which annoys her.

SYDNEY: I know you people get your little power trips by designing viruses, defacing websites, breaking into systems. But in this case you've designed a worm that is helping an international crime organization launch a biological weapon. Once your employers complete what they've set out to do, you will be guilty of murdering thousands of people.

HACKER: I didn't know. He didn't tell me.

SYDNEY: Who's he?

HACKER: He didn't give a name. He was young, British...

VAUGHN: Why is the worm attacking medical facilities?

HACKER: That was not it's designed function. They asked me to engineer a worm that was capable of...

Lauren shoots him.

SYDNEY: I'm going after the shooter.

The HACKER gives Vaughn a USB data storage device. Meanwhile, Sydney thinks she sees Lauren and goes after her. Except everyone she looks at seems to look like Lauren. Uh oh. She approaches one person who looks like Lauren, and it's not.

SYDNEY: Sorry.




Outside the club


LAUREN: (cell) We have a problem. He had the files with him. He gave them to the CIA.

SARK: If they have the source code, they can stop the worm from circulating. We will lose everything.

LAUREN: (cell) There's still time. If I can corrupt the original files before they make a copy...

SARK: (cell) That's an extreme risk, and you know it.

LAUREN: (cell) And letting Bomani know that I've failed isn't? You'll hear from me soon.


Rotunda Prison


JACK: You should know Dixon has given me clearance to talk about one thing only... the Passenger.

SLOANE: But Jack, I've already told you everything I know about the Passenger. I just used that as a pretext so Dixon would allow me some time with you.

JACK: This is not a time for games.

SLOANE: This is no game, Jack. This is my life. The CIA wants me executed next week because they believe I was working for Senator Reed, and I was. But my association with Senator Reed had nothing to do with advancing the Covenant's agenda.

SLOANE: Two years ago, Senator Reed recruited me to work for an organization within the U.S. Government. They refer to themselves as The Trust. He indicated that he was interested in my knowledge of Milo Rambaldi. He made me an offer. If I was to agree to work for him, he would secure my pardon. And from that time on, I did nothing but live up to my end of the bargain.

JACK: I've never heard of the Trust.

SLOANE: The Senator was my only contact.

JACK: Even if what you're saying is true, why haven't they come to your aid?

SLOANE: I don't know. Maybe they were fearful of revealing themselves, or it could be that I outlived my usefulness.

SLOANE: But you ask yourself, Jack, have I been helpful this year? Tell me, have I lived up to my word? I helped Sydney recover her memory. I took a bullet for you for God's sake. Well now I need something in return. I need you to prove that this group exists. I was serving my country, Jack, not betraying it.


CIA Safehouse, Berlin

VAUGHN: I'm connecting the USB flash drive Cypher gave us. Let's hope all his files are here.

SYDNEY: Cypher's dead. It was the hospital. He didn't make it through surgery.

SYDNEY: Vaughn, I think I saw Lauren.


SYDNEY: In the club, after the shooting.

VAUGHN: Sydney, what are you talking about?

SYDNEY: The Covenant knew we were after Cypher.

VAUGHN: What are you saying, that Lauren is Covenant?

SYDNEY: I can't be sure. The shooter was wearing a wig... it was dark...

VAUGHN: No, Lauren's father was the one passing the intel to the Covenant, and he's dead. I mean for God's sakes, he killed himself!

SYDNEY: But don't you think it's convenient he died taking the blame for all the leaks with him?

VAUGHN: What, are you suggesting Lauren framed her own father?

SYDNEY: I know it's hard for you to consider.

VAUGHN: Hard for me?! My wife just found out her father was betraying her, not to mention our country.

SYDNEY: But if I saw her...

VAUGHN: You didn't.

VAUGHN: Lauren and her mother are in England burying her father. Look, I know things haven't worked out for us the way we'd hoped.

SYDNEY: You think that's why I'm bringing this up?

VAUGHN: Well honestly, I don't know what to think.

There's a knock. They approach the door. It's Lauren.

LAUREN: Oh Michael. Dixon told me I might find you here. I had to see you.

A bit later, on the couch...

LAUREN: I thought I hated him. But when mom and I got there, those cliffs, I don't know how many times dad and I took walks there.

LAUREN: In the states he was never around, but in England it was different. And being there, remembering him that way, he didn't feel like a traitor. He was just my father.

Lauren points out a new ring.

LAUREN: While we were there my mom gave me this. Dad had given it to her when I was born. She thought I might like to have it.

VAUGHN: It's going to be okay.


Outside the Safehouse

REED: (cell) Hello?

SYDNEY: (cell) Hello, Mrs. Reed. I'm sorry to disturb you. This is Kathleen from Director Pembroke's office. I have the Director holding on a secure line for Lauren Reed. I was told she could be reached at this number.

REED: (cell) No, Mrs. Reed's not here. She's in Berlin.

SYDNEY: (cell) I'm sorry, I didn't realize she was leaving London so soon. If you don't mind me asking, when did she leave for Berlin?

REED: (cell) She left here just a few hours ago. Would you like me to give her a message?

SYDNEY: (cell) No, no message. Thank you.

Sydney looks upset or suspicious. It's tough to tell whether she suspects Lauren's mom now, too.


Outside, in the rain. Unknown location, maybe L.A. or D.C., probably in the U.S.

DT: Been a long time, Jack.

JACK: I need information regarding a covert committee within the U.S. government. It's called the Trust. If there was such a group, where would the appropriations come from?

DT: Intelligence budgets are classified.

JACK: What makes you assume it's intelligence? I need evidence this group exists.

DT: These people are powerful, Jack. Inquiring about them will put me at risk. Why should I do that for you?

JACK: Because then I will be in your debt. I'm sure you remember how useful that can be.


Safehouse, Berlin

VAUGHN: Marshall's standing by. As soon as we copy the memory, we'll up-link it to him.

SYDNEY: How far along are we?

VAUGHN: Almost a quarter of the way.

Lauren is in the kitchen fiddling with her ring. She gets coffee and walks in to give it to Vaughn. Sydney watches with suspicion as her ring passes very close to the flash drive.

LAUREN: (To Vaughn) Here you go.

LAUREN: (to Sydney) Michael says you've been awake all night.

SYDNEY: I'm good, thanks.

LAUREN: Maybe later, then.



MARSHALL: I've got some pretty bad news. The memory on Cypher's drive, it was completely wiped. I think it was exposed to a strong magnetic field. Maybe an EMP...

SYDNEY: How is that possible?

MARSHALL: Well, seeing that we haven't had any significant solar flare activity within the last 24 hours, I'd have to say it was done intentionally.

VAUGHN: Well couldn't Cypher have corrupted the data before he handed it to us?

MARSHALL: Well, it's possible he had a built-in failsafe, but I haven't found any evidence of that.

SYDNEY: So we've lost everything?

MARSHALL: No, not everything, thanks to me... and the wonders of electron microscopy.

MARSHALL: I've been able to partially reconstruct his files, including the worm's source code. Are you guys ready for this?

MARSHALL: That thing isn't purposefully destroying data. That's only a side effect. It's actually collecting information. It's what's called an intelligence gathering worm. The Covenant, they're looking for something.


I haven't quite figured that out yet. But in the meantime, I've tweaked the worm's source code so it won't destroy any more data, and all the data it is collecting will be rerouted to our servers. So whatever the Covenant's looking for, we're going to get it now.


Covenant Base

BOMANI: The CIA cut the feed.

TECH: I'm trying to get it back.

Bomani goes over to Sark and mock chokes him.

BOMANI: Tell me why I shouldn't snap your neck right now.

SARK: In case it escaped your memory, I was the one who secured your release from that Siberian prison. This work is as important to me as it is to you. No one will jeopardize that. I clearly overestimated Mrs. Reed's abilities.

BOMANI: You're too late for that.

SARK: Yes, but she's still on the inside. I will make sure she reacquires the information that the CIA stole from us. Once she passes it along, she will be eliminated.

BOMANI: She will get that information as soon as possible, then.




SYDNEY: This cannot be a coincidence.

JACK: Do you really believe that Lauren would be reckless enough to corrupt the files with you and Vaughn watching?

SYDNEY: If she were desperate enough, yes. Dad, if Lauren really is the Covenant mole, if she did assassinate Cypher, she could never have anticipated he'd have the code on it, let alone that he'd give it to us.

JACK: What about Vaughn?

SYDNEY: I've tried talking to him about it. He won't even entertain the possibility. It's like he can't hear it.

JACK: Perhaps he can't hear it from you.


Vaughn's at the (CIA?) range.

VAUGHN: Sydney spoke to you.

JACK: All I ask is that you hear me out. My marriage with Irina, in spite of everything, was a happy time for me. It was easy being with her. There were times, moments when I became curious. How had she occupied her morning? What were her plans when I was out of town?

JACK: Usually she told me, but occasionally she'd stop what she was doing, walk over, and offer me a kiss. A spontaneous gesture.

JACK: But on one occasion it struck me. This impulsive kiss, what if it was an evasion, camouflaging the truth in an expression of love? Of course, I dismissed my concern immediately... merely professional paranoia. After all, she was my wife.

JACK: I don't regret having married her. I have Sydney because of our time together. What I do regret is that once I saw signs of her duplicity, once I sensed her betrayal, I chose to ignore it. All I'm asking is that you be responsive to the signs if and when they present themselves.

VAUGHN: You never respected me, never thought I was worthy of your daughter, so I'm not surprised you're so quick to think Lauren is betraying me. But whether or not you or Sydney believe me, I know the life I'm living, and I know the woman I am married to. Lauren is not Irina, and I am definitely not you.

Vaughn walks out.


Marshall's office

MARSHALL: Well, it turns out this is what the Covenant was looking for.


MARSHALL: Yeah, the worm was designed to cross-reference genetic databases. It's searching the entire globe for one person. And, judging by the double X chromosome, I'm saying female.

SYDNEY: Have they found a match?

Actually, that's a good question. There are ten.

SYDNEY: Ten matches to one genetic code? Well, that's impossible.

MARSHALL: Unless they're identical dectuplets, which granted is a statistical impossibility.

SYDNEY: Or if the person we're looking for uses multiple identities. We should brief Dixon immediately.

They rush off, past Lauren's desk. Weiss then sees her get up and go into Marshall's office, where she downloads the DNA information from Marshall's computer. Meanwhile, Vaughn is...

VAUGHN: Hey, have you seen Lauren?

WEISS: Yeah, I think she's in Marshall's office.

Someone waylays Vaughn and gets him to sign something. Lauren finishes what she's doing and goes to the door. Vaughn's right on top of her. She looks nervous.

LAUREN: You scared me.

VAUGHN: I was looking for you.

LAUREN: I was just leaving a present for Marshall. Well, for Mitchell. Don't worry, your name's on it too.

VAUGHN: I was going to have lunch. Cafe Stella.

LAUREN: Sounds great, but I've got to run a few errands.

VAUGHN: Need some company? I've got time.

LAUREN: You don't have to do that. I'll see you there in an hour.

VAUGHN: Okay, sure.



Lauren's walking along a street. Vaughn's surveilling her. She drops a note in a trash can. Vaughn grabs it. It's a to-do list.


At the mall

Lauren's at a mall, and she's getting ready to put a disk in a garbage can with Vaughn watching... but... she gets a phone call. She puts the disk back in her purse and answers.

SARK: Is this line secure? (pause) There's been a change. No dead drop. You'll be meeting with a Covenant agent.


SARK: Me. I'm in the parking garage, 3rd level.

LAUREN: My situation is precarious. This is not the time to change protocol.

Vaughn calls Weiss.

WEISS: (cell) Weiss.

VAUGHN: (cell) I need you to run a tap on Lauren's cell phone.

SARK: (cell) We've devised a new plan regarding the Passenger. Bomani's instructed me to meet with you face to face.

LAUREN: (cell) I'm surprised. I'd assumed that given what happened with Cypher, Bomani would be furious with me.

SARK: (cell) We rely on you. You know that.

WEISS: (cell) No, the call's encrypted. She must be talking to the NSC.

VAUGHN: (cell) Try running it through the filter.

SARK: (cell) When you get off the escalator, you'll see that I'm in the northwest corner.

LAUREN: (cell) You came all this way?

WEISS: (cell) Almost there.

Lauren is at the entrance to the garage.

SARK: (cell) We need to talk.

LAUREN: (cell) There are other ways to make contact.

SARK: (cell) Yes, but he insisted I meet with you face to face.

LAUREN: (cell) What else did Bomani tell you? Did he instruct you in the quietest way to murder me?

SARK: (cell) Absolutely not.

LAUREN: (cell) You pathetic little errand boy. Tell Bomani he'll get proof of my worth the next time he sees me, when I deliver the Passenger.

WEISS: (cell) Okay, got it.

At this point, Vaughn and Weiss hear the conversation too.

LAUREN: (cell) After all that we've been through, I thought I could rely on you. I'll never forgive you for this.

She hangs up and leaves without meeting with him.

WEISS: (cell) Okay. Uh, what the hell was that?

VAUGHN: (cell) I have no idea.



Vaughn walks up.

VAUGHN: Sorry I'm late.

LAUREN: That's fine. I was late myself.

VAUGHN: How were your errands?

LAUREN: They were fine.

VAUGHN: Yeah? What'd you do?

LAUREN: Just things. (forced casual laugh)

VAUGHN: Okay, like what kind of things?

LAUREN: The truth is, I got a call from my mother. She kept bombarding me with questions about my father, wanting to know why I didn't see it, why I didn't stop him. It was like she was blaming me. I was just so upset, so I wandered around the mall.

LAUREN: What's the matter?

VAUGHN: I'm just sorry you had to go through that.



DIXON: You were right. The ten names on Marshall's list were aliases for the same woman.

SYDNEY: It's possible this is what Il Dire gave Sloane besides the word "peace", a way to identify this woman.

Dixon : We ran background checks on all her false identities. Medical records revealed she was always treated by the same physician, a Doctor Robert Viadro. His practice is based in Milan. Vaughn is on his way in now. You two leave tonight.


The Doctor's House

LAUREN: Good afternoon. Dr. Viadro?


LAUREN: I need to speak with you. It concerns the Passenger.

LAUREN: That's none of your concer...

The doctor knocks Lauren's handgun away with a book he's holding, then runs upstairs into a secret room. Lauren follows him and gets to him before he can close the door.

LAUREN: Good. We have some privacy.

She knocks him out. Cut to outside, where Vaughn and Sydney pull up in a BMW, license ED 951SZ.

The Doctor has regained consciousness, evidently. He's tied up with a blue ethernet cable. Lauren injects him with something.

LAUREN: Where's the passenger?

LAUREN: I said, where is the passenger?

DOCTOR: (slowly) She's safe.

Downstairs, Sydney and Vaughn are walking around.

Sydney notices a vase marked with the order of Rambaldi.

SYDNEY: Vaughn. Rambaldi.

VAUGHN: I'll go check upstairs.

LAUREN: You had to make this difficult.

Lauren has some sort of dagger she drags over his arm and hand. Then she stabs him with it. He screams.

Vaughn runs upstairs. A bunch of security goons arrive and start shooting at Sydney. There's a bunch of fighting. Vaughn continues upstairs and tries to get into the secure room by shorting the security panel.

Back with Lauren and the Doctor...

LAUREN: It's terribly painful. Still, none were fatal.

Vaughn's trying to open the door. Lauren sees him via the security camera, then sees Sydney fighting downstairs.

LAUREN: Damn it!

LAUREN: Tell me what I need to know.

DOCTOR: I'll tell you.

More fighting between Sydney and a second and third security goon. Vaughn gets into the saferoom. Lauren's not there. There's a ceiling panel hanging open.

DOCTOR: The Passenger, I have betrayed her.

DOCTOR: I have betrayed her.

VAUGHN: Betrayed who?

DOCTOR: Years spent protecting her, and now she's alone.

VAUGHN: Who's she? Who are you protecting?

Sydney rushes in.

SYDNEY: Those guards were order of Rambaldi.

DOCTOR: You're the one, the one from the prophecy.

He grabs Sydney's handgun.

SYDNEY: Wait, what are you...

VAUGHN: Drop it!

DOCTOR: You will not hurt her.

Vaughn shoots the good Doctor.


Covenant Base

BOMANI: Keep this in a safe place.

LAUREN: Here it is, everything you need to find the passenger.

BOMANI: You went to great lengths to secure this information. Thank you.

LAUREN: I trust this removes any doubts concerning my usefulness.

BOMANI: Yes, you've done well. Unfortunately, the Covenant has no more use for your services.

While saying this, Bomani pulls a handgun and is about to shoot her.

Sark shoots him from a balcony.

SARK: I went to Los Angeles to warn you, not to kill you. Perhaps in the future, you should try trusting me a little more.



JACK: (cell) Bristow.

DT: (cell) Sloane told you the truth. The black budget front for the Trust is project Centigrade. Details have been left for you in the usual place.

JACK: (cell) I am in your debt.

DT: (cell) A fact which I hope to benefit from some day. Be careful, Jack. The Trust is not a group to be taken lightly.

Dixon approaches Jack.

DIXON: I need to speak with you in private.


Dixon's Office

DIXON: You recall that I requested Dr. Barnett's notes from her sessions with Sloane?

JACK: Yes. Did they reveal anything?

DIXON: Yes. There is something in the notes that concerns you. In one of his sessions with Barnett, Sloane admitted having an affair with Irina while you were married.


Rotunda Prison

Jack visits Sloane.

JACK: I found no evidence of the existence of the so-called "Trust".

SLOANE: Oh, I find that very hard to believe, Jack. A man with your contacts.

JACK: I've done everything I can. I'm afraid the secrets you keep are hard to uncover. Some of them you'll have to take to your grave.

SLOANE: If I die, I won't be able to help you find the Passenger before the Covenant does, Jack. You have no idea how that will affect you... you and Sydney.




JACK: Sydney. I heard what happened with the Doctor.

SYDNEY: We were wrong about the Passenger. It's not a weapon. It's a person. The doctor sacrificed his life trying to protect her. When he saw me it was almost like he recognized me, like I was his worst fear come to life. Dad, when he tried to kill me, he was trying to protect the Passenger from me.

JACK: Sloane told me that after Il Dire said "peace", he searched for every possible meaning in that message. He traced the etymology of the word to its Greek form, Irine, also the derivation of the name Irina. Sydney, I think the passenger may be your mother.


Lauren and Vaughn's House

LAUREN: I'm looking forward to a nice weekend alone.

VAUGHN: Me too.

VAUGHN: So what did you do while I was gone?

Lauren walks in slow motion over to Vaughn and gives him a kiss.

LAUREN: I missed you. I'm going to run a bath.

She leaves the room, and Vaughn starts digging through all her stuff. He finds a wig, handgun, and passport under a false bottom in one of her suitcases.