03x16 - Taken

Chateaudun, France

Sark is escorted onto a plane.


Dixon's Home - Los Angeles - CA

Sydney's on the phone to Dixon, who's at home.

SYDNEY: (cell) Sark's on flight 0028. It left Chateaudun Air Force Base 12 hours ago. They're due to arrive here in two hours. We're coordinating with security to set up a perimeter around the landing area.

DIXON: (cell) Good. The intelligence committee is sending Senator Reed to oversee the interrogation.

SYDNEY: (cell) Why the sudden interest from Washington?

DIXON: (cell) Sark is a key player now. They expect us to bleed him dry.

A car honks.

DIXON: (cell) Hold on a second.

Dixon turns back toward his house.

DIXON: Robin, Steven, Connor's dad's here.

ROBIN: Bye, dad.

STEVEN: Later.

DIXON: Whoa whoa whoa. Heads.

He kisses their foreheads.

STEVEN: Dad! Connor's watching.


DIXON: (cell) Sorry about that. All information concerning the case is being strictly compartmentalized. If we have any informational leak in the next few days, we'll know it came from inside the Rotunda.

SYDNEY: (cell) Copy that.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

Lauren's hacking into a FAA system using Barnett's account. Don't ask me why Barnett has access to FAA flight tracking systems. Vaughn arrives, and Lauren quickly switches windows to a list of questions she's supposed to be planning to ask Sark.



VAUGHN: How's it going?

LAUREN: I'm compiling a list of questions I plan on asking Sark during his interrogation.

VAUGHN: That's it? Wasn't your father supposed to arrive like an hour ago?

LAUREN: He went straight into a meeting with Jack Bristow and Director Dixon.

VAUGHN: Are you going to be okay while he's here?

LAUREN: I guess I'm about to find out.


Conference Room - Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

REED: Washington's gone to great lengths to secure Mr. Sark's extradition from the French. They're expecting results, and delivering them will strengthen my case when the appropriations bill for your task force comes before my committee next month.

DIXON: We appreciate your efforts, Senator. Um, Sark's transport will be arriving at Dover Airfield within the hour. Agents Bristow and Weiss are on site to escort him into custody.

JACK: Based on recently acquired intelligence, we know Sark was promoted to co-command the Covenant's North American operations. It's imperative we learn the identity of his associate.

Lauren enters.

LAUREN: Excuse me.

REED: Ah. There you are.

LAUREN: Hello, Dad. Good to see you.

DIXON: Please sit, Lauren. This concerns you as well.

DIXON: Once Sark is in custody, he will be transferred to medical services and prepped for the Inferno protocol.

LAUREN: It's my understanding that 50% of the test subjects suffered cardiac arrest during that procedure. The United States is not in the business of torturing witnesses for information.

REED: Mr. Sark is not being classified as a prisoner of war. He has no protections under the Geneva convention.

LAUREN: But given Sark's history of selling out his employers, is it even necessary? He's likely to comply quite willingly.

JACK: That may have been true in the past, but he now has 800 million dollars invested in this organization. His loyalties will lie with his money.

REED: All relevant materials you have should be turned over to Jack. He will be conducting the interrogation.

DIXON: This has been cleared through your superiors. Langley's requested certain questions be included, some of which contain information that exceeds your classification level.

LAUREN: I understand.

JACK: I'll review this immediately.

The phone rings, and Dixon picks up.

DIXON: Director Dixon.

JACK: Given Sark's importance to the Covenant, we can't rule out the possibility of a rescue attempt.

DIXON: Okay, put her through.

JACK: ... level 3 containment procedures into effect immediately, and lock...

DIXON: Yes, this is he. No, they're not sick.

JACK: ... op-tech is coordinating ...

Lauren's staring at Dixon with an "I know something you don't" look.

DIXON: I don't understand. Their carpool picked them up hours ago.

The background conversation stops. Everyone looks at Dixon.


Dover Airfield - CA

WEISS: Okay, this cannot be good.

SYDNEY: Sark was supposed to land twenty minutes ago.

WEISS: Yeah.

Sydney's phone rings.

SYDNEY: (cell) Agent Bristow here. We're on our way.

SYDNEY: Sark's plane just landed in the middle of the desert, sixty miles east of here.


Desert - CA

A bunch of police cars approach an isolated plane. Some Marines are guarding it.

DIXON: Is the area secure?

WEISS: (comm) Copy that. Nobody's gotten on or off the plane since it landed.

They walk through the plane, guns drawn. The agents and pilots are all dead and frozen. Sydney finds Sark's seat. The handcuffs are still there, but Sark is gone.

SYDNEY: (comm) Sark's gone.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

VAUGHN: The plane landed on autopilot, and we checked the body count against the crew manifest. One of Sark's armed guards was missing.

JACK: If Sark had an accomplice, we have to operate on the assumption that he made it out alive. Passengers were frozen indicating that Sark may have parachuted at altitude, leaving the cabin depressurized.

VAUGHN: Well, Marshall's pulling the satellite feeds right now. If Sark punched out within a one hundred mile radius, we should be able to narrow our search grid.

JACK: Put together a team. Be ready to move on Marshall's lead.

Vaughn walks off. Dixon walks up.

JACK: Sydney and Weiss are on their way back with the flight recorders.

DIXON: Steven and Robin didn't show up at school. I even tried their cell phones. Traded calls with relatives, friends, our neighbors, the police.

Dixon's phone rings.

DIXON: It's Robin, thank God.

DIXON: (cell) Where have you been?

SARK: (cell) We have your children. They're safe, and they will remain so assuming you follow our demands precisely.


Title sequence


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

JACK: Our calculations suggest that the Covenant abducted these children between 8:30 and 8:45 A.M. In exchange for their safe return, Sark is demanding the release of these men: five Covenant operatives currently in custody, apprehended within the past year. We have 48 hours.

VAUGHN: That's impossible. Aren't all of these prisoners being held by different governments?

LAUREN: Yes, and even in the event that we could coordinate the release of these prisoners, the diplomatic feat required would take days if not longer.

SYDNEY: Which is why we should being working on securing their release immediately.

REED: It's not that simple. There's a reason we don't negotiate with terrorists. It sets a dangerous precedent.

SYDNEY: As would not doing everything in our power to protect those children.

REED: And who's to say that next week the same criminal organization won't target the children of others working in intelligence?

SYDNEY: We are not discussing some hypothetical family.

REED: The Covenant abducted these hostages.

DIXON: Steven and Robin.

REED: Excuse me?

DIXON: Their names: Steven and Robin.

REED: I only suggest that for the safety of all of our families, we may need to find an alternative.

DIXON: Anyone else?

VAUGHN: Marshall is analyzing the data recorder from the plane. It may give us a lead.

SYDNEY: May I also suggest we at least begin negotiations with the countries holding these prisoners.

JACK: Whether or not we trade, as Ms. Reed mentioned this will be a lengthy process. We can use the negotiations to buy time while having the Covenant believing we are proceeding in good faith.

DIXON: Then that's how we'll proceed.

DIXON: One last thing. The only thing that we do know for certain. Sark managed his escape because he was provided with information that could only have come from this office. I want this leak identified.



Lauren and Sark on the phone.

LAUREN: They're doing exactly as we expected.

SARK: The advantages of having a predictable adversary.

LAUREN: Not to mention someone on the inside.

SARK: Yes, indeed. Which brings me to my next question. Our superiors would like to know how your efforts in securing a scapegoat are progressing.

LAUREN: I've already taken care of it.


OMNIFAM - Zurich - Switzerland

(over speakerphone)

SECRETARY: Oui, Monsieur Sloane.

SLOANE: Tell Carl that Judy is on her way down.

SECRETARY: Oui, Monsieur Sloane.

SLOANE: The limo is here.

BARNETT: I don't want to go.

SLOANE: Then don't.

BARNETT: I have used up all my sick days and every conceivable excuse. I have got to get back to work. You may find this hard to believe, but I am usually very professional.

SLOANE: Why would I find that hard to believe? I found our time together very therapeutic.

BARNETT: If the agency finds out...

SLOANE: They won't.

BARNETT: I will be totally discredited.

SLOANE: No one will know. I give you my word.

BARNETT: I wish that were enough.

BARNETT: Mmm, Judy, I'm not going to see you again, am I?

She smiles sadly. They kiss.

BARNETT: I should go.


Marshall's Office - Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

MARSHALL: This is the last communication from the crew.

SARK: Tell them you're experiencing a radio failure, or you're both dead.

PILOT: Albuquerque Center, November-Niner-Seven, we're experiencing intermittent communications failure. Nothing to worry about.

GROUND: November-Niner-Seven, copy that. Continue your approach.


PILOT: Please, don't...


MARSHALL: Now, we assumed Sark bailed out over New Mexico, but check this out. Twenty minutes later the recorder picked up some faint noise.

DIXON: Can you be more specific?

MARSHALL: Yeah. I enhanced the audio, and it turns out our friend Mr. Sark made a phone call.

SARK: Notify the extraction team. I should be at the LZ on schedule. ... Do we have the hostages? ... Excellent. ... Not if I see you first, love.

MARSHALL: Sark was still on the plane once they passed New Mexico.

JACK: In that case, that would put him in...

MARSHALL: Arizona. I tasked Echelon to focus on a two hundred-mile radius around the estimated drop point, added the appropriate keywords to the dictionary. Sark must have gone south, because Echelon picked up a burst of Covenant communications from a warehouse in Nogales. I believe they might be holding your children there.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

DIXON: Based on Marshall's intel, I have the authority to go tactical right now and attempt a rescue.

JACK: Or you can continue the negotiations.

DIXON: I need an honest assessment, Jack.

JACK: The last time we did business with the Covenant, they killed a hostage as a negotiation tactic. If history is any indication, they may kill one of your children to compel us to meet their demands.

DIXON: What if we give in to their demands?

JACK: There's no guarantee they'll let them go unharmed.

DIXON: And if we attempt rescue, the risks are equally high.

JACK: I'm sorry.

DIXON: Prepare the tactical option.


"NOG[A]LES" - AZ (pushthrough)


DIXON: (comm) Marshall, we're in place and we're disabling the alarm system

MARSHALL: (comm) Okay, once the alarms are down, you need to access the closed circuit feed.

VAUGHN: (comm) Perimeter's clear.

SYDNEY: (comm) Alarms are down. We're hacking into the closed circuit feed now.

MARSHALL: (comm) Okay. Receiving images. Okay, there they are. I see them. The children are inside. Mapping coordinates. They're one level down.

DIXON: (comm) Let's go.

They go down some stairs.

DIXON: (comm) Marshall, anything?

They go down a hallway.

MARSHALL: (comm) Okay, try the first door on your right.

Dixon kicks the door in.

DIXON: Robin! Steven!

DIXON: Marshall, they're not here.

MARSHALL: No no, that doesn't make any sense. Hold on, let me do a rescan.

Weiss finds a timer panel for a bomb.

WEISS: Oh my God.

VAUGHN: (comm) We've got an explosive device on a timer. A minute twelve left to go.

MARSHALL: (comm) Copy that, Boy Scout. I'm checking it out right now.

Sydney and Dixon find another one.

SYDNEY: (comm) Marshall, it's another explosive. 59 seconds.

MARSHALL: (comm) Copy that, Mountaineer. Can you approach, describe it to me?

SYDNEY: (comm) It's got a wireless receiver.

MARSHALL: (comm) Oh my God, Sydney. The bomb is connected to a wireless network. There are six other charges. You need to get out. Now!

SYDNEY: (comm) The whole place is rigged.

DIXON: (comm) Team, fall back, now! I'm going for my children.

WEISS: (comm) Copy that.

WEISS: We've got to go.

Dixon runs around a corner and down a tunnel. Sydney's running after him.

DIXON: Steven! Robin!

SYDNEY: Dixon!

Marshall's watching the video, he notices something weird.

MARSHALL: No, no. This can't be, this can't be.

MARSHALL: (comm) Mountaineer, Mountaineer, listen. The children are not in the building. The tape is on a loop. It's a trap. Get out of there.

SYDNEY: (comm) Dixon! Marshall says the tape is on a loop! We've got to get out of here!

DIXON: I can't leave them!

SYDNEY: But they're not here!

DIXON: (out of control, screaming) We don't know that!

SYDNEY: Dixon, if you stay here, you are going to die. Robin and Steven are out there, they need you to find them. Dixon, go!

Everyone runs out of the warehouse as it explodes.


Marshall's Office - Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

JACK: Marshall, I need you to pull up the server logs for the classified FAA database.

MARSHALL: Sure, uh, what are we looking for?

JACK: Everyone who accessed Sark's flight information. Filter it to show only the results from the last two days.

MARSHALL: Okay. Sure, no problem.

The list narrows.

JACK: There. That's not one of our internal IP addresses, is it?

MARSHALL: No, it's not. It looks like they logged on using Dr. Barnett's account.

MARSHALL: That's interesting. They tried to spoof their IP by bouncing it off several servers.

JACK: Can you find the origin?

MARSHALL: I think so.

The last hop is shown:

Loc: Zurich, Switzerland

IP: 517.2103.0303.299418.1818



OMNIFAM - Zurich - Switzerland

Jack and two goons enter with a search warrant.

SLOANE: Jack. To what do I owe this pleasure?

JACK: I take no pleasure in this, Arvin.


Rotunda Prison - Los Angeles - CA

DIXON: You're dismissed. Go.

DIXON: It wasn't enough for you that I saw my wife die?

SLOANE: I'm afraid I don't understand.

DIXON: They are children! Children!

SLOANE: If I only knew what I was being accused of, I...

DIXON: You gave information to the Covenant. It's because of you my children are missing.

SLOANE: Dixon, I'm sor...

DIXON: The mistake I made was not putting a bullet in your head three years ago when I had the chance.

Sydney runs up.

SYDNEY: Dixon, no! You can't do this!

DIXON: Sydney, get out of here. I don't want you to see this.

SYDNEY: If you kill him, it will be you locked up in this cage. Is that what you want?

DIXON: I want my children back!

SYDNEY: Well this is not the way to help them. We'll find them. We'll find them, Dixon. We'll bring them home.

DIXON: Sydney, for the last time, get out of here.

SYDNEY: What would Diane say if she saw you like this? What about your kids? They need you. What would they want you to do? What would they want you to do, Marcus?

Dixon puts the gun away and walks out.

SLOANE: Sydney, I didn't do this.

Sydney walks away.


Dixon's Home - Los Angeles - CA (night)

Dixon breaks down on the steering wheel. Steven appears out of the night walking toward the car. Dixon gets out and runs toward him.

DIXON: Steven!

STEVEN: Daddy.

DIXON: Are you alright? Where's your sister? You need to tell me where's Robin?

A phone rings.

STEVEN: They want to talk to you.

Dixon answers.


Conference Room - Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

Dixon's holding back tears.

DIXON: They said they wanted me to watch my children die. They wanted me to know what it felt like. The Covenant knew we'd come. They fed us Echelon intercepts, dangled the whereabouts of my children like bait.

DIXON: The Covenant is now demanding the immediate release of ten prisoners. Any further attempts on our part to out-maneuver them, and they have sworn I will never see my daughter again.

DIXON: If I told you I was capable of processing all of this, I'd be lying. All I know is my daughter is out there, and because of a failed rescue mission I sanctioned, she is in even more danger.


DIXON: The emotional toll this has taken, and my current state of mind convinces me I am no longer the best guarantee of her return. Therefore, I am stepping down temporarily as director of this task force until this matter is resolved.

DIXON: Jack, I trust you will stand in my stead and do everything in your power to bring my daughter back to me.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

REED: Jack, I've already put in calls to State. We're going to do everything in our power to meet the Covenant's demands.

JACK: I appreciate it.

JACK: The Covenant's agenda is rash. There's something behind the boldness of their demands.

REED: Like what?

JACK: I don't know, but until we determine what it is, we should proceed negotiating for the release of the prisoners.


Hospital - Los Angeles - CA

Sydney knocks.

SYDNEY: How's he doing?

DIXON: He's dehydrated, but I think the damage is more emotional than physical?

SYDNEY: So, what can I do?

DIXON: Sydney, Steven was sent back with a message, but it had nothing to do with releasing prisoners.

SYDNEY: I don't get it.

DIXON: They told me if I disclosed their true demands to the CIA, Robin will die.

SYDNEY: What do they want?

DIXON: A Rambaldi artifact from Project Blackhole in the Nevada desert. Lot 45, I don't know what it is.

SYDNEY: Why the false demands?

DIXON: To keep the CIA occupied. The Covenant is aware that I have clearance to enter the DSR facility. I have personal access codes.

SYDNEY: Access codes that can be traced back to you.

DIXON: My daughter's life is in their hands. If I could do this alone, I would.

SYDNEY: Whatever you need.


"NEVA[D]A DESERT" - NV (pushthrough)


Sydney's driving around in a dune buggy. She crosses into a restricted area, and some guards stop her.

Number on dune buggy: 933 1033 CRR

GUARD: Miss, this is a restricted area.

SYDNEY: Dude! This is sweet. I'm psyched to run into you. I was dune'ing with my buddies and I got separated. Been just going in a circle for about an hour.

GUARD: Miss, you are not supposed to be here.

SYDNEY: I'm not? The map says... have a look.

She bends over to get the map from the buggy. The guard stares at her ass, then approaches.

SYDNEY: Can you ever read these things? I can never tell...

Sydney knocks the guard out with a stun gun. (Note: they don't work like that.)

SYDNEY: (comm) Dixon, I'm in position.


Project Blackhole Compound - Nevada Desert - NV

Dixon begins to drive up to the gate.

DIXON: (comm) Copy that. Arriving now.

He stops at a guard station.

DIXON: The Director of Research is expecting me.

The guard looks over Dixon's papers and waves him through.

DIXON: Thank you.


Project Blackhole Compound - Nevada Desert - NV

Dixon and Erin are walking inside the compound, still outside...

DIXON: I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your promotion, Erin.

ERIN: Thank you for the recommendation.

ERIN: I'm sorry about your daughter. If there's anything we can do...

DIXON: I believe there is. Does the term countershadow mean anything to you?

ERIN: I'm not sure about countershadow. There are specific references to shadows in neo-paganism. There's over a dozen references in the Bible.

DIXON: Anything Rambaldi related? My son said his captors mentioned the word "countershadow". That's all I have to go on. I need access to a research terminal for an hour or so.

ERIN: Not a problem. Mind if I tag along? (pause) Actually, I have to tag along. We're at a code orange. You understand.

DIXON: I understand. I instituted the protocol.

She laughs.


Project Blackhole Compound - Nevada Desert - NV

Sydney stops near a vent. She puts on some weird suit, then uses a cable to lowers herself into the steam vent.

SYDNEY: (comm) Dixon, I've breached the grate.

ERIN: Most of the files are cross-referenced within the archive, but we should also check the historical database.

SYDNEY: (comm) It's still sealed!

DIXON: This'll take more time than I thought. Coffee?

ERIN: Sure, I'll have some brought in.

SYDNEY: (comm) Heat bubbles are getting critical. I'm going to have to abort.

Dixon acts as if he's about to faint.

ERIN: Are you alright?

DIXON: I'm sorry. All this, hits at the strangest times.

ERIN: I understand.

DIXON: Do you pray, Erin?

ERIN: No. I'm agnostic, actually.

SYDNEY: (comm) Dixon, the temperature is at 248 degrees and rising.

Dixon folds his hands and starts praying silently.

ERIN: Why don't I give you a moment.

DIXON: (comm) Sydney, I'm patching into the security console, now.

SYDNEY: (comm) I'm through the grate.

SYDNEY: (comm) I'm in.

SYDNEY: (comm) This place. They've got every Rambaldi artifact ever collected.

Sydney walks around. A blow-up of the Rambaldi page depicting Sydney is on a wall. Lot 49 is the infrared-ray weapon from Firebomb. Lot 47 looks like a treasure chest.

SYDNEY: (comm) Dixon, lot 45 is gone.

SYDNEY: (comm) Dixon, what do I do?

DIXON: (comm) Give me a second, I'll try to find it. ... It's been moved to analysis, level 8, quadrant 1.

SYDNEY: (comm) I'm on my way.


Rotunda Prison - Los Angeles - CA

JACK: These negotiations are meant to fail. Why?

SLOANE: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.

JACK: All of the resources of this agency are being diverted to meet demands the Covenant must know are unattainable, which leads me to believe it's merely a distraction. What do they really want?

SLOANE: Well, then my question to you is why target Dixon? What does he have access to, Jack?

SLOANE: Come on, Jack. If you want my help, you're just going to have to trust me.

JACK: He has access to Project Blackhole.


Project Blackhole Compound - Nevada Desert - NV

DIXON: (comm) Proceed down the north corridor until you reach the central lab, room 74. That's where they're holding lot 45.

SYDNEY: (comm) I'm approaching the door. It's locked.

DIXON: (comm) I'm working on it.

DIXON: (comm) Got it.

Sydney enters. There's a three-armed laser gizmo scanning the artifact.

SYDNEY: (comm) I see it.

DIXON: (comm) Good. Can you get to it?

SYDNEY: (comm) I can try.

DIXON: (comm) Go ahead.

She manages to get the artifact. The arms go crazy, almost hitting her. She pulls some wires out of an arm, and soon after it moves away, up toward the ceiling.

SYDNEY: (comm) I've got the artifact. I'll meet you at the rendezvous point.

DIXON: (comm) Copy that.

As Sydney puts the cube into the case she brought, she notices the word "Irina" carved into the cube.


Lobby - Project Blackhole Compound - Nevada Desert - NV

ERIN: Director Dixon! You forgot the hard copy.

DIXON: Oh, thank you. You saved me a trip back here.

ERIN: Uh huh. You're welcome.


Rotunda Corner - Los Angeles - CA

LAUREN: (cell) I got your message.

SARK: (cell) Dixon made contact. He's prepared to make the exchange.

LAUREN: (cell) I understand.

SARK: (cell) I must admit, I wasn't sure the good Director had it in him. I'm impressed.

LAUREN: (cell) That man is living through his worst nightmare. You might consider losing the sarcasm.

SARK: (cell) How touching. You actually care.

LAUREN: (cell) When is the meet?

SARK: (cell) Four hours. Make sure nothing interferes.


Some rooftop parking garage - Los Angeles - CA

Dixon and Sydney meet Jack.

SYDNEY: What is this about?

JACK: I know you removed an artifact from Project Blackhole to trade with the Covenant. I talked to Sloane.

SYDNEY: Sloane?

JACK: The Covenant is desperate to acquire a box constructed by Rambaldi. It's Sloane's understanding that they're close to locating a key to activate it.

DIXON: And why should we trust a thing Sloane says?

JACK: Because Sloane believes the contents of that box in the Covenant's hands will put Sydney's life in jeopardy, and I believe him.

SYDNEY: Dad, there is something you should know. There's an inscription on the box. Mom's name.

JACK: You cannot give the Covenant the artifact, not until we know more.

DIXON: And by then Robin may be dead. Jack, if I had another option...

JACK: We can produce a duplicate artifact, send in a team to the exchange site, apprehend Sark once the trade occurs.

DIXON: If Sark in any way thinks we're trying to double-cross him, my daughter will suffer the consequences. I can't take that risk.

JACK: I share your concern, which is why I'm committed to finding a way out of this without risking my daughter's life as well.

SYDNEY: The difference is Robin didn't choose this life. I did. It's my decision to make, dad. The exchange is happening tomorrow.

JACK: Then I'm going with you.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

REED: (phone) Tell the Algerian Minister that if he refuses, I will personally see to it that his foreign aid bill doesn't make it to the Senate floor.

GOON: Sir, Project Blackhole has been compromised.

REED: (phone) Tell him I'll call back.

REED: Excuse me?

GOON: Lot 45 is missing. A list has been compiled of all workers and visitors at the facility in the last 24 hours.

REED: That'll be all.

GOON: Yes, sir.

REED: (phone) This is Senator Reed. I want Marcus Dixon's name added to the Federal watchlist, and I want a tactical team deployed to bring him into custody immediately.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

MARSHALL: What is it?

LAUREN: Dixon needs your help.


L.A., outside, the same place the MINI trial run in The Italian Job was filmed

Jack, Sydney, Dixon pull up in a Cadillac, license 4N170C2 (CA)


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA

REED: (comm) Air Unit One, what's your status?

AU1: Air Unit One engaging GPS to locate the target area.


Rotunda - Marshall's office

VAUGHN: The helicopters are up.

LAUREN: Marshall, we wouldn't ask you...

MARSHALL: Listen, say no more. If anybody ever laid a hand on my mini-Mitch, I swear to you...

(Exterior shot of the covenant car pulling up at the exchange.)

MARSHALL: They're using a GPS navigation system to vector the choppers.

VAUGHN: Meaning?

MARSHALL: Well, I might be able to uplink to their GPS receiver and induce a deviation error.

LAUREN: Might or can?

MARSHALL: We'll find out soon enough.


Outside - Los Angeles - CA

AU1: Air Unit One. Receiving GPS signal. We're proceeding to target area.

Sark walks up.

DIXON: I want my daughter.

SARK: Once I take possession of lot 45, my associate will release her. You have my word.

AU1: Air Unit One, we're over the contact area. There's no one here.


Rotunda - Marshall's office

MARSHALL: Well, it looks like they're taking a little detour outside of Long Beach Harbor over the Pacific Ocean.

LAUREN: Thank you so much, Marshall.


Exchange Site - Los Angeles - CA

Sark opens the box. He's happy. The goon gets out of the car with Dixon's daughter.

SARK: I'm afraid I'm going to need some insurance to guarantee I reach my extraction point safely. This collar contains a lethal cardiotoxin. Once I place this on your daughter, you'll have two minutes to disarm it before the compound is released into her system.

DIXON: You son of a b****! That was not part of our agreement.

SARK: This mechanism is well within your disarming capabilities. Two minutes is generous, in my opinion.

DIXON: You will not put that on my daughter.

SYDNEY: Use me instead!

JACK: Sydney!

SYDNEY: Put the collar on me.

Sark looks at Dixon's daughter.

SYDNEY: (pleading) She's thirteen years old.

SARK: Very well. If you try to remove this device before disarming it, the injection is instantaneous.

DIXON: Now I want my daughter.

Sark nods. The goon releases her.

SARK: As always, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

JACK: Sark! You don't deserve to walk out of here alive.

He's pulled a sig.

SARK: Before you consider taking any drastic measures, you should know that if I release my grip on this remote, the toxin will automatically go into your daughter's bloodstream. A failsafe, if you will. As I said, you have two minutes.

SYDNEY: Get Robin out of here.

JACK: Do it, now.

Dixon puts Robin in the back of the car.

JACK: Sydney, stay very still.

He takes the cover off.

JACK: The mechanism's armed.

SYDNEY: Our best bet is to sever it's link to the relay board.

JACK: I see it. It's wired to a meter. If we clip the lead, it'll register the voltage drop.


JACK: Easy.

He clips the lead.

JACK: It's okay.

They hug.


Hospital - Los Angeles - CA

Dixon's and his children are playing cards. Sydney stops by.


Rotunda Prison - Los Angeles - CA

SLOANE: If I told you I was innocent of these charges, would you believe me?


SLOANE: Look, Judy, why don't you ask yourself... if I wanted to damage you, if I wanted to damage the CIA, would I be so careless? Would I leave a trail that so obviously leads in my direction?

BARNETT: You used me. I compromised my judgment because I believed that you had changed. You are incapable of it.

SLOANE: If you can't trust me now, I accept that. All I ask is that you respect the confidentiality of what I told you regarding my affair with Irina.


Rotunda - Los Angeles - CA


LAUREN: I'm going home.

VAUGHN: Have you seen your father?

LAUREN: Haven't seen him.

VAUGHN: Well, maybe that's a good thing.

JACK: Lauren, Vaughn. It's come to my attention that Senator Reed's effort to retrieve lot 45 was thwarted inexplicably.

VAUGHN: Well, I'd imagine the Senator will be gearing up for an inquiry, though I doubt he'll find any evidence of wrongdoing.

JACK: Well, whoever intervened to save Robin's life, not to mention Sydney's, is owed my deepest gratitude.

LAUREN: Good night, Jack.

Jack walks away.

VAUGHN: See you later.

LAUREN: Not if I see you first, love.

Jack hears this. He checks himself and the gears start turning.