03x14 - Blowback


Lauren's phone vibrates. Lauren turns on a lamp. Vaughn's sitting in a chair messing with a watch.

LAUREN: Michael, what are you doing? (looks at phone) Sometimes I hate my job.

LAUREN: Baby, what's going on?

VAUGHN: You know how doctors always make you wait?


VAUGHN: When you go in for an appointment. My dad hated that. He used to say he'd always kept his appointments, and everyone else should do the same.

LAUREN: You okay?

VAUGHN: Yeah. I just... I was looking for my house keys and I found this (the watch).

LAUREN: Why were you looking for your house keys?

VAUGHN: I couldn't sleep. I thought I'd go for a jog.

LARUEN: What time is it?

VAUGHN: I dunno. It's broken.

LAUREN: Are you sure you're alright?

VAUGHN: Yeah, I'm fine.

They kiss.

VAUGHN: I'll see you later.

Lauren calls Sark back.

LAUREN: This better be good.

SARK: And a good morning to you, too.

LAUREN: You paged me on my NSC cell phone. You know that they track all incoming numbers.

SARK: This cell phone's been cloned, so you have nothing to worry about. We've just learned that a freelance munitions expert has created a cutting edge technology, one that he's since sold to one of our rivals. We need you to filter back any CIA intel that might help us get a lock on it.

LAUREN: You called me to remind me to do my job?

SARK: Darling, it's not like that.

LAUREN: (sarcastically) Yeah.



WEISS: Will he ever open his eyes?

MARSHALL: Babies sleep, Weiss, you know. That's what they do, except when they're screaming. Last night, from midnight to six.

SYDNEY: He's gorgeous, Marshall.


SYDNEY: Isn't he beautiful?

Sydney hands the picture they've been passing around to Vaughn.

VAUGHN: Looks like he has my nose.

LAUREN: Oh, look at him.

MARSHALL: Thanks. You know, last night he looked at me. He barely opened his eyes, but... I swear to God guys, Mitchell's a genius.

MARSHALL: Oh, Mr. Bristow! Take a look. It's Mitchell. He's my guy.

JACK: Cute.


SYDNEY: Your tie's on backwards.

MARSHALL: Oh, I didn't get a lot of sleep...



DIXON: You're familiar with the Shining Sword?

WEISS: Fundamentalist terror network based in the Philippines.

VAUGHN: They've been dormant since the Bali bombings of '02. Are they operational again?

DIXON: Earlier today, we intercepted a burst transmission which indicates an operative of Shining Sword has acquired a plasma charge.

SYDNEY: Plasma charge? I thought those were only theoretical.

DIXON: According to the burst transmission, the operative is shipping the bomb to one of their European cells.

MARSHALL: The transmission included specs. Now, believe it or not, these schematics are two times scale, meaning this device is only six inches in diameter, but it packs a wallop. Now this is a conservative interpolation of the damage it would cause if detonated, and this doesn't account for fires or collateral explosions. And...

A picture of Marshall holding his son is next in the slideshow.

MARSHALL: Sorry, I don't know how that got in there. That was at breakfast, Mitchell...

LAUREN: Is the bomb being shipped trans-Pacific or via the Atlantic?

JACK: We don't know, but we traced the transmission to a digital storage facility in Vancouver where the Shining Sword operative maintains his database.

WEISS: Were we able to hack in?

MARSHALL: Well, DigiStash is basically a self-storage facility for digital files: corporate records, medical databases, that sort of stuff. So their firewall's state of the art. I wouldn't be able to hack the database unless someone on the inside were to open up a port.

DIXON: Sydney, Vaughn. You'll go to the facility looking to lease vault space. Once inside, you'll uplink with Marshall. Now, if we're lucky, the operative will have archived the details of the shipment, and we can intercept the bomb before it's delivered.

MARSHALL: Should I tell the, uh... I had a great idea what you guys should...

MARSHALL: I think you should pose as radio-astronomers, you know, looking to back up your recordings of interplanetary noise. Now, I came up with a little cheat sheet that should help you, and you can review this en route.

DIXON: And one more thing. The Covenant may have intercepted CIA intelligence regarding our mission in North Korea and our pursuit of the Doleac Agenda. Langley has assigned a counterintelligence team to determine whether someone within the Agency has been leaking information. Jack will run point on their investigation inside this office.

We survey the agent's faces as the news settles. Lauren accepts the news most evenly of all.

JACK: Marshall, Lauren, I've scheduled you in the first round of interviews. You'll be available later this afternoon?

LAUREN: Actually, I'm due in D.C. tonight for an NSC briefing. But I'll call and tell them I can't make it.

JACK: That's okay... as soon as you return, then. Weiss, you'll go instead.

Weiss nods, okay. Vaughn looks to Lauren. Clearly, this trip was news to him. But more than that, his face is tinged with a hint of sadness.

DIXON: Good. Let's get moving.

The meeting is adjourned --



Lauren is first out of the Briefing Room. She quickly crosses the space. Sydney follows, anxious.

SYDNEY: Lauren, we need to talk. Lauren? (Lauren keeps walking)

*22:58 (dup)

*LAUREN: Everything I needed to say, I've already said.

*SYDNEY: Then here's my turn: the implication that somehow I've set out to undermine your marriage is wrong and unfair. I've done nothing but respect the relationship that you and Vaughn have.

*Sydney and Lauren glance over and see Vaughn looking at Sydney.

*LAUREN: You were saying?

*SYDNEY: Vaughn and I have a history, a complicated one. I can't deny that, but I won't apologize for it either. If your marriage is in trouble, if you and Vaughn are having problems, I suggest you leave me out of it and take it up with your husband.



*Lauren on her cell phone.

*LAUREN: Are you ready for our first job as senior management?

*SARK: You're so ambitious, I love it.

*LAUREN: The job's in Vancouver. Requires a breach of a data storage facility.

*SARK: Really? What's the prize?

*LAUREN: A plasma charge. Next generation destructive power.

*SARK: I thought those were just theoretical.

*LAUREN: Apparently not in Vancouver.

*SARK: Alright. I'll meet you there in four hours.

*LAUREN: Three. We have to be first in line. The CIA's sending agents.

*SARK: Who?

*LAUREN: One guess.

*SARK: Sweetheart, this should be fun.

*LAUREN: I'll see you in Vancouver. Don't be late or call me sweetheart.

*SARK: Ambitious and domineering. Fantastic.


INT. ROTUNDA - DAY (matches up with the above duplicated section, at 22:58)

WEISS: How are you doing?


WEISS: Hey, guess what? It's me. Come on, how're you doing?

VAUGHN: I'm hanging in there.

WEISS: How's Lauren about it?

VAUGHN: She didn't remember.

WEISS: And, you didn't say anything?

VAUGHN: No. I mean, she's got a lot on her mind.

WEISS: Yeah, that's probably it.


EXT. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND (no pushthrough) - DAY

Dr. Barnett walks down some steps, gets a call on her cell phone.


SLOANE: Dr. Barnett. This is Arvin Sloane. I'm calling to apologize for my discourteous behavior the other day when we met. I am not accustomed to just simply sitting around talking.

BARNETT: Not everyone is.

SLOANE: Yeah. Actually, it would have been much more simple if there had been a bottle of Chateau Brion on the table.

BARNETT: Excuse me?

SLOANE: I'm suggesting that we talk over dinner. You know, in vino veritas? I know a lovely little out-of-the-way restaurant in a former sewing machine factory. It's called Brasserie Al Pontio(?). I'm hoping you enjoy French cuisine.

BARNETT: Well that wouldn't be very professional.

SLOANE: Well, why don't you consider it an office with food? After all, psychoanalysts do eat dinner, don't they? Zurich is such a lovely city. It would be criminal for you to dine alone.

SLOANE: At any rate, you know the name of the restaurant. I shall be there at eight o'clock, and I... I'm hoping you'll join me. Goodbye, Dr. Barnett.



roughly 24:37

Lauren and Sark pull an Ethan Hunt, dropping down from the ceiling behind a guard and stabbing the data storage guard's in the neck (c-spine).

SARK: How long before Sydney and Vaughn get here?

LAUREN: Twenty minutes, if that.

SARK: Well, you'd better show me the meaning of haste.

LAUREN: Once we have the transport information, I'll corrupt the files and leave the CIA blind.

SARK: It looks like another black mark on your husband's record. How's it feel to systematically ruin a man from the inside out?

LAUREN: It wouldn't be the first time. Buzz me in to 2201.

There's an additional number on a black placard on the wall below the room number:




EMPLOYEE: So, you're looking for alien life?

Sydney has a ridiculous geek/nerd accent and an equally ridiculous short skirt.

SYDNEY: In a manner of speaking. Our radio telescopes inspect the cosmos looking to detect artificially generated signals, basically anything below 300 hertz. Don't worry, the alien invasion is still a few months away.


VAUGHN: As we discussed over the phone, our telescopes gather over 350GB of information per day.

EMPLOYEE: Not a problem. Our vaults are designed to accommodate teraflops (sic). You could store 20 years of data in the vaults you've leased. (to a guard) Number 2289, please, Luc.

Back to Vaughn.

EMPLOYEE: It is backed up twice daily; the servers are monitored around the clock. Climate control, fire suppression, all state of the art. The interface is hot-swappable.


*LAUREN: (to herself) Hurry, hurry.

*SARK: Husband and sweetheart are early. They're headed for room 2289.

*LAUREN: Planting the virus now. Get out and get the car ready.

*SARK: You are so controlling.

*LAUREN: Move it. I'm right behind you.

VAUGHN: Great.

EMPLOYEE: If you need anything, you can call me.

VAUGHN: Thank you.

They go into room 2289. The employee stays outside.

EMPLOYEE: (looks at guard station and doesn't see anyone) Luc?


*EMPLOYEE: Luc? Luc? (to walkie) Has anyone seen Luc?

The employee sees blood running out from under the guard's desk.


Lauren appears and points a gun at him. Might be a Sig.

*LAUREN: Drop the walkie.

*EMPLOYEE: Please, don't hurt me.

*Lauren tosses him a Beretta or clone.

*LAUREN: You think about pointing that gun at me and I'll shoot you in the heart. The couple in room 2289, when they come out, I want you to kill them both.


*LAUREN: Or you die. It's your choice.

*EMPLOYEE: But I haven't shot a gun...

*LAUREN: This isn't a negotiation.

*EMPLOYEE: Okay. Okay.



MARSHALL: Okay, guys. Let me know when you're connected to the mainframe.

SYDNEY: Copy that.

MARHSALL: Mmm hmm. Okay, once we download the shipping information, we should be able to pinpoint the location of the plasma charge.

SYDNEY: Connection established.

MARSHALL: Oh, listen. I wanted to ask you something... the truth, now. Your science geek character, was that supposed to be me?

SYDNEY: Your son.

MARSHALL: Funny. Although that would be pretty cool, don't you think, little Mitchell working side-by-side with old man.

SYDNEY: We're downloading now.

MARSHALL: I see it. Another 15 seconds.

Something weird happens to the screens.

SYDNEY: Marshall, what's happening?

MARSHALL: I dunno. There's someone else in the system with you.

VAUGHN: Here, from our end?

MARSHALL: Has to be. There's no other way to access the files. I think they just planted a virus. It has to be the Covenant.

SYDNEY: The mole must have leaked our intel. They beat us here.

MARSHALL: You guys, listen to me. Disconnect from their system before their virus affects our copy.

SYDNEY: Did we get the shipping information?

MARSHALL: I'm not sure. I'll have to see if I can reconstruct the data from what we've got.

VAUGHN: Let's get out of here.

They leave the room. The employee is acting a bit freaky, shaking and wincing.

EMPLOYEE: Please, don't do this.

The employee shoots at Sydney and Vaughn, who duck back into the room. They hear a single gunshot from a different gun. (the employee had a Beretta or clone) They go into the hallway again, and see the employee shot dead on the floor. They hear a door close.

It looks like Sydney might have a glock 19 or 23.

SYDNEY: The shooter.

They go after the shooter.

SYDNEY: There. Vaughn.

They're on a roof in a parking lot.

SYDNEY: The F-150!

*27:45 carchase view 2 ---

*Lots of shots that weren't in view 1, below. Sark and Lauren are shown in the Thunderbird. They weren't before.

Sydney shoots out the SarkLaurenmobile's back windshield.

*LAUREN: They're right behind us.

*SARK: Yes, thank you. I can see that.

*after the carchase... Lauren's awfully excited.

*LAUREN: Stop the car!

*SARK: What are you talking about?

*LAUREN: Stop the car, now. Pull in here.

*They start making out. Hard cut...


*Sark and Lauren in bed.

Car chase view 1.

F-150 vs Thunderbird. The thunderbird gets away.

SYDNEY: Vaughn!

Vaughn runs into a car while trying to exit the garage.



SYDNEY: How much of the data did we get our hands on?

MARSHALL: Looks like 63 percent give or take a few megs. Oh, I slept 20 minutes last night, FYI.

VAUGHN: How long before you can extrapolate the rest?

MARSHALL: Well, I ran the code through a high-grade algebra... err, algorithms. But you should look at this, stare at this. It's like a lava lamp. I passed out before when I...

SYDNEY: Marshall, how long?

MARSHALL: 12 hours?

SYDNEY: We don't have 12 hours. If the Covenant gets their hands on the plasma charge...

MARSHALL: Sydney, I know. The decryption program will work, but it just requires a little time.

Marshall finishes a cup of coffee.

MARSHALL: I'm out of coffee. I had twelve cups, but I'm not feeling anything. You'd think... caffeine would... shake... the real deal. Do you guys want...?

SYDNEY: No, thank you.

MARSHALL: Oh, uh, by the way, after six hours in the hot seat with the boys from counterintelligence, Langley has declared me exhausted but free from suspicion.

VAUGHN: Never had a doubt in my mind.

Marshall exet.

SYDNEY: Is something wrong?

VAUGHN: No. I'm just getting old, I guess.

SYDNEY: You expect me to believe that?

VAUGHN: I've just had a lot on my mind lately, that's all. It'll pass.

SYDNEY: Yesterday was the day, wasn't it? The anniversary of your father's death?

VAUGHN: How could you remember that?

SYDNEY: I remember what missing him does to you.

Vaughn gets a phone call. It's Lauren. He leaves.


LAUREN: How's your day?

VAUGHN: Frustrating. Hit a bit of a roadblock.

LAUREN: Anything I can help you with?

VAUGHN: No, but thanks for asking.

LAUREN: Michael, would you mind holding a second?

VAUGHN: No, go ahead.


*Lauren's in bed with Sark (or maybe Sark's in bed with Lauren, it's tough to tell).

*LAUREN: I'm working.

*Sark kisses her.

LAUREN: Sweetheart, I'm sorry but I'm being called away. I love you.

Sydney leaves Marshall's office and walks by Vaughn.

VAUGHN: You too.

*SARK: Tell me, did they spot us?

*LAUREN: No, I don't think so. According to the transport order, the ship docks in 16 hours. We should get going.

*SARK: You should know that you are amazing. Before, I mean.

*SARK: Typically, this is where you return the compliment.

*Lauren ignores him and gets out of bed.



Sloane's drinking wine alone at a restaurant. The visual set-up shows a fountain by a restaurant, named Occidental.

Barnett arrives at the restaurant in a revealing dress. Presumably she thinks it'll get Sloane to talk.

SLOANE: Glad you came.

BARNETT: So that we're clear, I'm here for professional reasons only.

SLOANE: Oh, we're clear. Although, I must say I don't necessarily believe you.

BARNETT: Well, I told you that I was writing about you, but I haven't told you the premise of my thesis.

SLOANE: Ah, well I would say I'm fascinated, but that would sound even maniacal, wouldn't it? (raising glass) Salut.

BARNETT: You certainly have given proof that anyone can change for the better, given the proper stimuli.

SLOANE: You look beautiful. Beautiful. That's just a layman's opinion, Dr. Barnett.

BARNETT: All I'm saying is that you made a remarkable transformation, master spy to humanitarian.

SLOANE: Yeah. Well, sometimes I wonder which is harder.

BARNETT: The Rambaldi device was instrumental in your transformations?

SLOANE: Oh yes, it was critical.

BARNETT: It only revealed one word to you? Peace?

SLOANE: That's correct.

BARNETT: And yet there were eight yards of parchment scroll before the message appeared. What was on that?

SLOANE: Oh, it was nothing, blank paper, sort of the equivalent of leader tape on a cassette. I discarded it.

BARNETT: I'm not sure why you did that. You could have studied it, sold it, kept it for antiquity. It's hard to believe that you threw away something that you would normally consider holy.

SLOANE: Are you calling me a liar?

BARNETT: You almost revealed something to me the other day. A secret that wears on you, those were your words.

Sloane turns cold and menacing. The music changes and sounds ominous.

SLOANE: I am not your patient, your client, or your lab rat. Now, we can speak in generalities, have an elegant meal, perhaps laugh together, but there are some truths you will never learn from me. Do you understand that? You must be ravenous. I suggest the Barbarie Duckling. It's their signature dish.

BARNETT: This was a mistake. Sorry.

* 32:00 ish (2nd view.)

Barnett leaves. She approaches the coatcheck area.

*BARNETT: Hi. Can I get my coat, please?

*SLOANE: Until I turned into a complete son of a b****, we were having a wonderful evening.

*BARNETT: Something we can both agree on.

*SLOANE: Though I am now known as a humanitarian -- your words, not mine -- I sometimes regress. Dr. Barnett, I'm sorry I snapped at you. Trusting you, trusting anyone, will take time. You know so much about me. I know almost nothing about you. I want to, very much.

*BARNETT: I'm not sure I can understand how your manipulating this date can help you gain my trust.

Coatcheck girl hands Barnett her coat.

*BARNETT: (to coatcheck girl) Can you excuse us for a moment? Thanks.

*SLOANE: You want my secret? I'll tell you, but only you. I have betrayed people, many of whom deserved it. But only one didn't. It was a long time ago. I sometimes try to convince myself that it was worth it, that she was worth it.

*BARNETT: What is this, you had an affair?

*SLOANE: Yes. It was Irina Derevko. Sydney's mother. Jack never knew. Emily, my wife, she never knew. Irina and I pledged to take that secret to our graves.

*BARNETT: Are you telling me Sydney is your daughter?

*SLOANE: I never tried to prove it, one way or the other. But the strength that Sydney finds within, I like to believe that comes from me. Hmm, how about that. The world didn't come to an end.




MARSHALL: Now there are still several hundred gigabytes to decipher, but I was at least able to decode this.

He hands Sydney a sheet of paper.

SYDNEY: Freighter. Liberian registry. Will dock in Lisbon. 14 hours.

VAUGHN: How do we locate the bomb?

MARSHALL: With this. It is a modified explosives sniffer. I've added plasma to the list of detectable compounds that it detects, you know, like semtex, dynamite, HMX. It works just like a normal tracking device. When you're within 100 feet, blink blink blink, found the prize in the ? sack.

VAUGHN: hundred feet.

MARSHALL: Sorry, I would have done better if I'd had more sleep.


EXT. LISBON, PORTUGAL (pushthrough - O) - NIGHT

Sydney shoots a guard with a tranq.

SYDNEY: Base ops, this is mountaineer. We're on board.

DIXON: We have you five-by, mountaineer.

MARSHALL: Perimeter is clear. Now let's fire up that sniffer and find the bomb, baby.

VAUGHN: Hot or cold?

SYDNEY: Freezing.

*SARK: It's a tranquilizer dart. Humanitarian work at the CIA.

*LAUREN: Let's go.

SYDNEY: Wait I think we've got something. Towards the stern, 30 yards below us.

SYDNEY: We've got tone, below deck, possibly the engine room.

DIXON: Copy that, proceed.

*SARK: We can't let them go below deck.

Someone shoots Vaughn.

DIXON: Mountaineer, boyscout, report!

Sydney drags Vaughn inside the freighter and locks the door.

DIXON: Sydney, do you copy?

SYDNEY: (ignoring him) Vaughn, are you okay? Vaughn?

VAUGHN: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm glad I wore the vest. We have to get the bomb.

*SARK: Meet me in the engine room.

*LAUREN: I'm going to the upper deck.

SYDNEY: It's just ahead.

VAUGHN: Go to the engine room. I'll cover.

Sydney tracks down a case with the bomb in it, opens the case.

SYDNEY: It's secured. I'm going to need a minute.

Above Sydney and the bomb, Vaughn finds a masked figure.

VAUGHN: Freeze.

VAUGHN: Drop the gun.

VAUGHN: Put your hands in the air. Put your hands in the air!

VAUGHN: Turn around slowly. Turn around!

VAUGHN: Take off the mask. Do it, take off the mask.

It's obviously Lauren. Not obvious to Vaughn, though.

Below... Sark's holding Sydney at gunpoint.

SARK: Put the gun down, Agent Vaughn. Drop the gun.

VAUGHN: Not a chance, you drop yours.

SARK: Put the gun down now.

SYDNEY: No, Vaughn, don't!

SARK: Drop it. If you love her, you will put the gun down now.

Masked figure looks at Vaughn.

SYDNEY: Vaughn, don't!

Vaughn drops the gun.

The masked figure hits Vaughn.

Sydney escapes.

SYDNEY: Sark's got the bomb.

VAUGHN: You go after him, I'm going to cut off Sark.

SYDNEY: Got it.

Gunshots, gunshots, chasing.

SYDNEY: I've lost mine.

Sark is climbinb up a ladder when he's caught by Vaughn.

VAUGHN: Freeze! Give me the bomb. Give it to me.

Sark activates the explosive.

SARK: With pleasure.

Sark tosses the bomb to Vaughn, then runs away.

VAUGHN: Sark activated the bomb. I've got to defuse it.

MARSHALL: Okay, describe it to me.

VAUGHN: It looks sort of like a VS-5 landmine, but with a timer attached. We have 40 seconds.

DIXON: Vaughn, find the power source.

MARSHALL: Yeah, a battery, something like that.

VAUGHN: There's something here, it looks like a cell phone wrapped in fiber optics.

MARSHALL: No nonono, don't touch that.

DIXON: He's right. It's a secondary trigger.

VAUGHN: 33 seconds.

MARSHALL: Okay, find the blue wire attached to the screw and then open up the valve near the stem.

VAUGHN: Alright. I did that. It's still ticking. We have fourteen seconds.

MARSHALL: Alright, listen. You're going to short it. Strip the black wire and the red wire and then attach them together.

VAUGHN: I don't know if I'm going to have time to do that.

MARSHALL: No, you can do it. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it, Vaughn. You can do it, you can do it.

Sydney walks up as Vaughn manages to short the explosive.

VAUGHN: Plasma charge is secure.

MARSHALL: See? Told you you could do it.



LAUREN: You're an angel for waiting. (kiss)

VAUGHN: No problem. I had good company.

He holds up a beer bottle.

VAUGHN: How was Washington?

LAUREN: Awful. I'm happy now that I'm home with you.

VAUGHN: Me too.

Lauren's cell phone rings.

LAUREN: I'm sorry.

VAUGHN: It's okay.

LAUREN: Hello?

SARK: It killed you, didn't it, seeing him drop the gun for Sydney.

LAUREN: No it isn't a good time, can I call you in the morning?

SARK: He's there with you, is that it? Though he'd rather be with her. You know, it's quite a charade you two are engaged in.

LAUREN: I think we both know how dedicated I am to this assignment. If you have any issues, take it up through the proper channels.

SAKR: Don't mistake me. It's not your dedication that I question.

LAUREN: We'll talk about this later.

LAUREN: Sorry about that. Work is officially over.

Lauren kisses him.

VAUGHN: What was that for?

LAUREN: I just miss you.



SYDNEY: I thought you'd be home by now.

JACK: I was about to say the same to you. The plasma charge, it's in our hands.

SYDNEY: Sark isn't... the Covenant.

JACK: Have you had dinner? If memory serves, you always liked Mitchellis.

SYDNEY: I haven't eaten there since I was eight.

JACK: I do eat, you know.

SYDNEY: I'd like that, actually.

They walk out.