01x07 - Your Sovereignty of Reason

Previously on The Royals...

You only came here because Liam asked you to.

I came because I always want to see you.

I wasn't planning on seeing your son again, until you insisted on girl talk and started threatening my father.

Be careful, little girl.

Perhaps if you still had a mother you'd have better manners.

Liam: We're going to Monaco for the w-e. Come with me.

You know you cows could have put your drugs in the diplomatic bag rather than up your bums?

I'm gonna bleed out and die!

You're not gonna die.

Here you go, Monaco! Enjoy the view.

There was a time when you were actually happy to see me.

There was a time when you would've brought me flowers.

You've served your Queen well, bodyguard.

Going somewhere?

To see the Prime Minister.

Regarding what?

Nothing you need to know.

(Text alert)

There she is.

Right where I want to be.

Let's grab coffee at that place you love.

Then I'll take you to the studio.

You have a rehearsal, right?

I do.

You remembered.

I did.

But, I don't exactly know what it's for.

A guest choreographer's working with us this week.

He's a big deal.

So what time do you have to go be awesome?

Mm, not for several hours.

(She clears her throat)

Your Majesty.

This had better be damn important.

Okay. I think we're good.

Um... I don't think we are.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, Ophelia.

They must've been hiding outside the villa.

I should've known better.

You shouldn't have to know better.

"As riotous images from the young Royals' wild weekend go global, palace informants say King Simon is close to calling for a referendum to abolish the Monarchy."

Because of Monaco?

There's nothing between the stories.

It's all just gossip.

Doesn't mean the press won't try to make something out of nothing, though.

It's going to be mad out there today.

Okay. So what do we do?

They can't change us.

I won't let them.

(Text alert)

I'll have an official response for you in one minute if you'll just... stop talking... Please.

No, we are not canceling any events.

Yes, the referendum is a baseless rumor.

Palace "informants" are misinformed.

Grievously misinformed.

No, we are not canceling any events.

Yes, the referendum was baseless rumor.

Misinformed...and very lucky we can no longer cut peoples' heads off.

01x07 Your Sovereignty of Reason

Good morning, Your Royal Highness. I trust you had a good night.

Sir, it wasn't Ophelia's fault.

I'd like a word with my daughter. Alone.

I'll meet you at the car.

How you doing, Hagrid?

(He grunts)

Where's Jasper?

Perhaps you ate him?

Come on, then, Gogmagog.

What every father dreams of, eh?

I'm sorry.

Don't you realize that they'll brand you with this for the rest of your life?

If you think I'm not devastated and beating myself up about this, then you know me even less than I thought you did.

I'm late for rehearsal.

You're not leaving palace grounds with this craziness going on.

It's important.

And your safety isn't?

Liam's taking me.

Oh, nice.

He's done such a great job of protecting you so far.

It's not his job to protect me.

No, but it is mine.

To shield them from the outside world, and to shield you from them.

I understand you're upset with me and I understand that you're my father, but that moment was taken out of context.

If the press and the public don't believe that, or think less of me because of it, that's one thing.

They can decide I'm some horrible person.

But I'd like to think you wouldn't.

Hey, you.




So the bad news is your tits were on the cover.

But the good news is that they look great.

They are always going to print something or other.

Try not to let it make you crazy, Phi.

It will get easier. I promise.

Thanks honey.


Oh, at least it wasn't your royal beaver.

I hate that you have to put up with all this scrutiny, just because you're my girlfriend.

Girlfriend, huh?

Paper! Read all about it!

Read all about it! Royal scandal!

Nothing against Jack and the Beanstalk, but I preferred the last guy.

Jasper's been reassigned.

And I've given him a few days' compassionate leave.

(Laughs) Compassionate leave? The hell for?

He claims that you said, or did, some things that put him in a compromising position.

(Laughs) You have got to be kidding me.

If he's lying, he'll get three years for slander against the Crown, and I'll personally guarantee that you never have to see him again.

Just say the word, Your Highness.

Well, maybe I said a couple things that might've made him feel "uncomfortable".

Then it's all for the best that he's been reassigned.

Reassigned to who?

It's hardly the first time your offspring have acted out.

Parliament insiders have been gossiping for weeks about a possible referendum.

There's a big difference between insider gossip and rumors published across the globe.

Unconfirmed rumors that were bound to leak.

Stall tactics remain in place.

Holloway stands firm?

(Laughs) Firm indeed.

I've never seen you this rattled.

What aren't you telling me?

Simon went to see the Prime Minister.

They meet every week. It's tradition.

It's tradition when the PM comes here.

The King went to him.



And he was deliberately mysterious about it.

Find your brother, and find a way to reason with him, one way or another.

The next piece of news better be good, or I will indeed kill the messenger.

The Dragon King of Maruvia is demanding a formal apology.

Apparently he noticed it was his ceremonial bow that was aimed at Omar Kayif.

Kayif. As in the oil cartel?

You bagsied my bodyguard?

Get out.

You took Jasper for your detail?


Could this day get any worse?


The Grand Duchess of Oxford is at the gates.


All rise for the Grand Duchess Alexandra of Oxford!

Your Majesty.


I see you've re-decorated.

I'd love to know whatever possessed you to choose Vegas as your theme.

Oh, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo.

I want to be alone with my baby.

Well, this is a goddamn mess.

(Press call out)

They'll say anything to get a reaction.

Don't give it to them. They'll capture it, and one frame is all they need.

No biggie.

You're beautiful. No wonder they want your picture.

(Press shouting)

Prince Liam! Your Highness!

Over here!

Bill. Oliver.

Will the King call for abolition? Is there a connection?

Sam, you know you published those pictures out of context, so does he.

What do you say about referendum rumors? Will it happen?

The King is a more than reasonable man who isn't about to do anything rash.

Now, sorry, gents, we have to go.

See? Like you said, no biggie.



The Wedding Ring of England.

Thinking of getting a divorce?

I am the product of a medieval hereditary sweepstake.

Here by chance, not by divine right as was once believed.

What do you believe in, brother?

Destiny? Fate?

Aren't those just other words for "God"?

Fate put you on the throne, and fate dares you now to hold the line.

More than a thousand years of rule.

After all those centuries, this is what ends it?

Your kids have too much fun?

Your wife doesn't wait up for you when you come home?

You're stronger than that, brother. I know you are.

Plagues, wars, communism, Nazis.

Everyone before you held the line.

And so will you, my King.

Save your breath.

The burden of this decision rests with me, brother.

When the Monarchy ends, I'll know my place in it.

Not when. If.

The people haven't spoken yet, and you might find they disagree.

They believe in the Monarchy.

I believe in the Monarchy.

The only one who doesn't is you.

If you try and do away with the Crown, they'll think you've lost your mind.

They won't understand your reasoning, and they won't vote yes.

The people need the magic, brother.

You'll be robbing them of the Kingdom's greatest and most defining virtue.

You really think so little of the people themselves?

They are this Kingdom's greatest virtue.

Then perhaps they'll keep the Monarchy... and abolish you.

♪ I don't feel like I'm falling ♪
♪ I'm up against the sky ♪
♪ Let's grab the heart of the world ♪
♪ And turn into the light ♪

Sorry. You were just so damn good.

Sir. We've been summoned back to the Palace.

We'll go when Ophelia's done.

I'm sorry, sir, but it was an order.

The Dragon King doesn't appreciate that his sacred bow and arrow was aimed at a petrol tycoon who's threatened an oil embargo, among other things.

The guy I almost shot?

Oh, my God, Liam, go.

An international incident is slightly more important.

Marcus please, stay with her.

Sir, I need to stay with you.

But one of the others...


I want my best guy with Ophelia.

My last boyfriend gave me flowers.

This one gives me his best bodyguard.

So sweet.

So... Is it true?

They're simply rumors.

Don't lie to me, Helena.

You have failed.

As a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, and most devastatingly of all...as a Queen.

Simon's only thinking about this nonsense, Mother.

He's not gonna act on it.

Are you sure about that?

Have you forgotten all that was done to get you on the throne in the first place?

I'll never forget what you did.

Oh, Grow up.

The most ridiculous con of the modern world is that everyone pretends not to be self-interested.

And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Naked ambition and ruthless determination are what ensures the survival of the Monarchy.

So, for the sake of your family legacy, I sincerely hope that you can bolster Simon's backbone.

You always knew he was his own man.

Oh, forgive me.

There was only one King of England to choose from.

Don't I get any credit for what I did?

Don't I get any credit for securing you that grand title you love so very dearly?

Don't I get any credit for the sacrifices I made?

Oh, please don't tell me you are still pining for that low-born Alistair Lacey.

How many times have I told you that having a little fling on the side can keep your marriage fresh.

But having feelings is quite another matter.

I've kept my feelings well contained.

Good. Because, in times of war, one must not be distracted by sentimentality.

You cannot possibly run a life, a family let alone an empire that way.

She who fears the thorn should never grasp the rose.

Get your house in order.

Things are under control, Mother.

Mm... Are they?

They soon will be.

Roses and thorns, Helena.

And if this goes the way the papers are saying, history will never forgive you, and neither will I.

Speaking of roses, I'll take my tea in the ornamental gardens.

They were planted by Queen Victoria, you know.

Yes, Mother.

Mm. She wouldn't have allowed this to happen.

Ah, me, well, I'd best go enjoy it.

Perhaps the last tea that I'll ever take at this palace.

Ophelia, you did a wonderful job today.

Oh, my gosh! Mr. Evans. Thank you so much.

I'm sorry about all the... fuss.

Your life out there is your life.

We leave all that at the door.

Lee Ballantine is a good friend of mine, and there's a couple of spaces opening up in his company.

Mr. Evans, that would be amazing.

You deserve the shot. You've worked hard for it.

Auditions start in one short week.

Don't let me down, honey.

That sounds like a big opportunity.

It's huge. Ballantine...

His company, I mean...

If I even got in...

But it is in New York.

Marcus, don't tell Liam about this, okay?

I don't want to tell him unless it becomes real.

Of course.

But... you'll get it.

You wanted to see me, Your Majesty?

Where the hell is the King?

I'm sorry, but I can't say.

The Queen of England is asking you where her husband is.

The King of England asked me not to tell you.

Have you any idea what your incompetence as a parent has cost my family?

How deeply your child has done damage to mine?

And what of the damage to Ophelia? Her reputation?

Some reputations are more important than others.

The nation's next in line should be here apologizing to international men of consequence, on your daughter's behalf, I might add.

But instead he had to accompany her to a ballet lesson.

His Highness insisted on accompanying Ophelia, because she doesn't have her own detail yet.


Only an official, Palace-sanctioned relationship warrants a detail.

And far from being Palace-sanctioned, your daughter is just my son's trifle of the week.

She will never have her own detail.

Is that understood?


Walk away.


Get me whichever tabloid rat owes us a favor.

Clear the lines with MI5 for taps, and I only want to talk to the top.

Get me Rupert bloody Murdoch on the phone if you have to.

Yes, Your Majesty.

(Phone rings)


(Men calling out)

Your Majesty?

Oi! American slut! Show us yer tits!

You'll make the wank bank.

What would your mother think of you now, Ophelia?

What did you say?

What would your mother think of you now?

Your mother... Was she an American slut, too?

Shut up!

(Excited chatter)

My ducklings!

Grand mama.

Pass the Dutchie!

Oh, my poor old heart can hardly take it, you're both so divine.

Look at you.

A Demi-God since the day you were born.

And, Eleanor...

Darling, you're much too thin.

Don't you know men like a bit of meat on the tail before they shuck the lobster.

You're not on another diet, are you?

Just coke and caviar, Gran.

Of caviar I approve. It's a superfood.

But coke will rot your teeth.


Come on.

Well, it's alright for you to laugh.

I'll be dead soon enough, and then you'll be crying.

Grandma, you'll outlive us all.

You better tell your sister to eat.

She deserves the whole cake, and not just the crumbs.

Don't you agree?

I do indeed.

Just think of all those poor women on the Titanic who said no to dessert.

Oh, so sad.

What have I always told you?

"A woman's mind must always be sharper than a man's, but her body must always be softer."


And now I have a little...

Just a little something for you.



It isn't anything that I wouldn't have left you in my will.

But don't tell your mother.

She's always had her eye on it.

What have I always had my eye on?

Go on. Show it to her, otherwise she'll sulk.

The Prima Flame. Really, Mother?

Darling, you know that diamonds don't suit you.


I spoke with the Dragon King and the oil baron. It's all getting sorted.

I'm taking them to the Chelsea match, in the Royal box.

Let's hope there is a Royal box next week.

Have either of you seen your father?

There are times when one should not know where one's husband is.

But this is not one of them.

The Grandest D of all.

Should've guessed you'd be paying a visit.

Come here and kiss the ring, you.

Ooh, darling, which one?

Well, if I was a younger woman, I would say both.

(They giggle)

What are you going to do if the Monarchy ends?

Probably go on tour with a salacious autobiography.

You've certainly got enough material for that.

Oh, you are such a devil.

And I am a sucker for that cleft chin of yours.

And there I was thinking it was my hooves.



Liam, come.



It's iffy at best.

I think I found Dad.

People of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, when crowned King, I took a solemn oath to serve you all, to put the welfare of this nation first.

I do so today... by formally calling for a referendum for the abolishment of the Monarchy.

I have no speech written today.

I just want to talk to you from the heart, directly to you, the people... in the hope that you understand my reasoning.

The modern Monarchy is nothing more than ceremonial window dressing, with pageantry and ritual, but no true impact on your very real lives.

I am ashamed of the blatant excesses of this family, who have done nothing to earn their elevated position.

A life so advantaged, and yet so uniquely constrained, has turned my once proud and principled family... into a pack of zoo animals.

They behave no better... and are merely gawked at by those they are meant to serve.

I have failed as a father to a family... and as a father of this nation.

For years I felt it was my duty to wear the crown.

But, like you, my first duty is to be a parent, a husband... a person of integrity who does what's best for his family.

I think this is what is best for mine, and for the family of this nation as a whole.

Look into your hearts.

I have looked into mine.

Britain will always be great.

Not because of the empty symbolism of a corrupted crown, but because of you... each one of you.

And this nation will be greater still once every citizen is his or her own king or queen.

This I firmly believe, and it is why, after much solemn thought, I have taken this action.

Your Prime Minister is in full agreement, and a bill is being prepared.

It will be brought to the floor of Parliament tomorrow morning, at which time I shall sign it.

Once I do this... the decision will be yours.

And I urge you, in the strongest of terms, to vote yes... to end my reign and to abolish the Monarchy.

TV: Well, unprecedented.

After reporting on the Royal Family for more than 25 years, I'm simply stunned.

But there you have it, the King has spoken, he made his position clear and it's now down to the electorate to decide...


sh1t just got real, huh?

The fading days of a crumbling empire, on our watch.

I never thought he'd actually do it.

And it's my fault.

Don't go there.

Those pictures from Monaco were bad, but not that bad.

I asked Dad for a chance to show him I could do better, and I failed.

All you did the whole weekend was love it up with Phi.

And Dad is thrilled that you're with a nice girl for once.

Yeah, she went all Robin Hood on some oil baron's ass, but she did it to protect you.

I think Ophelia deserves a medal for bravery.

"Zoo animals."


You're doing really great lately and Dad sees that.

This can't all be about Monaco.

To be honest, I don't think we're seeing the whole picture.

I think there's a whole piece missing.

I'll talk to Dad.

We'll have a heart-to-heart. He'll get it. I promise.

Come here. It's okay.

Don't know what I'd do without you, Len.

Hey, what are sisters for?

I know my announcement might have left some of you feeling anxious, but I'm making a personal guarantee that you will all be taken care of, no matter what happens.

I'd like you to convey this guarantee to the rest of the staff.

Certainly, Your Majesty.

Is Prudence on duty today?

I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but... we were instructed to let her go.

By whom?

You just couldn't help yourselves.

You had to run off the last person in this house with integrity.

I'm sorry. Who are we talking about?



We just took care of your little crush before she became a problem.

You could've slept with her, instead of fawning like a teenager.

Shut your mouth.

It wasn't romantic. It wasn't sexual.

No-one here would understand that.

You had to turn it into something it wasn't.

That's why this has to end.

A person with true nobility has been banished... but you're still here.

Well, not for long.

You should both be ashamed of yourselves.

You won't be seeing any of your lovers any more.

And you...

You'll be stripped of all titles and capital.

You're out.

And you're out.

To hell with both of you.

For God's sake, get a hold of yourself.

The only reason you're still here is because you have a ring on your finger.

Not any more. Bitch.

Then you lied to the people.

You said you were going to be a better father, a better husband.

That's right.

I did lie to the people when I said I hope to be a better husband.

I don't plan on being your husband for another day.

Your reign of terror is over.

From now on, the throne is just a piece of furniture... and that ring on your finger is just a stone.

Marriages can end.

Monarchies can end.

It's over.

Dad... Liam's really beating himself up.

But, honestly, Dad, those photos from Monaco were out of context.

Was your role out of context?

It wasn't like that this weekend.

I was sober the whole time.

And what about at the Garden Party? The charity events?

The drugs?

The disrespect?

Eleanor, I go easy on you.

I know.

Waiting for you to be who I know you can be... but I've waited too long.

You once asked if you disappoint me.

Though it breaks my heart to say it... I am disappointed in you.

I really am.

At least give Liam another chance.

Dad, you can't deny he's the one person in this family who's been trying to change.



No, Dad, you're spot on.

We both know it.

No, no, Ted. Do come in.

Sorry to disturb, sir.

I just wanted to go over some security protocol, considering the changes that might be happening soon.

Of course.

I should have spoken with you.

What do you think about all this?

I think it matters more what you think.

Well, I think there's a chance of happiness out there.

Outside of these walls, I can rebuild my family.

We'll be together again.

Time to heal.

No time like the present.

We'll talk business later, Ted?

Of course, Your Majesty.

You said you failed as a father, but the truth is I failed as a son.

This is happening because I let you down.

There's a lot more goes into something as serious as this.

You deserve to hear everything.

Meet me in the tunnels tonight.

Take a walk with me.

Come see what I see.

Just me and you.

Not as King and heir.

Father and son.

I'll be there.

Oh. Disgusting.

It needs a good spring clean.

Oh, God, I hate my mother.


What are you holding?

Is the Queen of England asking me for drugs right now?

Yes. Don't make me ask twice. Please.

Any other day, I'd be happy to help you, Mum.

But Dad's disappointed in me. So...

Well, he's not the only one.

I'll be going out tonight. Just my father and me.

I need you to look the other way.

It's important for me.

How'd it go with the paps?

You haven't seen?

My phone was blowing up after Dad's speech, so I shut it off.


What happened?

'Shut up!'

She's safe, sir. They didn't touch her.

Just said some things.

Ophelia and I are officially in a relationship.

She will be getting her own security detail from now on.

It hardly matters now.

What are you doing here?

You have so much to deal with right now.


The future former-Prince?

Where else would I want to be other than here with you?

What are you reading?

It was my mom's. There's one page with the corner turned down.

I... I keep wondering, why that page?

Have you figured it out?

"Having a soul means being able to feel love, and loyalty and gratitude."

Maybe that line.

She was full of those things.

I'm sad I never got to know her.

But if she was like you, then I know she was an amazing woman.

She was my best friend.

But she's gone, and my father is a stranger to me.


You're not alone.

Stay. Just for a little while.

Boadicea was Britain's greatest warrior queen.

She had knives affixed to the wheels of her chariot, to cut the legs off invading armies.

I suggest that you sharpen yours.

The vote has not yet reached the people, so you still have time.

Bleak as things are, the war is not over.

You will find the strength to do what's necessary.

Just as I did.


What time is it?

My Dad.

I've got to go.

(Heavy rock music)

'What would your mother think of you now, Ophelia?'
'What would your mother think of you now, Ophelia?'
'What would your mother think of you now, Ophelia?'
'What would your mother think of you now, Ophelia?'
'What would your mother think of you now, Ophelia?'

She'd be proud and happy that I've found someone dear to my heart.

Holloway's out, in more ways than one.

"Do to me what you will, I cannot help you now."

(He sighs)

There's no way out of this.

There's always a way.

(Door closes in distance)



[b]Layla[b]: Smokestacks

♪ We got eyes so azure ♪
♪ You got blood-orange skin ♪
♪ And there's a spike in your center ♪

It's almost over.

Hey there Mum.

Halts Open the gate!

Step away from the gates!

[hardly breathing]

I'm the king of England.

Open the gates.

Open the gates.

The King has been attacked.

The King is down.