02x09 - And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing

'Previously on The Royals...'

I came for the diamonds. I'm taking them back to her.

These are for you.

Last time I saw you, I was in rehab.

And you wouldn't share your drugs.

Brandon Boone was a member of Robert's military company.

All I know is the Major who contacted me is missing and I expect to be next.

My brother didn't kill himself, did he?

No. I'm the one that killed him.

I won't be the girl waiting for the guy to show.

I would never be the guy to stand you up.

We may have more in common than I realized.

Maybe we can help each other.

I want to have a drink.

Good. Fresh pomegranate juice.

Cyrus: 'I loved Violet and I always will.'

You killed the wrong maid. Bitch.

The night King Simon was attacked, what time did he arrive back at the palace?

Cyrus: So it was Lucius, then. Ted Pryce confirmed.

That he killed Simon? He didn't.

But he did kill Alistair.

Daphne: What's your take on Jeffrey Stewart?

That he might be an even bigger sociopath than you?

Truman: Dominique Stewart. She was your father's true love. She died.

You killed her, didn't you?

I did no such thing.

So you could be Queen.

That's not true.

Admit you did it!

I did it.

'I did it.'

Does any of it even matter?

To Jeffrey Stewart, it does.

It won't bring her back.

It's not gonna bring me back.

He'll just ruin his daughter's life.

And so will you.

(Johnossi: For A Little While)

♪ We build upon soldiers in the ground ♪
♪ For a little while, for a little while... ♪


Is Jasper Frost still closing in on you?

What did he find?

♪ You rest upon an island in July... ♪

Jasper: There wasn't enough time.

If Lucius was in the palace, which clearly he was, he wouldn't have had time to leave, attack the King and return.

So why confess?

Some people do it for notoriety.

Others might be made to take the fall.

Whatever the reason, there's a bigger question to ask.

If he didn't do it, who did?

I've been through every frame of footage from that evening.

I even expanded the grid, like we talked about.

Eight and half million people and not one of them saw anything.

It's impossible.

I agree.

There's no such thing as a perfect crime.

So we must be missing something.


I know I told you to be great for Lenny.

This is it.

She hasn't... mentioned anything about the birthday party, has she?

If you're asking if she's still with Mandy, the answer is no.

Might be hope for you yet.

Yeah. I don't think so.

I'll let you know if I find anything.

(Phone rings)


Liam:'And then we're not.

The thing we never talk about...'

Your Majesty? - '..The victims we've left in our wake.

Too many good people have been lost for us not to make things right - for them and for you.'

What can I do for you, Rachel?

King Cyrus and his pregnant maid.

What's our plan?

What's the play?

The play... is redemption.

I need you to do something for me.

I want you to be extremely discreet.


More discreet than that. Make the call.

Woman: 'Tell me about your family.'

(Phone bleeping)

(Ringing tone)

Mr. Hill!



I was looking for Princess Eleanor's room.

Looks like the toilet in Trainspotting.

I'll have you know, this is the first time I've cleaned my own room ever.

First boys, then drugs. Didn't you say?

Indeed I did.

And also girls.

Obviously. But that's... a whole other painful tale.

It's a start.

The first steps are often the most difficult ones, Your Highness.

I'm proud of you.



Who is it?

It's Nigel Moorefield.

Uh, just a minute.

Oh, babe. I didn't know it was you.

I just said my name.

Please. Come in.

I've been thinking about you and... not getting dressed.

Are those, um, bunk beds?

Mm-hmm. I'm on the bottom. I mean...

..unless you want me on top.

You know, I'm actually in a bit of a hurry. So, uh, rain check?

Fun. Can't wait.

Would you?

Of course.

You... You look very pretty.

I know. Huh?



Both: This is my new boyfriend.

Both: Oh, bye, my love.

Both: Oh.

(Text alert)


Remember when you said to me if I ever needed space just to ask?


I'm going to see a friend.

The last time you met a friend...

I know. This isn't that.

Take your phone and you call me if you need anything. Yeah?



Oh, and, Princess... have fun.


Hi. Oh, you came.

Of course.

Please, have a seat.

I need a favor.


Please, have a seat. Wait.

I need your weapon.

Please, have a seat.

I need to speak with you.

In confidence.

Please, take a seat.

With all respect, ma'am, I'd rather stand.

(Clears throat) Excuse me, Your Majesty.

Can I be of any assistance?

I plan to assemble this cot for my son.

So bring me any tools I may require and keep my bourbon decanter full.

Of course, Your Majesty.

I'm at your service.

Is there a problem, sir?

Whatever it is you're doing, it stops now.

I don't follow.

Accessing the surveillance database.

I was gonna come to you, sir, when I had something, eventually.

Regarding what?

The King's murderer.

The King's murderer is in prison.

But it wasn't Lucius, sir. He was in the palace.

Mr. Frost, there are experts who are paid to make this their work.

Your work, however, is to keep the Prince safe.

What you're doing is not only distracting, it's dangerous.

More dangerous without my weapon.

Oh, for the love of God, will you stop it with the English accent?

Look, son, there are decisions made here every day without you.

High-level, covert conversations.

(American accent) If there is something I should know...

There's nothing you should know beyond this. The King's murderer is in prison.

I went out on a limb for you, Mr. Frost.

I gave you a second chance.

And a first. And a third, as well.

Let it go.

I'm sure you're wondering why I've asked you here.

I assume it's because you want to use me as a pawn in your quiet battle with my mother and uncle.

No. The people are upset.

Our polls show a referendum to abolish would pass in a landslide.

When it does, what change will you be able to affect then?

Who said I wanted to change things?

You did. On YouTube.

Ten millions viewers.

Now that was either an incredibly savvy PR stunt or you were genuinely inspired and inspiring.

It wasn't a PR stunt.

I know you were in line for the throne.

And I have to assume you wondered what type of leader you'd be.

Well, my instinct tells me you'd be a great one.

And I'm willing to give you the chance to find out.

What would I be doing, exactly?

Well, I envision you as a kind of cultural ambassador to young people.

You could do a great deal here.

We have the power, the influence and the relevancy the monarchy once had.

Will you at least consider it?



And, please, reach out if you have any questions at all.

Or if you simply want to get a drink.

Lord knows, I need one some days.

I know the feeling.

I can see myself out.

Oh, and, Liam, this position, it would be in New York.

In case that mattered.

Good to know.

I have some things to say to you and I thought it best I say them directly and in person.

Alistair Lacey is alive.

So, while your intentions were shameful...

..it seems you're no murderer.

And if shameless intentions mattered around here, we'd all be in prison.

You're going to be removed from incarceration and absolved of any charges.

And my position? My work?

I can't forgive you for betraying me, Lucius.

I can't and I won't.

Then, with all due respect, Your Majesty...

..I killed the King of England.

And I will remain in prison till my dying day.

We're going to absolve you of all charges.

You will not!

All the work we put into this, all the sacrifices we made... you made...

..the monarchy cannot overcome another scandal.

We both know it.

One more global disgrace and the people will vote to abolish.

If they don't storm the gates and burn the place down, instead.

Lucius, you're in prison for a crime you didn't commit.

How could you want to protect this?

Why would you care?

Because it was my life.

I was in league with history and greatness, tethered to Edgar and Alfred The Great.

1500 years of rule.

I would rather remain in prison...

..and see it all flourish, than be exonerated and see it burn.

It's just a house, Lucius.


It's a home. And it was my home.

And you were my family.

Cyrus is not fit to rule.

Take it from him.

He has an heir.

A son.

Cyrus told me to kill Alistair.

Take it from him.

You said there was something that you needed.


Um, I was just wondering...

Are you holding?

Imogen, I... I thought you said that you were clean.

I just need a little something to get me through the day.

Viktor keeps me away from anyone or anything that could help me out.


Can you?

I can't.

And I... I wouldn't.

I'm sorry.


Hey, what's going on with you?

This guy Viktor, he wasn't very nice to you at the party.

What's his story?

He's just used to getting what he wants.


And... I mean...

We stay in the finest hotels and go to palaces and parties and places I could never see.

So... that's why you need to get high, because your life is so wonderful?

What's behind me that's got you all freaked out?

Don't turn around, please.

Just smile and laugh like we're having a good time.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

But thank you. You really are a good friend.

(Posher accent) Ah, Dimitri.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

So what do you think is going on with her?

I don't know, Liam, but she seemed so scared and there was nothing I could do.

What did Holden say about this Viktor?

Just said he's a bad guy. Whatever that means.

Len, I hate to pile it on, but I've got some news.

I picked the wrong day to clean up my drugs.

Lucius didn't kill Dad.


How do you know this?

Jasper's investigating it.

I know you have your issues with him, but he's the only one I can count on lately.

But you can't, Liam, and you shouldn't.

You're sure it wasn't Lucius?



So the killer's still out there.

Who the hell knows why Lucius confessed? This place is unbelievable!

You should have stayed in New York.

About that...

I got an offer to work for the Deputy PM.

It's in New York.

I remember the moment that you came in here and you told me you were getting out with Ophelia.

The day Dad died.

I was happy for you, Liam, that you might be free from this place.

And as much as I will miss you...

..and I will... if I were you, I would take that offer and don't look back.

You can't trust anyone around here.

(Door opens)


Hey. You okay?

Yeah. I just need to... get something.

You hid a handgun in my bedroom?


Stash one under my bed next time!

I did. Ted just reprimanded me for continuing to investigate the King's death.

You tell him about Lucius?

Already knew.

Told me to let it go.

Which you won't do.

Not for a moment. I'll see ya.

Jasper. Did you really hide a loaded gun under my bed?


What if someone comes in?

When was the last time?

That's not the point.

Seriously, when was the last time you had someone in here?

My birthday. I dunked Willow in the Drunk Tank and then...

There it is.

Oh, sh1t.

I'm so sorry.

It happens.

Your sister sets your palace on fire, you pursue a girl who knows something about your shady past, forgetting the amazing girl in your room for the next several days.

It doesn't just happen.

I...drank champagne.

I had fun.

And, when they evacuated the palace, I got an extra slice of cake.

No drama.

Come on, I want to show you something.

Uh, by the way... don't think I missed the part about you pursuing another girl.

I thought you said no drama?

A little drama.


Imogen, I was so worried.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just slow down and tell me where you are.



Sorry. I didn't know who else to call.

Oh, my God.

Your Majesty.

May I speak to you?

First child?

Children change everything.


King Simon said that very thing.

You were close to Simon.

Until you had me dismissed.


I believe your beloved fiance had something to do with that, as well.

Whatever you've come here to say...

I'm sorry.

I promise...

I'm here out of concern for you and your son.

Cyrus is a dangerous man.

I know everything I need to know about the King.

Fair enough.

Then hear me as a mother.

Royalty is irreversible.

If you expose your son to this life, to this world, there's no going back.

Do you see this place?

Do you think I enjoy living like this?

That I want my son to live like this?

Well, my son is going to enjoy the same life that you have.

And, once I marry the King, I'll be Queen and you'll be irrelevant.

I know you've struggled.

Believe it or not, I did once, as well.

But this decision you're making is forever.

And it's not just your forever.

It's your son's, as well.

The moment he's born, his life will be public and destined and not his own.

And Cyrus will be his greatest influence.

Consider that.

I have.

And I've made my decision.

And now I would like you to go.

I'm naming him Simon.

You're the first to know.

He wanted to disband the monarchy.

Ask yourself why.

My first-born son is gone.

Protect yours.

Here. Hold this to your eye.


Gently. Gently.

I'm gonna call my security detail.


Please don't.

Please. It will only make things worse for me.

This Dimitri guy, who was he?

He's an acquaintance of Viktor's.

So you were seeing him and Viktor found out?


Viktor loaned me to him.

Okay, we're gonna get out of here.

We're gonna go back to the palace and we're gonna figure this out.

I can't.

I'm Viktor's property.

Eventually, he'll find me.

No, no, no, no.

You're nobody's property.


I know this guy is powerful, I know he's a bad guy, but the world is a big place.

And the rest of your life is a really long time.


The rest of my life will be a struggle on my own. I can barely stay clean.

I'll work some sh1t job.

There's nothing out there for me.

So you'd rather stay in this screwed-up toxic environment, than face a life without what?

(Imogen sniffs)

Fancy clothes and parties?

Hey, hey.

The girl I met in rehab...

..she had fight.

She had fire.

And you can use that fire and get away from all this.

But to where?

Anywhere but here.


Oh, it's Viktor.

Imogen, open the door.

I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have called you.

Come on. Come on!

Imogen, open the door!

Why are you following me?

I'm not.

I am.

You're both seriously missing out.

Okay. Who wants to start?

Why are you following me?

Cos you're following him.

Before today.

I wasn't. Were you?


I was following him, though.

What are you following me for?

I was following him, too.

Why are you following me?

Your accent sucks and you're close to the Princess.

Your accent does suck.

My accent does not suck.

So everyone thinks I killed the King?

No, no, son. I know you didn't kill the King.

How's that?

He's in love with the Princess.

Can't blame you there.

So you were following him. Who was following you?

Whoever killed the King, I suppose.

The King's killer is in custody.

35 years of service to the crown, that man.

A stellar performance record.

Not even a suspect, but he confesses months later.

He's got "fall guy" written all over him.

He's right there. It wasn't Lucius.

When Prince Robert was killed...

By you.

There's no need for that.

I think there is.

It's been established.


When Robert was killed, by me, the calls came from inside the palace.

Then King Simon is killed, not by me, somewhere in this area.

I'm trying very hard not to be the next dead man walking.

So I figured I'd find the killer before the killer found me.

I thought it might be him.

It wasn't.

Well, that's unfortunate.

Are you sure the calls came from inside the palace?

(Text alert)

Open the door. Open the door!

Viktor, please. I'm sorry.

She's not sorry!

And this is about to become an international incident!

We've gotta go.

Oh, there was one more thing.


That's for Prince Robert.

Let's go. You're coming with me. Come on!

The Deputy Prime Minister offered me a job today.

It's in New York.

Are you considering it?

Possibly for all the wrong reasons.

I'm interested to hear what you think.

You know what I think.

The monarchy puts you in a unique position.

Above the fray of politics and self interest.

We're ceremonial, for the most part. It feels like we're irrelevant.

Oh, yeah?

Does that look irrelevant?

You see any Members of Parliament on there?

Maybe you should remind the Deputy Prime Minister that no-one comes to London to see her.


Open the door!


Stay away from her!


Let go of her! Viktor!

(Speaks Russian)

Stay away from us!

(Speaks Russian)

There's always one jackass who brings a knife to a gun fight.

You okay, Princess?


Say goodbye to the oil fields in the North Sea, asshole!

You did this to me.

And I did it to myself.

And now... I'm done doing it.

Look after the Princess.

Mr. Blokov and I are gonna have a little chat.

How did things go with Prudence?

She seems determined to marry Cyrus.

So maybe it's a sign.

Have Alistair's blood tested. Be with your true love.

Find... life outside of these walls.

I was listening to Liam's speech, watching him these last few days.

He's so clearly Simon's son.

But you don't know that.

I do.

I know it in my heart.

Let's say you're right.

That doesn't mean you can't have love and life outside of these gates.

This is my life.

The Princess and Imogen are fine.

And the Russian?

Oh, Mr. Blokov and I... reached an understanding.

Plus, the Princess got his attention with her North Sea oil comment.

She's fierce, that girl.

(American accent) You know...

..I came here to steal from them, because...

..I thought they hadn't earned it...

..and didn't deserve it.

You had the chance to take something valuable.

You passed it up for something priceless.

You should return these by hand this time.

(Natali Felicia: Easy Ride)

♪ You say that you're afraid of the dark ♪
♪ So I turn out the lights... ♪

I put some things for you in that bag.

Clothes and stuff. For your fresh start.

I'm so stupid.


We're all stupid sometimes.

I... I just got caught up in being someone else.

Someone better than me.

And then I was afraid to let it all go.

We all want things. You know?

We all want this...

..glamorous lifestyle we see from afar.

We want to be seen.

But not known.

Be known.

Being known is harder.

Being someone else is easier.

But being you...

..it's better.

People make us feel less than we are.

But we let them do it.

You sound like you're speaking from experience.

Unfortunately, I am.

Someone once told me...

..that the first steps are always the most difficult.

I'm proud of you.

You took those first steps.

You got out.

I haven't been able to do it.

I've been too afraid.

I don't know how I'm gonna do it on my own.


You just will.

'- You killed her, didn't you?

I did no such thing.

So you could be Queen.

That's not true.

Admit you did it.

I did it.'

I've been chasing this moment for so many years.

It must be nice to have reached the end.

But it's only the beginning, Mr. Pryce.

We have work to do.

So much work to do.

Liam trusts you. And you're about to destroy his entire world.

I thought that's what you wanted.

That's what my dad wants.

I just see people who have nothing to do with this about to be ruined.

Maybe in time you'll understand.

I already understand.

He trusts you, too.

Get out of my house.

I'm the King of England.

I could have had any cot on the planet.

I just wanted to make something good for my son.

I would say the thought counts, Your Majesty.

Can I...

..do anything else for His Majesty?

Refresh the bar or... anything else you desire?

Could you get me some pomegranate juice?

How is she?

She's a mess.

But she got out.

(American accent) These are yours.

Why are you here?

I wanted to see you.

No. Before that.

Why did you come back?

Because I wanted to see you.

There's a girl in my room... who chose... to stay in a very broken, unhealthy place for so many reasons.

She stayed because she felt... unworthy...

..you know, unloved.

Unworthy of being loved.

It occurs to me that there's always been a girl in that room who felt that way.

And who made those choices.

But only one of the girls was strong enough to get out.

And it's not me.

(Peasants: Houses)

♪ And as the fever starts to break ♪
♪ I'll dig a hole for you ♪
♪ And it would bury us ♪
♪ While we turn into dust ♪
♪ On the white wings of God ♪
♪ On the white wings of God ♪
♪ On the white wings of God ♪
♪ On the white wings of God... ♪

Where's the funeral?

At your house, if you keep it up, you little sh1t.

Big deal.

You guys are always hassling us.

You skate around here a lot?

Almost every night.

Don't talk to him.

Shut up, Carl.

Yeah, shut up, Carl. You always filming?

Most of the time.

Anyone ever ask for your camera?

Is this about the King stuff? Because I already lost my camera for weeks for that.

You cops are seriously inefficient.

I'm not a cop. I'm from the palace.

Even worse.

At least the Princess is cool.

And the Prince.

The guy's a douche.

Shut up.

He's cute.

I was her security detail for a long time.

I bet that was a sh1t show.

Carl, you have no idea.

Look, if you have any footage, that would really help me out.

I'm a lot more efficient than the cops.

We have another camera.

At least we had it.

But we put it somewhere we weren't supposed to, so we never told the police.

Where's that?

Up there.

You sure it's still up there?

It's up there. We tried to get it down.

How do you think I got this?

♪ ..as the fever starts to break ♪
♪ I'll dig a hole for you... ♪

Girl: 'You're gonna kill yourself, Carl! Get down!

This is gonna be so rad.

You're gonna kill yourself!'

♪ ..on the white wings of God... ♪



I turned down the job. So I guess you're stuck with me.


♪ ..on the white wings of God... ♪

I haven't been there for you much since the funeral and I'm sorry.

It's not your fault, Liam.

There's a lot of things that you can't help me with.

Most of them I've created myself.

The most difficult one, it's Jasper.

He's trying, Len.

He's trying to help us and I know he cares about you.


He does.

I think you should give him a second chance.

There's something you need to know.

Ted: Your Majesty!


♪ On the white wings of God ♪
♪ On the white wings of God ♪
♪ On the white wings of God ♪
♪ On the white wings of God ♪


You tried to rob us?

You looked me in the eyes and you told me I could trust you.

Liam, stop! Stop, Liam!

I know who killed your father.