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02x10 - The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father's Life
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'You did!'

'Admit you did it!'

'I did it.'

I've been chasing this moment for so many years.

I know in my heart this monarchy can be relevant, inspiring and visionary. I truly do.

'Too many good people have been lost for us not to make things right.'

I listened to Liam's speech.

He's so clearly Simon's son.

My son is going to enjoy the same life that you have.

And once I marry the King, I'll be Queen... and you'll be irrelevant.

You said you killed my brother. Why?

I was asked to take control of a manned aircraft.

I was offered a sum of money to do it.

I took the money and I scuttled the aircraft.

I never would have done what I done to your brother if I'd known it was him.

Cyrus told me to kill Alistair.


You tried to rob us!

You said to trust you!


I know who killed your father!

'Joystick, I have a problem here.'

T Hawk 4, can you repeat, please?

'Joystick, I'm in a rapid descent. Please confirm.'

Go again, T Hawk 4. You're breaking up.

'Hawk is unresponsive. Approaching 8,000 feet. 7,000. Five...'


(Baby cries)

♪ A steady hand can hardly stand to waiver from its course... ♪

Prince Robert.

Would you like to meet your new brother and sister?

♪ I do believe in symmetry ♪
♪ But it's hard to see when we're living so awkwardly ♪
♪ Our love grew slow like coral reefs ♪
♪ Beneath the mellow waves of a warming ocean... ♪

Your Majesty?

Your Majesty?

I was thinking about the day Liam and Eleanor were born.

No-one knew we were having twins.

We kept it to ourselves.

Those are the secrets we used to keep.

♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪
♪ Huh ah ♪


Liam... Liam!


It's not easy to watch.

Show me.

Before I show you this, I want you to know something.

No matter who I've been or why I came here, I told you you can trust me, and you can.

And so can Len.

Princess Eleanor.

(Clicks switch)

I'll be right outside.

(Door shuts)

♪ Let it hit you like a mountain ♪
♪ Let it hit you like a mountain ♪

Open this door! Jasper, open the door and let me out!

He trusted him!

We all trusted him and he slaughtered him! Why?

♪ Let it hit you like a mountain ♪

Open the door! Open it!

(Liam sobs)


Where's Imogen?

She said she had to go.

Uh, she also said thank you.

If you're looking for the diamond earrings, I told her that you would insist.

Good... I would have.

Do you think she'll be okay?

Starting over all by herself?

Are we speaking about Imogen or a princess?

Imogen, of course.

I think she'll be just fine.

She's strong.

This world can't beat her.

(Door shuts)

If you've come to eat him, he hasn't been born yet.

Are you really going to have the baby and his mother sleeping in your room?

Just the baby. And possibly a sexy au pair.

The mother can fend for herself.

You mean the Queen.

I didn't plan it like this.

And what about your cancer?

How soon will we have to bow to the little son-of-a-maid?

Look, whatever plot or ruse or conspiracy you're crafting...

I'm not. I'm done with all that.

I just came to... bring you this.

It was Robert's.

He loved it more than life itself.

I hope our new king loves it as much as he did.

I won't be attending the King's Cup.

I've got another engagement.

What engagement?

I'm getting married.

Right here. Have to make things official.

Shame you can't attend.

I'd rather attend an execution.

In many ways, one and the same.

Do you really expect me to believe you're going to accept all this without a fight?

Becoming the Dowager Queen, deferring to my legacy?

Fighting got me nowhere.

Rather, it got me here.

To this place.

One and the same.

♪ Anything other than what we already know ♪
♪ Easier to live with pain than have to let it go... ♪

Going somewhere?

To New York.

To see Ophelia.

Children shouldn't have to pay for their parents' sins.


For a moment I thought I saw the man I married.

The man I loved.

Father trusted him.

He told me I could turn to him if I needed anything.

Like a father figure.

Yeah. Me too.

If we go to the authorities and they make a mistake, he could disappear forever.

I promised my father justice.

I know you did.

We need to be smart about this.

We need a plan.

♪ I'm half asleep ♪
♪ You're medicated ♪
♪ Crumbling inside ourselves ♪
♪ My eyeballs leak, they're lubricating ♪
♪ Try to think of something else... ♪

You found it.

And now someone has to tell her.

♪ Your voice echoes through my head... ♪

I'm thinking about repainting that wall.

Starting over like Imogen.

I love you. You know that?

Why? What happened?

Stop! What?

Dad's killer. It was Ted.

Ophelia's father? Ted?



Come on. It's OK.

Let me go!

How? Why?

I don't know why. But he'll pay for this.

We're coming up with a plan.

'We'? Is James involved?


I know you have trust issues.

I know people have failed you, including Jasper.

But he wouldn't stop until he found the truth. And he did.

We'll make this right, Len.

And then what? Once all this is over?

Who's going to be left, Liam?

We will. You and me.

They don't get rid of us.

We get rid of them.

The King's Cup.

A football match?

The first annual football match dedicated to the late, thanks to you, King Simon Henstridge.

20,000 spectators. Pre-disposed to violence.

Especially considering our current royal climate.

Millions more watching from home.

A video tribute to the late King.

A speech made by the Queen herself.

We'll display our own presentation, commemorating this...

'You killed her, didn't you?'

'I did it.'

They'll finally be accountable for your sister's death.

Wait. There's more.

The Queen smoking a joint.

The King doing blow.

And so many other wonderful moments from our inspiring and noble royal family.

They may not make it out alive.

I'll be tried for treason.

Better than being tried for murder.

It's revenge.

I once asked Dominique if it's justice her father wanted or revenge.

We just got our answer.

What kind of revenge?

They have footage from the palace. Hidden camera stuff.

Courtesy of Ted Pryce?

They plan to show it tomorrow at the football match.

They want to disgrace you at an event to honor your father.

Dominique says she heard them talking about Robert.

It was Ted who had him killed.

Are you sure?


She said that?

She's getting out.

She doesn't want any part of it.

It's why she told me.

And you believe her?

I do.

We should cancel the event.


They'll just keep going.

It'll never stop unless we stop it.

Meaning what?


We need to end this.

You mean kill him.

Liam, you're talking about taking a man's life.

Even if it's justified, you can't come back from that. Ever.

Ted Pryce killed my father and my brother with malice in his heart.

Get me close enough to that sonofabitch, I'll kill him myself.

Your Majesty.

What does Team Helena want now?

Team Helena has been defeated.

And with Lucius gone, I thought maybe Team Cyrus may need my particular set of skills.

♪ Devil, devil ♪

All of them.

♪ Clever devil, devil ♪
♪ How quickly they do sell their souls ♪
♪ For the feast and the promise of gold... ♪


You scared the sh1t out of me.

I'm hiding from the princesses. The jig is up.

The what?

The ruse. The scheme.

They know I've been seeing them both.

Well, you can stand down.

Cyrus is expecting a son and plans to reinstate the right of primogeniture.

Stand down?

His first born son is going to inherit everything.

The jig, as you say, is now officially up.

♪ Make them think they ever stood a chance... ♪


Just say it. Then you can go.

I like Maribel.

It's OK.

I can't blame you... I'm apparently no longer the future Queen of England and she does like anything with boys and... sometimes with girls.

I like Maribel.

But I don't have feelings for her.

I have feelings for you.

Oh... (Chuckles)

And as an anti-monarchist, you are so much lovelier now that you are not the next in line for the throne.

So, you, uh, you want to get out of here?

(Giggles) Okay.

Thank you.

There she is. My beloved.

Does this look like the day you dreamed about as a little girl?

You mean the day I would marry Brad Pitt?

No. This doesn't look like that at all.

The minister will be here shortly.

Good. Then we have time for you to sign this.

What's this?

Just a few things I'm going to need to make this marriage work.

Nothing says true love like a wife who blackmails you.

As always, your discretion is appreciated, Doctor.

Ah. My daughter's security detail.

What is it?

The crowd for tomorrow's match could be volatile.

The people who support the monarchy are clashing with the ones... that don't.

I bet they are.

What else?

Your Majesty... should watch this.

And then we should speak.

In confidence.

(Text alert)

A love born in trust and faithfulness.

Do you, Cyrus Henstridge, take this...

I do. Wrap it up, Padre. I want to consummate this bitch.

By the power vested in me... By me..., I now pronounce you man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Go ahead and turn away.

But much worse things are going to happen to that mouth of yours, as you know.

I'm going home to pack my things.

No. You're staying here.

From now on, whatever you need will be provided.

So make yourself comfortable.

And while you're at it, you might try spitting out the future King of England.

You got what you wanted. Now hurry up and earn it!

Apparently Ted planted hidden cameras in the palace.

And now they have us at our worst.

Speaking of cameras...

It's fine. I looped the feed in this zone when I...

Oh, when he tried to rob me.

The video hack will be easy enough to block.

That won't stop him broadcasting the footage elsewhere.

Like social media. Why hasn't he already done that? What's he waiting for?


Oh, great!

Some security detail you two are.

I invited Her Majesty.

Mr. Stewart wants to publicly humiliate us, create chaos and use it to his advantage.

Fine. If they want a public tribunal, let's give them one.

What are we doing about Ted Pryce?

We need to keep him close.

But whoever does it will be in jeopardy.

He's a psychopath and will be armed.

I'll do it.

No. I'll do it.

What else?

We need complete access to the stadium.

We are the royal family. Who has more access than us?

♪ The waves crashing over the roads... ♪

(Phone rings)

♪ Enough to bury our home ♪

(Continues ringing)

What kind of sick joke...

Jeffrey: 'You don't know anything about anything, Mr. Pryce.

Do you understand that now? You are not safe. You are not comfortable.

You're certainly not absolved of your sins.

You will go to that stadium, you will monitor that family, and if anything goes wrong, you will personally execute them.

That's not asking too much, considering your history.'

After tomorrow, I want out.

'There's no way out of this, Ted.

You made your pact with the Devil a long time ago.

Deviate from this plan, and I'll be on the first flight to New York.

You see, I can kill family members too.'

Hm. Have a seat. Drink?


Of course.

I want to talk to you about Ted.

When he lost his wife, when he was grieving, I may have provoked him.

That's not true.

I was incredibly inconsiderate and unkind to him.

You're incredibly inconsiderate and unkind to me and I didn't kill anyone.

Can you just let me apologize for something for a moment? Please?


I was frivolous with that man's grief.

And I've been sitting here, drinking... and feeling like I'm to blame... for the loss of your father and your brother.

You were just a dick, Mom.

The guy's a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

Or Grand Duchess.


You just said some words, Mom.

I'd rather you shout at me than stab me twice and leave me for dead.

I'm with Liam. It's not your fault.

Thank you.

There's something else.

Tomorrow, if we fail and they succeed, remember that I love you.

Because I do.

We know that, Mom.

And we won't... fail.

Get some sleep. Maybe don't drink so much.

Yes, I just said that.


When you get in the car with Ted, don't be nice to him.

If you are, he'll know something's wrong.

I wrote the book on deception and facade, my son.

I think I'll be fine.

OK. 12 o'clock.


I know you miss your father, but... this is the right way to do this.


I know.

It's time.

It's time.


(Door opens)

I never got to say thank you before.

For what?

Finding the evidence. Not giving up.

I just want to make sure you're okay with everything for tomorrow.

If their plan works, one of us could die tomorrow.

And if our plan works, I'm officially in the family business.

I want to avenge my father.

I want Ted to pay.

But if we do this, they could kill him.

I don't know if I can go through with it.

I don't know if I could live with that.

I'll be there. With you.

I appreciate what you've done for us.

But once this is all over, I need you to leave and not come back.

I can't see you any more.

It's too hard.



♪ Leave a light, a light on ♪
♪ Leave a light, a light on ♪

Your father was a man who believed in the truth.

He'd want you to know the truth.

And son, I'm always here if you need me.

'That's it. You're doing so well.'

Now just take a nice deep breath.

In through your nose.

(Cries of childbirth)

Okay, breathe. Well done.

(Knock at door)

Liam? It's time.


♪ Crush my bones into glue ♪
♪ I'm a go-getter... ♪

We have a situation.

♪ The system's in red ♪
♪ The room is inbred, I'm a go-getter... ♪

Liam. What are you doing here?

There's been a change of plans.

Big day.

Your father would have been proud.

Why did you do it, Ted?


Don't move.

Liam, whatever you think you know...

I saw you!

Have you asked yourself what happens after this, after you pull that trigger?

My family's avenged.

What about you?

I consider this justified.

(Phone vibrates)

♪ And your space down your halls... ♪

If I don't answer it, they'll go after Ophelia. Protocol.

(Phone continues to buzz)


♪ No harm... ♪


One moment.

It's for you.

♪ No harm ♪
♪ No harm... ♪

Who is this?


Please do not do this.

'I know you're in pain and I know that you want revenge, but you don't want it like this.

There's something happening, Liam.

The people, they believe in you. Don't you see it?'

This is exactly what Dad wanted all along.

'It's who you thought you couldn't be for him, and for the world.

But if you do this, Liam, if you pull that trigger, that is when you are really failing Dad.

And that's when we all lose you.

And I can't afford to lose you, Liam. I can't.


Say you won't do this.

Tell me you'll lead us all out of this, okay?

Liam? Okay?'


♪ I'm a go-getter... ♪

The car's waiting. We need to go.

You will find that taking a life is an unbearable weight.

Every second. Every minute.

Every hour, every day, a constant reminder of what you did and how you did it.

You can't hide from it.

You can't erase it.

And you can't take it back.

Use mine.

Tell them there was a struggle.

Call it an act of self-defense.

It's just a lie. We all live with them.

♪ No harm... ♪

You asked me why I did the things I've done.

I'll tell you. You know that fire, that hatred you feel?

The one fed by anger and vengeance and retribution?

I called it justice. But it wasn't.

It was merely retaliation.

And that fire never goes out, no matter what.

It just consumes you.

It just burns you up.

A video is going to play during your father's dedication that documents Dominique Stewart's death and the many other sins of your house.

So from where I'm sitting, you have two choices and they're both fairly grim.

You either pull the trigger and be judged for it, or you step outside this vehicle and face the world as that video plays.

There's a third option.

You're not the only one with a video.


But if you fail...

You should be more concerned with the alternative.

What becomes of you if I don't?

And the world sees what you've done?

But you can't be certain of that, can you?

You step out there, the chances are pretty good that you'll be accountable for what your family's done.

Someone has to be.


Woman: I love you, Liam!

Excuse me. Thank you. Thank you.

Princess coming through.


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please show your support for His Royal Highness, Prince Liam Henstridge!

(Tapping on door)

Geez, Rambo. Did you kill the poor schlub?


Hurry up. We're running out of time.

Very helpful, thank you.

Announcer: And now, a dedication to King Simon from his son, His Royal Highness, Prince Liam Henstridge.

Time's up, son.

Don't call me 'son'.


We're in.

We push this button and the world will know Ted did it.

I'll do it.

I can do it.

What you see of our family... is pretty much what we allow you to see.

But I promise you, what you're about to see is the truth.

On my father's grave.



(Crowd gasps)

(Crowd gasp and shout)

You should go.

After him! He's getting away!


Tell Ophelia not to miss me.

(Baby cries)

Ssh. Ssh.

Excuse me, Your Majesty.

You need to see this.

(Baby continues crying)


Tv: 'Police are struggling to contain the violence after CCTV footage showing the late King Simon's killing was somehow broadcast over the stadium's screens.

A man believed to be associated with the Palace's own security forces has been attacked.

Reinforcements are being...'

Announce the birth of my son. Maybe that will appease them.

Yes, Your Majesty.

So it was Pryce!


Did he finally stop crying?






Prudence is gone. And so is her child.

I married her! You're no longer Queen!

The man who married you was my gynecologist.

Rachel had them switched.

Team Helena.

But you can't just kidnap her!

Oh, I can assure you, she went quite willingly.

But the pre-nup agreement! She wanted this!

The pre-nup agreement was Prudence's idea, designed to lower your guard. Clever girl.

Also... Team Helena.

You manipulated her!

You said you were done fighting back, and then you take my son?

Why would you do that? In the name of what?

Alistair Lacey.

You take away my future. I take away yours.

Enjoy cancer.

(Muted clamor)

♪ It makes me feel nervous ♪
♪ You have that look in your eye ♪
♪ Oh, it takes over ♪
♪ What is it that holds you tight? ♪
♪ And you can tear it up ♪
♪ Oh, no-one tears it up like you ♪
♪ Oh, you can rip it up ♪
♪ Oh, no-one rips it up like you ♪
♪ When you're in the half light ♪
♪ It is not you I see ♪
♪ And you'll live a half life ♪
♪ You only show half to me ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪
♪ Sometimes I join you ♪
♪ Let you wash over me ♪
♪ When we're in the darkness ♪
♪ Only the blind can see ♪
♪ And you can tear it up... ♪

Well done with Cyrus, Rachel.

My pleasure, Your Majesty.

Now, then...

My son is the rightful heir to the throne and Simon's DNA will prove it.

Let's make things right.

Get me those bones.

♪ You only show half to me ♪
♪ And can you shake it off? ♪
♪ Oh, can you shake it off for me? ♪
♪ When you're in the half light ♪
♪ I don't like the half I see ♪
♪ What possesses you? ♪
♪ Oh, what possesses you? ♪
♪ Oh, what possesses you? ♪
♪ Oh, what possesses you? ♪
♪ When you're in the half light ♪
♪ Oh, it is not you I see ♪
♪ When you're in the half light ♪
♪ I don't like the half I see ♪
♪ Oh oh oh ♪
♪ Oh oh ♪
♪ Oh oh oh ♪
♪ Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ♪

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