01x01 - Marty's Story

(Workers chatter and laugh)


(Phone rings)

Mum, where's my cup of tea?

It's coming.


Why didn't you wake me?

We did, we shouted.

I obviously didn't hear you, did I?

Marty, you didn't roll in till two, so I thought you might want to sleep off the fumes.

(She sighs)

Hey, where's your sweater?

Don't know.

Joe, is it swimming today or tomorrow?



Jess, tell me you've finished that Hitler project.


Yeah, what did you learn?

He wasn't very nice?


Radio: 'It's five minutes to eight...'

Look, I've got to go. Will you be able to drive them in?

Once the Colpermin kicks in, I guess. It's no worse than usual.

Hey, Xbox golf tonight.

Championship, we're having money on it.

Oi! Dad, that's MY tea!

(Applause and whooping)

(They sing mockingly)

You're late, mate!

(He sighs)

Sam, do you think I was born yesterday?

Do you think I was born yesterday?!

Are you watching this?

Oh, I'm watching.

Get him in here.

Ah, the Ford Focus. Most reliable car on the road, that.

Morning, morning.

One previous owner, vicar's wife.

That car has done less miles than the Popemobile, let me tell you that! I'm messing.

I know what you're thinking, here's the salesman with his patter, coming over here, trying to bully us into something we don't need or want.

I tell you now, I'm not that guy, hand on heart.

You've done your homework, you definitely have.

You know what colour, model, make you want, you know how much money you've got to spend.

Am I going to change that? I'm not, am I?

I've just come over as a courtesy, just to say hello.

Marty McLean, I'll be around if you need me. OK?

By the way, that Popemobile line, not strictly true, so don't tell the boss. All right?

Jesus, Kathy, what you lurking for?

Mike wants to see you.


I wouldn't know.

Look, this is a dead cert. Preggers, look at the bump.

These two need a family motor.

If I were you, I'd come.

He's in a foul mood.

His wife went to stay at her sister's this weekend.

And she's still not home.

Oh, great!

Jase, do us a favour? Just keep them two sweet for five minutes.

Yeah, no prob, what's me cut?

How about 50% of kiss my arse?

You wanted to see me?

Come in, take a seat.

Am I in trouble?

Well, he looks the same, sounds the same, but clearly, there's something different.

I'm not following.

Your sales are down. Five months running.

Look! You're not meeting your targets.

You don't seem to particularly care, and this lateness...

Lateness, what lateness?

I saw you sneaking in this morning!


Marty, we did tell you last time, if this happened again, you'd be on a final warning.

Yeah, no, I can explain...

Final warning. That is it. Beth's going to put it in writing.

No more lateness, no more sickies, nothing.

Now, get out there, and go and sell some bleeding motors.

Oh, you get all that, did you(?)

I don't want your help!

What you said about my missus is bang out of order.

Don't ever let me see you around.

Jase! What happened?!

She's expecting twin boys, and I said to her, "I bet that's a first.

"Two penises inside you." I was being jovial!

(Phone rings)

Hello, JS Motors, Beth Corben speaking.

(Traffic noise on phone)

Beth Corben speaking.

(Traffic noise continues)


(Call disconnects)

(She dials phone)

'You were called today at 11.33am. The caller withheld their number.'

(Video game sound effects)

(Boys chatter and laugh)

For God's sake, Kat...

Jesus! Kat! Kat.


(Pop music plays in room)

Jess, why's this door locked?

I'm busy.

What's going on?


Who's in there?


Jess, open this door.

Jess! Open the door!

What's going on?

We're doing homework.

Do I look stupid?


(She laughs)

You, get your shoes on, you're going home.


Look, I've been his age and I know what's going through his mind.

Now, where's your mam?

Don't know.

In here.

Have you spoke to her about contraception?

I've been on here an hour.

Locked door, what's that about?

If she gets pregnant...

I'm in bloody agony here!

It's probably due on from excessive spending.

Oh, piss off!

Six bags?

They're in the sale.

30, 40 quid a bag.

They're half price.

That's 200 notes on one shopping trip.

They're half price!

Half price still costs money.

Hey. I'll give you a lift.

It's all right, I'll just walk...

I'll drive.

You get her pregnant, you are finished.

You get her pregnant, she keeps it, you are done for, pal. Game over.


Course, you know you'll be obliged to make a go of it.

Might even get a good few years out of it, but then ten, 12, 15 years down the line, you'll just be wondering... where your life went.

How you've ended up with this woman who's always ill, and is never any fun, and... and just spends her life buying clothes even though she never goes out.

Is that what you want, eh? Is it?

I'm only 15.

Get out.

I'm nowhere near.

Get out!

(Car starts)

(He sighs)

Mumbling: What time is it?


Oh, sh1t!

sh1t. Kat! Katrina!


Cab, please, urgent.

(He dials phone)

'JS Motors. Kathy speaking. JS Motors. Kathy speaking.'

Kathy, it's... it's Marty. Something terrible's happened.

What is it? You know you're on a final warning.

It's my wife, she...

She died.

Last night.

'Very suddenly. I...'

I'm really sorry, I won't be in today. Can you tell Mike?

Of course...!


'That's terrible, I'm so sorry! Is there anything we can do?'

No, no, no. Um...

No, I just...

I just need some time alone.


(He ends call)

(He breathes heavily)

Staff meeting, service area, five minutes. Did you hear that?

Staff meeting, five minutes, important.

Staff meeting, five minutes, service area.

What is it, Kathy?

Are they firing people?

Well, you're not special.

You'll be told with everyone else.


It's me.

Marty? What's going on?

Not feeling well.

Brought on by eight pints of lager?

I'm ill, Kat. You don't corner the market on illnesses, you know.

The rest of us are allowed to get poorly from time to time.

Well, you'd better get yourself to bed, then.

Why didn't you wake me?

I'm sorry?

You knew I had to be in at... You just left me in bed.

Marty, if you're going to storm off, get pissed with your silly friends and then roll in at all hours, you can get yourself out of bed.

I'm not your mother.

Oh, I see, so it's spite, was it?

Yes, spite.

I don't know what's got into you lately, you're acting like a bloody teenager.

You should have woke me!

You should've bloody woke me!

I'm telling you, someone's getting the sack.

Well, if he lays me off, I swear, I'm going to sell my body.

Yeah, I've heard medical testing's lucrative.

Oh, cheeky bitch!

Bit of quiet, please.

I've gathered you here because I'm afraid I've got a little bit of bad news concerning one of your colleagues.

Marty McLean's wife, Katrina, she unfortunately passed away last night.

Some of you may know that she had a stomach problem, she had an illness for some while, we don't know whether it's related or not, but she leaves behind three children.

And obviously, Marty is going to need all our support, as a team, over the next few weeks, few months.

Yeah. We thought it was important that you all knew, so that those of you that do know him can offer your condolences.

And those of you that don't, just be a bit more sympathetic when he does eventually return to work.

I'll be sending round a card, so if you could all sign that, then...


That's it, thank you.

You OK?

Bummer or what?

It's... Sorry...

What's up with her? Did she know Marty's missus?


So how come she's so upset?

It's called empathy, Rick.

Some people have it.

You want to watch that.

Soon as you're married, it'll be waterworks every time she wants her own way.

You're a great advert for marriage!

It's a prison, mate, man-made prison.

Kills your soul, before you know it you're one of the walking dead, pushing a trolley round Ikea.

(They chatter)

(Phone rings)

(She sobs)


Just, just give me a minute.

Talk to me.

I'm fine.

(She sighs)

I envy him. Marty.

He's got a body, hasn't he, he can have a funeral.

At least he knows for sure.


Phone calls, they started again.

Since when?

This week.

You could have told me.

Why doesn't he say anything?

If he is him, why would he do that to me?

Beth, it could be anyone.

I'm trying to get my life back together, keep everything normal for me and the kids, then something like that happens, and it's like I'm back there, in the days and weeks after he left.

Over a year gone by and I've got that feeling all over again.

It's like the bottom dropping out of my world, because there are endless questions and there's no bloody answers!

(She sobs)

I'm sor...

Sorry. I'm sorry.

(She sniffles)


Sorry. I shouldn't be saying all this to you.


I'm exactly the person you should be saying this to.

You're all having some anyway. It's healthy.

Guess what, Mum?


Jake got a bad note today.

Why did you get a bad note?

I didn't!

Why did you get a bad note?

Because I scribbled in my book.

What were you scribbling? And don't fib.



(Voices fade away)


(Doorbell rings)

Sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry?

Flowers for Marty McLean.


No-one's died.


Do you know anything about these flowers?

Give 'em here.

(He chuckles)

It's a wind-up, from the lads from work, because I'm off ill.

Piss-takers, the lot of 'em.

No, the woman who rang said it was...

No, I know who they're from. They're beautiful, you've done a lovely job.

What are they, lilies?


Very funny. Here, look, free flowers.

Thank you, bye!

What a bunch of dicks.

Saying that, I've done worse myself. One time, we sent a load of sand to Tight-arse Tom's house cos he kept saying he was on holiday but we knew he weren't.

Condolence flowers is a bit sick, though. What does the card say?

Nothing, it'll be a load of bollocks.

Let's have a look.


It might be funny.

Kat, look, it's just a wind-up. It's going in the bin.

When are you going to go back to work?

When I'm better.

They're OK with that?

Well, if you're ill, you're ill, ain't you?

What's up with you?

Just run down.

Marty, last time you had shingles, and you were climbing the walls.

Yeah, well, that was then, weren't it?

Don't jump down my throat, OK?

Do you think you might be suffering some kind of depression?

Some sort of midlife thing?

Midlife?! I'm 35!

You haven't seemed yourself lately.

I'm fine.

You've been drinking all the time, staying out late, gambling...

Kat, I'm fine.

I wouldn't care if it was making you happy, but it isn't.

You used to talk about motors all the time, we were sick of hearing about them.

Who was top of the charts, how you'd off-loaded some piece of crap for...

Kat, I don't know how many times I can say this.

But I'm fine. OK?

Right, I'll shut my mouth.


But this is my final word on the subject.

You don't seem fine, Marty.

And I want you back how you were before.

Why don't you go and have a chat with the doctor or something?

Yeah, yeah, the doctor. Do you know, that's a great idea.

I'm just going for a quick walk, back in a sec.

Phil! Philip, down here.

You all right, mate?

Yeah, fine, just hiding from the wife.

Try to look like you're not talking to me.

So, who am I talking to?


Look, have I got any post?

Yeah, you have, actually.


Is it your birthday?

Yeah, kind of, yeah.

If any more of these come, will you stick them straight in the bin?

I can't do that, I'll get sacked.





All right, mate. Thanks a lot.

Hi, Marianne.

Hi, Beth.

I need to ask you a favour. It's about Dave.

Ah, yeah.

I know when you took over, all his personal items went into storage but what happened to his work files?

Well, as far as I know, everything's still in there.


I just wanted to take a look through.

You all right, Marty, mate?

All right, Rick?

Hi, Ziggy.

Sorry about your missus, man.

I'd happily see mine under a bus but I realise some people still like their other half.

Yeah, all right. Thanks, man.

Why am I even doing this? There was a guy that used to do this.

Mm? Friend of my brother's, calls himself DJ Strangeways.

What, he's a DJ?


An actual DJ?

Yep, I'm telling you. I'm going out with him.

He's my passport out of this place.

Marty! What are you doing here?

I'm just, I've got to...

I've just got to see Mike.

It's too soon, it really is. You should be at home.

No, no, I just need a quick word with Mike.

OK, but... come here.

(Oh, oh...)

(Bloomin' heck, all right!)

I'm so sorry to hear about your wife.


It's a terrible, terrible thing.

To lose someone before their time.



Come through.

Yeah, OK.

Can I get you a drink?

No, no, I'm fine, honestly.

I really need to speak to Mike.

Of course, sweetheart.

I need to tell you something, Mike.

Something... really difficult.

You take your time.

It's about my wife.

Thing is, I...

Times have been tough, you know. Money's been tight, at home, like.

And I just...

I just need to come back to work. As soon as possible.

Um, Marty, you don't have to worry about your salary.

No, no, no, it's not that. It's up here. You know, I just...

I need to take my mind off things.

This is a time for family. Think about your kids.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

And my parents are over, and they're helping me with the... funeral arrangements and that.

I just...

I'm just no good at that stuff.

I belong here, you know, I'm a salesman.

Can't I just come back?

Just mornings at first, just half days.

I know you think it's the grief talking, but honestly, it's not.

I just can't be in the house all day, I can't stand hanging around.

Well, you must do whatever makes life easiest.


Look at him, he looks gutted.

For our benefit.

Once he gets home, he might be doing a little jig.

(They giggle)

It's hard, with the kids...

We should go round there after work, offer to help out.

He's clearly struggling. Men can't cope, can they?

My dad stopped eating after my mum died, he lost two stone in a month.

Hey, you could do with that diet.

Come on. It's the right thing to do.

I'm sure he'll say no but the offer will be appreciated.

(She sighs)

OK, all right, but I've got Pilates at seven, so...

I'll go get his address.

(Disconnected tone on phone)

There's one mobile number there, it's been dialled again and again, all through the day and night right before he disappeared.

It's no-one I recognise and when I tried ringing it, disconnected.

Police have been through all this, said there's nothing suspicious.

Maybe there isn't. Who's he ringing, then?

Who's he ringing more than he's ringing me or you?

There's one there, two o'clock in the morning.

I know what you're thinking.

Another woman. He's been planning it all along.

Well, it can't have been something YOU haven't thought.

All right, OK. Even if he would do that to me, would he do it to his girls?

Beth... why don't you just let this go?

You've started to move on, you've started to feel better about yourself.

Why don't you get a baby-sitter tonight, let me take you out?

I'm not taking no for an answer.

Would you take "piss off"?

I won't take "piss off".

Another time, yeah?


Right, you do the talking.

I hope no-one cries. If a kid cries I'm going to be a wreck.

Come on.

Boy: You're dead!

(Gunfire and beeping)

Stop it!

(Doorbell rings)

Joe, door.

Now, please.

Oh, it's pointless.

Hi. I'm Grace. I work with your daddy.

And you are?


Joe. Lovely.

How are things?



Be strong. There's no other way at times like this.

Pray to God and he'll help you through.

Is your daddy in at all?

Dad? Three women from work.

Oh, sh..!

Hi, girls. Hiya.


Lovely to see you. Um...

Look, now isn't a great time.

We are just in the middle of things, you know.

We understand that, Marty, we really do. Don't we, girls?

Oh, yeah!

Yeah. Of course.


We just want you to know that if there is anything you need, anything at all...


Just some...

.. girls from work. They... came round to see how I was feeling.

See if I needed anything. I've told them we're... coping.

Well, great to see you. Thank you, it was a really lovely gesture.

That's my, er, that's my wife's sister.

She's been a rock, really, but... she's taken it hard, you know?

I mean, we all have.

Marty, I've never lost a partner, but I lost my mum.

And the worst thing was, everyone left me alone.

They wanted to give me space, let me grieve.

But all I wanted was some familiar faces, so here we are.



I've written down my number, so if you want a familiar face or just someone to listen to you talk, call me.

OK, I will, thank you.

Thanks, girls.

It means a lot. Means a lot.

And then we've got the J...


.. apostrophe...

I'm just going to pop out for a stroll.

Oh, you're feeling better, then?

Yeah, yeah. Just, um... sick of being cooped up all day. Won't be late.


Good, OK. Now put it into a sentence.

(Rock music plays)

I mean, they say the Lord moves in mysterious ways, but there's your proof right there.

All those years of IBS, probes, scans... exploratory stomach operations... And then what gets her?

Brain haemorrhage.

I mean, you couldn't make it up.

Did you part on good terms?

What do you mean?

No ill words, no arguments?

No, nothing like that.

That's good.

Her soul can rest in peace and you're not filled with regrets.

It can be terrible for people if they haven't.

My uncle's last words to my auntie were,

"Turn the light off and go to sleep, you moaning old cow."

(He laughs)

Shall we have another?

(He laughs)

You are the worst player I've ever seen.

It's the booze!

Don't count. Not with pool.

If anything, the more you drink the better you get. Watch this.

Round here for the other red...

It's funny, isn't it?

All the time we've worked together, we've never really talked.

We've talked.

Not banter, or messing around, I mean talked properly.

Well, you just don't at work, do you?

All that time we spend with people and we know nothing about each other, nothing valuable.

The less I know about fat Jase, the better.

All I'm saying is, I know the circumstances are horrible... but I'm glad we've connected a little bit now, because...

I've always liked you, Marty.

Are you sure you're OK with this?

Yeah, positive.

When's the funeral?

Monday, down in Milton Keynes. St Godfrey's.

We got married there and it's where Kat was originally from.

Take as much time as you need - a day, two days, even a week.

You really don't have to tell me, it's...

Thanks, I appreciate it.

And today, just focus on what you do best, don't worry about targets or sales, OK?

Yeah, OK, thanks, guys.

He's back way too soon. He's not even grieved yet.

Everybody deals with it differently. I remember when Percy died.

I didn't cry for a month.

It's only when I threw away his bowl and his lead that I realised I was never going to see him again.


I've made you some lunch. I thought it would save you having to go out.

Thanks, Grace.

Maybe one-ish? We can eat together, if you like.

OK, yeah.

Be nice.

Let me tell you, Darius, this car has got so much attitude you won't want to meet it on a dark night.

Trust me, it is a proper head-turner.

It's the sort of car that just cruises wherever it goes.

It has a look round and says to itself, "Yes, I'm the guv'nor."

The question you've got to ask yourself is, can you handle it?

Have you got what it takes to drive a motor...

(He taps bonnet)

.. with this much front?

Take a break if you want, Marty.

Oh, my God, it's a world first! Anyone hear that?

I need third-party verification.

Is that a yes or a no?

It's a yes.

Pasta bake, Moroccan couscous, small salad. It's got beetroot in it.

I'm not sure if you like beetroot but I love it.

And for afters I've got carrot cake, chocolate fingers or fruit.

Do you always eat like this?

Like what?

You know, healthy and that.

I'm lucky to get a chicken butty down my neck.

I'm a bit of a food freak. We eat too much meat.

They reckon 60% of cancers are diet related, especially the colon.

Oh, listen to me. You'll think I'm a crank.


My sister calls me Lentil Lil. Dig in.

If she older or younger? Your sister.

Older. But only by a year.

We live in the same flat. Well, theoretically.

She's an air hostess so she's always off flying the world.


They like puffy legs and getting hit on by pilots. HE CHUCKLES What's her name?

Ingrid. After Ingrid Bergman.

My dad was into those old Hitchcock films, hence Grace.

You're lucky they didn't call you Norman!

(She giggles)

Are you OK?


Thanks for this. It's really amazing.

It's the least I could do.

Right, come on.

Didn't take her long, did it?

Some women find grief a turn on.

I was reading about it last week when I had me feet done.

Emma, they are having lunch.

It's a sympathy gene.

It acts like an aphrodisiac.

This one bloke reckoned he had five women chasing him.

They are just having lunch!

If I die, they'll be all over you, won't they?

You'd better not shag anyone from work.

I mean it, Jez, cos I'll be watching you.

I promise I won't shag anyone from work.

I'll be with your sister.

(He laughs)

Do something fancy like that. DOOR CLOSES Tick these off.



Are you all right?



Who fancies a golf tournament?



Set it up, then, pop it in.

I'll go first.

I've been practising my swing.

Good day?

Great day.

Glad to be back at work?

I just think those few days done us a world of good.

I sold five motors in five hours today. Five! When does that happen?

I feel like king of the world!

Right, come on. Pass along.

There you go, love.


Are you happy with the updates?

The sightings have slowed down.

Yeah, it tends to be the case.

First year or so, high-profile, people pay more attention.

But the longer time goes on...

There was something I wanted to ask you.

Yeah, ask away.

Yeah, I've, um... discovered something. It's um...

Well, new information, potentially.

It's a phone number.

It's been disconnected now, but it was in use in the weeks leading up to Dave going missing, and I was just wondering if you could help me find out whose number it was.

I'll see what I can do.



(He sings along)

♪ I could've been a contender ♪

♪ Could have been a someone ♪

♪ Caught up in the rat race and feeling like a no-one ♪

♪ Could've been me in the papers... ♪

Hello, Pete, how's it going?

Sinusitis. Brings on my tension headaches.


Yeah, I'm OK, Pete.

(He chuckles)

(Phone rings)


You ever get the feeling you're being watched?

(They laugh)

How long have you been stood there?

I've been here half an hour.

Can't believe you've not noticed me.

You fancy, er... fancy lunch again? My treat, over at the Hawthorn.

Well, I have brought sandwiches but, yeah, that would be great.

All right.


One-ish. That would be wonderful.

See you there.



He's a widower. He's just lost his wife.

And I'm offering him some kindness.

As long as that's all you're offering.

Just be brazen, nobody cares.

I can't.


I'm eating, I'm giving them money.

I feel bad eating my own food in a place they sell stuff.

What will they do, throw you out?


Are you always this good?

Yeah. I think I am.

But I sometimes wonder why.

It's like life is passing me by.

I'm 33, Marty.

Single, living with my sister, who seems to have men throwing themselves at her.

Stuck in the same bloody job I've been doing since college.

When is it going to start? Or is this it? Is this my lot?

You're a beautiful person, Grace, and you deserve to be happy.

We only get one crack at life.

(Bell tolls)

(Organ plays)

Good morning, everybody, and welcome to this service on what is of course a sad occasion, as we are here to remember Ann, beloved mother, wife and grandmother.

It is a sad occasion but it is also a time to give thanks and to celebrate her life and all that she meant to each and every one of you here.

(Phone buzzes)

We are going to have a word from Scripture as we begin our service, where Jesus says, "I am the resurrection and the life.

"Those who believe in me, even though they die, yet shall they live."

(Phone rings)

Hello, JS Motors, Kathy speaking.

Um... I'm sorry, who is this?

'Oh, I'm sorry. Reverend Smith.'

Reverend who?

'Reverend Smith.'

Oh, from St Godfrey's?

'Yes. We've received some funeral flowers...'

Yes, I sent them.

Yeah... Oh.

How strange.

Did I get the wrong day?


(Phone rings)

Hi, Marty, how are you?


Just having a wobble.

Can we meet?

I thought you were in Milton Keynes.

Yes, I know, I came back early.

I wanted to see you.

It was a fantastic service.

The priest made this really poignant speech about how everybody on Earth makes a vital contribution, even though sometimes we're not aware of the profound effect we're having.

That's so nice.

Then we had some hymns, Bread Of Life, The Lord Is My Shepherd.

The Lord Is My Shepherd is such a wonderful hymn.

Oh, it's a cracker. Evoked a lot of tears. Happy tears, though.

That's the thing about funerals, isn't it?

They're a release, aren't they? They're...

Like a letting go.

Then they finished with Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.



You said "they".

Did I?


I meant we.

They, as in the kids.

They chose it because it was one of their mum's favourites.

How are the kids?

Yeah, good.

Well, I mean, as well as can be expected.

You should be with them. Today of all days.

I feel bad that you're here with me when they need you so much more.

No, they're fine, they're fine. We had a good chat about it.

Especially me and Jess, Dad to daughter.

She just wants me to be happy, she loves me. Jessie said that.

Very mature for her age.

Even so, I think you should drink this and go home.


You're grieving, you're confused.

But I want to be with you.

I know, and I want to be with you, but it's not right.

Says who?

Says anyone.

Your wife is barely in the ground.

Maybe afterwards, you know, when some time has passed.

Yeah, OK. You're right.

You're totally right.

I should go.

Thank you.

Thanks for being here.

Come here.

I should go.

(Keys clatter)

(Door slams)

(Doorbell rings)

Hi, I'm sorry to bother you.

If you're selling, I'm not interested.

No, no. I work with Marty.

Right, sorry.

Is he still here?

No, you've just missed him. Literally minutes ago.

That's a shame. I've got some paperwork for him.

Can't you do that at work?

Of course, but I wasn't sure if he was going to be in.

Why wouldn't he be in?

Well, he's been off, hasn't he?

What with everything.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being rude.

I'm Kathy Kavanagh, Mike's assistant.

Katrina, Marty's wife.

I can give him a call to come back, if you like.



You're busy, I should go. I'll catch up with him at work.

Nice to meet you, Katrina.

And you.

(Phone bleeps)

(Phone rings)

Nice of you to call. How's your sister?

More to the point, Ali, how are my kids?

'I'm not phoning for an argument. I'm just ringing to tell you we're staying for another week.'

That's fine. Just so you know, the house is up for sale.

All your clothes are at a charity shop. You enjoy the country air.

'Look, Mike...'

Follow me.


He's gone, Beth.

By choice or not, he's gone.

What am I meant to do?

Just forget about him and move on?

What's the alternative?

Are you going to stay like this?

It's tearing you apart.

What if he never comes back?

You put your whole life on hold.

Says the man who's in an unhappy marriage.

Neither of us are happy.

But we could be.

If we stop pretending that this isn't happening.

He's the father of my kids.

It would be like telling them he was dead.


(Door slams)

Oh, oh, oh!

Kathy's out of her kennel!


Well, whatever she's doing, let's hope she's not barking up the wrong tree. Woof!

It's one of the safest cars on the road.

You're not going to get safer than...

I need to talk to you. Now.

I'm busy. About 20 minutes, yeah?


Who wants to talk to me, you or Mike?



Your wife.

You mean my late wife?

No, Marty.

Your very much not late wife.


Start talking.

Look, Kathy, I don't know what you think you know.

Don't you tell me lies or I will take your bloody head off.

Now, I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or this entire place hears about it.

How do you know?

The priest rang from St Godfrey's, concerned I'd sent hundreds of pounds' worth of flowers to the wrong venue.

Why would you do something like that?

I was going to get the sack, Kathy.

I was late again, I'd just had my final warning, I've got three kids, a mortgage, I couldn't allow it to happen.

I couldn't allow it to happen.

But this?!

How did you think you'd get away with it?!

I didn't think!

I opened my mouth and the words came out, and then it was done.

Oh, sh1t!

What are you going to do, are you going to tell people?

Am I?

Yes, Kathy. You can't keep a secret at the best of times.

I'd have to sew your mouth shut to keep something like this from getting out.

You know nothing about me.

I understand lies, Marty.

I understand wanting to protect your family.

I've done it for bloody 20 years.

But this is sick and this is wrong, and it cannot go on a second longer.

Please, Kathy. Please, I'm begging you.

You've got to tell people.

You've got to put it right.

What if I don't? What if I don't?

Then you hand your notice in and you never darken our door again.

This is your mess, Marty, and you are going to be the one to sort it out.

Oh, my gosh.

It's the grief.

(Dials phone)

(Phone rings)


It's me.

Hi, are you all right?

You know I love you, don't you?

You and the kids, more than anything in the world.


I just had to ring you so I could get these words out.

I need to get these words out.

Marty, you're scaring me. Where are you?

I've always tried to be a good husband, Kat.

I've always tried to keep the ship afloat and money coming in.

Make sure you never wanted for anything.

I know that.

Year after year after year...

I've always just tried my best.

Lately it's got harder.

20 cars a month, every month.

The targets and the pressures are above...

It just keeps getting harder and harder and harder.

I just buried my head in the sand and I just pretended it wasn't happening and that I wasn't failing, and that I was as good as I used to be.

Marty, what are you telling me?

That I was going off the rails.

You noticed and they noticed, and I was going to get the sack.

And I did something stupid.

Really stupid.

I must have been crazy because...

.. I just did something unforgivable.

I'm so sorry.

I don't want to lose you.

I don't want to lose you.

I love you. I love you.

(Phone rings)

Hello, JS Motors, Beth speaking.

Why don't you bloody say anything?

(Phone vibrates)

Hi, George.

'Beth. We've managed to locate the source of that number you requested.'

Really? Have you got a name?

'According to Vodafone records, the number was disconnected two weeks after Dave went missing and it was registered to a woman named Marianne Morton.'

Marianne Morton?

'Does that name mean anything to you?'


Yeah, it does mean something.

Is that his wife?


Who's that?

Both: We're going to Ibiza!


What have they done?!

Anyone died today, Marty?

You don't believe me?

There's something about her, something I don't trust.