01x02 - Tracy's Story

He's gone, Beth.

'He's the father of my kids.'

I've discovered something.

According to records, the number was registered to a Marianne Morton.

Marianne Morton?

A friend of my brother's, calls himself DJ Strange Waves.

He's my passport out this place.

OK, if you'd like to take a seat, there are teas, coffees and juices for the children.

Our sales advisor will be with you very shortly, OK?

Er, important e-mail about next week.

Viv's just sent it.

What is it?

Check your e-mail.


Viv: Whoa!

Both: ♪ We're going to Ibiza! ♪
♪ Whoa! ♪

Well, I hope you save some energy for my hen night, it's like two days after you get back.

Oh, you know me, I'm always up for a party.

Oh, yes!

And I don't care how funny you think it is, I'm telling you now, all of you, no stripper.

Ooh, er... It's too late. It's already been booked.

In't that right, Pete?


You busy, are you?

(Telephones ring)

Isn't it bad enough to manage without both receptionists for a week without you doing nothing when you're actually here?!

How are they supposed to sell with all that going on, eh?

You're in charge!

I am on fire today! I could sell condoms to Catholics.

What are the kids' names?

Er, Sophie and George.

George! Sophie! I've heard you two want to buy a car.

I'm looking at you, pal, I reckon you want Beemer, yeah?

What the hell was that?

You're not one of the girls any more, Marianne.

You're management. You want to start behaving like it.

I thought we'd sorted all this. If you've got an accusation to make about me and Dave, then I suggest you just make it.

Or, better still, let's take it to Mike.

You say the calls are work calls, nothing more.

At weekends?

Two in the morning? Five times a night?

He was my manager!


We were under a lot of pressure.


You don't believe me?

No, I don't.

But I can't prove anything, so...

Where does that leave us?

I don't have to take this.

You can think what you like.

(Front door closes)


Hey, love.

(Tv is on)

Oh, thanks for waiting(!)

We were starving!

Microwave, two minutes.

Well, stuff you, anyway!

This time tomorrow, I'll be drinking cocktails in the Spanish sun.

Did you get me those suitcases out of the loft?


Yeah, um, they're in your room.

Two suitcases?


How much stuff do you need for a week in Ibiza?

Viv on laptop: "Playa Dorada in the Dominican Republic has a sparkling ten mile shoreline fronted by a coral reef and aquamarine blue lagoons backed by green hills shrouded in sugarcane, banana palms and lush tropical vegetation."

Oh, my, it sounds like paradise!

Nicer than Ibiza, right?

I'm dreading the flight.

Ten hours?

We're going to turn it into a party plane.

(Tracy laughs)



So, what are you wearing on the flight?

Er, probably my Tulisa jumpsuit. What about you?

Pink racer back...


.. and trainers.



(Aircraft flies overhead horns honk)


(She giggles)





You'll be met outside the airport by two guys I know.


They'll introduce themselves as Bale and Ronaldo. Not their real names.

(she laughs): Why? Do they look like 'em?

Only from a distance.

Have a good holiday.

We will.



Here, babe.

Thank you!

(They squeal and giggle)

Palm trees in the airport! I'm stripping off naked!



You can't...



Oh, hello.


Vivian and Tracy?


Are you Bale and Ronaldo?



Oh, my God!

I like that!

Whatcha doing, little girl?

Whoo! Yeah!


Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Music: Si Ella No Me Quiere by Eddy K LIVERPOOL ACCENT: All right, girls?

Typical! You come halfway across the world and you meet Scousers!

(She giggles)



(Crowd cheers)



I love being here with you.


I love being here with you too.

(They laugh)

Are you trying to do a wee?



I am!

Eugh! You dirty cow!

YOU'RE a dirty cow!

YOU'RE a dirty cow!


Hey, skinny girls.

There is no food in England?


Do you like big girls?

Something to get your hands on?

(Viv and tracy giggle)

You met men last night, huh?

What's it to you?

You had s*x with them?

Both: No!

No, and don't be telling Jimmy that either!

English girls can't drink.

You get pissed and start saying stupid things.

Er, we told them nothing!



He'll be watching you.

And what's that meant to mean?

You are here for a purpose. Don't forget it.

Anyone die today, Marty?



Did you get my texts?

I deleted them.

I meant what I said, you know, I...

I'm sorry.

You deserve better.

Thanks for not... you know.

Ruining your marriage?


It was one night... and not even that good.

Hardly worth tearing a family apart for.

(Buzz of conversation telephones ring)

You all right, Amelie? Mm, you coping?

Shouldn't I get paid double for this if I'm covering two jobs?


Tracy and Viv only work half as hard as you.

Hi, Ziggy.

Oh, hi, Emily.


(Dog pants kathy coos)

What are you doing with your dog at work?

He's depressed.

(Dog whines)

I couldn't leave him at home.


Mm, he's lost his girlfriend.




She's a dachshund.

Right, what, did she die or...?

Moved away. Well, she used to live next door with Mark and Sally, but they've gone. Separated.

He caught her in bed with the bloke from the fish shop, so, um...

Cheryl now lives in Sussex.

See, that's the trouble with adultery...

It's always the innocents that suffer.


Is Mike in?

How many times do we have to send Customs and Excise the same information? How many times?! Tell them we've sent it!

What's up with him?


(Dog snorts)

His wife's back.

Kurt Gieger boots! Jil Sander dress!

Gold chain like Beyonce wears!

Juicy Couture tracksuit and Mulberry jacket.

Louis Vuitton bag. iPhone, iPad...

Hair extensions!

Boob job!

Both: Whoo!

We're going to have it!

Oh, yeah!

(Both whoop and laugh)

Music: Let You Go by Chase & Status Feat. Mali

(Music pounds)

(Playful shouting)

(Pigs squeal)

(Dog barks)

(Soft chatter)

Hi, boss.

What's up, brother?

Thank you for assisting us.

We'll make this easy as possible.

Drink these to lubricate the throat.

You look like girls who can swallow.


Go ahead.


Good girls.

(The men laugh)


You must check in separately.

Sit separately.

You don't talk to each other till you get into the plane.


Woman: Next, please?

Good holiday?

Yeah, thanks, yeah.

One moment.

Woman: Next?

(Check-in operator speaking spanish)

Thank you.

Customs officer is coming.

Customs? Why?


Look, is there a problem?

I mean, I'm just going back home from my holiday.

What do Customs want me for?

They won't be a moment.

This is your gate number.


The gate number is seven.

Thank you.

Have a good flight.


Come with me, please.

Why, what for?

Just some questions.

Well, I'm just going back home from holiday.

Follow me, please.

(She pants)

(He enquires in spanish then repeats it)

(Chatters in spanish)

Can I go to the loo?

No, no toilet.

(All speak spanish)

(Spanish conversation continues)


(Discussions in spanish)

(He responds in spanish)


DOOR CLOSES Shoes off.


All right.

This way.

Um, what's this? What am I doing?


No, no, look, you see, I've... I've got to get my plane.

What about my plane? Someone's picking me up. I've got to go home.

Look, you can't do this to me! I'm English!

Intercom (beeps): 'We are pleased to announce that Flight 217 to Manchester is ready for boarding. At this time, we'd like to invite anyone...'

(Voice echoes then fades)

Woman: It's raining back at home.

Air stewardess: We hope you've had a pleasant trip to the Dominican Republic... VOICE FADES I can't go over five grand. I just... can't.


I can't.

OK, I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll go and speak to the sales manager, cos I don't want to see this boy in tears, I really don't.

Mini Cooper. I need you to come and play bad cop.

Where have you reached with 'em?

Mum and son desperately want it and Dad's adamant he's not going to go over five grand, but trust me, if he ever wants shagging again, he'll buy this motor.


It was, er, ringing, so I was going to bring it to you, but it's not now.

(She sighs)

(Aircraft flies overhead)

Where is she?

She got caught! She got stopped with all the drugs inside her!

Get in the car.

You said it'd be a breeze!

Said there'd be no chance!

Get in the car.

We both went to the airport, did EXACTLY as we were told.

But something happened, right?

Customs appeared and they marched her off in an office.

They must know, Jimmy.

Not necessarily.

Well, why would they stop her, then?!


Until we know for definite, let's assume she's all right.

They might've just asked questions.

Why would they stop her getting on a flight?!

Why would they do that? Why?

I don't know!

Let me talk to some people, see what I can find out.

If she'd been done, there'd be news, right?

Just... stick with it.

I want this stuff out of me, right? I want this sh1t out of me now!



Cherry flavoured.

I've got no proof of anything.

Well, it sounds iffy to me.

Calls her day and night, three Daves on her phone.

I mean, they could be different people.

Shall I get her in? Talk to her about it?

And say what? She flatly denies it. I can't harass the woman, can I?

I can't admit to stealing her mobile.


What do you know about her?



Nah, not a lot.

Her records say she's married, but I've never heard her talk about him.

Hang on a second. Has he got his tongue pierced?

I don't know. Why?

That Christmas party, he came to pick her up, yeah.

I got him a drink and then he starts banging on about cunnilingus.

Heightens the pleasure, apparently.

So, I reckon she's probably still with him.

(She giggles)

Beth, Dave hasn't run off with her, so you can rule out a serious relationship.

Can I?

Oh, I don't know.

There's just something about her, something I don't trust!

She's got a shifty face!

I know. For a woman getting that much action, you'd think she'd look a lot happier.

(She laughs)





When did she get back?

A week ago.

I was going to tell you.

It's fine.

No, no, it's not fine.

I was going to tell you. I just... couldn't find the right moment.

Mike... it's fine.



Hey, you two. What are you doing here?

Thought we'd take you for dinner.


(They kiss)

Where's Ruby?


Hey, kiddo! How's school?

Yeah, fine.

New trainers?




So, you ready to leave?

Yeah, give us five minutes, all right?

What am I going to tell her mum and dad?

How can I tell them she hasn't come home?

You need to sleep.

We told them we won't be back till later to give us time to come here.

They'll be expecting her home!

What am I going to say?

What am I going to tell 'em, Jimmy?

I don't know.

(She gasps and sobs)

And she's over there on her own!

She's all on her own, Jimmy!

(She wails)

(Loud sobbing)

Maybe you'd better ring them.

(sobbing continues)

Yeah, I know, it's... it's weird. You know, I said so myself, um...

But she, er... she met a guy, um...

She... she really liked this guy and, um, she just... she wanted to stay out a few more days, so, er...

I think she was scared to ring.

Well, she was scared of your reaction. That's why...

Why she wanted me to... You can try and call her, but you know she...

She might not...

No. Well, how...? You know, I...

I can call her for you, if you like.

You know, I'll tell her that... That you're not happy about it.

Harvey Nicks.


You can have whatever you want.

I can't go home, Jimmy.

Can I stay here tonight?


(Dog barks)



(Door opens)


She's back!


How was it? Did you have a great time?

Oh, it was so good!

Yeah, it was so good.

You look gorgeous. You've caught the sun.

Did Viv enjoy herself?

Oh, yeah. She loved it, yeah.

Bet you got up to all sorts, didn't you? Do you know what?

Not even going to ask. I don't even want to know!

...I think there is, I really do!

I know.

Just going to get a coffee.

So, come on! Give us all the gory details.

Two words: A-mazing.

I've had no sleep, honestly. Probably about an hour.

I have never partied so hard in my life. And the men...

Well, it's a good job you never came with us, otherwise you'd be thinking twice about marrying Jez.

How I'm going to get through today, I'll never know.

Well, you'd better get some sleep, I don't want you wussing out on my hen night. Where's Viv?

Ill? She has a week's holiday and then she comes back ill?

Some kind of food poisoning. Must've been a dodgy kebab.

Dodgy kebab?

I have been on wild holidays, you know, Tracy. I do know the drill.

Has she overdone it?

No, not really, no.

When can we expect her back, then?

Don't know.

I'm trying to find some information about my friend.

Vivian Baxter.

I expected her to arrive home from a holiday today, and she never arrived.

No, no. I'm not...

I'm not her family, I'm just a friend from back home.

What do you want my name for?

Jimmy, I need to speak to you. I need to see you.

Fine. Fine, I'll tell you what, I'll go to the f*cking police, then.

(She breathes quickly)

Who've you been ringing?

The consulate.

I googled it, they said they could help.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you think these people are stupid?

I'm worried about her, Jimmy.

Fine. So, worry. But don't go sticking your head out of the hole.

You got away with it.

You're home and dry.

How do you know? What if she talks?

What if she says I'm involved and tells them everything?

She won't.

I would, if I was stuck over there.

They'll be getting to her, won't they? In her face.

They'll want to know who gave them the drugs, where they were going, and they'll go on and on and on until they break her.

And she'll be scared and sh1tting herself.

She'll tell them because she has to to save herself, and then what?

They'll come for us, Jimmy, that's what.

Get out of the car, I need to show you something.



All this, it's over.

All right? You get me?

What are you on about?

It's over.

What's over?

All this, me and you.

It's finished.

You using b*st*rd.

You got what you wanted money, and a free holiday.

You w*nk*r!

You got exactly what I promised.

Wh...! What about Viv, Jimmy? You can't just leave her out there!

Not my problem. Delete my number.

Maybe I'll make it your problem.

Maybe I'll tell her family exactly where they can find you.

That would be a really bad idea, Tracy.

She can get ten years!

She won't.

How do you know?

Because she was the decoy, right? The sacrifice.

She weren't carrying as much as the others.

What others? What...?

There were others. Do you think we'd go to all that trouble for you two?

There were others carrying, and they all got through.

(Engine starts)

She won't talk because she'll be told what'll happen if she does.

(Tyres screech)

(Phone rings general chatter)

Everything OK out there?

Yeah. Yeah, fine. Do you fancy a drink after work?


Yeah? Maybe get a few of the others out?


I'd love to go on a beach holiday.

Here we go. Three pints of lager.

Vodka and tonic. Wine.

No, just Coca-Cola for me.

I've brought you a wine.

No, no. I'm driving.

Well, get a taxi, I'll pay. You're not having a Coke.

Here you go. Cheers, everyone!

All: Cheers!

Welcome back. So, Ibiza, eh?

Did you go to Pacha?

Yeah, everywhere, yeah.




Yeah, all of them.

Did you get out much, see the place?

Mm, well, we hired motorbikes, and went up north to the beaches.

Did you not see my pictures on Instagram?

Nah, not on it.

Here, I've got them.

Did you go to Portinatx? Beautiful up there.

Oh, my God, it's amazing, yeah. It's beautiful.

Cala San Vicente?

Mm. Isn't that the place at the top of the...?

Just along from San Juan.


State of you two!

Did you go to Las Salinas?

Yeah, did that with some people.

Is that...? That's up North as well, isn't it?

No, it's right at the bottom.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Forgetting.

Whoa, whoa. Back up.

Two girls on a moped. Can I have that one for private use?

Oh, yeah, all right, Rick. You wish.


That's weird.

What's weird?

Did you hire those bikes?

Yeah, why?

Licence plate's wrong.


Look - "Rep Dominica". That's not Ibiza.

What are you, an anorak?

How are they going to hire those in Ibiza?

Are you sure you didn't secretly fly off to the Caribbean?


Why don't you put your hands down his pants, Emily?

Men like a challenge, you know.

What you on about?

"Oh, Ziggy, Ziggy! You're so funny.

"And you're so gorgeous. Oh, shag me senseless, Ziggy!"

She's talking sh1t. That wasn't what I was doing.

It's OK.

Right, OK, listen. Let's get this out in the open once and for all.

Ziggy, do you or do you not want to sleep with Emily. Hmm?

Tell me! Tell me!

You total bitch!

(Tracy scoffs)

You're out of order, Tracy.

That was really uncalled for.

(Can't she take a joke?)


(Distant siren)

TV: '.. A quieter day on the markets as the Dow closes nine points down and the Nikkei holds steady at... next week's summit is, since the withdrawal of coalition forces, has Afghanistan become safer and more secure... the French star took time on the red carpet to show off... with a goal-scoring machine like that, they must now be looking forward to the Champions League with some...'

(Dog barks)

(Children's voices)

TV: '.. They are suffering the effects of this second tropical typhoon, and as the rains come down and the waves batter the shores of the already impoverished...'


How long have you been up?

Not long.

Was she drunk?


(She clears throat)

I'm sorry.

So, erm... did you shag him?

I mean, I've always driven statement cars, me. Top end.

Audis, Beemers, Mercs - the lot of them.


Cos they send a message, don't they?

I mean, people see you in a nice motor, they think you're doing well.

It's just physical appearance.


Your car makes you.


Makes you the man that you are.

That's what it's all about. I love the car itself, it's beautiful.

And, if I'm honest with you...

(Man's voice fades)

Are you all right, Trace?

Tell Mike I'm sick.

(She pants phone rings)

Who paid for it?

I don't know.

She's lying.

No, I'm not.

My daughter is in a foreign prison, now answer the bloody question.

Who paid for it?

I don't know.

What do you mean you "don't know"?

Hey, John, please.

You told everyone you were going to Ibiza. Why?

Why would you do that if you were going to the Dominican?

Cos we were scared people would question how we were affording it.

And how where you? You didn't pay for it out of reception wages.

You've got to tell us, darling.

Viv's boyfriend.

Which boyfriend?

I don't know.

Have you any idea how serious this is? Which boyfriend?



Never heard of them.

Jimmy who?

I don't know. Just Jimmy.

Where does he live?

I don't know.

Jesus Christ! Someone pays for a holiday, thousands of pounds, and you don't even know who it is?

He was loaded, all right? I thought he was treating us.

Viv was going on and on about how she hasn't had a holiday, and he offered. I... I didn't think it was weird.

This doesn't make any sense. None of this makes any bloody sense.

No, it doesn't make any sense, and the last thing I need is a scandal on my doorstep.

Look, she wanted to stay out a few more days, all right?

We argued and she was adamant.

So I left her. I didn't think she would do this.

I mean, smuggling coke is...

It's crazy. I mean, no wonder she wanted me out of the way.

Either that or she got forced.

All right?

Maybe the guy forced her. I don't know.

Why would she carry drugs for him? She wouldn't do that.


What kind of money's worth risking your life for?

(I don't know.)

Tracy, you need to be honest with us.

Did Viv mention anything to you at all? Anything?

(Dog pants)

Sh, sh, sh!

(Muffled voices)

My daughter is on the other side of the world because she got involved with drugs.

Now you look me in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with that.

Look me in the eye!

My girl isn't a liar.

And mine isn't a drug smuggler!

Look, I don't know anything, all right? I didn't smuggle drugs.

Nothing to do with me.

(Dog whimpers and growls)

I'm sure she's going to be fine.

There has to be a plausible explanation.


I did the dirty on her, all right? Once. But he was Viv's fella.

I'm on your side, yeah. But you have to promise me you weren't lying.

No, I'm not!

(Dog barks)

(Marty chuckles)

Do you want to get your dog? Get... Get your dog away from me!

Yeah, funny(!)


Please don't tell anyone. Not yet.

The embassy say the press won't find out until she's been charged.

I just want her home.

Kathy: Now, I told you not to do that naughty thing, it embarrasses your mummy.

You tell no-one, NO-ONE, Kath.

If that bleeding dog's here tomorrow, I'll give it something to be depressed about.

(What about them drawers?)

No, it's just her underwear in them.

Like, careful... She'll know.


What was that?

(Water sluices next door)


She's coming. Quick...


(Water drains)

Good bath?


(Distant shouting)

OK, we've got tea, coffees, er, juices for the children.

If you'd like to take a seat, our sale adviser will be with you shortly.

Are you all right?

(He clicks tongue)

Hey, can we keep her? She's well nicer than Viv.

What are the kids' names.

Piss and Off.

Oh, unusual names, aren't they(?)

Good afternoon! So you want to buy a car... >

What do you fancy? >

(Dog barks outside)


(Baby cries)

(Door slams)

(Cacophony of screams)

(Shrieks and baby crying)

Where the hell is Viv?

She's not even answering my texts - rude cow. Is she going to miss my do?

A couple of people have pulled out and, frankly, I'm getting worried about numbers.

Look, if she's ill, she's ill.


The plan is - we all meet at mine at 7:30. Get ready together, drinks, music, whatever... Then head down to the restaurant in three taxis.

Erm, before food we'll do presents and speeches, because I know there will be some, there always is.

But if anybody's bought me a chocolate cock - that's so unoriginal. Erm, I'll allow L-plates and tiaras, but I draw the line at pen1s confectionery.



(Laughter and chatter)

Drink it!

I can't. OK.

Emma, don't sleep with the stripper, yeah?


I've had one already! I've had one already.

You're out on this wild night of debauchery?

Of course!

You wearing a Greek toga?

That is the directive, yeah.

Text me photos.

(She chuckles)

Do me a favour, if you get pissed, don't confront Marianne.

I can be trusted with a drink inside me, you know.

That's good, I couldn't.

No, it's Emma's big night, I don't want to ruin anything.

You sure you don't want me to say anything to her?

No, Mike, honestly. It's between me and her.

(But thanks anyway.)

(Well, have a good night.)

Not too good, though.

Eh, and erm...

(don't forget to send me some of 'em...)

Stop it.

(Excited chatter)

Music: Zorba's Dance by Mikis Theodorakis

(Indistinct chatter)

Love that. You're going to...

Come here.

(Laughter and chatter)

Cheers, everybody! Here's to...

(All cheer)

It's strong.

Oh, my God!

(Music speeds up)

(Clapping and whooping)

Music plays: Dibby Dibby Sound by DJ Fresh v Jay Fay

♪ Follow me, follow me right now ♪
♪ Beat come so big and heavy ♪
♪ So cool and deadly ♪
♪ They can't stop us They ain't ready ♪
♪ Follow me, follow me right now ♪
♪ Jump Won't stop we got the vibe now ♪
♪ Bass so big we knock them right down ♪
♪ All your hype can't get them hyper ♪
♪ Follow me, follow me don't stop ♪
♪ Dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby... ♪
♪ Dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby... ♪

Music: Let You Go by Chase & Status

♪ No place you can go ♪
♪ Nowhere you can hide where you won't be found ♪
♪ There's no way on earth Hell would have to freeze ♪
♪ Over twice before I will let you go... ♪

(Music distorts)

(Music pumps louder)

You all right?


Are you sure?

Are you going to be sick?


Get her up.

(She retches)

Bring it up, love! >

I'm sorry.

It's all right, darling.

Better take you home.

No, no, I can't go home.

I don't want to go home.

All right. You can stay at mine, eh? Shall we get a cab?

Do you want to get a cab?

(Tracy pants)

All right?

Is that everything?


All I ever wanted was to have a bit...

Smartest, or of the cool things, just... just to be part of it.

Maybe date a footballer or a... DJ.

Big house and nice clothes.

Swan to nice parties and film premieres.

I mean, you look at them girls, like Charlotte and Abigail and... they're not even that good-looking.

Not really. Not more than any of us.

They just got lucky.

They got lucky.

Tracy, did you know?


No, I swear.

(She exhales)

(Door opens)

Tracy, what is it, love?

Hold me, Mum.





(Tracy sobs)


I don't bloody believe it!

Why did you do it?!

How could you be so stupid?

Do you want to end up in prison?

You're not going to prison.

I can't live with it.

You're not going to prison.

I can't live with it.

I can't get her out my mind, and what she must be going through.

I'd rather... I'd rather be in prison than deal with this.

You're not going!

And I am being selfish because I love you.

But I am not losing me daughter.

I can't do it, Tracy.

I won't do it.

So, what are we going to do?

OK, so... say... say we go to the police... then you tell them that you carried drugs.

They can't prove it.

You've admitted it, but they can't prove it.

All they can prove is Jimmy... supplier, dealer, middleman in the whole thing.

We go and we tell them about Jimmy.

We tell 'em he forced you, tell 'em he forced Viv, tell them that this whole thing is his fault.



OK, so we need to get our story straight. Robbie - pen and paper.

What about all the stuff?

It goes back.

I don't want the money, Mum.

You're not getting it.

(Inaudible through glass)

Oh, my God! Who's seen this? Viv arrested for smuggling drugs.

She's in the Dominican Republic prison.


Are you sure?

Ziggy was right.

It can't be true, she wouldn't do that.

I thought she was in Ibiza.

Tracy said she was ill.

Where is Tracy?

She must have been in on it.

She wouldn't do this, neither would.

Been set-up. She's swallowed 'em.

You wouldn't get me swallowing drugs.

No way.

It's only thing you wouldn't, you fat get!

Who are you calling a "fat get"?

I'm calling you a fat get!


Mike: SHUT IT!

We don't know the circumstances, we do not know the reasons... so, let's hold the speculation, yeah?

Me and Mike have spoken to her parents, and they are distraught, as you can imagine.

So's Tracy.

She was in on it.

Mike: We don't know anything.

Until we do, let's get back to work.

She wouldn't do this.

People have secrets.

Do things they live to regret.

And I wouldn't mind but I gave her ten euros I'd left from Crete, and all the time she's Pablo Escobar.

They're going to bang me up, aren't they? I know they will.

Come on, you've got to stay strong.

Miss Shawcross, could you come with me, please?

Tracy, this is Dotun Aziz from the Serious Organised Crime Unit.



As I'm sure you know, Tracy, drug smuggling carries a sentence up to 15 years in prison. It's only through sheer luck that you're not sitting with your friend in the Dominican Republic.

Or lying in some hospital with a burst bag inside you.

But the point is - you're not. You're sitting here and you came of your own volition, which we appreciate.

Now, at this moment, there's insufficient evidence to charge you with any offence. However, should further evidence come to light in the future, you will be rearrested.

Also, we're going to be using the information you've given us today to set up a surveillance operation on Jimmy Carlton.

And if he's arrested and taken to court, then the evidence you've given today will be called upon. Do you understand?

Now, you will be prosecuted if you refuse to testify.

Is that clear?

What about Viv?

Can you help her? Can you bring her home?

I'm afraid she's out of our hands.

If she cooperates, she might get a reduced sentence, serve time back home, but... their system's notoriously slow, so don't hold your breath.

(Door opens)

(She sniffles)

(Door closes)

We want to help.

It's for your flights, for Viv's lawyer.

You can't afford this.

It's from savings.

I know you've been off work, and things have been hard.

We're not destitute.

When Viv's case goes to court, there'll be fees and you'll be expected to pay it.

We'll manage.

It could run to thousands.

We don't need charity.

It's not charity.

We CAN'T accept it.

(Yes, we can.)


We accept it.

You'd do the same for us.

I've lied to you, Bev.

A lot of things I've told you have been lies.

Any big plans for the weekend, Kathy?

No, let me guess - s*x party?

You don't half talk some rubbish, Rick.

So, Strictly and a slow slide towards deathbed, is it, yeah?

'I'm not looking for love, I'm not looking for complications.'

My marriage is over and I want to leave it, but I can't.

Her situation's even more complicated than mine.

I never knew what true happiness was till I got married - then it was too late.

Niall, it's Kathy - tomorrow.